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Oh. Welcome to house plans glad journalists and today. Here to take your questions golf comments about buying selling. Anything to do through a statement last three weeks with a tie on the colors and textures. And is this week if they into letting it record between this again I thought bloody half I think I show already halfway down we just played it. Yeah let's we don't need some calls and comments today. It always works out best when it goes that way than to keep it does he says from the multitasking. Stop jihadist is dressed for success dry show it. We show when some early early this morning your property dollar Taylor has. It's your salaries get to information restaurant now and that lowering your knob and a half of this you know they don't work and always barn myrtle today that's sparkle city yeah. Yeah we'll see what downtown revitalization. Have been yeah you know I was in I was search Spartanburg last week you know he's taken a client. From major going to Megan or they're and it showed the best kids as they're. Absolutely I did so. I get off when I come from Graeme elect again don't fit to aren't there Roger Miller sent it down tea yeah I come through downtown jumped out when show on the vacant. Yeah usually don't have lines there but I should Lafayette Indiana tellem to all for the new had to order the bacon yeah. How to get thrown out at the big show how. He's very even show when it was allegedly written yet again loaded and ready. BS pulls trigger best actor but anyway you know. That border Israel purses not quite as large as gringo but come I'll be working have been would fit in religion at Atlanta Bo Ryan and end for our listeners that separates him we talk. Talk about the numbers and we I think we did last week you know and made about 14100 sales in the Greenville MLS that is agreeable. And it ages the little leaner and owned owned both sides Anderson in green will buy it. You know spark Spartanburg Anderson have their own you know that's where is if you drop down for the world country. I think all three counties. Charleston. Where are they Berkeley is fine and this five Brian. I think I'm three at least maybe five but all of those it's a much bigger area that's in that MLS down there and I think. The conversation was if we add it all those three together that either right and in the course of Tony has its own team right. I think is Dorchester Charleston embark heartburn lately. It's all adults only part of is it too far north maybe a little bit endorsement. Not Georgia alias mint but is it if if we added that the Korea here. Together he would probably be about the same size might think you would be a little bit larger in terms of activity yacht G at geography. Right writes quite as large. Geographic. Yep but I think we would do more transaction yeah I agree I agree with that and of course Spartanburg has its own MLS and I think we were talking about key if you sit about a third. Of the at a Saturday we have them but also a very healthy market like like JD is in the process of re about lies and they're damn thing Anderson. And an Anderson is part of our market to share. That Anderson is a verse in some ways of the Greenville market then there's this hello this is Spartanburg county. Eyes it is it common for you know when you get out appeared to hit now Woodruff maybe towards a willow creek Syrian thing about united and are you in Spartanburg canny. Our most determined there's Jose meeting Greer here you were in the net and they typically listed in both fail MLS as AM. Innocent and in so. Up until recently you can access the Spartanburg M email us on a search from the gringo MLS. But I think they terminated that fab remember correctly males is assailant both. I'm asked this question yeah I cement dust and ten Paul Percy works in that and now I'm in a neighborhood called Beacon Hill this really right between. The Greenville and Spartanburg and all his listings or in both MLS is and he does record the sale. In both he's in Germany right now so they work from there they're doing now a river Cruz and there are working from the bank hey guess I hope that they on this. You got the Internet you need is pretty remarkable early in January and yeah. Well listen if you got a question about buying selling anything to do the real estate to gives a shout this morning and 86644. Team. 7553. And then of course if you morning tennis up on the text wind we get to 71 in 307713. Is seventh. Love to hear your questions about buying selling anything to do is real estate. We got Chris in JD here from county bank mortgaging Keith Clark. From the buyer's broker. We got we got some numbers would get all the numbers last week so we got some numbers remain talk about in both markets the upstate and the low country. And of course I had a couple of things written down JD I talk to two folks this week that said listen just as Kahne Matt and his Kenny I don't qualify. McCain by it's a waste of my and I said here's we're going to dig just track. Just just call. Had to free consultation yes let's take a peek. And guess what happened both of whom got qualified and there now and look and both of homework qualified at that though 170 for one album. And 150 for the other and they were most like you gotta be kidding me yes it now. You gotta be comfy but we talk about that we get back welcome the help senior right after the break. That's right you listen house plans Jay being Chris from Carrie Mae mortgage. Keith Clark with the buyer's broker we're taking your text and phone calls today if you got a question or comment give a soaring at 866. 4427. Deep fat 53. ST toll free number and of course detects line is open as well as seven went to Rio seven. Feel free to shoot just a question or comment at the text line 7130 seven's number and we will be glad to you as your question discuss a topic that you bring up. And idea a lot of things going Roland Garros and at the com. Lot of pre qualified buyers are out there and it amid talk into and the market is still remains Sheila fairly high it through the summer months which we expected of course and and mean and Keith you're busy day and a lot of people move into Greenville in my gray yen migrating to certain what's unusual death. Lot of like good things happening for sure and you know his season be a variety of buyers is well. I think as we've talked about before a good mix you know the empty masters to baby boomers get the young first time homebuyers. Yeah Chris was talking during the break about a first time home buyer that. He spoke to this week in just got a lot of things going on so I guess and. And for the first time home are there and really need to do in the game and do it quickly you see that kept the market