Hot Rods and Happy Hour 4 29 18 Hour 1

Hot Rods and Happy Hour
Monday, April 30th

Rob and Odd-Rod talk about driving cars that sit too much, dream cars to take on a power tour, the craigslist challenge, and sensible cars for the power tour.


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It goes over the hot rods and happier this row pits and what's happening dude man out there you'll hang on here in the studio we also go Richard Hoskins how rods and had PL wrist and financial analysts slash numbers guru. What's announced it. Refuse to cool for school like you need to be on a college radio station like chastened chicks and a place on their own I think he does bladder. Oregonians from Dylan and they love this course douse on all round real slow groove back. The goal you have to put him and his Silverado or unreal silver's bottomless powder gun salute a muscle group. Age we lose until any mammal so we'll you and tackle listening to every tricky guts senator Bennett. No equipment and then and then there is some things we don't high schools in the I have to hole in the roof of a 96 and all the before those briefing until news speaking of antibodies you know you've got you got the wagon up and run and. I did I did the wagons and how long hiatus for Lyle I'm. Actually a monologue she steered me back in November when up or to. On how generated drug and I think scares a lot of people think he is. Just the look of the skill to be neighbors. And a neighbors police officers shall children and animals. All kinds of people people mechanics captain Chris and how. I. That are that are it's gonna that are yeah. Take me long down muscle and that's the time to do it I mean I'm just Philadelphia's. But no it's hearing back in November. Start to make you all know he's in. And or did not just touched count what is it for a minute but. But it ill valve cover and have found that one of the rocker arms is just kind of worked itself loose among new motor there. As that creates noise. In the bomb about to receive the rocker arms have been beaten and all the deaths. A solid back tightened up all the valves and you know greeted all of and all that together tortured them properly. You know those are things in a little color blues. I think he was overlooked during the you know build process just bail on us nothing going to get a real lieutenant you know no big deal with fixed it. Bomb gallium started back in San negated man as though as those. Is it sending it is. So what's for a list into an area that you and I am actually I'm Mueller's plan based on sound and I'll Guzman is at an analyst center announced the extra mile and you sell that got us a mama's girl for a real upgrade it you can do you get that Paul's. Go thinking about it otherwise again as a way better anchor a lottery. But that's neither of them gold and you know come who. You know and it happens a how would you compare your love life to a station wagon. They should all of say as a wagon. Vibrates mail over bettering goes a little faster that's all I'm saying it. Lowered his. Let that's all that's all thing. Any now so what's the first thing you do dual core that you haven't drove in six months that that's that awesome. People that Felicia bill wicket fit for the burnout and and in the first yeah that's probably will the first thing I would I don't curfew thing nation well I'll OJ Obama years. Career I never do that tension with the Euro and I did that and did do so I guess like I get to play the third thing it is better. I did a couple safety precautions first placebo alone no number nominal. Robert. I don't either Nottingham. The thing again safe to say about seatbelts. I spent 25 dollars ala cart and its journalists lawyers do you do of those they and that's why gravel or you don't do it. Failure to you at all. Oh. Shoot me kill me there's so much wrong in this already into the and blue anyway so Toma Purdue whether you're. Now now regard you can election now that Richard drugs. Richard is likely classic. This guy is classy but Richard actually looks this week. You have people picking on you or double AT is catalyst. Yeah. You go you go to a banker real moral switching gears Leonhard. Bill whole sleeve he needs it. Until I could you be a fun race man Richard give the other is that Cadillac is not a slouch by no means. I think god if you go out why can't such laws I think you'd be interesting race ticket on the ended up on yeah out as what's happening adjust for full line. I think you'd be good race as a war bill silence to summarize got a column I want more and it's dollars you. At some point somebody somebody's got to go to drug. It's not quite thirty Richard. It's breaking experience points warning. Seven. She's she's. Don't and it was that good and is there and it's they usually. Wrong. And they a lot of room for the rumba that in the Lutheran. I'm down. Costs. A room you know we've talked about that or is that happening and challenger and others but six goals and also close. It is expected that this is the service funny though it's funny how