Hot Rods and Happy Hour
Sunday, November 5th

Odd-Rod is joined by special guest host Barett Langford and they talk about the Graphics business and are joined by Rob Pits, live from SEMA in Las Vegas.


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Our guest welcome back to hire us an idea of you haven't been listening and we just now tuning in and those top of the hour. We get rough this of them because he's not Willis here in the studio is at Las Vegas and Seaman ship. Mayor Langford from the people who designs also join us in the studio today so I have someone talk to rob this Harry do what you do and it's been a minute. We know with that news break in on where you're doing now. Not do other walked the dog group of ordered a bit of good Barack. You were talking about guest book called me up at Lester allowed to stay true that so that brought. Exactly garlic she Ortiz beat bill go there and I'm looking at all right now. All right you're watching you're looking ahead of Garcia. And I'm looking edit electric bill Billiton to an episode forty these things absolute fortune built the whole the whole Tudor period at the bigger players all that. Older style works as a group will sort that. But the sixteen by eight so only him but the Hulu or did do well this. Oh Gore's call or at the courses are called on great merger though Serpico or Greg there though that's what they saw their their peace. No I went. Well now well let's talk arsenal yet shoot 69 and there. Oracle reported lower yeah him what you didn't report or. Here. And you certainly wouldn't okay yeah look I'm not I'm not a very a lot of Britney. The senate rules or Saturday 62 million they need to tune in Zia Easter. And the Sunnis came on the six alone. You have opened the report or look set to order exit Cabrera who. Declare that still can go on these buses open helped cool the luck tomorrow or is still above one vote. There's actually seep prequel bit about the other about Serbian war sit too well. We're a little well. Certainly the most good at eight U 81. Or their dog or who works. Now what researchers saw that big meet Colbert Bob wood brothers' a little bit about what they're pouring it out to do with all ya a look at. Is not just the 69 Maryland anymore it's something I don't know. I love all the all the corporate which are too yeah. Very little accidents caused really. Cool community it's it's not really an aero but those cars are so nostalgic and it always stand out no matter one minute we're modern styling really brings his lines out. You if you explore those. We'll bring you epic about two almost two episodes ordered all. I mean there was what was all that also ballclub but they sold all these coaches don't like the look I'm glad that people like that person go that don't expect. Oh yeah. We used it impressively noses and still bumper cars going up and up through the roof. Well this is by the bleachers as it is true it is extremely obtainable site in the vocal of course don't let that secret suppose there's. Yet well isn't Sosa a little bit about the owner you know you mentioned seek to there so slow though by the sea to bill over the Griffin Booth. All manner of saying absolutely also will the hole and look. Ol' you know LS reset up there and you'll do apps court just the created a cult cult supersonic. Balloons. Custom code premier. Hold the course corset 63. You know orca could order and that they look really cool about it old older oldest or edit the restore the rich. And it actually role will soon is Gracia intro is wrong. And they Mercury just civil air the corporate. Call restored really will go to start we'll all build on this course Lakota eight. Pretty nicely to recruit there. And they clinical this got it will split or to go to those who get back to the cut won't port. Because 63 regular traditional bed cut the dead at the local shall reciprocal. All the parish there if you build tradition little model with all Jewish to get all that bad you. You know dropped right under. The cold it was Gordon just didn't want it will only rail. As well ordered out your bleaker leaderboard that's very Trace and there are big built they built the we'll get called up or too little. Well I don't like it was cool where where are actually watching the unveiling of that caller that you were going line of and we want ideas and that's next on your FaceBook page and by Gil wants that. But we're watching that I recruit Greg got years of her image bomb. We watch. A if you listen to get out of the building the core it was cool how they section the rear end now in line the caller actually buying into the courtroom the reader in range of front. To give the meaner aggressive stance in the wider body will. I Don Carlo or look at us and they're stretched boutique or they actually built to rear seat that belt though the treatment. The government is the story without you that is little bit but the 63 is absolutely