Hot Rods and Happy Hour Live 9 24 2017 Hour 1

Hot Rods and Happy Hour
Sunday, September 24th

Rob and Oddrod are at Gottrocks for Hurricane Harvey Relief. The guys talk about Top Fuel Dragsters and talk to NHRA Top Fuel pilot Steve Torrence. 


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I guess this raucous little hot rods and had been out. What's going rounded man we are not in our normal location and nothing is normal about today middle of a law that may eleventh tells tells what we're were here in Greenville, South Carolina beautiful got rocks and doing some good music. Osgood barbecue and raising money her hurricane Darby really so we're originally for Draco as we agree it's great food would you agree drinks with some bears Q round of life. My mouth water is this a barbecue trailers and like literally what twenty feet away from us. That's making. That your bringing barbecues yelling at me as an eighteen years countless men doing barbecue. We needed we needed it already is looking a little peccadilloes. But turned sideways a statement on Hamlet is that for 20. They say hornets coastline radios aren't really. Some analysts expect ship that's able to get some greats Google moment we'll do we talk about what we're doing today here. Yes we do yes ridiculous on the list of about why we're here got run so well against them odds for relief Lundberg in army. You know Texas was impacted and we only if you know our brother them border. Am with a Herman come through and all of these shows right now our focus in on Harvey in the damages done down in the middle of our country in Texas. Just a little recap on her game Harvey. You'll off from the automotive fuel here in Dover everything that happened there. So August 23 tropical depression Harvey was born. Fifties it shorter hours later party grew into a category four hurricane. I know it's when he is Harvey it hit land near Texas gulf yes. Still names. Still named storm after a 117. Hours after making landfall let's unreal. Harvey is the longest named storm. After Texas landfall on record so it's insane. So images don't just last 170. Hours legal thing about the impact this cult of course we see all the little things like that. Let me get that what these winds. And a on it right here I've sustained wind with a 130. Miles an hour for over one minute long all right so let me just go with the 130 mile an hour wind you know stating it was blown fuel jeweler moment would be. Well yeah no I am amends with a stone house with the callers. But imagine the things are blowing in this. I mean so it's almost expect is that. It is racist blood everywhere it is absolutely detrimental he it will probably drag Egypt's about it. In all actuality is now Latin matters of very serious matter. This causing major impact on Texas now in Texas the country itself well you can see right here that everybody in the right even your group so we can we get closer. Aaliyah. Yeah ever buys about each other sport in you know here's part of the reason what issues impact on us where you're paying for gas you exactly. Yeah that's just horror of the impact it's having an it's. Rate here in south Carolina's from the third in the sentinel in Texas. So this movement from August 26 through thirtieth. This is what led to the catastrophic flooding that we've seen in some instances Easton and all these different. Among their own them hands off. Welcomed younger hawks as a recruitment. But you know to model with the end of pending confirmation. Today this is the most rain drop on land from any tropical cyclone. Somewhere this man is around thirty to forty inches of rain. Let me get this summit some areas even seem like him upwards of fifty inches vs average that you think about even thirty inches wearing you measured the teach me that's almost three feet of standing water. Here in the an immense you know a case of you're in a higher level obviously the Oilers who run down somewhere severe lower level yet that is gonna add up that list don't compound. Majorly finance. Immensely scenes some bit some places 1015. Plead underwater is because of that right there you know waters it's not all fans uphill that's going traveled downward. Well moving ahead of us do an ability builds these cities and stuff like that there's good resigned. For a minimal amount of water runoff when you have this extreme metal sobering moment. There's nothing for players have just stayed straight and I got Waller went everywhere and we searing memory Molina some cities are either prepared their handlers or rainfall. You know gremlins floods would just the threat of a sparkle. Mean reorient browsers you can only imagine what those guys again Texas is saying he sees some of the pictures we've got several people or to. That is that there's pictures people go to or shows and things like that and I mean there's people there's a show horse won. Oh yeah Macy's EC some pretty good pitchers of people live three of them there you know differences runs they've number. Together there's you know performances under water I mean all of them well we've posted. Fades the drag strip was. Golly hundreds of thousands of hours another. As soon just their total laws there injured linemen ordinances that knows straight trip parking