HOT RODS 9 9 18 HOUR 2

Hot Rods and Happy Hour
Monday, September 10th

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He goes and and how it runs and every hour we gets a million reasons to you hang on exam. Of course. We get. Mister. Fantastic plastic himself. The professor. Will Richard. I'm not done yet. I don't I don't think it's a problem Regina you kill the children every. Mr. Richard house. Prima. What happened in streamer Alabama screamer elements Kremer Alabama doesn't it doesn't no no it does not sought that file is light around in turn sells like. So we're horror movies failed and terrify and may be people there. New skillet Manger to see that's bad and Aaron Aaron Lerner and it'll say it looks like pretty mouth Tennessee you know it's. National. Aurelio de in my mirror or she should you lose a screamer Alabama against law only told him to know more. Well Lucio and mouth and no hard Tutu youth. I mean this term turn away and. Labonte took Alabama civilians since they thought. A mile on mile long and I thought I put. Go for days so yeah. Not overseas. But themselves. If they usually how I don't know welcomed it have you all back to Holler out yeah. Fooled me briefly was this way only minimal sleep aliens rules with forty so yeah. Anyway. So we're talking about. Hornets. And we start gulf. In the early C threes and see a pretty cool reds. All most. My favorite generation core. And I managed almost almost as dangerous as dangerously close to my favorite generation core which is deceitful. Our books from the C three I'm at a C news near my horror below this. And we're giving one away care or remote effects are referring. For furry like given an alliance or areas given it Corvette in 1980 corporate with 61000. Miles long. I'm married remain not anxious and missed call or are coming I knocked and said go or world. I got there is sitting in my shop position of some vehicle armor modern mall until about. Rid own career miert tubs. With a K six players at pace employers cases player. I mean I've kind of worthless write my own warming no no no it's it's antique classic hearts just as the way the mr. Goodrich intended. That's what it is Iberia loosely run. Good looking for a battle Google. It is pretty firm. Immobile car will view and you can't count on him. And I penalize query and interiors. And our. Noticeably in the in the end to the other Jewish and saint I deserve great interiors. Hold his hand. Hypocrite I believe in order. You know drinker Aldrin on the bulletin. Arkansas we don't hear from him that motivated him to end. But the C three gold bit was a very cool course a lot of neat things about missing free orbit. Very very popular generation Corvette squash go to bumper callers. Which we are 68. Which was always count that odd ball sixty equal real. They have some really weird quirks about it. The door mills will get through hate the stupid pop out door locks. Especially the part that you pushed off your fingers because it's going to break yes. The the that I hate the public or excellent 6068. Was old Abdul in the values are fentanyl sixty or 68 big book won't bring as much as 69 big court. Which is crazy the basically the same coalitions because of this quirks. There then it'll polishing up on 69. And they're arming them in the Big Easy I guess the biggest change is the actual. Aura minerals but. That would definitely a cool cause what's your favorite color combo of the government that professor. Are actually. A noon. In eighty Tuesday offered on mint green with gray leather. Do not like this seriously and Hewlett its own no deserves well Richard pick that your new core that snow mayor Richard are there are now and I learned a unique like that. Who in the hell lower immediate green community apparently to your fray gave me a Mitt chocolate chip Kuhn its. Ally and a chocolates have. I don't like in the cone and I'm sure they don't like you don't Corbett. It's horrible song chorus come American Eagle for a black silver why you know one it might sound we're gonna lukewarm it's plagued meant green so over. Among Toronto buffalo will only John I know it's gonna sue or tint to it no his greens were you just. I like that and we've totem pole agreeing we're talking Mitt chocolate chip green. It is only use our like I didn't even know them regularly during says that she'll Mattel our economic content any. That's a scholar a pond scum green and that's not some man answered is costing me called mint green you know are alive and well you not Cuba early eighties a little earlier unless and strings gross floor room. You don't know don't they screen there are coming off a seven these Bender you know Sutton yeah. Well I mean I do in my favor C three color that I loved the door greens. They had only the ball for growers. But are small screen exactly country in the world war Boeing deal. Riverside gold a logo like that as the Disco thing a little legal scholars. It's fitting for the cars and it came on I don't grow and grow our. Me it's got to be the right car. Any. I had a goal some form that was repainted black what was the best team ever yeah. But yeah gold ornaments or Ernie is a rule were hideous but. When you win the war money gold to Riverside gold warm funny young reverse angle. Alike this coach but there was where you'll accordance. To actually want. I'll Lowell of bulls 8182. With a goals the competition your Luke