disappointing it's it's so funny how low shall be evil is only 300 horsepower was put three or horsepower not explode in three or horsepower in 2018 totally different if you have around you and I both know that there's not just an unfortunate personal development of vs yeah I'm in mind you know this with the Balco that sticker lies like ours that viewpoint so Charles can mean technically true. To say and mine mine mine says you know five point. I. Lou it was a thing as through through. There would be. Sells the rules are often 170 horsepower. She's a big east 160 fives are. Far once and today that we could. But there won't keep it interesting. Will we can do is as we can only that you Richard do metrics. Willow do is how will see it to caller links but I'm Richard because some blogger Curtis McCoy could. What I wanted to do how has humbled today I don't wanna be leaning against the blues thing with the keys. In the truck. I want to walk to the back of the caller I'll spread not relent. The world group in the truck with my spare set of keys I'll we'll get my keys felt a little thought the Booth include career three times and I'll get drunk. That Obama. I'm just say that happened. I'll still get the garlic. CC is CEO what you understand and you've been around him longer and I am Richard. He can talk. I don't think he can back this enough that. I didn't either I think sometimes Ralph's mouth out runs everything counts and nowadays a charisma on this critically at how you do that. It's got it's got me a lot of success Scott Miller but they still a class a will say this when it comes to the blue thing. The local little girl's got nailed now I don't how will say I will say in this is an interesting topic to talk about two. Old colors her colors in general there just shockingly quick. Aaliyah will surprise goers. More problem all. I think all three of us have won in vis a jogger runs one minute fourteen. Yet. All this great match now that it. Washington can. And that was this was not a cook but always having that. Against Hamilton Iraq's minister of melons and only three or we're certainly say that it is a three wheel and started that way but in Ellis had smog over the years and will. But I'll really be curious in the hours doing something no no no you'll never know still not Inez is not a race car that's what it's a street car. It's like it's over a number did you detract lie as the race car it's a street call. And this as a thing it tickles me about these kids are ruined a good career every Thursday night so they're minors how slowed caller really. And whose biggest posted on YouTube and FaceBook luck this though. What our role in my car and advertise it or I can talk it up and neither is the fastest car down outrun every easy not. Solar Robert every car that you know Gabriela you know don't say yeah that's the name of the game that's how you keep bit prominent. You know 61 charger new era in nine days and it's critical years ago and automatic admirable thought mustang is a little bit you know because that's what they are picked up from old may and he told me that back in high school Lisa you car never had such high temperature extra help what he's do you really want her -- slow obviously it was a levels but well Israel five liter mustang and you know I mean this is the truth yeah absolutely out they would else's truth this is commercial breaks and keep up and get this every time we got to pay some bills got a state to get a lot more hot rods and happy already are 1063 WORD. I gotta look at hot routes and appearance of Robb Pitts. What's happened and he Richard. Was out and say a village is immediately and they feel badly here. Avenue and feels like you're yelling at him and I didn't. Richard Quick tour net dollar AirTran. Price. Stop it we took. He's like I'm over here trying to answer some laundry. This is so this allows that can feel a lot of runs global power to Rory he's taking the delta 88 degrees cooler. Which. Is a feat in itself but believe that lol for one year old those move we'll go on cross country yes it is a feat in of itself in 1977. It was a 3-D T. This is what we call miracle like oh yeah. Ell yes and I'll. And that this thing is powered by the trustee of the trust me much Tripoli as well played so so it is double the power tour went to buffalo because he's gonna think of what you got to live with everything on the power to just not just here you're Donald hot -- -- 5000. Call hours ago people taking those bills out there and arming Kabul discourage current world would limit. Until the man accused the laundry detergent people dramas boom Howland. What's the world coming to really make those doors and aren't here for a reason and room you generated on the thing yeah. Legacy fire. Know who I take it day it is headed. For an answer what is your CD look for lights Kissinger 170 sentinel across the country let me explain them to you Richard. I have in my glove box. In 1977. Brochure from whose mobile thing that map so every radio station in this country I'm golden. Again I don't think you