Hot Rods and Happy Hour
Sunday, August 6th



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Yeah aroused and have done this brawl pits. I was happening and then spiky do expect edu and it was going on metal through good iron to do on day you'll. No I'm really did come through and you still are. A film all right you look good Eudora Kansas every U Marino won and he really. You're you know a year older now. I guess a more profound wanna give better look at when they each you know after six or seven years though wants their stumble in the offing I'm just don't matter out there. A more Scotch. On TV today gave bidder but you know once he takes his time. Pat pat pat back to literally could hurt her don't you relocated within Chucky cheese it's not fat that path. For an open drugs yes there we started Russia's so anyway you know why it's odd after you were way more on. Does some. 35 shows and we do starter Russia's same way so why should we change and in Washington NBA any different you know what why mess with perfection. Exactly that's our that's what I tell people every day about me so lazy jump. August 12. We're going to be two places at one time. We're going to be a let's Broadway a minute yeah can we do this because we're growing. We're multiply culpable all right now we have more stuff. Australia and more people's first room in Anderson, South Carolina. Yes sir the crews and they'll try own screw Anderson classic car club guzzle take us into an ill Flickr. Notes most loyal leaders ailments conclude this what does this bode for charming as a public. And now they're letting letting go okay family friendly and guard Aaron cool. Now Charles Mexican restaurant area but there and Anderson run of crucible Oregon super cruise there's a close call globe have been around since the scores were classic. So why does have been around since leg had to be called. Anderson course exactly these guys are put only hill she showed there is a money for a great calls us a good neighbor food pantry. Did never food pantry king you're wrong noun interviewed Colin swell of interest and that's the thing is what I love about this Hollywood talk about a million titles which you can actually wrestler for some great calls with a the lettuce and there's a political not so polished version of Al Rosen have been our president to give me a little extra pollution has dragged her reach her rage I love little later on that evening and we will be over Ian Simpson Miller heritage park. Back to basics old series of them now this order raiders gear for more or a year older listeners are you see. Do you seen use of an upstate. And they are fast they are vests and yeah they come out impacts and William and they were for a little beds and listen just Amir a law that's voting no well hold that against them we don't cause you know what we love it you gotta start somewhere exactly so we'll Bieber fever and a flat bill campus what does it for you. In Omaha home harm my favorite thing and if you like and I loved it exactly. There's great show guys and still currently undefeated Tony award champions are orders said ray appeared in the studio. For banned the undisputed champions. All at once not twice. The British now. It's affiliate and Ric Flair mama just like at three time three time three time champion I'm having a hard time Cuban he's chuck taylors on the Graham exactly. So I challenge anyone you one million team bring enough. We want to say something. We're not the best looking coach speak for yourself flare burden. And Robert. So I'm allowed to elect him well so yes no doubt appreciate announcing a sing better looking faces a remote socialists anarchists is assists okay. Butts but we're not the smartest. Jewel Wheeler. What we are we ought to be not English majors that's for sure we're the best earned total war team around. I'll agree that voting period. Right now right now my high school English teacher is driving her into the desk pat. Pat pat pat what did I don't grow well minus two Reno and now I turn out. And now all I saw him miss Sealy I'll remind slam. Sorry whatever. August 20 comrades have there'll be back here rim reconsiders laid out wonderful hour. Album no line bricks. To move spinach. The other kid stuff great icebergs. Or Romaine area there we go along with Jason ruby Tuesday's home of the garden tomorrow in the ritual doesn't have built cruising. And we'll be there on the twentieth probably lives and always. Always fallen always absolutely and we'll probably sit on the part of our sweating. Live on air. Seeing him as Lewis from paying special a lot of funny you should cool little bit championship. And you know played all wish we hope. And a half Nebraska enters your letter that it eventually does Jose comes around. September is saying we're taken off for gone on the Clayton Georgia for the juvenile diabetes you oldies and this is a great show for it even better calls juvenile diabetes. They're going George gorgeous Clayton Georgia in gorgeous place. Scenic Clayton Georgia behind their men some open the same in Guam no matter what you'll see all about it it's going be great show of garrido rig as. The eyes so if you he just fell off rodeo land weekend of well his error September 2. How many car and follows on now. Those are let's it's really no long drugs problem or thirty minutes from here and he