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Ole welcome to house plans glad you could be with us today if a team in the house. With hat again is. Now that you brings in a row we're all here. What happens and the like and these are world record. Calendar slow down April and may are always a little crazy yes no doubt about it plot to move in part and you'll start to. Vacation. Occasions starting you already own the vacation trained yeah yeah we didn't. One out last week one out next week. So much busy yes everywhere rock and busy I heard one of the closers. On Tuesday saying is that the end of the month. Yeah because they were smoking pot is the and kind of surprised. You as you'll when you came in and put a yeah Giuliani bank has become a big player in the market well I still don't like that are on the hard foul and her yeah if you Hearst do inclined. You can vote for can only make mortgage Seoul where. Nominated destiny of state. Green on the loose in San like the Democrats say vote often yeah yeah. Yeah clearly and also on how to act. And just keep voting until somebody says are no way oh you've already voted of their time. Well as an independent arbiter of performance I would say that you guys are the best. Well I appreciate that thank you thank you and I we can get our listeners to go vote right now the best miss your pretty busy day it is I'm mad there's about four million categories surpassed it in yeah three days 3900000. Of them industry category really. And that's a lesser events and knock down drag out oh I'm sure they'll say they are some battle royal is going I'll say this any town halls was on the list and gamma and a back up. You're a category I was in the air a couple of weeks ago added three guises but that sell them the owner's son he was intent for feet I get. And I told him what Chris they had in the first time Prius swing and he said they specialize in saying yes it. If only it would cost ebitda yeah oh yeah so I'd tell them that usually only kiss it good and I have to steal land that did happen. Chase and game they do specialize in saying yes now it will show up yet. But yes it will be it is tremendous time. Well this change your image cash it may mean one demos and then Manhattan and on a last comment to people there I had hit my Elop. Ali good job. I'd say it was kids what's funny is peachy if you're not worried about it yet thank our you know and how worried about it till it comes to the table and then each. A we were in New York when Tammany happened like that it has been in extraordinary it's enjoyable have some of the and then announce on our had to give us another one and then when the jet came just in damages us and you don't want and a half. Don't worry about it. Well yeah my next door neighbor India fit for the restaurant after hall's king him so we went down here for his wife's birthday and kinda scared and the air is is a few months again. And they basically. Paid for everything and I it was eerie to you he said Alex you lead to they probably paid Ford for the night but the night before the numbers receipt yeah. Yeah yeah it was it was it was Aminu bring an area a bright I tray of desserts out and I thought it was you know hey this is what we have to offer here is that this was still this is where is it your haven't yet. Yeah subjectivity. Trails in those circles that not real. I Allison allows okay girls like Lambert. Now. We've been trying to build him up for seventeen years we have this all I despite the way I have great dessert I. As useless and adrenaline carve. Oh yeah let's not needed to keep it and I just cannot Irish is they weren't and when carbon as account values they ailments are you go James do entry via earlier but I got one trio anybody know why today suspension. It's my mom is birthday enough about daddy's mama are you. We'll tell you ask her show today if you start and again this that's they just got about just relating yeah age they just got back from. Fourteen or sixteen days in Italy. And they still can step out and about it how bad they just come out one life is good. That's ridiculous vegan is sticker shock for bills and they. Graham was well I don't know I have no I suppose explicit place I've ever. I'm sure hood yeah. Well we can't pay the Kenney bank of tea this week was excellent yeah it was an ugly out there that we had. We have Brad Thompson column last week and talk a little bit about what's going on around it just not on. Now Keith it was we'll talk about who it is it's Billie Dunn and ranked. Brad Thompson mr. Galloway at trying now Sadler and milestone attract those are those of the next five minutes found the best tan in so if you look in for a custom home and you look at for a nice place to have it checked out just how is it just up on just not behind this thing is dot com yeah 200 plus real about 200 realtors ST yeah owning only get him in great man. Very well laid out that 52 lots of thinking got some. Got inspects or if you look at it and he said. Billy said if you talk about memory of me she tellem houses that he has right you can move in this whenever I stay longer is acie was on an Allen center Ryan Ellis we're gonna head into our first. Break it today we promise to talk a little real estate we get back we'd love to hear from you make 66. For Forte who 7553. Are you can hit us on the text line 71307. Will be right back. Welcome back you listen in the house plans dating Chris from Cali main mortgage Keith Clark with the buyer's broker we are taking your phone calls. As the announcer mentioned date 664427553. ST toll free number this 866. For four to 7553. In the text line is open as well as seven wind