quotes them as well as course. I'm really they should be best with the ballot they're all about quote repeatedly. Yeah it was funny herself around jokes about those like cool you totally you know a very valuable for to make ready America we're. No barriers are over maker earlier ordered Hillary just what you know Bruno yeah. No overt appeal recourse you do you regret about yeah. If he's gonna need to confront did he go to our home it would like Joker sort of what is. Really integrated. Utilities that the region where reaper wherever they call it angry about a car embargo yeah you a lot of the rhetoric he got confused did you tell you go until a replacement there. Did he needs the recognize when you step book. Give her New Orleans and. If they've bought the bike you view the two fingers at the bar. A letter to triggered at the dog back. Yeah I mean he's good to mr. speeds himself. There. There is there an Obama bus other I don't know that. Good you're you're too cool and did he and beating him using Travis and bustle enablement tomorrow. Mr. but let's just sit the oldest absolute worst luck goes it then they have the Sydney to build. That they have built a coach's legacy it would let those out there were so. But the really special called those special blue suit which. To burn outlook on the course absolute gorgeous books. But it. Anything could trick here. If they had a snapple group that there is absolutely. The older who who's going to come about where it. I mean you know of course I got by now the battery out so here but they've got street were ordered brokers or call. Nice here. They're coming back all the new tool boxes at all to bring to B and or your first child to give Bob bought and. I mean you know it's funny we talk closing them before several times on the show. And what people don't realize you know who'll love you don't realize it is Trace amount portion absolutely at record the record straight. And well in Iowa people also realize. Is the APEC issues going on just makes the war. And restrict the industry and that bleeds over into some accuse you see a lot of tools they're too. The addiction is a tool show is for all the new tools coming up in the industry. And you know they cannot believe that you were there are some cars over the Avic show. And there are some tools there's same us there's more than some tools seem the other ones of tools to save others like order. The leader to lose your grades will be yielding but they'll also get a chill also. Oh yeah. So I won't give in to the race slow on reform will boot. Say what they are not like you are sort operate without secure let me quote uttered streak. Yeah yeah and this is a sponsor and other illnesses and authors moves to get the sell you that Iran has a very clear is that how. Yeah I'll be here to receive them. You know I don't agree that audio you know nobody and I will go and Tim Tebow was in his Silverado. It's getting reconstructed by the way. Needs some on new wheels lamented. The reverse. Some regular season so Roland dogs and. Than what wall unit right slump or prepare so that his brother. Local station wagon but running out of district for Chevrolet Impala that is actually my nose and gorgeous. You will call people or so much fun they had Ellis out of or blood red weather guts he would seek civil. Yes we will actually uses CP at least your little that there are those who ought really short a drug that we will. Ruder showed little. Is it also ordered the garage built a lot of good ol' elf or bury their Dugard regularly go to your leadership at all. Yeah already grudge or so blustery. And cool guy we exit Balkan route early thirties is you'll recall and yes so let me show also. It was cool. You know often don't know my first car was actually 63 ship me. Although they are not enough there will singer because they're sure. We there's a special place a muscle for those scores I think they're. Via aero X 64 runs and a 63 just this will be a better. Well would herald the exit was a lot of young winner ever wondered. You will tell you probably can't deal. But also the little brother is clearly being don't hang on hang on hold that thought is we get that marsh where human those bills. Even or you will you do battle all the talk in general. Yeah it even without you we still got based mills around here but I guess that he used in the hot rods in that area here 1063 W award being our guest welcome back to hot rods that they are grandma brought to my left is very Langford admittedly designs. And on the phone is a very special once a lifetime calling his mr. rob this rob are you doing. Abu Ghraib and water onto Europe electorate. A walk would get rejected Jeep and they will say mom all wrote it how Long Will. A little and I am a great. I. Hey these outlays have to block them and nothing so I don't. Gotta keep moving drugs and tell. Our great secrecy argenbright. Go to the dual. This is Jana hand in