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Hot Rods and Happy Hour
Monday, September 17th

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I get a moment hot rods and have the hour it's brought this course we guess medium breezing in the studio some. Brazile we're smile and how is tiger mania has mimic Allah has just the same amount impersonation or obsessed with them and illicit. Epic and analysts he had. And of course we've got professor himself Richard Haas it's what is happening last chance Colorado. I tell you what. I got a chance to beat the professor poll now I'm gonna call you use a cannibal or game and I do for now wrote them a little data mining and really do just don't check your cousin whom you'll. And you rolled it came on the 1981. Allies and a tenth it's there and it's that doesn't happen often. I've been doing a lot of cannonball run two. Your modesty Richards draws me to thank you god it's easier minute the idea admittedly I have my modest is a huge parliament charm I think so yeah and I think. They that would demand Illini are unchanged the Google it is 1984 yards donors Google's crawl. Isn't all grown up and move our career didn't do. So. Talk about some more cool course with all a little smallest of about a very review the movie the sixteen home portion on little miss my favorite really. Man event while body in every time I was cool and it had a radar reflective. And Dario radar paint there Maria are flat primer parent who you are exactly the in the image to world peace is for the adage. Now that's what you do it in the news or those wanna. A dot sportsman in port and you put a port and Indies. Put into the future. The first consummate phenomenal oven and a dead child I promise you. Probably mosques probably all of the background chorus and take the sheiks Carlo. About the couldn't touch. I'm back around Macintosh Tim about it it was explains may humane victory to. Really yes it's in the background. Darren party with Amos and Q and other in his mobile I think be mean slowly as soon NCAA. It's sitting in the background you can see the same on. I don't know what draws me to the Macintosh it's a current march is an amber and I and another institution extra hard not to I think that's. Actually. Really really would really do the movie in period and how low burden mineral mobiles with Belichick's lawnmower and a half. But it Burke there was there was something there was something about those girls well liked I can't put my finger on it would not wish that cunanan's. So I am not a prisoner. I have a problem would be if those allow our well was liable if I was. A consultant and she put your finger to stop. I it would be imprisoned there is a good and they would actually internal but. Alone could just a day another cool thing of the movies you watch none of that takes all the weird stuff at least. If you noticed the Q did you girls in the very new movie when ray Stevens is saying in the interest alone in her fly around this bright red Kuhn touched. Nixon you know the callers parte. Oh boy he'll like on the desert. It's got a rock. Jammed under the tire to keep it rolling ball. And escalators and you can do is so obvious that that there was part they've that they've made it look like these slid out of the jungle caller. High energy until the girl was like staged there which is foolish for me. You know there's a hall of fame conspiracy theory with those two girls. Real yeah add their names or Marcy in jail in in the navy but apparently in the second line. They use different Earl yeah. And nobody can figure out if they really work RC Ngo characters earth or space became you care nurse and apparently they were Marcy India. Back there's a whole and can light years of conspiracy pirate this. I'm often remorse and Jill who oppose them that they could all four of them all of the all of them just. We'll put this big personalities. At. Pleasant puzzlement about all the older movies and all older TV shows as though you you used on them on. And then all of a sudden one week. Matters they're from all your experience and a lawyer. And just do this I in my own but it totally different wrong. And I'm on my you have plastic surgery. None of the moment different mom mom all mr. contractor. Are Richard give me another cool. An article one move your car Clark. A man. Cities earlier than Ireland and lamb. And there was an adoption attempts are rosier scenario on our member of his close second and I'm home tell their roles. There how well the Monica Carla. It was a Laguna there were both actually who's the most coral I don't know your nervous minutes on the list it is a Monty column bundle again S three has Barack. Yes serve jury room mr. mills to listen Terry Bradshaw. But each other about a mixed yeah and we got a pro football player and a country music singer Al Lotus stutter. Everybody loves Mel Tilson stutter. It's epic. Also many levels. The that was the first thing and we portico of the material on the drew into the pool. That was better than men do that a Mac that was the best car and I love that bad and royals loaded their own beer. Those winners. So we got Vudu is three. There quarterly judge Jackie chain it was the guy on the big gap he was big it was an