Hot Rods and Happy Hour
Monday, June 5th



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No little color doesn't have errors in a row bits and what's going on Sarah Coleman decision Iranian. How do you want to tell me what. We've got so much great stuff to talk about we don't wanna hold two hours actor great stuff. A real slow movement that would you know and I don't wanna is is is it's a lot what do you what let's talk to the Ralph about how. And I am this is a very very. Very special loan broadcasting here broadcasting broadcasting. Was special this our six months ago on us. This is co worker ever Sri in his hat as a half of nurseries it's half of tertiary it's a half a cursory. Per share its word and if not Webster who make you want to assure they're bullying bullying made it we get half of her Sri and I think so I'll see anything wrong with that. Gambling wings great word this. So I. We will we will also talk about the way it's time. Really yeah you're wasting time so we'll do what are unfortunate little brother Willis at a lower Columbia June 9. Friday evening and union Kendra were particularly under pro mud series does Carolina Conner turned to the front month series Romo on the program eyes and Friday for a class or. A loved it loved red drizzle aluminum tower talking about me even more June until the very next they were being Greer south kuril warm and yes. So you made to sell Maine where only the drag strip him like allies to lay down. And we Aggie the main current. Bright eyed and bushy tail angry over her soccer lined out. And none o'clock TR hasn't tires you know our isn't hi Greg Greg Kohler show were political from the south carriers around it's like crowns in collaborators. Count him out. So lyrics of the sold for the cell ms. South Carolina foothills and passion association. He's got his career really cool should get the looting pageant walk around. So immigrate to a lot of extra stumble show be sure check it out all the FaceBook page you'll see the little boy and all that on the Facebook's in June 12 June 12 that follow on Sunday. Browser have Veracruz and ruby Tuesday's and we will be live later as a very special agent H Craig lol yeah. Hey horror solid floor let this Islamic Craig today here. June 18. Woman who say the twelfth campaign we'll hold our minutes are prompting. Z a dame OK we'll June 18 Sundar mix Sunday were going to be runs and that they are cool and all of that the riches is a Woodruff wrote. Worked for Edison alum I learned. Romaine that one and that's really digs at an oil slick cabbage that won the alcohol for a home. Antonio ask ruby Tuesday's sell more good music and we out we go out on ES WS supper they were and we know I don't follow the ship. Yes we do actually really live auctions glioma Bernard we a lot of law and we other raffle items that are going on and we were you boil them all some stuff wheels and tires computerized seventeen and so American race and we will see exactly where you well. Kearns of good stuff. I mean this is a pretty big deal doesn't mean that we do we woman you have tomorrow's gonna be our Porsche will be bloggers who have recently the what shall we do we do you know here it is live there leaders who looks no later innings kids. We all pressured. Although proceeds from that event is gonna help out our good friends act. There is a little bit cooler precious little collision deserved and you know he's he's working his way back to doodle the legacy at Cairo's family are still actually going to be there pastoral Billy Graham look policy legacy we're trying to give him back home blue brood of hill and yes sir. And then. And then we get a break. For a little while this drug but July 14 we're back reunion dinner Flickr or with the improvements in news and I'm excited man. Apollo I hate had to cancel racing fans and conflict managers. Just as I Estrada pulled the shrill and doesn't actually had a conflict in schedule yet. And I hate that but the pro month's series man I can't wait I'll love doing these things and with pro Monroe Anderson is the most exciting drivers in the areas of his total flawed and what we I mean we almost like someone on a solo one almost into and miles an hour for exactly I mean what is said the track record by the way everything I mean the you know. Ostracism we will talk about you you get on analysts that the key to my guess is that any jury sanctioned drag the only eighth mile concrete injury trek in the state soccer world do you. We have and the newest things that are in more than used it more than tough eighth mile tracks in the country. Boy and his is is impressive anybody it is the runs are carting union. Always walks away very satisfied with the way the track is handled and the wedge pres. We'll cruising you know incurred all those guys that take that trip to the next level of trick is treated with kid gloves is absolutely I mean they do they do it and they tree that drag like none other and it chips. Issues if you ever have an opportunity running car now ledger arguably more than pleased July. 20 sic it back to basics and here's courses built. I'll load the show you know all of the showed what you Alicia causes so much cooler Zetterberg