Hot Rods and Happy Hour
Monday, June 5th



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And a Muslim intolerance and have an error and towards your homeland we're talking about going a 150 mile on our own good sheet 15. Different nests and well over 5000 or less power less. Tell us what our next caller. Car number nine. Car number nine is a Lexus LS 400 and what's. The other does not tell you go to a gold maj Toyota maybe come to those songs she's willing willing to move to theaters can. I drink and bedroom tritium closer. They had leather in them men have been OK you can dish dish. The head Rowe had. Now Garrett. So in 2000 these cars came of the staggering. 209. Need horsepower. Well missiles and the thing about it keep in mind this is in 1980. And wills it analyzed 2000 to 2000. But don't question for a flashback his alma keeping in the mine modem among those those cool factor. In 1989. Missile Jim was giving BMW's and Mercedes and competition. And it would smashed. 150 mile mark. Well this is the thing about it when Lexus came element in 89. You know Mercedes and BMW really had no competition in that market in all at all never just larger there are going fast Brooke what this is just go to the little lower than me BMW got for us to enter its fourth quarter we citizens to. Luxury was the first Maya Roddick was stressed the yellen in this little minister is meant that put him work. And I mean this crazy as you go on your local Craig's list and find one for under five day. No problem a little funny sub storm of the Lexus there's one night and matter of fact tomorrow. Well but these can you must initial minutes quarter network when it was only here as well in order to win away this crazy news political. But he had a show local color match record yet. Well there's a guy as a Lexus LS 400. And he's drought that has a million miles on it yet you know I just. Our other car makers met Angelo Gordon now there and a everybody really different celebrities who drove the McDonald's that's -- -- I'm not mistaking denial. Flicks is full too muted demand by the car banks know they didn't bother I want that Cota had more than legitimately and they wanted yeah I knew wanted to want companies as you know they did with it was they crushed them think that it won't know by then they'll promise you. You know of the garden traveled many miles I think it deserves he expression is we've the Kyoto wiggles caller did exactly what they didn't want to do this lasts forever RA funny side story here funny side story kind of butting that a Ford Ranger has some rears manual read ordering your love to know what Kim has introduced color matter rumors I think killers maravent read the fact as the red truck I think he doesn't matter. Number I don't know of any of picture we're praying that your contract passes a little red Ford Ranger. There was everything you can imagine square about a Ford Ranger being. Com and keep his bragging his brain does is true of just had a half a million miles. Handy those awesome so we went home and told is that he said dad and he similar drugs and a half a million miles. He says then looked at him didn't blink and Aaronson been eluding him. Cooper probably the veterans increased this astonishing that did the first time too well it's. So far so small still amazing I don't know all the gasoline engine podium really is there really is I mean does is you know there for diesel motor is astonishing and I guess from our problem is extra this structurally covering any light duty diesel steal the assert our right. Back to the and cashing in and number eight normally you take this woman okay. All right so we've talked trash about this car last week as it was a pace car and our last week's commerce they should. But you know what may meet him as him being on this list Monday proving us wrong a little bit there rob. Come on the Mitsubishi 3000 GT. I don't say the cool. Cool like as a matter of fact a fast one on whether the stadium is the from offer also read. Strongly into rudeness can keep their cool. They're cool like the reason the power ranger who his cheesy game it's like that little quirky Japanese sports or levels of Falwell and correction pretty extras are about forty K. But when we need. But that three liter was it 324 well gas driller 2.4 Ralph winter book that would make delicious power. Yeah Ali and the other open into the ground for sure and I mean and it smells that was so important but this is the problem with a two to Mitsubishi. While unless she slime and dollar sticker on innocent dodge stealth. No no no no no no imminent and. That's a Mitsubishi state. Here in here's I'm I'm make a little ring here about to be Shia have a problem. We of this same the company that makes my TV cause they're making the engine in my car and have a problem of that. Well we knew if there's a lot of that now. But it and then different divisions Melissa. But another thing too is when there was a lot of lot of competition in the Japanese couldn't feel least report the 3000 GT as well toll of these old gods allow flame we are our zoo thing is that there weren't as it was a mammoth. And all these other drawing much so I mean you have to clear snow that's sure they'll souls and things