Hot Rods and Happy Hour
Monday, August 27th
Rob and the crew talk 70's cars.

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I guess that they will we get the Disco ball spin in the backroom those Roger was not a doesn't happen but it's all about Sydney's this week this royal pits your host with the most. Elect a category with a massive in his style movie as you're under stress and we got breezy this media in the studio. And engaging Iran or fatten your slow saying new job turkeys around here that. Turkish and we got Kuby Miller local builder right here in studio Willis was so guest. Astra and course we got the professor himself Rosen have been our financial analyst in war and slack kit. Virginia is good for mr. Richard Haas gets up and brought Alabama. Alabama don't throw and hit place button. Over until you doesn't tell all book synergies as we don't rosneft are. The bills with no matter who you ward there's a call from the Cindy's you love. Everybody I know a lot of you wanna make followed these Sunnis course which is some some really neat courses some influential post came out obscenities. Got a split in the seventy's Yasser. Like senator enough fevered BG's Disco inferno just say it. Now I mean everything music movies callers. Fans fans pains and now this team's candy paint those who come over the age twelve or can Wear the shoes off to Washington. So anyways she's Allentown we usually say is foot locker no I'm Diane store. These are kids who are in good. I got to jump in and abort to orbit unbelievable. Oh you're doing your sisters clear of snow zone players Billy Graham's hole. Well Jay Augusta there's a really cool course and seventies and you know we were talking about your seventies came in strong and this is so we're going in the eighties colors. Usually about it they started out her whole load and they wind up as the eighties little. Yeah the share of Wendy's wasn't polar opposite they started at the top end horsepower. And drop like a rock steady go to all the way to bought two coming did bottom. But. The reeling about some of the disturbed a no brainer Cindy school course first thing above my kids in nineteen censure bill how much you can be. Me I would have to go with like yourself any mustang boss or even in outlets say lack of Pontiac Firebird trans am type deal. About she's really about four Pinto. That is very very similar in these color barriers prisoners and is going to own mom's first car. Those play a lot of people's moans from scope of this surge too was at the station wagon or wasn't. Don't know if you by the united and they Egypt and I don't want to think about that there I. I lose lose golf we don't talk about that they're more hostile mail account stores above her aunt cousins. Jumping in them in the Pinto afterward. Those stories and movies hitting the Bowery program. Hanging out Alabama before they were Alabama yet has not always agree because NL Alabama and South Carolina exactly. Independent inattentive. There's so many roles in that and and I carried a I mean Amanda who is just. Shaken and think yeah praising Jimmy iconic scenes color that you love I must have now Carol about how have decided Dotson today. Z cars not a bad thing goodwill and today you told our callers got an extremely popular yet the JD and grace is gone nuts. Well salute you go to and share your boys begin aluminum mill is now. You see more oil roses lilies he was the car motors Demi Moore. Professor I know you children at the bit to give us some odd crazy and probably will force will root out of the cinema. Narrow and not a lot of cool four cylinders. 78 ours are up ago I would have banned trans. I'll bet is iconic or not you totally see richer with that here and Richard YouTube with a handle. And grow you like a porn star fish into her into polar. The forfeited by and then it who. She arguably Andrew that we share forfeited found the that 4040366. L.s joke. Yet those jurors who for the before speeds were a little better trade literally property. Yet it's. Not filling out the goals these caller sold extremely well worn because you have do Choi is into the group. But they sold in style yes enemy you have thing about T tell trillions loom. Would you agent turned national flag steer little. Shaker hood scoop with the eagle on petitions say motor was a delta 88 and still only thing I like. But you know when I mean look at hello iconic caller your surge open bridges and Dayton. Sally fields and things like that on a Saturday and so it built in but I think she looks like mr. hellfire another of those who. Yeah. Like I'm way alien life before she's our Republican like you know what I mean removes those girls are doing all throughout his commercials. That's but that's thrown out makes get out right here here brawl wasn't the leg man and a very