has a great terms and now we could play some good music. This is change of pace frozen normally are our home buying is a classic rock which I love. But it's changed place we'd blow rapidly evolved and we'll for the yogurt relatively younger crowd we're. Is clueless and Susan real caller community. Let Robin Tyrod babysit union's own Saturday in to get back but we have a good time doing it and drag it back and show always brings out. Border 600 callers what Carl limbo total war loved. Suspicion things go alone gracious great music great term and let me just say that our odds have bear true is the reigning champs of the total war. Wouldn't it wouldn't yet went entitled welcome memo if Philip. Just science is what we're waiting here I'm just saying all right well first. Drug what is wrong with you you did and I just so I'll ask them what happened look we skipped. Major date and we did and I just laughing did you did address a red letter day in history and you. It's taking big scoop on how to July 27. July 27 some major day in you missed it I didn't Mansour salons are sung twice. July you don't know what's gone wrong I don't I am mama does anybody know what's going on July 27 nobody in this room as a as a calendar rather you could open up a calendar and you look at July it would signal is gonna tell you what does this hang on hang on trying to get to a counter right now that's wrong this is Merck though lower. Wow and yes no wonder I forgot the last time I was there rest of us I was intoxicated Israeli and everybody was. That's their mirror national call day OK and I Maine is close to it it's getting there I mean whether or impending fame and you know prince Hirono already carved from this crap I'm just saying I mean this is getting closer and I don't like John Kennedy years to unload get attribute or jump and allocate for several I'm telling you why it. Mean gray mud soaked in July 27 the old man gets older. No war memoirs are acting like a fine one I wouldn't go that far and it may wonder what it curled wind. Often do like milk and impacting. Oh lord July 20 there is Anderson we're coming for the civic center of the gathering. May be true it sure is because I won't tell you something. Yeah and the more his political Peyton Hillis is a bit at Pacific sooner then sat L soldier corals and Gabriel Howie rose inevitably they're delivering music. Good terms. Grade a B is a great show period. Kim Williams not slow partly as a met and I love this event. Mom said Lou last year's first jury had to go and we others to do. Com but it is as amazing you seize some the best of blower Ryder many trucks. I mean anything with the articulating. Suspension will be there also announcing error I'm ecstatic drought had euros. Switches don't switch its own switches the world today is something that's great show there are real quick on road we don't know where women pray to come up that must things shop. The mustang shot so we're there last week now I won't say well you know what what we got a second. The board about achievement over the airline plot with a blue oval folks. Well I mean I'd say yours and I have been out there give David Allen and the boys are. Come on me sit in the mustang coup led hide among a little older you some penalties in Mississippi the cool it was like. Those little was a garrison liberals is different our look at them down though and now now those strong yet. And Oreo one of those wrong got through his alma. Nine Charles Manson no he didn't do the cool there now and hear what you're way off either way. The more I'm pretty important I appreciate it from imported goes only man that can help you when you in the blue little's ally in the mirror there are addicting they are they took. Gregory should do no good time we head hanging on hanging in carried away we are talking about this blood flex both first. We have to face mills you know what we get a good discussion you stop me every time I can't help but I can over the you know any other radio station again ladies of bills getting paid I mean yeah. This is a whole thing ans is a process come down casual listen I'll roles in happy hour right here 163. WOR Damon morals and average hours and Robb Pitts are run what's going on day or today's armed was adamant. Now we were told remote caller shares and we rudely interrupted because look at this whole beatle trillion thing you don't feel the need to deliver I am NN Oscar Cardozo commercials were countdown -- -- list last week where the most staying shop and let me say some blue Bandana competition and those little tighter rules through cool about it what was Corbett won't. SO Cormier came in a 600 Antawn if will horsepower limit today some that's also. That is very very wholesome and all motor little gay ODS. Well those little motors its own school east book. Is little guy like send presumably result natural beluga as steroids futile and design a little bit amazed is like a little bit and then goes to Jim bell models and they just got a dangerous not just a little bit. And Hal did yeah gas to me last kids and he was the last that's for sure he was first has threat but wasn't last. We had a monster thing come in last place so there was a V6 