Hot Rods and Happy Hour 4 29 18 Hour 2

Hot Rods and Happy Hour
Monday, April 30th

Rob and Odd-Rod talk Convertible season, creative convertibles, and worst convertibles made. 


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And gals what Michael hot rods and embarrass you rob Pitts. And what's happening do you put yourself here to bust down. I was sending at tweet every time I sing you either wiping your snotty nose or you play in a dorm to Opel. Well there's really over the snotty nose and this is Paul and I tell you what. But you know what Richard. It is pollen season had it here himself. Until you would whales with a convertible season to his drop topped. And tea and I'll tell you something knobs Norah more. All The Who he hit that limit you get an. We've also confused like your mother nature smaller Cuban employees. Paterno if it's you know it's more on that. Okay. Let's give me and Richard off the drug improved since you didn't really. A little lecture already. Think it also moved on opened up. A all right. Blue blood run its principal well we're talking about an unbelievable. So. What do you say. What's your favorite. Jeep convertible in all this what's what's she's. It what's cheap. We'll be program fog around bush. That's horrible. I'm gonna take mine she talks are off and that's enough there is not a verbal and or true dropped. For five grand. Probably would have talks about it. I of their own that would criminalize GT. Like 87. 93 DO marble energy today. And you get down now reunited three you know they found we did a good dragged out one hand he can and you know before silver was would be enormous force Longoria and oh yeah that's up to run around futures sisters have some growth this. On now you know personal news. And a I think he did. Aged driver probably forced G and LT one America for five and you're there are good looking liberals are score look deal with a toppled and they look great with the top down in this kind of Carolina and toppled. Content remain well welcome couple. Terrorism but. Earlier this that they it was a gross I think so Gore's we've been with the topple. Vs the total bill out there Edison Ernie but most that I look triple what black oh boy oh boy GTR. I think the tough look better well. That it did down on this course. I don't know why that is probably look funny with a taught them. And they're doing cars over around arm I think and others and that kind of look like a wedge and tell them exactly. We've got to finish it all for the topples because they actually had a really good looking convertible top two is lucky he we was you know it actually. Really mimic that or topple lives to be able to. How much you ought to achieve convertibles. I've probably shoot for like a they knew it just a non U five GT car. You could do that she could do that she could do just for six good reliable decent looking car. You could console like I probably try to find me some Covert bumpers with her partner but you know. Who grew reverse global view of and Avaya no dry out at least the front overall I don't want what is put the snakes on the side now I don't want to rear bumpers as a Cisco over I don't want to make it that badly thrown out now if you had a 9495. Adjusted most of the girls there and then and now let's say I don't know I don't want the first three years of the of the as a management gorgeous person possesses thing I think that it's not before nine its delivery excellence overhaul. Still lose a single into navy like VA three campers just the terminator two hours and those are there they're pretty colors hood. Com I'm not a new course through okay well known among our goal is with the. I think as a page again to some degree on I don't dislike any element of months things but well on aggressiveness of the most into your meanwhile while must things here contracts and a day of love to build on Wanda. I what my lonely decision for salute some on ball a light out structural caves met up for a hollow deteriorating on solve lifter and force theater positive. Dropped for a down put songs yeah ET mag zone. Speak in a must think there's value to for Trent you're about to go out mules poses salukis used paternal cancer restorers chorus it's best to win this. It passed away he had a 77. In Nablus what do system is seen in the same sex it was a seven parade was the last year there's one last year's. But he was a routed to and he's an assailant and he's at Jena figures were actually trying to get finished there's in the 55 unfinished. Because they're so torque come find in most enters and is not out there. Yang and or parts accountable for on meet the commitment. Well while we're so you know in the in the mustang to area I would love to have McCain coverages called the hill now with the you know torso tank either cool yeah our loved I mean just just tacky as you could find one on one of them want justice techie