can ill will go you gotta keep good month from 1977. A which were literally is still there it doesn't do it but I can't say that is an island. It does have a station has been around the upstate for very very very very long time. Well a lot of power stations of derailment a lot of change in playing well in nineteen that doesn't KRP in Cincinnati this though they're no. And 1977 there's only about like six stations here that say. In hunting things of the war with eight people here and there and immoral and probably. Thirty and this crazy so anyway we're talking about power to recourse caller judicial power to him doesn't look course will be good power to a course like that. Of course the Booth they will forcibly deporting gears not score you wouldn't slow down the Honda Lola let's start this display what caller out of your stable would you take him power to you know the trump would probably the only candidate of god that I haven't saved with a big blow up in no were drowned then that would would still be a little room to. Well senate seventeen gallon gas today I mean like what. Every hundred miles an odorless totally solid muscle. Yeah yeah you know what I just think it's a regular cab truck I'm six foot two out of your three how near your three how Raza. None of them are horror like that radical compared to what goes on power to another some guys that are just glued to push out a little bit. But not in material of the bestseller on intake is it's wrote in them. Ms. Lou what little miniature phones itself that I get good fuel mileage. And I delay rocker you'll notice that it can still sounds they recycle we know that he in drag frame the whole paparazzi away for an entire way. So out of your car so I mean is that probably the true it would be the best of amid the true enemy of it's a great ride vehicle of its. Other than it being a regular care truck arguments only two or the senator and a the signature. There being recruited for welcoming QB you can drive it to mean is no reason I'll I would say is long you know and a without having overdrive as long as you just didn't get on it on the inner staff think you'd be fonts that Cummings Cruz owner of the overdue for a cross country back in Houston dude honeymoon exactly. Called him on the power to ringer and operate with 6000 others you aren't going to either move. So I'm would you he'd would you take the cameo part or NC. Arsenal's. 1986 dollars to senator crazy. Currently on and policy. They weren't you an irreversible the Bertuzzi since slavery and let's roll that out of the equation though what to do you do would you take the zone. Know is that this nosed you today that are anonymous and it's it's an 86. Drugs definitely a new Cadillac. What you wanted to or other drugs across the country. Probably take the cash interest and I like his choice. Man daddy would be probably the most culpable run to the sink or refer to music or being cool is just you know there's just think whatever money so they've really pay SS do you expect from ski patrol I don't is Richard. It's not history Japan's. I think god picks owner by the ski patrol that movie no shoots and he coldly. Other drugs into Colombia and judge lamb now you know it's like on that thing out and had captured well the way the lay up our two hours can't cool because it's split up so much. But you're really not driving border and the day right each opponent John Paul falsehood differ so I mean you can really take it easy on your caller. On my enemies did that mean injuries mounting in the news mobile vs you know the assessor the wagon. Is just simply because it's the oldest corridor and I think it's that it carries the cool story. The rules as they honestly do you. I love my wagon to death but it's so loud I don't wanna listen to it for five days now imagine that drone I don't Wallace to overeating and mouse. What gears. Through fortitude actually knows three to a three crews are pretty well yeah acres is pretty well look at the regular caller. I. Glen Rhodes I think Islam. It's deafening loud I think for the first day it be amazing. The kid every adult yet and so broad definitely perfect. And it's is it is the very very modify rod. I just imagine somewhere every ten miles she's going human issues. You know you're gonna take her off the wagon and reliability just don't do pain in pain. Well anything like that and reliability are necessarily fallen together but this rule. But about the pace charges seems more logical pluses it's like Grimes on the road in your couch and the bugs worked out of it throwing well is going to crush balloon were. Grind of it is usually you're single policy Fidel is a little bit reckless it's a red Croshere bill that we'll see. Picture a low potency. A mile there also want to figured out skewed so the seats fold forward in the call are with like new lever enough and seeing in the backseat. So and figured out the pastor she thankful about halfway up and it's like perfect shoulder as they go plants this users and you're prepared. Yeah I've been prepared for this enough homework