strongly for the dragon medical yeah. Listen Hobart Indiana country field and into. What do we did fail callers in the sin and only in so many bad ones. The bad when world will be of two out again now to look at that there's so many bad little ridges like but they're so good. On that terrorists are an amount of them battling their prime Alex must. Have a several hundred Julie and her four mayors don't let Richard if you were child of the seventies. Like like you grew up in the said you go to jail into the severely may mean usually go to in this. But let's save if you if we were teen years older I could imagine you have and what a brick and SP one poster thing up in your room. It's against him or not the Britain's specifically. Alex shut me mortal Bradley GT tag oh and not a Bradley GT today actually a technical. They are cool except for. The dorms that kernel like fastened until gates you're telling the same less like a tool box and open a door with both hands of another war. You are really the got a proper Ron for your door of a book about quality. You're actually a funny story about the Bradley GT. The other name Bradley GT was actually do round between the come need to go started it. In the they came with his fake name and try to remain for life of me but it was like a very generic name. In the mail this guy I was like a spokesperson that was his name nearby thought that he. Was the founder of Braly GG. She's a spokesperson. It was actually two dozen doubles the biggest joke ever who. In the end this guy their bicycles mr. Bradley GT there was just like so much they dreamed up. He was actually like a salesperson from them they used him in all the all the ads and all that stuff college disease and did exactly. Exactly. Deals is it took place from the Bradley GG playbook. But definitely definitely a cool odd scent and he's cork. But here's somebody really really good most. A mile among cool Corsican most sensible glib you come to watch nineteen sinful that's one after mom's car I mean. Recruit Josh is probably. The most. Brewster premium automobile ever million hell I even went on into eighties as pat as post every area got a six year every year and end. That bad to me the first year and good judges are keen mused argue the eighties it's. Are tops in the left for a thousand squatters dolls and says its target brief review and then. Well all very slow wheels Potomac freaking out about Kimball road. We chose to shoot X Melinda Cooper wrote an album back then. I mean I was a Marcella feel Moeller has stepped on to say. And that's now on our ports and an army of elsewhere under one about what we're doing so bad my life back to. Like Greg who best image that pops in my able to deliver you to endorse a decent thing about the chicks in the jumpsuits. And let it instantly I don't think about. You know what true valves or anything you just mentioned at a only about the chicks in the jumpsuits more than two months now I don't know are you know there were twins were just friends now and then there is not add up other the government planned no no no no mad men and Donovan have been way cooler through words but no they were twins. The Willie coolers and I wouldn't win but I don't know that we are Nortel and our cars the aliens should another boxer and I are under a real rub. Hello I'm. Well someone who's a real and I look at Potomac cool course of the citizenry there so maybe that's what we're talking about the your because of Syria then did have people forgotten about it. Then in we've compiled a list of really cool wounds and a Doobie Brothers Wilson we compiled a list. We let. Really did we didn't steal this from me anybody like this the real list you know proudly and round we did homework we all did a lot of homework I don't know I didn't even need it we have it in. And gas woman got runs and embryos from Robb Pitts. Reacts million reasons to you. As an exam mr. meaning churkin matrimony Iran it is our roster are couples there download attitude and Laura. Let me just sounds great and just cells in the fifth. In the real local builder Kobe Miller and Stu you need gas. There of course we go how are zipped a fun issue Lou slash numbers guru the professor himself. Rocking his bill bomb bridges and butterfly colorless. Atop an and the university Indiana just right until you were talking coolers the seventies this week or Rosen have been our end. You know we will talk about a rare minors of this initial sales in the balls mostly what we're told these colors that's a no brainer there great. But. I think we should talk about some of the more on drugs and hospitalized was that the reliant Robin. We're a little three will go Kirkland and unemployment ever everytime you turn to hit. Number one of them no it was a BMW doughnut Saturday it's that those are