Hot Rods and Happy Hour
Monday, April 10th



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When I was 63 WORD. Hot rod enthusiasts together for a week Leach yeah hearing your own. And hog broad line global 11063. You'll RG. It goes boom in home runs than revolution real this utter audience here I'm Jeff close male there is you're allowed. Our drug user. What are we talk about it what a lot totally alone normal wind do and we just had a great weekend we will have more tears in the wind we my third inning with last weekend when trailing him yes Triton a company's announcement he's limits had a lot of noise that's translated mentioned where there last week but man Anthony was mostly people low power though awesome shows a great show we every. Everything they had was also. I cannot wait to be back next your father so what you are saying as she has had a great time together. We zoom in your saying it's an Austin do quite frequently GSM candlelight dinner maybe. Also nationally some wines and spirits and from sprint for. Net is sure. Nest I'm jealous I so we had gone on Friday. We had me April 14 we have in a unique and driveway the ride pro gloves are coming over the Carolina thunder series promoters and they're going I have jet callers rector monorail that that was loads you. Region loads when exactly. Somalia it's human allowed events compact and that's pretty good punch and that there was listen you're asking that in that case I was listening. So I knew it at that and yeah. Jet callers are going to be there are no less is also older is something wrong. Two years old to 200 years old everyone loves your car that he had its 200 years old I'm just curious and it's very true crickets. Don't question it just go with ran around Tom Golisano is frontrunner don't know much Sandra brown literally out resumes are loving this is just that a little road course to over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hank you thank you very much movement for me has always I will need it in the right there in the ring with you I absolutely have taken a bunch forming this draft. April 16 does this is exciting polls so like we're on a busy weekend suddenly melts who have accidents. When my losing gallows paparazzi the every hour ruby Tuesday's. Our plan exists. Earlier this this. How did not minding judges do believe this I have no Lola bills itself which we will have our our hot rods are meant teachers that are available yes sir we'll have a lot of mute pirates and half an hour and Janice. These are I guess. Like him he's an all right. You do that I guess who named Robert in new here click on mount radavan he's. Okay. Yeah. Oh or chew that. Hey get out all right. The next week and able to listen to a third we're Digg announced Friday and then on to Maggie valley North Carolina for the many drug nationals. Dude if there's lower screen entered dom hydraulics and said mayor makes its layers and a tank Armando Ayala who loses says it wants an Australian nobody parties like meaning trucker I love me jokers like. I'll stop whatever I'm doing to go to major major major orders like the most loyal too we read your life absolutely I mean. Believe is that the horror core and a man they believe in until this goes I don't know what does my heart you know somewhat important that area. Of following a hate juniors here. April 20 enough. I'm a motor there's more tourists on your body care a lot of coaches we've. Woods who is the case isn't all right yes that's a good job out rather nice stories and things anyway. Carol motor vessel days so I sell or trade won't oh you're in real little sicker so Iraq there's a Lucia shore home but there are don't I don't running. But all today's there's nothing like motor fist bumped secrets out yeah I'll single out when you get Nickels worth of free advice if you're not agreeable because we will April when he knocked out Phil and Rick flair token amount future. A degree will biggest leeway it will torn in this style MM profile and you're gonna miss out on telling me wanna give you a dime's worth of device it's going to be a great show there's fifteen cents right there until we need you could you put no dollar of them will let you get a sold out of the machine that lets you serious car is sex and secretary are out there may sixth with a wreath at Quaker steak and balloon. But the real hostility will show us that Quaker state move. Doesn't testing goes into this thing. So what are you blew right agreeable South Carolina Omaha. RI rat I guess for a thirty chrome you don't throw rock get it right now is is and then they have wings this red Roma kind of does most original wings brought him woman days follow going to stay. Today our own room lanes there so again the originals my favor that do you think secure you have those two there's so did his government grants and in random money alone this same exact way to even blue cheese right it's good mobility and good stuff. More shows coming up past Maria. We got to the springtime nationals Sears owns farmer that's gonna be because she may thirteenth. That's Uighurs show you those great huge football while security in places are food troops there. It's going to be driven this is open nature of things that's so there is getting popular around here is lot of food trucks that there is nothing new in