Hot Rods and Happy Hour 100817 Hour 2

Hot Rods and Happy Hour
Sunday, October 8th
Rob and Odd-Rod talk about GM Electric Cars and Finding lost childhood cars

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Element on resin and it was then ended. Other Ridder real notes over here. I can't believe what Henri you know what in this maybe a blessing in the skies also routed to crumble. Because somebody you know GM game itself that's horrible neo. So and it appears the word from the mighty bird and he Troy is GM is planning and going all electric ditching their gas and diesel platform automobiles. I'm not happy. Really think this is dislike clone don't. A British rule it legalized marijuana into each Reuters so of their all the chemical. Olds is while the current announce mystery. The Troy the automaker General Motors plans angle 100%. Online plans on doing so well at least one mean callers on the line of the plan much when he 23. In ads per executive vice president mark Reid snow cave in my in 1996 GM killed the electric car program all the role yup. Well you know. The evening was in the V one however what is the view or the impact Brian Davies which was rules are bad and Chris Borland. And collisions. Well GM currently eggs Ellen turner GMT bone in there that. GM currently offers one extended range electric vehicle managed the Chevrolet Volt EV which EV just simply stands for electric vehicle bullet. On and they land two more to their own lineup within eighteen months. So I mean they're actually making moves toward this and the company is developing image shrug platform powered by hydrogen fuel cells. Which by the way if you ever seen a movie that messes and those that blew up really really nicely. Put yourself workable you alone is how hard. And their own probably have more than one. But. They've dubbed a struggle name a service which is short for silent utility rover universal superstructure. That sounds cool truck ammo truck. I don't I don't support this and anyway I this is lying as it is. I understand it I you know I don't know whether or do they were able Mobil's about it or something and want save the planet who all lectured by. And I can't sleep hours neat. Electric power like a novelty. Yes yes yes obviously he's you tell us look at. That school you know but. Long term. It will pull in some some two bit true and there you know I had this how matters in his future and it's it's dark it's dismal two points. Silent as union rules on actually doing little paying out here I'll give you perfect example were electric car sounds like. Here's for here to. And there yet that's that that's. Nothing really is ideological road you'll also boy what's that like this. I do so is this so you don't ever want to rev up and take off no barriers. Daisy down president was. What part of a hot running future. Does this sound like it's going to be cool in a lot of your Prius don't put that chrome tube pops up that I'm now could be epic event would be like slow but still I lay out everything about this did this is a terrible future. That in and we probable see this point 1:3 now I am now wildly Mellon bank intimately 33 yeah. The 33 its camera operator of the quarter. Come. In you know him out. I can't even do the math brought you about drug tax service. You know it's finds least in Texas wearing them those settlers most are for another day. All of all the people pro went to jail. Look. Eight I don't think it happened in I don't have kids put in my kids if you mind generation of what would be my kids. All I only eleven in their lifetime. But my. You know hypothetical grandchildren. Will live in a world where there's not a VA muscles anymore. This scares me is it's I don't have kids but I feel a little better about not having more than two startling about things well exactly. Exam I mean in general motor leaves and they believe in all your future I mean. In the end stroller had twice putt so what's what will this six at that. On a piano and Martin the VP of the companies that although the future won't happen overnight GM is committed drive being increased usage. And acceptance of electric vehicles through non compromise solutions that meet our customer needs we know our customer needs is. Horsepower in wants a bit loud noises angry pipes. Dual exhaust gas burning. Dinosaur destroying. The road is slowly eating yes that's what we love that's what we crave Alex starting a mime Wagoner and there. In just smelling wrong fuel in Canada burn the hairs in my nostrils so I don't have to shave a mile highlighted as well all of the fire the Malibu and her mother nature era and as I analyze and read it and make your urges screamed tears yes and yeah you know like that. I've never heard of let your guard couldn't have been a popular little skater hits it. Not only screw round with him we'll still be in the union and he does and how had I. But I'm this is absurd. Absurd. Is okay this is the thing is Chris. Political order cool we don't give your other there's a need for a mean you know look you gotta male OG dazzle route to known or. He got a house dream true principles the blogger. You know me as this but in the end of the day there'll always be the pitcher or public is really just place my toughness of the strike fear could someone. You know I