can't meet that how numbness beautiful lovely 85. There's just been so much of the closures drive on these last few weeks and roll and now I'm in this. Where you're going to go to an 85 to get there was even better even better just get along toward Missouri and stationery to go. Hi September 4 that following Monday bacon Labor Day over and travelers rest they can labor days is more weekend as do we how we give them this is so. And I love because you know what what's up. A lot of motor mount on an unknown golfer and on grill word you know what I am now I hacking and handrail. But looks like in jail OK is a resume. He called me ugly as well I mean you know I can't hurt I'm like no don't call like his name Jones after this huge critical equipment booked my. More people who brutally anyway but this is a very Paramount not a great yet have we can learn. All right so this is the thing I'm not a driller on the gulf for a lot of voter you know what I am Omaha router and alone because no we. Sure its own Labor Day and Labor Day weekend. So they're Mondale's not only mode you what we got some fun to go to. We have to we have to take around them blew it now I'm all for that girls always like to thank. He Dag gum or so after that lovely. Labor Day weekend. We Grossman and all over Georgia and travelers arrest the following we again September 10 crumb rubber and rushed him beautiful moment in South Carolina. The scooter really fun show for show first time in Moline first album so is gonna be those who we will bills likely Lanka's remind us is the comeback. You know highly likely avenue I mean I'm Amazon com bot is probably a good run out of worst places exactly. Hi guys Newman right along September 17 harrah's have been or will be back here ruby Tuesday's somewhat your fruit let's say you for another contact. Always fought through chooses great show great time great atmosphere and beautiful course for days and got a good food through Jesus family or not they have four what does this is since this is as soon as. And now. September 30 you know that it is not you. Everybody in here's snow that is you know what is legendary in his legendary his isn't it still but you're gonna look back. In the he sounds of time do you look back and you'll sit in the thirtieth is going to be one of those red letter days yes you know look like ignored in the bubble Jesus drew a red doesn't read a letter Enola. Carol out of motor fast drive past us that's. Who felt that she only those stinger that distort gruel Pickens speedway there it is it's I just fought Maine his car shows it's. Power now and I think I want enemy it is at a racetrack. And now come in. What better way discriminate will mean everything is the weather's going to be quarters weren't the only cool blue. The store and a close to a beautiful caller slump all the way around it. Good fruit. Caller slot me. Frozen embryos are public the tunes out across half mile oval you can't be that may have absolutely. Thank him up shortly after that and met toward the end of October will be gone must seem a four week always fun time there and pay six Vegas coming up November 11 will be down Georgia against Minnesota super heavy shootouts and no no music quiz they usually southern super every shootouts. This is like 4000 I don't know. Right course yes 4000 pound up any horse that's insane than any car 4000 pounds plus trucks suvs no matter hit the track with a always fun time now commerce driveway or land driveway rather. And then December 2 world ran out our year a hoax and motorsports for the sinking annual toy drive and we'll have more about that later but first. We have Tyson mills' until you get to see every does yes sir all right journalist and hot rods and happy hour raid 01063. WORD. Now what about tolerance and embryos Robb Pitts and boy it's happened and Ralph Robb. Do you want some we had a great show this past week in and we will tell you all about that we generated we did it was a good time together and ship Anderson civics in which our city wants and will same here and say it again preacher growth probably trade story at one of the best. The good being used for car sharply ever Enola causes of Kurdish and then definitely in the top five of venues or I don't really like that was especially being a local to come Dele. Can't lamps. Everybody would come threads magazine. Does a phenomenal job. Putting together that it meant. There is of the novel. And I'm happy that we're just say only a part of her really well it's a great shows a growing and show every year gets bigger and literally this and the quality gives him an overwhelming with the quality of the course are phenomenal plumbing you've got trucks are doing with caution and care than they are yeah. She's insane. A mania has cars of course from all over the southeast from the northeast and in Canada in an am midwest a little bit you know of course stride going and I mean that's impressive Jerome re here to just say just a pool those quality and caliber of caller it. And it's all about you know your your Saturday shows specials. Don't know about trailer queens these commercials are the root these are built. To take Truby so you know say it is just so cool to go to a local show in C stuff that you're not used to seeing every day like. I'll just remember a car that popped out my hand was a little Saturn wagon