Hot Rods and Happy Hour
Sunday, June 11th



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Our flag as welcome back dollar Rosen I'm here our our drug was an answer to about bad Fed's view a bad car France horrible core trends. So they singles through to their coolers and we were talking just a quick recap role in cold we know that's man yeah. Now Thomas stuffed animals ever Wear own car straight bore holes or you think this sticks only in general yeah we another one of those coming up. On next so how what class did or rattle campaign jobs won't tell you sum up lesson that this what you should do with a Jewish or your place given the players depth. Period death was really LC that. All right so rare guys coming give he has fasten your Ausprey mowing your 36 dodge you know flat black get back I'm when he called. But I'm also state and I think we've said this before on the show. 92 is ten now figured drug ms. spray bomb flat black is not Iraq Iran. The resistor is just the third and that's for them spray bomb jobs and renal can jobs well. I mean even I even runs. Which you I mean even the ran her own cars and all that stuff these things are still paying when the pain go over issues they flat matte finish clear are flat and homily today. There's no Randall Gay and stuff. The army. Big Q and is a rat or opening the flood lecturing and slow thinks this been to war and he out of context. I'm a bit of Colorado store. And there are alone time. In you know I told several old timers you know in Colorado enough total when they heard about and you know there's no way here. In history of our buddy. That's bilateral Williams. Rusty stuff was ever popular if you drove a caller in flamboyant former U room waiting to have it let her painted. Well I don't sing me I'm differently on that I don't have a problem of Iraq rug John I don't I've I don't have a problem with the but it is not alone osu is traditional nose not traditional. No well who is as traditional as one it's the seven means. When moms and an editor for our magazine has 34 they never kind of and engine dubbed it the right around there was an original caller there was an understanding is not a traditional. By no means that I mean when you got guys use in mailboxes and things like that that's not that's not only remotely anything traditional. Yeah I'm I'm OK without love and actually his very artistic. And I'll look at it this far is it being a traditional thing now but. You know. Plus the dip down money. That stuff I had yeah. OK I've seen people you know like higher and you you do of them layers some them. And you buy a million ms. black and you wanna slap blue. You know people rather replies that because you can pull it back off. I'm OK with it but when you go down to Wal-Mart and figure of eighteen cans of class today at two dear sweet ride grow in the backyard. Bomb Nia now. I want to raise a few pledged to do prevailing you're more on. Marital I don't care what color it is irony there but it's been nine and it no excuse that well in chief. I mean is exclusive to do. And it looks like. Thought illusory and totally it'll surveillance like cluster that was what looks like it looks like to handle on a ranch in memory issues. This it's hideous. I mean I agree I'm not arguments facts at all. And while we're on the while we're on the subject there I think this falls in that hundred dipping. I love Roger dipping when you sample done you have I drew dipping when tastefully done and everything flows the other. Don't have red carbon fiber over here real flames over there Bleu schools over there that's bad that's a no no keep it all units you know unified. And stuff yeah again raps on the final that's all I do but. Don't have let her friend over here and of zebra print over there LSU with a man against our thing. Always the only hundred in the Solis took pillows Tavis some of his very neat hole. But I mean I think Kristin did a great job on the intake my car you know it's carbon fiber it's real dark it's kind of hard to tell it I think it looks great. You know having accent pieces like narrow some bogey when you take an over the top it's. Well with you three you can be anything that. When you any idea yet. And I think last day of running around and paying jobs of limits one of them that has been beat to death it has been me and you won the first all role models. And while we're while we're on the subject of it if you're mod comes off a shelf of a park store that is not Ahmad. Come go and let you know that. Yes and you can make things all the polish or shall I abuse things of course crucial to build cool stuff. That. It's never also looking airplay as it is to do occur. Right next up Billy daylight bars no. Drug standing zen patent pact paddle like things are liars all I did to Heidi too and Nolan made this claim here. If you're an offer of guys in your like go off road near thing's true Iraq and they usually ends up happening and nine because. You about a guest you know there in the wounds or you're just riding a night. And you have Libor is all over everything like no me out of trail may look like daylight cool all four love it. Or if your thing is the million nice pavement princess you know big jacked up drug its claim everything