I don't think so because in recent months a pardon me. In recent months a number of other manufacturers have announced plans the alleged father product lines all Volvo models launch from 2008. And going forward. Will be either a hybrid or plug in or your man hours there. Related to all the ball is now dogma they have suites. So it doesn't mean. They believe they want those also wouldn't use does Dutch that's saying thanks and it is trust and bonds routes by which you know I don't say this is that just goes about that goes Greg's leads you can't you can't really go by the way now you should go about General Motors well the Germans are onboard at his last month old wagon. On said it will invest twenty billion dollars in development of electrified problem is on the cover that made probably worst emissions lie ever want to own these now they're treasury cantor that and by spent twenty billion dollars. With the electric thing. But ever in my also book sold by its various brands including Volkswagen on a bit only. Lamborghini. Will be offering at least one battery based drive train option. But GM. Okay let's go this overload electrical or it would they go to stay ruby electric legal. Battles good on the fly alone. Nose gear and is that who withdrew with Shaquille went back and I like my core. Yeah I mean images and think about the corps available lectures are they planning on killing the Corvette I mean. Israel already via known Jim. But Ryan this is this is crazy. Reynolds is on the just. So Laker McWhorter over the next surgical report from the mouth. Well GM's goal is is few in man in the internal combustion engine entirely. No more LS ladies and gentlemen. No Morella. You know the future is looking brush her. Easy. But it is silly that of a really really is I mean. This is is taking it to forward your saint Edwards is doing away to gasoline edges. We'll maybe go to Dallas or maybe I can't handle change but you know you know what I can't handle. Can handle holly yeah. I can handle internal combustion. Into. Well Paul Paul and his call blow for him to hear what you led GM come on now with the full pardon me fully electric pick up to. And I think all your normalcy is GM's sales drop I think you're also implement. Or oil but what are you roll. Electricity yet Roland sparks a baby. Could become a way to wreck as guerrillas lawnmowers when your kid that bubbles of blue. And doubles. I. He now wants you to let what what will you Cogent reason your little resilient. Plugged much true the this is the day when there true breaks down my truck cram down a mile trees to team. And let me amend and in the message he can. I think this new song George Strait you listened to unload about shook it and got no load with whoever assists. Is it. You don't it's just tell people worry is what this is comptroller is stumble and won't let the payload a truck when there was a payload for electric program understand. Electric home makes a lot quirk put it. What's the paella earlier well with a pillows probably about the same. But coming really as a village Clemens told him toward it and the large trees things that yet but what about battery life that your solution that problem you more Jewish years professional veterans. Until this road that autos Tom in this segment is commercial to Galley our guys fearless not arouse them down William Moore on the subject coming back here in just a minute right here 1063 that we already. Gaza movement haul routes and after this Robb Pitts rod was then and it. Or two days of the Stanley somehow believe the terrible. Meanwhile Roman political makes us locals and they've shared these don't do it no more. Exactly you kill me. I mean this is crazy. And yet so as we physical spit so low signal the I guess when bubbles sunflower seeds water whatever case economy. Says they sent those hit. As we said James goals planned in banding abandoning the internal combustion engine entirely. Ngo was a pioneer both better in hydrogen technology. As we've talked about before here on the show it launched the first fuel cell prototype. For decades it was steamy one or. As the Tivo car. The other impact global select the 1990 when they actually in the technology that was literally the Republican militant and six yeah. Is anyone who has won the first. Electric vehicles produced by mainstream manufactured by. The line was scrapped from California man and it's the nation initials zero emissions vehicle mandates. Yeah ninety's now us what's on paper is reason among them. Well we've got a little insular list there's there's the young lady. That was actually one of the forerunners of this her name is Chelsea sexton she will be at Colin guest on the show very very cool Groce actually worked. We have the work with the EV one project in California. So she knows he's coached first hand. Hey yeah is she's actually a very day promoter in the electric car movement. Oliver's movie who killed the electric caller you would see her in this movie exactly bomb. You know and I I don't have a problem was electric cars I think they're all cementing the technologies Graham Angolans could. But I don't think we need there's a place form there own Majorly. But I don't think we needed call for litany. In the old combustion engine on the line cutting throw me you