thing it is indeed have a lot in in Texas again when I want to. Dallas last year for a so many you saw a lot of food trucks just hanging around it was built also from the others lingered there and legacy units and future horsemen over the food drug the green and there's like -- way through this is where the choke if you think this is like real love played good stuff going up slowly. It was like more weight doubting we'll plastic forks love it love it exactly so the following week after Vietnam CEOs. The nineteenth of may nineteenth we're taking off on the road again. All Marie me and hit list I say what's good and they're weighing in our home grown and thank him now we know you have been in Nashville and I look there is a singer who. Sure your parent sordid would assume most Carolina bar for the Camaro nationals had already saw that these children here put on. Hill who think it wears only serves only alteration all generations look at where you betcha so we've done. The Tonys Huntsman he's which is basically mustang Nash how opponent on. Wind now we're going to marry nationals to a remote border has just above. This for a long straight already from popular store pals a step books a week is cover all the bases on the spit him back to the base error basics rather Ramirez back to basics last night early news Jerusalem guy who makes this kid is not authority yes sir into I'm looking forward to genes are roomy back out there again it's in Seville I'll look back and it's delicious like him. We let relive my youth theater you glory Rollyo along time ago there was a long term in the nasal rely on millennial. Anyway this is the biggest of the shoes you see all tubs or eighties maybe thank you. Unless my days element still. Still think he's Laura Davies. I'll take you Massey also in only her Christmas babies and interest thing some two point six. You know. Can't have people who the person they think the I don't know does that necessarily in love with the this is the thing is cool about a truce which see you guys Howie rose they're you've got. Tutor course you've got mostly young career is. I mean there's all types of doors they're. The military is seldom are we also show that today we do we do we're only token you know teachers coming up here know another week so now all right we're Mittal amount precious things more importantly precious metals precious smaller purses or for sure well limited promotion growers insert cards loans for cars to collect. Our car you just can't find anymore so all right guys stay tuned. Absolutely I do a little would total about that a little more in depth here next we go pay some bills euros in the hot rods and happy hour 163. WORD. Firing on all links. Julie Elwood hot rods and happy hour quit her job and odd Rodney when it was 63 WOR TC Yuxi. Station. She's always high. Hi all I'm not frauds and have to yell like follow and connect twelve c.'s three WORT I'm. But I guess we'll. Yeah just love kids are grown 20 yeah and Rocca pinned in there and rocky yesterday at the Pentagon an explosion miles yeah thank you couldn't do candlelight we're sure it is it is business is just good clean little hole and it's always an early when it's it's a nice change. Although last week and it's more willing to Monica. And medical. Rather. I don't know good user reviews but you know eighty let alone for a short a time. We heard his opponent will everybody's been forced to listen we will work. And we get a literally cool go the full gear we'll score reasonable and careful here how flawed and flowing here is the Muslim call guru and if you've never been to Moscow museums and we're really has. Give them eleven dollars a walk through that thing tends tell me that he was wearing a pink shirt usually mostly used Pink Floyd it was nothing no use my redshirt yeah it was there flagging. You don't. But. This does like Olsen this mother told my grandpa. I mean really he's got a bit then did you shoot symbol below course let me just let get. And very knowledgeable and actually sparked the idea Felicia because of a car needles about that he actually head the stroke in them. And 1970 should bell SS 454. Ellis six car. Not one of them newfangled Willis motors that I love so much exactly this is the real well this is. The real tall hill there's no replacement for displacement sir yes certainly each one of these cores were produced from this package. So really really dumb as they of skill Aden just a regular SS Javelle. Wellness is the top line caller we have the biggest motor in the best score period of the big issue drills these callers or blue chip collectibles. And then you start getting into you it's a numbers game when you start getting into low number course load normal production you options colors. Beyond the Arianna engine packages that's what the value just steadily increases though where water was food I was second Yana. Notre yes I am on bills good second also straight guy. I don't know I Julio got the Arianna natural look at this I don't do this with a value comes always call absolutely this is there's between. 