thanks. It was knows Daytona yell. Yet it is Antonio with the oyster they can all white leather interior did I just sells absolutely hideous but it's gorgeous together. Now that is a good combination an exact voters are gonna on us and in the neighborhood Negroponte had exactly car. There was one in Daytona Beach, Florida Turkey runner and his beloved teen years ago in this calls absolutely perfect I mean it was like a 151000 local or. Why are littered Goodyear's polished aluminum wheels. Good looking vehicles because there's some in my favor wheels lover donated it Ross not just nominated ADT's spent on them we'll soon be slow the middle as I wanna says it may in 75 or six yeah you definitely could you know I'm on 77. I can Iran might be the first you love this area of the 76. Sounds or it. But you know this India the Japanese tradition of the red stripe on this. Everybody and replace current Corvette nineteen Cindy. All right everybody and every room put him away. Enemies are rare in the city collector's edition I've never seen a high amount that other guy how are Mollison equal or it would bring more money but it's rarer and include honey I'm everybody it was the funniest story ever we were doing ponies in the smoking's on a must ensure our own until the real story. But we were killing. And we would Floyd gears mostly car museum and a Walters and you're fund social severe rules in the sea and you're not totally encapsulated by the smoking a knife works. You make your way down the street. To the Floyd your most of our music and you give this only an eight dollars. And listen to handle. This guy won't teach Islam are committed a they don't just doesn't do look at most of course was the stories are second to know their exact problem is that this must send DA core bit it's 66 miles on it. Like all the wrist whom. McClinton and that this doesn't trip discuss trip until those troops commercial breaks Linehan we don't colder air flowed Nixon you know. Stop again and a Sharon Malone encore our company's commercial brings threaten our own whatever you know you don't ask I want to ask they'll bring you you of course he did it's common this natural. Whom does. Hang tight we go a lot more hot rods and that they are coming your way Ryan Harrell won a 63 to be an RD. I guess my hot rods and happy this real hits. Yes smear breezy in the studio and Hank won't vote. And then of course we got professor himself how Rosen have been our financial tables slash numbers do mr. Richard Hoskins. What's happening Greenville, North Carolina South Carolina and Tennessee. Isn't there are agreeing rules like in every state on British like Springfield. This is very governors in Louisville I think it was sixteen renewals in the country. Boom this horse to do. Well. Fifty. Yeah there's fifties so that we don't let somebody else in the mail or Maryland no my ourselves. The professors not a G I'll graphene major but it's. Very very very so very popular name. For your tell them. Unlike screen where Alabama now. Sticking their who think different at that bothers me as to what those laws Kramer's Sergio bothers me. Is it time for commercial recurring note off. Did you. Are close. Love and cool that you need to step belt looked a little show for the Corvette. Army corps may have war and chants. The Miami. Lower core principles that mounting seventy militants Goodyear brings you know things. Fairway Lawson is going Michael. He's a Richard now on coal it's that is a German doctor the rhetoric of her but as a rotary engine. All right you know it. Rotary engines. A look at camel like I was that was that like weird brewer what we can result. Pregnant enough you just they've brought his record. On large and tell you look at. A real low as well as the slavery I would mortal but you woman in the Southern Baptist Church not rotary engine all that. Either one they're both bad. Bad as the double that of just don't drink I would trade this subject just let my grandmother with is the devil if the demo is the devil. Entered there is no other engine war she Bridgeport and give Iran a nice enriched. There is no move other engine on the face of this earth this sounds as also own. As a rotary. None history and a sound. In nineteen soon be a big blow until you're back it up in 1970. If you and LT war and not money to a guilty or were told them the realty. Are you LT dashed want to LG Daschle went exactly. Corvette. With side pipes. A rotary engine business to stay snowballs chance. In PT. Was sounding as good as that wanna tell you something overrule on a beautiful things in my life I've seen confederate railroad live in concert. Jamie surely was five feet from my face singing. Jesus and mama. How sings the majestic things. And I won't tell you something. That doesn't hold a candle. Cynical bit guilty one was pops. Done in the end but you never heard. A slim and he Corvette with a rotary engine but gulls is. Bill that's now how how. I don't I never heard one little Volkswagen motor either you know I feel it's. Playing then you want to do how old confederate railroad car yeah arming our route you know our revenues are you serious enough to use them if they suck at you know we're talking about rotary engines. And yeah. I actually did. Rather than a sword you know you could also on those are absolutely none of palace and much. You don't know a lot of things excellent third Tom