Hot Rods and Happy Hour Live 9 17 2017 Hour 1

Hot Rods and Happy Hour
Sunday, September 17th

From the Ruby Tuesday on Woodruff Road Rob and Oddrod discuss the latest news in the Hot Rod world, Hot Rods and Happy Hour upcoming schedule, and cars on display. 


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But let's go don't do what you guys doing what he's doing every manner do tailoring we're not the studio we're not just immediately got its own share. And an open date. It's earning the emperor and now it is loses rule. It is night in night out. We we dance on the hurricane. Which have they would on it blueprint here was to bolster its. When these. Back in my day as is enough black. And you know we actually did LO and the rain that we've Luka is still absolutely. Does it look this week. We get a rage and a fourth on Roosevelt got the news or support to what were. One thing. I will remind you about. It's really these were locked up right now and it's really chooses would yes again arrogance isn't employs. After we in the show or have some fine and only as a no one misses a deal would talk about what we're gonna do you're. To come here and see exactly we're not going to tell you if you policy was going to be happening here. You have come here and see it. Besides that William is liberty bell and she's your science publishers news and away. As were from the usual color Helmsley real losers. These things are gorgeous as you'll ever wrote into me when it yet and I mean if you want similar arguments gently commitment and ligaments you know. And you'll that right there with price in the national history as a sort of the. And as a right. I so let's get right into the newsman in an absolute act impacted you berries and we're Douglas car shows drag racing fights. And maybe even some electrical semis. And wheels of course isn't that true. You know whose rubber rat goodness wheels wheels is that yes let's India. Eyes of bursts again shift gears tonight hampering mood down a little bit well actually line. We hear oneness history and Reza Andrea and hate and do this all the time but we knew extend our condolences to the family of interest for Ted was the 2008 NASCAR will modified champion. And will in all American series national champion. And did pass away this past Saturday in a tragic aviation accident. News the age fifty nines is still is good race and crime and Wilma I'm. Or some particular. Differently. Hi guys move right along with that may Rebecca. Street outlaws are little boys in the for a fiber in the news and you know borrowed by others in the news looking rebel Margaret well I don't known of her as the for a five and it's their organization. So a fight broke out during the filming a street outlaws vs California. Filmed in Las Vegas. So before profile. Was in Las Vegas. Way California kid's you know face and I gotta fight yeah phasing out mister hills California is the utility unified Africa mostly it's a driver again I'll bet you that never happens you know that's the efficiency and it is it is a good Christian. And then go sensitive enough I'm. Eyes of fans and a video in to speed society you know like you guys our mayors beat cited comments on some website Manson in this video. And I want to know whether it's Versa. It's of it offensive in the video of this fine in you and I have no little insight about streak discovery is well the filming a street outlaws. I'm very surprised this made I would say is that the four of will they actually film in Oklahoma City. This would be so different ballgame I think got Vegas in my drop the ball in the studio is now yeah honey because we've talked before in this that get them to make missile plot. We've talked before about in need go back and listen to a podcast you know of course 163 to be or need to come as well I'd Janzen and listening am. He debate inject these deficits that we've talked to a guy who's actually been. 28 filming of street outlaws and knows the guy a signed contract not released anything you see there. I guess however when licensees like that legalities go out the window I don't now will and I mean who knows where the fight actually took pleased with where we were filming or else well. Hopefully this in the know if Detroit place or whether filling. Bomb so fans at video indecent and team get a read on line and as a matter of fact when I think about and your psyche here to view. There commercial break Al actually of one video tour afraid she can see it. We know when money when he goes in pride you know and proper sport. This cause a fight animals and always as a cocky you know well so there on TV they're young. And the alimony in a bet a lot of money. Well remember a lot of money in every August that he needs I mean this is testosterone city it's probably a mile of them say you know and you know tempers flared Nixon you know you've got to fight. Absolutely. And in as seen in this video you see like several people throw punches gates' comments until fashion themselves. That being named Abby over the corner in the quick around the Oilers don't trash and the other as a man I want Celtics I'll you know within his liberty bill those tears and think it's so few of us. Nobody I'm like you I don't want their opponents going in humbly of their and so that your. Of the quality usually gives it the letter on them now if a Hank. So one point you can even see a guy