very value yes there's very. Very low corners very guy hearing would you would you rule and we want would you Rucker Robin. Richard. Maybe wants. Over you'll run into org is a flip over. Failure here wants on three Oreo. And what I got a girl three wields little stored that way and all of my usual the negated they're. And finally can have a lot of fundamental right you sound park a lie and then in and are you warming due to overturn. I'm just part of us not familiar position has climbed from over really quoted I don't want to make sure must see they'll work they'll get back up. All oil inventory will is live. In some hydraulic postpone them. Q in the third we go in there. Last week. Just yet it was so it's in a machine. So associate new job Turkey either known to have Turkey over here. Only the symphonies references are going to flowed like a raging river today on the roads and happy hour I'm feeling that. Feel that in my platform boots. I love it today was speaking a safety how about the Brooklyn is to be one. He'll bats. When I first saw all the brick amnesty won the first thing at pocono Malone is the thing some kind of exotic. Labor Dini you know something. The three church that's Brad Richards Alley. First I thought well for Cyrus on I thought those like a fate no Lauren. Not known of course that was pre Delorean and really Delorean was a fake brick and yeah really yet. Revenue us. But you know so Lyris and then breezing through this iron usually importer or. Yeah that the wholesale very thing you're a good bit bit breakaway and the boost the guy on the story brick home. Ended up starting super exactly and any you know unknown imports that's I have to give my inquiry to little shout out now want to say something if the breakaway Muslim roots in the Subaru there trouble. There have been no reason why it cannot fail early and we we were we were region pretty horrible breath last week. But. Previously warned you come back from that wanted to see. Arbor glass in the seventies yeah meaning I'm far I'm so often. I don't see how good the farmer oil industry was in the seventies. Orbits did just fine. I hope that it hasn't parson and heroes and nobody droughts and no boardroom there is we want either you look there were broke because I don't I don't like it's. A sad story ever you know what BP generated good drive a minute if Israel alongside crude coming. There's not engineers is still stalling no no no move closer to tell us about this we won't really know above all and. First all freshly 351 windsors and then they went to a 360 AMC bit. The thing I think Ramos and I think about the brick land was a raid test I read many many years ago. Testing the breakaway and against the 75 core of now mind you retirement of 75 Corvette and a whole are kept talking about was how much better built the Corvette was the. Correctly and movement and while GM cars in the series were exactly known for being in the best build vehicles in the world and they're saying is better than the Brooklyn. A lot better a lot better a that's you know that's those are some pretty bad run through the bridge but it was this is a cold design and totally cool idea. I think it was really built on how hopes and dreams. Well those severely underfunded like like the breakaway and if you had told me like you literal sort of like the Chia pet I would believe it if not super. Or in manners that you do or do you hero you knew him well he's getting paid in advance that you guys say oh didian they can't go I didn't know that gap really is there any guy yeah. Now that brings the whole importantly all I know I just look and listen you're shaken loose that is a problem was. There we go we don't figure and out. I'm referring you do crew these. Yeah custom non us. I'm a little Lucy at Chuck Todd GO you do come cruise and that is a thing but there are plagued air you go to clubs and stuff bothers people literally just the bottom with their ailing. Whose wounds don't heal hand basket. So usually the house no more you know. This is not here on the road and as we Borough of Brooklyn and you go huh huh. We drew on December driver's licensing and media via. Just met since he'll say please no more moves well Woodrow are you know still callers and throw around and kill me. Well animals you we made out of the blue force loom on Conan and I think I looked over what is at that time and probably been pat blue ribbon here again. Hey I got I made me really Yugoslavian Beers like I don't know you can slow equivalent to the group not. But I'm living where bitter beer in the new course. I wanna go suing her little dumb outlook bullies are sound angry. Bear in bad car isn't. I mean everything you're pushing your car everywhere you gotta go but what you mean net. Through a little fueled available thirst doing that. The