mustang in the way I want to go to and always tell apartment houses don't wimp thing to do that yeah I want us. Even by those most symbolism of your station wagon and locker room soon conclude that holding it hostage. Blows Oz is number open they'll fix it. Condoleezza fix some things. Kimberlin tools they neurosis for them sure. Now though low source car came out 125 horsepower V6 mustang. What's still there's abnormal looming camels colder wills that he would come as abdominal cramps and know where that where this. You mean education chemical and older I think. Lemon must they show up in general as they do awesome stuff. Alienating great word mean they what I do what forty some callers or organ a while we're there we have really show we must lose of course all the late model. Everything you can think of GG voters she'll these California as usual bright note how the GT 500 there was a man on the trailer. That's very cool I was bristles and sixty million years or 6869. Following a bar and find car Chile anymore and with the original dust gentleman and it runs has Meyer fact. They head out and say that's rarely uses self yeah they handed out today certain morning course I don't Aurora what a disclaimer. Then what are the four guzzle it we didn't mean we're just kids in oh yeah well hopefully I don't think you're seriously look. Counts after a few people live. I mean they dressed crowd killers not us it's so anyway they get there you brought up the cars and golf almost certain you said it play a role embryo to coolers and coffee because you know what kind of turned over newly voter headed toward Serbia Sweden doesn't. You can hope for proper equipment. Message in Earnest Graham and I cool Cellini oil almost for sure until you want the we had a great issue Monday is your mother nature should try to rent or parade mullet nation child but you have to do what what's sometimes small crowds following ground it was still fun showed great show and we still made money for a great cause we did where another make a wish foundation run during these without police and Hammurabi IndyCar. That was very cool there's a gallantry trailer in the IndyCar. To the Applebee's and easily and I mean everybody was showed a rise of school at the budget deficit. Yeah as well he barely can do you will you yew Joseph with six foot 2200 pounds and like ball slip road wheels. How losing hidden in the IndyCar you finally you know that plagued mound. Glamour there was of them roller skated for you this season Miguel who barely Tommy and knows about it. Speaking you know IndyCar hang out do you remember last week we talked about IndyCar threaten to. There we do within its automotive tires I had a listener cracked me on something. And well not really Craig made the emea added information. We talked about ten more cynical hours of all times one of those being the 62. Studebaker Clark threatened rooms are well the lark was actually not meant to be used for that race. But Studebaker one easier Monty. Believe Monty was not finished at that time actually could we do the vote he wasn't really. Has a horse going this horse Garza has the game really but so lark who was outfitted with seat of acres to 89. Which is a variant of their 259. So actually lord probably moved pretty good what's the small car mill Stewart lower to put it in perspective results Lauren work. Mean we yes yes yes yes and it. And actually made a lark wagons and some of mainly came a supercharged so there will force older super drop courteous and they would fly. Do you remember where there and we were told only 6162. You're gonna ask yet. Gases way back. But I mean although I was very generous and it's gas NS information that there are actually won easy amounting but it was not done yet and it will military. That Colin you will do so we transitions through the years it was a fiberglass body color yet and yet it was gold and general who was built to be a direct federal court that death. Simulated in last. Well a little oil is not is supposed to vote it was a good idea Studebaker was just a mental thing yeah. Our race weekend further on Indy cars. If you wash Indy 500 raced on this past Sunday actually. Gaza's they usually unveiled Leo hunter and first IndyCar blow about 2017. Greens for quarry there should not your cook I would guess and that lazy Yemen has also talked so much LT four supercharged is still fourteenth time there is being used which is the most any corporation has had a core involved. So lame and just yeah I agree with that. But Corbett the first came out was obviously it's in 1978. Which is the silver and also remind bit. The exact very beautiful garden that those who won the six displaced colorful this is a six collusion certainly sends pretty cool. Colorado look view. I'm Aruba unreal I'll do a look older hold your analysis of luncheon photo today's on this and I missing six year turnips. Then that delta 88. And I you know and I agree actually infiltrate its its six or go to please go I bought it because of my scar it's not a sexy car whatsoever in that don't do anything now it now kids it's a mailbox ugly is what this. Which you know this is his colleagues your in box ugly that it if you