Hot Rods and Happy Hour
Monday, August 27th
Rob and the crew talk 70's cars.

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Burn baby burn Disco inferno always got on the hot rods and every hour we're told in the cities are on now. Courses in a row pitcher who sweep the moose and we've got breezy this media in the studio all day off north. They were almost made sure in the seventies. Instant more staggered around him knew there was still little two man there were some little trucks and large carriers as Zach Lowe and shouldn't those guys are still cold Tuesday. And spears they still cool gecko Mildred studio. Local builder knoller on the little liberal supply. And of course we've got mr. cool little polar bear on ice skates. In a snowstorm. Eaten milk shake and an angry in any bloom. With the ACL how. I was happy a financial analyst slashed numbers doomed the professor himself mr. Richard Hoskins men and in jacket now. What's happening to our neighbors and Spartanburg, South Carolina this really I guess sparkle city. Murdered they need. Els and intro from way back I told you Richard. Doesn't want and yet I Hannity did the resolution there and they Alec and what you do in these people. So we're talking about. Seven these cars were talking about popular series coercion popular series cooers electronic ones that maybe you forgot about or didn't really know about especially for the younger trailed him in their route what's this or group limited up. Sellouts from Lincoln built on the city's information. Sites being blown off the mugged sites would just only being blown all goes cute to look at all the seventies stuff. When most are trained in herself and never move we're months foresaw most whilom screaming gizmo mystery Disco or something yeah. Boom boom who about the maverick. Now maverick and I love raiders. The maverick in the Mercury comet did. They are very. Iconic callers in her own right. I've got a very funny maverick story. Friend of mine growing up but no mention is that in. Because he's a listener. But. We were teenagers. And I had the mom mostly GT he had a mustang GT you know we were doing in domed in the forwards and he still is. So a performer and they still. But must be a top gun store. It's long gone. And I was come the maverick he was deuce you know sober. Books. He bought. A grabber. Maverick. And to hear him describe this thing approvals a 100% sure what was meaningless to me about it and they want us all it. Was really. If things Haiti's. Flat blue with a go Walsh black hood chose like the reversal exposed to enough. Those like flats Merv womb with a goals black hood. You both coroner got started restoring it. The walls for and he was ahead one to sprinkle through our own lives son had a chrome rice yeah well off I book out you were stuffing going down the road it would put you in the ditch yeah. We finally got this was 200 it is go home for a while both sides had been dealt. And he sort of driving the thing middle through two minute in color leaked water so bad. Bit like every time it rained the cold start filling with water. So Lou we're running down the road it. And are remembered as vividly in the for some reason was that were driving it church that I don't know what but really as the world's Sunday and it. And water was sloshing around in the floor boards like. Over mushy over the soles of my shoes now while there was a drill late in the backseat usher drill holes with no I don't. I'm going down the road. Yeah. Well the drain the water. While I mean elderly was bad and then another store with a maverick is his moves are going to some of the big call rushers. Good gusher there I'm sure we're speedway and go to. We drew it up they are he won't take it real short motor speedway. Pain is slowing the drive shaft out right they are owned. O Bruton Smith or one just Josh are sitting in traffic a new Emerson drive shift in this in my life. Just drove it a 140. Miles of eighty found wrote in how ways speeds. Only thing that protected this was the good lord from the drive shuffled out. We pulled Bruton Smith pull to a red light tank. Joshua fill out while. Why it didn't come out going Allred no straps no nothing all the horror was go home. While. I'm assuming it was never tightened. The so here we are trying to fund pork store and you just heard back from the food. So would you take your own trick aimed at home more importantly but. They still actually owns this method to this day. Let us live picture of little stories for what he's still got that thing. The first and goal from the school board to know I don't know those recent that's the Bailey he's got kids now. They're like fiction to be driving age in east who has since it is still looks the same. And on the drive and a maverick I'm sure I am not. But Richard probably knows and some really nice mavericks out there there's some brilliant moments. Well and yeah. You can curious animal it's that I know is I've read about unions folklore that there were balls three team mavericks and I've never seen any. Richard you be read some weird stuff good map you read about maverick fold more dog millionaire has. I'm relatively come right Richard on that one have actually read about there is some balls member news. And there are I've heard and I've seen pictures of two of them in museums. And apparently one of whom was at she