big gaming thing you know. Current and a little footnote but the Stutz Blackhawk. Yeah RO LL slow GPW us yes any any stunt vehicle I mean. Which indeed monster headlight system and are Estes. Yeah six would you think about and they took thirty style and brought into the seventies yes I was like about it if you got dale owns. Uga O Willie Nelson Lucille Ball and north Florida and so you tell me we got the grooming himself the group man we got the really had a stranger hollow and loosen little Lucy. And illness to fill this it'll rub it in close to its exact us. That's the epitome of cool writer that's all you made on terrorism I don't alone blew a bills with. Maybe this little brittle liberal millionaire star power exactly and holding Elvis pro and number of them are only thing that really knows little brick that is I don't think anybody really line. Again I am important looming like seven you know different. If I finally did only one he'd definitely forgot about a year ago well it. Really new news and it takes for glaucoma yet you don't you don't remember anything you're now Jason we can't forget those these commercial breaks. Always almost always also rich are we going to get stopping being asked. But he won't took some really hot seven discolored right here on hot rods and happy hour one or 63 W Doherty. I guess moment hot rods and happiness in her armpits. We guess meeting breezing in the sting you. Hey rob can you dig it. I can that you put on notice she gave a famous burgers groovy bunkers we local builder Kuby Miller and Steve you. Is being annoying is the moon. The course we got hotter as head to our financial analyst slash numbers guru. Richard Hoskins himself. Are also witty. Let's count on Bair model crossing Idaho. So like I haven't place. Could you imagine fill out an envelope that only. Pretty long sit in willow screamed in America material. Had a severe blow Carl's anyway. Only know through. A hell yeah I also look to goodwill deal harshly dignity throw out our editors. That's beer bottle crossing. Or negated do you unbearable crossing. And serves or try to present you measure in the concourse a little sun room. And that would be. Let's actually ever were to Google you have another Protestant pull us through it the space you know everything sim in these cars are so epic exotics in the seventies. Oh yeah we don't look through social in the current oceans. It. Just one of those iconic. Sim in these east colors to me even more in the eighties probably but kudos was you know. A great super caller we was. In my opinion one of the very first. Super. Super course when you sir Richard is on us what we call it hyper power exactly. Humbled me or everybody wants to do. Well we'll source one also com source we do Muslim rule conflict yet what. That was the true Josh listen I was like nothing evident ever seen and then our legacy for whom it all. Now is Karen I think I am. I I think personally I think what started this super car Curry's. Is the Pentair I think sending two painters anyone's into symmetry Pentair started to super car Curry's. Alike the interior and the passengers happy medium between the crew Josh and another favorite month and not all time favorite exotic or. The Ferrari Daytona. I absolutely love the scholars. And I have to admit that the reason alone whose course is because the replica once and gone but at a war hero replica Knoedler appears these poor risk. They were based is so funny they may or Ferrari. And well this little thing here you took a V twelve that was there between overall hours or four point four earlier 365. Horsepower. And they replaced it with a willing to Corbett. So you got Ferrari Stalin. GM performance or reliability. You've made the perfect color. A guy named may blows listening big burning make an irony that made these callers and actually pulled. A mole awfully real Daytona Eagles being restored in the early eighties. And the score was so exactly Ferrari actually sued him. For making this. For RC and everybody for May content but you gotta he's he's starter at all. Yes he made he made at Daytona that to be honest we've because it was so we'll base is a core bit. And everything worked he'll think about it chorus no slouch as sports car. And reliability was. That a hundred times the current Daytona ever thought about being. For a little bit more reliable the as far as like performance densely as an American cars went. Essentially to crop in the seventies. European cars never missed a beat is different roster and faster. Roster related duly EPA like we had to do to address the big difference. But we Bernie go out strong with a laundry room of this believe in the cola usual money plus the Daytona that bit of bulls look what's is name. I'm talent Crockett broaden Charles Sam Hilda closing credit. Yost