Briere said and if you got a question or comment about buying selling anything to do in real estate we would love to hear from you today to shoot is a text. At seven point three or seven and we wolf they answered it for you and yeah a busy week Chris today we the applications talking to a lot of people. Lot of people out there looking move into the area it's amazing it's it's great conversation. Yet. Talking to people who were moving here degree like what brought you agree whole you know why agreeable. You know all that kind of stuff senate quit asking. As it's it's amazing. So well there it is it has been very very busy like a said you know lots and lots of purchases going home in is gene for us. And then of course. You know we did the realtor Armenia out just not time looking at some. New development arm number three or four years ago were on the radio comma there are no new developments and and now there's plenty going up everywhere both on the production side as well as the custom side now. Just not pond out awful Woodruff road as it is accustomed project. But you know some really nice lies it's a nice and quiet out they hear eve united that mr. close enough to everything. I expect Cal's I have found yet spec houses to teach from William saint alive. Spec houses at that price point at the al-Qaeda and grasping. The lowest one I saw was maybe if eighty and then they go up from the layer. Yeah which is and why are sailed just it was just six out there you know recently here and I thought yeah I thought it was pretty gallop through Billy's house. Tom when I was out there you know that was stolen that was complete. And I thought it was so thugs yeah get a house and did you get a chance just to chat with Scott Miller oh yeah absolutely and they're very excited about the project I think can be very successful out there and not. You know they built that product before I think oh what was it that looks at roper mountain I'm trying to you know type type. You know three bedroom two more four bedroom three bath type product in the I tell you it was a it was the finish you know is each thing we had like JD said about 17580. Realtors they're. And all of whom we're talking about fit and finish and sees fit and finish on missing and getting from the money what is my client in the beginning. And I'll you heard work he's an Oz about too much. Analysts yet lot of good stuff Felicia we get our first caller. Today to discuss the further love Julia Roberts from Spartan very well and are you. Morning guys how are you. Well on the real tour like total of I think for all we just like the surrogate if I was hoping to run this one by duke children's. What would you do what you recommendation just shoes. I air comes from out of town permanently the only Tyrone. Achieve. A particular for sixteen homes we've got one finally. We say they are. We do that I have an agreement done everything what other colleague of mine from got a Williams. And when it went fine to have got to chart how the doing the doing person Caleb what they are so close in on July this six. The house here it is in perfect condition. Came back with a report of an inspection with a little humidity and a couple minor cosmetic thanks. Now all he's not a one by about how old she got so desperate. She wants to walk off the Rangel. And beat the owners for the other house sold everything on the spot moved back to your into the house and coming at me and perhaps some trouble and I believe. You at the end I think RS SL play there's going to be some trouble in and you know obviously that the contract talks about he's he is specific performance. Under the contract this where you know have to get with this but do you have often times talk from the shoot Keith about the the buyers. Cold feet after. No report yet had a buyer's remorse after doing the contract in the courses is probably not going to be pretty. Just out of curiosity was there a large earnest money deposit. Thousand dollars and what price point house. 01 K okay. So Keith you've been off for quite a. Well I'm I'm I'm trying to decide. What to say we have given legal advice I yeah I mean we're not even challenge us for for us when we talk about contracts and the lawyers that are listening we'll say. He's practice at all yet I don't wanna do that the board recommends that we fill in the blanks with. Information and but of course you always start with the contract what it says and it does talk about. Liquidated damages. When when a tight when this type the situation occurs. It gives you the the opportunity to put the house on the market without pay release and the hand bank. And and of course typically what happens when the buyer changes their manned. Now often referred to in historically has buyer's remorse that really that's not what it is how would not refer to it is buyer's remorse. When it when I'm by air. Does not. Have that term. To be familiar with the market they have a confidence in their decision. Then day second guess themselves they don't feel confident in the amount of information they have. Rather than just being remorseful about that specific property because chances are. If the buyers of fully informed about market conditions. The entire market. Quality of life. I would come back to the same house price just yet they that you don't have confidence in that decision. Instead they humidity. Now I'm not speaking about specifics because I don't know but in my world I would call that array of hearing yeah yeah so it's not really about the humidity and is not really more about it's a lack of confidence in the news agency has your back saying and it's a large decisions so I had a