Hot Rods and Happy Hour Live 9 17 2017 Hour 2

Hot Rods and Happy Hour
Sunday, September 17th

History of the Mag Wheel, aftermarket wheels, and the Boyd wheel. 


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Still around let me get this straight yes or. Doesn't have. Today your radio down and we're talking how voltage yeah I mean I don't I didn't I don't know how we keep on meg around electric cars but it. It just keeps me in a re considering playing well this bunker at the board because you know the diesel truck. Guess it justice the flashback what we're talking about is Stanislas announced in the next six to nine months or original producer rated time. Date senseless them semi truck all electric semis so I mean there's just surprised because a lot with our I mean we'll have a big it's you know. Has the world's fastest golf cart in its electrical room Tuesday they're politically. The enemy is crazy network most electric power. In the end you know among these truck about three so this is so crazy that these two accruals as our. Yeah a manhunt is still eleven how do you think you know it has slowed really gets us off the ground oil and you know really does so there was this other manufactures all how I'd even as well. Think of others Hillary electric short ovals and things that but you're giving it to high speed. That they think well. You know with a with a dress for truck or is what actually moves load which now with a lecture Q when you get to it tones of the or. Now one word about is actually. Driving well or the distance Ginobili and other talk about 253 and now. On a forest city drug I mean that would only. You'll never see these things go cross country obviously. You know and I think I think there's a good platform for that you know in like here you you all hyped drugs earlier bombs struck me is that things like that just cruised around damning in deliveries here and there are definitely seeing green you ultra open at ministries. On but I mean anything elephant he you know you've noticed that affects it feels about election there really does have a lot of movement port hole and Domenico commentators and that's that a revised the extra orders if I mean there you go back and replace them furious and control modules and things like that. For the that is just routinely the stuff wilders breaks things like that but there's really nobody is that is sounds militants struck services we've bit better separatists. It's easy. But only let us that this is going to be good ways over them and they're talking prototype right rye rye. It's it's neat it's exciting I mean you know I can actually see where that would be I mean we have a trip round the people that grew up all. Smoke it's. Well you know I'm a gasoline field hot routers you know I guess later on through my veins injuries feel the same ones are little look to you and maybe live you know. It is nice to have something you know counteracting the carbon footprint that we're leaving me I'm really strokes. And everything every family thinks thinks of what you just said is they go. Black plume of ozone killings mode it's the air so I mean you know a little counteracting of that is not necessarily a bad thing. We have not at all all of its American really see where it CD platform that this would actually work if they can get that can range exactly. So let's limit the senate here will were really really came here discussed today well today does that they'll. Everybody loves the wheels of this the very first thing you think of when you're doing appealed reply as well this person hugely fierce custom wheels through code execution rams. Just run off the bat at a welcome back old egg excuse me even hero even. Is although such a great job to bring my soapbox with me when you'll excuse me. A mobile mobile also bucks right now. All right guys. They are not rooms. Gyms as what you put a capsule. At least it will you put a diplomats are real they will. If they wield. It's a little wheels its magnesium discover that some good oh that's what we that's not a rim. Does RM. Q he feels so I can't programs on our UK and we cancel a so Iowa about teachers Phil Gramm. That's technically I guess to account is a real and but. He'll do some quarters that will you check out my new rooms. You know it kills me speaking of that. Is win someone buy some new tires you know the rubber are identical will the and I guess new wheels Rucker never meant financing and now I know Nin. You put new river man's and they get cars. You have to borrowers need callers but seemingly has said you know everybody feel big column in the arrest. Wheels from one caller. But Woodward Woodward Baguio comfort wooden wheels come for. Leave the building about colors Inco will do. Factory when will go back in the day like Hannah and I actually Canada Atwood spoke wheels. Way back in the I mean Google and we called Mormon period in the world call. You know I think wooden wheels and a bit about what you drought they'll have will also another there's really kind of cool history and the mag wheels so Tuesday. Yeah we all know what they are. But you know dig a little deeper talk about with custom wheel or actually. Where the market really started which was really crazies with little thing is really where you think it did. On. It was the first month ago with. Oh yeah I mean I think it's been said a million times willing tires Mexico or. Am and you will will undoubtedly make him break out of the continually make caller. A man