overheard you bring not out. I'm an argument tutored and is it do ago. I mean you can not wrap your burning around you shouldn't have to our core marijuana rotary engine rotary engine let these stupid dribbled and still rumors fly. You know it's so good at it. Q how we're just kill them listen to kill them all I'll be honest we if you think there it's flat I don't want you now. Yeah I know that's a do you want your help. Take you Rhode region doesn't book called the original and a half a hole to salute the severe error. But I Meserve Reuters Jim. It's a joke we like you or accidents we do Roy gave way we like our examined loved pol how things are good. Breezy will's ball. All RX seven's are OK we didn't let it even better whether to list they ended. Up. Plus. But I mean and that's this is a broom read. It. Out of rhythm leaflet in it for I don't I'm not. That's no matter or reasonably and there's obviously. At least two out there somewhere in the world. Elise and both probably broke. The possibility to. Me. Any rent now simply wasn't another world or seven he was 68. Was the first human Tito scenario. Missing. Lot of cool things came out a love this when this is a good wounded Diebold all your. Classical artist. A table four for you to go as we get a really special Cohen has covenant and has ordered Islamic saddened about how I was her I would give the baby to big rig series ago mr. Jason Johnson himself tools all about a commercial motor speedway soon. But switching gears back to the corvettes. And swing and seventies. And but the BG's plan back into Austin that but. It is well location grazer to us on. This when you go light. Traditionally you this period of important and they got a Shiite street Bernard crow. They get a smaller surely with a this year publisher but is traditionally has traditionally been a jetting come until 1974. And also 74 was last year for true dual eggs also in the chorus. Very interesting. I think the EPA on loan and thanks well MR. Thanks a lot gas. Don't really have a fear that they have their rotary would come third. Our gas and home Mason they're very well there ought to put killed oh yeah blizzard did put the film there's John Delorean. He grown another good time. Wild when intern nines on order of things joy love and things you know. Little way to blow it bill. Again. I a 68 panels. Kids and I thought okay or if there's a John Lori and her mother Gigi movie you lowered motive or say hey hey. Because that's excellent can you just got to mount a round bat. Doesn't say I'm sorry. Pillow and join Tony in the videos that let you know that's more than via. I remembered first she remembered her statement he's always. Done. So. What's going to call me and and every. But. John Miller did have were good to good ideas in GT that he put the into the stupid Marines of the I guess we all glad. Gabrielle bad and also he's hoping that the caller when my favorite movies that the Easter egg future boarded. Goal there's a lame affections commercial breaks in the Guinness every time. I guess until you stay tuned we got commercial recoverable we get a real special calling this mr. Jason Johnson with the bay into big rig series you do if we don't want to miss that. Listen hot rods and happy hour a whole everybody back hot rods and our. You would go as we got this very special August. I'm excited about this gas I'm very excited about it. Mr. Jason Johnson from them in the big league seasons ago or recently teamed we go from Tobin vocal is totally shipping you sure enough wood to about race and similar drugs Alan. He may do that breezy Jason doesn't welcome to The Beatles going home it. And again right now months I love that instructs that I actually analysts. To continually here does feel like elderly popular thousand. And so on human mr. cool didn't even know it you are this is like the coolest thing error. Let's. Some sort of I mean crossing the big vigorous reform they're really awesome and there it's a show like no if you like coloration and you're absolutely love big recruits. Ball pressure pressure I mean Liu did you know if you're not you like sort factories and it's Saturday night you know short track Saturday night at. It can't get any better that than parts were up question 22 foot vehicles that would erupt we don't succeed on. And we knew we were in black smoke Poland are shifting gears like you said and some of them even got into break see your ultimate. Yeah I mean it's going to be a great event. There's another like old Jake the engine break him out there. But I was Souza you dazzle kind of speeds are we get in the room then removes customer speedway it was something like this. You don't think it was Anderson generally on these bigger trek you know we did that it creates. Our mile track which as you are smallest recent track that we try to push her around. Were hidden 7580 fives you know sometimes a little faster they're average lap time you're outside besides O miles an hour. It is bigger check half mile to fight these miles. I'm not stretch as we're pushed and well over. Under innings sixth time in true. It is six gunshot great Sony and they're pretty stock trucks mean we modify these things for safety car. Other than that you know they're still run indeed straight diesels series voters series sixty voters reject caterpillar motors. Kabul has run a commons all your banks Amato also displaced your car