obese. For the longest time. Over there because I think at one point they were gonna make. And she'll be maverick but they never become now are you probably the coolest name for car ever. Well they won't think you got this thing you'll think about. About the score look for the Muslims of the town. Remember most weighs forty or missiles analyze the Merrill electoral. And they were still sixers in the mustang that is sure. I mean this thing in the world better than usual and and and moan drag artists like they do Vegas June oh that's another good its current dual solar Camaro in the fraud and it's a show that the black starting up drug and have had entered and in a match. This thing goes I actually designed after some sixties Ferrari's with what they used for all the way. Inspiration for when that is on today and you can see it negro I actually do look at some of big like grand touring Ferrari's from ma. In Canada late sixties you can really kind of see yeah. Pools of blood in golden curls were. Bigger. Those were some good looking cars you know they're more all black and gold. But black angles ones yet muck it all suddenly forests aren't happy for some prosper those are some good looking course. Those those were pretty six with a golden rules the villager bill's filled me in on the cause hurt and I don't know nothing really about them now. What do they have motor wise and all that what made in the college work. Aide to leader sixteen golf call's worth v.'s are four cylinder engine that. Was supposed to make you a lot of power but because the EPA regulations it didn't. Arm and morally till then look at them from being so successful as they were expensive. Like Corvette expensive and then you know and Leonard opened a 120 horsepower. Students so well and there are wobble. You tell me Vega didn't salute and Clinton. If she earned my parents when I was a baby. We lived in Germany man I was in the military. And they had a vacant Lauren bag yeah. And your time and not reliable that they was actually mayor allowable with the clothes hanger he used to hold the motoring him. And had to drop back and forth miles and miles and miles until one day he is on the auto Bonner what every college. He gets halfway down there there and I'll send the hangar comes off car falls apart and that idea I think Steele says moms out there and Germany. Well I just gotta fill mega powers are hot commodity in Germany. Let's use your hard to find usually ruins your local rally is no then I'm in Germany. Yeah now I'm trying to think how of Reagan needed did you. A sailboat Williams and I'm just I Zoloft sales will be moved little thing there is just odd that some would take a Vega. To Germany while I was an eighty's and in. Moon. Moon saloon. Numbers since the nutrition merely your own little. We've been in the war earlier molecular. Movement Jerusalem elections commercial breaks really key particular bonus how to get your so quit until in his crazy. Our guys do we're talking seventy school or try your hot rods and happy hour. I get home or car doesn't have as you bro pits we yes pretty breezy in the studio most vote. And hanging quote we will local builder Kuby Miller hang in there will lose out you know. Then of course we got power doesn't have a financial analyst slashed numbers guru the professor himself. Mr. Don't sloop quit county Furyk important Nelson quick mr. Richard Hoskins. What's happened and hang in Iraq North Carolina in real quick rig Mingus and I MF lowered a drink or Vega. Until you. Such a big east over there. So wild. That they will swallow in the seventies the variance. I load the vans just look at it beats out one in my dream shows to go to his like. One of them sin in the iconic. Classic mansion news. I think I'd be so cool dispute I think ultimately you're Zuma became clear most of the bill we're here because I mean things like I just think of all the kings like Woodstock would Obey and an event to think of all the candy paints with a and they all have it seemed like you couldn't have a custom veil that assault and airbrushed on and look at the pros far you have a dragon breathe and that's I like and naked lady run admitted into that then. Caller. Sales placed all noon that was set commerce sales commercial. Was it CarMax or whatever or that guy is let Canada than in Arlington Breeden unicorn and all this stuff up today. You gotta love that man who as will will buy you receive your homeowners yeah. That is a cold random. It's funny you say is you know the so you won't matter to him. You say candy and stopped. And I'm like oh thank you wanna take that can advance. So yeah it is for innovative that maybe those were all started when be honest plus bills are very very very good possibility. Can you imagine. Albanians have changed now you'll lose we're coming within the past you know. Every day well and the other thing about the millions. Is no. Everything's going this for old round platform on form transits and you know in Chevrolet C eBay is really like Barack. Can you imagine these custom Richard. Knock her out and the differences. You do you do see entry exit polls slotted man eggs with solid ice. It is going into these are really really passenger vehicles anymore leg and Houston in coral will induce a man. That would be the coolest Ford transit hunting down. Arlene. About a Mercedes sprinter what's the