is working against the you know one thing that's consistent Heath over the years is this question should I wait. PM and I mean we we've been on my player 1415 years. And I can tell you that is a common consistent questions should I wait. And you know of course it it depends on your goals and objectives and how long you're going to be in the property and things of that nature but it seems like. Every time we we addressed that question when it comes to buying. It's by now. Well there was own with with one exception right during when we were in the downturn their right times we would tell people. A whole what you got bud on the sale sat right in on the bass said may you never you remember when you're never danced kissed the bottom unilaterally we talk about that in. I guess that would have been out now and 2000 doing you know the bottoms is he's yeah yeah oh well no idea if it's and it was back there you have an in intern in June of 2011. In saint during that period of time we gave a lot of good advice week but that's really though only time. That when market conditions are when you don't let our downward slope trying. Yep and we were not sure where the bottom was. You know that's when you have to be concerned and of course we always have said look at KP PP your buying into. Brain you neighborhood it's gonna have 300 houses are only eight in there you need to think about what you're getting into because if it turns in the middle of that. But I that was the question I had this week in the course right now what is the concern. The concern is a limited inventory and not a lot chief from prices you know go when I think probably. Eight to 10% every last three or four years and you're today median prices up another 10%. Which is a little concerning and of course JD you've started to see the rates go up says. That affordability. Is moving in the wrong direction because it's got all that working against you but. I also had this question three times this week JD hey you know what what is a thirty year fade it. Yeah there's a lot of people want to know hey endless array was ray was the rate and yeah I think that that the word is out people now in on the street of realizing rates have gone up. On your words very common eloquent. Or five point something and especially when you talk about cash are refinances and her memory be a little bit lower credit scores. On the chip thirty year fixed I can still remember June of 2003. And the reason it got married a month in the anyway you're in the middle of the biggest refi boom yep of all time missing like. And our member rate thirty year fixed rate for four point seven fast four point 87 and I mean there was pandemonium in streets fact everybody and I don't get it is you could enemies now is the best right I've ever seen and never got their lower yes you know that kind of thing. And yeah I'll never forget that in we're lower than that right now typically you know so. Bombed innocent resolve perspective you know when you look at in in in the rates are still very gained. Maybe not where they were a year two years three years ago that your but they're still really good in the Indian there's again is still a good time that because I don't think we've hit the single and he's gonna is gonna get. In Iran as if things are gonna normalize we're gonna go back there too. When we look at the hundred year graph. You're gonna see this is the people and people don't go away and your career started to honey car added that it. Thank you. Along the hostilities first day at the end of the office of we knew they wanted and when you got your real estate license for over thirty year rates. 8888. Half's. Yeah and may be now and we. We had we work for somebody else they were eight and a half yeah AA NASA and ended quite frankly since that time since the day we started to have enough and they go down and don't mind. And it says it's scary again it's been a very long. Downward cycle and so some of the top covered on the streets as well we're gonna have the same linked. Of an up cycle and and and my prediction is no. Because I think you'll have some type of economic event that will force the fated changed chain as they flat in the curve and as in and god forbid we do have a recession but is gonna happen because it's gonna happen. You know I heard somewhere this week people were talking about 5%. GDP is that. Wouldn't it be that be insane man yeah man that but I think some economists are predicting. That would be interesting. And of course now if you get that that could certainly have a impact on inflation which could certainly drive rates and in historically inflation works for real estate is good for. For real people who own release day any day good for mortgages and that's good for people about real estate with you catch snapped at which does mean JD now okay you keep your cash. The average guy that Iowa senate by US CD and eighteen and put him to get your mortgage it toil yes I thought I know that's what will be certainly happen yeah well you know it's a big old cycle keep this going to happen. Well listen if you got a question about buying selling anything to do their mistake it was to show this morning 86644. To 7553. And then of course on the text line 71 and 30797. 1307. We'd love to hear from me this morning which any house talking to you about a couple of questions that I got we talked about it before I went to the first break. You know to end in it was two photos that I ran into one a first time home buyer. And the other one gonna be a second time home buyer in the first come out a both of homestead. I just can't get there and as the markets too tight and that is that credit is to horror. And I just don't think that I'll qualify. And in both cases I civil listen here's what you need to be easy need to attract just just give us call list to a customized more solution let us let us look at it. And and the funny thing about it was there was no repeat key bone either one album they were both very straight forward Chris unique how much money do you have all that's when he. And and they were both pre approved and ready to look if they choose to do that. I think first time home buyers of these theories like go into the Dennis unity and not you know they in this scared you know got a lot of debate I don't know how I got cavities or not and I sure I'll know and and lost in the west have piceance. This is not going to be finalist just put it off another. Well you know one album was a no I have the credit but I'm not sure if I have enough money to put the item and then of course. You know I thought that would be a good thing for us talk about because. You know in today's world. He got lots options USDA a 100% via a 100%. You know FHA three and a half percent down but he key NBA DF