know coming block to whatever the gauntlet to gauntlet. I don't think we need to end the internal combustion motor. Obama I think it's tried and true easy to work out for a lot of people. Com coming year pretty much doing away with a mechanic when you over listen and failure engineers little oil well zillow uses the lack of moving courts right. Where there's room a lot to it. Yes well and I mean that's a good thing in some ways and some place. The thing or others will discuss sexual politics of the job really only Yemen and I was commentators I mean is that's magnets that stick. All but government mandates are clearly driving the industry's current push to electrify. Even those the trump administration is expecting to rollback and federal corporate. Average fuel economy standards which is a good thing for a top routers and him. California is news CEV mandate will require automakers to collectively sell millions of batteries or hydrogen vehicles. In the years ahead soon though when your president's soul and as a sixty Camaro pro tour. Media. Yeah like he money these guys covered yet. But I mean I think it's something to say if we drift towards these new GO callers will be the electric slide and then. I think. You know the push is inevitably we of that way the man really is. And you know counseling facilities there like we said earlier in the electric car does have its place. Because the other zero point and we don't want room and wink and all options were you there so to take care of it you know. And cat means that happened actually there's several planets. All of them bullets and habitable I really really don't plan on moving plants and a stake. And I don't know that we're below love don't think governor made a moment that I may have to move the American bigger but I mean you play it's one thing to jump across town. It may mean skipped stated to know that that country were stretched him Lou implants. That's how well that Nextel is. Via. Bomb and worse when they only thing real estate they'll tell du Jamal that's bad. But up pressures overseas are actually growing on this on this whole epidemic of electric cars. Several countries including Norway and India and now plan to band eternal commitment combustion engines entirely. The UK France Germany and China are all considered similar moves. China has just laid out new guidelines for alternative. Propulsion and is now the world's biggest market for electrified vehicles. So I mean around the globe. Were kind of behind them as a blocker Lauren making his move. Rover you know you're very journeys through before you know I hate it. You know those little containers and I guess. You know I know it's done. Look at the little toppled with a reliable metal ring always pops lower handle and gave him right there all a little daughter. Well let's look stick the better. Let's back up and improve this in real Wimbledon the electrical. Yeah there were toothpicks. Yes he's under total budget explorer budget to pay. It's the makes aren't in all this is just my very problem and it's consumer acceptance last year all forms of ledger vehicles from hybrids and battery electric vehicles accounted for barely 3% of the US. On new vehicle market pure electric sluggish in the bowl. On generate only around a half a percent of total volume but a number of recent studies edges today could top 30%. Or more when than a decade. Here there's a lot of people that can use a lecture course pressuring her into commuters things like that there's you use for understand. A thing about taxis manatee I deal give rode around them things like that is fun. Loan businesses in other got Walden the ranges is is really improved with a dramatically. The still of the news of the day they're always being in general I just found this extremely horribly. Yeah on Kessel is actually knew him as a which we figured that. One sign of impending shift is a strong response to launch of the new Tesla model three. Which like the bull gets more than 200 miles per charge and is priced at under 40000 dollars before federal and state tax credits. On so is a very affordable car it's a fully electric car and it's successful. And it's a toast and it's a Tesla so. Allah. There's a lot a lot of things pushing for it I just it is for someone like GM does this say hey you know what. Women going after a hundred years as has been going great B know what screw what's making us money let's jump the ship. I think it's observed. I think it's silly I really think this a list of the subcontinent. Easter. Somewhat illegal drilled and in Michigan and was involved in this. It is just silly talk I mean there's a you know GM within course is going on on a brutal bubbles of me I believe that before oddly this. Well mine and it's chemistry is there now this is horse pokey that's what this past. Oh and a man. I'm curious to know what they're read listen things though I don't want you as a jump on FaceBook in my pillow doesn't have our place stills which the good things. All GM electric growers absolutely I mean. I I think it's absurd to think it's absurd for GM to do this I think is absurd for us to wanna go to college only they know war ledger good GM dealerships Saddam's that pin on June. I I don't I'd like to set I see the need for electric cars I see. Like