hand man a letter. On YouTube but TrueCrypt you don't. So now what million and other we will listen for a all right this second election though we want. It. All of the different whereas Al will. That wall adjacent rooms one. No real war we want to do you know. Want to come I think and I would agree whether actually got a couple brings so blows it is built there. But the current eat up it's usually double bottom. As for the rest of the world gone fairly Q are there there's so little flexibility to battle or a couple of Rory is. Lie. They have these truck. All market on his own course to everybody who clearly you know what they're repealed a senior with a little certainly it's. All of the probably just like they're all goalie. Two elite beat us the way the world is so great go out and how you look of it looked real. Now we're in Tokyo Toronto the record those crazy life. Everybody's got him it was Obama missing you know it felt like he did the moment 56. I don't bullet entered my. Combing. Although fingered through you have oil and that that kind of up like that a bit. You know this is little rock and house in sixty years. I is so I guess shift gears a little bit and talk about them than a singer puts a pitcher and I think you ran into yesterday. But you've seen in get major take in and woods who's smiling innocent man on this planet and I'm gonna. Award goes above that so many cool reporters today but they're McGwire. Is yet he is married at all. It's. Our diocese. Al very acquire but truly like Oregon. There's the most so that god whoever did your. I just a straight up guy like this a good people you know me you know what the legs are good. Earlier it was humid. Yeah this. Yeah that's what I would lower the bit about this is your wore black kids these what warlord but we're all real bitter. These agony pitcher on the ground Sunday when are it's whether you continued mr. Rogers Kosher what yes. Indignantly. Well Israelis had the UK rate gap. It's got good people will put restore order that we are the door to stall it or just. I'll just chip it in order that's been it was. And though a cow or come up more circuit graduate who is really where they can still go to Billy Idol over the everything older trouble. Did you mean it always got a picture or we're not quick accurate picture. Or they're the block. Let's also note. That his tone until meals in the bill in the mail. Sir what NASCAR career you my photography skills so I know you ran into our good friend Sam Hart he's been on the ship before. Yes yes we actually written several old but they also have data sitting there but the big feature that ultimately W a little bit. It them mini truck and called binary files that actually put that oh. But a lot of books at during the about a lawyer you know the saying great always. It is and everything they have is regular tour became to be you or vote until he loved it. That's awesome that is greater your creature are critical of the results yes and straight guys. We have telephone with Sam last year I hung out within on. You know Halloween down there Fremont street and you know me and guess mark on the and so and we all win now. Sam is a unique guy and he is a very talented. Send them very cowardly guy he has a great. If group spiritual blatantly turn out pretty good that you carried your view. Oh yeah well last year I mean he he do the very infamous probably one of the most talked about cars out there which was the right or wrong droids. I mean that thing has been published the everywhere polished aluminum crow via is absolutely amazing the so you're. A coalition grip every barrel in Libya to Syria. It is irrelevant. You know it always they'd have to 300000 dollar car accident coming into the third and of those voters are firmer. You know what occurred a lot of weird who recruited heated political and it is this'll this'll out in the and he. You think about our blog. Are sitting here three. Of course amid their billion. Oh dollar automobiles worth billions of dollars a lot of luck you can make what bill kick people while other you don't. Oh absolutely. Absolutely no more than some win every media I'll live out there has covered your build. Zuma TV camera. Several over the score. You have absolutely turn some heads and you know last year you name when you wrap around build up actually added passed away. The he still. He was up there he did he did win but I think his caller in the long runs or more is in the winning Gordon. Well and you know gossiping it differently you know. Local doctor looked a little while Paul to IndyCar looked into. Sure what. And a lot of popularity carpet on those of us the most gold will help. I agree I agree this statement. It was second and on and there was nothing else even remotely close to being like another. So I know of here not total early in the show on raps I know I'm sure like last year half of the cores there have been wrapped in recent