in you got on their for looked. Great all for it. But when you're on number and your 09 Tacoma city nonstop we'll see you just get three of these things on in your blinding everybody in the incoming claim. My first thought is to swerve over and take you well. Really yes my first thought I don't do that. You're so well known drug I'm in broad rates can cool have a Villa mowers go a little over the top and they're getting a little crazy Hulu and little small squirrels or cutting holes in the body's ability to me you know use guns back of legend silicon mountain back bumper. By the way that helps us structural and lighten some Mumford. The science. They now but. This is the bad fan I'd be you know I think purposefully. The bill well a little they look good I mean I understand that she route around. And blinding me bloom that's bad yes and actually is illegal. But I'm just saying. I mean you know me it's like anything if it's used in a way you can be a penny. And then I want to let you get you guys who have their 500 Arctic temperature of the other 12100 dollar Libor on the wizards telling them the perfect analogy for that is an old British to tell me insulin you gotta Fowler all are subtle a fifty dollar horse exactly. And this from so why of course testing these news things you know IBM great don't drive down the road wisdom on how Leroy Hill agree that. From with so. Well no reliable owners know like bars on this right here. And how does this our drug. You sit back and hot cakes but that's not. We've all been run down the road. And we see these stick figure fairways on the I had an event and there's nothing worse. Been seeing like. Get them almost a period today at least they fear any element I happen doesn't trust circle motor stick figures and a half and then mixing and you're like. Firm for Pete's sake I mean like get all the woman may yelled cable TV I mean do something other than. Make babies coming to a crewmen just coming out of there about like Kurt loader literary lawyer and the thing about it. It's wrong also real one. Tell us on going see remnants of the bad scraped off blowing if the Montreal open position you know whatever but this is the thing that bothers you this and this is a bad in this because a lot of they put the kids names on. And not only has this sleds this becomes stupid but now I really hard as this things actually got people kidnapped yes all right so okay. Are you get Jack and Jill and then gather a little tricycle motors rule com Stephen Susie. Now everybody knows everybody in your family and will you guys ride around in me knows my name the Suez and over to the right. We got our school big show where little Jack considered selling go to school left so now we know where to pick him up that we know them by name. First of all we he'll pick you know kids out yeah we'd say it's not but yeah I mean it's just a really bad idea it's not safe at all I mean. It so for the C children's sake scrape this stuff off I hate these things although there's some really funny when there's a lot of ones Lutheran social exceed the. You pool and have your it is only that or just makes people loving like like three in full grown women in my view at least five days and you know and do fun stuff tools are real life choice seven dogs and yet these a couple of you know puts poison dollars a campaigns Kelly Kelly ultimately wants Gregg doesn't want you don't mess with guys like you go to the reload or you just like you got television don't look numbered. But yeah I guess this this Fred's not safe I mean honestly. You know do society is not Xavier we really bad salute to accurate as a boy to scrape them off. And along we're doing that moral scraped over to some commercials. All right does you've been listening in the hot rounds and happy hour right here on 1062. Does what my dollar doesn't have they are probably since you'll be disturbed scrutiny you miss my heart palpitations. And stuffs yeah. Pretty sure as medical but I got a little rough man as far as drawing down our Rosen have been our life is your hair. Our current lack thereof. I don't hate to muffle all the follicles and walker and a great player. Our world. I know world radio news guy asking a simple I mean describe my here it's like go lions main. NATO fired thing gold. And a lot of hair product lots of product. I guess we are we're talking about horrible core friends. Not that makes them doesn't go one. Memory indoors. You know when they first came out that was the coolest thing ever ever expedition madam. What can I would have both love them you don't look the thing that was funny about it and that's it's really good idea. To you season might try to get out of this car while it's too because the doors will open up about four inches yet insulate the worst thing ever. And it was gray is late a lot of newer memory in these don't even have Lambeau endorsement from the ages of the normal. Well well played memory Guinea will play well it's going to be to death in the course are designed to be like I mean the first it was a novelty amid a Rios Wii is a daily deal under blue or leave neon under the last season. When they first came out it was a cool singer and arousal and need the sludge. Obama is is not president