I mean first of all. Who even save one of these course knowing who this guy saved it but is tricked out and sit on Arabs. We have very cool very cool the Muslims many trucks with some of the bills so god I mean you want to run impressive bill just top of the quality. Coming from top to bottom these things are fabricated to the nine domains is gorgeous drugs amid there's nothing here between there they're just slick is actually dummy that's just. Sharp as I mean the residual terriers Tomasson right next to her trailer. As Singh was purple you mid ninety's. Come a blend a nominee early 2000 yet it was a Tacoma. There's a plume purple color exactly and this guy. And it evidently is sure it's been around overwhelm his gestured and made his own. But you don't really look at the Mac and it's a 63 M Pollack tail lights and it. And they look like they belong to French into the tailgate coming just absolutely gorgeous stuff for the fabrication. Ms. unreal. And then you know in this pain he had a black light they view shown on the play error on the into the paint. It would still gain the edge show different things in the sale gate. Coming just put netcast saw into your bills is just amazing public zealotry things are done listen you with a hero put 63 and I'll tell lots and turn your pickup truck Somalia and of course is drug talk about all weekend you're dumb a 2017 Silverado crew cab. Was used to easier on the agencies here. My name blue with silver flames and them you know airbrushed blue flames over the blue point paying. Leather interior sent on one or 28 inch wheels were forced to McGrath a little bit bigger the record course but I mean absolutely tucking them a menacing set on the ground. You go under the hood with the super charger mail us motor humming it would breaks older emblem is a very very sure to give Melissa brain in neutral. Yeah you're dogma you take in a you know sixty does known trojans or another sixty and it. Coming just absolutely gorgeous laid out you have O'Meara. Yeah exactly. In many go outside and I guess from Canada were there in the heading you know old body style GMC you know the square by either. Lol 889 BA body styles a single bistro via long bed and but you know extending cavs. Felt pretty nice pass drug yeah. Pricks truck coming in with a full interior Bruce let me give it away is a record 24 foot enclosure truly strewn on what may or worse than about a handful and all the way from care yeah couple of Montana your camera and I am full array and a half ton pickup truck so he probably heard what's under the enough none comments five nominee and look gorgeous man this is they're so big in this thing will show ready. In the thing the most beautiful thing you want to be inside of it. As have BM WM series interior and mom and dad says the whole shooting match is deemed illegal liberals did or since world. Some in the quality award to women listen missiles in the parking lot yet this is and they uses her toe pink. And then the core labor aware of them was a square Roddy is tent pickup truck. This mine on I can improve in the words I can't even describe the stroke well enough for you guys I would just three hours get to this play together yes that this thing local. Yeah Elaine. I kidney I can play guess that I I feel like I'm cheating all of our listeners out might not be in a hold properly describe the stroke. But I mean the craftsmanship that went to it. You know I'm on this thing had rain drove his tail lights and it or W isn't saying the build or restore the quote in the cleanliness of Somalia how May Day you don't want the cleanest four point three leaders I've ever seen in my life mirrored chrome plated torso that I'm sure one offered Simone Campbell chrome yeah. But there via chrome plated intake on a 43 I've never seen in my life not. Let's main. Just work like you know what we said the quality of bills was just unbelievable. You know what was your Trevor Carney thereof probably my favorite color of their. Hands down. Was is the signature caprice occurring on the current right. Will the Twitter than version dual blades are up or thirteen seven Dayton's making better. We goal we blew tires are. I love that thing was gorgeous green and gold green from the money go for lonely guy your camera and green on green Andre hit a green with a green tell green interior. This thing is that solely yours after agree to losers there's is classic Fuji California Long Beach looking and I loved that I love that look. Save me had to take the Sony for priest powering next to the Burgundy color one was dropped up. But lagged it's also said Monday means silver but remain had switches. You talk about is old school like he said is its California lifestyle that is correct us. And that I was I added that no amount owed it to we're like a three XDD sure like one month into the tub but inside gets you Sam Nomar they got me and I got a pleasant. It's a meal the other end of the spectrum I love that rib what is to control the one actual best truck mister show last year yup. I mean another square buddy list here. You know wars camp again can't describe the quote these bills bright red loan literary look at the list in drug. There's virtually a piece of more yeah oh yeah I may need to mild. That is the tailpipe and a stroke was painted to look like blue brush your Everest look like