now though news of the but yeah I I just. As regard enemy you know legal aliases Silverado although a great truck in would be fun to drive across country. And you know it's just another black Silverado. I don't know rain right now I think you'd have to. It'll work for probably trip across country. Thumb problems yeah. It's it's cool if so it's touching those who are you guys problem with so that well if you via his or visited than she usually problematic. And can't really blame the general muscles this dispute is new nickname is Joseph Frazier. Couldn't. He knows that Dick sponsors for sure let's really gritty and think good things that it'll warm lyrics was. It's quite a bit. Mine too and so. Caught up. Cruel murder but Lesotho little power or you know OK so we know we take out of our fleet. But Nixon. Awards about your ideal caller for the final two. It is going to be phones like a little idol would be few and so like budget new limb and yeah as you know you were total global village as you know so earlier on us that we are here we all callers on budget director ignorant. We're working it'll radio read all about it and it absolutely. It was a little bit yeah that's really that we gotta keep the lights on that they would stay tight we go a lot more hot rods and happy gallery or 1063 WO orgy. Does what what the hot rods and happiness Robb Pitts and what's happened in day you'd break your. Lets out and announced it yet drought and resolve Richard guy credit. I'm done we're Toma the power to. We gave ourselves a little Butch Davis became Craig Chapman is turning to encourage lists Mexico plus child you know slowly dragged themselves back and we just brought it back. All right guys so we're going all the power tour. But she got 5000. Dollar total budget on the caller you're taking yes. Probably anybody can take a 1520000 mark caller in all of our duel with the foot. 5000. Dollars and get the key month postponed to an authority on I think it's roughly 18100 miles 18100 miles. You have auto crossing tracks you have to rhetoric hasn't been down. And you garage universally well so you do not have to participate in the males use a to participate with your vehicle whom I would Scooby Doo doo and hang Mecca and knocked me it's a good all the details you stay overnight at each stop right. I've got the perfect vehicle. Attitude and I've got the perfect caller for the power to 64 core that he had. And that probably missing for more risk is the perfect caller okay I'm just throwing that out there today that at a all right I would Kia there's not who could just be a lesson of the community and on our team. Definitely there's routes before he could could. Actually just cook them. The OK so all right. Robert Pablo. Texaco slot peninsula mother nature and pollen yes. You go first home we won't your 5000 dollar or list caller that you are gonna take on the pro tour cannot come you can left field I just found this one those shoes and Georgia's. You blue fields where you live at. And that is your home how ballot aid 1989. Dodge 250 with a twelve outcome and swapped. Shorten that went to Little Rock reais. To wheel drive short bed regular cab. It is no utterly shekel and twelve oh yeah dad gum right see I have a theory about the automatic and are you concerned lord. Here's here's my theory about an hour across the provisional until eighteen and older models the one true commitment. Here's my theory about power Tora I think you should be driving something they you'd be seen in. And I think that's when they look for a bomb and the best part is the strips that none before like with cool averse. I mean it's for in hourly you know elements well physical drug. Little arguments that much is made this thing season with a human reliability. The engine it's pretty much stopped on to the guys knowledge besides as a day of their you undergo expiring. On stock index earnings if you will turned over on the stock objectors with a hundred horsepower nozzles. And was told transit they grabbed Max. After several. Stall converter yes remic stalled but he is a must goes into the directorate which is somehow geared and that's what seems to me. On sentenced period neat wheels. Looks good it's golden knights will stand stood nasal body work nonaligned there. But it's not a bad truck. May old Madison worse than and the best part is that comes in a nice price of port came under a dollar plus you got to hurdle for the total contract all right they needed ticket. Are now Richard. A look at gene because you handle my money is it was a sensibility and I think the key to accurately reflect an emotional reason like always you come out with a life. Okay I've felt this Chrysler New Yorker or something we'll Turbo you're going to be very disappointed that I happen. How close were checking account tomorrow and could purchase that I did do in all seriousness systems are really. And sensible choice on specially for smaller crossing on my phone at 79 Ford F one hunger relief for sixty big block. Along for exactly 5000 dollars. But every since I'm done