looking around here in the field today there's a Thomas wheels on scores around here. There's really you know change as too. We will stars only factory caller I think totally jays look up and sat out one thing coaches look at the oil bill. And exhibit was scorched world ruled Wilson's there's only just through this. Or you know announcing manufactures have called on the than now has manufacturers are producing. Some really really nice wheels rails a showroom floor like he looking any of your SRC challengers and chargers the wheels on the those urges gorges. We knew where those Newton where as yes absolutely must things even. It's just beautiful wields a mean wheels you know they really have change out they look great. Exactly and you know you can courses that you touched them out. Things like that it. They what does that within add two more wheels it's even bigger that woman whose abilities of their wheel of witnessing there's a whole building dedicated to just we'll yes and it's. Unreal. How many different wheel summit if we manufacturers. Naira damning things you've never even heard of never even seen. And they're all around there. Well we've what does the term mad we'll go I watched and I'm guessing magnesium well you know. The term it will get thrown no lie to the point to this became just engineered deeper on originally. Also hot rod race the world. You know on the credit was given to calibrate their Allred invaded the aftermarket wheel and of course goes in the class caught running scene knows what Oliver Willis is very used to will still make this day. Two dollar brand is the originators of the mag we deal. You develop the very first set of mag wheels. Made of that reason is a very new material that should go to war to its aircraft note. Is strong yet very very life which made war in. Portion wider callers which was faster obviously Melissa what the issues ago if you got less rolling so that was also very important and it's very strong. This was in 1946. When the first day. 1946. Minutes worries residents. Alien thing about ram technology sorry wield technologies today. How wheels are made and all land now for the same thing about how I had to be done back in 48. Well obviously when 946 when it was started. When they made the first cinema that was that was made early in ninety point six by the in the year he started the whole parade with corporation. Because of demand for these new wheels. That those guys and that's mind boggling that his race you mean Melissa you're just took all because there was no competition the eBay the only aftermarket wheels period. You're a violent thrown around most of these men voice them and they started you know they started the run in these wheels on every title race call around you know from your mission horse for a course in geek or certainly before album winners. Always from the forties and this will seventies and celebrate and we alone. About a me into code red callers. It was so popular racing world it was well it wasn't long to vote brands and other mad woman treasures are showing up in the hot rod industry. Because you're rebels wanted a different look for their colors they wanted to custom wheel that was just hold camper so they were JC Whitney your government or something like that. They warned these mag wheels for their collars. Yeah you know and you say yeah how to how brand popping back up loses you know the nostalgic answers. You see a lot of these guys were on the original would of the original magnesium wheels which again when I know what was your assuming different styles will now. The media blitz to exit. But you know me that make these rules the first of Wales a political. Wheels. A two out run ago when forward what do you think they would we got a commercial about offers guests of quiz me after the commercial. All right guys stay tuned we're talking about we will write your own heart Rosen happy hour rain here of 1063 WORD. What my tolerance is wrong that's it let's go awry and Matt how. You come in the break and I just and I guess they summoned for a dear friend marks. Going and how about that beautiful border pass in the end and you. That's orders and a those gorgeous too and it was a gorgeous. Girls against yours are but he raced in Tennessee. But you know there's always next week there's always excellent at whatever losers there. A speak easy and creating an autograph. I Gaza today what we're talking about we will bring you isn't it wouldn't let the history of the men we'll. We were talking about Alvarez which is the oldest will bring rail. But let's use of the mails a drug what do you think is the most popular style mag will and you'll see today. Com also tonight against a Gregor says Manx. Well Arafat spoke and yeah bust them and they're on my car normal here goers exactly fives but I mean this is that witnesses Stiles ever you know musical import or Jews in Omaha as easy truancy. Just as spoke. We use him labels and there are at least ultimately good looking wields. This is still artist I'm an amusement several. Thousand variations are bush many gets a torn ranch yeah stars exactly. So I mean every two years that change you all this to restore that started in 1956. And that's crazy how long this Bill Bennett and it is human then as mourners that the minute. That's a sixty plus years 61 years ago I mean that's really crazy. You know that disaster like this but in 96 with the port for us which was invaded by new company called American racing equipment. Rubio