would mean the beyond. What she can imagine. You know every and then the crap out my got the crowd when we others do wards. The crowd was lively. I mean receptive. They ran a good time and I love that loves give aways or so we raise money for being too you know. We're able to raise a lot of money frame. And aim is another like food pantry is they also reach out people and Anderson and held. You know families can afford to pay for air conditioning throughout the summer pay for the power bills. They stepped in and help these families ounces great program. And we had a food drive for them they were able raise relying auction he had to live auction route. Hillary is a good bit money for them as well also made it it was a great weekend. For great causes and we had a great time doing it we it was a great cemeteries elusive 66 Chevrolet truck the bribe reward 66 for a retro man Utah mine gorgeous struggling table to raise three with a blow laurel and nitrous PS and Stella stacks the homeland isn't saying which we're actually get a sister gonna many German nationals main. A second time but I actually getting here run leaving out of there. And I was impressed on how great metro actually ran to oil normally build like that. She really doesn't need salt free books it really is that this thing man he really was you know it was turn now and it was they was running right I mean I was impressed. What are you one record don't run on this segment but I'm sure we can talk about a for a few minutes more than Nixon and are we got to police mobiles sounds get a main road all right guys who was in Colorado and happy hour right here 1063 W or. And does little red hot rods that they are Sharaud pits and this war let's happen and dude dude. It's amuses me. Not to itself was and we were told them together and showed all the courses where Dominique and we're told about the 66 should look at a true we were dumb on the 66 cherry pick in the awards if I had to pick my favorite many. Know the most got. I'm a little by discussing a million little mobility Jeff Giles. 86 most of the 2000 you know awesome drug. Paulson can typically that none of these build all the way around I want to ever jealousy that I want to Wear a copper Kosher slap bracelets. And like a story here in line like Joseph Burrell a celluloid to lawless a fan. Okay and a half moon right or wrong. How can learn Buchholz out about a boy and grooming monopoly Matt do some cool gets all the way from Mississippi groupies garage. Cool guys super cool does that she'll do so also are seeing at the gathering. Yes you interviewed jobs gray days a look forward within some more maybe nor none of Mississippi yourself obviously. Hot troops mailman well. Poor choice of words horrible Choi is a word for all hop he's missile leg that's why it's called hum. But great guy and win hours entertainer who loses. Hours of their time it will only it was just has a long weekend I mean how we liked the show was so much fumble go through go to bed you have to your frame there. The guys love Al we should always everybody can demand grew in knob and you know world's chairman and we'll be talking with a man I'm sure we'll have mom there is some point time. In Eden just like you guys hear from them is there so entertaining oh these are like Dell our railroad it's super cooled their characters all what this does remind me of us. Condit Jana so numb numb missile AM. You're not that nervous but. And other matters gets through this contestants. So wasn't news on tie in the mazes real deal or here loses loses the Israel. Ms. Lynn and I loses can servers business areas. Very serious. Crisis CBS released these headlines. And I quote foreign workers being used to build auto plants in the US. Am passing like from the net. Well it does because you know users in all eastward commercials for BMW which is right your backyard. And talking about you know German cars been building a small detail like sport in Bernard how we asked how little others just talk. You know BMWs being built in a small town in South Carolina look. My I hate it because those guys are from Spartanburg. Now now we'll let you know it's no secret foreign auto makers give billions of dollars in subsidies. And incentives to build factories here in the US and create American jobs you know. And may do him. Issued a stare at issue and CBS is give us a three year lol yes so if you scene investigation on this NBC and CBS and honest Simon there are new to show. And aired this past Monday. You have seen was really happening. There's men I didn't foreign workforce being used to build sections of US auto plants. This. Happens real problem wolves visa abuse their wallets all kinds of abuse but you're exactly correct. So you know this investigation wimp for thousands of miles from South Carolina the Slovenia wages and Eastern Europe. The find answers so they've been all over the country several centuries we have to find answers what's going on. Good how a guy by the name and Gerald greener. Who manage safety in American construction projects for three years. Down and where's of that done Alabama and bands sell ma'am. For Mercedes men's. He was gone dragging down there and he told a little bit awhile about what he's seeing you know seeing slow mania and polish and even Croatian people there. Working at any can understand why because