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Saturday, January 20th

House Plans by Countybank Mortgage


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Good morning we're listened house plans JD Nelson here from county main mortgage Keith Clark with the buyer's broker group you were. All doing well this cold. Morning how are you keep frigid morning good morning it is nice to have finally gonna get us into this baby's sick from that it's exciting. Cash and hold. Think all old and usually cull ideas and analysis this is South Carolina and South Dakota. We decently similarly some raid is to get outside and do something you know Taylor's. Grief that I don't have the going to be nice you know maybe a warm weather he does a real estate market today it's hot its radius I you know I'm talking to a lot of people. And you know my personal poll says there's still a lot of people out here struggle on the phone with the Walt. There's no doubt about. The shortage of inventory of these real is 30 and yeah. I don't care what price point some are worse in others backed. Anyway it me very issue during the siege. You know how it shakes and we got the numbers we didn't here is remembering hearing and it won't talk about December up 10% you know we'll talk about that for share we've got to. There are first you know we do our we haven't talked about yet marrying your mortgage Chica winners went out this week and we'll talk a little bit about that as well it's it's everybody needs to do. This is the you know I have got my first call this week from one among loyal listeners. And in clients. And down near she sang actual letter I just wanna check everything out looks like she's in great shape. Tom you know it's just confirmation and as I get a checkup from the diner aren't New Year's resolution in your customize Morgan's ticket that's right that's right senate. Anyway bit. Should be should be gay and should begin and so Chris is not here today here as a I think injuring her knee in New Orleans. As sounds like a moute what happened in New Orleans story. That's just into us we won't asking. 28 tellingly happened it was kind of just an accident Mitt. She she's instant tennis injuries and think you re aggravated. And signed any benefits. Those knees and elbows and shoulders they don't work as well as yet I don't know where I have guys I've got some good friends ever Steadman Hawkins and those guys. Naming him a they laugh at the third evidence they left that this is a joke at thirty and forty something crowd thinks they're winning they do that's what easily get (%expletive) you know that's where my best for my problems all started house in my mid thirties when. Hourly earnings out via. Mid thirties. I'm not as studies they had that big a long incision right now and now I achieve it is today. Tom bomb guard and in my surgery and literally you can even tell where they went in and fixed it real he can't tell you guys had back he's one of the day I'll show you the break out seeking to figure out ways that unit as you'll be out detail. It was a basketball injury and annualized sales in in my career. Wasn't a very big career it was a career say at least not much bigger in my mind. So I'm anyway we're gonna tackle real estate today via phone lines will be open and 866442. Seventy fast 53 s.'s toll free number 86644270. Fat 53 to text line is open as well scenes that we get more texts. These days at seven point 307 issues detective he got a question. About buying selling anything to do with real estate we would definitely love to talk with you today meeting keys did not. Do my share of Kraft. In fact we we just played her ramble fortune usually wind wind increases not here. This Tikrit Chris Draft this year and but we didn't do any ship trips that we would appreciate your phone calls and cortex an hour and always having a so mostly you know stump the host. Yeah and begin next there's a question that we cannot answer so the buyer broker is now. But not officially yet OK how can actually technically yeah yeah I took map. After 27 years I'd like to light last year when I put my personal home on the market. Normally I would have listed it with a fellow. A cup colleague of mine came in I decided not to I decided to do them myself this is like Han Solo going to the dark side. Since I could be referred to that although I've. Most of them at a real actors wouldn't think of Albania that that analogy actually has a lot more Torre in the air America you are kind of a Han Solo. Yes an effort to six Trace has snack using it to Barca. So anyway. What have felt the previous mission incline call me a moment but his house on the market really. Won't need to do it so I said we you know line I'm gonna do so I took my first agency to listing. And we're just checking now on what you really Jane thank you Scott sailed and a growing up about them apples. And be something now. You can make it on. I have to cut your right to that one win one wins zero losses them. Anyway we'll listen we're gonna and it's your first break when get back we are talking real estate it was in the house plans. JD Nelson from counting Mae mortgage Keith Clark with the buyer's broker here today on number 86644. To 7553. The text line is open as well as seven went 307. That 71 and 307. She is attached to give us a call we get back we're gonna talk a little real estate here on health plans. Welcome back you're listen houseplants JD Nelson county may mortgage Keith Clark with the buyer's broker we appreciate. You listening in today if you got a question 86644270. Baht 53. Takes on as ever as well as 71307. So feel free to reach out to us. Keith I don't wanna get into the numbers and we do have I did text question that just came Meehan. I think this is the day down. The