like that you had a 3003000. GT is actually very large and important to pay really us millions in the big car well a six foot tall doctor runs score culpable. Yeah absolutely none Giroux versions also and you know if you're looking for want especially the one I so missed them from bumper on the way to the studio. You can definitely pick one up for under a 5000 dollar mark and have. You know I union money left over for much gel man who strikes. How do it next up though is a war in this near near more hello Gordon fans from class a drugs and number seven spot takes it sued. The jaguar XJ. Eight. They XJ eight and the thing is a religion they don't need a little jab more listen you know jaguars allied ally Jenny why I shot a loss. There XJ is a four or is that the caller that money sells real limited 66 and exchange course 6000 was six or angles and create. The the thing it was called the jags will some of the twelfth type but the thing it was cool about those jags. The leader dorms gorgeous course styling of the four headlights and Bruce will be. And myself basically stayed the same hallway to equip make an awards 2004. For yeah yeah. But the thing that's cool I'm a little right banana no ground earn him but but the same basic idea. And you can actually but I and one of those callers and erodes our hundred in 55 miles an Iowa. And you can buy any nice what they're quick you can buy it Teddy mayor for half of the fox cable work. Dahlia yeah regulatory history guaranteeing it unites won't get a nice for the and in today's on the nose is truly global gentlemen this is what you think about. They're a little heavy they're big but they're going to be under suspension. That formed this Brinks. All the creature comforts you could think of Norwood for days leather for weeks let me just push as fickle. And that was really cool about this course. Users won't little tricky can do for the jaguars has been being done prior mini mini mini mini mini years. This sort of corporate small walks and of course went to the TP if you were a judge in small blogs and went to the guilty ones. And now with the illnesses are scum isn't my jaguar specialties. The make kids. So enough for later went forward to create much of dust and new home fans don't think it is. But it's not a bad engine acknowledged there there problematic there Leo well obviously every jet engines problematic to an extent but. You can take into an Ellis walked in the Al best puts more allows indicating get user from way back. So melt and and you know you demolish course cheap enough that really UPS junkyard fire three and do this swap. You could you can do or mean there's several Ameritrade with a one off a fell 14. Under filed Kerry Hillary has the analysts well done to win that. You know I'm civilly so I'm so proud of you route for. Policy in ways Manila mater yeah probably does good jaguar could happen but I look at some pictures of the picture a picture time premium pitcher that you won't talk about a sleeper. You gotta slipped four or late Mon Jan corolla. Analysts. Almost squeeze. Cheater slicks on factory wills. Ruin your London address drills or some America or in fact through bills to keep it quiet no loud crazy girls or they want and you've got a 640 charter quarter. How we absolutely and that's the street cleaner now even if you don't mind these cars they medalist for reasons are already fast with the four liter re a user I'm going to six over some. And you know lady would tour yet here she'll fly coming in and the thing is is cool about his disease total actually candle. They can handle more power and have proper breaking to slow announced exactly I mean these are just great caller oh or at home that is special drive. I wanted to do it but. Mourned undone in Mosul kitty. And we got to take a break him thanks -- thinking and again until you look like they're coming on brokerage -- until our schedules and tolerance and happy -- re -- 1063. Year old -- doesn't elaborate. On what's going on David senator mobile or talking about it that we're talking -- how to -- 150. Miles an -- -- achieved 5000 -- this -- a -- we're talking about course you can -- Craig's list today we're trying to help you high school unions Ellison -- -- scholars -- wheels over -- school -- Lou good to have resulted about it but this is the cool thing was set though permission to -- the coolest cornered in fifteen -- no calls for less than 5000. Dollars and five television begins -- that's a hard thing to get a -- and we've dug deep but there's still in that we -- this list actually found a global war flares -- others so coming into our number six but does the car and GTP very impressive -- Barack Obama and -- are these things are your miles -- brought this is not a -- -- and how. Joseph let's Graham real like that. Yeah these things what 3800. V6 the series today that this series is 3800 split the consumer charges slammed. Don't want to sound just running as an is all little 3800 series two cars with the local power lip was smaller all rights although there that's why he's the number but but these cars in general Khamenei has the Monte Carlo oh what was the other one hand and it blows buicks and that he was able to understand the you know the