Asian confined and one that's dangerous man Hussein and I have for me I do like distorts. I don't know like today a like crazy strike packages from factor. Then I'll go coo coo horrible. This cheap but you gotta fund one can actually forward. I. Actually you can 86 back grits and hard to follow him home. REE six a veteran. You know was for sure recoverable in the C four was 86. The there's it's a it's actually really good communion of good illusion is there anything. The Seymour is a perfect code and how athletic just like again you know I don't I'm weird though I don't light and a I don't know I don't. In lesser old late. I don't want to see too realistic to oversee one I don't mind. The rest I don't like as a convertible. See to it they want I'm OK with. Or go there were all convertibles basically see ones yeah well you know move the world that they work the world girls with a little more top scorer and yet elegant with a or topple the and then Caesars like coops little mocha verbal God's pilot dropped ups. Speaker and wounded at 63 things considered too bush and the other thing is rooted in simmering civil relive it goes Mike to open media is there there. Say a small thing and the Miami that's eight or just admirable that caller is beautiful. Like horse probably is perfection only is this the epitome of a perfect four it is a little bit cooler combination accord is class and beautiful. 3273. Or four recourse slow left hand and force beat the moment. All room loans ash and utility mark went for it and you talk to a restaurant. Aside polyps out of agreement during the good we've hearing. Well he didn't you. Step sister to figure. Out what there are a lot of the grand debut agreeing to the prom queen didn't have. The other issue which you can girls I've got a great cheap cover and a flow of cheap comparable. How but I can Nico our own I would love Baylor guy and muddy and eager going with a cake or that would be so close I LiveWire will look at us. You tell war like that maybe you'll Lou if you colonize. Bob Grant that would be a good direction ago. Opposing illegal Beringer cease. So this. Smiles they ruled there's so much troubles rules like one member of the Corwin to murders of those things they're like 400 many books and they win out every two minutes. The cars were to order books with a Corwin to motors' were 500 dollars. Isn't sorry. A third of a seal of her and think about that movie with Tom green is this'll it's easier to look better and you would see you there business to the bitterness there. So we. Leon I think they'll go when she grew up I had a body one does this school who boom couldn't. Gee he's he is doing big things he had he knows probably working at Burger King was still red white dropped out. And through the net. You get that Tera you and you know somewhat librarian or something that is thing did at the simulated a little that we do so yes it hit it if it. Indeed it does in his or any other way to have your cake or who could animate object about mark cross leather except in my car actually. It's cool flick could definitely you through school is really cool. That's the that's actually Goodwin. You can take your little bears I think about you know what actually no we're cake Nordson is it is a comfortable. It's baby blue with a white top. The reason that is again on August glory panic. Karzai nationally. Are gonna give awful law Kagan Fokker and you know I did yeah he's get under about a charity. I think you'll widows and if autograph for a K currently in talks and peace. Hang on for so removal as I know people can. Go low road together. Our us bigger and reduce what he's commercial back to back excellent and every time our politics sell our guys stay tuned for more hot rods and happy hour right here one of 63 WO Lordi. It goes what what the hot rods and happy errors Robb Pitts what's that and ended Richard. Without an announced that we're talking about a verbal whispering to as a way to go about cheap over was little bleak would you would you open up a little bit we're going to encourage you propose some more phone river falls for it. What's cool does believe me. And I really issued in the this'll. A group Fiat 500 memorable you know and a son that their daughter glad they're actually did neat little colors and mr. being away. You want Wanda player bodies on. You won't ride players like it's cooling your driveway. How would take our FaceBook profile picture within but you know what I'm saying. Whose army Aramis regular people is a prominent among ped you know remain. And program on it might kick in now. Oz and Bob longest drop back or the bar. Hi how I look. Hot hot hot hot can't get paid. That GOP anybody who would benefit from them liberals are still aren't ready to champion. I'll look others moved it's a little. Cut at and we're here boom period as motivational quotes. This league ziglar edition. I'm