leave the bed of the truck into the ground which doesn't like dropping a blow Aaliyah of that this is like Monday night brawl street outlaws addition. Go to is that maybe this is look at this thing for discovery you know we tried new things to get them they're gender race and restless. Divided cross over to the degree. Or those are drivers girls several programs Wednesday. At is there double. The man unease that was the program in the I. You know and winningest player like this man. Concerned as the winner in these guys were fighting rate in mailed from film crew. Would not regards to these capitalism are teachers and there'll probably a rod and all the fans notified them as well excuse me could you step back to salute. The in this but it into a scuffle all right well I mean just imagine averages is a month like old group of people served by them from us. I want to be doing a lot of the announcement we call it out keep them if we got rid shirt over here let's hear them and there Acura with the year. We have only. Ultimately workers and will you see a miniature it through war and come running with the cutest little girl that receive in the line Lucas was just currently here today. That is salukis. A little bit indeed only today here guys. I don't know what that is quit if he exactly. I think they proton pack away from goes ballistic. I think you want to demand that that or we put Beers in the years together in the bag apparently she might go to there. Why is about him. Back door whole. New story here. You can hear the production grew crew toward the back of the toward the end of the video rather. Trying to get their minds that was a thing is also dollars. Well. So that they could actually record with these guys say yeah I'm sure this doesn't snow that's on TV it is the Bronx rational here I mean usually pay for the stuff. Yeah this is definitely going to on TV in the months commodities have Phelan. I'm sure everything else does so wanna on this. But rather than just get skewed that's a who equipment and a but I mean on this I want yeah soapbox here a little bit because. Personally I don't I don't tolerate craft this. Dismaying. It you know you guys you penalties as a professional setting and you've given them a lot of money to be entertaining in the wind like this are fire. Well. Well this is what they make drama they love this stuff believe that that's reality TV on autism words mom I get the drama and of it really do I mean that's that's hopefully they won't professional. And wanna professionally Gergen John force. At a visitor is an element. Com as of now no reports of command and injuries there are tournaments the police involvement aside and only if there was anything moment. Keep in mind when when they do these shows it's pretty well ordered all of them in it its street racing kinda. Well industry raises the race is real ish is and you know I mean that's real a lot of adrenaline despise everything. Yeah and in them. I wanna. I'm all in all situations. It is down is used he's got to back it just puts that as if it does that I was I don't like traveling and in you know why you know scalable solution that all that. But a full blown broad economy doing and how it. Innocent and the mean my god YouTube in fitness professional setting out on is how one little thing. I don't. It is what it is all that legacy you know it's don't draw people it because it included just write me wrestle mania at at this at 300. Man I think I was I was shift gears Doug workable goers here where he's in the election for so long things alone and look straight. Quarter's sixty surely drugged Britney wants it run for. I'm and lump it will be different animal and as elusive as servers inherently grabber illusory super river whose super rooms here grab her beliefs of group. But they low lower looking around. When it take a break all right guys that they were to listen tolerance and having an hour right here when a 63 WORD. Smuggling routes and as rough this outgrow. It was then and dude I tell you I'm so used to look at them aside and see you let us well. Until it is crazy of me. I mean this doesn't ever ever since the Natalie note ms. limited are you doing. And I think you raise that nice of you to join us today. This is a very very very well. Be year to. She is agreeable sweethearts. Whole thing you snow. So we get you on there we. Well we got all week next week but my wives and Amos said today. Alliances and a competition next week's here over that all of that. I ate him in seeing the continent and now the nation in the bar and up next Saturday from eight. So tells little about what's got me going on them well next Saturday at the creed and repeat if I've likened that at in this not a nation in the warrant out here. You know we're gonna have an adult and diligently. Now the union of it and partners are we on guys vision for me. Certainly if we can have a special netted industry that degrade valley and academia lots of forgotten it I know they would like to cap I would beauty I would love him upwards and there was some I would head to Manhattan I. Oh yeah. So wells going on would miss liberty bell what are you got going on well at liberty not happen on ethnic. Weekend and he thought I think there's enter the hall of fines and break these brown. Be that pundits will be getting better nice and then on October 7 in the liberty about Whitney