client one time it came to him. One of my house in three days and now if it's a corporate lateral move I can do that picture but if it's someone it's changing lifestyle or hasn't done it five times before. Become to the market they wanted to buy a house announces that you need to go back home and sleep on this front network back next week rises in the end right. The cut just because there because you do not want. That that client to pull the trigger sooner than they're ready to pull betrayal one of the easier things I mean if there isn't if there is a good thing is is of course the market is is pretty hot a resell it and Tony for our good to have backup box change. Well that that's effectively monitor and bring to sit desktop market. If that believe it's plated with it and politicking she used to live here 1520 years ago since those are commonly in the area very close to work the house was picked up. Right the brother came alone and then got to leave the house and a vital part to go for it. Now that the humidity it's not major incentive to three point different from the stand that do you know high sales. A little ventilation. Fan or whatever it needs to be done. And intense couple committed things on the wall that's the major test samples and. We had very minor yeah very very minor but you know typically in that situation typically. The buyer will release that the earnest money and seller will put that house back on the market and fortunately. That is the typical solution the alternative of course. Is it is a concept called specific performance Wear them. Where the seller. Tries to make the buyer preformed. Now that concept typically you would I have never seen it. Pursuit. Yet typically it's served loss in the earnest money sent a release and put it back on the market. You can't it's very difficult to force someone to buy a house they want about. Right yeah well and of course you know what we see on our side and we we have experienced this two on the lender side. Is is oftentimes inside the contract there's a financing provision and the borrower won't rule but we have had this half pressure twice. But you do this sort of interrupt the beautiful places that can see by cutting their house and we weren't doing it back to back. Contract. Do you think he. Yes says it is so it didn't have been an ASEAN hesitancy to that that when I was gonna say is if there is a finance and we have seen people try to get turned down. Yes to go by car just so that they would be declined. You know because like you said keep it there is financing is very difficult so. In your situation is going to be huge sting to see how. It all works out because you know the buyer may be re just willing to walk away from thousand dollars to get out the cellar. Is is. I was I was got more damages or ad in this case Arnold said that they argue that most of the time the buyer would have. Course of our has inspections. Appraisals are your other ancillary expenses that. But in this case where this seller has moved out of the house mom and and made that decision based on. The fact that that. He was confident it was gonna close sure but it certainly has some expenses that they will and. And I are worse than they may be too close on their new house they may do need to sell its. Fortunately it and if this. It's not the case that's what the second home be honest I go back to us. Not as bad as it could is a good to me. Except to tell us what you're gonna that's how you gonna handle. Robert what are you gonna end it. I wanna I don't know that's life that's it. Go over there the contract. Or. Think it over in obstacle for what more they. They think connection between the two parties have them byers was sixty strong because. That lady from my side the buyer. You know talk to them embrace them think is somebody does something else is just beautiful bubbled up policy until they play there everything. Just all held Texas. Hey I hate to South. Carolina. I really Ayers and found this out it's awful and yeah yeah dramatically 1240. Yeah we've seen now my guys have seen because rally other English at all yeah well she's sorry I can tell us out the outcome I would love to hear the outcome of your diplomatic skills managed that navigate the process right we want an innocent give us a shot back after it's all settled. I think it's okay thank you Robert great great calling comment you know. We have seen that coming we'd been going down the road before especially on a refi and somebody will get cold for yen a day they just disappear a minute why is like they're aliens. Well. Just like you did it number's been disconnect how I checked herself everything in the and a week. I'll tea a day is something this happened three times in the last two weeks it they kind of falls under this. Umbrella a little bit is a lot of buyers you know an end. Typically now we're having conversations and people wanna get pre call by nail on we gotta worry we had to get out there houses or farms near and we can't or won't bubble. Right and then when they finally start negotiating and they get the end. Start to become get close and then you know contrary is written they are ready to get their appraiser healthier tomorrow. Because they are convinced the house is not gonna praise. And I have I bet I've got three buyers rang me on the just one under contract in their life how quick can we get that appraisal back. Because they are 110%. Convinced is not gonna praise him just based on how hot the market is your kind of thing and and is Siri dios only one of two things A is is the old remorse that we're talking about it if it doesn't appraise were at Morgan had a steel or be. They're