but she added as a newfound skills are fresher bound John alliance built in today college 750s that's gonna Gaza it okay. I can't I'm totally incinerated a year you should begin Prius rumors that this does new usual lines some roster on the doors and in the floor has been through parable and we get back and say it's more money. I'm open to trades. On and this thing it's cool it's got green headlights. What it. Only goodness and considering that lights. My hobby a little tricky at night because casa it's not going to I think it is the perfect our trees Diego latest. You know bill endorsers bruises and open at a separate death budget yes yes exactly and that's not what is the floodgate. Now guys. I've never lose to them and I've been produced. And you think you wanna pay to see full court I think she went to because it for corporate support and Richard thinks a little publicity fourth quarter arm. And I'll pick a sequel called. Hillary don't worry now mostly Gonzalez says on this he goes I'll be honest we see people Corbett is probably the most perfect all around caller on the cheap and free the bunker and finesse yes well I outlets who have symbolic Sosa columnists do. But I felt something better in a hotel door. We you know mail moved to him a hypocrite for. 2003. And we can tell caller. 120 that stretch limo and a drop in the thing you're and by a brawler recruit me like a little pick me to come drag me around this thing you know we'll sidekick. Jackson yeah let someone go out with a stats look at Columbine it. For 2900 dollars I'm just mostly money and the dodge and join you and well that's what I'm saying wicked car pool and a run out of gas that's what exactly. This is because well we can carpool when she breaks down his I don't know did you imagine going on the direction driven lives are crossing a hundred she would leave stretch the Town Car we'll listen and left one hundreds not going to be lobster DS I'm not gonna think about what was he gonna -- movement that you waited they've tried to force six to bell -- kill home. Truth there's taxicabs in this town with seven million miles home. Isn't the power are supposed to hurt you a little bit. I think it's personally feel little wounded. You know then there's plus we got a mini bar but yeah yeah hostile financial team clutched a I'll get to be too bullish. Oh we hanging around the sun Rooney look at her all we've bodies vehicles and an apology spending most of my time in your car so and a couple of other things that LLY while batting. This is the best part okay you said every night you stay override your town and in your car does have a mini bars I just bought a dodge him have to drink and sorrows away yeah exactly you need to drink -- this is the thing. This is the things cool about it we saves for the right. We'll get a lot of relatives here he's Iran refuses Dodd's book broke down could. You can tell me hypocritical is that if we could rip the limo out at night we give us make us make us a little limited today when Mike can make your mind back of women exactly I mean just got to run around mile is sure will picket for the wrong go home. If that doesn't flow masters Olazabal installation is he kills lowering your blood particularly with a plan to Arizona. A couple of but I mean come on let's think of Lincoln's words. Can argue and I mean that I think Obama that I mean in Iowa that is the sad thing is that you picked the most sensible vehicle altering so I don't 120 extra stretch limousine Democrats have exactly I'm in Oslo and Toyota makes cents or even 400 and takes you out of course or take it to drop through. Jackson personally had that problem days before it's hilarious but. Things in the hamburger and they will bring it out to the emergency vehicle would you meet me eight feet everyday air here and I'm happy here if I ever got app. If you ever find yourself in a limo in Las Vegas. And you wanna get in and out burger 2 o'clock in the morning comes out easily over there will bring it out to me an example they had in Albers theirs from champs animal style all the way and I just say that. A special treatment when you pull open the stripped down car I just thought that have driven by the mid tone and Tony and told I don't know what's his name as well as kind of you know what's funny about this volatility should students are doing it humility funny that this is Tony is joining me in my pace car for this trip told my turn to the driver is riding with you. My friend Tony is joining me in my place government circuit slumps have been worse yet is live in that direction yeah. I mean he's ready and I'll drop scholar with a crush blue reduced sort of a scandal you know I might not make tundra of movement simply to get ready and Muslims a little too Tony drive this car for me when you drive it. And we love it but I did the telco reduced. Vision imagine doing the power to would you and three reported buddies comfortably. She man three her for you your rights seven or eight and that comfortably Basra among them of that statement back for few fed