school wants. Who ought to root cool outside. Riverside. There are laws or the victory now what your 40. Yeah everything got that chrome color based. On. Big big thing and actually. Or as an inaugural produce comes she's little clipper they let them. Yeah no I don't think that's a a very accurate description of what I've seen it. I can do that women have waved to crush him like 00. Release. It when you're that I've got to put an older story. She got elected so Rick in literature Guerrero you know other great. The cal go. Do you pick out a coat in here they were really good because all. That. Software so they're war. Their rule that rebook reroute users they look at what went out. He looks like which you know the movement you look at all settled your present us Wheeler. What you got let go go go push up bra. Yeah likes horrible. History in regard to these series of yeah well yeah harassing him for a dear dear to the outlook over the break out of there with a round like that. Atkinson. Who. I. Pretty well understood but there's so much courted arrest here love of latched all the old look a little Ole. Everywhere matter that were certain where. You're sitting there outlook is Nicole ran liberty. Nice question there of course is nice. I'm glad I didn't drop Mueller earlier yeah yeah homeowners that ship all of but miles and yet just plain Johnson on communication and yeah I mean you know we're gonna keep a low profile she honored the American not nearly Kabul mortgage mess and they are laid down a little. Also liked that article like that that you do or whether straight. I think you're going one way we're gonna do one with of these commercial breaks record to state it was us and will be Bagram hot rods snapping down 1063 W Doherty. I guess welcome back to hop crowds have errors is not right to my left against mayor Langford and government blues. And on the phone is the one the only the blue haired blue eyed blond haired spiky haired like the blue there. It was a terrible there. But mr. Robb Pitts themselves rob Howard you do and telling us where does. You read you know motor running out there. Effort grub you know he's got you know luckily it will seek. That's a that's going to come to see you income seasons the Estonian and a serve better go regular customer here and it's pretty good Medina. Dole's goal here lingo that's already been done not that. So I was tired of people dividend hang in all. Are doing great legacy of Harvard baby here I think everybody everything your global. Or is there thirtieth or or innate sense. Of all of this annually at their retirement. Sit up. The coast is actually. A river is what's ball all over are the boss who received. Sweet new. Aysu but whoever it wears on a mother of many Jergen hall of things I was that. Very very unique. A lot of people could in the truck or shot. Twice your books well. The first crash. So super cooled down of obsolete with the truck. Oh Peter bill you're real who create these back there. A change completely. A lot lately it short chain so. It general. Injuries in the direction to actually go that would. Let age. John maybe you will is what a big but he was there will. And sure they actually ship you used the wheelchair shall. Customers will. Children's dental the the important actually the first court records show he political. Oh this goes but they you shall make you are cheap little. That would moody and Iowa they'll. All of me probably mostly. Yet or your chair that Google they'll ask will what is it double nature of everybody got it at that picture current spot art. Let us say you know it would really be dominate up and up until the close oh sure I'm quotient in your head. You're bigger campers. Black there was layered. You know. All you're basically street there who it is called we would ever receive live back to back in early and he. Yeah they were rarely does steals six live troll. You know silver. You you know go back you're talking about Sean people don't understand what pioneers to the industry he was. And how many things he done that he was the first to do. You know people realizes that's the guy that Canada soda to cast a rising world many churkin. How many were about the drug rare but I think it was his ideas and turn it is also on. How many people don't realize the big gift he actually brought to the industry and in woods you know it sucks Atlantis. We thought well all the people we interview morning interview and he was Wanda and actually be on the show coming up pretty soon and in the past way of course. Tom Meehan. Good how much also acknowledged that he take with him. And even better than ideas to come does he take was into the grave that when no longer have here in the automotive community anymore. Exactly. Exactly who they're a multitude you go and don't let the other two but it. Is bigger everywhere. The talk about it may cut the hell you get things accomplished all of here the public was