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Hot Rods and Happy Hour
Monday, September 10th

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And guess what Omaha DeRozan had a on this road picture host with the most. Yeah it's medium breeze in the studio. And hang hang on salmon now. Table of course we've got Howie rose an appeal fallen into little sluggish numbers do root. The professor. Himself pocket protector live cooped spread the goals on mr. Richard Huskies. Instead of kickback on my pocket protector thing what is happening and every West Virginia this that would be a pen holder. Who happened. Only got a day what shall we talk about. Most Latin America's sports law here and I know you have nobody over turn a corner for some reason. Assurance as mobility and we guys who live bears usually has come and but I'm telling me we're talking about Americans America's sports. You say that little Ole when he sent some mixed America. Mostly recoup. Wasn't our old. And I'm I'm excited to be would be swayed. All right well in and big Bobbie Battista we've known him goes up MIT ladies love cool is the Narmada black candidate who love club as a local ladies. You got to say that little slower maybe you can move core via the but quarter it's over C I mean who knows where their money every look you can't hate cool that you're actually people really dislike this. They are a matter of but they handle and their facts you show your sport. Who you model your calls fingers which you'll. No I'm very open when my hiding of knowing exactly yearly but sooner or your calls according to lower I think when you go home in England who quarterly averages we have the bathroom by yourself. Dot deal I think he'd SA I think he does. Mean when I sing a sudden passing this group so that. Professor what do you think would you can enter. Well you know little core of it's Ayman. China like you said about Cadillac assembly that every American manned is and a core matter one point Ong said. And remain in May be next car might have to be able plastic fantastic. A slow soon will mean. Alma. I grew up in corpus had a new. I had no choice but it orbits and by walker stories here. A lot of core bits burger double puck bald Eagles. Cornet. Or Ritz. My terrible para. You know one another the biggest apple glove saying hello there it's on an island ally of the crescent apple. Like the sugary part I will love that he is going to own boom boom boom that apple port and a peace come learn and to go Turks satellite peach color is it. He peaches actually allowed teachers and I don't want to amend cobbler I'll put old car shows in gas and. Plus I knew we've been endeavoring together a long time we know the mayor of Gaffney. I do know the mayor give me which is personal finance capital. Of the war. The make or Georgia peach state begins and still push global peaches and stay in Georgia but. I will say this in Fuller record that Roberts. Does not cure for peaches. While military woody does careful. There's probably as famous here adds the sheer ruling who Vick and literature he's getting all excited there. At this mile Richard was the first year for the quarter. First and Cora rose in 1953. And MA about 300 I don't think so. And the blue flames six. The other thing about lukewarm the other thing about how revolutionary sports Kohler applause I am yielding about they head. For endorse new European collars that most forty. But a true sports caller specially from American Garko real dilemma. Here Dusan Bergen things like that made performance scholars you know back in the day these things were. Big boobs in looming there were heavy. Now there are torn off it along also exactly this is a little sporty Carly like babe personally made. Mortgage for the school. You know and Amir was in it was called the Corvette which blows a money was named after a small. Warship relic of battleship percent of those some of them. So ordered his men are far less and that's the real thing automobile revolutionary. A volume slick plastic callers. And far Raza as a bit of a novelty than men it wasn't easy to work we're far las. Guess that is Israelis and work with you hit exactly but you know. Mean I mean it's still I mean smells a golden double in 1953. We have blows from a I mean nobody helped remove the core rules he was six or blue smoke Orioles pay because you have limited wrestling six owner. Was in a full saw us all steel car. Also. So I mean that's that's the other thing about it let's wait. We export power you only so. The sun for your mother and in nineteen Peter fluff. Woman VA got drunk and as the first Manuel also from a statement the finger salute actually do think as well first here's the six on our cars are British are all power lines. Yeah to speed putt applause which. Primeau extreme pressures. Was your drive troop. But. The defeated local red green and those of gorgeous call earlier there was an iconic style caller we as a critical. But. I think probably the next