we said they have a place. You know I'm all for saving the environment wanna. But I think when it comes down the light trucks anything won't work with. You know think about again make along Hawley Orson horse trailer and all lab where you get yourself legacy is that you should into the back of the draw animal exactly I mean. And that's the thing I don't think the power grid a set of he would handle this that's another big thing we're global. Love a lot. Picture years old power grid. I mean. And there's a lot of areas that can support this now it unless some of these cars in line of barely two mountain range with fewer drunken across the midwest. And lo and nothing got I don't know that way exactly. I mean you know I think a simple task of bug going up the Rocky Mountains levee correlates Topper you know halfway up what do you do. You put a new drinkers are sort of I guess speaking of casting rod consent to these next commercial breaks to their command strong all right Gaza today we'll stay tuned to hot rods and then the outrage here wanna 63 W or DR as welcome mega hot rods and happy hour's hot rod to my left mr. rob it's themselves. Let you pain in the middle picture form and pay as we do or any benefits are dependent pitcher. Robson their own spiky haired brand glacier for his usual. Chubb shirt real careful of course blue jeans. Don't Lawrence some non slick black dot Martin's four in the wind for the week and once a momentous thing and go to U awards there but were going Motorola. Iasis oral final link the here let's get to where we're going on October 15 course not right hander will be back here ruby Tuesday's for the last time for this and analysts love the last show the last cruise in the we're doing exactly is different country I think that was one less time at the ruby Tuesday's. Full list is only sellable or allowances optimal play can't. Estimated time five to 9 PM on the man there. Grooming playing all your favorite in its room having good timing you know address because this army of font consulate bellowing as only a little Hitler was good to hear some noise you know remembering. Bring. Rob Pittsburgh brokered coolest. Some of those appeared learned announced. Room affair and things happen. All right guys that's there were those will be October 21 rumor down warns that high school for the effort they caller shows. The caller in tractors shares plus for a pressure also good gracious I actually don't fall for this will their fiscally and great talent and Lawrence. A day and usually come October 28. We get corvettes acuity core Mets home late cables mental molester on Omar fiberglass fanatics you are welcome down only key week. At the lighthouse restaurant in silica going to be a great talent and I will Seneca study and sicker you drive you Corbett the senator. And hang out at 9 AM 1 PM guys care and mrs. allows them to be there pump and on all your favorite sentence. I like that Korman it's only. Boy has some massage try to ski mount Lee Vista keys as she corvettes all the far less only flow the well known for won't times and now there. So that's liggett's now I don't Corvette show. Moving right along couple days after that and hop on the big bird is October 31 through November 3 we're going to be in law. From Vegas and beautiful sand city at same itself singles and gracious guy grew at a vineyard or get a front row seat. From La Raza and every are grown be sure to stay tuned her Holler FaceBook pages and Israel and stay all intelligent in tune with everything that's going on at seem. But he'll you know for something to do while we're out of town. On November 4 via muscle dot net is actually hosting a show and how did you guys more details imposed a bar FaceBook page. For that ominous to me right here in town so while we're gone if you look at presented a check that out. On November 11 were back in town and is going to the southern super heavy shoot outs now and commerce Georgia. The Atlanta Dragway. Got it. Legacy at 34 to other little thing you've got exactly you know what I'm not a one time to time three time I'm 34 time kind of gap. But you know what I'm a 33 ways not to say so there were ago. So there's every issue that's great event in Norfolk last five years this is the fifteenth year it's been going on. Don Lambert does a excellent job of drugs only now from Michigan who system for everybody. Car show drag race run which are wrong style bracket racing everything involved for your 4000 pamphlets course. And it don't make it zone who makes them Fort Dodge Chevy. Volvo V W it don't matter Tesla bring them all whatever it is owns 4000 pounds plus with the driver. This is a great day of all some events like six courses drag race and all the good stuff than warts for everything of the T shirts and of course. Robin on myself live in the tower only action. The Mayo fun day fund it was full of full in the moving on right past November 18 they weather is here were pretty close to act here on November 18 is going to be a fifteenth annual Christmas for kids show. As whom it hinders police of the Concord, North Carolina. Mom you know death under orders for great great facility Devin mortal again the Caroline GM association they do one hell of a job putting on the show. Organizing everything. They've got some