enthusiasts out there load. Chileans ordinary guys above Peter bill Edwards and straight liners and Max we got a ball. So we know we're going to be hit. So you tell me you've got no dog mad drug score untrue. Edible garden ex truck or Syria so it's all black to cult of Mac leader is Canada's villain of the big series the big battery series. I agreed to ivory got in Nashville Tennessee he's actually a diesel technician at special match. And a semi. If I if I had an all black man tournament called the duck. A I mean you that's convoy as the events that that's that's alone domino of them showing my age a little bit humvee struck up WiMax and restart drama series 62 this is my day today. So. You know we we deal with them all the time in this guess I mean I can only imagine the sound there's diesel engines going around the track especially in some motor speedway because when you gotta run rentable. So I can imagine it sounds coming that Trent. Probably it's going to be is a great I mean I love when we come down so. I'm from Minnesota because until I get a northern accent believe when we come raced on their bodies tried to set up. Q bring in an atmosphere but a funny event and Anderson they get trackside parking. Which as you know on hurdles to appear in the north as we just a more flatly and people look earmarks district they parking at a bringing cooler linger older. Parker critical on the wall to watch some big rigs go an internal war and hopefully everything stays on the ground. And then we got some and or prevent guerrilla bounce houses whoever are sane and serious structural so we don't do the judging but we just love that. People are listening on the radio you know and of racing usually they don't and that he would drive and a truck. And they get a bigger than their crowd that bring that out in rehearsals usually on September 15 and short off to the next generation oak. Potential truckers out here in. Be proud to be a trucker in this you know creek country and it actually tailing off into the national. Truck driver appreciation week which were on September 9 just fifteen soul cap it off with a big bandit victory series race at any sort you. Man I love old Jason in the charters what keeps a miracle rolling and people are excited about trucks America stops. Here everything you've got usually probably came on a truck or some or another and the great thing he knows when you start talking about people and start out of people all this country. You recently actually perform their related to trucking. And I was talking with you mean that's without calling for an income find out if you redo you and which is hitting cooler and we got a chance to look. Gold I would he had neither Mitchell and so it's pretty fun and I mean I just love your stories and people watch the big Greek priest. They go to they just can't imagine trucks that they typically drive by on the freeway also and we're not a lot of short track which. Generally no holes that. Perhaps a dozen to two dozen cars. The word and it turns semi trucks with seventeen each you know. Battered and only 22 feet long and they're mental and these turns and I think you know you're in a hold on make sure everything's gonna go around that track. And hopefully we drop the dream in the wind up a checkered flag in some fireworks are a bigger tent. It's anyone know go all star power in the bay and a big rigs series to do. Yeah we hit we have a gentleman. Who should be joining artery series next year they were over the moon you know while we had a race appear in L cool Minnesota. Our when he said the August and we had a big sponsor Minnesota soybean which promotes I don't do so and one of the there. Mean guys they just sit at a truck built called an ominous which was an app size fifty. Order ark fifty that was built by the diesels sellers out of talks. Which are on a TV show called diesel Brothers so we did every deed peace will be even a muscle up here. And heavy yeah actually drove our biodiesel and were a number 51 pretty either. Toll powered by that the current series sixty motor and humors absolutely normal US. Civil thrilled about what he had to do with its users actually going to be joining the series. They hope to keep building trust and who knows that we can get it built on TV. You and cooler and we had another gentleman by the name of Eric talks that we've got a big night beer. Execute our southern border for sure and he built a truck on his TV show called sick in years and hopefully after he gets done with his. Dailies are this year's past that he's got he's going to be joining the bandit they greet here next year as well what is. Sterling. Announcer when mortar got under power that thing. He's got serious got a seriously future I actually talked iron cult and sing in this past year about a folded and you get a fourteen leader do you Troy middle sterling. Yeah so I mean. It is it's a heck of a fun time and in this aren't duty is to diesel powered guy's and Europe have to be a trucker you can dispute these courts and annual low largely takes some injuries so. Decent guy and so popular leaders in the last few years and is an extremely popular in the performances out there even their mortar for the big trucks is out there and his chrome trucker ladies anymore as we're talking about real reform sports. Yeah for sure we get to what we have the chrome too so some of our guys start chrome