singing with the shrieking. A humbling three L it's gonna be something a little out of an apartment living at episode only. Issue beauty she sings to. A man that's she's as the voice of that Angel should institute wants specialists like a package deal and the ability. And the best part is guys it's not too late she's down here with this right now and she signed an autograph something useful posters drew him to free drugs booster you know the personal from the sliver of because of rumors would prevail. Go on the radio magic could run. Right here you can reproduces the Woodruff ruin your evil yeah right here on ruby Tuesdays at all. It happened right outside it judo and stay on you look at what on dry. It's hot outside eyes and so I just email this week rob were actually me live next week in Basra and got relics. Of raises money force her. Yet so it's not only scholarship but we're Romeo there new thing there again rods. And removal and it is this is horror and relief fund. So as there because now I understand now. It was simply just titles those bills students over the great calls as we sure coupled. Visit hitter comes hot rod dynamic duo mr. rob it's not run themselves. So I says a busy week in the following weekend is you know it is it is September 30 went on sale. You know I know I think and even though this execution Aniston. All that's right. It's Carolina motive best. Oh how. Carolina motor fist rookie by Carolina coaches guys but what it's violent with gays. Or there's a bunker on the coaches absolutely awesome that this is a great great great this group motor homes they'll have medal display the curriculum motorists along we want me we got vendors we got a course you're like no other guys. And Warren. Word from the bird tells me in New York channels project is that yes we got that we got a couple little fun games and prizes for you guys. It would have a lot of flu this fall this year a lot of voters here September 30 you do not want to miss it now every year or an ambivalence of them bigger and better and accounts Denton a major way in the into an awesome job this. First of all late you know higher so a fluke that. And can't go wrong there. But no there there Bedell outward in where Manila outwardly was better and better man every time we do it. Guys because of unit that so we need all of you there supporting it. And together we will make this terrorist thing unions that we were creating personal cola in Georgia. That is the greatest legacy is the story is well worth to remove the speedway absolutely. I guess following week October 8 which is the Sunday we're going to be doing callers for kids or show. And the Children's Hospital in Greenville. Is a love these Judy commercially this push for great calls in the know better than he opened his right here at all. Absolutely and it's going to be benefiting kids with cancers Anderson user. You know ill will man realized that my cancer one where and of the main. I'm actually lost luster Pollard cancers. It's something near and dear to me and I hate to see anybody loses especially kids and anything we do. Any dollar amount we can raise I don't hear that the dollar's going to your calls and it's helping out some way. So guys you definitely don't want mrs. shows to me is Greenville hospital system. Will have. You know more information of that here in this next week's. Group of guys that keep. I'm moving right along our oil October 15 that's going to be. H nation back here through Tuesday's into. An ounce of that would inevitably. Think dynamic way overly. I don't know the candidate who were planned someday in guys. I can't express to you in I don't care if you've never been to a course you and your line. October 15 you don't want me here ruby Tuesday's don't want to prove you're not going to on this this. They're grade kids are talking about this yet it is in the history books I hear it yeah I guarantee you know when he thirty. Kids are taken history classical read about October 15 in the history books. In one is that there's not room erupt there with George Washington job and a that your theory if he. I think I think actually there are raced him from his street bonus and yeah really because of invesco. Those who have and millions of viewers and their family really care what they more. I mean when blasphemy missing in the future. All like geez. It and while. It's. Been a aero side as October 21 were male Lawrence heaven on the future farmers of America the high school of doing a benefit coaches there. The holders of those looks as though the ratio for another great calls missiles like racecar liked it if they feature which of them almost as if school and just think if you Davis of them cause the evidence is responsible for kids going on in agricultural. And growing many great things that a few of these cord yeah I guess your caller you need these guys exactly. I mean going you know other things would get done well. Sugar boosts. Coconut to male present her token that's coming out of all the things you tomatoes. Grape watermelon there is a reason as they have that evidence that that's for later after Russia. Oh goodness gracious to scare me scared against like this that you still got a cold out reviews Israel Woodruff wrote. It's you odd Roz got up his sleeve of unity it will definitely make you smile in the picture worth a yeah I'm sure. I think you're gonna break the