30000 or she will 300000. Dollar Chanel and Nadia audio and. And Delhi area and a so stunning it end there so many cars and that's what we've had done for the shows would compel little list of these callers. And there's got my there's a lot of mother actually. But like your next car for example the Sony won chronic GT a judge. A pretty rare car and of itself but then you their only option of being a convertible. And there's only seventeen of these main. Well and that's something else this just that alt thing a lot of people didn't walk convertible most of course this year I mean girls were cruisers. Most court heard talk of course as the tower so when you're young. You know a forum for people of cubic inch to an Indian over the hood of your convertible. Told Lauren saying. Okay how Loria pay no aria that that's a host of cola this car is you know. For one and only sent him home made but nobody knows how many are left well exactly I mean you know one guy Rick so we're leased to Newser so there's no no counselors as fulsome insane. Cause and effect in 2013. Homes sold auction for 232500. Dollars. Just to tell you the close to know. That thing you know these values fluctuate you have an excuse you have should villiers you'll lose or who use you have Chrysler years. When these corridors bringing crazy money until it comes in waves you know already years. But you're punished really out of fears that are the crossover really hot I mean they're still up their value but there really hot. Alexio every five or six years he's coaches for turn by the value goes up from serve these are investments a sellers took. And this is a really cool car coming up next here. I actually denied those cars even produced so I had the carnal bell about it. The 1991. Yes let years correct the 91 Shelby completion. Our competition two rounds are. But since this wasn't those horrible thing he team that we're now. This is actually. A remake. Of his original Cooper yes it was almost like he has copied his K color version of the original comparable as a kid curry scored for prediction you're. Chile actually use production numbers from 1965. To completely not got a little pop quiz. What did the vin number of every she'll be cobra start with I have no clue CSX. Carroll Shelby experimental nice nice. Be of these cars remain only not a home and make and I anyone. And what's also lease car sold for a half a million dollars brand name. I mean you think about it Carroll Shelby in the rural and courses we're quite we're blessed copies like they make now ephedra over or whoever else. This is the real deal you assert. The mayor himself and it paid Carol there's no children you know especially you know care Jim he's no longer registered no fatalities which no further cool shows like toughest group leather. Yeah boosters have life horror Trieste where some. I mean you can't I mean you finally got things you can kill gloves again but you know and so in this do. You won his first race eating nitro glycerin pills going around that track. So like a good time and feels like it at all I was like in the late fifties early sixties. Yeah it he's a legend in themselves well. But a name to know these cars in the end zone for a half a million dollars factor I just wonder what the words now. There's been going nine of them. If that's even a man's left those children. So those door some where else bill and paid half a million. That probably go out and racism here a little they strut or ask him those other 78 Indianapolis 500 Orbitz this course got political they held up. Put speaking of very loaded on a string of very low numbers like that vote. Let's look at the 1960 so seven Shelby GT 500 convertible into that's my favorite car right there isn't really absolutely love it Paris Jayne out everybody knows is 67 Shelby GT 500 came in a fast back. Everybody knows that. But there is one of convertible and one to save the crew had to be looking core of Mary you all slippery and you still not back during her. Yeah I had been out ball but I mean there's one of beach dude coming chief Alan you know Lou would would you set a value on my car up coming. Those resources they have there must thing here's a quote readers of the ice flow sure he'll score but I mean obviously if you have the camera world group. I mean this does limit. Absolutely you don't have a one more coming. Well I mean they're there so many. Assuming a resource on that a recent resume duplicate these they're getting seriously now making clones and all that nature and eraser there's an antagonist schools like about Mann thanks don't you well and other cool they're little bussing people Margaret moral there don't you pull Marty and you pull a martyr pour or bring you must think really anywhere from. I think going back 64 and a half or more report all the way to mail he'll tell you everything down to the numbers. My caller Baku I mean what's cool is you know are you don't want one truck brought but it's my options. This summer in the whole car is different. Yeah I mean it's like saying your the only big block long that would be no limit a ton of them yet. But this is like there's no admirable as the only two live in assaults. But as an option doesn't make it is a total purples but. All right so Stan in the must think family. The 2000 mustang cobra all or you assert that are looking cooler little wing like little stuff now always gone middling course is always look at tutoring influence heroes so cool is actually there was a high school had one of these cars he just drove him around and I just drove