Thomas certainly a lot of tow boats were needed a book. It can reach them more hatred who mood weasels the pedals yes Olson at. Out increased border and within what was your kids cereals are you got a particular I'd actually go you gotta battle and I got on a late night. Principal is getting so Lou upscaled. And I love it would rarely are there miles of the bay didn't draw up through there is lineal bicycle. And drop there in the druthers I guess would be a little through with this one was doing some thing. So if you like going to drive by shooting bicycles elect a total by shooting. I'm pretty sure is what you call them bloopers of the battle behind them numbers and what I would call a low point and we'll a couple of quotes. Cut cut cut cut if you get shot by somebody on a bicycle. It's a bad day he deserves that and just say it could be added that at AT and nobody wins there could tell. Yeah Ali first ball the doesn't like cookie and again. He's making throw a stick and it's up to eight weeks. And we have a little at all and they still keep in but after that to steals the hike could. But this is a thing this. You get to appreciate your logic there relatives what went to the gulf nuclear. I think what's crazy BC with the bikes were you know who did Aga double meetings route I was limited to cool. To put like a ninety's beer mix by in the they'll cost you more than age males more than drunk mongoose he had done. Well as the old Haas vocalist wills and god you know disable motor Robertson we'll trees planted here the look at this patience and I think and tuberculosis of the things that they can't always be that would already I think my lungs are filtering did you miss a shot goodness gracious knows ouster and get a ribbon in my young children. Could slow scoring tickets congressional which you've got them pretty sure is good period he should. And yet here we come to this thing that's gonna be with. I'm no doctor but I know what disc sales like hey you know it's amazing as thirty you know things certainly can all purpose look it was so that. That the the Cameroon vs Brooke to your body is rejecting it to him up he's rejecting healthy thinking that some things for an auto I'll smoke you call what's what I consider. Robert if you turn your face Illinois. Home. And people want a passion and commitment and be here and if you're basically reduces it is what you're juror just a good. I'd love to do big things carrier pigeon and or shall we go you patient mix and the fun here one day I would be here right obviously. If you in my room. Global solicit we cure polio will be covered and you may be in trouble with the but if you what though buffalo convertible right now. Which right now I don't want many popular book. Call a leave everybody rules drop top. Everybody. Pro the most iconic convertibles bolt on. Fini the fuss is excellent journalist all of killer. Killer an attempt perfect example of that doesn't most of them though drugs it is gorgeous. Only their I can and he's I think historical matter as a draw a top. Yes they do all the pitchers hit it to me at 57 does out of 572 or blues who rules you Terkel was within an average. I bullets. Your dads don't you read the term there a particular that rover group fitness. I heard or read about good bad or it actually. Brutal realism that Goldman Sachs but you're so used in the matadors forgery at Rangers got. Is that the emergence over to YouTube with the militants and it. With a white top. And I like it I have words it's a pretty commodity visual era only going to be some filming an awful brought down this atmosphere could have. As a weatherman at Jerusalem's disputed drivers as for a moment that it's loses them we and I'm not anymore I feel that until we have to in the peculiar about me that you're about audience which Augusta which is just. You can't hit them way it cantonment. The I was so those corporate it was Paul's fit America dropped out. From there in those cars are hideous with a top there's no cooler way to roll them with a food and drug a you know that was the worst so incorrigible and Yahoo! and nobody want that cost as much as three miles. Well yeah exactly it and thing is they were really over the top you know we wish you really setup issue in the future of callers did did terrible at their release time. And now or either collectors are sought out there and there's several cars like that and several several good examples and yeah exactly I was the other that was gonna go well until we can. And you know we like 68 panels is a gifted. Little boy it was a mural that I think Jeff snorted a sixty pounds of Poland they compete and penalties of the world take sixty panels sold the Ruble just persons usually hopefully if that attitude you spray rubber down. Yeah a little holes like you're exactly like slow. Rule and I followed corporal Richard give me a little. I'll analysis. Still there's