all Adam Sandler movie sooner the big Yahoo! Jackie G in the super. Really. Think that I am more of a golf club of yeah he's like a real tough and he's been he was in double as soon lose two women. Our disabilities aren't. You. You're talking about Il he uses enough Happy Gilmore yeah they are yes. You look at John you got these Arnold nailed down yet he's like a real giant. And about right now do you warn could barely staying and yet what are under. No no no advantage this Villaraigosa he's manager should now Ontario as an actor haters and at that now underwater pat on the other half yeah that was a princess bride. Yeah that's mostly in a lot of you know and a Patrick. S ask the skiers and Patrick pastor Mosul in your. The guy out you have since and Bob Murray he bid via cable and have what is fealty teeth there. That I can never today is mine knowledge and blonde. Muff probably blown the next some affairs. Sammy Davis junior. You know he was rather mundane Martins say they have the hole rat pack thing. Ended cruises Marie Smith Chevrolet and age 77 Ferrari 30 away. So he's you'll Magnum PI style. Those who does to be around bicycles and they're they're gonna be my favorite regardless. We send engineers who step. Love love love. That want the bush goal cannonball run two. A lot to call callers can warranted courses dodged into Rosie is going get that out reader has black. Turbo Z. In the course murder was driving a military. Limit. Chrysler military aluminum Borland huge arms and impair or some bills imperil our. As a monster that thing was as slightly ugly is looking caller I mean they do they really have military Windsor England and probably Philly in general and stuff I had Shirley MacLaine in. Fact which blows Obama and. It certainly Sherwood advice doesn't streak ran. She does is trigger. She went about look and I imagine a day either a mile and actually it was Graham bond movie but now I'm back and humid and hot pants logos them. Oh heart bridges Ohio bridges. Dylan movie is excellent. In a series it would into usually it is year's Indy mourned there were a quarter net worth of thanks suburb heresy for Laura via a live from London they win I don't mind. Conspiracy Google. As a result dodged retirement or raise the militants they wanted to finish. So it's hooked up and the but there's still pretty cool course and Campbell and does another Google. And this weird. You'll see cannonball run two on dvd a Wal-Mart everywhere in the five dollar and I'll never find cannon ball run once a conspiracy I'm telling you. Telling in Anbar in fact president named. Guess he was sorely go to DC well I had say one income and into the next room Jim Nabors was. Yeah won't roll Ari correct path. Whom they play and they extremely old doomed well there will Mary and all these commercial breaks recyclables every town. Got to stay tuned we're talking Burt Reynolds car movies and all the cool once he was in with a I don't hot rods and happy hour. I does moment hot rods happier aren't some drama pins. And breezy and admit to me this time of course we got breezy this means to you. Was there's only got like this is a good. And willows but it can all real dogs you play at all. Shoulder here I'm pretty sure Lou they got owner shoulder yeah I sell their goals we get the professor himself mr. Richard Hoskins. What is happen in big pool Maryland. That's on screen and big event and how widely enemy yeah. See I don't want them to the key is we've only gonna had a brief was a fabulous. I just don't Shelley but they disabilities. Big aluminum panel I put a dome including east pulls are not nearly as on a few camps and yet as a rule in the opponent Barack. This chain got to disagree ma'am just because mounds on them fees if I gave ample book as I don't loop over whom minus those. Realistically you don't. You don't do political no absolutely not I. No hotel pools moon so you would get Cotto will not Marlon come home and worry. Breezy it's also ran to a very rarely but I have this thing life. Could you go wash key is yeah win and they will play in the polls. All our day long inebriated adults. That they've they'll play in Ramallah long. How many times did you go to the bathroom and zero. And it made you drew me to get about once knocked down. So yeah among them kill. Her put her up I'm always that nagging pummel winnable war on drugs a winner like I don't stop. It I don't under some I agreed to a narrow one driveway this or not and does the at all. I was dedicated mole everywhere because I'm a. So you. Speaking of the Campbell that's Burt Reynolds we were talking about Burt Reynolds it is cool core movies. You can't talk about Burt Reynolds and cool gurus without token though one of my favorite poor Reynolds movies ever. They'd give my Phelan Iran choker I guess we should all welcome that movie I love stroke or race. Probably. One of the most underrated. Burt Reynolds movies. Mixed it. Was that kid was that was the kid can or go bills actual all sorts aria a memorable one he did he did want to cup and I am for. Up and Hannah yeah alternative Emily I was so. It's. Done well I was you know why you forgot about that movie look. It's because it is drew was Tuesday Camaro Onassis and it doesn't stick rarely