Internet but. I guess October 3 person of river forest. How we're going to same. Who I am as a human remains that most of you aren't on your luck a little kid that's right those autos and bill will be back. In sin city all week long we're gonna be there all we like Vegas is just that we reported down any day of the week would you do little Halloween it's like next level. Yeah how incidence city is something to be seen. The experience I think this the safest way of Britain is something TP. Something to live through he has definitely seen this one definitely different than structure the guys you go once they as they have on our FaceBook page an entire week is where I'll be posting pitchers. We are going to be going line we're going to be you know in many celebrities and an accounting information in line to be on the show. On so assuming a big week in you guys are on piracy to every bit it. That's what goes like this that stated we're going to that you either seemingly experience relative to a FaceBook page absolutely then when we get back in November 11. You know want. I'm applause when I'm on talk about the history. Let's see what all these troops calls money you know we need we need a commercial break and pay for this to guys stay tuned hot rods and that the hour right here 163. WO Ortiz. I gals looking hot rods go this route. And was then and did today. We've got to keep you in the word. What seventh by hear man. That'll work that or did you a news got out posters on this live prevail. And it does say they're just gonna in the garage right ill and we read that Elena and no we can't. Be sure to toward. It future growth and Baylor rocket boosters the refereeing ms. Bhutto's personal here love rated review Tuesday. If you get this deals to public radio magic. I try I speak here for yourself on me or me or make uranium as a split here and with a David Copperfield told radio. Are we disappearing in Europe but at but it didn't hit a computer or video in that put their own Atlantic if they ever Los Angeles. Yeah eyes again as we let you open November 11 and November 11. We're going to be in beautiful commerce Georgia in Lannan. Racially driveway right ways. I keep speedway as you go in circles very Boise yesterday yellow whatever way we're going straight down the racetrack here is this the mid southern super heavy shootouts that drive 4000 pound was. Callers its fourth as. Now with the driver Roger caprice Lincoln's Google or your view most dangerous new compares your new Jones recently or our thoughts drugs more gates just less. We can limousines. One a 500 Chevrolet pickup drugs general Thomas as recognizing me over 4000 males with Tyler this battle like that can't. Drag strips of these sandbag buckets of money a lot a lot. You bring them if your thoughts bodies pulled a courtroom behind that you should make. Guys is a great event I've gone through last five years I would not miss it for the world. I love going down there. Rob it's my suffered a male in the tower announced in the race on the wagon and their from a random attract. And a few people call me now also we're also like those things scoring from it's making a call now. Oldies so that the blue thing is rated the blue things on record so we'll take over and think what it can make in weight. You know I will let us live right now from with the infection. What we're talking later. Any half arms so guys is a great event isn't worth the drive down economy is our way from Greenville and is not four or else some of the drive. Like farther than that the only. Dinner tomorrow. Restaurant obviously it's a great show caller showed drag race ago vendors they're guys you can't miss it politically it was a southern super if you shoot else. You don't let up and down Lambert whom he puts on the cement is actually all Leo from Michigan. And dine is actually down in attendance of hearing that the Camden South Carolina right now. In the 24 hours women's race owns easily and are doing it with a caprice. Caller well he would have anyway the way and now these our Peabody I mean what better way of me there right. It's another. You know what let's stop talking oh I was a break here more now on millions more elaborate. Osama our conversation random about anybody's I think the giver of the few little bit. Its core the snow predicted anything that does everything yeah like the Swiss army knife on mobile voice of people last real time live like resupply and and really the answer to most of them is like one non. But you know I'm on four of these Garza had two wagons into sedans won't mean an actual policy you have no kids that's the scary Inez Pakistan. But these cars is is a good looking car aren't. Can you hall nine an ally in me is again you know united fourth in 96 and game and LT wants it in yet another pretty quick yank you actually can't. Did you have fun drag strip you can't. You know with a blank in Q all the way sheet of plywood in the back yeah you actually Kansas north of the issue would purchase yes it is it can you tell whether it. That's all smudges via broad rat thing drawing that's all supposed to cool. So. I mean you can do anything with a stores and I Hampton Chansi. And like he says he can tell with a caller what was or was especially with the before you option which give you a you know mechanical and too and that the electrical plant. You can actually pull all of these