doesn't brought him to listen was it doesn't really Don Johnson doesn't everything had a song on the eighties. But who didn't Bruce Willis had a song on these recent skier. But. That was a kick on those make Bernie cocoon absolute diamond. You can't. Crouch. You know of 37 Daytona owns in the filming Odom you sheriff says men are more sound. But I mean that's still there's a beautiful called true spoke words. Only in black. They've had the Daytona seats. And elections very iconic things and actually offer new for artists today but back to it that they offered the interior had them in the bashing everything changed dealt. Minority woods austere and will the Daytona seats. Where are these were the disposal really will go kid and I mean Ferrari actually contacted. The producers of the show Miami Vice. And told them this pretty bad that your using a fake Ferrari. In for a real one in your show and they actually gave them that white tester Russa they only have warned they filmed all tourists among us and we'll go one Daytona. And it had some unknown just Russa really. Yeah one real one knows what to hear car and then a whole bunch of wait a year. It's a beer no as miss in those. Well we're total modular courses facilities in your little Martha but vigils are gorgeous caller. But the Pentair. That was less Nico the bad this car I think it ever come my listening to me I mean we need. For power through 51 Cleveland pollution out over 300 or power. In a rear. But he must say meeting June. Yes lightweight collar that was way ahead of its common thing. Extremely head of a stuntman told the store reversals of my dentist who is the coolest did this ever. And three amazing things in my life one he kept me cavity free. To. He's trained champion in Greenville Pickens speedway and three he drove a pinch hitter to work every day he has bad guy Robert Jarvis. Is the man when you have. Now if you get him it's got them together and late seventies early eighties for next to nothing news now there are over six peak years. You're at least some very expensive course versions of course. A similar there's just a middle road corner as a driver business is 92 green and bring Cindy wanted Pentair. And every illustrate the kind of ugly Alyssa modified. I think they're beautiful regardless I mean this said he too little split number it's almost like going back to this. The 78 Camaro split bumper whenever you split. Both burst open it just looks way better than having this long river below error an endeavor is a good looking caller boom you see warm body kid all flared. Oh and says where George is Willis. Does she India career. Someone that he wheels. Owing you know ended William. On other loans code result in a bar called the pre L cars on I think that was 73. Or cinnamon you can read back city to bet maybe. Yes Sydney three they would. Rubber bumper. Now we'll own Momo creole or any of that stuff imperial whatever I don't take. You know about for your help. Most of its social studies teeny thing I think. But to Israel dot com they would welcome back but. For more Daniels you know. But if there's some new and go to ma did the other thing about the recent cut does things that right left. Obviously Andrew wolf well I mean you're corvettes which is like a sin now. On Rick loss or how to line when I was growing very long and lightning hit a tree fell on. And it was a flared. Was when the tree fell I don't want to just go unless you're itself fourfold wider and should you need all the wrong place at flat. Well we've that was a very cool caller of the museum Italian style of reform were Italian styling. Width. American performance I mean these were pretty were low blow bills. There are even the other three for 21 engine and the transmission will GF transmissions. Programs pretty bulletproof. I mean and then those levels when compared to the Ferrari's in the liberties. I mean that was called the move slow caller. Came from that is. Yet access idol or American engines usually McIntyre in cars more reliable from clueless the slim talk. And the other day we got a really good friend of mine owns them. Lucia missiles BMW's and jags and things like that we'll talk to this past week in the mean ritual they were tone of the twelve jags in the and a total wasn't news between Jagger whirls a small look show hole in it probably. But I still way I have one I mean I mean like literally feel the night is be twelve jag in a world when he says small motion remote pumping all oil. And the quota is pretty candid some of the twelve dragster has about as everything incidents that are and a essentially that yes. Yes that's bad when a course over and agrees with you insulin that piece please god now. Other boss is all hype. Then they're not hype between those horrible via via their awful. There