pull of the moment. Them that's okay is this so American Kenny and say it not much room Leo Melamed is. An early drag racing innovator in the grim that you regret this. And in the early fifties for competition started American racing equipment. When he saw the demand for a more wheels over and in racing and street girl Haitians. Crazy over sixty years ago the spoke wheel wasn't in it and that was his first really came with with a murderous grip. And the crazy thing is you can buy a poor throws we will that this day. We as they're still Lanny of routers are all around or throw us and now they've you know they've kept with the times and you came into one easily teens you know stagger my 1990s. I'm they're still here today and turn them organ donor and grown anywhere. The ministers in 1956. An out route when he got some in the sales reduce other Ratliff a manipulative. Actually you had to move the spin off companies. Company's pop and it would work with a standing Edmonton on campaign well exactly. Won't be even back then in the early sixties you have poor daily Jones who was sponsored by American race I mean this is it coral edgy it. He's all the money in the what American rituals do with the loom real business he started his own will come in you've ever discuss its code US it will start with his body art. And he's actually childhood raises it'll. He started US McNamee US mag has been well sold out the use that names come back they've come out with some quarters wills in the big banners and all that stuff. So that's kind of cool she's old schoolmate pop back open wheel companies. Yeah coming Elliott traditional you know obviously now program. In a US man day you know toward throws Prager always understood earlier in the game you know and they may have been tossed around a little bit of things. I mega races though once they true but. You know involve adult traumas it is awesome to see a murderer is the ball solicit them can amount Elvin tossed around. Yeah I mean that there's very few countries that the original ownership. Especially in the we will name on Saturday so there's really really cool is you the American meg wasn't magnesium we'll it was aluminum. So they'll alloys. The smell it but resolute and well absolutely is crazy about is another story magnesium in the forties and the fifties and means we'll stay strong through the sixties and their tail end of the sixties but you stores in the search asserts the aluminum wheels and and you know the early throws an excellent design. For its more than design. And as of the mysteries about when you look at the spokes of the first post murderous and we'll even today he goes to the spokesman birds here that pointed. As the direct air to cool operates. Intelligent very very cool and as what it was design and forum it was it looks cool towards that direction there for a reason. Buried those did not had to throw that we know of the droves as the cool thing that. But but it days of those auto idol trivia Ford which yet you know another very powerful will break him in the sixties. Of course credit whales right there's progress this team that went as an owner says. Creditors Systemax that is was as if it is the school's extremely in the sixties it was easy to the east you'll see these. But don't you Google tree. Where did the main greater gone wrong. Surely out of someone's name of the ones that are a dog's name in the friendly with them now done. They got started Prager he started pressure manufacturing. In 1930 make you feel under. His name was crane. Arts says the first three letters the disbursement in the first three letters of his last name. Gregor that's way they're doing cartwheels yes it is we have been endorsed wheels. If creditors also the first cut that was safety problems toward their worn into the East Coast of Wales yet it is a year ago and just wait in these whales. They're the personals actually step up and make like a mandated thing. For safety with their whether it would developers mark. The crew will will also entered it assists he's talking about here that's a steel real witches those who hurt. And the actual sitters actions spoke she sees all plated wouldn't risk it. You know it's funny you talk about courier started like safety. Board wheels. But. The royals count mandatory suffer few stories of the given way under the pressure well direct. Bowl we're the ones that worked you the Kadima or this and this it's given these things that you alone is and where you can actually put these washes that ocean. In it were over. What you can do you could flip them so it definitely. Small Schiavo pattern. To like a large drug. Or you know if you do terrible as a point three quarters to five gigs you can flip you know and he suit table towards that whales. Anyway if there is this a good idea but if you get those washes just a little low for you get one of those lug nuts back just a little bit. It is horrible. Yeah and I don't now somewhat by assembly you might lose a wheel and on the road it's very possible actually put a lot of wrestles it's we. This is amazing a welcome news at the standards for safety innovation. Now at. Via horse has to fail as far as safety well I mean they were at the Tamils abroad idea that. You know I mean let me. You stills that you could actually I don't think those we will pursue it anymore but they still so quick hits. For the Bob about there was watchers for those wheels gaps in the launchers mess around with more. You know I think you can still