could. Well our case that we might get like six men who wouldn't think Mac. I think and how surreal really you know that was recorded that I got a giggle a little look at but it would obviously it'll live Laura comment has been epic win. Well I mean I mean really imaginable she would do. And empowered to order me. Is about just taken a week and haven't some genuine fun with your buddies. So doing hit in the way among competing and cowardly thing that would really secure that we just need to go in partners three oil and go to his card I'm down to continue drink and the others. Delaware bar obviously and I've drank in a limo before Rome for impeachment thing with it I'm sure that authorities may think differently and as soon as well together partition thing I think that's something to do with legal and in the opinion on business portable. Gummery. Here. I think hoop but look cranberry and vodka in the back of the Lambeau does and it's good for kids these troops is to. Particularly in medicine and kids choose to locate that so little Little League and have kicked over but he kicked off the air here mechanic at commercial restaurant doesn't do what we got to pay for the shares to we've got more or doesn't appeal coming your way for a hero one a 63 W Doherty. I guess from a cholera and apparently to I think we got a little wild. On the OK excellent panel to gore and it's sort of saying limit. 5000 so that sensible that would that would do good and our tour. This not. A homely diesel Loescher if you can't expect that I could cook it or. Stretch limousine. And would you have big gallery treat it like it big blogs and media and torture yes exactly it was terrible I just doesn't close us as little as for him to let us. Let's Hope Solo tour school with the army general it. Horribly bad idea over a little bewildered limo I would go before and I want I was really really like think about that I got a small blocks 79 Ford true. 350 would modify. He's definitely on war. He definitely don't really sensible you know really a good parts of say about Israel limit. What would you be. Well I mean. Social cultural column same thing that your but the link and you know Clinton audiences that looks so it went up ten extra fees metal you can kind of cut cut cut because they are and where you say that twenty or using a 38 foot long cove a bad idea of not to have a problem foods that are the things I don't know as the twentieth. I was alienating an honor and yeah to a mentally. Catalogs leeway amber only do you elegance of the big. Palin cushions seats and Allman and we'll with a bullet isn't. A classic and that's a slow selling your furniture from the seventies yeah hill Andrea miles else. Illegals and empower him mayoral laudable it's going to be comfortable India I think the other power to a people are problematic. For half an Newton Democrat I just think they've made it home you you to some thirteen seven Dayton's there was little argument he had to had to do. There were on senseless acts are still going gardeners would have been all symbols and Atlantic magazine watt light coming up things what it was 83 right three with 8000 miles. That blows over. Her record the good news probably blowing a gasket on relatives is the shape and Hamels on the trunks you that you saw you about a guy who grandfather had a Cadillac with the TV and Tampa under the boomerang and then it's got to obviously you get Australian jails and had to. Analog and I don't have to slow because the thing that's cool is that since recorded goodwill because of it to grow Coke as a Rezko and as a road going. Now he people Motorola. You and sensible usual groove you know and me and I think I think every since illness when I grab a nanny for the many six Paulus that's. It's good to a slow dial in number no number no and all here's my reason why is that they could be richer every year like giving Google. Half a crowd here. On a hit and the cool thing is currently zero of them you can find them for five care right now well. Old the visit the reason behind like the bigger car there for me though. Is so you can have your preparation because you think about when you're gonna trip like this mania type thing you know three ton Jack. Jack stand spare tires. Spare parts just in case Tina. So you drew one had a car plus your luggage and I'm sure you go carrier friend with a C need their luggage. She needs some room in your car. And so the impala SS just its ability LT want power and makes good power. On the actually perform pretty well on the road this forest road courses and things like. Pretty decent on the straightaway du salute. All in anger guess march for citizens you're most special for the sized dollar and yes so I think all around it's just a good car and truck across country and. Oh really that's a good landing areas the count like the best of both worlds Ameen what you got the comfort let Richards caddie. Both totals forty years. As the Corvette going and we'll. That's a big extra rich men you're going well well well I may sell it to me that's like comparing