regal GS out yet. These cars are awesome and only really Jimmy Bolivar around the priced on a I'm talking about you hear any goal polity it transforming and those are the grid preventing them right right they did they 3800 super short swap only hurt I'm not gonna do a whole hilarious. Steve had blood stable and a man and a gold Pontiac trail as for Greg. Happen. These I mean these cars are also not known. I think one and I'll just say how impressive they are. Also line these things that are a force to be reckoned with I remember coming up fish farmer wants in his six amount Pollack. And backlash among many success says. And up full of it red light and there was a buicks and sit next to me have a red line and they skip over revenue and we couldn't really hear that dean talking too much. So like masks whatever. Yes we look that loss. In that car unless premiere. Well earlier this thing itself for old drum corps. In that thing goes really cool free insurance regulations none of my career preempt this this veto over stopped. There like a hundred yeah. By the heads up display keeps going even one man on grass that's no worries there are people that do know speedway owner of the cut off and a 122 momentum that removed this song perfect amount. And so are you there live Douglas movie do little anybody with a program merchants. Drop that route out absolutely. And these doors managed to golden not much to look at the money Carlos do have little below the luck of the GDP was a good Lindsay glory is all right look did I mean they're not like Tina desirable had a bullet out of bullets. Crew cab GDP grew up front loader does give the same tears of trends I am yet. Just gonna say your style Cecil dash is very similar though you quarter politic of the river gauges and everything like that there was little fighter jets out. And then on top of it. It was supercharged and that thing would absolutely flop I mean it was a fun Goran if handled well took. You know I don't think I think we did say that those probably lonely only fraught will drop muscle cars. About the flow through my Carlos Guillen even as soon you either stick. Well there in the end quote sure you got your Dodge Omni omni she'll these you know that was false statements are just remember the old my carloads in the pro drug for bulls forfeit performance. So I don't remember those little seventies there there. It's a little not seen one little muscle car look no money going that I've seen one in existence ever tomorrow still been there rare. Com coming error number five spot another two for one special to Mercedes S for twenty or the SP 500. We're talking with a early and early ninety's version of these may bug mammoths and you can have one under file thousand dollars and they would hit right there reporter for 2152 well actually the of the fourth when he was hit a 152 in the fight over 254. Miles an hour. These are VA Mercedes and enthusiasm Mercedes I you know animal the Vegas Mercedes fans. They're cool course there are okay 1000000. I am mayhem on the MW guys trying to pick one of the tea. But to grab a Mercedes will mothers for upper car. To grab one those that can go run and fifteen miles an hour for under five K critical still. This really cool only losing its Klesko and these are mid course to bow and yet these are big course. Well but that's a man's trickle all really care much for the Mercedes who have all gone past that tore number four spot in this whimsical want to. Well this this careers iconic eighties. Yes yes portion I'm 44 term move Porsche was a Turbo on how much cooler does again I know you're gonna dig a little bit evil this when you're not a lot of fun and sharing them pool reporter now okay you know you talk about. We're talking about she's on to the truth is true reform gay you're going to treat one another weaves in Ohio Porsche wills sigh amoral paints a little rough. The interior rank point they're reducing Graham for five K if you look and then we shot rarely we were all over the club came more with the militants in these were much your callers. The other is there a little rough. My need to paint jobs moved back. Yeah well I mean this thing is this sort of ruthless when one of the fastest callers in the eighties period was a little 44 turmoil. What does that defense is called quarter delivery McIntosh is in the eighties and things like level I'm totally of course you actually Salma Rosie. I hades where Buddha attainable call are exactly and another thing which would mean a silver expensive gurneys look. We think about it you know in the eighties the electricity for various blue too perfect emotional moment in Mosul a tool now. None those ladies and gentlemen that was like the hard core area aero club government regulations on vehicles. Everything was just what she meant Thomas forced parent general Kenya and I agree. But a very very present chorus sing a mean the only thing that that. We don't really took off quicker than that Porsche rules. From the people I knew cook and new girl that is now I do not know and a Kircus. All right excuse below millennial moment here putt on small and our money out there maybe is just Europe and anti mama because some of that old. Come on an antique I'm just