him out like Jaycee Winamp. So and you think about you posters with well magnesium now to Lou well in the world lated. Real stupid real with the aluminum group that's interception. So now I mean those changed again the materials are using. And values the reserves aluminum as the king now and in your wheels. But I mean that was funny that held the approach crater to support greater still around the statement that apple sold thousands of correction started out Ohio. Another reporter with all sorts them. But you know what on stadium is still a great governor and they still produce the curtain rises to humans. Tonight managers across the pond when you're available across the across the big water. I. You know laying a finger at times. You know World War II was going on there's a lot of things happening in and and the requirements for Steele was there so I wonder that had anything to do the shift to aluminum wheels if you if you really have a lot to do actually. I'd as we're gonna dump them out more wheels cannot bring hair not president garrison stay tuned all right guys who listen horizon they'll of 1063 W or the. Look at my daughter loves its growth it's. It was gone and so you were pushed books yes I'm skiers and actually or you know something. It also I'm trying. Unturned here tax climate and that's what we need somebody tells you we're to a room yet and I think I think guys. It's dangerous you know I think it. They will go as we're talking about we will sort of what we're working room going through the years via Wales we're talking about the rigorous study in the sixties. I mean those of their music is called new road rules or critical issue debut race callers. Because it is a team that was acceptable it is will the world fools Olson the it is homeless wheels. It's very very designers they're gorgeous wheels and other files move none of us but mag in like I said earlier I don't think. There's anybody around. His own hotter and who has not had this prayers at night. Oldest of them never personally owners and progresses to humans action caller was crazy owner for a few minutes they had a proxy yeah I don't know I don't for a few minutes OJ. Well I mean you know Maryland native I mean it's still a grown through a period caller I mean that's that's what you. Right absolutely. But I mean you're so we're switching gears you go through the sixties most cooperation with us stage with a fellow prisoners released in the US will. And now we're in the seventies. And in town so when they load routers what do you think what we feel when you think a little writer Dave says absolutely a no brainer about Dayton's. Whales wire wheels. Everybody I mean this is this like you know staple we will Fuller it's funny start on Weller routers and here comes breezy. She she respects your present she's been in the switches. A number raising as. We've got the original and here. Are aware of this thing where that there are those that our lord and Nancy land when I haven't. Mean you know the paper's editors of there you know I'm I think who have them unison ammonium. A nice nine years until you guys. The battle over it was zero dollars and its local law that colors there was some level again when it went and Annika won here in Israel we get that two point did nick appointment is the coolest thing ever. I guess which on what will I will around August in the seventies and use the popular and the popularity of the lower course Camilla. Any of these wheels so popular game but was not in this world view is we Samir a model. Rules factory in about an wouldn't spoke there will still an earlier in the steel the worst deal with a policy its books though we'll. All of you know than you did you guilty suppliers he signaled it close to Ebert and buicks in the fifties. But the and then of course near panel not golf it's been exactly in them and give Rick wee hours and you'll see anyway results. But now you have this date one or will there are several spin off companies of course will also. But Dayton is the system. For the letter writer guys and I mean whether be at thirteen about seven or 2.4 while we will. You know me they make in your date courses eve route you can think of spoke bills and stuff I don't think there's any way to Entertainment Tonight. Well the third team bus would you would you would you vote errors coming this or this especially if you goggles pollutes. Playing that is mix of horror floater just a little bit and that this exit six imminent Portia de noir a little different if they don't multiple other traditional willed us. They actually have an adaptor that bolts on the stage route knuckle wield little slippery see in the middle holes will. Yes and if you go to not in all you know fall off exactly it's all real. And you know there's no spoke wheels companies it spoke welcome Mazen came out and mental slick with this yup Oakland Seneca and underneath this logs. This bracelet publicly wires came out with soap and some of them but the way you can though it is it's going to be the real bigs that are in the bill that will get there well the spokesman over the issue AB CA you know I would say roughly one financial and have fun I mention of senator of those available adults will yup and there's a good look at where I was over that quickly and miles of racing game with wheels. You know it's it's a sleeper while it was you know actually had a set of those American racing month or yeah crater actually came it was a bit but you Beckett that the Texas