aren't there are bad bad it is another Benson scored you talked about earlier Oreo the Pinto. Of Ohio and about matter. The mavericks from the lawsuit. But no one will move you will get to the mavericks and you don't boom you're just a moment for all we don't know we'll have been duque now into real Pinto didn't know station wagon the decision was speaking of interest situations you know Geoff Blum the comedian you're doing the Pope made up. He actually restored one. Pin to station like Ed Bradley GT. Arming them on my own family and a monitor be considered stupid moment so that CIA and ideals we that's probably a stupid idea. And I'm all about the clip and quality especially on those loans it was struggled silver yellow little in the June to strive songs like silver bullet to tone. There's some special edition wagon. And like he paid. An ungodly and mail for because it was fairly low multimillion dollar re doing it in any bill imagine say mere call on clay and to do with it. Well one thing people that are maybe. A doing cools these commercial breaks in the Guinness every time does stick around we're talking seventy scholars write your own hot rods and happy hour. Just look like hot rosneft airless Robb Pitts we get Kobe Miller local builder in the studio. What's going on ever wrong. We got brio and so meaty. Once that when he's in my government I am again rob I'm sorry I'm sorry breeze and I'm sorry it took Alan. And of course we get to professor himself in the studio mr. Richard Haas kids. What's happening speedway Indiana. Well I balances of the and listen to place our speedway atmosphere and Indiana resident Indianapolis yeah but it's I think it's a little different. Doing it. In elvis' is awful people sounds fascinating it is fast speedway. Lowers taken a fast world Vasco Norton wasn't fast brutal and misery get to it really really really get to a slower Tomo appearances. Oh yeah that's a NASCAR all of Vasco is now still iconic it is especially asked Connie it's an iconic. Skinner. Gary it was a scheme a steaming pile of. Some via via there's an IG phones and hoods. There you until mile Robin big show an injury they took it made an electorate pentagon he ball. RO completely restored Trenton. And then sort of like Kobe said West Coast customers coast customs. They took out everything and converted to a completely go away at her vehicle plus one way to make a little slow won't do well technically an hour earlier to them and us a lot of voltage grown daughter and I know you are you shocked to death. And I'm gonna do what 68 former and hasn't changed. Some in another suspense is home auto battery packs and generators installed and him without bottoming now. All I'm not mistaken he didn't fit in in any line they let us any for cross Prius and yes well the over the mostly due for me through sprinter Hussein thing that we pretty tough on restore Lenovo. A similar series sure triple enter everything speaking and listening to that's another iconic seventies. Also caller is Richard during caller. I'll leg room on literally Ireland they catch a lot of flak for you know not been. Raging muscle cars that. Upton wasn't seven floors disseminated and argued plot formed to build a hotter out on and they're really closer to the 65 mustang. Idea then the car that it replaced. Well you gotta think about the senate will consider Muster was exactly a shining star. That was like the luxury. Alarm them then they call a LeBron day or something or other ground I like Ehrlich somewhat eggs sale excursion. Must Intersil. There on the ground and then negative way with the mustang feud that Kia packaged them into each. Where is that where Starbucks scattered around a little bit. And mrs. and that's the thing there is a singling me is really almost lost our life. To a 73 mustang as seamless but this year the chips whose bill when ship crews can take anything you take you improve and make chicken salad out of it. But I won't. Does one call other news groceries and Jim almost ran us over is because he was so ashamed of that coney was good Vail you know driving inning ended up and we almost down. We're almost done bone who is Muslim voters in these hasn't Jim crews did it soars to. They did this have really live front seats. No no no no no no no no. Use every little expectations and they graduate. Like I guess others can get down with a male looking good there with a until you what. It reminds me and don't want to get people were volunteer but it. There Mozilla that you have a little bit yeah that's another rockaholics than school meals. Slaten javelin however gaining a spot had a baby. Too ugly rumors and the main and today I'm alone spots of course you of course she's. Got a group one spot is above those like some kind of cancer and then it went no doubt about it this