question no we're not. On roasting experts telling the tightest that we know a little bit about on this we have. We do I'm currently. Women that we cannot detect question came in against. We have a lot all we have a lie it. I coast on coastal island near Buford. Property values seem a little depressed just for the immediate area where IDC resort properties. On the coast headed the next five years my guess is us either for a violent. Or Harbor Islands com. Little known fact I used to live on harbor around yeah so I know that area pretty gay is probably one others there's a there's a bunch islands right on the air in Buford. Did you know that the state just ball Ted Turner's Allen their next time I believe hunting. One more next time hunting hunting island yep fresh right next harbor in between aren't for you than Ted Turner own man I think recently sold to the state of South Carolina and hand to the State's wildlife refugees who is the largest land owner and unionized day is that Ryan and in non and amp. There are many anyway those coast allies when it comes to my mind is digital island have got a friend who owns a lot. Owned I believe it's Kessel washing her and I Jensen from the left and down there and yet around Hilton yet. And now they made a very very good about recently on their lives now usually when you about a lot and those types of environment she have up a monthly fee. Related today till way which she and typically is a little more expensive than you would expected to be. But now and have seen it passing situations where those. Watch were deeply disc can and because of the annual fee slide around Louisiana kind of surprised you know they they say that seems like the values are low depressed and I let us that that my first reaction as an astonishingly ill let's talk about that. The resort property environment in general. Now this is just a broad brush conversation chairs. Historically when we have a deep downturn like what's what happened. In move seven through 2011. Moved. What happens is when it returns that confidence remember most of those homes are second homes. Not primary residences. Instead two people who don't have that these these their band these homes not because they have to ram home made saying. A choice of investment right and now I'm what typically happens is that the primary the premium properties. Returned to normal it's sooner. Than the parade feel property here another example that might be like kiwi where the primary. Waterfront properties. Might begin selling a little quicker. Then during the downturn that slow ramp up to normal right there interior properties don't return quite as quickly said the premium properties typically. Would the most desirable and of course typically the easiest to resale. Now of course there are a lot of variables included in that conversation which in. Particularly price point and a lot of other variables but generally speaking. It's a slow recovery for the life sin. Any interior homes and so really you're just gonna have. To be told what you guys had kind of what we said nice yours oh win. Hold what you guy when everybody was ready to sell the end you know kind of benefits bill of investment would be of course. I'm about when everybody else is selling himself when everybody else is buying yet so if you're you're correct that your property probably is a little bit depressed and we just hope what I have got particularly in the short term well. Thank you know I haven't been to be for in some time I'm in the hill hand which is critical race. On the day period and the yours blooming it dissing my when I was down there there was a lot going on and then Boston area and on the left in his latter opened him on Maine I mean it just seems like in India for coming and I think Hilton Paris Hilton is his take via via so. But still the purse feel areas seem tear realize seizes stone. Just haven't responded quite as quickly as the premium property and there's a lot of different. You are tied to property can be Gannon it coastal. Area be for me it was a deep water is deny you know. Do you plan on building only later do you nine near what's situation in the course of flood insurance is a big variable these guys that he continues to the teacher a challenge. In terms if predictability. You know what are my. Letterman's. Flooded church rates going to be how Ryan can now plan on now when will it eventually beat. Private sector flood insurance which eventually what happened yet Whelan in those things too is I don't think. I think before it was one of those bombs towns and never had a hurricane to just your last night in her teen years. One of the hurricane just happened here and the human they've never had a hurricane. Yelling in modern history and Allison last 200 years whenever there anyway. I we had another I question here. Keith I'm currently renting. Eleven acres with an option to purchase. What is the best program to look into euphoria when a house is being built on the property but isn't finished. Thanks Kevin from cal fans. You know. Anytime you have lasso unit if you're raining this property now in your building a house on a lot will depend on line from a lending perspective. How far along is that house. Saying this is he going to be your primary residence that you're gonna living him. On the cause. Yeah how far along is it did you just start construction is academy an ongoing thing for years senator. Once you get to a certain point in the construction process. You have a hard time by an embankment of jumping in into that deal. And a lot of people really don't understand why really it's a risk. Assessment from a builder perspective before worry that hey yeah this builders has taken this long what's going on as a financial price yeah. All I kind of