sprint are gonna sound like Assad arrives this thing the fossil was also much beyond new. Lower east side pipe. Come applicable analogies did I mean honestly bone Mamie van McEnroe time ago. Is the Honda Odyssey. That's about the only very and passenger very in this actually maiden now. Well they give up most will be cross are things in there it's got a sizzling where to go no car has last Mormon question earlier in other and that's where is going into across there. As I can care Ramadan do you have guess our metrodome and they exploit this man is still thing did for right now. They even do ET video that's gone yet so I mean do you think about them in the ten dollars aromas of any more than make a move they make their own version of who. Used to own spring mill basically. Austin they're broke new Volkswagen minivan hold our friends and mope or. Her and burglaries in trouble than usual sort of drew and wanted to for a flu or the color. Looks at is actually pretty cool it's like Colorado. It does looks a lot like a collar looks a lower Colorado has lined them the Germans give sneaky. And there they overplayed in the usual as well they've been doing while there and I never really well. You sing on Arafat and we're not too long and remodel stores films that often prone to these armed observers pluralistic. You can blow holes later drugs. I think Camarillo Olson toward his implode premiums Boehner and out there. Doesn't Dorsey turn signals stolen sons in the fenders are only here for but they can be easily fixed area. When you're senator talking about Volkswagen I am able to learn personal global player and always have. Now. Volkswagen is coming narrow win. The new variant a Volkswagen Maine and it looks a lot like the old fifties and sixties when he won window variance. Yeah but is also real life the new beau and I don't feel and you know it's more squared more box here it is. It is almost a mock funeral flower vases it. Money totaled dancing daisy and I don't know government let me I will do it does and according to the pictures it does look a lot like the older ones. I think he's going to be pretty cool rod go out today about cool seventies around and won't total fortune union but the Volkswagen thing I loved thinks. Alone time there there how do not liable irons. We know you know every drama ever done my guild wars crucial over beetle we do miss it. Just do not lie to Madrid alone the vols organ thing. Actually were back to basics is less time new feel good enjoy homeowner live coral limbo contests and beyond is synonymous for win in this area. And a Volkswagen thing beat Camille is out I had ever Volkswagen thing was the lowest score. They're thing overt and Campobello all places he and his name is Steven. He hasn't Volkswagen thing that is just awesome lime green. Why wheels sitting only around. It is it is bad at a moment. A lovable sort of things I wanted to but definitely different and actually see a woman had a Porsche boxer engine. That would be that in Lebanon that that's the thing little. Things Nia. Honestly you know The Beatles I have saying. Now a slog providential venal but one of the coolest thing though saying. As the W hearts. Motors. Put in to the actually is there's one of those Carson local. The bill here. There's actually super related to socialism is close listen for fumbled and multi must've due to a lemur and him as a brutal setup and Daniel WOR ex law non actually you know you gotta Subaru murdered. Your Volkswagen and enrollment as you are now organ beckoning you to those Ian who'll just get away from that Yemen and was an almost. I was over 300 or yes when you're coming from fifteen that's a lot ice had a little bit give her mother small lawn tractors were more horsepower than than an F. Which blows my mind that I forgot loss Los Angeles. No longer is and probably yours better. That built like a trophy Stahl super visual. When they tell us motor and a and on March amendment terms for so Campbell also jumped in school buses Lewis who runs over a school books videos domicile Walsh and his presence or Cisco. And he was a man he'd done wired. Palisades in my column. The warriors are Campbell are those on the story for it but you don't know legally. And then you know it does absolutely that the net. If you go everywhere beyond users grand in the hole he's got after him and bush dismissed him out let's Bristol exactly but he got resolve. We're not terrorists are terrorists. Dynamic power and struck read this story current industry trip but this article so here's a real good gonna plug on India. The coloring gear is a cute little called stale are. And finished right there are some that are good looking yeah you put the poor will's own need regime under you really chime in on this amendment and until alone the corrugated they are great co soldiers on the values go through the roof when Muslim world. All right guys that there will symptoms is commercial breaks volatile stock Gaza were talking seventy's right here all hot rods and happy hour. And morneau 63 W award date I guess moment hot rods and happy hour we're told him all about the seventies today Omaha frozen embryo. Of course we like Kobe Miller local builder in the studio. Have audio. Of course we just medium breezy hang an illness to you booths close I'm Hank asked. So sweet. To stay in jail. And of course we got a