ghastly little those things we'll promise if you get any backing. Anything at all in any kind of horsepower to an all and you get this tires. You'll start wanton spokes everywhere will visit the of the wheels got a little quiz for. Was up. Dayton will go right what do you think the majority of which injury is that real slow wheels for the gender. Gender of the majority hubby is a morgue out more girls working for Dayton what are we now think Simone bill wells a big irony Ron Paul what. This is something crazy you get humans what a wonderful city and each spoke useful to be Ryan. That spooks are so tight women generally have smaller audience so they employ a lot of women to put together the whales. Fraser still input to get to Thursday. That's crazy and as Rick Maher makes sense it is so that's a really cool in the postal riders for wolves in with. You were pluralism though his wheels I mean it's all over the world will roar. Anything like that means don't you don't experience who wire wheels and that's just a new and wave. As we spoke lose as a sort of lose and they're. Next thing you know you go anywhere because of operations where you know I know a lot as a actually ran like in their treatments that are tolerant will you sit a while ago as the actual road. Did you hear checks on them cancel. Now now he's now planted some say no he did not know in an emailed thanks so hard. All right as both days so we don't bottler excellence of the way it was I mean you know instead of this day that's one thing that hasn't changed and we're talking forty years and here. And they're still running well they'll say wires today. Yes a main demeanor absolutely gorgeous they're timeless it is a timeless look domain group that we're talking about the vote still view it. Yeah well on online personnel for 6000 dollars to answer to when he's on antley gorgeous colors go. Round analogy dozen downs and you know we lose some toys and rulers take them off with their payments well hurting those seven day it was a vote matters. He has a good. That's another beloved in his eyes on us. That is makes Margo that are better at the most beloved Mateen and took them a bit after the veto was developed song you know what I'm saying hello. Allman on table with drug rattle through the save these you know sort of Disco inferno worse Roland into the eighties. At that it was a really great we'll shoot starting in the early eighties. I mean bill over the was just like it was just invaded I mean these guys as well all right as well boo stuff and there was one guy that was like. The grandfather through when he started all forever by all these companies do the bill would observers now you know I think I think and is I would say yeah actually you probably do. The actual born in Canada and analysts on rapper I don't know to be that have never heard a report. He was irritated me shares trade school any move to Cypress, California. There to open up his burial hot rod show up but to help support from Russia to get off the ground he noted that first ID nine. He was an engineer and machinist for his related. Railings at night I guys if you haven't called on here we're talking about these legendary boycotting this drug is boycotting. He he's sort of building hot rods if he would build custom wheels for his callers only. He built several America's mayor it was beautiful rose reward winners. Oh what was your callers I mean just course course that he made custom rules for all his callers that was his that was his niche thing he felt he had his old ghost will. We know voids callers his wheels to influence towards the I hate uses port again of the timeless there. There callers looking when their bills that are located ten years from now the look. Fifty years from now. His stores are just. Like a time machine to golden days you know oh yeah well I mean does it give the bills that little bit as calm and it is is my theory there. Actually get well ability as a marble or real synutra. We'll welcome in a report on him through yours we will talk about the sport yeah. But I mean you know board audit rules you know we just mentioned I mean not just wheels of me. You into this industries brackets. Anything you can think that they can make policy NC put as it seems you make of aluminum they made. Yemen news Megan grocers. You know another guy as there was what 99 Nina. We ought to several hours ago the story whose image of one of just lose you know Ezra goes chip solution for you know over all in all that's yeah he was. He was put to clock out of the board and beat. And you know it is carries it is now to criticism will line. Exactly which they'll keep much of whose real life is made Barca in the HD which makes several will rise. Is more moralists of little clues they won't but. Don't know about Bruce's name yes he does say in the culture. But I mean a man's great Niemi came from Mac users don't mind the menace and became an investor themselves. And we won heavy hitter and we'll game really and other big matches James Gist Jane and Jesse James has made his own Wales yes exactly Jesse James started out working for Roswell board which naturally believe this year. This guy. Any show gory you see unfortunately hood. It. This guys religion and war in Wisconsin or any sort of bubble you have just seen him all was she yeah. And it's a liar and a lot of great things won't minimum wage job in. And wheels are no exception he. He British probably some him a bill especially produced probably some