like and I love the line going like it though that's the problem mom I'm open I'm integrated investment. Didn't think. Okay like it if you happen. The ability stuff gluten bunker pumps so anyway this is my thing that car that was a weathered this and get into preschool quarry that everybody has one. They make urging bells in the main well I actually look at the numbers on eventually made 6800 of those estimates amid a believer and that is number Andre stores as actually realignment and we'll learn if walker resumes and styles of those things. Yeah but do you know some cool is you can actually did wonders Corbett relatively cheap. All of you combined nine swung anywhere in the mid things yeah well I fell one a day actually dent taxes and then gorgeous conditions for like six thing you know I was given the Muslim mile course. Early twenties. Boat and another fun fact only. In the race this past weekend you know who's driving. I had a good you're assuming yes sir none other than Jeffrey dean Morgan. Who is an actor and best known for his role in the Walking Dead as needn't say Illinois limo that occasionally the single social life. How who doesn't want still walking down I don't. Once you kill me through this in my killed them because they're the Walking Dead our man cause great ship. Migration for children and thinking oh not for children know rob. I hate to break give this conversation or haven't I really do. But we have pointed to talk about we do a lot of talk about the damn thing we gotta we've got eight actions. Packed show where did you grow a lot of phone has gone back and forth and just a little bit but tourists. Let's face more bills you're killing me. There are kind of waited those radio station the other Munter bills situation into their budgets it was as good as good and it's gotten much talked I'm all right guys fuel is morals and having a rider won 63 WOR gals welcome back morals and then every hour is roe this run once your own homeland yours old newspaper over mrs. Cellular three exist. When three in the news reports tell us about it. In the name is so last week NASCAR mandates current steered its announcement. Prayed to eBay in huge. Huge announcement. Those almost saw how solid they listened to as few weeks ago we had our little rant and complain about mess cardinals own a little thrill little secret. I think warm bill France's son's name ends and daughter I think there were listening posing as what happened I think they're doing Frances bill France is. Bill France says zone. I think there were two friends apostrophe is the I think there are listening to 1063 W a RD. If not linked Jacob podcasts owner of six or New York either count. Alike that Williamson's united. Wells didn't look bum but I think they're listen to us. Because in their huge announcement. NASCAR said that the fall race at Charlotte will run the Rose Bowl. Broad rule is very little work the Romano is no word actually. What she's got similar to what a road course and oval and we put them together and we still broke home we've got to whirlpool and the rule of robo ho whoa. So you've never been to Charlotte do a speech competitors. You never been to Charlotte motor speedway do you get the tragedy happened load down the pit area in the infield there. Com there is there road course there so we're going to do journal dragon world to the bush in terms in the pits yes thirteen total turns. Thirteen doldrums especially verdicts and no towards young NASCAR needs bill might rat town. So we may lifter and restaurants. So Moreno has parents that we don't turn this from now we'll do it has charisma could turner people realize continually turn in their TVs all can get the right. So the Bank of America 500 which is in the fall. Will take place almost 2.4 mile Surtain turn rubble. That's a sudden I you know want to come actually watched I. Yeah out of our mouth some of venture out to Charlotte to watch it but no there's almost a sense tickets. On which is great American race I won't say so is the longest in the aren't drawer of the universe. And our analysts say is it's like here I am normal phone talking to somebody has totally okay clearly paying don't. How they get so it'll tell you before you will salute the little little little payrolls at. Oh following the NASCAR interface shows free emulate that the ministry in doing him. There includes more more press here that don't really go. But that's cool to. You don't want guys trailer is the last couple of that's growing Dale Earnhardt movie shutting it supports her foot as relatives you can. This can do that hit the cup for a a little bit the first on the cubs series is never ventured down the road course Charlotte. So close got a measles like a little Watkins lives will surely there let's let's open looks a little magical and it's a lot of Charlotte N alone no Watkins Glen. Well you know what comes a man is all over Charlotte. But love since 2011 when Kentucky Speedway join their circuit. There as a man another track added so his actually ankle. So in the last six won't technically we seven years or so actually replace cardinal Ramirez. Replacing your race CSI new facility is just opening up the existing facility. Now