major vendors this stepped up like the choice speed. That's just one of many but it's the most recent wants us once a minimum nog and somber that a lot of people stepping up to really help out of this showed really make his big is it can be. And and the end of today all proceeds due to destroy honors hospital. On the go buy toys for the kids who are less fortunate than most. And that's what this is all well and this. This is the kind of show while like doing a great show for a great cause and you know like even if being or you know its fourth coming up here and check in now you're talking easily four to 800 hot rods there urges the nicest of nice command of this thing. Is a great time you know Rick is nice enough to open an office complex everyone. Going to the race shops check out what they're doing going to his museum. You know again wonderful gift shop there was all kinds of cool memorabilia and their local callers that period that yeah. On you'll see Doug Cole trickle caller until they denied to me you'll still doesn't thundered. All of the I nine us. I can't believe I did good you know the museum those are down the road from Charlotte motor speedway east have bring Cuba leased or stolen mementos from. Book called trickles wanna bring cold hot hot hot hot on earth kill me odds are rollers do good at. Hoteliers moos looks a bit remote maximum extent that if and then although I guess blip on a day and move. Up. I have a cut almost a daily journal Lou is NASCAR drivers wrong trickle its drone war into. But oh culture Eagles guard from days of thunder will be there. You know come on junior was another dude. Just a rally here late in both movies it was very interesting election loser there has not been. Yes man to man may seem I don't also. Lou lord know it's funny. Come. We are to a scholarship. At hawks motorsports and easily absolutely December 2 is there second annual wine and ash and all people down there. They do great job. Anomalous event is always fun lots to always accused of and this is the way to do it alone this time you resolve your issues yes yes. And there's nothing better than given back so. This good times and you know we're having to be a part of all list. But William and mom ridiculous stories today let's say you aware actually a lot of cool things going on right now the legacy of rejection due to the story talk about the day. You know puzzling about sunrise had a free call me and a heard 622 col -- Right and her father. So the caller for passed away was passed away now and or drum on the go or handle issues as to me ways of finding a political power there's been sold well. And I can be a daunting task he can be but luckily she had a vision of the week yeah we actually look coral and it was probably. Thirty minutes from world as you actually see the caller which was also a home. They got me thinking about how the memories are tout these callers asked and how they just stick with you over the years. And again everything and about several things you'd like him we told by the week immigrant vote forty shortly we solved it before. As first muscle courses 2000. Yet you know and I mean it was great seeing immunized what's a reader either just is political still like they've never done. They live all. Not like Lisa rose six and yeah I think she's maintained jar and it is absolutely no wrote there's going to be Kia but I don't. Terrible that's normal. But we're here at them as they usually think of us from the stores we've heard the past me like little puppet John commander yet dollars and cents. Eyes adjust to it is story and a shill you know apology on you know he started his pub Jones does in 1983. Is pizzeria is little tavern. In his pride and Jules was in 1971. Chevrolet Camaro. You know typical early eighty's fashion the trigger cheap for willful that what are towers that were excellent route. Golden boy will be shrugs we were there was is baby you love this caller and goes is small blocks over Cabrera. And he sold for 2800 dollars to buy his very first pizza oven that was 16100 dollars. Now he owns a company were 750. Million dollars. As a good investment up. So 26 years went by and he always warn that copper. So he put up a bounty actually hearted ex FBI agent on the score you know when you're you when your ball and on three quarter of billion dollars nothing you can do that what is is the thing now 300 exit BI they couldn't on the chrome. And use astronomy these scares are limited to race Gordon radiance and score Taurus six years anything. On to put up a 25000 dollar bounty and nobody felt nothing. He put up like 250000. Dollar bounty on the street corner mail. And he felt the guy that he sold it to originally and he Torre sold the court suit but he knew who sold it to. He gave him a 25000. Dollar finder's fee for just give him name. And any win Baltic Khmer so you're telling me that Tommy got the Korean almost 300000 dollars and believe another caller been restored but it's pretty much. But it was really most of the sun roof it goes back gold black stripes. And he was a global this caller do you know the day that caller touch base in Kentucky at their headquarters. He gave every Camaro owner free pizza that came in and cancel all Papa John's it's awesome. That's insane that's Cabrera fair and just