it around. And it's a schema five point formally entered drug motor making 385 horsepower. Which was the biggest and fastest must thank produced at the time by justice price this whole all of whom were read all of Brent 300 units. No mercy no ACU drama as well as hello yeah all are absolutely I think what we have think quick break they'll get things. Mills aluminum and more these storms coming up next somehow broken every hour or 1063 did you movie yeah. From custom car shows and swap meets are raising and for my sport and it's all about rides rides on hot. Hot rods at happy hour a lot of little hole on what those three WORG. This is worse V. Horse power. My guys will match. Now around snapping our amonte runs Robb Pitts Howard user. And doing great on this beautiful Sunday Jeff Lewis knew how to use and patently storage but. He did you go you go to a royal slightly inaugural quit how you can salient fact and so. This isn't that how the I was expecting to hear other but I didn't hear it sounds familiar you're not the same right now rosewood. My guess. With the speed of. Bruntlett went on drugs now Jenny or like the floor and those values are rare cars these special number course. And I'm gonna talk while one of my most favorite of these the nineteenth 770. Plummets Tammy sue former. I love these two hours. Who are cool. And call two way well when they hear me package only half a 135 units were made and auction instills this day auction will bring. Anywhere between a 600000. Dollars cars spinning out like this so why Ahmadinejad is a wide range of these core I mean they go through that. An appearance on Saturday well you know there wiggle back reporting knows the thing is about these courses here in pictures they look perfect big you're seeing scores of person they're not even close and other wrestlers. Is way below the ocean the other horrible. We don't need and he does nineteenth senate technology to make some demand nice once they're powerless cooler that's the most since 1953 girls. OK but I don't know how apparently thought religiously that make it over to the move or give into them. Mean are you know a simple always cardinal optimum mine that no this or that sponsored it the wing on the back but there is a functioning winning. But as a over exaggerated wing blow really do need to be about half the tolls it really is but the truth would race announcer actually had to make it tiller. While a slowing of the big wing and what does it lets you don't car actually builds your co stadiums seeing how come. I was unaware chicklet endorsed this stadium seating I'll love him I'll love those stores are really do not believe that comply. Yes I am and those cars would sell a cool thing about this horse manure out of the box race car Richard Petty even used ones will mean that all. We are paying. The kind. The risk going out of the box is usually that's a really brawl is the editor of roll cages change is all have a the car was cables 200 miles an hour from the factor dog will mean in any horse capable to normal hour. Those cars are meant if you try our those cars were known if or left. My grandfather's mustang is like that he's got a nice and I feel that he's got a man and I'm fork over convertible five speed. Super charger and it shall serve 160 goes on and on any and he wants and you'll over 200 miles an hour of the new has death wish Danny does that I didn't thing is he doesn't drive that much it's only got like 70000 moment. O'Neal's line of mental outlook only two and donuts is pearly gates he outrun the wind. Please don't take this badly or you. And city police cuts with a pretty somebody's out ran a couple who they grip and yourself are you incriminating company I am not because he doesn't hardly ever drive the car anymore so it's not really incriminating yeah actually since June distances are gonna go forward targeted audience now don't you were talking about what you'll consumers Iran rule so much. I love them I do but William a month we know what governs this or 1969. Chevrolet Camaro. ZL one thought struck now what was so cool of these car. So this this car right here is a factory freak you can't suddenly there was a sort. The corps itself there are sixty mil home made power right. But this is the things called us and all aluminum. Four point seven and yes our section I know made in the near 69 but good thing it's goes we're told it's not an inch 169. Guys this I was married. Forty what 4740. Years ago I can't see him amass a cameo in this corner as a aluminum engine ended in 1960 and will haul and only reason that you've got is because you check it the right boxes and groceries along these cars are on this list was made because you could order crazy cars like this crazy combinations. And speaking this computer almost say you want a real when he looked toward garrison severe real to the city cop killer out there. Death and will lose even cooler Miley scores are not out drinks more articles Obama signed. And like some when they were her like I am only 22 of whom were us sent back because they're too fast her own customer actually brought him back. The motorist pulled. A small plot was put into place and there should back out the door so I may only thirty some of these things are left with the pro earned whatever the number is. But you know it is let's