telling you. You know what actually happened to this in the eighties prolong this decades ever and it's. House listen to white snake away here does so gruesome little phone most of you until a truly lucky. This is how you know that because I turned on white snake to talk to eat. You can't that's a that's a man I Deanna let's get ours stimulus Newton crippling. In the early eighties cook. Got the idea that they were gonna change the original formula so when you look at it okay this is original formula should only you know that's the reason they ever does that is because they got the wild here. To quit making that. And make new Kook. Everybody hated it like there was a bigger uproar though was put political out. So why does it is this it was a dumb move there were try to freshen it up and do something different instead of about six months and they quit making it. And you never guess who their spokesperson was there was. Bill Cosby bill cost that you would take a drink from that yeah oh well bill completed him to have the bad during this really should come. Think calmly. So tell me that deal portions thereof their most popular is bad kind of country that would go a no lose their door fast as well as well let me cut cut cut cut cut cut beyond visa. The cool cores and a realist supporting assuming these are the rules that are there shaped like a door stop if he could happen to know which are gonna get the clip showed realized solar under cool. I'm opera solid amount will be a better myself risky business but. Among among boxer ma'am I'm just saying political scene you grew and grew up in the ninety's Vietnamese I welcome Bucs come much. Luxury you're looking caller coming into your only is this the Miata Porsche as she got up super short when price. Our guys won't. We are wrapping up for the segment when we come back formally end of the top three. In this top ten list right here on our runs and happy hour 10630. Lord my car Ras and every hour we're talking about our file thousand dollar. 160. Mona core challenge. And Leonardo run out of hand picked chin callers yet and we're down two are on top three here as well as an assortment. He's the leader three you're really cool. All right so I think bush in there really guess and wish recap our top ten where whereas now intellectual world war more time. All right so number ten was the Volvo 851 out of 740 Tehran number none of zillion Lexus LS 400 and of course and number eight we have the Mitsubishi 3000 GT and anchorman and number seven I think his robs favor is the jaguar XJ eight. Bloom then of course given the number six with a pony GGP can compile Angie to be also great car. In another two for one special and number five was the Mercedes this for twenty or he has five under and then flown over this portion non 44 -- of us that leads us right to the the last three Berlin's the last three. And number three I think is a very cool one number three is the fourth gen Camaro rouge in 93 through to some. These trailer park chairs Jimmy had on the cheap. Well. You know well Charles for it was the come within these remote machines really must pass a voter through Jamal hour mark I mean there's a bad rides together they are. They I mean there you know that. I joke about primarily Cairo is actually a great car and I mean a fast when they like I said earlier you know a couple segments back. You know one of these goers are trans am version is actually what I took my first and earn fifty mile an hour trip and will mean in the really schools there you live their sports currently handle oil now will say you in my mind WS six strands them for the price none of them were more worrying formula farmer and cousy to create money yet that the price exactly. Home it's these are fun course of course you know the 93 through many symbols the guilty one years right. Record worst record car 345 horsepower can you really care or you little Lou we have small blogs and they you know you can buy those real G. You mothers ruled that we both those. 25 to 3000. Debate you know conditions and things like. Palm million the fortunes and I mean these great cars. Freely give for the money. You know my niece say about him on the aging head on down Wal-Mart and pick up you list poison box office. You know perhaps and do all wife beater and maybe you know pac accountant camel killers we've thing. Ruined yeah Paula Haiti stuff you know on there. You'll see it's gonna thank you Napa I don't you know you come Bloomberg Brewster. And I don't that is. And Danilo move and I do know what ms. Bruton. Reruns and he can streets and you're symbol if you Brewster reliance now. She's fox alone won't lose someone they want puck to Bergeron journal it was now fox the F solve. Don't those casuals and looks to a room there's those zero. She's this net at chick in my mirror image she's. You know I. Not Chinese Soviet number three spot fourth gen Camaro is even deadly demo for under five K. Humana military has won the trailer pardoned by gotta love a team. You know it is called for fun and these girls and is a great platform regular fuel bill rose coach I was singled well I do you know what does matter of fact. Thuggish friend of mine his father actually bought in 99. Camaro which is