which hysterical but the movie council and but. Back. Distraught grace starters had so many cool courses. A media thing about it. Courses was the pain in Haskell 1983 of those programs films of the saloon for had a big change your route thunderbirds. Tonight you have the new style thunderbird race course. And Richard I know you you big ol' school for death. Feel like T birds that really favor. So Lou. And it also had talking about can ballroom to do it also. Don't well it was meant to totally do it my apologies are neighbors gym members carrier you know John not John John's brother does. We don't let him go a little lesson number other spins less and a brother with a giving linked you know but. It when he was in it. Yeah eighty it's a money Els it was and it tea and com Tim Richmond. Hollywood TM the NASCAR driver know what started his career and days of thunder was actually made about Tim Richman. It Tim Richmond's a very interesting geared Ramon did in his story right here. But definitely want if you don't know Tim Richman is Google it it's a good it's very interesting story all hero. Lots and lots and lots of good run at some him. A home. Anyway but that's a very very good movie and images like early NASCAR you know of course Ned Beatty was in the video that chicken restaurant chain. Called collide Oracle's chicken pit. That's somewhere our ailing money and really that's when there was there was such things chicken picnic you are yeah and it does. And of course your club to a hole was just typical southern big business owner. And he had an issue for slash body guard and it was Bubba Smith. No book I love Bubba Smith any movie Bubba Smith since got to be okay. And he plays the same character. Out of town every ten A if you are in Haiti easy for you name boasts that will include those as deeply for. It will replace foreign and Phil. Can't remember. I know them find out hazard. I don't know it an intimate even. No no I don't I got open writers Bob Marcos Houston Oilers he applied for a lot of them that are. Ran through the whole list and yeah movement hoosiers who did think they've played full page. It but it. And those casinos UG the most her and draw a bright rich rich caddie. Dell's also. Merit actually put it'll leak. I was actually bells go to. And quotient neighbors was the crew chief of the race which is epic in itself because he is slow down. He assumed. Strong up and just so. It's just crazy watching golf unit received a big Jim Nabors actually made the movie it was actually in the course. Probably the lady that broke Byrd wasn't. We've gone now don't give me your own ally a lot OK okay no lo these things you build it. And genomics and well let's. I mean Liam of course line should be killed in Cincinnati now mean. He and he knows million made or not need to push vision do we care visa status and familiar deviation era. You're really jury in Washington Richard absolutely amount doctor fever is my idol. I wasn't there Bateman the newsman. Mom. Parton. Glasnost and and then you're less NASA it's again it's oh that is used garlic yes. That was that was an epic TV show but they were in his movie together but they did meet on this movie. Sure greatest nation emit these debris is doing in the. Our preference act actually mad T in my own. A year before they serenade on them Merv Griffin show I've heard today in the next year and then they did this made meeting the hurdles plans slow and AM do you. Is marriage number two for bird. The governor to an actress too early in the game and they divorce fairly quickly airliners experience. What lol at all pleasant thought in the end he stayed. Born and don't say something you don't bug danger zone for ladies. From 1968. 101988. When he got me in. That warriors spanned the block a few Watson dollar virtual lose kids are alone Lou I mean this does. A lot of them are children. Challenge. My home my daughter number Reynolds only own loose union men mustache. Trans ams. Black leather jackets and Lou tonight Stetson hat and no takes off one thing. Yeah. Our son office. I'm running I'm running a day so we can't run away from. There Ryo and he sees commercial breaks. Every time they gage is like you can't stop we get over a good run got stopped for a life. As we go more Burr Reynolds come and out right here hot rods in happy hour and go moment our roads and ambulance brought hits. Crazy smoothly. So hated but. Day I air running socially and of course we got Richard Hoskins how are roses have been a financial analyst and bay are known as the professor. What is happening to our Brothers and sisters in Charleston, South Carolina. Well I'm saying go assailant angle to everything in Charleston. You're you're you're going to semester will your fortune lawful home. This is as bad business there masks aside and I'm Farrah wasserman Marsden and all understand him courses no no momentum of those going goodness and I need it. Blank anything this kind of stuff just. There's no win this woman whatsoever. But. He can do is evaluate what your insurers for loneliness the marker down there hunger now so you can do. Anyone more total number Reynolds mr. And we're talking about the Ku go to movies and I'd go 14. Forget that he does does not look good