snippy hours. Risk that financial analyst slash numbers guru the professor himself slash Disco believe today at mister Ricci Hoskins what is happening in mic cooled junction Nebraska. Cool junction. This thing whether it's usually desertion Bozell the city's well paid huge election the mud in the sixties. And little before my time it's do you remember there is a sixties but your Maryland they they they they all like to bask in the water. Towers thing yeah I was earlier there on the do you actually live which was as they went. Since this junction the sixties it was a crazy time. Those crews agrees to those fun. It was all right so we're talking cores of the seventies you can't talk about saving these cars are not mentioned the big boats may end. Usually cooler buicks. Chrysler and materials. That you goes on an interesting mayor Richard mothers grocery imperial ruler. Yes and you can't outlook and out not too long took it upon myself. Tune look up the longest post war car ever made and it is in 1973. Chrysler repair. How long would that Corbett Zanetti thirties. 230. Inches. This is a big cork this closely you teach. Them when he feet. This Michael lemon and yeah it's street Louis or an airplane except that you get is a coupe. Can you imagine a loan that one glorious. Day no one else silence a surge in our driver's door Cutler. Our our resource thirteen for the loan and when an 800 pounds they're really. You have somebody helping show the dormant. So he is vigorously cadillacs of the day's low big Cadillac went on there every may end needs the Cadillac. Every man these cattle and Richard drills Cadillac he understands the threat. But I mean first of men and I want to base that wants a menu of KLA. You never go back home it was the only way to wrap. This class sophistication. And the seventies cadillacs Burgess pimp and they're bright rooms draw tarps. For old rounds were big books. Unloading and opiates. On the rockets which don't get rid of his sixties to him and and put it on and certainly score those bill okay Alexa. Hampton. Don't say some day near blue collar made a little better on thirty Muslims Dayton it's not just been. All who can continue bill until. Big oil to run it below the four wheel drive cadillacs are likely won't. Loyal to the broke Graham's. I imam Osama Brown's most amount teenagers. Me ammo brother my best friend soon. Morale our best friend or my little boy named ship I'll it's gonna give him trouble ever it's this trouble of news. But it Marmol have warm man I was saying that briefly wound. Broke him like user broke him. And hundreds of hearing that we're talking about it was manned during. What is. Dark during vinyl top with the dollar earnings. Plus anterior. Your houses some of the same issues the vinyl top and final toppled everything there is certain thing. You get a bicycle rentals aren't the anxieties. And they've amount ocean sport scores the most closed big go first. And I plan as how they 1980s. And ninety's remember a miniature arsenal manager of tiny little lord a sore Atlantis how they've figured period I had to do deck as you know when you have a vinyl top. And arrange who was. This or street hero and a very downside the car load for a couple of Richard we'll little hole don't you kill you throwback snow. Man go to the land mad just house there ought to only black half it's your show and albums he's got halfway there is a tabloid. Land now. Like you designed that you know really woolsey's I do feel that. I really need our littlest we have did it I do you know they answered you know what it does is the president we built a brand them material knew exactly. Off French coaches from Monday. Before their cars late French horse he's religious DN yeah that is where it came forced. I guess there would be horseless caters to that would be a caller who would be horse drawn carriages or their own area for a thousand Alex but happen. Or historian answer in the form of question what or Porsche from carriages. Well my big question. Is who Como do. To try to tighten vile talk solve empowering the top after you had an owner. Feel most of girls were in pain who love will be doing arduous didn't go so resilient and has all the blue your rules all and all of more rested news. A judge though really funny stories of the sixties kobasew hilarious. Good friend in my body works in the show. He had a 69 dodge coronet with a final toppled who have sworn enemy is a bad corals are simply a little bit. The kinda it is six not Cornett a volatile as a good looking garb black on black. He studies into involves a wolf the key pillars would go home to the windshield was the only thing hold in the top opened the front and I was her only eight the a pillars shall become also mean just all those years while earning in my and then Boehner in as the limited primary do nothing that is an hour's. As you like we're doing well overall still filled and they just blew in slap some. Animal print model there you're there you know makes you wonder what the factories are thinking in. When they did that well that was even though there were slim and a lot of blues here it's like where reserved I mean it's not errors today. A straight so many times of great stuff into the rear upper. The land now reef area of seventies olds never Oldsmobile cutlass supremes and Jerry's old sharp. I can still logged a dream