stuff. On if he is I renting the property now. With an option to purchase what I would say is you need to hurry up tanks and get that form yes most of us. Let's hurry up muskie Q I was get the landing your name if there's a house being built where are you reach 40% done in 30% done PT percent ninth. We need to figure out right now where you are in in what the situation may be with it being eleven acres in cal PNC their always had a question of compare bulls. You know where we're going to be and on the as Sarah the only thing I would say sooner than later. You know you can even give me a call 8331. Home during the week. Com and that's 3314663. Years she mean email I ask JD accounting may mortgage dot com. Let's just figure out exactly where you are because nothing really what you need is to you going getting getting construction line and get the property transferring your name perform on that. Assuming that you have enough equity in the property or you had the down payment that would be needed to complete that and in in new on them. Iron yet the sooner you you get the property that leased property in your name that the more likely you are to be able to move forward with the project Piaf. You know usually when your releasing. And he'd we'd we don't have all the particulars on the deal private first thing you wanna do is very big contract and right. See what your rights and opportunities are ending get that the equity. That exist in the property in two year deal yeah you can move forward on an additional finance. Ask this also of course and this is going to be as your primary residence or whatever situation may be sent. Yet Kevin definitely our reach out to me this weekend and now we can talk to Sosa some of the F specifics on man get that worked outside. Anyway I pass a key tell us a little bit 2017. Is now in the books it sounds like December was a note was another. Maybe a record month. Yeah it was JD than the year in received easier than numbers for. 2000 in whatever it was seventy. For the month of December and we had a 1061. Transactions over last year's. 967. That's up nine point 7%. Paying for the month of December and we wouldn't have expected that because what we got in the latter part of the year was say. A reduction in the rate of increase right right went first party year was 10% increase. Then the third quarter and part of the fourth quarter drop down to two. 3% increase in name here jumped up to TNN and for year to date that was 121915. And transactions. Over last year's 121500. Tony today. It's up 3.5 percent and we should say again that is a record number of transactions. For the border realtors Lal is amazing for embrace November from memory serves. Gay it was up around 9% as well as it hacking or remain in November but a year today. 3.5 percent in the course. In our conversations I expected to be that again or maybe a little more yep so for next year which would be a real surprise. I'm the median price was seven to 100 Nadine and thousand dollars for 2017. That's over 2000. 180000. In 2017. That's up 5%. That's the measure of appreciation in market wire and that's a good number matter people would put a question mark confront Evans say. What about 2019. Are we gonna see another 5% inquiries so it'll be interesting to see. Male human Torre of homes this is a little little bit to concern did disappointing. 3973. And now seasonally. OS working out that's in January we're gonna start seeing in that ramp up. In February and march. Over last year's 3640. Fat so there was an increase of 9% over last year. But during the month of this is an a month where there's just not any mentor lying in demand is still lair coming to the market is still very very active male. That's that is three point eight. Months of inventory three point I. Some inventory Dell last year that was 3.5. So. It's a tough time to buy a house this Tammany. It feels like to me were about to reach that precipice where the you know are people gonna go ahead and start putting that three and a half thirty year fixed on the market. Pay their home on the market that they guy swallowed. Mixture of three quarters of percent that they're gonna pay go to fourth quarter and move up or remove bags they owner move where we're going to be. Because they know they can sail if we do any list I put my house on the market and elegant seller right now. We can go ahead move most just you know I know we got a great raid on this mortgage Cisco and is smaller than. He'll organic JD I don't think the more current mortgage rates will affect demand I don't think yeah well decision making I think. Probably until we get to five and a quarter five and a half Rihanna is where you'll begin to see some resistance out to those. For those that this may be had a three point 75 cry they'll be allowed but they'll be a lot of homes come on the market to be very interesting to see. How the inventory rise is between now and say march 31 game we do expect there to be a little bit of relief in the inventory write an issue or not not significant. But if if demand. Continues to increase the unit that supply Maine may still not be there yet because if if the number transactions continues to go up this year sets another record then. The inventory relief won't be enough to. Alleviate that domain via. In a lot of people on the sidelines that are that are. Circling Thursday looking for the right now Austin and in that sort of thing sent will be very huge thing for sure what you've got a question or comment. We got about about a minute and a half we had to our bottom of the hour break and of course will be back on the other side that 866442. 