Ellis one powered. Drop top 1161000. Miles I read pretty as they come into a five K for tambien. Next up moralists the C four Corvette that knew these would make the list that are number two spots. Well there's uncle we'll see full quorum at these go to one is huge sum and very little mere under overall solar. In Iran 1985. Through 1996. And I. Grasshopper 1984840. Tonight in any city or someone thinks that Clinton armoire now. These corners these powerful ways and their time. A little tick bit you know that there was never Corbett made 1983. Approaching quarterbacks. We've we've been alone conversation worries within the locals call it because when they change we keep in mind to see the C three drift yet this is technically the C three that was supposed to start in 83. Right but it and then just stuff they did they quit wood in 82 of the C threes in the C four was restored 83 but it didn't because of the town approach and according control issue. So this starter maybe for quite like the reason why the javelin and made the cut from in a race car exactly. Com but yet it of the so there is one though and so Corvette museum as we've said before opening mongering Doug is very cold wind actually. Well I move things cool this chorus gonna keep my quarter of the same suspensions same chassis virtually. From 1963. To 1982. Right so the score was totally different units this new full frame anymore. All aluminum components. Painful till Friday and yup I mean these these days caller what it did did you listen up that was actually designed for the US military ground. These colors you can flip a switch you can put all your gauges to metric system and that's. Although actually you don't idea you rob a man how well these core events because. There half I don't mean this rough decide they're probably some the worst two core reds made by the same time some of the best. And the reason also isn't black and Majorly in horsepower. Plumbing the C threes in the latter years yet again let me tell horsepower. But don't say something you can even still ticket TPR Corey mullis is no longer fit in my own little more liberal secular tripling the very true. Furniture and you know what yeah I'll give him props these cars I am buddy now now I know. Adel Georgia. Who is building a old fifties for drug it was actually his grandfather shrugged. And the suspension he's using under those things off the C four bit little very popular thing to do very very pumped. Remedial and sailors of the Middle East course on the bill saying shocks which was an option. I mean independent or suspension aluminum suspension pieces there were heavy load to the ground they handled. This is probably one of the first career record Z rated tires only. Yeah yeah more than they have some intangibles irregular 66 San Jose red tires on opponent first came out they can seventy expert. I always say yeah bang for the buck coming real anti analogous thing about the see let's go to lookout there I guarantee that's the first I'll guarantee that. That the 84 quarter was the first American caller was he ready to total factory. When there are search but a million facts about the in order to understand all of hiding out Goodyear can be here. You dear mom and uncle type policy for read them. If you want me and our crossing road racing that is the perfect cork was a suspension enhance everything has stood. There's a perfect car for bang for months to give rate and a road racing imports for days and tortured raising any you know what you paid less than five grand for the score. Sina once he chaired there's you know really no love lost. Demonstrators say it's okay to demolish these course. The tape this behavior here and people when people Campbell wasn't he scorched rubble for parts. Who do know from the makes the form he's going to does not publish it ain't so rob give you a little bit of advice. If you got that really nice anniversary Corvette or forgot that really nice collector's edition of you know the eighty eight's. The other 9340 anniversary callers. You know the 8835 anniversaries. Boost corporate clear you don't come out of there may 2000 feet to the 8835 anniversary of them had a couple thousand of the fortieth anniversaries. But within of course there's the nice extra is more right Clinton bush yeah which definitely. Although paint schemes all on new kind of grow on me close gun radiate a real solid white white will's wife top white interior whites do we know why did everything. Yeah. But yes definitely especially grants portion death like Corey really don't want your room. Well I mean this thing were these Corso would you say you can love. You live there portions you'll want to mixed in women and you know you're not going to zero warmup top thousand dollar an hour now and now you know we have run of the mill live from that. But I think so there you distill a Corvette has still Corvette. Which leads us to our number one spot and I feel this right here I'll bet you didn't nobody even thought about it. In unless you're part of the group that goes down to Atlanta every year and made to the southern super heavy shoot outs too is these things are there in full force and there's reason for less gasoline can more -- these are fast cars