lot. There's clearly 102030000. Callers. Just waiting for insurance that combines and I've even heard reviews in the parking garage you'll for export drugs to store hours yeah. I mean they interact store goers that that we do wanna do you think about what. The impact of this storm has been absolutely astronomical. In you know last time we spoke well Harvey damages words in the ten billion dollar range. Mom I don't think it's over calculating yep damages are now over seventy billion dollars. With experts saying this number climb in the upwards of 200 billion chemicals and none. We'll bring you think about this is viewed this isn't. While water guys loses big time soon and we just it ruins everything it it. Yeah me is it's like we talked about several weeks ago on on the show you know when you don't in my mind of flooded home or the process you have to get through cleaning this political or. Because of all the different contaminants there in and the different bacteria. This I mean think about flood and in your house it's the same principle yet think every you know most ounces probably says two to three feet under Warner. And you just think the whole house two to three for the down Israel and exactly I think about what was one of those levels White Sox having you make everything right there I mean it's just it is and we is also washing with the foundation home. And then just just another sign of the impact of the storm a large portion of the losses that were the same goes on. Were uninsured homeowners. I mean you don't think how many people go through live for now homeowners insurance because we are they did have specific flood insurance or it was a rental while yeah it is a slice of Houston and Texas you don't really probably don't think about have a flood insurance no penalties and cut. But I mean in you know just tragedies they keep that in 83 confirmed deaths here in the storm over in army 82 being in the U this one. So I mean more than 300000. Were left without power in the in out of her as flowers like earlier in this week the summer still even without them. Since it's and they're still floodwaters are still standing floodwaters. I mean. There's no doubt this you know all of Texas you know inactive. Were not include memory now of it. Border Charles and all these people are need in need of relief we. You know just further details. An estimated 48700. Homes in a near 700 businesses were damaged or destroyed. Does knowing impact the economy for. You know months and dare I even say years to come. Well let's go do it will be a rebuilding process is going to take time amazed this nozzle was gonna get fixed in two months. This is something that amazingly when we and Katrina hit Louisiana. Yeah I mean is just now really bailing out. Oh yeah I was able to get through Louisiana probably. Four years after Katrina came through and you could still see the effects of damage you know. Land that was cleared out that wasn't at one time cleared out just where. Massive amounts of water in there and sweep away all the trees and all you know anything that was mean of defined as a land you know three strokes although it was only loses big clear patches. There weren't here before. And you see the same thing in Texas. You're talking about you know Rockport Texas where the storm made landfall first. The other court house was damaged in the reason why as a cargo trailers. So what do about halfway through the courthouse this season coming in there isn't there's towns in Texas were. They estimate between 8090% of all standing structures were damaged in some you know degree. So I mean the impact here's this monumental. Hello this is the enemy to you ever in the disaster like this you would never be read your mind right now it's absolutely insane. But anyway it guys we're all shift gears coming up after this commercial break and we'll talk about. Racing a little bit puzzled and we're good at talking about Basra guess state did you listen on Rosen champion Andre here 1063 WO Lordi. Welcome meg late Jim and I am on run to my right is the lovely route and it's very don't answer that really cruise we have our drug when he says. It really really groups you know again as a viewer ordinary guy or ounces placed the B there's good music kids which kids and throws plain corn hole board. And I civility effort competition name them and yet they're taking money or. I host. Mr. on their Muslim. There. They look as a similar shift gears I don't know I think we shoot easily look let's just gears we're here for Jean Harvey but I do little holdovers drivers plus letters soldiers you know we were eczema accidentally and we had a great when did witness a who calling Islam to which you know. Order explained physiologically girls and drag us back. We'll have been around sports and you know. To fuel drag racing is veering very exciting. Very very exciting. Is to go in a jewelry and they really think about it. I mean. You know the pros which when it or were bright colors and all in this exciting in this school. The top fuel is the magnitude of the heavyweight champions in the NH RA. So ordered he be you know fuel. To fuel for anger is real special treat for all our listeners what Leo again. Condenses around them don't know me know him. Until