very expensive you know we still like 712100. Dollars an arrangement. And I mean. ECM after copy here's indoors no closure right anymore millions they are seen one that showed right yet yeah. Related news here and there treasure this really. I mean there's nothingness says four and luxury car like unassuming win Lambeau endorsed. You norms and only if it's cool we know first just seven miles of the box I'll remember about your mini truck and they want the cool soliciting your suicidal for the doors open backwards. He had his driver's door open backwards but the pleasure goes regular so the doors opened up like those who didn't show more stringent drug. I must say it just my personal and now. I'll light my Emery is stuff on Macintosh fan from way back. But. I mean how Ottawa Emery in indoors. More aggressive baker expedition. It's kind of like shot again and many line and a black tie event films I asked this is bad for business is not good and this is no real classic none at all. Hala it's. Does that tuxedo T shirt exactly like it did little core monster is the seventh save it to succeed but he sure got away doing it as it is not good and is nine years so lonely moralism always leave Jerusalem thanks for a lot now he's a danger if he does that in any slides lives. Our guest oral swab years from Lambeau doors hopefully he'll keep them shut from here on out the world's most more 3 AM products. Well once rim really implies that not enough drama club drugs. Some say could Stoops oh lord there's nothing this one I'm guilty of Ryan said the say young in no moment I'm sorry. But I do your own bed relatively. Feel old but now if you look at the solace for Muslims couldn't. Now the thing kids gives them. Horrible hole is good news bad. Me and until Palin thing is they get bigger and bigger and. Life I mean how much air doesn't one point five liter four cylinder really mean what a bad thing is is not it was you know workers are not even opened there's no it is really your coming here today aired cheered hooted. Wasn't even there a lot of glory and open in the center which is the worst forest has like a wolf the schools like you would have only it. But that's horrible eight I think what's worse is because of their popularity which blows my mind. A lot of carmakers put fake ones on the car already we. Oh improvements backhand well I mean this is. Spiraled downhill there's just so bad yeah I love the world's other girls try a little poll offers clips from fans of fears and stick a woman root for the car yes. Police someone from car managing movies explain that to make. Why does your refine and has given one blood is these little small or as little scuba haven't yet how many how low the first British French does. But there are some questionable things there's a very questionable things all around hindering the clips for small low not socks on becomes global and of course loans yeah it is known as you know position number measures outside actually is not flammable. Remain as common misperception that well that is military's a little else about the earlier the floorboards plaza that it also very Dahlia I EL (%expletive) Pacquiao floored flies out to biodiesel Joseph citizen or immigrant which is still blows Obama. I'm stress like courted my glamour doors are until we need but did have a stuck on hood scoop on my roof like jewels molded and that's still we will superhero yeah. I guess so if you rip your fake kids gives off when did this one rip off the fake badges to. All right no other and you're you're due Muslims do not really. So you're totally limit of 63 bed earlier this to us. OK you don't hear there on merit she. You did it is enhancing Gergen fake it's Cubans into patterns and I'm glad I no limitations on techies so I'm at bat. Yes this mad dog imagine Bel Air soon SS it's not an SS. Never was no such now. And main if you drive around in Malibu alluded to make kansas' don't want bad situation now is not you know any Romer. There's nothing. If you're you're you know imagine a boon cloned it's fun. But I horribly don't want brushes the homes don't cut it right. Yes if I just in my Bel Air pull all Miller badges off to him Paulo ones are married although then make a four or follow us says I don't think. I'm sure sure warmed more to go to the current but still. If not a mention tuna column will know better will impose a six or Miller two totally different course technically. Body was yes that was saved all the chrome is different in exactly tell us a different deal I mean it's it's way more nimble one. I'll give you value we have for instance. The back of 63 Bel Air. Has to tail lights only no backup lights almost six exactly. Malia has 42 running side for a wears it well has three give back a blatant sinner. The Miller did not have that. Exactly so I mean and there's a lot of things you know I see I'm a big fan of anybody course course and you get your policy in the U caprice of us. We know a lot of people throw impose a and Paul badges Dominic Friesen call that. It takes way more than men now although they did share the same drive train Utah is the same body was exact same money. These are much different molding is different and tear all the other different wheels. A lot of times