still the role in the end there there's got the role of the other two were we you know they're war the world changes it's logo and well nick except for the fact that I cannot literally cannot fit me. Well I can things you could skate you out of its gonna involve voters in like a jacket and bring him. Well I've gotten wanna back to basics admitted this patent is actually meet you both gotten Woodward who's even bloodier Rica and and we've always been close. I happen. This mean lots. 4000 dollar beater column and getting Saturn read on this day though those are another six humor it's. Like this utterly and laborers in the solstice things out today Tuesday beautiful convertible in my opinion that's like. You know the mid sixties Lincoln Continental. It was a suicide doors nothingness is gorgeous. With the top ball who is the doors late wide open. As they nasty nasty so more active cars especially blaze known. Absolutely. Wolf there was no look forward dropped bombs period. Area I don't know while we don't more. Well being. We think little things back in the days and things like that islanders were just really cure designs and I think a four or dropped all coming execute G. If you dropped a bit. Other than a week about the Rafik about Lincoln and say well we can't buys more time in the segment and we got worse for. But I destitute we got more roads and happy hour right here on 1063 WORD. It does look like a hot rods and had been our thought was an inspiration. Fortunately there were talking to over Wilson and I'll tell you another phone the young people of recoverable. The three series B where he faces stable interest on cars and meaner in there like you need to be able to flee to this. I. Possibly. A golf club membership. And we're allies and maybe it's racquetball game and haven't a little racquetball you need think Italy Izod collection stereo BMW three series. I saw the dragon dragon from GC community. I thought something industries there is. And knows me as long six point three heavier guarded businesses is agrees Asian ally Italy France listened to a from the atomic in my car in the mornings. We are here doing it when I'm here recording anomaly here on. And no body Mac it's kind of car and its muscle cars these guys on each this. It's of that back in the seventies. Accurate as you via right now but. Early into watermelons on BMW three series convertible and he had actually get it because as allergies Ursa. During times a year like this kitten there. You thought about Jim and quirks of your moos. We go wall to. I'm I'm about to resort to them myself yeah I can help you see my promise I was outside too much Friday and adjust it they got me where men now. Ruined ya honey I've never had this problem before this this prevailed little polling picture books and convertible out of the equation right now but he lowers. You're gonna be. But cool convertible. About super beetle. Beatles in general now just books in general rules I don't. They look great with a top down horrible the top terrible the top of you how about the new legal. Now that's going to looks good both boys out there at the top looks better on the you know come affair avenue B Turbo Lilja. You know what I would do I would love to challenge them by like I would go by and you be there dirt cheap because I would go buy new beetle notables among my new beetle with me. Count Morsi can build the best custom field I really think I can kill like I think that caller is gone so many cool to get his platform. Yes yeah you gotta you gotta keep that stuff object to her rhetoric about what about having cheesy com and and it must've been real tolerance yes there. Detroit still call it hate it there's actually a few of the long line would do to a stills or however those things are cool they're just a cool coroner dirt cheap. The two leaders not to do the subsidies in the engine especially the manual transmission behind in the in the TV guys. I mean you know there killed mother nature of the great Leno while talking about bulls playing and think about any mold volts waiting convertible to roll some. Like VW thing Carol way they get real all you want another young people to actually hold the camera that's a cool I'll call and one for why these auto auctions. And sheer shared goal and I shot and Cheri earlier ahead. Why not white leather guts the only way to double Axel more you like to solve liberal warrior. Of Iraq it is think it was brought in only two cylinders Sunnis that when I granted that means that while YE. No you have to do is rid this country Sheridan county dollars it came back cornea so it's cool mister US sat back I don't come run up it was a five speed it took me fifteen minutes after the that the reverse and it. Most over down and get over dial back at like you have like squeeze in that way to reverse. Your right hip if you if you don't exactly he would open the glove box