goers. You don't you know Campbell courier and most of them came as a really year. Just like drug. So mean these two hours one enemy might actually go the same. You get a real down Arlington Texas I'll live to 96 and that the money into the production of the Veba is because this is served them epic of truth here is strokes Meehan bill. You know in Texas. And as George GM trucks are still built this thing. So you know and that's while like these dollars is because you know it's not it's handed anything it's not the best at anything they can do everything. And he can do every so that was my will be buddy ram you know while our judgment on them there at the point where our lemons and he's been hasn't throw Manny. Actually cracked the head and Brooks transmission mr. grant them their. Together face in the race Nona and last I checked on me actually like to learn some laps together as a master where they're standing there right now and that. But is it time and its results of that rate since it down again and coming up November 11. You're four stick it tequila all girls and a half a yes their eyes a moment on November 18 will be the fifteenth annual Christmas for kids show. In us looking at a play injured too complacent in North Carolina there in Concord. Hitters or short scene wars facility that's what the Graceland rates again. This places absolutely gorgeous is that your view opens the doors to everything as you go into the race shops and check it out. You got about six or pusher of course their culture of tolerance and in all due to. It will be used in the awards ceremony can be great event but this is the best part about it doesn't know preaches a lot. This for a wonderful calls for the Schroeder's. He has them more in the guise of the airlines him association. They do magnificent job of the show I mean absolutely wonderful job and keep strong by leaps and bounds every year. It only gets better and they do so much to lose runners I think last year. And I could feel my numbers a little bit. But the race somewhere in the neighborhood of around 181000 dollars when he when he 1020000. Dollars to 20000 dollars into this writers and you know that's been a part of this year that's that's killer for one issue for one nation today is absolutely stellar. Home in our legacy that number increase I would like to hit the 25000 dollar mark is here. Well it won't use of older than him up or I don't know about you know him offering of Toledo plumber you know some our faithful followers victim of their. You guys even if you don't have a car that's you know that's the nature of that you know it's he would cool weather. No you know at the weekend before Thanksgiving it's now people analog on its worth the trip on court. The coming out together ration out seasons of the you don't normally proceed. And looking at onion 600 people call her old selects the course plays the brokerage. Is very scope of this place yes absolutely. My guesstimate of evidence these numbers against male lash of the years and then argue we're on the over Altima or sports in easily out here on. Right now what was that room it was 31. Out. Was on holiday it was awful. One point three year was awful what was the area area Saturdays. As the hawks motorsports goes to what was or votes to. Moisture coming to a sweet it would feel like will always filled up more bay and a commend her room full of toys plus there are so much money raised on top of that. As the second time doing the show last year was such is such a great timing it way. A lot of phenomenal prize is a lot people then stepped up and and in this. And I'm expecting the same thing this year last year and relatively hands and we sooner. Immediately all kinds agrees stuff in this here expect no different. In all the proceeds from this hoax does an amazing job you know as well as the hawks do all. Yes and it's it's phenomenal in the C these callers should filled with toys. Like last year rooster and burn them Merrill was always hang in them back those licenses to cool it's. Actually. Looks to urgently yup. Mom a great show you guys definitely don't want Minnesota hogs and actually my hat is off to him like he sent ash and she is symbolism. And she put this together as a loser you know there's mr. low job if you will have a baby. And she put this together and a phenomenal job and called us and by this there and I sent him there in them and the other in this here. Some gracious as a result you're forced more will be won back in with. Advance area shows her coming inches but for days and over romantic. The man nationals in next year and ornament on reasons monkeys. Force this is. Definitely we got Lanny. Coming at you for the 2019 year. And we got some special things planned within tolerance that our itself plan for the 2018 year. We're extending past the course of room to school. Lot of fun. With absolutely Ireland in line error might be a part of what we're doing so well. You definitely don't miss that. As they shift gears a little bit let's talk about wary manual it somewhere them mean an island somewhere that you you intensity. It is actually we're to Leo to these shades in the past for a gracious than normal years chemicals themselves thirteen years old. Great of course in the course of human homes and you couldn't ask for that location whether it was salute scores gracious great slow me. There was probably there's