7553. Izzy toll free number of the text line remains open at 713 or senate appreciate our techsters. She just say message there with the Al coastal. Property Gannon Buford of course the least. Purchased on the eleven acres in campaigns to pretty questions here for sure. And appreciate that. I'm just a quick interest rate update town while we had about a minute before the outbreak here thirty year fixed now pretty much in the low four Soledad yeah pretty much in a lot of force not the whole lot there in the upper threes like it's the end so. Lies and kind of just a very slow climb has not been here very sharp at all in the same as the year was just above and below 4% it was a year via but it that he has broken up a little bit and a little bit you can get them to reasoning doesn't government money you know that count Anglo LTV. Maybe still out there used twenty years really in the upper for a reason and that really the fifteen years now you know Israel in the mid threes you know percent. Well contract that is still very tried to come from the green and you know scheme of things when you look at. Historically over the last year ten even twenty years you know percent. Anyways this is really really good we'll listen we're gonna head into our bottom of the hour break we do appreciate our techsters. So far today if you would like to shoot is attacked for the maybe a question about buying selling anything to do with real estate. We would love to hear from you today. That number is 71307. Issued as the text. If you've got a question or comment that you like forced to talk about on the air we would definitely love to hear from me in the second half of the show. The numbers 866. For four to 7553. That's 86644. To 7553. This is house plans JD Nelson from county bank mortgage Keith Kerr but the buyer's broker will be back right activists. Welcome back. You listen to house plans JD Nelson from county main mortgage Keith Clark with the buyer's broker we are taking your text of phone calls. Again a 66442. Sending 553 in the takes on his eye opener as well as 713. Seven would love to hear. From you today said Keith our letters went out this week. Rom every year we see now are com. Initial. Annual mortgage check up. Letters to our clients. And and it was trust or found peace. Review of everyone's personal situation which I think is is really important. First part of years is a great time to do you should do it every year you really should say so if you have a mortgage if you ever if you don't have a mortgage there's still some peace you need to TA Nash right Nash right even if you're in an and you know I could say is not a matter if it's a matter we end. You know have him on the path about the sooner or later you go back to attracts them anyway so the first pace is you know which a lot of people really don't think about. Is let's look at your current mortgage and I have one of my clients coming this week you weed has closed her land I'd totally forgotten. If I'd been a year in like three months ranked Buick she's 387530. Year fixed. And down and we had a conversation city still plan on staying in the house you know most of the time people won't change too much in a year. Species that are same job and all that you Beirut once while 34 years. People start Ginn is to news or whatever might be so we take a look at interest rates where raider you know currently at. What type of program arguing in our US fixed rate are you an arm does not match your objectives this this this what you have. Match what your goals and objectives absolutely yeah they could have changed they could have changed JU you know a lot of times our remember last year I had a conversation with someone they had eight. Omni received an unforced scene pretty hefty raise it they real really didn't think that they were in line for the big guy. Com well he was really interest in going from a thirty year fixed to either fifteen or twenty to try to cut term and pay it down as quickly as possible. So we really sat down and did the math on that the figure out okay should you stay in your current mortgage and just pay extra. Marcia we refinancing into a fifteen or twenty what led duty your interest and how much can he save and a payment increase. And he's doing all that math is to figure out okay yeah I need to do their know I don't know what my interest rate difference and and things like that. On the there's still a lot of people out there that are adjustable rate mortgages and I think they're starting to see those climb as a Libor index is gone so. Mom you know that's something that anyone out there this list and right now that maybe isn't an adjustable rate. You know now they're really really good time to consider role on that over to a fixed if you're playing on the in the prime. If you simultaneously JD if you're thinking about if you moved into your home the last couple years. In your home the retirement horizon for let's say five to ten years from now yeah and then really mapping all that out together. For the future yet is a good idea to think dramatic Buckeyes. As Chris often says. You need to. Think about your retirement mortgage significantly. Before absolutely tire absolutely bank does not need the same way ash right after you retire. Name before you. To correct this exact correct and and you know the thing about ideas teeth. You know there's a lot of people out there also that have equity lines. And we are seeing the primary get from three and a half the forehand feared just in the last year to you. And you know now all of a sudden there's equity lines had such great great. Now all you know if you got prime plus a half your pay a 5%. You know that money. On some as a sizable Lotta people do renovations. You know and different things they didn't wanna refinance their first because they had such a good rate. Now I got this equity line that rate keeps climbing out. Their payments