the freezes and drum brakes in arrears and impose yet this coming don't try to make it something inside. I'm an immense sense. The beginning people vote bash callers how America is a cousin the other dodge guys they do it you know than the other four guys and they are. Okay go Tony go through just a minute. And that's why I must we've put a snake don't everything we know exactly what's wrong with a GT mustang I mean. I mean that's cool in itself other GT most thing is is neat. Anything you put those snakes on a few roku restraint that's cool. But don't make everything a cover everything is takeover. Yeah well I mean this is same as GM plan because she only has made some mess us so dry clothes and you know some as a Sissy vis a touch or blazers. Now everybody puts SS badges on everything. Well we where Israeli President Corvette SS two and a whole. Assistant blazer assists the other day and download it really coming you should cyclone at her typhoon it. We know what this should those trash can that idea yeah it was horrible and I mean that they usually you know that teams is they fail miserably live there. Speaking of failing miserably we take a week. Let's drill on this show and go to commercial and pay for some bills the strike guys journalists about drugs and happy are here 1063 to. Muslim intolerance and have bearish romp that's our raw I what's going also there until they won't overlook these flags. Bad apple says it people how old rehearsal Muslim Amal and so most of the people who live callers to trust me and saying. Meanwhile someone's Mike Ramos on a cool little silly Obama alone she's buffalo foot tinge whole world provision Kyra I'd go. All right well listen and business partners that does make you him alone shoot shoot shoot drizzle bats ultra important all that amendment act. This next on live their truth and the next one really knows me and there's gonna erase me and I think. Everybody but the guys you're only strokes I think this one bothers. The Carolina squad. Okay. You'll see it so much around the OCC a little bit and do silver and if you go out Martin did you go to rural beach oh god. You cannot live in Horry county where that Alex. Pamela Carroll also like you but your four drought truck you know have the lift kit I don't know if these kids like hell are stealing invisible trailers. Or you know if they can't afford but love holing invisible loads of conquering the bail or if they can't form. Half clueless kid I'm I'm really not sure us all must certainly go fund may page to help these kids mileage kids for the back comments only blocks channels remain without. From and I give us we'll be right I mean nothing like thirty or forty bucks a kid amassing William L well the storms and I think when Nicholson I don't know how cleanup and we we we need your help says adult you know. Armed or not these comments I can't it's horrible and I mean in this thing is I mean UC toes and blazers and pickup trucks undermined not structurally we're on don't know much trash. We're gonna let you know 5060000. Trucks were a dual career low squat. Yes and now I'm makes these trunks looked ugly as squawk will then the thing is I mean what is acerbic. Nothing it's got every one is going to be held drug you're looking charade up in the sky. Driving up the road yeah a's can't be safe some analyst Leo last. I mean you're looking straight up in the air and then we'll talk about it. I mean like all rooting. I think that found the solution I think and I want to force. Evidently it all these new kids are pretty short as you know there's so young and everything all fifteen year old and a moment cool drove my own thing. Live to half of exiles all can afford after my own truck. Solely short his sit they sit what do silent true you only denial by the front they civil flat. He says that way I go around and still he's big isn't so sure. Missouri's. I was things goes a morons MI bit sick I think this is simpler solution and ask. This man sucks plain old as it is terrible but it does so called black Soriano research on this one. I was like why has this become a thing. So I had enough so I went digging you know male one big on final history things this one actually does have a cool history. Some would take you to. Glad kids Florida pole Alaska Florida. That is one vacation destination I've never heard of in Florida and probably for good reason vs small town of Fortis of back in the seventies you know little cool spring for drugs yeah. Prices this was a cool thing. So you'd buy you cool spring for drug Bagram seven these two will drive trucks and these are very popular. So commonly what people would do is either flippers while the crime being stimulus dump. Bomb especially for drivers so it lifts the truck tour will lead them to wheel drivers well. What this summer in order for your honor exactly so what this would do is do give you about six inch lift in the from the truck. And you know the way it teeters it TV about three or four inches a drop in the rear. Now you well before nine inch he runs for ten years. Forty installed tires. Not as much buzz of fraud and guess what you got you basically have built a tractor. But the cool thing is when you launch in neighborhoods you're gay in the front