about it sometimes we don't of that film's love it is on top off in memory of the holes are you just turn I cannot side down until it stops coming. I have. Hello my resources now to Denise Sanders. Yeah tennis problems solved yet and if she met president let's examine so you in home people throw your buddy word me. But at. School love it you know I was a sin they're looking through some some pictures on this regardless challenged the one car we forgot totally about the Ford Torino cobra. The trailer to Reno yet time the Trevor called grand jury and of course. Like who loves them into equities will hadn't grown in the movie entering the regular Golan were cool course terrain I was really gotten the short end of the stick muscle gore was. They're a little old NASCAR they are real sweltering Mercury who cyclone canal way the mean me and yet. The three measures really never took off and they were really good looking Golar dispersion is 6069. In the seventies there were they were short. Alignment. About you Richard it's well off their muscle cars seven to of course as you know I don't know nobody else likes and that's why I entered. I'm well you alleged torture for him to baseball team is but I can guess it goes unnoticed fumbled the worst stats. Well doesn't uphold or informed it sure enough on the lines that are pretty rough spell there for most of my lifetime that. Insult lol I think he's firmly little brown finger down. I don't watch professional football just didn't you could probably get a merger where ever. We pulls for Caroline coliseum saw of a grisly case scenario in a kick out there hanging. Little blueprint for it yeah. Until two youths off a slew of his let we have a sword and a little better orange. It was doom blonde walks. And Taylor Ritson. Well when you're holding on to say hey you're saying more in tune national championships and off exactly you guys tackled the exact one I played Riverside Nolan. We. As horrible. Horrible horrible. We ain't we got a whole shell dedicated to football we've thought about this until we're going onto a seven which almost Sunnis would dominoes soon as big or how about the full four to ease the big couple says oh yeah I'll. I like those who duels that the big lug the big strides in the bottom with the full force to cut you dig down into the six the vulnerable seats and stuff only Koreans insist these were like a lazy boy recliner and a those were out there some neat colors robotic challenge with a bullet until pills seats nestled on bugs that in news. Our man around now maybe I'm thought pillow top managers who sold the new power alone you should caddie in the same reason as would you Rudolph permanent or anybody even. Mean this this is craziness there's like gorillas couch in an actress Kirsten own ego aside asleep in the car. Alia I won't tell you something that car's bigger than some apartments. And yes. It's actually way bigger than some reforms actually. Let's get glaciers bad news a little big caddie all the big blogs all our big blow says two years. And world war his oilman. Rumors are murmured and senators that if for 72 that's also a little early December extremely fortunate to. Because we got a commercial break coming up but she definitely will stay tuned we got a very seventies inspired Craig's Lewis challenge coming your way. Right here on hot Ras and happy hour I guess all her money back to hot rods and happy hour. You know we get Craig's list challenge Kono and I mean everybody thinks they got the best sit in the restaurant. Now we we can open up a little bit for everybody. We did in 101000 nowlin little skirts was jokes that we couldn't be released into local builder. What's up her own. Of course we got breezy this millions do you woes and I ain't of course we got professor himself mr. Richard Hoskins in the studio. What's happened employ any Beers self to Canada. When we beer. Airs mayors mayors. Born here severe Carlson. OK okay Ralston. Like gummy bears. Now byers is done there's a lot of room. Still bears all right so we're talking about does seventies. Have been I don't know that they Craig's list challenge. Get a phone of this Sims score Kuby who guests will that you kick it off would you fund I found a bang 1970. Buick a lecture. With a 2.5 sniper EF file system on it full air ride. 82000. Original miles. Everything works as an issue of percent in during an. And that's why I wish. Invited you now I Clinton I'd leave it to that gap. He Zagat. As a rat I'm going to Myrtle Beach look at this thing and it's all the Muslims is our inclusive alumina. He's going to be the guy to win. And then a home boy he won what is the courage of the shelves car as kill Madonna have a mortal bella and even it up a notch the morning Brooke. They would kinky good to me notice that the drill hole is it is just. RS really. Well in all one I want alas I would Holden. Now because those ace in the hole right airline and you. Isn't the content not the past Clinton in new critical. Block. I thought I got through one year old lawyer wanted to rip them wash their worries me. But. I was going to go were my. 1973. GGA 4000. Gladiator. No we didn't talk a lot of bodies of the 4000. Jeep we're incredibly hot massive industry and a G 4000 Glen here went to Google this all man she loses its what does the gladiator. We normally do low tech coach or Lidstrom or death