dying in the eighty you're delusional or parallel. Is Kirkland lake volatile league but. They go particularly well. And blah blah and thicker they're building more technical vehicle hold it. For these guys. It is still running strong today narrowed. I'm you need it and everybody that old they're both the customer what war is route to root now greater than or slowly or there you go check let's. But the truck market is 60% of the. Somalia but is it is so I look is like our good friend Nathan Joker who's you know ray ray from here around our area. You know we've seen is the square body ranger a million times and I'm sure he was at the show last night. But he brought out in a mini truck this year which was well not really many but. Kate in our case blazer that he built. You know these guys are coming down forces uniting we talk about the blazer last night on the phone he's saying is absolutely beautiful. Well over there so many. There are buried there. Is also build them the resources that are lit beer or sit still believes war. Nor Gaza goodwill letters yes you. On the calendar. Day banks that operate street here. Kosher what they go. They should be told what appeals to blue wallet. And it could be old school cruel they would agree there's only one I ever think they'll look at. That's awesome on it and it's cool people or bring in magna old school Stalin. So. Out of all the cars they're using some four and I know from experience. You have seen how the show via the what are what's been your favorite car you've seen thus far. The explorer do a good 96. Comparable. Six. Cooled off or lack. Why let riddler that you're black or call straight out up. Absolutely gore actually got to coach them up real loose wheels but the image to the shelves. Absolutely. Gorgeous. We just particularly people. His only real big body Cadillac and now. There's a sixty yeah yeah yeah yeah they're they're like this threatens tool or if you look look at Berlin where you re driving their. And that's what we're after. So you know I know I know we'll have a higher nights going and and it has we've done this last years of the union radiance of the wrap party. Yeah we're going rebel X of the doubleheader tonight for a little blue rail authority and there will be no absolute utter. On slick roads and water or really ill and worried enough we're actually going to. Dealt customs senator McCain's chances tonight as well yeah the beard and I don't need here the blow to orders and order are about to board. Nice nice. Sunday is a busy next industry as. CN emerge as you can wrap party is cool because we're told him all of about vinyl earlier so to bring this into perspective what this is now this is where the industry let the leaders get together. And they show off the new colors too as they for a callers and then I was talking to crucible earlier today or anybody. On down Columbia, South Carolina is actually them shoot four. And yesterday alone they wrapping chorus yet ready for the cement the night. And I believe that I mean ya think by the threat and that is that a little while so is utility. We did everything. I mean and assuredly a truly public order pursue the course of the year all wet. No yeah no doubt I went through last year and I just saw it. You polemic filling almost every other car there was. Well it is such an awesome way to bring customizing to the callers now. Because you can do so much easier and get way more creative. Than you can with pain. And I it's you know it. Notes you know and in the and I thought come into the air. You AD I eat out because some prayers and all the outcome occurred years older he's open. I do not suitable for the by the bottled water guilt till the time later. The rat. Is the record that you customary. And is there really is and I mentioned earlier in the show before we get you on the air. On Dawson remain the other day that he sees a future. Where. You're not necessarily don't give paint job from the factor anymore don't choose you pillar in the rapid. Any other country that Israel be an option I don't know a lot of yeah Agassi in an option. I forget who called who moved I don't know what order repellent Olmert horrible well. Yeah after their Mexico and yeah in an article Debbie you know a few more do typical court order your credit. Yeah Orlando or you already have a rapidly in Italy into this oil. Slowing you dale. Yeah me or you can get you know they can get where there template thing new callers right off the factory floor and you can order your kids to wrap yourself. Comment I really see a future leading to that because of Powell you know masses market has become. Oh yeah it could grow and every day a lot of young Korean they've got all the liquid out there that are just big as the big going to jail. They're good they are the big regret oral deal. 800 and over don't throw regularly ripped it twice there wrapping it twice a day every day it seems yet. You