tires. You know receive Wheldon of the fusion northern talking about only say that oh yeah you're destroying a drug no we don't destroy a Trevor solar and you're if you will it despite her years in that so definitely it's undergo core value alive axle yes. Yes and it's line corner and turns out of their entire right now oh lord it's horrible event this 400 years ever break apart. Your world hurt. Yes but that's what people would do this and it was actually called both poll last kill mean for longest time. Somewhere it went of the eastern seaboard Lowe didn't get adapted here now it's everywhere. Until then we'll do some of this epidemic. But it was actually it was actually called Daimler started I mean there Middle East George the period of wills to have fun on Friday nights knowing that's what they're doing. And now it's led to just a horrible side. Now these things like carry no weight yet knowing all the little slower than dig your way that the don't pay him and they do nothing they serve at slowly no purpose and look terrible please god let this fence stop. Please please he's twice you don't want cool. And all were laughing at you actually. Here's one right here in your view do this once thought you should just about every. Walk off this list this when I'm not guilty of this one on the founding father of old Al give that a second. All right grand sports strikes we've all seen him. Only four minutes on corvettes because there's a grand sport Corvette and I know maybe a little history on this. The Tisch stress on the front fender of every car conceive knows my bad calls and rookie stripes there's reason for that too. By severe was 1963. The caller. Was a 363 corvettes are used during the grand sport race ms. way before we even knew what brands were Corvette was. You grand sport race at least three reds ran. Another race a year called the Bahamas sports sports car race. To boot he starts a little input only scores productive redundant. But what they did is one car and one red stripe when Torres to red stripes and one car got three racetracks. Reason being is the cars look all identical these cars were built to promote GM in racing the corvettes and racing. So what they did is they did so for strengthening to a so the driver knew which car was is to go be an end. That's why as a rookie stripe they can put his name on it I guess not so he knew that he was in the car was one strike or he was in the car was three strikes. Our our work. So. That's for the grand sport stripes came from those 1963 you fast forward to 1996. And Corvette paid homage to that was in 96 transport. Putting the dual stripes on the driver side fender. That was the first time it was seen since 63. Now I EC grants for strive so you know on the he corvettes I have one thing you know grants for core read every year and it's the same stress sensed an homage to that. Now here's the problem. People have put these things on Jeep cherokees. Ford mustangs impala SS is now hit that ground fixed. I mean Avery on this every conceivable car come imaginable scene for Corus. Now I'm guilty as York actually kill mostly for awhile Yemen it's not many six foot. Knew he knew loan or when. But anything under six failures wasn't in Sweden the jump did W stay true. But these these drugs have ended up on every car concede like I was literally into whatever Dutch yes. How did that once it. I was in Texas and sane and Jeep Cherokee wins grand sport stripes on them like mullah. What it you know my accent but as a here's the deal was this. I did I had in 96 impala SS in my thing was. Everybody says only get corporate matters not exactly true they'll they do share and LT one. This to say it's a still video tour there's still an LT one they do share the same block as you know Corbett does. But everybody thinks you know there's there's launcher core Venezuela people look to those cores when there's a luxury corvettes the motor and that mama want an hourly rate course. Well my thought was a sudden hey I'm a make some cool here I want build a cross like addition and Boller sets. Sudden embroidered the content business a satirist Al. I did cross like there added cross slides on the break Albers wins a hole cork. To call list is managing off all in colonizing all the (%expletive) imagine Nelson basically a bill to clone for Orvella. And hang grants for strikes not balls first person I know to do that do you realize the first of analysis is that cross flood zone debt. Yet in the sixty's yeah so I was telling you throw into that too but. So I did this and since then I've seen these things everywhere. This is not cool men don's got the bread is say hey this looks good everybody's doing there cars. Just like to say could scoops they said hey let's put grants for stress and everything. We've got in the logo yeah and they did you learn logo has clearly changed not like to think estimates that it deserves her share. But this is a bad fad these these strives someone in everything they honestly they just want corvettes. You know I think salute dogs OK if fits but there's some things yet he knew limo and did you jerky for sure that. The crown thing for sure yes I'll even say the Apollo incessantly mocked. Once Korea also at night and those you call