was a big blow out there. Where do you Bob Ross text service all right I imagine the people they go up and they want to take the car back because it's too fast that tomorrow back and somebody for that it does happen it really does have other gotta take this torrent students fast machismo thing don't good chicken all the boxes and what they don't a different world there too though. It wasn't. So PC they would would you order a death trip if you warn that it gives the bucks is what's the. Doing you know even Oregon man with a four point six and we could be doing is if you're a little may vary from an excellent program. But really I don't know maybe it's okay mile local he's he's he's still loads of Michigan he works a Cadillac in Lansing who were English and when the CD is we came out back and like 05 or what Iran's. These cars were fast. That's a lame these cars were fast and they went to Vijay came out and I think you nine. 556. Horsepower. So think about grandma and grandpa on down he had a new Cadillac and they want the best of the best little give the option on it they were ruled rove called and they literally frozen or good trade news and it's pretty brutal and so they get this Cadillac CT SV. Ms. making 556. Horsepower supercharged. Grandma visited Hershey store and rips a singer and a day I'm tree I mean because there's so ungodly fast. And they're taking place gores met him I don't get actually happened gluten. All I don't know a lot miss daisy but I mean mogul did tell me about people bringing these cars back because they were just so ungodly amount of time. They are well great and moving a school about it you know we're talking mother. There Sheryl has this thing called Cooper. Central post production order and you could literally order any combination you just about worn it in any call it yet and and that's that's so cool thing. You can use it feels available. They did all right oddball car. I talked about I think you've talked about the scarf for. My dad had a sunny Fort Dodge 100 which if you know a dusty 100 is a base model truck there's no you have to look at drug exactly. What was under the hood for 4390 horse. I mean that's just didn't happen to switch the write about someone take the right but oddly enough. My dad get the drugs only six in those bonds are in order and 74 from a guy who worked at now more Chrysler. So he generals go murderers are not similar pool or in the words of Jim Nabors the stroke Chris. This car greatest golf five days seconds flat exactly love it's sunny but it. Automatic tennis minds is mansion and of course my bed and minus brokers Kroger food. You have your moment. That was good movie absolutely it was a big numbers are not saying that's great Manila early eighties maybe the news and hear quotes here shoe print that's. But I mean such an awesome Charlton. Coming. Hello is that was called for those schools let anything magnanimous. And you're rumors that the most or did you simply different sort of short bed big book Brooke would note turbot export mayors twelve volt plug destruction. Good big drug people drove pickup trucks and these are due to halt play within them to haul dirt to use this to play more for you moron tournament. This all our two seconds flat exactly. I similar non. Sixteen I Shelby mustang GT 500 dollar a little higher production number. Thousand units were made these horse still without production number ring around 300000 auction. Won't today's army or you must think many asks these are those blue chip course of these guys the go to bourses go crazy over anything shy about Ebola. Every every year this is what it is is Kenosha Carol she'll reserve Elvis had absolutely. I'm OK some of our own John Magaw GM the 53 Chevy Corvette first year Corvette would go blue flame six. Yes sir. Only 300 of these cars remain so. Yes to me though the quarter really this sort of nudging it if I don't I really I really would have created yeah. Is there any glory it was a big step that was the first fumble less production Gortat and and these arson still staggering around 200 now Thompson and we'll always an up almost doubles and dodged a little more stirs oh but that is America's sports car or sort of exactly and that's pretty much what everybody upper draw ourselves like. Yeah I agree. It's blown it okay well. To get overweight bishop gave me that a the IO Osama Corey little. The core man is America's sport you or good time without the viper chattering and the fact that my school work. How pro. Do what our goal back now know we're jumping back. To the congress is concerned these yeah I guess most of them this this is social order more the clinch the 1967 Yangon of course. 