he knew the rules he knew why he had a job there. He knew what was going on. And you know we've seen all these workers command. And these workers would handle you know steel erection pipe fitting pouring concrete. Always to installing equipment the one thing they wouldn't do this handily actual building of the callers those left for American workers. But all these foreign workers would come in and help build the plants in most cases. Build them themselves. Well and this is where I'm from that because they come in here like heroes. But then they do things like this how you don't get me wrong I mean BMW has brought a lot of stuff to South Carolina. The nudges beer and a the only other plants and came up here with the you know the due to power supplies and stuff like that. I think of the trucking companies is supported. Understand that. But. Why can't we build a plant. Exactly and listen we're the story gets you know be more meaningful to us to is dealing with the BMW investigators. CBS's investigators to be exact were led to the upstate apartment complex actually in Spartanburg. Where workers from Slovenia and Croatia were being house mother employer. So the the contractors that were employing these workers housed them re here in Spartanburg race in upstate. And the thing that blows my mind. All the expense and houses and these people and all the experience of bringing them over here or separate them from their families and bring them you know halfway across the world to hear. To work. What could we do it bring people down here. Why didn't you just follow the rules and hire American employees right here where you knew all these billions upon billions of dollars. Of tax incentives he you know and all this why not just follow the rules I mean you're already making so much money awful plus. First pages give us some jobs we understand there's some specialty stuff that you know someone's gonna have to maybe come from the outside understand that we know is not more forces it's like. It's no different day you know Caribbean Debian or trainee on new mom learn whatever they Cindy in Germany to learn the new model. To learn the new robot there you know the ram the train. And then you come back when this knowledge and share. You know if there's a guy who's you know. All about installment special piece of equipment from Germany. And he asked him over her show the other workers here how to work it Nomar looks well exactly but when your sim workforce is just like she says. You know. Here's what I'm showing up fifteen past surveillance at that time how we you know okay. For example at 6:30 AM the workers were seen having their last cigarette before the man would come to pick them up. And it gets even better as you said. CBS producer filmed a man of workers going through BMW security is 6:45 AM. The producers shut fifteen or more of these vans and vehicles pulling into the BMW. Gray hair and a sick so you realize. Tell me nearing fifteen times fifteen and oh yeah I am Camden mass in my head but it's slot careers it's a lot of people let's not specialty people. Not now when you're reaching to a home derailment this point exactly you got workers that can you imagine the experience of housing these people. Oh yeah I mean. You there's all kinds of expense you know there insurance and there were staying at the motel six knows their visas there's Dane and apartments are here I think for awhile. Summing you know all these American benefits are getting you know using up. Our tax money because they are having to play it normal you know all these expenses and things Xena we tried to protect our country from. And they're just blatantly rail on the evidence saying you know no matter. Well me and you know this is not the first big coming to throw its weight were known now book and I assure you won't be the last. But only tell you some nice little bonus list only a CBS involved I mean this and you show and this is the very first show Lou. And you know very first thing they taught about Alicia. You feel when you when you fill a new program you hit the ground running. So apparently this is gonna carry a lot of weight eyeliner and invested three years investigation almost. You know then and rob your car guy our cart this is not what we do we don't. We don't seek new disaster like this on a normal basis in this business like way above our pay grade but this is. In depth in the automotive industry and in our backyard so I feel is very important to bring this up. You know I am BMW now no one you know Volvo's. Mercedes. Test sleeve and Volkswagen god knows there under fire so much so that I mean they just don't care anymore and yes. But you know in even Eisner and which is the company. Then well contract to the loveliest people. You know all of these people have declined. CBS is requests for interviews. So I doubt we're going in her legal drama feels overall. The only reason you deny requests for areas because you know you're wrong exactly so. Hey it's just blows my mind. Any on senator earlier now say it again. It blows my mind that is that we open our doors opened Sunday we're going to see you billions with a capital B here. Billions of dollars worth of incentives. Come to our country provide our people with some jobs. And you're going to save. You know get astronomical amounts of money. And we're doing this for you