year's Michigan is the fifty sixes and citizens that's years. Just in no deal already it's. And it does says tomatoes and they were really start to come in Iran and then Nelson got in the really big luxury items like. When Davis. Well a little true roadster and doesn't think people understand your your your ball now drab Mercedes were extremely drove Mercedes convertible. Laura drovers a rusher is a cold no windows. Ryan and brilliant career of it is just in case of emergency type thing yet like if you recall in the ring. We look I had 324 urged her that means it has a windshield. The end. That's all the blessings. And that's that's overture he kills me when people goal while other new lip reading room doctors knew its attempt to rule. It kills me is slowly dress me nuts but. So but I really well congress scores were user's phone chrome had. If the coups on the sides which again because you always in 1962 in all the Corbett. But though. But it was weird blue and how they actually do away with the two tone colors. Almost codes in successive missed which one caller did you can actually order. We're the brain tumor six to. The sixty clearest kind of like a commercial for the 63. Well it was transition here already got the boot utility and rear end on it. And really that's that's the cool courses. How low sixties you were that. Other that's a gorgeous color. Illegals Kwan had lots of front pushing an identity and everything for a line but. I mean quality of life it's just a good looking caller most impossible kodi in and out of if you're over five foot for. Your trouble. And there will Osama they were and so I got near dads and that's the first some of her phone are pretty big guy. I think his mother has done exactly a small guy and he bought this thing. And drove home his got to force but he did it. I'm we think about coming in and they really circled some power of the 1962 unions between serving these things as is no joke anymore in this Beazer. If we to assume that three hour or so yeah I mean these are these are fast callers. Lot of people dodging cars and now ladies and literally you hold your arm over a piece of the farmer laughs. With 300 horsepower. Mean you know there are loses and your anything you have and how primitive they were among specialized. I don't think so say if one is a 53 Chevrolet. Which isn't saying it I don't think about it. These are lukewarm SEC once and have you know any of the independent rouge has been generating during the course of an unborn oil. They'll have media that I'm basically and that yeah there's business just they figured three journalists in every sense of the word of the bottle still. Home I'm actually borrow loan metal and 49 Cheryl and more more like it. Blood in welcome knee action thrown in a minute drew wasn't much to very primitive log is the best way to. To call that drum brakes. Just a house and a half road disc brakes on the front at least another and everything in the first round this kind of sixty far cry wolf for sure for districts period or already went straightforward from 646. Well and actually if you 60000 you can cut through drum brakes. Which is we'll touch wheel base here or touch basal here in the next segment. But it will gust would total about corvettes write your own hot rods and happy hour our girls welcome back and how it runs and embarrass rub its. You'll see medium breezy in his two year and ever and although. And we got the professor himself mr. Richard Haas gets. What does happen in handsome Eddie New York convince them it is you know who counted up anyways any. Al Haiti loaded and in. Eminem and after myself puzzle have been some other thing goodness I think you can name it's a little cold out here are some room. There was a handsome rob in an Italian job and was sentenced item cannot aren't unpacked. Donors. To disarmament town after you and missiles and casket tomorrow kimono and Hansbrough and good. So Rome holds a mute. Anyway so we're talking about America's or score Toma the Corvette and now Richard we don't month disc brakes in orbit a threat. And we had to abruptly stopped for a commercial and well plates will bullet but. There this is when the core of it became a game changer caller my opinion. 