you so don't let up you greater support we'll all those due to if you've been in a bitter and injuring more than this portion of the names written forced a cool it. Leveraged to issue what Steve doors all of these guys for a top fuel dragster to a mean. This is what brings people in the stands these callers were absolutely I mean the course is just those names and though the rock stars of the trade. And you know I mean this is. I mean everybody likes to break out there's great entry level class to this very these guys put in the time to race in billions of dollars. Well honestly I remember the first time I went to a big drag race was done commerce. And the first driver I ever mention candle thing to get him that he thought it was Tony Schumacher is unison and still stands that we actually met at the same. Aleman resiliency but utterly simple who does like to sit and do really cool thing about coming out drag racing puts us a lot different than ask. You listen to sit in your seat. And watching the corps is doing circles you can actually every ticket the pit passes in entering event you walk out you get to see the caller you get to meet the drivers you can see everything about your. Within ten feet of everything they're doing. Yeah hey you know and that's something that's always drawn me to drag racing. Is you know NASCAR you don't ever see him what you've got a hot list you don't go in the infield yet you don't you don't get to see all the units have been you know you can wants John force make it past won't have to convince. Watching come back and watch his team tear down and rebuild his motor and watching on duty in. Exactly and maybe you know going to be in the job force while you're doing yes alliances as you know how there's of these name related personal. With them and they and they get her story that was their fans it's absolutely also. We'll meet legacy. You know everybody knows these things and you got some religions in the sport male and they don't if you really Hotmail. The course you got eighty yield big daddy don't go to actually invaded the rear engine fracture that was a thought he had a home your quick story of the good young girls. Yet they had brought it drags. And he lost part of his foot to fly we. Cutting off a and in the hospital PH who designed the first through engine dragster. But if that's hard runner up there again because it's an in oil is no apartments split between Israel and the need Kenny Bernstein Angel Mata. Surely won't let you of their homes passed calling it goes like this that weakness will be great Collins looks if you miss these you're truly listen now which note jingle in my it is. In you can lose and every episode on Rosen had zero or go right there for north too lazy and Elena entity an always give one a 63 W already done time. And was just click on this point exactly. We'll look at that you know she'll assure a mold out and we had a great great great great interview with her. Just her insight and years I mean this lady is seen things she seems to innovation through graduation. And they'll probably be in the first woman really in the sport at yet. So listen to the list goes on all these go to the with the quickest accelerating racecars in the world. And the best decision category of drag racers here. Reaching speeds of over 330 mile. And finished a thousand words can you imagine in less than a thousand feet. Led 330. Moment. Plus I can remember actually back police cars ran the full thirteen what money exactly eight and oh okay yeah the short trip to slow them veil. Is a matter of fact if I'm not mistaking. You know back in the first race I went to the Utah mine back in 04. I believe Tony Schumacher and like 37320. Miles an hour of the thirteenth when he. Now they're going 330 plus in thousand foot exactly so I mean that is his mind boggling you know. That these cars are doing that. Williams thing you think about acceleration of the top few drinks and we'll break it down. Top fuel Drexler accelerate from a dead standstill 200 moment eight tickets. Gaining imminently and look at this site as well as well we did as well as well as eighteenth in the second to a horrible. Agents as they can do that and exceeds 280 Mona into 660. Feet. That's the mind boggling that blows the mind. A few little crazy facts under full throttle. A top U direction use live in point two gallons of natural that they are sick which by the way isn't she knows not. But at least go to the web like a normal distributor like you. Normal streak or even normal for a correction make me is that you'll make news of discipline 44. In ups. The drag us. 44 AM to each sport well by the way that's weighing more than enough to cutie doesn't have to adjust book I don't know it that I attempted a all right so businesses similar helpless and or welder oh each sport quote in one of these scores. So slick or wilders doing it once you get. This is only just blows mama. You mentioned eight Miller lecture today of this thing a business thing but I mean it would this mean he's just. And another cool thing about what was actually is more blogs about halfway through that disintegrated is actually decently off the detriment in the combustion in the chambers. Yes there's no more sparked apparently Democrat