that people overlook people just flat out well they're not the most beautiful car. There's nothing Obama truly sexy it's like a must saying one luxury well this is there was still a cool place you thunderbird okay well. The march 7 which slow ride a lot like a thunderbird it even had a three or two I'll put motor in it. The only casualties corrosion ever could go to frustrate the role automatics yeah I think this really odd. About the mortgage paper isn't she hears what this crowd killing 'cause in the Covert campaign. A logo on one more slump with this crowd killing cousin and Larry Carter there you are talking moments things again. This year is the same power plant. Four point six you know do or do Hillary can't point 40 really this thing is saying and I mean this career Tulsa hundred in 67. Miles. Now and you know it's cool disease goers. It's like riding a clown on a marshmallow dominated Dino they had four will air suspension on her. These things are the lap of luxury. And yet they will haul and can be bought for so long. Yeah it because everybody overlooks these cars which is amazing I mean these are also in car I'll draw you know what we got to pay some bills and until we got a special challenge Kona guys you don't want to miss our he said mail from a Martin's mark Mark Dayton Dylan's. Hadn't had not heard skilling the scars sorry you're listen dollar us and happy hour break here of 1063. Do you coordinate and Al Rosen have narrow Robb Pitts. What's that men and I'll tell you were up. You'd kill road towards what's going all right so we're generated for next say when there's going to be fun but real quick recap we just gave you tin callers that would do over a 150 mode power for less than 5000. Dollars so he left the church how's your own Sunday night in you missed it. Be sure to tune in tomorrow tour podcasts are one or 63 WORD dot com. Pat asked about. Trash. Now area pan am the oldest son was really cool about this leg Amir and on broad thinking of me and I'll rebuttal please get and we don't think that much. We let them play game won't Craig's list does not pick a mate. And is what we do like the time the cool coal we simply we Cindy showed Craig's list. Literally cripple so that's all the time of course we found winner for some news just random stuff the good the bad and the ugly a Wii and only some rulers over photos are normal and that's about it you know. And you know it's it's really interesting it's entertaining so maternal Tomlin is a lot of fun so that we got the thing about it. The Craig's list myself this right so this is what we did we come up with some rules sort of take you back in time here we're into your high school. So lucky in love your high school kids. You have 2500. Dollars. By the sweet ride broke. And now granted. We've got some a list of things it needs to check Belfour who courses got a pair of cool points and kind of cool points. Utility absolutely fuel economy very important for high school here and give your boy is a lift very also very important for all the more important than the rest from a general for a man. In your image boom. But this is the catch. 2500 dollars and yet find on your local Craig's list page so we focus on the creek we felt both of these courses to Craig's list in Greenville so do you want a person you may have first bullet you your first on road. Barak I think I think it came in that save some cash actually saw it twice 500 dollars a month our government and I found a sweet. Teal green and 1991. Honda Civic hatchback envy series. For 2100 dollars to your zone me. Good you come into this little island focuses on line I'm opposed to sort where you were first these razzle month crisis and anyone on this and in fact match. It's a beach when he hit them with low miles. GS are transom. Oh I Ry wiring harness rear aftermarket CAA's. Headers woeful RA header with full results. CRV closer. Sixteen inch roto whales there is there room yeah little Wilson com San actually got Geoff price drop on it. He he has lived for eighteen hundreds it so it is gave a cool overs are what jam on wherever. Com and it doesn't look damage is no damage to the up front no pressure says vendor we know one. We're Trenton where reduction breast. So you're assuming you have Torii 500 dollars while listening super cool for school map all the kids are driving it. All right so your so many years been 2500 dollars. And you're going by now Andy Warren Honda Civic auditorium manly thing to other thing is I had to make sure it meets all our criteria here. I mean it's cool you know this in your zone on the civic with a killed fender. This guy kill it's it's just going to owner 125. Year old Honda Civic with a killed offender is cool to Chris aren't kills vendors tell little wrinkle through it but I killed. But I mean did you say global solar regal looks like. We'll see if I pull the stretcher. Business in the corner markers and it has a little Rinker who re going from the tire is not fair. The thing wasn't really horror and Joseph Frazier it's it's not that bad volunteers to serve very good antique insures only 91 on Pacific. Any chance name will move antique dealer and this I think you ought to. Now mermaid it's Cooley and all things NCA utility