of the most beautiful Villa wheels to come out in the. Well I mean nothing about when you bills that it was shipped them and they I mean between London it was not a new Robert Allen yes but that was another and are still around today. Point a really big names of rape deserves a great innovators and it was a good businessman but economic gets a trip also made some really losing to file for bankruptcy in 1998. Home when he came back. He did a really really really bad move this really hold him in his soul and I'll still to this day yes. Actually sold the rights to his name because it was so popular for the bill that will everybody goes with wheels will be sold his today to a company. And next thing you know they're selling their wheels with a isn't able yet. And joy is is still avoid wheels and main issue is made by different company now coming in those like the ones that are on your drug. Yet they are buoyed wheels. But there are no longer produced avoid sadly no they're not just does enable us. Which is gonna said we're gonna do this a little more visitors to view this as commercial break. I guess they can even let's not rods and happy hour right here on 1063 the Lordi. Robb Pitts are you doing sir ma'am integrates with a super rite of luck this is real reduces the Woodruff wrote I do things. Wanna just vehicle announcement. A boy tanner ages one and Charlotte. We hear a lot of threw stuff out there were. Calling. Probably coming up within within the next two weeks he'll win on the air Islam so does exciting news. Body saying he's number two if you're not here and ruby Tuesday's and Woodruff wrote you about Imus announces. We have this last segment covered with the guys and then as heated Randy we have a big announcement from routes that are. But after that model competition now that's own toll. What does that you know ornaments and make sure your pivotal is charged with Hugo and exactly. I sort ultimately wheels were term avoid going to work on everything going on there you know bill especially is that instant game. And you left off very interesting point sue. Rebecca. Well you know or to abort abort so successful eighties action which. I mean is coated 33 million dollars in one year and essentially press for it will company. Based out of California and they'll build more blue than they wanted these are progress. You know like yours. Production made wheels are made to work wheels mainly. Which are used the cheaper it needs called cast wheels and associate use more production style will move from a driver to test with wheels. Well maybe it's a great addition if they're not quite as strong as we see this bill will. But for shrill applications ultimately yeah I don't think about centered on the track I don't know the name exactly I mean there's very few situations where you really really have to have that certain we will. On but you know those you know you can drop medals at all but he ultimately know the bad movie sold his name. Saying don't do well that enables very when he did was to everybody knew the bill aboard we all its wheels. He sold that name to a come. And actually sort of typical American republic wheels miserable whales actually copy some of his wheels got. Think about you covered Ronald wields. On you know so because it can also medium route. So it looks of his designs and they certainly can put his label. Why hasn't taken into. When he on the name again kinda. So basically they put board gotten out of business because canceled Tuesday. And there's nothing board really could do about it and then the other thing is boycott and so on cable news business Crist a cyclical. I mean Chris is a great kid well he does he makes custom wheels two rods a bullet. Do you know what's called Roswell aboard because legally he he called his wheels always wheels. Nichols the names pencil to. Natalie he can use zones dollars nine gaming uses no last name yet. Because his father sold and they. And I mean these are just one of numerous business actually sent do operator. Crater made their old gas bill we will and they called collaborators Bob Boyd. And it was immediately flew over look a little and they were only out for about a year to you. And a bow for mobility bread over all it was actually tell me about that he was working. Forty in the and he was done about that hole do you remember when he societies it just created the courage of his face and no it that was just a bad move. But he needed capital to keep the business run. Assay and it came back strong you know an American Arabs in Asia. It was a wonderful show it in Randall live you know to boards demise when he passed away it was happening issues in 2000 ratings publications easily passed away. It would go it was a staple for you know. Thirty years in the country. Oh yeah I mean and I. He's a legend is on right now and I'm still live there obviously were here talking about exactly when you think some callers that they'll cancel yeah Ballou McCue which is true. We just the name of it yeah I mean you know kids those elements I'm a scale like center aromas easy Tom. Which is in allowing no words and we'll decision is that have been repay that garlic or that have been re re Dolan did not. Who is. Re branded and not iMac. Though river to my knowledge of Roche is quote passed around a lot of chrome had real. It was all built aluminum citizen journalist it was no piece of it it's over Chevrolet but whose shape and it's I don't know I think Hillary ever had re Abraham had some the