when this thing apart twelve of those there's got to be eighty foot long unnoticed. The slash and all super small portion. It's got to be accustomed meal and a cult that are monitored and listening although I got to pitch are a terror there she is. Chelsea's. Like that commando the other Comanche moon Aurilia if it does Lebanon saying they blew the twisters slipped up in the movie twister we will look at. Yeah and we'll just does not want but hey you know report how bad it is crucial I don't know about you Richard and you do it to. Yeah but he says. Back orange shoes good looking and I don't I don't see inner sense. On so are among our friend of looking up. Don't look horrible this drama and it needs a little nod she was worsened this little uninstall that allocation committee go back on your truck let us let us hear about it. Well she did a full motor revealed. 2001 of our own miles ago when he too sure about about it as an excellent condition. I AMC three series to a dollar triumph polished aluminum wheels witnesses who was won't. He has built 33 about their paying PDs. More homes long two headers and story. Got a fuel cell with a Dana four of dying of 44 axles. She's British also we're we're below router wiggle room oh yeah yes she's always is when you just when it. Way off the charts out of the box Abu Abbas from flew out of Basel earliest dinosaurs. Breezy you're beautiful brown and mommy were wonder what is she she. While so many did help me with this one because I was having a tough time trying to find some than and I didn't found something really really cool. But you tell me into doing this on which he thinks is the land of the fine or X is in 1973. Riviera ban tail off tomorrow. Do. I switched up. It is pretty it's pretty is that we are brown collar that's pretty much ugly but so ugly it's really cool. And everything Indian. Hot with a Mercury 150 on the Internet or remove. Everything runs well air conditioned cars everything works sound man is only got 63 original miles and has eighty top hundred in commerce Georgia. In think you can do you container out of toy there yes you can end danger extra money beggar exactly exactly some fly geared. Huge flow rat Mariah. Professor. I got faith in a world. All I had picked a car and then unchanged or different car and Embry picked by different car. Senator. Abide in my original car on a lot of us 75 Cadillac Seville. I'm originally stated yeah thing lawyer paranoia is from a semi Clinton's when he 3000 miles from factory throttle body injection in 1970. Everything works for 5500. She. It's also over but natural them I would have to get like a red velvet top four at dominant Bakken sends gold spinners from a Dayton's. Oh for sure I mean it's a new Kelly moved tacklers. And doubled young to vote you got around to voter a reason why don't blame me into the oval films and think you have to. Know how fell sultan. It's a little little little remnant. Little lower on but all cities. Almost and with roots via. In 1972. Surely love truck. China a low of truck. That's totally sent an eighth through street. Or how Hillary. Current trend champion. In this class. How lonely and because this profanity in it well you know what's good and I can't read only here. But it's not worth the read how. I promise you just. Craig's list saving fuel trucks durst there can meet the real Craig's list worldwide via. Since you surely love programs but can. Geez this is like pure pro guns and flamingo. This safer and you rate this should you surely true approached three current trek champion. Bill for a six small block. Lou limited's fourth of her skull reverse well money tumors refuted transmission. Dana rear and 456 gears. 291250s. On the back. Four oldest breaks race seats. Five point choruses roll cages in street legal conduct. Combs with a clear tunnel take a look you can't miss it for ten K and it got a picture of maternal wheels loan. In my load true. So not only is this thing little inch short and fast and dangerous. It is very set in diesel circus orange it also has profanity pay no side. I'm not happy and on this side it has the name all the doors do you guys that are closure of the numbers sure that Patrick whatever conditions you're nervous that it so yeah truck is this her her. I don't know recently download have a beer with. This so well I mean really there's some truth about what used to call will be free and you're gonna look Szilard who guys flow of these phone while we're Drupal organs for sure oh yeah you know it. I'm telling them his love maybe signaled fifteenth his trailer this group was yeah this deadly Kool run. The thing about Florida's I think we can always did down a link Kuby. Killed us on this critical challenge does that that Buick is absolutely gorgeous. Views so. I'll warn you think that that's gonna scare man. It might become it proved since this one alma I'm on a column in the morning. Is that thing is it is it is a good looking color. It is and is a good looking car as the emerald beach new blood droves dorm room barely gets a woman tramps or something you know it might be police snobbery EF things won't seven Donald Poehler says hello to all of 22 innings and Arad. Until we turn associating your momentum change you want this dumb and we go check this amount. Guys a day won't figure much of play loan you can listen hot isn't happy hour.