67 you do which was mostly for your for the Camaro is also for sure is this package McNamara. Omen or a 104 were upgraded by you can you goes like this say lean yes for the shareholders but on the day. Oh and they did some crystal they were with the vets the world and there's actually no that's yeah home. A little later on. There were with a bigger noticed a home. I mean these coming out of the quarter at four point 70 this course bring crazy numbers if it's a real you go color yeah this is the easy part almost. Everywhere you see is a fake. Yup so yeah these cars are still bring in around 350000. Off challenges is crazy all right guys let's say you are we got a special calling guess Kono and until we can tell about these limited production course for days. Camilla doesn't that we are faced a break you tell us about your favor limited production special edition caller yes sir. All right yes stay tuned as we had a calling estimate of new normal woman sessions don't tell is lady has just flown against them they do please don't tell sold out the SE optimists club and other economic community and another caution come up. There's. State do pray here our president gamble one loses through the moon. I drove for your three years tank is full on hot rods and happy hour would drop to expand our broad 1063 WOR DEZ pay away. And gallons and and every minute of it. Hot rods and gone. I guess. It's hard drive we feel real. We do we do. Miss Melissa go with the South Carolina optimists club Melissa curry you. I'm well thank you very. So we are talking about precious things was Easter coming up we're told him all these original cars there. You know low production numbers and all that and we wanna talk about cars show renewed with the optimists club and we thought that was a precious topic. So we want to bring you on and tells a little bit about what is the optimists club. I woke it is my pleasure because ask at the home but I'm a little bit about our club we are on the Spartanburg optimistic. Club we are now and farmer chapter on and we are on located. Top ninety pastor Miller made on that implicated in Spartanburg cheat on Korea cheat on me. We are on and glad to be a part of how broad and happy hour coming out help and support on a lot of different things that we are going to get our money is on the purpose of our club is. Didn't basically develop optimized. And Upton and young as a bloc they apply. On a weekly that inner core team our free agent say Easter eight and international creed that we solid on it and what it basically ball they don't see it we we track you inspire either respect for law to permit pray about patriotism and work for international court infringed upon how people. On but I'll take you develop the heat content of the area. On an end to each candidate giving of oneself and service to other Olympia on routinely won in life and in our community as well at the world imagine a better like I can only positive thing then and happy thanks very and that certainly is not a I'm going to teleport it to. Mean a policy talk about children you guys actually do a lot to help the children in the community is that correct. That is correct on some of that. I'm organizations that we help on. And actually one of our members created is the armed security like it. On hand children security blanket law that that organization unit which disorientation that and basically. Eight a service or children Lipsky turn touched the Molly Daly are geared we actually have. And support the security blanket on. Actually I believe I'm. And we did that week we are actually invite the children and I don't panic. It how can be carried and when we have can be carried on mr. Palmer apple actually created the children secured my skin when he created. That as an optimist club member we can't get it on. Had to agree bat well let's stop Colin Powell was there to be able to help that showed her with her on and what we do that we get all the credit be condemned thing. It not just about Reagan money only did spend a weekend. To come out and they can't order a charity. On and they get her off court didn't get station a brother and sister actually occur in the near term player and we we gave that they won't and that's the part given back of the hand on we even have children he can't even talking what we do and we have our hearts that we have you can't force them back and forth to England. I'm it's been a pleasure to be able to help their children and especially their peer that whale. That's actually that's awesome then and that's what we started out rather happy hours and help out the community we do allow Walters and things like that. So tell us how the club community can help you guys with the optimist club. All right now we are on and we have anyways if you could help on. We would love to have more men worked on and it can't remember doesn't mean you have to give every single Payer every single week you're. I'm not your aunt. What is definitely you eat opportunity to get partly also club. On the net. Yet actually community green you are able to yes we have I'll break that Avery other Saturday morning in which the club because down in the crowd has. On a wonderful breaks that says that is Egypt's new version that you can't let your power on and we did. We get special up and talk about what we're gonna do what they need to come out the album. Speed events coming up we had a car shook him up there egg gear to get new helping out the optimists club on a category and the senate. I'm excited about that Alex I'll tell you. I hope that's the best place record should know that. It says you often because it is available on May be good because you do the card can display. Very well and people can see the carton and he actually be able to neighbor in and out on educationally and be able to get get going to want to. Kind of party got a concrete he can get help from Shanghai arrived at happy hour captain. I'm not that close at all. I tell