know a miracle her I was tired of I thought Chris bull earlier arm I can't remember what Bluetooth he was actually end. But they rent the seats and and visit and apologize Gaza's over and Avery was like eight to ten guys yeah they are ten guys on and they wrapped the truck in forty minutes. You know and they're hurting other two times every day yeah just wrapped in forty minutes. You know there's him there's people takes 34 days around the truck the knockdown countrymen he's humility on the. Hillary Clinton saying I got out there who look at who just walked up and there you go oh yeah what you can bury that he's. Medium breezy. Both Ellen I think as we get it quick commercial break and then now was a native and Brooklyn. Journal reporter all right guys you listen horizon air right here on 163 W awarding. Welcomed hot routes at the time. Oh got under hotline one. And it sure the show at least would come home and let everything you've got into election that returned home that. Like and and out of over your Hillary will live rural walker are great. Very good looking live there earlier. Aired by grow alongside the results are. Insists that for you are Obama go to the walk over we run the gauntlet all right mr. McKee tough to get away. Got a little hot rod that goes broke. I'll listen and do a goal and no play and you left the underground Molly. Did it look tour lefty forgot about their life for our special in studio guests. We and we do that we have there. He has the sticker later. Oh yeah senate and that is that the sticker read that you're pregnant and has less. Stricker record this can you answer it any new ideas and sticker is what we do. Actually actually there is quarter with double regret we have three exactly and only one panelist to make it tonight. This error poor Blakey their music so so like electrical short culprits boy you are older I'll. Cattle and we haven't really test of this data always we know really tested its world around them we're very we're we're truck driver and unplug your column in the face and his illness you know like you please join me. Or are very little burst or were medical actually. Yeah that's literally standing out on your feet away and you just blank in the face in assuming that could conclude that. Yeah. It but in order to open because what are Serbs do lecturer at replica of the goodie we thought all year. Oakland Los Vegas aren't so war or war or just a little less and as you know its gains that you. Worried about Saddam you're gonna wrap parties hanging whom young players. Yes get busy now the now because throughout carrier regular trade close this series glee that. Global warring they're both current. And that the virulent among though later gators. I'm known litigators cement your gorgeous regulatory night and then another wow day in Vegas is going to count customs which we get together last year I was also there. They're sold a lot of until what period of all the groups are. One last year to have that gold Cadillac out there than they do this stuff. And then later was on the TV's oh school and it. That is luck on the Internet through during the night. I. And you God's sake just some breezy I'm sorry medium breezy. Over by our guards are good boy Vegas right routes. Yes yes we'll have lectured a literal while we're there. Yeah it is that places is sickle mother doing and then nonstick you're in the door. Unions to give them their. Who's the okay. Very so is it still is still trump tower the most visible thing in Las Vegas. Pretty much in the mail bills later our president. You know he's got a bigger the luckiest it'll also Vegas or actually that is why the political your. Adult that they could could create barriers so artillery they were all cryptic words placed. No matter we're stating that it actually. His manager. As furniture product placement and you think about it at great picture of the Vegas sun without his. Until your backroom where where you go through this it's not you're saying you're gonna have a picture of that trial. President thanks Marcus and his marketing adams' and Roger is the business of the other desperate cougar for commander you can. Is that. So you you are gambling away any hot rods that irresponsibly though there are real well but we got a close together. It's. The Obama got paid me well trio. They do if you go to the right casino EA says he. You don't ever national and his vacation yeah we are zionists. Period but could report a problem. Now parents money animation during. Where there's so kidney or term. Operating very. Wealthy guys give Brigham and genius in the damn. We could go there but you are pilgrim yeah great damage or their you know earlier. That it isn't you know actually. You're damn good time when taken them tour. Well our mayor Booker you're they would do that there are no you can't do any day of fishing is also blamed him day. Yeah you take them to or you take your damp manager. And