looking and is now for Cheney made a dive for a little bit list and it stems from what you talk about all the time. You know win win this type of market buyers are real thing siege and when they can't get a house or they miss out on a few passes couple bury him you don't will taking any outside yeah we'll say he I am tired a little monitor. And senator Sheehan there's a lot of talented yeah. Absolutely with a situation that Brower column about could have been so much worsening you move a couple of those variables around. You know one there's financing unit to the buyer when it's let's say when the second home but they had already moved out and they got to sell list about that. I got me more for you what if they had an interim occupancy agreement. And I'm gone to the house say we're gonna clay. And they can be well today I had a good friend of mine so on a house over only sad. Over there and they were under contract. And it put a contract on another house and then there the house they were selling fell through because of them moisture reading. Underneath the house and it was just. And you guys may remember that huge rainstorm that we had a month or two ago Atlantic three or four is to Brian next and they went in there and it was a small tunnel underneath the house you know and in he would never had any issues. And and actually it agreed to do whatever was necessary to fix the problem right and the boom buyer of the house and and I just the issue putter for you know would not clinch it on my eye candy after I can't sleep at night knowing there's a violent and very inept Alli is one of those deals in hand so. Lot of that going on me. It is we eat when the buyer feels the pressure yet to pull the trigger yet. EUP I talk about it dolphin about patience and you know when I say if I can't talk yet abandoned house probably the right house sure that's part of all that scenario again excited Holloman and that we woman knows they were in the right how's that to your high price on the right terms. Chair before we pulled the tree right not right now you're exactly right. Laissez doesn't get segment we appreciate Robert colony integration area loved talking about down. Different things like debt they've come up the we'd love to hear from you if you got a question or comment the phone lines are open. 86604. To 7553. That Textron is open as well as seven point 307. You're listening to you house plans JD Chris from Kelly baying mortgage. Keith Clark is here with the buyer's broker when we come back we got some numbers we're gonna talk about. Greenville and Charleston the market has remained high and we will share some information. On health plans we come back right after this. Welcome back elicited a house plans Jane Chris Kelly main mortgage Keith Clark. Buyer's broker. Owns the here. 28 years wisdom and experience that all wrapped into one package stride and we got out today another caller on the wants to list jumper over TJ sending very Mon morning Jason. Jason and Jason are you there. I got tired holdings are about give a chilling testimony to back out his guys. Yeah if I'm out. Yeah announced that Italian about it but we do have we do have some numbers but before we go to the numbers I wanted to talk a little bit about. An opportunity he's had in the van he went to this week where. Mayor Knox wife was there. And not talking about what city had done things that we're going home and keep there were couple low bullet points that the U came across. That we're very Pope we got Jason back home once it was gonna be Jason hey Jason what can we do for either day. This. Started to say about off what happened when he Helen. We found out how do we lose the real addresses and seventeen acre farm house horse barn everything we need it's true what got a small or so sure we wanted to ask where the small farm. We. And so what they've got their candidate he was that it sounded chapters. And (%expletive) offer. This year when he can and cannot make sweet day we come in trying to contract. So much so they knew they verbally acceptance. Well improbable. Through email and you don't look real estate lady she told me she says now this all holed up in court but it. We have a contract because you know it's an email and data content and also in my house. She says or go ahead and where mr. Peltz outlet yeah Sherri looked Osama papers. Which my council Wednesday. Solid on the Saturday. So I want it to the property that we offer our own and I get out kept Madras. And I woke up blood and asking if he's the owner and he says oh I am an artist Rory yesterday. Phil how you love them and our program he shot this went straight to gather Alfredsson pulled it from the city went around the real estate company. That he had enlisted live and so restraint yeah and now we got to be out 28 of our house and we're almost. Yes that is I hardly any bricks. OK so just to make sure I understand the the guy in between the time that you got the email saying you know take your offer. Somebody ball the property for cash. Yes and white out let go we are. But volatile for cash. Any had it listed with a real estate agent and they went around the agent when they did it with us can be funding Gordon yeah yeah the the broker will proceed that. Yeah the broker that an amnesty that will help you Jason Day who. So much alive far outside the Nokia they're 6% that would exist now we can't coming we've been. Every one else more British study looking toward Kabul when taken. A little bit. Analytic aria but you're looking for a house this nice and readily yen. Yeah yeah what area are you looking man. That would have taken that we're really that we emphasize