I actually ran a moderate coached in my column. During the and all of nationals went and showed remorse British usage you retinal and foot mound. Now out of crawl some with a limp Powell. Is like. Tap dancing with a hippopotamus and some of them have. So to move this is going to be a part of NASCAR's playoffs which to me makes it that much more exciting. You what's exciting what's exciting racing quit. And things to it still needs fireworks and jet should lose and I heard was that within their adding to the race is now Yemen Iraq turn. You well I think we should do please any published account of the infield loosen rules trying to steal away our everybody does Jim like Chris no role yell. Yeah like you take Hassan worldly closure rate racing I agree with what do M figure in NASCAR drag out I am a great idea. If you'd drivers who drinks. I mean how could that could draw a crowd was for sure no one and 200 mile an hour across the way impact could cool. He can really likes of the night was what really observers they get about ten billion period table and doing a little sloppy. The closing speed of 400 now who really lines of the night and done. Why some are more able mudslides and you don't say and so first road oval races scheduled for September 30 2000 maintains he's going to hold off wait. We'll dread that day down admits some tickets to us because some of the things and these other than that score little NASCAR form in the news again. Handler transmissions. We you know little nervous player and we kernel as people we know those delusions sued for and was not lose this other strategy is not centrism is sort of well Leslie. You know last week go talk about Ford. Doing a 350. Million dollar deal on their loan if plan a hand in order to make a new front wheel drive transmission won't funding that happens. Because they're getting sued over their focus and fiesta pro will drive transmissions. So rob Ford Focus and so Steve owners are suing over faulty power shift transmissions. We look forward to face a lawsuit on things won't say something dumb as some rounds they'll all be able moral low blow mad at me. Focused and just a lot of laps. I had her come in every once in Detroit guys are and said no we must focus and fiesta owners some movement movement movement. You mentioned little Prius owner coming up. Mimi. Pick a man and my transmission is mark Hart who made a mad Thomason you but I mean I mean I'm not to learn about it from a really you know Oakland for slip doesn't mean they don't you think Alina. No matter what what what will we don't know about a fumble do got a ways above goof. Okay well we're doing about that I love missile flag nearly 7000. Donors. The best comic book these cases script to begin with twelve is sort of peace crap we've York Ford Fiesta this great. Flow focus. Please don't say somebody oh simple file but only get them rarely so AM don't don't you may thank you Mongolian read we're here fiesta takes siesta. I. So no. Nearly 7000 owners of these small forwards of seem noble stern wall PL LC in a mass action lawsuit against the Ford Motor Co. Well this is okay so another old teamed up you know as you airlifted there on taxes they're on their fiesta forums now. People they have forums for less scary they have forms for everything which here's may we did talk about that and somewhere we will have a total of reforms are for several list. The seasons but note the other all teamed up men are in this class action lawsuit was just funny. This is not the first time enforcement soon come on these exact colors. Of the suit claims of the 2012 to sixteen focused and the 2011 to sixteen fiesta sedans. Come with a faulty dual clutch transmission prone to shattering slipping bucking jerking. Hesitating all changing gears all leading to premature Wear into there. Sounds like typical for. I'm just you just described there for probably never seen Ramallah I'm not seeing nothing out of the ordinary girl and miss those missing was leaking the wall in both houses that they outnumber us into England's as a hero martyr like you're abruptly this limits on the doesn't leak the economy and then I'll see leagues almost a point she not at all. Pun Ken stern founder and principal stern law say in the statement Ford must be held accountable. I think candles to get paid I think Jim wants him I guess reeling kid is teaming up with the fiesta and focus guys in the drug's ability that he could have picked yet. He's huge he probably doesn't handle it and after this lawsuit it brilliant new one. But I made you know it's funny I think they're obese but do they need to be Hillary down. Was all visitors and I mean don't hero has some really good friends and journeys hang out our are you during him so much from Andre and also looks I'm just talking okay but no visitors gentleman way and if you did then is this if you took a tell all. Call this Walter. Sees that owned cooled it. Kim measles helium because my favorite kind of measles and earlier this there's a game your own but I mean they're just like. Another team and if you auto focus our fiesta. You know OG and if you read attorney need a man Clark that's. What you need well you know one OK here's