Leno why. If I had the means of high in the funds I would do but you know that course specialty yeah I know it wasn't for that Camaro he would have what he has today. Now you have a point there and speaking of being special you know on a special and what and demoted to put Jones radio issue is very special it is special for a slow getting Brinkley report all right guys stay tuned we got a lot more tolerance and happy hour Radio One 063 W Doherty. Gaza movement Rosen is Robb Pitts and examined it ominously and out. Which total about callers like special callers you don't meet understood totally what do you long for this caller right right right here we're told the Pope Joan career. And you know because caller about a storm and all the good stuff we love this caller. But he eleven about liquidity in them that a few years and a usually show and all we took to Detroit Monroe. Huge. Huge is that will is a monster sure colas an enclosed trailer missile. Now the good thing was that they stole the truck and trailer they realized what was inside the trailer that gorillas that Papa John's Camaro was inside. And I think they saw that they actually ditch the call yet they took the truck and trailer ditch physical. Look at that you'll probably want to beat some income to give me you never want appeasement after you know you don't want beats a minute entry but the caller recovered. And you know what to this day he's at the cold never leave the headquarters of publishing house. They don't it sits inside the building on one. They think you know they just can't risk. May know what. You know tell him away it was due to refine my car if I had the means that he did and the ability doing. Does the same thing sewer for 2000 dollars I mean if you make sure that the exact hour did the same thing Obama 63. Uses the same man that would grow up to complain about about a 100000 dollar for true. Yeah you know my nature of this kind of meaningless to you this is a you know something is piece of you party life it's the way he's there you know preschoolers the mean they'll special was yours. I mean I'm not. And that's the thing he's real big east about so of course what course all the time. The number collector for laid out only hearing that we you know I mean for mean like not be like the Debbie downer news of the whole conversation vote win mean my 63 that was the last parliament and I worked Omnia. So puzzlement special there if I could ever get that car back there's no amount of money. Then I would say it's not worth. You see a little while yes I had a million dollars a month popular gladly give it to get that car back. About every six to reform. And cuts in hopes the (%expletive) know it. We are still the USJ's lipped out that million dogs there get out there. But at least it I'm saying I mean to me there there's no dollar figure you can put on the story is invaluable to me. And in this does is point just like Ricky entry within 63 quarry has reversed Corvette you know they'll say. Those are very special corporately actually sold that coral all the other columns again to buy a city Chevrolet which it was a great investment because we were political yes. A home. He actually both called back but the one big catch was the call was actually really ended after he sold it. And that's reason that he has a 63 quarterly conference table because they put a new frame underscore when they rebuilt it. And courses all pro tour will only know this stuff and this gorgeous. But its table. Is is copper so it was the actual frame for when Michael because it would never be truly sway here. You know so they restored it medical still. And that Corbett in the making for many years is you know Iowa and others over years ago when they hand the Corbett table who won a couple years old. Now heard stories about even before I came up there. And then when you and I were out there. You know touched its if he's. Yet the cover symbols there will bill will first some of that you asked about the Corvette. May says another facility there doing something with it and then when you and I went up there that actually ahead of their displayed it was a finished product and Linksys crew touring. LS power. All weblog accustomed to the wheels of that looked like the old model wheels with the signal eighteens toys are somewhat as wild. Yeah alliance. You know. And I don't blame me you know if I reached that status to where he would game. You know he had to settle a score that he evidently he'd love dearly and win and we all move recanted sykora man. And a Seles first Corbett. To chase a dream. And then that I think he's made up fourth that is when has it record imaginable bill. But I mean I see where he's coming from you know I'm saying I mean the guy always want Corbett during the have a Corvette. Finally is able little by a core base and enhance a turnaround into the most heartbreaking thing Seles Corbett to chase his dream. When you finally reach that dream that king Yuma government and I don't think there's dollar figure is almost annually of. Well I mean honestly you know all the available callers or Monday when he unveiled the score that Brad Paisley was later he. I mean you know what unveiled the boot thing. Hank you I didn't I didn't have Brad Paisley than you were there repeated heated