you to share move with a go to the well well do you say it's forty you're bum. Tim Allen should always liked it you know of course Tim Allen is he's Jim Wallis a span and he's got on the a of the with a 510 Q in its marine matters in his and they call the bid for 5100. And it was one the first goers delicate Mamie liken Paula assesses but. Tim Allen described the caller as they Cadillac and Corvette in the love affair leaving a bar one night. And put in the impala SS and more intimate a big book and tell them exclusive. Does he still drove that he's somebody SS in general always aliases were cool callers were cool of course but but. Newton and probably the best power to record keep in mind this competition I don't know where we draw of an 18100 miles we've called to compete around for a dollar gross and drag race. And he knew what happens to be pretty good at all those things let's not really is not really competition thing is more for fun but yes. Life as a competition and never played monopoly movie valid point never lets go and McCain and by the way it'll cork that's just my thing. The C four core sales god. Knew that he thought of 96 I told you Richard is come up if rob if you and I gave him an end up with Robert. This if we crash test program hours shoot from the wreckage in politics. I guess this the way you think about how cool this this. I mean the car's gonna do all you buy a 5000 dollar and you've got the guilty war in order to before he goes six speed 96 alone film. Bush I mean. Called leather seats great suspension. Great breaks. Calming news yet again with that still works you get I mean I. I mean I won by going all of that material without any obvious saying drop touring wise it's a good idea. A home. The coming these colorful duke policy for that would do great that now it is America's sports car and driving across America well now here's the problem. Where you don't put all your extra stuff that you may need. What do you need it's a General Motors product they don't break well you know here's visualize and throw water Paul and actions. Yes accurate I just weird when those kids which you British distributor the edge and puts you though water over your goes well Catholic. Here's the thing fear of this is from Iowa Purdue people downing LT ones. All you gotta do is rattle those off that we call the bottom of the water pump in no protect your distributors well. And keep your detailed will pressure washer or from the engine and church. As the bells of the design and a walking with that guilty walls they phenomenal. Engine it also opened the door for the Alaska guilty when pave the way for the US one. The guilty what was you really do you share release first. But really step away from the traditional small blocking grant have a lot of similar characteristics. But it was something totally really differed in the traditional food or small watch your voice that came in 1955 out. If you if you know what you're doing and you're not retard by any stretch. And LT one is a beautiful platform to build off of he wants a good murder it's a little dated male yes he has all the a list of they have out. But what the quality great drudgery you know if you got a C four vineyard you know you wanna keep it LT our order and I'm calling you occupant LT. Powered there's only a modification now you can actually do over the opting Enron Ellis style. Cool stereotypical. Axle which is a look funny but it that you're close third jolt when you look at it but if you get Eagan had to call blacks mom off the first thing others like man. Who put the put don't you wanna take a realist war. But I mean you can how high you can do you cannot them coal access. You cannot do gold legend in my Juba and you can patent pool. I have friend of from Memphis if you may have good boost global RG bloom and draw coming this is where you've long been somebody put down framer LC like a simple cars look like on the motors PL like all people largest die down and under that's. Political. Ally I'm a big fan of the LT I am too analytic fair I mean deceitful orbits a look that big to pruning and flip open headlines especially this will go have some agent beat chiefs and you know as well what do we got to. That's like the best man it's our crappy blown amplify. But those speakers I mean that's what makes the experience but he got a whole speakerphone. Close it was the first all around great performer of our lifetime it really was dumb obviously. I'm a corporate fan from back courses we do know I mean it's no surprise there. But deceitful really was a great caller he gets a lot of jokes about it and it deserves a lot of the bottom of the days on the wealthy for Corvette. Wasn't true sports car it it set the pass per show much greatness. It really did I mean Williams and that was that there was this people that would be a C for or was he found out it was all season and take some else if Iran commercial break there won't be it shows. Very good point very good point guys stay tuned there's a lot more hot wasn't happy hour break here on 1063 WORD.