this going to nor great what this year would like to be out traveler Israel snort training role definition they can steal somewhere that but I. It's just there's I mean we've been in and Hogan you man. Yeah I'm sure you have been of course a lot of times keys those mini farm type properties like he's talking about. We'll have that for sale by owner out front they might not necessarily be an end and they MLS and sometimes they are a little hard to find but if you ever issued JD an email with your contact information. Yeah this geely a real estate agent a year worker was now. Yes delighted they actually. That we. Where it and that the house chief minister out there and show respect outs and we really lighter so we've says you know we bowed as well from these would you be interested SL and hours and she yes. She sold hours there just wasn't able to sell me. Other woman in her bedroom. Yeah yeah well I've got a couple things that would K did you Jason net you know what sometimes it client will miss a house in a market like this in your your case is. Different circumstance but when you go into the process. You can have to do to look at it like that purchase certain did you a favor. By not to. By you not being able to buy that house since the only way you'll be able to get back in the game. With the right into can't just. I understand that it'll all work out and in my career have I don't think have ever. Missed that elsewhere mark Klein didn't find a house it was more suitable or better for them and their family. So you're gonna SM try to take that attitude secondly. Of course as you know the nick next time you'll want to go hitting get the document it and immediately. But Kyle is one of the things that what when you mentioned that email the meeting we call that a meeting of the man's and an email it's not an enforceable. And any courts have ruled that does electronic. Communications did are banding in some circumstances but not in in the real state where we call that the stack of frauds. Where unless it's in writing in both parties handedness in the right form and there's consideration and is not an enforceable contract. And in today's world with electronic documents you can do and about and our share you know what I mean yeah that you can start I anywhere I'm here ads quite easy today. And of course I'm my guess is these. Duration understands that mature. Enough. Did she does and she warned us let you know we missed this. Took the guy on his word and he just has yet to step domain but I cannot. Yet little. The good thing is we cannot pass and a bit more so we lowered it three days and had three helpers over at. Allergy now did you treat those purchasers the same way you wanted to be traded when you when you boxer. Oh most definitely. Was not. I'm working now I gotta go home essentially Contra sabathia in the big leagues and lose it can be up wrong. On your transactions yeah I can there were Jason there were two broken hearted people right he had three people there woman in only one album security yeah him by the way just for the record Baghdad buyer's remorse because. When you get a multiple offer situation like that there's really no winner so the buyer they paid too much right after they get the contract sure and they look at it as I write a bush didn't a couple of putts. What are we think that always naked Indian seller does is attempts to seller struggles with it today because there may be someone that and you might have a little bit of a personal interest in that you won't to have the house and maybe in your you have to make a financial decision sets difficult situation in that in the current market. Absolutely will listen Jason we wish you the best of luck and thanks for Colin and sharing your story. All right have a good one. I'd take Keith that's a mess that he is and you why it is. Those are two great calls and those are and are well circumstances where. What we would call below the water line you natural things that you don't think about see or hear about or have the opportunity to disguise. And the complexity of the real state market him lap. We always say you need to tame a profession yeah I was glad to hear Jason had an agent on his side because he'll certainly need that help to work his way through it. Yeah you know Keith before we got about a two minutes before we get a break here or wanted to hit only Knox white. Conversation now list let's remind everybody and he needed a couple of times it was talking primarily. Or are all about the seed. He wasn't commenting really about counting as much as he was talking about the city. And one of the things you were telling us about it and I didn't know this is that two or three times is that a month hip two or three times a month. There are delegations of 25 to fifty people. Coming from other cities around the country around the country to look at what green most done and how they've been able to do what they do. I found it fascinating in and I think what you say it is the chamber of commerce is handling those folks that want to come look right. Well the mayor as you know him most of you probably know the mayor's I think he's been mayor nineteen years now Austin there's been a long time he's a local came from a local families a lawyer. For. Sink or Boyd I think up. Com and we'll talk more batter when we come back from the break but two he was amazing to learn that two or three delegations a month come to the gringo handed they've outsourced it to the chamber of commerce because it became such a burden to manage that whole process. He had a couple of other things. Green bulls one of the I think the third fastest growing city and