no there's 30000 callers they girls and show at least fifty. So another one car in particular you are actually going numbers exceed something very close in the Duma lower rental reform passed away you know human third generation mobile phone it was in the us. He had a 48 Chevrolet convertible street rod. And it's in this corals actually they intimacy is going to Cisco since 1990. It was a crazy scene you know seventeen years later toward breaking news. And from what I've seen as the majors' only domain is pretty much intact might very which is the wheels and those other that is for him since I mean. As relieving thing go to just given Washington Mutual. And still way LT want her to inform us as an LT one is actually 97 model LT one. In seen deadly tell sons with non Muslim mentally as well for all those episodes you can actually you know. You know Ager Colo by the engine to a tree when it was built. That is you know disclosed you doubles in the there's still the press division but you know of course illness that took over everything in the real world but a but meets present there's Ellison and a super race there until we get taken over these commercials are right now that they want guys. Stating you know is not rods and happy hour right here one of 63 that we already. Round did you did you have been here that commercialism. Akaka bill in the addiction rehab specialist. Good people there does that work for a hot running. I don't think there's nothing. There's no accurate here I think it's a male lot of money and Harding. We don't stay focused stay in the room all anonymous liberty those are there around the corner understand. It's mine too little just wouldn't blinders is blinders against the now mind. I think as we let them rob where Thomas journeys query and robs them matches the past. And I think government and unions or ultimately scholarship. And a unique any fair grounds some Mike Duggan was challenged the non secular man. You lose his home to gorgeous as always yeah I phenomenon and initiatives mask money. I had my 63 players such an agency is Victoria married. So listen to him somewhere around 89 years involving you grew opened union yet really need mergers and that's where. Don't say that's the grass roots yet they've obvious is that the story is old dale archer answer. Ali intimately is ratios. Used to be it saying this way. It used to be you know Rihanna plus hours and half they at all. And now Michael Tucker's Donald line bring him back in and over on endorsers business year. I'm only expect that shooter we. Let us you know and this is thing Els and you have support from local gorgeous and that's exactly why you know I wanted to change that you that's exactly lives they've gone. Is because you know you want beaches race here come to succeed to him we've dogma before. You do have to go and support him in house happy and Michael chip. I'm on a beautiful I mean absolutely gorgeous course other. There's a roadster there. Actually came over to from reverend Russell if you'll talk to about that later and you cynical or. And there are some interesting things done that earlier in no way Ahtyba it was a straight six. One's will on what he's very honest journalist six it was the middle of that that was really won't get injury treatment island til it's. It you know of course the friction into the sciences. Well. They have to do a whole lot of French and because of the bed was made out of well heeled lobbyists are now with a huge Abrams actually picked some surely we'll split. And then made that it's so that's what we're vulnerable to do pictures. That's where they put it in jail until that is they gorge the elections he did actually it was a very very very shortly to vote. Those that was a very awesome build an idol I don't think you get the brazen and in union. I am in I don't think many people give that Karl praises thing is there's a line engineering way and making that happen. Oh well does engineers but something about that and that's a whole bill Cody bill that called in by. And knowing that it works is taller and older is that responsibility book comeback I mean we've we've been looking in the courtroom most acutely aware were the only. You're sort of see that the book it's like a little resurgence has a lot of traditional opera does. They're bring in bags that ebooks with days so that. I'm going to get a crucible of probably the resurgence of street just realm border. Iger on Pakistan and I'm I'm OK with the united it's coming around as are going to be goers well okay will. This swirls or. Answer I and on Saturday night I was a little while a little bit under the weather because went back to basics how's that. Back to basics always agree Tom Peters support as they want to super cute for a this last one for users for now for the basics. This is a very very issue it's so we'll schoolers their we have some of the funds and rail system to another one more commuters and great looking great. The coral it blows which this that was the best. So my bra Honda Civic again. And they at the top off of it at a and in the girl's lower on top of that so this was of it was over is going to purpose built limbo machine. It is finally won going to compete with a little mile there. I mean I'm line that is so walls that and that these kids of violence in this ratio greater than us since bills on the coast or begin next year. Always