out there they're really discount on it from me as insane I blows my mind. Today's semi full of facts about but the tough slew and things really really cool about it is this. Just explain that calls. And that's another cool thing about Gordon inventory is seen these callers in the tools in the crews and always expensive coolers and in this stuff is so experienced guys. But the thing is fun to all the equipment as they can. And all the crew was working for free and you break nothing. Which is virtually impossible to break nothing. Because on average thousand dollars and six. Iran to stop you dredge Lyle wire we nine in a sport. A new as a win win and they you know is fabulous radio by Jones to which you don't dive right in down as one of them I think we need to give him after I got another one is really. This is so that just to just put it in perspective we acceleration and we'll tell you right. It will do little more about our special guest here. All right. So you're driving a 140000. Dollar Ling and filter twin Turbo power orbits uses already can't afford a decision you could. You have over a mile oval road. When you have a tough few registration. Written do you have a milestone. Before so we started off a mile behind. You reach top speed of 200 miles an hour. When that dragster accelerates so you've got to leave it the same time but you're running 200 he's really zero. And he leaves the same time. We'll take lesbian thing. Davis is today. It'll outrun the reds lose six. But Carly I guess we just Michigan is coming up for after this stay tune for that we'll be back here in orbit as good as it was not Rosen happier Rainier 1063 W ordain. Just look at the hot rods and had to lose Robb Pitts. What's that no man metal trees that we gonna calling guest. I think he will let me let me just Obama called in yesterday for some ammo take a lifetime movie right. Chuck Norris right. And a crew that bloated nitro methane and you've got oracle and guess today absolutely great again today what we're told mr. Steve torch he's the driver. But the caps to talk fuel dragster for the future is certain state are you don't answer I'm doing good. Ullman table and I am live mail I get to talk to my favorite people mad is drag racers. Right I especially don't turn left we know where we're Ellen. Pay exactly exactly I don't indulge in this horrible isn't it a little run and all the them. Animal look at Jerry travel at that got past the start line over and over and over chases and yet bag and curtail Elway got the finish line one quick glance manner and get it done it drove being go home. So that says the offers admitted yeah I'm kind will probably get in trouble over this was Khaled a woman an argument she's keeps going back to the same thing over and over it and get. It I'm done under and preach. It at. Anyway Steve I tell you what we got a lot of cool things to argue about. Yeah this is going to secure top fuel drag racer and met by itself is schools or get them and you went to a lot of stumbled away I mean you didn't come out just kick in every time. Let him I'll read your bio and I knew a lot about your football injury stuff. But I Maryland though really do some homework and we like your job and I mean edged straight up like street perspective. I appreciate the that it got to get later actual weight in goal that last. And the because that's the man later. Oh yeah I'll put out. But there's no talking about though like you is Abby is everything I mean in the and you come election Norris kicking me and. Yeah I had cancer one seven saint at architect. Thirty very end it's better off wrote that they will let you know it it it makes you a little more hungry it grabs you a little more. Or a lot more appreciative for every night so it Cadillac. Easily equitable at least I would lately run in Ladell in a court so. I don't I don't play let let the storm ma saw devastation today apartment I. But today obviously this does this is as the thick so you were racing the Q this wasn't something and they changed or raising your twenties or whatever mean there's something you grew up. Oh yeah started right and important dust super compliment that bit pain. 2000. Had an opportunity to drop about dragster. Won a championship bid and alcohol bat speed and and that it next year started raising doubt be also. Public outrage the limited schedule off and on up until 2011. And been been called herbal all ever said that a minute if you'll look back governor lookup field for eleven years eleven years in my chief bill. It does a fellow but I mean but I mean that's impressive though I mean I mean W came from a comp card out of here in the coming. It's like this the sort of looking for questions to ask you and I'm always try to dig a little deeper and get some good stuff in their stuff that you know our average list or whatever here. And I mean honestly the only question I could come up with I mean just think you kick cancers as you survived a heart attack you have a tough fueled fractured team. What Nick's other human prisoners of the. I act Cadillac presently get out now though. Is. That bad ass man. You know I don't know what yet. Right you you keep go he keep digging you keep moving forward and and being in a professional drag racers who