probably the number one fastest growing city of its size. And then of course the private and public partnership we'll talk a little bit about that we get back. We're gonna head into our last break of the day we do invite you to shooters a text at seven wine. 307971307. Or you can get on line with us at 866. For four to 7553. We've had some great cause they win by cheating teachers AM. Will be right back after this. It. Welcome back. You listen now house plans JD Chris Kelly may mortgage Keith -- a buyer's broker and I'm just glad they do not record here in and always have an opinion on we're we have our own opinions marketing guide we got to a caller on the line but a warning that protects line refer him quick refers to get a question about. Can you listened to word in Charlotte and the answer is yes you can stream in on your phone. We've done that before and then I if you have any access to the Internet you can you can join the millions of people lessons are out there it is extremely and there is we have our size and growth but yes he does he did I hear I got the word web site and just do the right to get on your screen right there have an app and then the next question is can a column Monday and ask about converting he locked into a fixed rate knee injury yes yes a student they called they called JD JD and Ellsbury three Warren total were 66333. Ease my way. Or they leave millions task today or yesterday climbing mortgage icon absolutely Melissa we. You have another caller line must hop over to Robert in Greenville memorial router. There aren't hey how are you Robert what's happened. How how are based out of our we. There are. There any magical first check this topic sure you just stick a stake little jet to your standard your leg and now my hand it's. Org or something about why. I don't know about why. Personal problems maybe there are Egyptian did well. Our entry well actually should be agreeable. Or is that they're actually it's two bickering little Archie going well and yeah. I'll stand by right. Want style also say it would which shut out there that ran toward Beijing Olympic emerged this missed an. Open. People wondering well. Yeah. Sure texts personify the story you're following on reading free market their social there's. I'll let you urged presentation. It cursing the yeah what are you go to militia isn't flat near. Also corners of Richard Lugar bill instead that OJ shutout to look at it can't work out all. Look at yeah I want you are there actually a property right well it is let's let this. I play the CD store cheer. Here. So they aren't so I think that the senate let's start this year. So what you're saying Robert is it starts in the corners and works Leanne and I started to my. Park in new Lal is that what you tried. Yeah and I'm happy I went outside and still have a wheelchair or else it as city river yeah however it is. What we're doing a search by Auburn. Trying to go after her wheelchair and take Jeddah and almost oh and what was it about sixty. And how it stopped. Hot as ever and I at this each sports right here. Starts at I somebody ears let you guys that you don't support your percent. There's the let the whole weight of the Packers got a look at Purdue at the presentation. Well I certainly appreciate your colony comment Robert your loyal listener we appreciate your guitar hooks are Sox starter in our you to knocks probably heard that one thing we should sag Graeme has a long history. Progressive. Its vision of what the city should be either really dates back to Max Heller we should not. Not talk about Max teller when you talk about what Rangel has what has happening Greenville over the last thirty years and now win now Max Heller made a deal. To the entire region scene there your. That was the beginning of the revitalization. Of downtown and that would have been occurred in you know. If you if you wanna know about wondering where you Google Max Heller and read it read his story. He and treaty story about their immigration from Austria into the US and his call he did for did see grain. Yeah probably a great a great story there and of course. I don't wanna miss the comment about he law armed you know one of the things that we've heard a lot lately is about race corner rates going up the Fayette increased rates in this this week. I do wanna remind all of our listeners that that. You know while in the US the Fred is tightening monetary policy right now in the rest of the world. It is still very very loose. There's still plenty of activity inside. The treasury bonds which are keeping long term rates slow. And JD we've got some of the lowest rates we've had in Tennessee LA here since the election. And so do there are plenty of refile opportunities out there and of course if you want justice to look at your reef opportunity our unity send an email and ask. JD and county bank mortgage dot com. Or give us a call at 331 home because I think a lot of people think rates are to hop but they're really not higher not lower now. Then they were at Chris. Well quoted a Turkish yesterday thirty year fixed purchased three point 62 fine you've. That's not right yes it is an issue I couldn't believe as adamant on her by phone work. Anomaly I Susan Rice an area there's a lot of opportunities out there right here alien McKie were especially for those gas and bought a house. Three to five years ago. Who are in an FHA lion in pain mostly PM. Com or or conventional energy in Canada in. Those guys seemed there were at least take up the phone and Collison because they're rate may be the same but we may be able to get rid of that he amassed warrior and a lot of times we can do that with little nook. Yeah of course if you've got a big FHA at 200000. 