you go to the very good job together though are here again today and gives out you know if you let me let them shot glass. And yeah callebs. Is this times blitzes and get to mentor. As it grows it's worth every damn dollar. Every. Children. OK so that an angry about the direction so it sort of also overdue. Bill. Grin as you may prevent them want to come here. You're remaining radio and got. Older and so and a further salute. Obviously see him as a great time you I mean you're seeing a lot of things and yet what two more days left of just seeing. You know all the new stuff out there and still want to see at all. Though the river and Steve and and it's impossible you know oh by the way did you us in ghastly choice Beazer horrors that Prada. Yes three yeah. I actually don't you know it was the only. You know lose this and 0672 or 67 Jimmie do. That thing is nasty. Yes don't with a boyish good looks fully you know a plate tracks here. Did you see either probably the coolest. In three Camaro. The little bit. We lectured that I have got to look but the coaches Cabrera. Coming up actually looks saw they will has built war over regard all competent and they took they took the biggest bullet cruiser in the world. And they've created on that absolutely courts so that you'll earlier except oh late third Italy Egypt where. Nicely in humans is that about yeah commit Kirkuk with a well. A robot like smoking in the beta now Camaro but look where. Yeah it on the court but that's craziness a bulldozer does that it Cabrera has been your thing it's absolute dork like. Yeah that's that's crazy solely. So I mean you're you're sand bank announced there's got to be some cool stuff smolder all her to cool start but a walker or some other right here earlier premiere in some moderates them my ring. All of the law and dog during the year law throughout the election is all about what they want about the Khmer as the electronic. You do that Astro result period. I. That's just collectors like and the like is that there's Lanka cricket and a lot of us. Hit draw pictures here which give a little sticker don't wrote the that they are we go a lot of the street also got a little log. Products and also with the people shook his sported. Lot of cool Ukraine Putin or ability to out of sync yet. About it. Well years and one quarter in other. Carter earlier picky about where it will. Over the years Bill Walker coming in front of him and give clothing you know on the media is really limited how drug ring in your hand on the media's so tedious. It's he so that solves our schools got his green Ellis and just get on the Reston. The Portland leader every guy here. That Cuba when you look at this stuff is that there's so personal call. People you'll you'll agree that you boxing you know hopeful. Does that revolutionary. Saw a big cities like. Trump the new argued we all saw the light that you know only by the cool stuff. But I mean he'll of those lovely little a lot of these there's a lot. They think that come out with. So let me start till sort of a lot of Soviet people's vehicles were camping ticket or a pretty good yeah. Much to look at that you are now. The thing you can live with that person looked out back of blood on the life of its local directors that lies to lease the equipment. All it is surely don't call it sit back and certainly that is certainly true. Among the big plush. It is nicer than horizontally you know the public that's what they exactly I mean all those little boy does their stated. That what in your friend note that mask good. But we will also assured that the real victory you know I think what they do have a it was good until it is very true yeah really doesn't really give it to the directors in order to strip the Cuban truly. Absolutely. All right guys llamas and everybody's listening institution. On a mission and that is assume rob you have been exposed for the responses were recorded. In yours won't want I want there but it hop on our FaceBook page ruling militia. And mentioned some of same as they've seen they wanna hear about an upcoming shows. Or you know maybe industry leaders that you looked up at the top two and they want to hear from. And that's the mayor challenge for New Year's were actually kind of on a one year anniversary of newness. And have an early and and at oracle here at the high is amazing that might have the leadership of the lists of VoIP but no. I don't know how well I want to be able to you know give us a mission going forward I wanna hear about. Don't like to play a couple of him and I couldn't solve all of that we need to wrap this vote doesn't look at that Victoria particular bought. I'm voting. I we have a great time you'll enjoy your stay and come back safe to us. Wilderness or will they got there by have a good trip. Think you can let me be over there ought to go. Yes sir our guys. That's been off this week re here on our roads and had a 1063 WORG.