would what I dream dream to do it as a kid so. Kind of reached my goal and and I've enjoyed everything have been able to do I don't know what is next I mean heck I'm I'm for sure not only rightness circle. Now let up so you're not gonna do take Masco. Now that manually kick in you know we got an opportunity to win a championship that that the that would be the how a lot of mark career. And continue to go out like second to grow this stadium I'd like to add another car makes is cars and you know we're a word badly run into Bennett came up their ticket Schumacher's sadly love doughnuts and L and it's got a big you know it would Gannett fields that are that be even better. That was you know that's the fun of it I don't want to raise them than. Here is that they are it'll take a real small rocket scientist to figure out that we're a little biased we Elektra Grayson. And think this crazy about it is is we get through but to Obama's everything's so PC drag racing is still a man's sport. An amount Nelson have been just after the NASCAR does but you got NASCAR does that are gathered now sport they got their money. And they've got to you know the retiring. Yet you're not gonna. Be there a lot of money in NASCAR and I'm not gonna not because there. Somebody. That's kind of our drought what those are silly red thanks for Bob arguably. More out after force back in our support in the outfield car. At. You know I'm not much but it's not a politically correct so clear and and and you know reserved in corporate. And it you know that that's sort of big money bat but. He's still got a lot of the good old country folks are out here try underwrite Arctic and not only does it have made it more politically correct but I have done everything back handed it back in net. I think that's a accuses force so did those domains is again a boy can Jovan Shimmy truck with a car on the trailer and have a good time. You know and at that led at frustrate the lot. Lot of those got the right answer but it also brings a lot of hope that some of the guys that are not debate funded teams that are out there running you know later in races a year. We still look we're budget Mangold popped liner and a sexist and and we're out there. Go and blow for blow with the best element Elway way and some of woman I don't lack that's what I'll act like I like to say that that this guy under site and. They want the joy. Is joy in your heart. Or. Did is introduce a little anarchy to it relevant. It is good break up the monotony of his high dollar motor sports and wants a law. You know it really isn't any at the end of the day and it takes a lot of money to run cars. But it takes it takes thirteen. He didn't go out there and by every part you want but it takes attained by you don't make it successful and they got that I got they were a bunch of just nit bid outlaw. And that's what we are everybody's been on different names in different places and never did really video and Anelka cartwright and and we. Kind of like them you know that that group of bad as had been really sitting where would you put it together and they they they shell out. As the wrecking crew and hold on you lords. Oh yeah I would showed up and showed out that's a little. Maybe this is the thing though I mean. Omega I just the whole story with the littlest autonomy and let everything you talk to me your success because you put your heart into. I think the difference. That's the only lighted doing him in that you know what maybe that come from. Go through what got you early lock for just you know watching my dad built this business built cap go in and start from the ground up but what it takes to get there and it takes artwork. Just pure drive and determination to do achieved. Anything you can't just sit on your button. Whit scored that guilt but are a lot of other people you know Ottawa they like Ellen might happen. So save I'm sure you've talked about this million times but QE flash back a little bit to 2000 union had cancer. Anchors. My monster that actually passed away from the same cancer you had. And yeah it and I'm just curious what can you go what kept you motivated to push forward to not stop did not give low and just fight do that. They're debate honestly the L seventeen years old and just ignorant. The at that point in my lap every funeral I've ever been to hit somebody and not friendly that it got from cancer are not out to get kitrey examiners know. Go you don't overcome that in padded and had enough. Just grit and determination that it what you gonna keel Leah that got. Not only of the I haven't lived half a mile you know I still got a lot of live and let a lot of things out there and at the end of the day it was just. Here determination and a lot of family and friends aboard the you know being young had a really good debate about that body. More resilient and able to overcome it. I think that it is at least 80%. Mental just you know not let yourself get down get spot every because. You take keynote you'd like radiation and that's up front there it is who can live the longest they can't or the person yeah the other get it out you know. He hit it killing unit killed in the cancer whatever one lap longer all about yet. We're giving us the big thing you so much drowned