pick a song for me at that but I mean I mean that's insane yet. And they did it Bowling Green at the similar plan which is really it's the debuted his success through it. But I mean and money buys you a lot of cool things like that. But I mean I think a lot of people filled same way I mean you have a story with a Korean history with a caller. Any never Sunday religious look as -- medal again may to be it's a lot more than that and it really is is is a piece of roses is like a family that if you will. There's a lot of people who you know bonded with their dad around the core you know bonded with a grandparents around core we'll slug Margaret Voller. Had a fit six Chevrolet tracker roses for her first Rezko was a 56 surely you were voters. And then you know there's big old story in just that the short of that mole collection vocal brainy crime. Anyway Germany's in the military or whatnot. And I think it was crazy about it well as he was in the money and he sold Margaret opposes caller and they cut them at risk or and my animated drag Cora. And you know and it had to do was bright yellow destroy an axle Hollywood bags on him. It was called the Dixie twister and and and a double something that was really cool we you know in a river here all these stores there's one picture of this called I've ever seen this is like. One of them all faded looking comical pictures as horrible as the only picture of ever seen before but I always look to fix it surely the calls that. And you know I'm the afternoon of orchards that surely they'll weaken a lot I mean there and it's. I mean it's not nothing like it is not that caller obviously but. You know what I mean is it's got a remnants it is it's a big 62 imposed just like it was. And it was chemical goes Omon military and it was ball it was a California or. Hale's small item military analyst Daniel brought back into the sub country. Rea and theirs out bought several vehicles because of past memoranda 77. K five blazer one point and that's because when now through young growing up to Michigan. My dad actually on the 76 K five blazer. In I have you know fun materially in Michigan that was just as Florida and Brian well yeah if you look at this unit is you're capable it's important. Complete with the rest and everything a snowplow. The AM on board has a funny part bump. No I remembered how dead isn't crazy. Illegal things in this thing I remember going to what's called kennel or report their incomes in Michigan. And damages driving up the stairs of the park I mean just do and I remember that from little kid. Others you know placing it to a top three lakes and literally is three lakes the boat together vote. That's where bio against women around the edges skis and things like that. And I remember one timers like a beach area and edges drove the boys are often and it. You know us in the car free canal Ito model two year old at that point. And just you know there's memories like that tied to that thing. That was the first time ever got to hold the steering wheel drive them Peru would Betty you know monitor and everything. I remember things Stokley and and led me to buy a blazer for myself. Just goes of those memories. Gloria Gloria that's the thing about callers having. You know everybody's got a niche called that they like but there's also that call that a family member Paterson might be influenced him into the Holley did that that the hundred naturally drawn to it. Yeah and you see a lot like non. Buses loosely non core guys is they always have the memory of what grandpa had this. You know me or dad had this back in the day in a semi down the street a neighbor or whatever he had a neighbor from from where my grandmother lived in Michigan down the road ahead if you know traditional playing 32 Ford. Been through a reason model always discount alike you know not for gavel always is can 132 forwards to me Osaka and possess the first hot rod I remember ever seeing. Traditional fly out of my offenders and everything traditional point 32 fort fraud and Oca ventures Steele called. But it that is the first time around I can remember seeing in my life. Game and that's stuff sticks with the police. In I'm always had a thing for man's most is Graham boy had old van when we lived in Michigan that he kicked around the yard and. Did you eating eating at Indian those millions of playgrounds are going to do well once twice in Africa and then yeah that's good candy man drove it Cammie. Remember much past that you know. To do that I don't as it was India it has student can count my. But not. You know the memories like that stick to leave there will stick with the Emmys Lionel immigrant voters favor car. He he really look for a surely troops in the end we have several med between me a Monday that it four fumble but it intimacy of forty Sheryl I think Obama grandfather. And I mean issue a stay. It's one of those things and there is look at 56 they want us an opportunity this fits into the culture because it was a whole lot of four. People doesn't Gaza drizzle we'll still be sure share your course stores with a Salma models never are FaceBook page. Get Javon until spoke hours your fastened memories you have them and who knows who my share re here but until next week. This Marat a happy hour 01063. W authorities.