63 obviously historically stood tough and into the picture. And you know this one quarter that really became a racing go more than 63 ego thing with independent rear suspension. The grants or disorder. And then and you think about with a cool and we'll split win which is poor rob we will the most iconic Corvette tournament. Well aren't off. And probably me. These have triggered yeah Mac has some eye and then Nazareth and about core Mets trailing. That's the only one that you think have well and it is and it's severe unquote soul so when you call or. You know and actually it wasn't a very popular called because people complained about envelopes because it was a terrible idea about it so pretty it looked great. He just didn't work couldn't. Collect on the glass plus water. There are miles. Your looks pretty good and I'm very and there are send a myriad a jerk yeah split an hour is done elect opted ground. Exactly. Exempt. Up to grab a pencil it that's a great movie bowler Steve Martin that your definitely devil is that we won't get. So Netflix and jumped on election. Booked. The 63 very gonna go very big money go to those corporate re easy money. Special when you go on the chicks were books mostly new big blocks were available there was no such thing as a big block of 1960 injuries the only thing you had was a W motor which they're mostly to core bit. I was just in houses and trucks. Four nuns and every forty eight's. So they'll. Listen tables nearby and as a small watcher was first mobile actionable but actually in 1963. It wasn't goalless home journalist who's to three gruesome because there was nobody bought the compared to here. It was the big block after I think it was all the blocks. But we know those things put it we think alike that. So moving over the years you know you're doing your thing about 1963. At 300 and was three feet you Morse. Netherlands 340 carburetor and matter of us would know dad's 63 girls and 340 corporate America. And then you have the three feet you or what was the fuel and Rodgers from Rodgers and mechanical fuel generational. And I mean it's funny everybody told two other G at a different store or something blow himself to blame him. I mean homer and is a critical and there are great air royals owner that took multiple Guerrero. Also brought us Arafat met some are placed third set problematic. Rush NL they kept this all the way through walls less cheerful little mechanical fuel injection line. Sixty off a bullish we'll know. I think sixty follow these X-Files last year Ford. But in six file doesn't begin injured keep mum we disc brakes all the way there are only two starters for a little mobile four quarters. But another thing that's really cool sixty the first year for the big blow to 3000006. Minutes away. Into the corporate. Know that's a game changer all the way around right there. You know a lot of your pictures don't like the big blocks in the cold especially you Chris for your recent guys because they think the power weight ratio who is thrown off my goes and looks through the course of much heavier. Yeah I mean around a racetrack global small block his canoe and annihilate a big block. Oh yeah well and they're slowly you can turn small ball so much harder than you can the big law. But the big what makes tore through a small one who's really or for dramatic very easily. So there's advantages to both sides of consuming but you also a bit more true weighs 300 pounds more than a small. Ryan it's all front axle exactly it's almost running and it's so much physically bigger clear honestly it's taken giant won't. On the front car and losing to there's also room harder Iran's war than they usually the typical small Books-A-Million heating problems and support them. But here you think about it and then these displays we've got a big 165 or 66. You can actually get 427. Anymore. In there weren't. Any real thing about him in this motor also carry over into the should bills also. But they were thrown trump ourselves of the list. On top of this is they always tickle me is the gals are actually talking about why did they ruled multi collaborator set ups. Back in the day is because they didn't have a single for that was big in the era but. One for Pearl Harbor operates way better than three. But they have one billion. Well they did Lotta overkill on the corporation on all the cars back that now. Late Carroll Shelby and not to bring up the mustang and look at 715 CFM. Where honestly. What ever Alter life 4100 that was on there was really butter carburetor for the engine right. It is ever kill. Well I mean all our listeners are musicals morals better. But the you have the truck ourselves and nothing to lose its own engine packages where the trial power set out. Or the Turbo firing 347 year old male was it south call it a real issue is the blame game all around. During the drought though we'll make his way into the C three bit. You know assuming a thing about it accorsi teams were very very hard course and very very blue chip political course to today. I mean you can even get into the seats in them for less than forty grand anymore. Now and outs. Non matching number you don't sound cover. It exactly and I mean. If you go over under forty is sitting in the world somewhere. We're in the forced. That cave. With the mayor and all this and and taken by mayor. He was just a close and loses to little cub and boy lifted here. ISI managed undone while the core wrist and underlie the first two generations. Just because our respect him for what they are breezy do you hear this I. Man I'm news business I don't I owe us money back and analyze aren't as I'm not far he's taken this fluidity and thank you longer it's amazing how much they