are going up at the same time. Omnia with values where they are in motion values have gone up. You know it pretty much across America but you know especially here in the green boy area. People see that their values haven't we done researching several properties in different areas detailed. In and it's amazing to me how much the values have really gone and you know and pockets around the around him. Now's a good time in May be consider paying and then equity line yeah. And what what JD's talking about brightest slipped the net. That that equity line mean to a reef yes commanding Newman taking advantage of the current interest rates. Because it does look like there might be a glide path that simple absolutely no star and head that way already and it you know and a thing is you don't have to go all the way back out with thirty years or might be his decision that you wanna make. But cherished 45 years or twenty years or fifteen years. And Lotta times it will make a lot more financial sense to maybe do that. Especially if you've been in that first mortgage for five years or so maybe longer than that. You know when we started doing the refinance the refinance been packing ran 2011 it was seven years again lap. You know you don't think about it bill does a long time ago or so. Com yeah that's our first piece of annual mortgage check out these really to look at the mortgage that your read and let's look at the product that eerie analysts look at the term Irian interest rate must take all and the consideration first. And and figure out what we've gotten if we need to do anything in many times you'll find an eight. Your great. Product you're a great mortgage right now let's just hole we guy or engage shape. But at least you know without and you just guessing Omnia the second piece of the of the puzzle that we always like to look at and in this always count as a hot button topic is. Property taxes and I. You know and down knew we still see we found probably I don't know half dozen people on our pain 6% nearly the default rate degree looking only. Into falls to as far as property tax rates can and down you know I think a well I think where the biggest piece of the puzzle were people on telling you messed up on that deal. Is when they just make a change on the deed you know they were 4% previously maybe add your wife to the Dieter Eason tried here. Husband from the Dieter you unity change there under the weight title was hailed in some capacity in and we see that Kweisi. An unnamed people who relocate from current text states com. Moved here and name then their default the default position of course is is 6% right. And they may think their taxes are still low at six pursue. Absolutely. That's happened several times he Arab. You know so look at that your property taxes and that's real simple a lot of people really don't know that you can go online to find that affirmation. Will be happy to do that for you will say hey here's here's what she paid. Here's what you maybe you should pay. You know here's a few Ian do it now like you get to your look back if you maybe made that mistake and he paid 6% every last two years and maybe should have been a 4% tax rate. You know now's a great time we guarantee a pitcher refund Phil. Gorgeous if it's assessed. To be assessed candidate most of the tennis is slow but sometimes to bid depends on the geographical area right. So you know give time to maybe take a look at your property taxes most just say. Omni a lot of times Woolsey to that people's escrow accounts were kind of get mules were earlier get messed up. Office announced just a great time to maybe take a look at that figure that out from the third piece of the puzzle is a homeowner's insurance. On this is this is wind it is really tell how come I had knowledge it really does this kind of a hot topic. Yeah because insurance race you know across the border on the rise. On some companies more than others and you may have had Allstate B may have had state farm he may have had nationwide you may have had travelers. Yeah and there are certain pockets were those companies may be a lot higher than in. And they were in the past and they may be higher than a competitor may be. In many times you can get the same coverage or maybe even better coverage. Back change and you have changed companies. You know that you would've had the past. Butte county bank insurers forget Alan right here in the office. He's more than glad just to take a look at your policy and figure out hey let's look at your premium was the pitcher coverage do you have the right coverage. Omni a lot of little things like that they're really you should look at. You know any new and you need a conversation in layperson terms trying to get us willingly Beecher declarations page in your policy. 77 pages long that's left half of what the insurance company does not cover what. And yet that's exactly right so in do you have any asses that need to be covered that that specialty answer any router yet gaining any writers I mean yeah there's a lot of. Things like Danny on passing people had a lady about ninety days again she. I don't to a divorce and move back into a property initiate and she had been Tay is 6% she had a rare policy on our primary residence to me was just all messed up. Got a straight down actually and a save her rough for 500 dollars a year while just on that policy so a lot of different things. We'll wrap up that conversation about paying your mortgage check up will we come back if you've got a question or comment 866. For four to seventy 53 text on his opening as well as 71307. Your list into you house plans JD Nelson from Kenny being mortgage. Keith Clark with the buyer's broker. Will be back when our final segment of the show right activists. Welcome