88 yen makes us all that my as a 175. Dollars a mine and and and they wanna play a doorway Deanna and every sideline you're in laws and never leave that. And I can't. Today is Thursday after all around but. You know we do need to go over the numbers that Keith that the main numbers came the end. And we do and who don't we get about five minutes lifter eight is letting out it was by in the month and he has good. So that I talked about let's talk about lowering involved in their life that you later in line unit in 'cause were busier busy talk about. Green bowl first lingering Malia 12137. Sales. A year to do month to date vs. 1232 which is just tiny tiny tiny increase. But pretty much what you expected Keith we're right on the bright on the money in your day here today is a really good number 4927. Over 48 clearly if there's extra five transactions as Clinton fell 2.2 percent so yeah slam or else 2.2 year today. So it does Phil hi in the market. You know one of the amazing numbers and and we don't talk about this whole lot but I find this number to be truly amazing these days on market the end that 59. It would be historical was assessed. I was sixty. Yeah and in just to put in perspective. That's 15%. Less than it was last year last year was seventy days and coming you know fit 59 days is. And that's in aggregate are yeah that's right macro and before the downturn would have been nine me. And Durkin during the downturn would have been about 12213. Yeah and am back to him to less than sixty. And then of course you know one of the things that we hear about heard about it a couple of times on the show today as multiple offers price pressure. Going up and so I found this number to be fairly healthy does not not. You know I'm not really that concerned about it is the median price 182. Over last year when 73 so four point 7% increase year to date. What do you think about it. Well I think that's what mostly for the year it'll be in that five to 6% range could be cooling off a little bit you know as we get down the stretch here probably sign. Level of activity is last year and and we should see I think last year most people would say six or 7%. And it's probably going to be a little bit handled it last time this year in four point eight months of I inventory 4060 Tina and a number of houses for sale I had that some of it is lonely Justine tell us what it's only four point one last year sick after a little better about it it is that is yeah. That's from the guy here six browsers like about it if you beat do the 12100. Am sick she would really neat about 7000 listings to me and that equilibrium here it seems like a lot of houses. I was not minute single does and you look at all the construction. One moment although a development going on in you wonder so are the ever gonna catch up and of course they wield. I mean you know she shipment that's. They're wide open container and they aren't they are real the builders and but I do like the fact that the the price pressure is not crazy now obviously bets on the aggregate. Not in particular areas that sound better side for it there are some neighborhoods where you've seen just crazy crazy stuff and you know I'm sure we have all of his listeners that are going well listen I've had my house on the market for 72 days and nothing happened. It is you know when he gets down its quality condition and location and I sold in one when that I don't market and sell it. One day as it they have so hello this alien device called huge huge urge is asking are good people the curse the curse from a line call me when it signs of rust picking them up price pressure Charleston. It's ugly and male blessings from me today yeah well 18100 in. And then here today to get 7300 sells over 67 under which is an 8% increase. You know that that is crazy. And then of course JD inventory was it William lines in 3.4 months it's about they own 22 usually see in 3.4 you think best to show it's ridiculous there's like eight houses for sale. There was etc. as you know a segment in this Charleston is you Daon tea on your west Ashley your Mount Pleasant and James Alan your Somerville whatever. You mean this is really almost like five or six different markets is one. Yeah yes an eerie very large and Olivia that I noticed about by the way this week's overtook. Mount Pleasant as a faster growing city because Mount Pleasant. Was in one of the fastest growing cities in America just a few and I know why he's going to keep his 'cause they got water on one side thinking go to place. I thought of the Fatah and translate they are heading towards Georgetown this is heart is aching gap but one of the things I noticed when I looked at the Charleston. Is that I think their market has grown. Larger faster than us we at least you're out two thirds of what they do and now it's. I think about 60% of what they do they're just wide open in the international market they are only those that. As far as are they are on Iran that is right listen we appreciate all our listeners happy Father's Day to everyone and we appreciate you being with us enough. And though we do and bite you if you dig your collar comment you know they have a question. You can always hit us up to ask JD add county bank mortgage dot com and genetically line yeah that's right she JD any mail he'll be happy to totti. Or if you wanna talk to us alive begin always tennis at 331 home that's 331 and 4663. We'd love to talk to you and do not forget about the reef as if you're paying more born a quarter. Please give us this out especially if you got any Emma and the Father's Day against.