can you turn around status on the Mac and that's what. Feels like I mean bill came in my and they are bringing a lot of jobs. Bullet there's a lot more jobs can be brought all oh yeah I mean who doesn't know somebody who works the BMW here and answer area. I mean you know suggests they are provide a lot of their providers don't like saying hey you know raucous good don't know erupted it's one go that far but you. Contentment. But I mean you're absolutely right I mean you're near a 100% dead on the money. This this is really got me miffed enough and I hope to hear more about this storm sure we have heard the last of that and I want some resolution due to be honest with a huge catches. No I mean this is you know treason against our country if you will. There's some extreme but. It is. It is an area is something that they're really needs to be Puerto enemies to be fixed exactly and you know that's just sit fix it. And we're done here exactly. Hi guys what we have plenty more to talk to you now. Clearly what we have some fun stuff to talk about oh yes and real fun stuff sucks about you gone state dinner here not rousing happy hour right here 1063 W Lordi. Does look back and hot rods and we are as rough this. What's happened in nude. There's some cued up like a full house flashback every time you do that how rouge. What did you see your love the little one in the middle luggage below Candace Cameron came word until your coworkers and out of your budget is Cameron we wouldn't be Europe and around the we've been somewhere else announced her more real would be somewhere but you know we're not told about full house or Candace Cameron. Now we'll talk about kids yes yes and especially Canada isn't yeah suicides a little bit but. To school time it is rags is about school Tom we'll get the tax free holidays this weekend does. Don't tell you something else sort of thing about you we did top ten list. The top ten fastest trucks and we have so many people emails back and ask him about it works future list that the moon alternate where you get your information and struck. Looming missile or so old slow Internet for that top ten mom callers. So they got a so called all the trust murders in. Edmonds has compiled and also Melissa lead was there for hardly call this list also know it's horrible actually were to go through it and then we're gonna give you the fly rods and happy hour version honestly like if I was a mom. There's like may be one of these cars are Woodruff the public to. I'm like. No I mean this is bad. Yes prevent its met and the thing is you're a bit of a professional because you drop among Colorado her own writing too romantic Hal. And you drove it may also mobile they gave automobile. They've driven many were caprice station wagon and and that in the end earliest there's three areas yet technically I mean you got money or out for day he's. You dang I'm Rana their own Jason you do your resident expert in mommy or it's yes is Shelley kicked off this list. I tell you what some ideas to kick it straight in the trash cans and horrible about Edmonds would do better than this be a huge thing we know what. When you send them an email. Coming into number ten the Volvo X C sixty we know what that is. It's a global issue via it's a good looking car it really it is it's a good looking golfer of all oh yeah and his vote got away from what the square. Looking until adulthood can bring other good looking car it's a decent looking caller. But but there's a volatile plagued with problems they had cash a line right through the problem is involved what exactly they cross to the other should have been a red flag right there we lurk when you're crossing out your own name. That's oil and problematic thing. You know and if you go online and we research these things you know on the mean I love these things that were like gurus of all things automotive moos Jessica we're not Europe totally not. You know which you don't stumbled in actual some forms too little form for everything you know I just change you'll for the first summer I want to event. I'm so proud of you pinpoint unlike studies the thing and everything that was just change the negativity okay. Still my. Well there's a change little monkey baby boy talks about three and these voters are plagued with problems and made him you're still make them into little certainty of this sort of 2010 with a and like I mean recalls and computer problems of the fuel pulled some of these things are bullet would problems. And this is like a 68000. Dollar Volvo and Edmonds once approved their mom and want exactly. Been able to what is your amendments. Renton fought for the company. Oh lord I embellishment phenomenon. You on I'm ready and I among the Volkswagen Jetta sports wagon diesel. OK so many red flights or re pair won the doubles wagon let's problem. It's a Jetta sport wagon and wagon is spelled wrong yeah yeah that feels that they actually show wagon wrong in less well nothing is OK AG Volkswagen. Might seem but the thing why gain weight gain. But so diesel when they're that great few mud just understands a small force already soil and you agree if you must OK but it isn't it and most wagon under a lot of dispute whether diesel Lola goes there were a lot about how the missions all these things were. Horrible miss like. It's like him. Coal burning power play