back you're listen in the house plans to JD. Nelson from Carrie Mae mortgage keys car with the fire brokered. Final segment of the show we love to hear from EA 6644270. Fab 53. And takes line is open as well as 71307. Shooters it takes to get this call we would love to hear from you. And you know before we das backe and we're talking about paying your mortgage check out without a little bit about your mortgage program interest rate that you're paying. Let's take a look at your situation are you in an armed do you have an equity line is now the right time to refinance. Also talked to a bit about property taxes are you paying him for 6%. Com are you paying to have a rate. Is it ties and assessed incorrectly will be glad to take a look at that Soria and then of course homeowner's insurance which is probably want a bigger ones now. We would love to get your free quote yeah he can just send us a copy of your insurance policy. And we'll figure out hey are you paying too much. The do you have the right coverage and CQ we give you better or the same coverage for less amount of money so. I'm here to save money for sure let's go to the photo Lansky before we diving into the final piece of the puzzle we got John on the line from Duncan. Owls talk about 6%. John how are you. They're. Thank them and have received showed us too literally good day we appreciate. Yet the question I have had two houses of purse a primary but it at all. And both are they at all now and I think it about trying to just put. My name's. Oh my what about it in the Altman without. The what is it 6% which is very respected all. Some big and about trying to go with but in our name don't want. And polite and made money out that it met or percent. But at bat the bat off the. It makes perfect sense you know a lot of other people it got about. Salon is long in the boat is full on that on that I had totally understand where you're coming from this strategy yes. And and believe it or not the counties have gotten a lot smarter and about about that particular. Situation. You eat and and I do understand what you're trying to do you want to obtain a 4% ray won for your wife one for you. You know as far as tiger's armor they both in the same county. No one does then you don't want it. When degree ones is barber. But my guess he has is that you would be able to get that changed. But I don't know that you would be able to. Maintain that. 4% tax status. For both property sooner or later the truth will rise in the top. On my understanding is it they can you even talk to each other as six or eight years ago you can. Things weren't quite as integrated is they are today. But the my understanding is and I don't know this I've had a personal experience right there. But the Kearney will he if you could one home in your name. Just in your name only they can't we will only if you're married they will only give you 15%. Credit at 4% in the other half 50% on the at 6%. Now you can stick with with the local canning officials real property services. What you'll find uses they're not they're too. To do me any thing but what the law states are right they won't cheap to pay them the least of mail that she deserved parity. But they also won't cheated today. The proper amount yes by stone your current situation. And so I know of instances I believe I've been told about it a local attorney. Did they would split yet. Yet the property into 22 values one half of its 6% half of 4% yes that's correct and I don't know whether Spartanburg canning gringo canning. Communicate on these issues. Or whether there's a statewide database where they can Chiang. But of course it only takes six feet a couple of key strokes to look at beanie body. And their their property holdings. Not today sent yet this strategy has been thought about many times by many people I don't think you can get away with yet. Unless. You and your wife are living in two separate primary residence yes definitely want to prevent you as long if it's if it's accurate. Then they'll probably like to do it yet but if you're leaving him one as your primary and the other one is a second now. Probably not going to be able domains that makes sense John. Yet separate. I saw the info about that that could help. Yup sales gamble a singular with baton and hopefully hopefully it all works out for you really are the bearers of bad days sometimes I continue to watch teenage got no most of our audience understands this but what John is sees he's so upset about is. The property taxes on a 200000. Dollar home. OK I can who might be point 9%. OK which would be anywhere from let's say 16100. To as much as 2000 depending on. The tax district cheering share as a primary residence. Again so much those taxes. If it's a second home or indoor. Which is counted as an investment property right tagging and correct so if it's anything other than your primary residence for a five grand yeah well he goes from instead of if it's more than triple yeah it's more than 5000 Nia. So mean as significant as that is definitely an ass and that Saddam it's the did change the difference is so dramatic. Then it's really hard to believe that that's the way it works media as it is it's amazing it is amazing how they greatest home. As a primary residence the taxes be 16100. And then as a an investment property rental property their 5000 dollar an hour and. Crazy. Is crazy. A guy text question teeth I had my home appraised it was not happy with the price. I want and it at least 25000. Dollars before listing it what do you think. About Matt. Well my first question would be what exactly are you going to use it 25004. I mean I think that's probably the most important. Question while I understand a one happy with the way it appraised. On sometimes. 