your full auto Rogers started this and you've got to. Asian dolls yeah I started now and it please for the love of god and this fat. All right we finish that off yes no more rookie stripes not all right does a day what you'll stick around we got a great segment coming up. We doesn't view don't Craig's list for the best muscle car I think every time I'm in the bathroom. I tell you will look at appraisals will make an auto run up to play a little game and we let the challenge each other and you just ignored what I said to. Yes and none are in order for reasons Craigslist we have a challenge. I know we have challenges find a girlfriend for run and I. Only the final day front and I'm naturally to fund grants and how do other we do Craig's list shall we go back and forth all the time for different things you know it is all time it's good fun is actually a fun names of those we reduce its course shares at an event in the vidro bureau Simien on run with a nose stuck her phone world Greg's list. This is a fun time that they won't a lot of phone as we all the details coming up next right here Karros and happy hour on 1063. Puzzlement dollar on an every. A skill one arm man are you ready for a challenge you know my heart trend now is there one earlier today. Arsenal Colorado or text messages and all Nestor. I don't Challenge Tour and that's had back challenge accepted. The Shura gruesome here. They hear Alex came mama Jan really gruesome manner the gallery there he got me had a but my challenge was to get on Craig's list in front locally the best muscle caller we have the you're thinking about fund most of congress was right. Running in driving. 31973. And for under eight K for under 8000 dollars. It's harder than new thing gets so. Our drug won't tell what you came with. I think if I'm Jim. This bad boy runs and drives not a pretty used liquor in the world. Com but it has no breaks or just drives is a stop to save us a road worthy hello this is you can stand on it. How about you know 350 is none diluted three fit to serve return Encino to make good runner. Greg Carr I mean. Other news Greg Carr how well in 1968. Pontiac Firebird. Yeah let's unify our chickens. There it is. Okay Ted among toppled and then pulled it off yeah Dana looks rusty. But you know is how bad this isn't really you can tell them that fruitless picture from twenty feet away isn't stopping bad barely slick surface stressed. It going back to repeal the golf club over coral for I have actually. You that's not the the chocolate sir I mean I've come on this 68 fired and charging and I mean come home. Are neat. Alain is a clear and they do like the firebird thing I mean how easy is it swab slumping over and Clara Bartz will seek all your shares till our panel blow your travels the fenders and obviously is rested now so we edited and I have. The other quarters the food basically everything. This little car we got to come off of it and they blew the roof blown it and they demand Cabrera on how how sandy sand grain fired chicken with the other leaders of the little as sixty firebird. There doesn't stop. But as the price tank. Which is five K we just money you would think I got money in the bank and I know I can talk him down off that five day I know I knew that car 4500 without a shadow of that service you redeemed yourself should shoot for thirty about a hundred dollars we Google blows on a 68 exact slamming into the woods on my other point. And I asked anybody left around waiting there but I'm saying you got a good mom to start. Synthesis are there and that's what I love about cheap because you see that diamond in the rough curry domain. How often. I you know are you able to buy a sixty firebird and then you know at a good price I mean I know a lot of people have 5000 dollar line around I mean both. A lot of people are able to go and buy some like that. But this car restored you don't want 3040000 dollars that you spent there 4000 won't come within their but it is a return on investment as well. I mean it is this is desirable or you know clos 68 farmers so main. You know I think and honestly if you look at the pitchers and he's yes inclusive and obviously I think you would be a CN to make it Cabrera I would leave the farm solidly to firebird to. But I mean delisted pitchers and he's you know. It's not that bad and it does have some areas that need to be taken care of obviously around the rear window. Where any call that vinyl top is going to kill us is early enough money problems in general exactly those who are prone grossing anyway but still remain a Ryan and driving permits no breaks issue by running and driving CCA firebird it's a five K plus for a six was there a caller from exactly. I'm out I think. I now know this thing just screams America is strains muscle car as the load you know it's odd color which account like that do you know telling your dad's bad. Bomb. I allies guess I'm going forward. It just culture they didn't pass that evening I think I think it was there's this file holding peace. You know the funnel into the Indy 500 think he's the fun pulling keys would have to go politically and on the car they yell and Italy's screens like okay. 1985. Biz dreams like yes 85 direct your good times but yeah