the deal. Ford released so you'll have several bulletins only scores the first to bring him back to dealership unum maintenance you know recalls. They're released I think twentysomething nominee scorched. Yeah that's a lot but four wasn't all this stuff and and fix the source. So at what point time. You know do they are only accountable for this they're trying to fix the problem why assume on top of that. The sister earnings. I agree I agree I ease. Seven little letters and her mother doesn't feel serve Turkish pressure to them. And I mean and that's what they get their feelers out there also got a good group global desolate story will suit do you because they can get paid off public. And what's senate just sent a few minutes yet is this is how the first suit but the fourth civil lawsuit involving these transmissions. In these goers. I'm in that's absurd you know he fixes from wolf one you know my Ford's quip equipment confuses and focuses on that too that's another solution. But it. I mean our members are busy have a live one and have you have this from this kind of ticks me off here how can you get sued for the same thing has already in the past four times. I have a problem when that. Do you carrying a suit for my past. I'm is just as part of Andre Anderson so leisure in the room you're never never gonna get it and legalities are one of them the one thing I do understand is paying bills saying gosh darn it we had a union. Already home Randy all right guys you listen hard rounds and happy are re hearing 1063 WORD. It feels good right now Rawls and that goes wrong it's and once sat romance Greta tell you what tell me one. I'm reading my medicine here and Miller Dorgan will have notes for you were treated for that and G yeah. Brazil woes but I have no. A mile. Curriculum for her. Blow this thing goes we're told a 150. Miles an hour proposals as your blue coat. And it's a neighborhood 160 point six amid a router or 170 and older is someone over. Really my cup but this is the big thing there because we ever. Says you've been a car that's what we want whoa whoa we won our listeners around via yeah just up on FaceBook and tell us when you broke the law. When totals they win just say how fast you've been little minor test all statute of limitations mistake diploma have to monitor and a few years back. Yeah all right you tell us about you or room high speed. Storage well first. One was a simple. Mundo mom but they had a Libya 6 trans am and he said you wander about what's changed your home. And I would take them home runs it would take them and allowing union. The long stretch and surely going to the judgeships you know the amount. You know Obama meg hill yeah I would welcome some of the hill to the average Obama hill is an exact a quarter mile. And actually met him that people used to race there before the Drake should be a real way back. So. Time and that's where things trans am. Andy they reached over a 150 before redid the bridge. And it and I was young and anti house threw him some Sergio nutrients and the 100 freedom all our core remodel yeah. Well you went downhill to keep that mind you could drought at all clear about Ron there's no problem inaudible. Is short do well I didn't when I was hidden the last Thursday court mouse probably knew once sixty. When I OK okay now Yahoo! I had Arizona whereas overlook this stuff now and and and and and in no girls' eyes I'm in downhill. We've already gone about sixty we drove it out of a plane and making good yeah list now now with a strong winds but I mean downhill they believed it toppled. There's double wherever you want fifty. Com. I did it once in the wagon. Loan proposal recent so that wrote well. Focus is no rushed. There's just I mean just. Could go to 150 mile an hour and a wrong call is sketch I don't want to is sketch things shake and rattle Lyndon that have them down I 852 inches even more skits or else. How evenly paved it is sort of circus road and how. Probably the coolest time go on the fast. Was at a friend's old CDS me. Douglas' little discipline those court room allergic to Mallory and think about it the end this was after the car had done min RPM performance at a rally North Carolina and how our mountain hood. That car or fly and we didn't we did well over a 150 really quick. Deal. The terrier cools me in there will address exams to roll up and stuff America. If my parents Alyssa has shown Tom total square than me that teenage stories Papa Papa the because those good kid yet you know we believe that assured him news. But I had a 96 Corvette LT 46 record good guard Greg Norman if you're new. Lucy forms. I don't go it don't we all can have station wagons and now I can see we all can be blessed I understand. Yeah that's tough stuff console anyway there's a Sergio later this near my neck of the woods this loan ensure aid if you dissident the name of it we won't it'll download they were all she had to every year keep them around when you have a core written in sixth gear she'd wind and I mean and you got the pedal to the floor you're going you're very Harry's speed. So what was your your north of one's own niche but about twelve though about books extra pro try to guess I'll