stacks as they like to still keep them dressed up. We got a Peter bill that looks like kind of a Superman team we had a dream number street. Wherever and art and these questions are caterpillar C fifteen wrestler on thousand horsepower. So when he's a good look how much. Horsepower these things are pushing out. They do our Bill Gross the tires will be doughnuts and not on the front stretched they can burn the tires down and dislike him Hillary series we we do have a lot of on the we do Russell little bit which try to keep it you know C east for everybody not just our drivers. And the attendance to put. Every once commented Pete and banging out a little bit who don't have somewhat sheet metal bar and then hood coming off and Oprah you can guarantee and also think they've done and then the winner gets 101000 dollars and can beat you agents 50000 so 50000 total purse 101000 that the winners so that India. Local law when you get tendered in an alarm there's no friends breaks. Go to I don't know the friendship stops stops when the flag dressed. 1%. That's really the cool thing was this you know is the diesel industry like we're totally has gotten so big the Edwards and so big. So this brought people's popular is that now Teresa in these big trucks and of course that's where all started out there with these. A love him and I tell you what I cannot wait to come Anderson motor speedway and check out the bay and big Greek cities so I'm Jason quick recap. To be in the gates opened up and we've got a truck show going on or listened to Showalter treasury right you're there are some motor speedway. Korea we have we get some historical talks someone else from the Paul medal state or clips saying that great moments we. Well yes some historical talks that are going to be sorting them by there's actually a OK get some older trucks so there's so there are structural start so David Gates open at two Leah practicing at 3 o'clock qualifying order. And we rhino these bigger you are on the front stretch at five. And do the same the lieutenant kid that everybody a chance to meet teacher I receive and you know just ask them questions about the trucks how many years they reverend. How much horsepower their portion what they do for a living and you know most of them drives. Trucks are in a lot of rumor out of North Carolina area. Paul Cole had been run and summarize their entire life we have other guys that never driven a semi you know the older that they and a bigger excuse not to cost. Everything he's ever he told me with a computer disk so he's it's zoos and markets truck accessories what. Here are you most recently and that's what's fun about it. That's what it's all about what there what is and we got locomotion break although we gone to stop the call right here but we'll take some guys be sure to check on the bay and big rig series there's motor speedway September 15 works and race actions towards a seven billion. Jason it was great having heel Bruno have they saved Tom Henderson on the fifteenth. Thanks so much guys. The later. C ability. And there's a lot more isn't happy are going your way right here one of 63 W already. Again a woman runs and happy there are some Robb Pitts we got some medium resume as do you. Other it was and in the course of the professor himself mr. Richard alaskans. What's happening cued up Montana. Don't be confused with three mountain. For others. We have to connect the dots against here in Peru adults Kabila shall. Cool as soon and at and draft there on in. Its convenience attack. Also little finger colon just haven't with a big group debated big Greek cities mr. urges and Joseph. So we'll be a full of these different which it in some of the speedway I'm coming from Amman on sabres had a so this is cool. But Craig's list challenge. They were talking about the core bit you know and yeah we had barrier earlier totals about the C files and C six is mainly sells. We've covered everything going into the C threes and we. Dedicate a whole shoot deceitful or resolved so we skip that. So they were all well rounded and were ready for Craig to this challenge and approved that the core that is very legal working any budget. How about this. 3000. Dollar cat to a fair use our plans guarantees and a 3000 dollars. Any should rule and they also asked. You should ruin. Sergio for 3000 dollars would you would you and America's sports column was able to professor. Now a little bombed about her first. Philip you definitely issued this challenge me and my usual would have Moeller budget amoeba undone about legal thousand dollars. It's not very. 3000 dollars I felt pretty nice drug worsened change lived over that are not dar. No that gas tanks left around nine it's really must keep yourself or guest Mario announced. M the Rihanna as well versions of throws when he retired inquiry though most of occurred lawyers it actually polled vote. More than a hunger a little one dollar Corbett. This Marley for its. And this trust me biggest male excited SE a dollar and like you lacking in a car that helped them unaided eye struck again with it. It's as well. I found the first year rove mambo and here's favored Corbett. The city for. And if there's averted vision. Irrelevance as intolerant alcohol or still has pearl farm vision system. Hammered out a movie together. But it does include. The from a friend Finn to close out panels. Got an air tomorrow