last hours of Boyd was working on actually did hear a couple forty forwards yup. And had a 44 drug in 44 caller. Board and then it was a shock for us and really those 44 elections the what do you what are the day as the 44 with those commercial where objects. As these last hours which were actually working. Really really pieces history. I mean. But you know one Boyd passed on but the real market in and we know Marty continue to grow and continue to advance continued change will mean it has changed I mean you know you. You know the big thing nailed courses larger diameter wheels only if the days of 52 wheels of all I'll meet you still see you put the very very rare. Now you know it's it's O eight teams and I mean. India's that it sent into building more seventies and if I mean it's crazy. And now you're seeing that the warnings in the twitches we've usually in the old or more than sixty. That as to when he wheels. We know coming in here today as solely. Golly Pontiac. My name slips mind Catalina. Of so announce a thirtieth. Him at the same group acumen as the adult crowd they're those old memorial. That we took place you know that actually started 40 yeah. And you know would then you companies like forge out of wheels. These things are 5000 dollar wheels. A peace and their quality you know gorgeous works or. But absolutely she's. I made so that the market change quantity you know and you know 21 inch wheels pretty common now. Online there are callers mean most callers and which means we'll I mean it'll affect twenty twos or you can actually in his suburban and Hoosier electorate to regenerate. Yang gorges on wheels to boot. Mean you know both our trucks have sent two points on from the factory from electric but I mean I don't know what is cool about the wheel more is that trees and the changing field. Hello you're seeing the bigger wheels for showing up at this other school you know summer is a comic is this too will with OK they're now. Making this deal will in the larger numbers but they're actually cast aluminum silverlight. While it in at eighteenth and when he yeah people sent airline produced Venezuela exactly with a new guy comes due to a student or is it that you see 33 game with. It's an aluminum version of the tourist who. But I mean that's how cool was that means that you got old school a comic book with the U with a goldfish camps but this large diameter you can even get the white walls and the reason we do use them. Yeah and then you know will wills and LG stepped in on further tests that I know life nationally watched you know. But it's runs on yeah. All the coverage on Discovery Channel and you know was everything that Dave's doing other Dave Indy they've actually got wheels now they have white walls built into them. We do we actually sold at NC. Yet again it's movement skills boomers with what you actually does it looks like it's a fifteen inch wheels with a wide wife well what what the three inch white wall. Well what won't actually part of the wheel it's actually at eighteen inch higher. In the window is an eighteen it will but it looks like a fifteen it will in the white is actually power could ring as part of the we have yet and it's. You get around a modern it's now tired. Models to get handling and all of and still that classic look yeah so you could run it breaks in your growth where you know you think like third in forty need to rotors on Nelson I was in pit road before it didn't we will. But you can look like you war with these wills he you know auto crossing with one loss will aggressively tackle about chemicals they had a bullet fifty more minutes there that look bones operation to be opened the hood and it elicits an. And it fourteen inch brim bough breaks all the way Rory which was insane with these big wide whites. Yeah that in mind when you run a port can't break like camera I'm lying in. You can't run anything smaller then AT&T will because it just won't clear and it's over the go you gotta have a warning the code it's it's clear is there's a will our brakes set of snow is even bigger than when I like with a new core events. So insane in NATO Lelie their sickness in Dover right. You gonna have these big witnesses to go around them. So it's cool it you know for the guy who won that light all wounds but once the modern comfort technology. There's options out there. We there's tons of options out there and it's so funny how you see the dreams coming. You don't mean like of course I was told about steel will coming back and don't issue the camps and things like that. And you're stressing more more of your old school style quote you with the amount of movement you'll never doubt it'll be here forever. We you know I mean a perfect example we mentioned an early thinking about what was around 051 must think they met with the old school bodies now. In the first thing they've done is through a two were throw style wheels on those callers are you today classic. We'll take it back to the the Steve McQueen here. You know what must I mean and I mean now I mean he's just here that pulled from the sixties I mean you know and that's the thing that that look will never die. It looks governor filed spoke magaw that we took my teacher was still would go live but if assortment of everything. That's right to be you know looking good. We get go so we can look good here ruby Tuesday's unit command join us as drag us pummeled you're misty yet. Hi guys is an hour of every time outer on how rough it sold 63 W or.