bail to one advantage of the gauges. I was saying in Omaha yet at that point you gentlemen he goes up into the the other owner run that fast you get a break in the road you will become projectiles yea you become part of the road. Avoid in pieces exactly your you can either pay attention when you and I definitely don't want me going on in some remote motivating tool and say this now the real Rosner every hour or do you not. Couldn't go alone not the top of behavior not at all. We you know oil CU acted like rob going on in 65 Mumbai fired us on just science we don't want to see you like more from sprays balls in a station wagon road a 150 mile an hour below show remind us from rat averaged just like people who get it. How would Raja ticket I just wanted to sit and think about it for a little bit closer can't. It hasn't had this early in the same as they have done million but how would get on the demo literature on this thing. Switzerland they're monitored since then perhaps I still ride and then as you know uncle somebody's skull I want one. That's why and I moved. All right so the whole point of this this. We just read a roar article over article we've moved which is it read a article bombs from road and track netcom this says. Twelve of the least expensive ways to go 150 miles an hour. Now let's see this is the pro road track road dressed got a little more budget and how did via lavandera shows it is a great article. Who has a way to lease for our today some of their cars climbed over ten okay. And yet to feel warm autumn budget hearing did our own list. Wood or list them in my I'm snagged a couple off flares because a couple of fit the criteria but this is the things the school there. We were gonna 150 mile an hour for four Kate or lists 5000 dollars or less and we built a top ten analysts. And I think I think we have some pretty cool history do we actually adored them if you think about it and we'd discretion service only this is usually when there's a lot more bullets. There's a lot. I mean we thought those dollars and a lot of money especially down on auto bill yet fossils knowledge is not some more and we about a thousand dollars. Buying something that will run eighty miles an hour you think would be a big deal 5000 dollars by some of the Iran now and snow in general it's not a matter I think it. Yes so we've compiled a list and I think we get a really cute pretty killer list here. I tell you up. I'll take the first phone takes first concert could do at number ten. And this is really no particular order. But the Overton there's a call I would assume one of these courses and Jim wants special is that is this of course. Only fair juror 740 Turbo bona notre thinking of all voting yes sir if you've ever driven. A 740 Turbo longer driven race fifty. But a 740. To remove all room. Now you don't assume elements that you have always. Is this the same body styles of the 240 wagon my guess is it's moved civilization what they did make of that didn't look at the station wagon BS is the square box when these gorgeous seventeen inch wheels loan directional will fooled those breaks to save his career run in with a tightest call usual override it. Armed action always cores and auction a used by and so callables core auction. And they had a manifold was immune to horrible little sleep when I'm bought it. Got the call or. Here we put new metal disks all in all this stuff go force overturn although I didn't drug that much. Well then we got to fix it wolf this thing. Because of ruby who is saver is a forward caller they pick up a league source. They are thousands of four cylinder Turbo that you absolutely. Fly I mean you lose. It was insane it a mile for a winner must think more than nothing from the pump up. From from mom's Volvo and a look at what you do future of the seventeen inch wheels off of it. It looked like any mobile you've ever seen so you mean determined this majestic. She bucks wouldn't under now eroded over 150 miles an hour yes sir are you serious I mean it's a pocket rocket from way back and read through the debate and the best part is discussed coral 155. Miles per hour Google it is worth it. 155. Mile per hour stuff form but it's a little Scola scored but is one of the safest course and is the best fuel mileage of anything on this you know. Speaking that I've seen one the the same myself to 240 wagons are seen on them of course the coffin of MLS club so well I guess several women probably mostly talk to those of the couples I guess was such a good handling car. That's not a bad idea is the uses can use the platform. And you know do what you want under the hood we'll go a little sleepers lingo when he used to Volvo I mean you really think about it now no surely not a bottoming near the cars are little hippie but ruled there is something. Great call great great feeling go or you could see a European feel guilty. We discuss the whole star immaculate. And we went on Craig's list and actually look and you can actually find some of these doors is amazing we like junior doesn't restore writer -- stay don't Craig's list yeah around the 3000 dollar mark so there's a 3000 dollar away. 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