debt plans fuel economy. He give you blow Israel and a Paola Hondas are in right now so you're images they're due. A manhunt is there anything to get back to the basics remained for 600 of mother. Yes. Yeah who agree drove it a little this early in the mean that I'm Melissa here. Car. I tell you what you journalists who call some skinny jeans and crap crap crap crap behind McCain can happen. What I tell you what I felt what are you got mr. horsepower. Will kill slipped out of that classy guy. And I mean you know it's our role now. Couple of failed the eighth 2006. Land Rover LR three RU 52006. Land Rover. For 2500 lesson I found that for listen toward or less than 2.5 hundred OK there's got to be a hitch there's a little hit drama Land Rover and all this came tomorrow this is the first year for little or 30. For a while legislating your little three hopefuls last year for the discoveries. They went to Poland. This is the four point four liter VA did it. It's a beautiful reverse in great condition has a 150000 miles. You know cold we're hot heat do so Russo for Iraq on duo sun roofs yes sir. All other sitting in seat seven. But has their suspicion all around him your suspicions out but but. They'll for colts bring kid. To basically retrofit this true but the course brings Versa there's suspicion for about three or fifty books and we can in the droplet so. We're still under or 1201 dollar more. Thin I'm driving a 2006. Land Rover or three. Now a full bore for way to create one necessarily. The best. Went through religion but yeah I mean how are you don't get don't drive your Lander ever the reportedly owns other revue particularly you drive it anywhere. There decent amid a little column back and they're not the best. I some assay working against he's shown us find them in these are two great finds I think. But the thing is he'll think well that's all right yeah cool points. Yeah I gave me and you knew narrow range and yet you don't rover truck hit. He's trying to arrange it's still a school utility. You got that coming along. I mean we've got a 5000 pound total close to full. Can lead. You live. Feel academy the Hermosillo. Juliet is about forty miles is real and there's your problem. You know and then you know this interesting so you did find a cool when he did funny you're actually found a really cool car. And really great money actually. But as far as they can live from high school kid standpoint. Yeah I think violence must go bill over range. But look at from and it Dole's standpoint. Our email to afford the maintenance of us think if your budget for cars went 500 bucks which is on money. Presume able to afford them and it's on the road on a store and we'll. Tom and Jane and the surreal for Tommy Doyle's original at that point with your Honda. Right next thing I mean you both this new routine maintenance of bringing that take champions more closely to crossover will take. They take your shriveled old literally it's not. But she nearly tore stories about you know especially with foreign car as usual model and Rowe reports yes they get very exposed also what are doing very jealous lanes and only abnormal or losing you know all errors no more than chain doing breaks all the top. Welcome back. The cup. We ai and that was another thing I was in a million other sitting there in the civic torture so when he Ameen. You can get motor for a surfer couple hundred bucks so we were skittish blow motoring thing your macro for nothing. Portland our resume a little more tourism you'll spend crawl about Graham twelve footer for DC used in junior went to. So bombing and as usual thing look at me in matters for any of these cars I encourage even my and to the other thing is also. Eighty wiring disaster these things everything is electric alias empowerment receipts looks a dual power so on groups. This thing. There one stumbling leg recently Jody could be problem and the achievements of 2006. Or eleven years old yeah I mean honestly Isner and drug on drug right now and I mean durden. Then there's the ride. And accelerate the full four BA will fly. Fires so very interesting as this is a bonus actually found a another car. They it kind of does lines all the more what he could tell you still keep in more cool factor going. Hollande 92 Lexus SC 400 V8 four camps 32 valve those things are. Some subtle joking. Carlo I'm in such a cool looking car and for 2500 dollars and some rain here in Chesney South Carolina. There's sort of the cheapest source inside of your sentence on those who now have personal you couldn't fit inside us is that Hillary has a second sailor. This thing basically looks like a glorified to forty listen to your camera he didn't sit through. But so let's go to the checklist fuel economy you got me given your boy is Luke Adam Hall seven people. Yeah well and Yuri image it looks up mud Davies a doctor Todd robbery over. Hi guys as well. Thank you plan along with us there's been fun I look forward to next week where there are no little Craig's list battle next week Gillis a lot of fun to do these things from Thomas some electricity no peer review board. Craig's list we'll stand Carson action packed up I guess you medalist in the horizon that you are right 01063. WO lord the.