I've never heard of house. Only meeting people like this. It's at celebrity foresee grand touring car from the seventies. They've got to various. Not quite the same vein as the current Tosh but I very distinctive look. There's so what was with a distinctive look. Because I don't like the grundy most in thing about a mustang T Menem seven Iran mustang that's about ten inches lower about seven inches wider and almost as long. We for the worse. Not to durst who do of course it is about eating. And it. Feels like blue redeemed from the film and yet as kennel where porch came what was it Cabrera for bell were. It's kinda looks like that actually and things are so ugly. I think they're pretty cool I don't ironically. Miller Thomas C overly Bozeman singled you know every time. There really singled and gives you got to find a mean mounting on both famously won us a lady drug and with Nokia's AMOCO. She got the dads are. Certainly did you hear around you have here is on exactly. Well that's the note did do the javelin and yet. Go instead I can I can feel the professor there he's like really this thing is together. And is no gremlin not a daylight javelin. In an outside the jam on who else is Alabama police however Charl. They've actually you have gentlemen please yes they eastern for prostate states. Guess it'll Alicia says what does the real foreign for a one off or else there. For rule love any 390s I figure depend on here that there is well it was far on. The bestseller game the bill slid in javelin ever made his wandering Brothers bill orders uses pressure Lauren Ambrose if you put enough room polar Cellini is doing what he had 69 Camaro bumper zone is gonna Camaro or is style grew. Don't minicamp is like in the hopes in the fenders. I love the javelin emblems. They kept gas nor am I guess store like review and assuming he's just. If you if you put enough sense pershing Cabrera porcelain you think it's going to be cool was that a black one who don't. Oldest gold. The golden rule and Cabrera will hold an open and actually a very pretty power it was a very critical in this little love for Jill. Arsenals of recruited into. Just don't have to say all right I'm an artist like say is don't light you know I don't make six all right yeah I mean there is just crazy. Mergers are like really. I don't think and others and that's early treatment that. No home will guarantee the nobody got excited about getting up into all the way back in back in high school there was a guy that I Mercury bobcat yes and this guy pitches the the metric equivalent of a Pinto which was Mercury version of it but. He was so excited about this blog can't edit 23 Turbo motor in the. I remember I think you still house from Arafat. Well I yeah labor action lipper's gaga about how wagon with the terror yep we Tillman affair clearly ruled there. We and his dream about it here don't exactly yeah that's was a fairly nearly that you're a better way there's nobody's gonna buy it. Yes well that's a long family owned that strikes you doubt this thing exactly ass like Richard poster hanging in his bedroom of the of the grim. The group now I will say this the gremlin as a whole. So books. The grim Linux would go through four. I'll give it a few cool points. 01 of a purple learn is on wanna make a solid NG. I. Know you're Richard. Now literally this is seventies car than those those are cool moves through forcible removal the white stripe Powell like left. I what are big Fatah and that it. Houses wonder. Richard always had a connection through last year motor fest. I've never seen no I think that America actually have seen Richard Lucas excited twice. Once I'm over certain Dodge Omni. One time over a group were mixed. Caroline motorist group at a speedway. Richard scene that he said rob I just found the perfect caller I'm saloon Daytona about me a car around this caller. I remember that day because Richard actually Guerrero me to get shouldn't regrettable and there's not enough where I had no audio stunt guys thank you can check this out you got a country and a or organ out through their mistake then. I don't know of a bed. On the Malibu or sultan in the end I'm clearly kept walking as he stop not turn around and there was a gremlin. I'm just a light traditionally beautiful vehicles. Angel told her bedroom where airlines and our promise Intel Jonas and bless her heart we're doing well stumble a bit more than that more than. Carol Mueller for us and never thought about Obama first we'll go to those let's slap them on this for it's yeah. What I'm literally just went openly and push. Slept just beat some sense into him. A they would these commercial breaks you can look at and I did well. Kill me kill nebula you guys stay tuned we're token seventies right here on hot rods and every hour or 1063 WO or.