boring. Well incas built into that is a very bubble or call our army is is this that card that every month. So and I heard video and do I'll do a lot of old timers in the political or stuff is your daddy have money bought U Corbin whose workers to if you got to show real. So everybody dream they warn that the Corvette but they can afford to shoot well slim ought to go Irish are well there was one of this and so now they've got the money in these corporate borrowing in the money mystery out her to have the surveil. Exactly. Wells and this is where money is different. A tell you what we've got a super guess here's to your guns you definitely not normal mrs. stay tuned we got a lot more roses and happy hour. And gals from it hot rods and happy of course we guess meeting breezing in the studio and sent out. And we got the professor himself doesn't happen financial analyst slash numbers guru Richard Hoskins. What is happening Q fee ridge Illinois. Goofy reach a little thing explode from there. Returner mark damages and I guess we're all about coordinates this week on the roads and happy are you know what. We're talking about or that's the word you do get a quarter. Was that. This city that's where you go get a quarter and this city these bits that's the Tony needed because Mallory got something to play through you might be found or you know it. We will have that discussion bushel to mr. Berry but likely will into the studio what's going home rob thanks for Emmy announcements well loved him and love. So they'll let me give you a little back room is invariably. Very likely is mister Korda. In the big town Seneca. He. They they so some some also roots that mean they Oca is like a big kid toy store like I walked in there you're one of those. Moments. Like. Seeing some beautiful things but his garage and preachers what heaven looks like now. I get a big barn full Corbett automotive OJ something you could barely born full blow on solid shot Dana yeah. Then then that mournful corvettes like I have serious I have dreams. About. You garage you're born. Richard you truly missed out on the foot issue. Yamana on and they get out Seneca South Korea Osama. Is there are also barn full blown that is there no no no it's just corvettes. Bolten is on in the long run a lot less problems luckless but so it would be sure to include it this week. AA until the love this city and all the cool things she does have to offer rob thanks for let me join in McCormick conversation seriously. On this city incentive in we've been food with corvettes for. Or five years now maybe even longer. My business partner Roger Wilson. We buy and so corvettes all from we go all over the southeast and and try to by the best score this weekend. And turn around here in the upstate. We specialize in C five C six corvettes that's our. A sweet spot but and I've got to I've got a facial perceive four orbits like yourself that was my first court and. That's that entry level orbit so anybody Kelly in our age bracket that's her that's that's how you start you don't. Just go you think you can box only step in the ring with a Ali district six and or C six. You gotta get this before you know I mean you got to go earn your groups you know slit my first Korman was in 1994 teal green. C four I ended up Clinton sees 606. Wheels on this car and it looked killer. Those cars man's still have a place in a Corvette or they have a place in my heart. That's weather policy for Orbitz and I had a ninety. Six B. In LT one that. Had voted rookie struck some offenders. That's that's have to black all black and I have Zedillo's six wheels Wilma and the place is six with a love black capitalized. It was an and he spoke to say. But it was cool to table report. But I love these colors but now also don't think the city so what you. You would go on you that it is on Netanyahu lectured tolerant toward you go a little more equal risk there is that they're not a whole truth. As true busy dot nets spliced together. You can find bits of course we do 90%. Of our business in corvettes. But we also do some mom CT SB can flags we like the pony egg GA it's. Some of that stuff you know this got got that GM LS power. Well in this is a thing they have the heart of course that's exactly right. But I mean this Lincoln roll over 650. Horsepower can you talk about gold fassel class Richard Darman. God in slot mark are we had heard that today so very so like the weary customers come from the cup mode the car. We issued cars all over the country wouldn't believe it man out of the power of the Internet these days you know. We're all in the place course best city dot net we're all over FaceBook. We're on Craig's list and you guessed it Craigslist still Peoria on we're just all over the place and people come near and far. I'll we've sent cars in the last three or four months we've seen cars to Washington State to Utah all to Missouri Louisiana Florida. That's just an infield. You've got to think about you know ML got to use