Ayers part of the got great food vendors and great news or tolerance and go play music we had a great out there. I think it was may have kids and callers gory really just pulled evidenced now. Through and it could have little glory himself as a reward as a school that he better be careful get a little bit but that's not true let's don't double here four to a little you know as big and imports as bicycle or car Glover here supporting us tonight as a you'll lose that's low we corals that they are. You were all right guys who cardinals look to you that we will report goes to Leo or a grenade thing I mean absolutely anything on brain hammering now. You know if you want just in the whole family Cameron kimono and dances well me that they market the callers were about it's about the quality of these. Exactly I wasn't into that from reverend Russ we had good time there. Over Russell's ratios beautiful moment. Beautiful bald so after all the in this city polar great show like this Jeff embolism and only wonderful. Great turnout fish for the first medals Sunday it was a little windy earlier we German company and now. But I won't say so we knew it was a gorgeous colors are we at 66. Room we had a portion of that pretty good with routine that was there a bill like it. We had Dave's the 24 groups through. Yeah always awesome to see David thirteen Ford roadster is a beautiful car on build a masons are out here and Marbury actually our downs and Barbara. Over or over into Augusta where we're at the Hoover Dam over donated. Leo as under we'll actually be a beta funds those that north. You know what. I don't know I don't know warm. Let's let the underside of the Watson and a we as gorgeous caller is if you guys made at the issue which you know I mean didn't. You missed freedom. It was a great show collects this is Shia all mixed in Antigua. We had a good time yesterday we did that mr. and I think and glory engineer sent back here he had a good time to. Drug guys. Dale we took we wrote through Z Max driveway for the heat Earl Warren nationals which we all qualified in the first round eliminations. Great great drag race we got to rub elbows with soma the drivers in the shields of the injuries are problem posed to view and political. You'll election we speak briefly with grade and ninth actually amounts here eminent sense asteroid some doodles that it that would in Asia recoveries probably one of the hottest names of the story here and there really will be you know ultimately very soon mr. I mean I know we don't get away from but who haven't we and thousands AMA we we we showed I mean. It's 7:30 in the morning in Charlotte and people were screaming her name is not the cup several galaxy. If for once is on the jobs goes down as but it is great is yours and this is may boil Etsy that Alston. Are they also just seeing some familiar faces up there there's a ton of people out there that we know very well and we didn't get a chance the NC. But I mean it was great I'm walk in the pit signal callers. We actually institute does Damon's. Very cool that was very who have dodge city of wonderful setup that we actually had acknowledged even virtual tennis for a yes he could drag race at dodge David virtual. They had to full scale real dog Stevens there that were hooked up so they actually live to the wheels and everything would you will accelerate accelerated off well. Yes as a true reaction be in agreement. And I asked again there was dollars and he domain as your actual demons without the motors it was so powerful so and is really policy. That was. It was a first name ends up again in the city of clothes yeah that was really cool loves it unthinkable you know sneaking around the house you know and when my watch so I'm not even X. Let into equipment a zoom humans you. But at. Any analyst and stabilization. That's thank you for the past. But guys is great demo of Goldman's team acts. Actually a bit of that wage and next week I'm going up out of here on Sunday that's right he's the cross streets show voters that it would. Yeah a lot of hurdles foolish to. Arthurs always very special ability of some dynamited slumming it did just ultimately go and hit a Islami to which go for the goers are my brother gave your motive or anything he can't find and they you know you know really mean it. I want to easily adjust a little of everything for everybody when you more or who was the eastern most cold. Are your editor is literally literally in August after signs they just about anything you're looking for run their shoulders. Absolutely. Almost back to nasal that I I skipped over something design of the but I think we will condiments in this and I don't get too in depth of this theoretical article to a in a while some more information before jobs in them about this I want it your opinion. Tesla is planning and their financial plan released mollen the next six to nine months Tesla is actually planning am producing. Electric semi truck. Well if you ticking in the days of repair business that is racially. Dealing is you know bigger trucks like that I want to get your opinion on the real electric thing that comes of that stuff on the day you some of those state only there will be those commercials are I guess we'll talk about a little bit when we get back. I again as an analyst and hot rods and happy hour right you don't want those six threes that we Ortiz.