you something else really cool about the location is we have here to go there which is like one of my favorite stores ever. Talented. And we look as if it's like you walk in there is like something forever about it we get here because negotiating cooers we get them coast to sunglasses we've got all the schools stuff that we got T shirts go. Lol. Yeah actually daily certainly have come and we legally gotten need to intervene and how would that hurt other marched on and well at the enable teams. Now facility their TV cut category at the screen printing. I'm an aggregate of one stop shop later that it is very fortunate to be able Hazmat facility. I don't know about you but others who think people will still put their name on it. Early days because like the big thing milk toast the month ramming I'm sure you guys do that there's well immediately they would certainly did. How would you know our broad. I am told me. Also in just this is that this is what we love Melissa hill and her family because a little birdie also told me that your husband just bought a hot rod. Yeah he had he did by any he's a great little hot rod alumni but you gotta be explained our course I'm excited about that as well. Hello I love that only got a little drove to the dark side path. I don't know how this a 67. Nolan what postcard or not I'm not post cards up to 83 automatic yes they're so little screw around noon a much interest in marine. Stay quiet Leon in the pocket here. That's the beauty thing about the all callers and this gets your attention. They certainly hey we would you know we're excited about being able to be a part of it let you know hot rods and happy hour. Come out and help us facilitate such an opportunity at. To be able reprimand what we're doing an optimist club and we're very fortunate that we're able to get it out there a year ago as long college each we were there. A concert Norman ten laden we're looking forward to the united you guys are that bad are coming around help I think and it's always a pleasure to have any people like he's got. Could come out and help my particular case that's not who you're for all of the good of what we're doing an optimist club. What do you mean you know it was more of Melissa Melissa the studio is only so big my hair run Els pressure yeah. Olivia and guy area really has been a TNT have on such great people can be able to help a tablet gets there at the end it didn't hit me in the worst and we we are certainly grateful heart happy hour you. I am and that's a great thing about this event we are going on that in the end and work on the show in the hole is a very nice there many gear and get your tail is sending down a little hole and is also. Arm and and what we're doing was this is a 100% of the proceeds are going to benefit the optimists club such lower Kurds and everybody come out to the show with his. Where I've been taken interferes donations that's always one. Both an open Kosher so when you go bringing that would total about your not only your whole corridor as we're talking about the late model reformists were tightly controlled gas everything you bring it up consult local Dorgan calls absolutely. And you are eligible for the eighth ninth awards that we're going to be given out at quail. That's your you know borrow yet more on the top ten classic the top ten modern. But especially awards and investors shift the wounds they saw the numbing how can you lose. I don't know I bet you never and I pull out that's been sort of. You never lose your nickname. It's got that is at the essentials special to the right judges of the ship accurately what are our closest judges sent. Yeah everything you'd expect that all of us back. Well Melissa is men wonderful time haven't you on the show I want to thank you very very much for coming on so muzzle them on the optimists club and what a great thing in this. Well we certainly appreciate it teach definitely if anybody contracted outlay you have to do it can't give that. Kind of break that optimist club on March Spartanburg often. Dot com and on they can certainly enjoying error on our journey could be able to help the economy and our community in New York County. Interstate. And it could get that small tank and you know who and where we can. Get back into any certainly at market turned an effort and we certainly appreciate it. Yeah it's all about. I'm thinking god and my yes ma'am we'll look forward to seeing on the fifteenth at 11 AM absolutely. I thank you cannot thank you must I must say. I got there what we've got a great show and they ought to run yes we have had excellent and I do always told us rare or special editions we discovered the phone will really mostly was former pot must close. Oh love. How we can take your hobby can help great calls with a yes sir and I'm very modernized state in next week we're only told in part to multi specialty cars until you look I'm only edge of my seat right now. They're going to tell you very closely and it actually rob as they did not Arabs that is new with the are I don't wanna 63. W or. The hours in Iraq sharing connect with our bad our. The on air button at 1063 WORG dot com. Scroll to high. Hot rods and happy hour find out more about the show listen on demand that it Iraq. 24/7. Runs in happy hour supercharged. I don't know what it was 63 WORG.