25000 dollars and is a bad idea sometimes it's a good idea depending on what you're doing you've had a similar situation. Recently. Yeah and and again and we always start with goals and objectives which are trying to accomplish but I think here JD they're thinking about selling their home. And I was like yeah I had a Fraser thinks about selling the idea probably recommended an appraisal. Which I would tune. And we can probably because it was a disagreement on what they should listed or make these what do sounds line the realtors says it 200 and they're saying in I. One realtors is two under another real justice to 21 in deactivate and say you get an a price zoning comes in 25000 short. Now the first come part of the commerce say she needs to remember. That that appraisal is based on the current date. Tank so an appraisal is a function of the data. Typically. Homes sold within the last six months up within a clutch similar homes in a close proximity. To the seventy proper correct so they knew it if the data is not they're not seen in neighborhoods JD I think I've discussed this with key where that the data in a neighborhood. It was dale Helm in 2017. Vs what it wasn't Teixeira sixteen yeah. So the subject property had it been appraised in 2016. Would have been appraised high here in 2017. But. Clearly there's an appreciation of approximately 5%. Marquis why right but in that particular locale. That that the data just did not reflect that on the subject property. And then when your pricing their property for sale there a couple of different ways. So if you are making adjustments to properties that are in close proximity but not similar. And then there's if you have to go. Let's say five or six miles away to find a similar to type property rights you might get better day did they reflects. The the pricing or the current fair market value of the subject property. So really what we're talking about patty's day it is yeah property worth what do you think it is. Very well could date. But just because an appraisal says that doesn't necessarily mean that that's it you know. That's a function of like you said whatever the data is at their current moment in time and and having the experience. And knowledge of the market place. To be able to handle last that appraisal. Is is unique vantage point 5000 message Thomas kitchens and bathrooms I mean as you know they eat is that what you say well what are what are really Sig again JD or go back to the data is the states to compare Robles right. What are the compare bowls they determine. But the value value is it's not. That that does that he's not intrinsic in the house from rank of the value is based on data of similar. So properties right in so what properties are selected are their compare balls that should have been knees that worries eased. That you have to look at the individual appraisal to determine if it if what you think it is get a price and Chris and we talk about appraisals of virtually. Every week right absolutely. Com here's a quick cut text when I filed for the 4% in Spartanburg county. They initially denied me because I was getting the reduction in Greenville county with my ex husband. All right so what that tells me is a green was Spartanburg S do tall OK they do net. I had to bring my divorce decree and settlement and my quick claim deed and then I was able to get the. 4% so what she's saying is you have to prove to the cam running. They achieved a default position is six if you want the primary residence freight prove you have to prove it prove any and they give and they require more documentation in the east. Yeah that's right and that's we appreciate that Texan has that talent tells you a little bit about me and the process and what would be involved with inning that changed their. Anyway armed I want to touch only got about two minutes here wanted to touch on the last piece of the annual mortgage check out is property values. And this is obviously something always everybody wants to know what their house is worth we just got done talking about the texture. That sent that information and one of the things that will be glad to do is we can pull compare bulls especially if your around. Yeah obviously it goes back to data like you said there are some neighbors we can provide a lot of data. There's others where we can provide here would we have to do our best maybe searched three to five miles to find. Compare both sales. On the wolf what do I know we have ABM that we can pull in different things. We are more than glad to provide that information and gave you eight. You know and educating DS as to what your house obviously we're not looking it. The details of your house in union of the fixtures and different things the world we're glad to provide you. What may be some of the other houses in your on in your specific here you're providing in some times. Some gusty for surprised at what their house may be worth they are in particular over the last three or four years right and really be. Surprised by how much the value of your home is win out in the lesser Jerry Angelo where you are young so. If he urged an an annual mortgage check up let's check out your mortgage insurance taxes you wanna know about your property value you can call me. 3314663. That's 331 honed his called JD account leaving mortgage. Or she me an email at ask JDS AS KJD. At county may mortgage dot com Keith great show I appreciate you job being here now to answer yeah absolutely should be. Good weekend look forward to everyone enjoying and some of nicer warmer weather that we're gonna have. Will be back next week on health plans we appreciate our listeners. Again I can't do catchers there in the weeks 331. 466 story the story 31 home. Or you can email me asking JD accounting may mortgage dot com.