the road less on the car in the road to put. Other NASA rooms does stuff runs drives but they were full restoration. I get out of the Soviet interior looks pretty good OK so full exterior reroute restoration and it needs. Bricks in his brakes so Maine but I mean you got a little bit mind bank doing each star at least make it road worthy to enjoy the car. So I mean how are helping to get. All right so all too often when you sign. You know me I do I. Among early show little doubt you are a love 62 should also just some how lose a level. You know 8000 he can you get a mountain SS system no sir you get found one in the woods for eight K right. But I knew the next best thing he gets recharged doesn't. Know host the trump that pop up. Almost sixty found the green. Light is a hazard earlier this is totally okay look. Glittery don't know what every really period remain in all right 1960 photo comedian fresh build 350 with cam. Fresh bill through figure Turbo transmission. 2100 stalwarts that's a reverse stock over three series three years we'll Detroit locker. New shocks bucket seats with a BM sure after new dual exhaust new hitters new mufflers. No power steering no power brakes. All the breaks or new youth rally wills view. Echoes where they fiberglass calendar component is also recently been painted. I love marriage and if you don't want the mayor James. Part I think you've a awesome by the end for entry level are router. I think you've got to give credit car cruising tonight exactly you have to yeah there's been done it to you by I think you've found an awesome car. But here's the problem look at all what you get for your money. Vs what I get. That's because of the value of these cars of the longevity held uses. Then of color choice by yeah I'm not saying it won't happen. But will the right details are still 181000 dollar oh absolutely -- in this things they're portraying you as you spin 4000 dollars a match and your marital I know what's going on whether it here it's not doing it does not grant the risk corridors of the corridor until looks good it doesn't let the Corvette Nam rallies or rallies are an exert jabs. But man all along and is this is a gorgeous coliseum for the price and the best part is the priceless. How much is there less concerned with our dollars for so you know you can figure of yourself. About you it's but we and that's the big thing about it is. You know you can go to prison tonight piano and a local golf and I mean in the whole Lotta money. And people from our bad fads list then you know spray Obama flat black for the time being. It won't have flat or use leave it wide Joker yeah well I played OK but I mean your pre Google Earth you may put genocidal mad among the biggest. Really fair in the world. Yeah I was again hunter announced maintains one reason the innocent legs aren't. IE you know Penn Mike he's ever well thugs since you're not stuck in the border into fellow hundreds of your firebird. But memorial arena and you grow me crews and equipment Papa. Or maybe while we're gone to the present since you're driving a truck. Com we go about parts store Brigham some brake products and put in the band doesn't actually see European field each and help it carry bag and then ying Yang star in my firebird. But it just goes to show you got some you can give this probably a lot cheaper and you think I mean there's really good deals out there Daria hey you know in rob and I'll always take each other don't care what we're choosing but these are two actually. You know Greg Carr's only know the guys are so long. Any try to contact him but you know for the money Emmys coerced. These are two awesome color is your liver project through them they're supposed to do what little career this is not really project a missile and you know you're and in no way. Nearly got a good always Visio and making year old and then on the flip side if you're a little more hands on you know tools you get the time to do this on the budget obviously. I mean the firebird is a great pick up and it really is. So let's there was a 64 are reputed I you know around here I can't say I have faith is if I have seen one it's been rather elusive desire and insane a much. Alain they're great callers plumbing and listen I think it's alchemy goes. They're not exactly a Harvard school but Brady and drew level course I'll go yep for first time car router and then for the budget mini camp meeting in in both of these cars. Have a cool factor don't. You know even people like these short speed makes suspension bonus for both these coursing you can build a really nasty pro touring car obvious one is that cool little commuter hours it's virtually sixty closure will exactly is all is this a with a drug Metso Letterman career comings and you know the F fight that. But other match I mean there isn't sure little it is as if from it's a door jams Ford this year will Antonio and are on what they were you don't Mosul callers. I think it's tough for me go out there run around one because you know look we've been talking about two hours now well while Monta scarcer and in the shop a mom hop over impress your city your Saville row with the U sells like where does your list in the car Ras and happy hour right here of 1063 W.