caller background in Richard as you scold federal we know that we or so lucky. For having clean nice shoes callers in the southeast. Because you think about all the skills of north India and things like that. You know all the roast I mean that's the thing these callers nine issues coerced or not a thing that they summing like you like used car lot here. Don't exist out there and things like that to him because of the Internet and now they were found their dream core bit. They come around here that God's country you're stuck your oil that's right that's right that's an act I'll Seneca that's my hometown as tells us silica silica is. And you don't go to Citic and let coalition go on their for something good for the late that day you get late viewing like our will we got him both there's you you got bodies of water bail but the good thing about cynic is an a good thing for our business is we're two hours from Charlotte. We're two hours from Atlanta. We're two hours from Columbia, South Carolina and we're an hour from Greenville so people can get to a season Aaliyah Larry is he's department and army. Does the power of the Internet because they bring a cue from all over again fly in cheap. Drug and drink or no Egan. So I mean you got ESCO financing and all that stuff where you can double that all GAAP financial lineup through light stream suite at. So he and that's the thing about these horses do you mean what's. You got people are buying her drink of this is their very first quarter net like I can only imagine the feeling I love putting them in the first political. Their first hobby caught. And because I don't autism momentum is a long time ago. Which you won't Corbett. You'll always own accord that's right you and I both remember our first chorus the way I thought what my first car. But it was my first Corvette and I still remember that car exactly is this one of those things that it discussion by the orchard who owns this delicate first love. You first Corbett was over the rules were a better look at my first look at a but Amir and that's the cool thing about these callers is here and Morgan that these corners. No matter if you like them yeah you don't you still have to respect the. Try to eat you guys have been talking about corvettes and are now. Forbid and you know you have talked about it all fair. That growing up so maybe a little boys include myself. And that Corvette poster on the wall the one I had was about nineteen nanny to ish in ahead that too green sea Ford in the middle. In it was surrounded by every year and it told about every the details about every one of those cars that. Cubic inch displacement horsepower than a 1953. Head out in a 54 and all the way up to the new wind which at the time would have been about and anything for me I had hip. Mr. in my bedroom it was a bread eighty. The locals flowed in the clouds. In my bedroom like that's how went to sleep every night we'll see full well that reminded. I can explain a lot but you know what I'm say but coming at us these are these core dream callers they really are. And I mean liberated leg and I'll sit us that it wants pulsating gear and also in a million times after this. The core writ is the only sports caller that is actually. Affordable for everybody. I mean there's a generation of corporate affairs board. Mixed up homeless they're say there is say I mean there's a book for every seat political price point for yeah for every one as well a lot about the quarter and the thing is no matter which court there's no such thing as a bad went. Like you still have a bit until I was only about like he'll be in the gay cruise around it. Think now the coordinate you know that's who you become such as I love that man and an M Alan Autry went my favorite things about. Buying and selling Corbett the sales part of it. I get so many people win. Say man I'm always wanted one I'm always warn her that story over and over and over and I get to be part of given that first Corbett well and that's the thing I mean your your part of the story now. You know and that's what I love about it because this is somebody's dream cooler and I mean obviously when they about Korman and about a noble of him. I'm sure you sold several. A couple of quarters of them actually take them back in on trade upgrade to the next well and that's and that's the cool thing about it I mean it becomes how they go to cruises is not just a caller sliced right. Is that is in part of that lifestyle on a segue into our Corbett should we do twice year vet city. Its own accord I show twice you're caught Corbett we call a core it's a key week trusted to recording sic that's right you will be there will be easing that's exactly how big it is and we're excited about that definitely having you there will be your first time there you go and warm in the first time penalties in recent quarter at some key will be the guy to Orbitz Anke UAE and fund that owns FaceBook. That's the best way to get information on