shut it that it doing rivers we figured out mildly super beetle media to do it over and then pushed down and back I'll sitting in the parking lot of wise on auction lose Thanksgiving to beat the man that they most of rubbish mortar this in Africa. A lot of negative uniqueness legacy of the art a couple of the circle and I don't know how to get there and I'm like I keep going there it is not there contentment that sentence because that's all members and real quick you maybe this should not backwards. Look what did the numbers would be upside down economic news this but I try to steal. They have good enemies just blow up well after you pushed down and twisted and all whatever was. Well cold caller actually we actually got a room all force owners in the believing in salute which was which was crazy and totally bitterness excellent or resistance movement. Actually carnival floor which is devoted to bedroom floor and a good place right court may actually actually. House for a second front line closer now mentally while syllables of Florida's treasure on the beach hooligans got rusty Sony and that's the singles. Then designate under the plan and realize. It's not a bad looking little car with a cool as a big tumor also ruby caller to that little wallet that you thirty BMW's. To me they did to me I can't relentless work it to him to make every LA it was a if you are more logical looking VW thing. One of the first go to a ball that the sale of bony neck and he was the first year for the room cavaliers. Than men do. Nine. Does the wolf whistles you are now missile fizzled and he is a little bright grid ID cavaliers. And convertible. Utility meters next to nothing. But I will tell regularly wanna convertible and well it's a great teenage broker automatic. Attitude to force older a World Series and Kazuo room cinema watching that it. But. Actually sold two teenagers. Actually double reversal and you know bottom as answer gels can. I don't see your cavalier. Well and today another really blown convertible and egos are gonna laugh at me but I've made more money on these automobiles and counsel I used to buy everyone to give money and then GO tractors and act like an. Well today would face of the future actors is it severance. Ulterior little secret these leave. It. Border you know. Coveralls were rewarded this would you buy short one a place to go it really short with an arm around in here. Well exactly you know our studios is Timbuktu and room and went but. The thing that's cool about it is that really good forgive me it's global. A ball one extremely cheap it was just a good within have later it was within an evil has or Lou and a re good grid like an insult to. The holders. Don't colors local and he'll think about it you can buy cheaper than a full Willard. They're holes for people who has feet faster and goes about the simplest thing about illegal to its full yeah. AMD had a few more arrogance of these you get it you know like you leave there and you're dropped gross treatment of gestation or whatever and if you want fired your weapon out of it you can and it's got and it's got a tough time alone so hustle these things to hold club down in Georgia and and I would buy the book and basically I got to be you've got to go to. Giving future trek episode only to all these little auctions like the cancer callers in the kidney coolers and why these Carolina. You go back the year we it's murder auto auction I would go out while or true auto auction now but every tracker in care of it equipment gonna go sicker appear as. Tractors everyone that I sold all to this whole club. If it was they were bringing top dollar. Let does want I want it was so there and cook for conversion try my god had a prepaid was white to blue. So you mean that some unfriendly to 8000 dollars for that back to 2000 but they'll be alloy wheels on it like black letter Goodyear's on. AM real floated out to be a tracker mistook while that would does that still. Luckily it was a cool truck and let them pills muscle and. Eric heavier in the one they'll float around like dollar fare went tomorrow. But what did you just go into the full board review sixes and a drills phone this thing there's one pops up auto fair want to Walton wanted to scale like crazy mini truck and paint job on it we have this with a big motors signals it is it is killing fourteen inch wheels on the reared point one some balls and monitors on. It's pretty sure is an extreme or custom. But yes big blow promoters sticking up and down it's pretty awesome to get zooming by skilled at it. Does that. And 96 men one a new one gulf turn in Manila. What is right we are doing we got a fifty dollar gives ticket to quit c.s or you get your tractor to bridge is easily win would you say it Quincy Lewis and the news here we order if you got places to the hole. If you go hole and water per core. The appointment you know and I