determination and all that UWB and mental. I mean if you wanna die you're gonna die you're not going to survive that's the thing all the doctors and minutes in the world if you have the fighting it is never gonna. Either it is light airing give up. They're not let you edit. Exactly. I think you take that drive and determination makes it will not tremendously and I think he found the perfect here. Did they can auction that is know what you I have had the good construction you can come out with a lot of fun and it it didn't debate just like not throw explosives. Well I won't say Sullivan also about it I mean drag racing is the worst drug ever. It is the most addictive thing ever if you ever go to the drag strip it's over with Gerald for life. And I don't know drugs but I know that doctors got to be expensive but they cannot be anywhere near it expects to. Open. I don't know if there's any thing more addictive or more in banking get more expensive. Our group and drag Grissom back from a cholera is pro mod for years. And I'm I'm they'll all about the experience and I've heard me tell you plug any easier for with a drug habit and drag race in. Yet at least they have like rehab or. Drug they don't have any thank drag right. Heard they already are also to the NASCAR always looked so let's get step. What is what I all over there I guess that immigrants are making routers on the I don't know. A little. This terror Ramallah I Ron Amadon money and analysts is for a second we're wanting to quit commercial break and we'll come Agilent dot do little more. Our flag on your list in the hot rods and happy our state to it and bring your wanna 63 W ordeal. I gals looking back to hot rods and happy. Let's send a man attorney what may I got my main main street tours or more of still meant. This interview ever get tough few draft we're told always trials and tribulations all the old to have some fun stuff just enough on Thursday night Obama. I'm done gun man. Speaking of fun stuff. You till slow while we're on break which you don't worry doing right now. I'm morale around in the scalp after checking doubt and maybe sit and auto Miller lat. Do you want and that's that's not a good luck I don't know where ideas if you ever want know a drag racer does on not the weekends let's let this drag race and that's happened. Yeah I think I'm probably the only one do it now. And what we're. I gotta I gotta feel that I got a feeling that did attended ray's not chicken Cal's right now he's probably eaten hamburger right now. Better your pain every insane a canal. The cut but Pakistan is not probably not up. A living when the stuff when we was cute couple years ago that. Yeah water on the front of the board box. Kind of below me but you'll also so we're taking care Eldorado where have a good time. Was one of the best moments in your racing career like Sylvan sticks out to stay. At one time the digs no matter what you've got so full what's been critical moment fees that that you won't forget it. It happened about three weeks ago and it would winning it would win in the US nationals in top fuel. Means. That's the big one and L one net saying in 2005 and it's about all our. And you know. It's got the first summit ever raced IndyCar them had been to the track Ellis showed up on race and it was easy and I didn't really I didn't really cherish that moment I didn't enjoy and I ended up battled their sports time now to top fuel car in finally got it done and when you know I felt you're seeing my interview on Dave ayello at all. Teared up a little kid. Crowd of about Al I don't want in the outing old girl appeared now. It was it was how a lot of my career especially to. Bender so many times and not the battle still out there. Not only when that that the nationals but when attract shootout today before it was an unbelievable week. That was a very good week here. Even made it even got a left there. Make it a little bit of money and not been in a hole. I'm old days of a mess up that right there in itself is the miracle in drag racing. It is menu you can. You spend about in my needle and a little bit. What's mop my dad his favorite thing always say if you wanna make a small fortunes start out with a large fortune and a drag race and. Exactly it played in a billionaire into millionaire about a I ask. So odd to us love about your personal live outside Larry are you rather you just tell form and that's it. You saying that they unloved. Get the ball and eight of nine and I got can tell I guess. You know I love that client. Occasionally out creation. Got hot. Not really any old. Bombed heavily by Coppola's then mom gets. Don't hold up to the pick when we may have a McLaren and I guess this. Jake get Miller out aid that Larry you let go go strangled her loaded Groce on main. I guess Panasonic model. Porno where she put the mess with a 100% of troubled players in the motor not good at all. Yet the motor in the back you split the vote open and at thank you can sit classic and a cult we have an idea Greg screwed up. And I think that's. Let's grapefruit and so look down video Republican nearly noon. Men aren't all over there all over North America actually I've been has spent a month in British Columbia. You're before alas. And grizzly bear black