that show will be sure post that Obama is an appeal FaceBook page also. And we just really want him but anybody and everybody really have a Corvette or not. It's a great time to come out we have people from all over we'll have people from Greenville here. We'll have fewer from Henderson bill North Carolina got a club up there and it comes down to Charlotte club is coming down. We've got folks from Atlanta from Augusta so all over turns out to be a great event ride a little lake there like kiwi in Seneca. At the lighthouse restaurant so a love is a beautiful place to have tuning in to 2 PM. Exactly is a beautiful place to colleagues and yes it is a great setting for. Everything is continued decorated with beautiful Corbett a six under and take another thing about chorus that things fun and actually put a friend a month. He just policy six recently as GM will do a whole lot when it passes it. Bet you within a week yourselves and for fixing an issue is in his new formats in order form of course it's a sickness and tell them a lot. I guess we got a break for commercial Brad bell what think you give Conan tells although Vince sitting gas shortage chicken a quarter its key we September 22. Thanks ram Iraq. Any time meantime guys we got a lot more runs in the field come your way right here 1063 W already had gas water manpower doesn't have they tell you how Borough border there's a lot of fun have a studio he was awesome man and he just you sound like he was dismayed to be here until neighbors our wounds seem over the. You have to bring him back go to try to game it turned phrase ma'am I'm pages do not town until and you know we are going to come virtue you'll be way airline will the incorporated jag is doomed to an inquiry into we will get a tattoo and sleeves aware on. A real learning and the morons you know like we always do little room and then what's Maine as a realizes this weekend around about it city because avid interest in the same -- race that's very cool the only chicken and I'd love to go to Iowa. Around the corner is key way to go elevated until it is well yeah that was last year and that was amazing. And as vertical shuttered businesses wounds can do is you know re Lumia Brazil's thing on your role gives me crazy win because you're so blew into the room worrying. I'm not app after app. And the next thing you know leader and a core. Memo Flores on bonsai actually fire the new wounds. And I got to be in Kabul alone in my pocket thing Koppel Alonso came forward to a lot Corbett that tells you get a second job. So she says it's worried. Yeah. Kill them. Killing him. We've seen you don't want equal Rezko goes to a total loans you get reports on Long Island roller washes little we know he tell until how. You still get a little professor. And what this. Especially. You know as far as looks go in numbers end. Bracken from a best yet the real big dog runs or Ghraib honestly I'd rather live with a base on every net. And I understand them and I don't pay all the. Our prayers and know Richard night is enjoy and take the same advice from this fellow was a Sloan wasn't meg overwhelmed your wife. Yeah kinda. The food and you know and lowly. Only 470 horsepower one is probably going to be better correlate with the Internet. I even got that wrong it's like the Laura Ingle version. I'm the book breaking homers and Laura Ingle which Omar Little House on the Prairie and ask who it is worth that. Local Linton. I. The other does actually this year rouge and Atlanta ten Olympics and act calls Atlanta that shall act like I had an early no more literal Lou assuming she is my favorite I'd recommend crucial or from whatever I believe that. Now. We mirror to like it tells a female doesn't this well would be you know your T sweet hello collection. And oh. Here who'd gotten an awful solo. Back to Carnahan as Gloria let's. Get news. Can do what happened doing it under the headers again you don't. I don't you call real or professor. I'll I don't know I'm a music Clint. Yeah I hope I get email. A before it straight to the professor and no one else can lie hadn't. A little salute you. I can't in line me some more on some corvettes that though see you would take a baseball that. I look at a map out a drought and every day and then yeah I would far rather based models then Blake a ZR one ours is six. The same as so many other likes sports car brands portion same way I am in yard drive a GE three to work. Now would. Do you get older and hurry and you know. Obama lay out a live closest and everybody that our repellent the closest to work and am still fifteen minutes later every single morning if I had that. I make it hometown and fiddles secure pole group report reducing revenues. To be all why you gotta bring all and she's. Pierce drama core good. Just saying he would never go Fresno to hit it through permanently whatever yeah. You're so fast he would have probably jumped over the tree Zell whose journey he would have just got a gadget