ol'. Boogie nights all bullion. Over elegant. Is a great many may he hang in that PA UV he actually fired his agent are slim bunker and then Hudson and are ignorant effects and that that's about where our military's don't. Burt Reynolds. In courses in the remake of dukes of hazard to guess well it. I think he played a good balls hole or not it first one I heard it only need. But he did you did a good album but boogie nights is the girl. And and would. This is favorite for disorderly in detail movie here I love it great maybe if he had I think you know watch it grin I was thinking yes great Hillary and her older yes. Great movie and also a really cool callers peripheral row because of quote the man silk. Competition or 1977. Corbett rouge would give a Stetson president. I can't girl hauler on down earlier. Three quarter race count inherit a total right here unless someone really never understood and I don't want the whole camp and how. It's. How low of C three vets and there were little so little quick action and most well October 6 Carolina voters lists. Ezra would do little way a C three quarters in nineteen. Eighty Corbett riddled rid mirrored Tubbs Bruges would you're just a little earlier I think it's. Absolutely gorgeous. And giving away until six and attorney Judy and wanna wanna get all the details on that our sister station. Devlin deficit and fund checker only some cooling her. But Battenberg. Those cool corn birdie even dry out the coordinate. Now Ozal dark. Doesn't remark Marky Mark Mark Wahlberg talking to bolster me. Who truly are that good and a little rough life. You have a rough life doing Jewelers the movie you know bullet. And they MM moved they moved deteriorated via knows the caller to run down any you know and so into. Yeah don't roads love prevails only roads and you know loses little rough was or reckon he'd known Mark Martin he. You like famous that rose from ashes. Yeah. And then crashed and burned and so keepers assumed she's bird. The immortal bottle rocket tunnel out of Phoenix house. Yeah good good good manna trash. No no NN NN news or. Marquis Markus Steele amaze and he birdies is dollars. Listen if you love morgue worker used to imagine a good vibrations we had got into an aberration. She thought everybody out when I more ammo marginal corona sure onus was him. 06 Baghdad that same royals have Virgil announced on an outlet outfitted aren't your sides. He does a lot of stuff you know it marking our columnist impacting her mortgage market. It'll pole walker listen to you to coach Hart. Actually seeing picture assuming well Poulter to the new puzzles and it is a maintenance. I kept it to myself I'm glad he felt better about that. Anything make a phone Paul Walker postal from a caller themselves from. Our school Gamal and I went to listen to just take it to the next level. There doesn't think yellow drew Weaver I've heard some might compare to the other day Paul Walker Burt Reynolds. Aside yeah that's what I'll say you call your cool. You know Bert Delilah Wheeler is already we already were talking about. You know you can't compete Vin Diesel. Liberals and those are but professor I got one for you. It Paul Walker. Vin Diesel. Burt Reynolds in his brown. Cage match. Who walks out and barrels a person you mention that hasn't mustache for the. Until you let almost spices will. Just peaches and shut Norse in there with him. And Chet Norse or holiday hating you can't measure Allah Burton and David Chad Norris and Norris knows we're talking about him right now. Bergen remnants. I won't tell you something. Chuck Norris better be glad to bird skull and stole that out there and hit the Bengals. Allowed to have mum on humor one better mustache. To. The maker wrought Russo rose colored sunglasses. And I three. Did you see smokey and the bandit. I rest my case but so no observe the K filed up out of them. Grieve you know I am I all of that movie and I cannot never remember the movie and not error on average. Although although more boy did evening shade cued walker takes stranger which is life is certain the doctor Quinn amend daughter Quinn medicine woman of options. And they also there were dark peoples of dollars and and he all salute settles both those things onto your email and hit. Thing here little Christie Brinkley Peter. That's. Would you view or illusion. Now it's just an. He's going to move freely express shipping and ala I'll try to get back next week enough. You know give her view policies washboard and zoning but I only got RA how long we're all right yeah we will have you looked a lot more you market nerd town. All. The you can sort of recruit we were talking about. I forgot about record so that was jeweler Martin we really can't talk about that all iron no number I'm content. The we'll save them from a podcast feed ya blood. Radio. There are does that there's a really interesting things we learned a number else. Like he owned a bar or little. Yeah at a plumbing and Sony blu lunch bill until they deal as mud down a little Reynolds up amber owned a bar there called Byrd's place first place. They actually head out chi tea and another sect or another stating I can't understand he's an act ruled that the boredom. Run. I don't think saying. I don't