bear and wolf. Bend down to Mexico she didn't desert bighorn sheep. All over the you know the fifty states just taught me anything and everything. I'm trying to do what's called the North American super slam. On failed and that's all Tony nine big game animals. So now I'm just civil southern wisely she and X. The dark fear or I don't know. 00 or buttons. The world's bread. And Fuzzy and move. News at this golf equipment that they rounded out the best that's. As ally he adds is like she had a different ethnic people that. Again and they're oh the bill would I ever go home and summer not to not to. At a. We know it does does speak and opens up two weeks to go. Girl we're in now it down there and got a few wrong now. It's kind of got away. And I'll tell alleged driver is really gets into your whole life. It does about Adam lately Graham I hear you right go at it look they're very. Yeah Brighton village go to my high it's like look what the only thing about it. There were Edward remove some dates around herself and. Gail we need to get this below whit about likes September 30 that's when Buckley and opened. As well that's a really convenience or so evolves and any signals and he sees these start lose now we know why I have to hit it in other words you don't. You don't vote season that at bat that. Well I mean billion running great championship Cuomo probably Fella but it leaves absolutely deer camp. At that need to consider them don't get a guzzle and rails reality is that you know. They and that we got a shot to win this bailout motor show us the. I mean this is the last thing today it is just to show up you know. Lucky kick. A. Hell I care about double little act that would be nothing better than to leave the end of the year that great big Charles O. Every state at chick but LB or outlaw. This is the crew. That's when a big checks or no it made you stand that woman lived with equipment. Yeah it ain't got another Nero or comets on it but it they're real big day. It's good to be Gonzales chick that. Yet they go into the big bank gets it in the big check board and. Yeah that a go and Lamar McKay get you'll find out. You're really. Everybody would be. To win the championship amino also would that be I mean to be that guy coming up at about those top fuel legend stuff wrote there lettuce that I grew up. In here in the eighties in the ninety's drag race. And I mean it Jules monitors and Kenny Bernstein and Don the snake prudhomme which guns like Taylor Griffin who is now but you know what I'm saying. It they honestly you'd crazy thing is. I got pictures you know are born and an eight Q that coordinate very got pictures of me in black. They're now on win and you know the multi colored wind and it's taking pictures Barnes stain picture with a motto pictures that force. And that Creighton overall. Hell out now now I mean it's got one I got all the numbers that call went out duplicate William in. Port is not shocked is is part of sports is building in India mean. Quite a bit below par is not yet but they're in her own Kelly no. Yeah that's awesome today what the coolest thing ever and in the show my age a little bit. To drag racers really had an hour is a cathedral as a big pro stock trade and back in the day at Ford aboard. And oh. Yeah. And it allows the children start for him but other big pro stock split the old days and again no better Warren Johnson bobbled. I really well does that my Neil Armstrong. You don't mean. I mean the kids got to meet both of those guys and I mean I mean I actually interview warned Johnson before I mean. This is crazy you know told these people fail. So Jonathan Paterson. Nat went broke about what actually you know cool. Those guys work hard net LA get out by elder ailment and it wasn't such a cookie cutter glass. My girlfriend works or one of those prospecting and I give our relentless crap about among light yet I got a roast duck car every week in a dig it up but the airport drought right. This could I don't have. But it was the real deal you know what I'm saying you have bobbled the least vote for cigarettes and state doing its forty go to live to come back I'll play. And I'll let him. Beg outmoded cigarette down now while you go to our. Agility you go that little hole in Windsor ventilation us for Bob get the smoke out that's one of those four. Yeah eight click that we'll let that little act opened. Don't go out tomorrow. Close backed up let up or priest. It's old days of what Bob what no joke. Here dealer now all of ashtray and it. But otters thanks faculty is exactly. But today I mean that does the hay day. Drag racing them in August and outlook for pros ought to get revenge of the lives of these new gas company may have that brings new life in this stuff they need something normal sure. I'll tell you what state operatives rewind is they have frozen and Anderson you bill go far were running out of time. But don't say some has been great talking to anybody I'm glad you took some time I scheduled count gals and all that good stuff to talk me analog Rudd today. I operation had gathered at a good time while my dog geology at this was on. Yeah a little bit that will make it happen Steve. Are probably take a look guys you listen hot rods and happy outrage here 1063 WORD.