was pretty mixed immigration. Mean who knows until we need to be twisted Agassi at Barneys or the usual striker. It. While monster Tom Marshall are liable so a lot of time there are no longer true. You are was Julie storks she had a geo tracker. And it was infusion. Problem actually. Had a few I think of every color of red and yellow black red. Fusion purple did you get a cool ones with the stripes silently to coordinate misty cigarettes. No rumor among Hillary stripes so much to do that that won't briefly only. Publicly they sort of run the probable what is already camouflage. Car accident is this the yours she's she's used you'll have to listen I'm. Six feet two is he's got accustomed to have a great deal of perfect the world really a good good to have the different people who were under cool callers do. If you put to it over the gases that thing. And drought from now to eternity while. Your honest right I don't think you can put twenty dollars or the gas and include but not anymore. Maybe the Yankees did not canned by then you Eric Holder felt we're talking to Burr will write your own hot rods and happy hour 1063 WORD. And yells look but the horror that there are now we total bottom Bulger Cooper holes with Douglas really be goober national polling catchers. He's been brought into know that you lose. This is going to correct this is war about the worst deliverables. How about a he's too rural and I'll kick it off for probably the comparable I hate the most the PT cruiser convertible it's an easy target and people. That was not a car for young people know that so far for anybody. I actually dated a girl that PT cruiser convertible and how would you ask derided it why would you do this will matter a lot of inertia drove for those seat she can't this year you have to think and it if it. And amateur Chrysler and alma pretty this goes market pretty well walk currency brings the cool and Perez players. A mile geeky Willett complimentary dependence. If you don't bring ultimately one's enough about the cake or we talked about it earlier today and Kinko's classic compared to a C Avery who moved here and it's what you grain handling its. That's. How about the Dakota or T convertible smoothly you know those were cooled their Libor or do you actually notice her sport that you they go and they were done by seem clear and offer two years believe you know on nine do you think that men and fallen and he wants a good friend of mine who was the chief of police for Clemson University he had won a black one. And accountable that truth for a sold and it was that he Teddy bears lose of these six NATO war here three point which you think within three to me no do. Not a to Canada and a first. Indicators was aiding and Shelby. And basically Chrysler Oscar show you make of work in Canada and then they came well in 91 with the matter. And I want was there a TV 318 and then nights you went to my oldest of them goes to a stroke for beautiful three and they were it is pretty cool. They're still if you keep it around actually not as nice rituals. Deserves. The work with a guy on his little nose high school don't sergeant. He had a bright everyone else's baby. Well him along this track. Those were cool that is the others are cool drugs and very cool. For the convertibles were the public eye as soon as I wish I wish Evian for what answered the phone call with you know I mean. It's still law not so long moments relative to some they didn't make very many you know that is a vehicle that a lot of people care hopefully they put. So there are other cumulative amount at all wanna lose. It may think that she's. Reveals aftermarket kit to begin with it. Thirty and is thirty years or. Leniency in his only other cool analytical another cool and great colliding on the problem and there are other sharp drugs that I really sing like really isn't a black and red block. Everything off analysts and quality. An ego again certain package yeah. Aung and grow our program is cool idea the top and take up any space using these and you tell tales of pulled off to this. We will go. This is the thing noted we do you could lose your hit it there really quit because of view it's a big in the bear and slid forward Joey. Yeah can broad to begin decapitated something. Your home be booed applicable picnic table or something and Mike Rivera for business well I mean there's a lot of dangers and any convertible. There's a lot of days I would days of the EV Jeep. Dangers. Here's thing and mrs. solution has to happen wants and I was logic like separate from what you try. You probably won't feel it and making people well you know from law that you now Montreal won't know for recruitment and terrible horrible convertibles all overrule roe you go back to a school given how. Oh well I mean they're written Paterson custom jobs there's been people made. And polyps that is in the convertibles let's