and so now original. Women are notorious for not being in a more to get a dirty milk for this will tourist. For not you know keeping that would main assault do you really see women trying to find a diesel gas stations running around cannot just say for the record these are thoughts of Robb Pitts and not necessarily in our cum wanna sixth street. Or drug science project carry out. But usually did that let you know I mean. I have a pro runner on the diesel truck did try to fund for example so you tell me mom guru are vulnerable to learn and the other big gift for a mile suing to take a fuel. But you go little fuel as sooner or later. And it's day that's why she's good drive it to the truck stop to fill and you're going to have to admit to other people that you German naval swelling and that's another thing you do travel quite there's a little city Georgia Christians some of these things and roll the newspaper can print up front. Again as new and into the number race by the Tesla model S sedan okay. Let me take this one. Cool car every time we say Tesla electric slide song pops and the improvement fruit electric but anyway you well you know what if you drive and a Tesla. And you happen to drift said Tesla. Technically your Nuno lectures slime. Speaking of electric slow you know one of 63 events covered. I'm not say I was driving and MS NL's drag minute. But I will say one thing what's that. It will slow the tigers just boom and out there I'll read about it yeah Salma and handled it very often a little icing on the Internet myth anyway someone that it's just a model with Tesla model this and it's a form called solar you can win that's really neat good school. This is so fat he thought he really is would you drop I drop the Tesla. I mean can you imagine getting an all electric car can you turn the key on and nothing happens but a light likes accommodations is ready to draft. But no there's no warning it doesn't Craig governors and making noises don't do anything so I know Jorge has no soul. And they get like 300 miles to the public didn't march so you're driving down the road it. And you push the accelerator pedal and amazed just like. This is like flex double again blowing ash. Amen do an imitation. Of the sound a Tesla makes. When it's a must see when you hit the accelerator trailer ready for periods in 321. That was that's why don't was it not do it wide open though Gary Syria says slow wide open throttle. 321. Know that house that I'm almost there is other first I don't think you had Mercury and perfect right enemy uses those also and this is a me. Electric corner gimmicky. There's been tons of problems are always things happened actually several who have called on fire sole issue of Barbeque the kids this is a bad idea another another bad when Edmonds. And am in Nina Easton and traffic trying to get set PTA meeting. A new round electrical Jesus what people inaudible this thing keep trigger an unmanned no I'm just now does it just looks a cycle or hornets have given my phone George can imagine keeping that torture urged and is way too much weight I can't handle. In the end is there anything like and I found there'll come out with a new model on the charge during the mid sized. They kitchen every time. Is some movement or number seven struck the Porsche. Kenneth what wherever there S you think is a poor sky and yeah I can't sell the pepper that that tape and. Won't say that's mother holding hall about this whole vehicle. Which led tracked well when you see a Porsche think it may have a Porsche. Not so much it looks like a pregnant killer whale. Kind of sort of it really doesn't we'll siamese got let me. And looking in things for the headlines. And it's got a big mouth will control this like real big on them all. I mean it's just it's not a very attractive vehicle employee who transmission problems. Sporting excursion to go for super George Malone although it was a performs well is they're great as long as they last look at. Be sure about mixed into war. The idea numbness and then way over budget oak street we're way over budget which granted. A little sneak peek at our lists and you can money what do trying if you get 200 a month one of the income replicas. Biden coming out the number six but the Mercedes been. Kind of a good looking cars is classy like I can imagine orthodontist driving one of these things this you know why this is the one car I'm not Amanda Edmonds put on the left school there it is it's classy cool you know your life is so much control over any class station wagon thing and what they got money in kids the LA. Like my richness and dressed exactly like like cold and banks. Yeah I don't let sort of mix Carlton banks had kids would be in Minnesota makes momma drove one that is now absolutely would show them exactly seven. Yeah I wonder Obama. But yet have won any if you have one around here has to have one of those who late Q we stickers in the bag glass yes yes and live probably getting sticker. And a solid sticker because you know live in four hours away from the beach were all above us all why are you close enough you know and I can get number was four. Our guys we got ran out this list were first we have to pay some bills. Really again and again they just money it's killing me I go stay tuned for our top two in mum caller right here rods and happy 1063 WO Lordi.