your guys close to meet with GPS guidance for donors. But regimens follows forced to. And I got to perform for gonna vote does like a build your home it's over toward Israel and all you go around and drowning or that you have totally OK with no gauges in the no guys deserve but I mean if as heroes are overrated as your target how bleak note he says that targa top does not only wanna tell you a little secret about this guy he'll. Yeah he's fine you'll love its lust is that all away booster who moves dude. He says they're run strong with a TV's could use some new gasket. The a lot of number. It has mixing owns a first always and crawl for a run strong calls for a strong and Venezuela he's done much harder does note though that only they probably Cold War era. Yeah does not only miss Devlin a flu. Dolan. But I asked Obama to tone for how to books and is actually a pretty decently clean coal or what color is. I don't talk wanna look Hillary's plan by her and I don't know or Honolulu murdered though. No doors are shunning our targets are flourishing in the door. Prefer us terrorist why a man let this little Muslim world let's prospering. Now doesn't would you fill it. I think an embryo. On the phone here. Pick up umbrella the nicest car. And for Torii 500 dollars. As they 72. Decent body needs paint has decent interior sad indeed sail panel yeah isn't limited. Is almost a fifty year old car so it's not perfect for speed transmission. Prices firmed no trades no joy Iran's bring passion a plate and drama I don't. However others point out. My 72 is a mini core. Meaning there's water just like you may be corner and don't. 0030. My goodness okay and the gum throughout the Opel GT really sold huge. There's bench that's Germany and that's the mini Corvette. Now you know where it's not that's not America's sports cordons. Germany's ouattara's Obama Buick dealers. You know I sell buicks that you can do is we'll have got to ask you on national. A photograph national for thirty year ended tickets for them but you would come what will who will GT Opel GT. Professor. It'll only take in over WP isn't part of protester there really won't. Honestly I want us search format and outs or found it adds it's a many core. Reason redeemed redeemed this about getting into ground. I did find them amassed on Amazon got one it right now. It's short list shortens slate. This in 1984. Save for Corvette for 19100 hours so I got a lot of money left amber because our guys three Fijian. Iran's game interiors gay and NH tires is Cochran whales that you can't say there's only eighteen but he's got their original else. And any jury do the brakes 'cause they don't and they're not doing too can eat even Dravid that he probably can't sop and it's all go in the loop yet and it's also got her memorable top that does not leak. Sam may now and snow matters now. God does not locked the -- does them on doesn't this is the best auto roof and the color and they is the I mean you get music during the wind chill because it's got cement smoke. A moment. And let you know that gives it character. This the street created modern Bonner award us the table enough. About the win. This is not a surprise nominee to be honest this diamond ring from undone and how can be really boo bitter Betty over there until June. I mean how long and so we're we're gonna have a merely serves serve and we're going to have remaining term challenge and I'm going immense talent. And outfits Manny. Calm down let Ronnie tell us what you guys around them and it was here. In 1986. Core of the mountain. In competition yellow. It has so much Donald. But it runs and drew TP. Chrome Seif wagon wheels oh era is simply the Beijing zone and into your little slit while Berkett been trip to live for us. That's up up up up. That the targa top leaks like this live in the midst that. The dash commander works. Pound has a dash com yeah. We'll see digital slows is going to miss an unbelievable Nigeria as Playboy electronics has ABC ABC executives from Asia to oil and Josh. The go like beta Max. And but it rules and drowsy stops. Is euros decent. There in the headlights were the motor rose to work which is a big thing. And and about food tweet 200 dollars. 200. Brave pretty. He'll wish. Good deal as little flaky to welfare however all figure out who knows there's also a three way tie. I was left my all time it has Allen. Well that's bizarre or a little RAZR cruiser professors out Richards out I don't layers of reality here tonight and just he's got the baby car builder crypto goes and I mean what an awful Honda Civic Dubai didn't use it. This is Chernin I've found is certain cardinals like to 2011 per. Best offer Iran when monetary kid and he didn't have made it. I've. Prize that he won't and he just have been normal ruin well let you know I found like a whole lot of like 2017. And on this for like 500 a mullet. What's hey hey let you know payments we tell me about exactly so I would look what I found and my Dallas gay and my god did not lie to you this is just call a truce call small we always humble the when Iran champions dinner as we all got a cold that he always has threatened to enrich your votes at Richard he's Drupal Richard I'll say you mark or written. Let's see what union Silvio quoted as well. They just fall in love with a and to mile Gaza won't think your butt and play long you've been listened hot rods and Libya.