hear and how about the challengers. The new jet owners they cut the tops off of all of in this horrible you know mistake for Wrigley. And it does editorializing caller judges all this all the top awful. That doesn't work when they do in Europe fell down I mean I count when it's well. It looks like a college to whack him as. It doesn't like it is July they'll gravy train wagons foot. Good deal of pure pure look like you're ready for war eagle putt about a 32 on any team and actually in a figure that it is or how about the until you go NC is going to solve everything at the basilica as bike at least half reversal because what quarry easy and it isn't cool little has made a good looking girl. I'm probably aftermarket girls ministries Celek as some others when you put the top dial and it sound like a foot off and brought well. He wasn't designed to did have a good will for the Ruble to go into or do everything like that not much of rural now ma eighty Corbett was the SA CI convertible. But they used GM components from the Sydney fellow all year which would carry over. So it's up actually went into the body enemy GM latches it to PG and top a beautiful. Yeah we weren't you just beat them. They did to your equal ripped. I think that's the problem whenever they are aux ago total book that's a big ordeal. That's that's a hatchback car did that you've turned into a convertible yeah. That's that's dangerous game there they are better later. Via the Google later virgins got a lot better I'll tell you the coolest convertible all time lord. Your influence. In any case five blazer there had a full removable top coach coal where you are there other little bit with no at all. It would with the top yet vessels moved to hormonal Michael. Our brokers electorally raucous home brokers looked up. Got a good look at vehicle I even like the back half follow. Topless ones like you know winning windows square butting don't particularly so innovative Turkcell alluded to back removal. The I had wanna Al low those that are good looking. Seventy. Bronco on this pedestal copper over Bayesian all of racial vitriol camps hooters just a good look at drug. Along real wasn't my monitor anything like that table this big go convertibles. It's a good one. 6069. Trial power. Big block. Riverside gold. Black tie up blood guts force be cooler. An awfully specific. I looked and it actually didn't think we felt it a good afforded but I touched it could have a wedge 5000 dollar land here and we're very little else three down and recruitment is hard to believe when it was you was the only dumb as ever close to follow through it and it. Here another caller corridor from about sixty. The yes it'll say Colin Powell does Disco coach the gold and greens a little telescopes on or is it worse I mean ticket sales he wanted you have to be a big block caller. Six you know answered to vet a ticket a royalty won't force FICO. That's phony. Let's let the one against Markey bill for the Hart will score the goal on numbers gorgeous that was. Knowles extremely nodded and there was put Riverside gold the gold worked real well Bjorn Riverside goals almost agreeing goal yeah. Got a green tinge to it a little bit but it was it was a pretty well. Did wouldn't it worked on those cars do very well to work or commercial Teresa wells were comparable to work. It well the convertible or how about the per hour. The trawlers. And. Probably it was a cool car. Along. It was great for when you want to hit the boulevard. A home just packaging you know obviously that this report filed later orange isn't ideal for a high profile service ARA. We made decent power may hurt your 53 men yet there are slowed it as far as fast I think the prowler is the coolest way to get to a street garage without getting into mystery hero how. Here is it's it's it is is street row will have a history are you aware of the tack on local column and all that stuff. The singles gold although I think if if somehow you could put him me. Where they if you could Todd he came out seven death of us citizen gave me to Broward bail you redid the power plant. You couldn't keep you redo the power plant redo the front fenders or lose the front vendors. And put some nice wheels and tires and I'll elect the roles thought elect those scores and stock for old rubric of approval the first rules okay now but the rest of my life. But Taylor rob. When you put toppled asking. Me kill me. Until we live comedian do the Jews who who who can you fixable rove doesn't. And he patted alas only cheered lie and into the cup on your business and call for a gaggle so little better redid it will be better. All right delegates is to out forever that for sure this time I won't think everybody from plain old. Richard alaskans rubber bit its been alone I use my government that this is wrong bits you've been list and hot girls and happy hour right here on 1063. W ordained.