temporary until you win a small half of our listeners. I mean I'm I'm so I'm so show come have to guess send off and of course the Corvette he wouldn't he would have flight you soon ejection seat he would flew Elmo bowl legal and in he would be in fashion pentagon on the water and once again here we go with the guy and then they'll be able to make offensive fears 34 without all this. Whatever special effects. Just atmosphere is that I haven't noticed you would based. While Lambert has. I need resume where you. Well yeah I mean we got to take money out of the equation millionaire resell value I'm in the one that costs three times as much as star gunned down at the same percentage rate. I'm healthy cells or else I mean you're familiar thing about. I haven't wore red no matter what year model Reagan is still lukewarm at feet below the guys go by the old 2002 BMW 190 Mercedes. Still got a Mercedes. I strained Sharon you know you still rock of it. Well and got a got an 81 portion on 44 they played 18100 dollars for still Iraq Porsche key chain. Does that told you double portion of my Porsche your portion of my portion. Not a lot ally the first. Two jurors who are residents are spirit of what they were and I started kind of come around. Come alive in the C filed and own saying is this the bat. My milk butter that I cannot stay still so you notice so you nurses so we love the first two generations and now we've got him like in the last two engine wash that is I said the same thing on the last day. I had almost all the oil for these Arab League will more or reassure new program. We're gonna start even Evan now. One more chorus and Columbia and how huge learned is that is so funny that you called the bat mobile wants and and that's that's the whole reason why paid him a little too you little icky story here the key thing here which you understand my ex wife used to call Michael Rubin the bat mobile. Keyword ex wife will know that means your economy's extranet. I'm just say it because she told me she's and I hate that chorus did you know that do you keep them the coach calling go I'll stay you didn't you at a I years. Appears Paramount and about my bills also on the on the map mobility is five million barrels here it's little was shake his hand. But wars because this year now your critics. Well you can put the management and you gotta provide listening now I'm have an entire forty grand for his call or and don't have don't pay fees to Graham Morton guns that I and then down come under utility bills many. I'm may AT and your many tracker. I rallies knows you Bob Harlow is your your your sister your you do bill we'll have those that hasn't yet has an air I'm kittens yet you spend more money only match right thing you would on this thinking Corvette so you're taking your Corvette. The stink in costume called minutemen when your wife tells and your Corvette. That doesn't happen very often beaten me that's like hello instills like them I mean I'll really really think this makes commercial break it's alone. We need to check your temperature to a victory in the future well I'll take fair she just told me to Bob Corvette while I'm gonna do is monitored a Corvette money. And don't put much her. We cannot happen and Alia moved it and I'm in a money no no no not only is this is if we can't let me earlier polish every pick up a Shimmy Corbett. Ago. No and negotiate your your corporate Coogan. I got Obama I don't know if you've been the coop and I don't yell yell very sorry center ice that this linking among more admit city. And looking at Corvette pulled a voucher and I've got my farmer lessened somewhat turned to be considered a core bit. Yeah but it's not a quorum bit. Just not the same stone America sports Richard docs and since this man. And I'm when he does and our a lot of drug met and you can you can have both. You heard bring. Zoo this is not just say I didn't make enough cars that I found out I didn't happen as soon as I get this core rig yes there's Umenyiora and exactly so Josh got a core reds. But actually our Marines actually just panic weren't exactly amounts of Hillary easy score written. Last night that airing on obtaining loans licences in the Anglican we'll only talented and Nalen I had taken Alon sin city and however musical or read the new core red. Arianna again nice model Iman Richard I understand you held daily doctor everything Madden noggin makes not I'm not based on a girl. Bales whistles but mango ions. Eject doce yeah 'cause whenever it's Colombian that Karzai we're gonna fight over an hour America's I do live in new Corbett. You know domestic callers and only care for that much they're okay I'm just seemed cool little crystal ball. This storm Alba exists. There and the lines. And Mattel lives. Ammunition are and what gets me bought this commercial breaks man I don't pay us Marshall Marshall brain challenge is killing me. Gallows and tell you what we got a lot more hot rods and vitriol we're talking corvettes.