know I mean this there's only a NASCAR Winston cup thing a ma won a race team. And at Cary Grant from the skull bandit caller or burden. I don't listen billions. Burt Reynolds. Here again coastal America murkier still when it merged as it. You can't forget Ohio to examine how home NASCAR came together. Lemmings that I can remember that call like I've never been a NASCAR guy ever. Actor remember of the YE. The thunderbird. No he drove buicks new carrier bureau Neil. Why when the green skull bandit. Led earn all over the place I'm Bershard okay Moore sticker on her somewhere then half. No other social model can expect. But it is still the epitome of cool dude and man 080 that's but now of course to would kill your morals and area. And now Kerio liberals and came in South Carolina even biscuits hardee's evermore field which currently has all the profit. Radio drink order senior citizen golf I don't know about the good old days Masco. You know but when dale was in diapers yeah. But. And heavily definitely some cool cool things the another interesting thing. Omar lower married as long as you think this awful thing or they know they divorced in what it meant the they've got married in 88. And Ariane five years nine dairy industry and saying well I think they're actually together ten years met married factor in the end. There doubt as a kid stuff up adopt an accident and they did. In there was she divorced him. He's paying her 151000. Dollars humble and you have to file for bankruptcy and he lost a lot of the places you know god it's like a mega Burke playing ball his trials. In raided two. To keep you really got it at that bonus miles for 3.3 million dollars down ring admitted to what really cheap. So he could stay there and bird actually done this why now. Ma'am I am. I'm ought to say that the super fan just Zurich her first becoming usually around like a bird he goes super personal these loaded second. He's burping and well I admirals. Building and hers are number rules is this is how badly deteriorated over the last few years the anonymity really fast OK well it's like pulling back. Okay you woes long short the remake came out. Lola is a pretty good shape there an even line 2000 corals on. He'll he's in good shape I want to race on the helmet and peace. More emotionally and they would also unless I want you get asked and wild. This team is on the and that's when are really realized that enable you Amman when I saw him on social excellent Groupon and hand. Again we go commercial break we got a lot more bird stuff coming at you right here on hot rods and happy hour. And does loom and hot rods that it was Robb Pitts so many breezing. In -- don't think. And of course you wish Hoskins the professor himself. What's happening to our friends in Wilmington, North Carolina another city. Slow down this weekend. Yeah sure it goes through you we just Nesta were eliminated for the cut loose. Sooner definitely in north Foltz that's for sure we stay safe if you're staying employed. We're such a little bit sinner by live here. Scoring is trying not to read too much better of weird you know Obama well only owners are running to win another day only into the other middle of the worst power yeah I don't definitely horsepower. Model brings to jump over them and you know split. Decision. Little it was a rude or him. Until this disaster itself river. Talk about Roger. Every day Rick honestly every man I ran it up salmon disorders. Bills and look your bread and I didn't swear I want to ask. I don't know him around the writer processor so there you. Driven downtown here. And it was just like it took forever and with a group of miles boarder resistant. And I am wind and every back grew in your and they were all backed up everything was back that. S soil was a boy let Curtis found laster mammogram Sion Sion banker kangaroos are Newton. Powell's side here just get mons and our home. And I had today assert our home away home builders of the two hours to hear from Woodruff route one or. It's insane and one on all those Devlin on four and a day Wellesley fault divorce. Divorces that less drastic but I'm never been there won't know good. And our attitude of been through enough for everybody in the room. Own today's mobile number with who who wanted blue line. Has so Bluetooth stuff alert don't totally epic 151000. Dollars a month in child support. But these guys are so all of a sudden we're dumb I always look at row over the years and rigid male DNA no worse. You could no rougher than we had facility may result he too was well enough. Mayor Jackson his pitiful. I don't know now there's salary and underneath the original manager n.'s Lou. Doug could knew from deliverance. Big gold pocket watches Sally Field boom love of his life gave him. He is turner merger ends soon. So levels upon EAG. Eight in those Mosley as his car his personal caller. We discuss so everything. While some are doing hats jackets boots. In my and a two point Neal we wish to own your own and I consider all the moves I've gotten. I'm doing here close only on the 2.5 dollars per lose until then. That's insane but I mean. He's been made a lot of appearances and no easy in some kind of rights are always remake of like always need what do you think about the nutrients and zero start with a fist unions. And they now they're making kids from this exchange of mayors. Which look as good as an engine to me about it. If you thank positive. You don't like the thing the trends limbs and China to 7 in trans am honest on this supposed to look like a sixteen act America. Alone with you but I mean I think there's some homer better than others. Here I mean looks better than like the super bird charger challenger Jim Malone that's not really hard to top. But he's got a losing the moral lesson he has seen ever and I don't know what drugs somebody has gone LA had gotten idea. And chemical that they should litigator who. On them now and Osce open months ago shoes on this thing from little monster zone and. Well and it is in the end Minnesota's hitters some little cooler others they did. But you know course Enron nobody's in some royalties surely to goodness he is all of those things you think. Hello called on the back and did most of another may be going to Tony you know in the movie. Yeah I mean surely guess he's doing something before or I don't Abu. Burris guy pal arcs through this. Going home listens as a motorist in the Hamlet goes or is all lie and want to is that matters personal cell lung that stuff trapped car at all. We. That's that's the crazy thing was in the trans AM you know make it may K you know after after the 77. I'd say I can say in general surgeons came out. The black single thing really didn't stick anymore after that Euro zone have only when they were never knew why they made like the many for the fortune modeled. The game LLY in goal additional load as. To do a flip. But on the gold just didn't fit anymore. And loss on that I can see will be the GT and not mean had a card gold as a team anyway. Rubble earlier was golden rules and things like that it wasn't. Golden Eagles allude need to go birds. But. Personally I think the Prius fortunate where they remained was the twentieth anniversary. Yeah it. Arnold rarely farmer was though white and blue on yes yes lol why don't blue wills on other critical our heroes. Short or. But I mean and that's the thing he sold also really needs this really new route 450000. Dollars which I think. Imus a lot of money. But is not a lot of it is iconic blue. Well that car that he's old Volvo was not even in the movie oh although it was a screen door on the won't he had it was given to you own. As a gift in the movie. But it never seen streamed down as a premise car definitely a parked outside theaters and so yeah okay so it was never use. And I mean no less than her rose. There are projected to go for no more than eighty current. Well once reimburse shows you merge merge you don't you underestimated Barack or fifty. Yeah I mean do sold Lego car he had a go cart replica. And still sold it for forcing Brian. Can't go score go Kart. This is silly enzymes. This is an oral the jagged rocks are the Richards and jacket yeah. Cameraman asked. Trans am Jackie is. That would be cool I'll rocketry and then just aware of that thing everywhere you even though gauzy yes. Especially on Monday at Tennessee. Where walk non story that he tells him. But just a little rubber rules this is he has charisma. And a nova we don't know when metal were five million dollars which. Four point none none none none many more night and but you know what I'm saying. This guy. Had charisma like our royal fasten my you were talking about it and I remembered today at some day mission of the trans am now they built. And. In new dome as a man of the chiefs on men's and strange places in what is this all along who. It's based on not a lot you said in places you wouldn't believe news. Exactly I love that like I mean this is common from an eighty year old man. That puts Julie in my heart. Omar it was a man. That's all Somalia or school not the one that did like about the gas Woodruff is they put them stupid monkey is on the bird. And and that glass saying. That was dom and I understand that there might call sign and now that it's like you know like and how they did the gas monkey is some trains there loner like that's okay that imam into values staff on all it. But the monkey you know the bird that was kind of go there just awful. I was just man has done sacrilege. It's just horrible. Another cool glamour and the bandit run OEM. Those details about its. The ban Iran. It was first run into down some sort of thirtieth anniversary. As a brains out of a guy named Dave Howell all are restore. A muscle power. As him and disagree with the sailors. Iran enters prominent Goldberg. And recreate and the route taken by bird. Yeah. They do every year. But own the coolest thing on the fortieth anniversary. They don't ruin the had a special screening. Of the movie we live birth there. And they're recreated. The zoo all abandon Ferraro and real. This pretty neat he reverend check that out online banner on where rivers. That that's actually really cool ass off as really cool that they will think cooler we Arianna time gas. We get cut out as fast until and good government men Tom black culture I guess is split known trends as I don't think if plazas Tom do. As you've been listen hot rods and happy hour right here only 1063 WO lord.