yeah. And and conventional 3% down the and it can be DF says. You know you you don't have to have any money you gotta have a relative or friend or somebody this don't give you money to get into the game. If you make NASA and less than 40000 or so yet. Namely if one or two you may be able to get some free money so yeah hopefully we partake in in the accounting Medicare's program which provides down payment assistance. To folks that that are less than 80% of them had median income. And it's what is it JD afford when Matt say yeah could you put 1000 Ian. And and we give you fourth yet instead you wound up with 5000 dollars in free money you don't even have to pay back. And then of course if you have a family of four that number Gaza to somewhere in the fifties. Does ask Craig FTS alias fourth or use up of up to around 50000 household income. So yeah is 1250 if you put 1250 and we'll keep you fast says yeah it gives you EG the south Dallas and then the second person that I talked to you. Was all about credit credit credit and credit. And those are my favorite calls because they'll tell you that it's horrible it's not her idea that I is just is banned. And and of course when they're free and that makes it really hard to have that conversation -- credit you don't score with. 7-Eleven. Not that bad a lie you're in it to win it you unqualified to find a house now that part B series. But I think but go find a half yet at least you started yeah and so. What I would tell people is is JD made a great analogy it is like going to the dentist it is like looking for cavities you don't have to have day trek yeah but you know we promise we'll non media before we felt we. About the past about it up when I talk about this here and there is a path to buy for everyone and diabetes at earlier you start the better off and a decent and in this never matter via it's always a matter we end I know we have and continue back now we do have a text question because this is made up teed up on to a did you drive around not just one. In the mill fairway here so is there a timeframe on restructuring a VA learned. From my billing Greer. And this is perfect yeah now armed I think what he's referring to you is is refinancing if you have the current VA learning you want to refinance. The key is once you close Olivier lineup got one right now exactly like this. It has to see is and you wrote it's a new rule you've got to have seven months from the date. Or six full payments that you may eating you cannot repay those payments. So is seeing greater of seven months or when you make your sixth payment. Yep and there's also language in the role about 210 days from the Rea no payment date. And it's I take away this about it's about folks that there are some companies out there that were making. Loans to veterans because they're they're reach father Earl loan as we refer to it entered just lower in the rate not take any money out. It's fairly easy right no appraisal. No income you know you just he's gonna if Europe today thing you can do it and says there were there were companies out there making veterans. Loans that 5%. Only to come back to ninety days later and they have about one half. And then ninety days after that how about but just you Chernin. And and of course that's bad because it beats that you're sure it doesn't require the veteran of bringing money to the table. But it is eaten up that equity. 567000. Dollars were thieves hi I'm originally planned and diesel land and so nine I don't. They'd come out with a rule this is you can do room. Ginnie Mae just won't buy and sell that mainstream do. 'cause I come back into you get the money yourself and tell yourself Jerry curry thirty years if you won't we're not confident. And set a budget usage you got one in the hopper now yeah absolutely got a guy who. Actually use another company. Close alignment he would actually new and used him trying to accomplish she was. There's no closing cost type option write a higher rate kind and he was rating Gainey has been about three or four months and and so I in the US and well again about sixty to ninety days for sure to get started. But putting on the calendar to follow up that's a U bill Grier. If you have a question about your specific situation you can now and always email me at ask JD this ASK JD at county may mortgage dot com. We love the VA loans at county bank absent and our view is one to pick up the phone and reach me on during the week at 331. Home. That's 3314663. Would love to look at your situation is CNA listen with the VA loan when one good thing about it VA when we don't talk about. You can actually borrow your equity up to a 100% of the value yes and down for those people carrying his troublesome credit cards or maybe you wanna do some renovations all right house. On any of those kind of regions and allow you to take cash out of to a 100%. Ons which is which is fantastic we over and above last. And out now if you don't do that you are have have an appraisal of your castle credit qualify you're gonna have to do that but if you want access to cash in your veteran. Then you can certainly get that cash and one of the other things we talked about a couple weeks ago that so many people miss. Is you can't use your VA provides number. Yeah Agee and that's exactly and you won't get a 100% to two Britain get Purdy Dag on clay and seeing the formula right stuff I ask. I don't it's a backwards it's a backward formula where you just take your entitlement and you can figure out how much down payment you have to make. To get in that box but I have seen people by a million dollar house very little ill with the eight not eight to 10% down. And the VA will guarantee the rest of it and here's to get me JD you get the a race. Yeah which I do you know out of their game face amid the worst he now says solid rate anyway let's put our heads are bottom of the hour breaker listen the house plans christened JD from Toni Mae mortgage Keith Clark with the buyer's broker. If you got a question or comment give us a ring and 86644. To 7553. Tech sign is that until you're 71307. I. Welcome back illicit and house plans JD Chris from Kenny being mortgage Keith Clark with the buyer's broker. Taking your texts and phone calls today second half of the show 866 or 42. 7553. Is a phone number 713 or seven. Is it takes number and you know Chris I got the thinking about bailing career. And up how about the VA talking about the VA one of the things that I think a lot of our veterans may or may not know. Is if you have keeping classified with a disability. Yeah on the funding three which can be fairly expensive in some situations on the VA lion. Is way Eads says you can get a 100% financing no Lou funding fee whatsoever asset to. And people might say what the world is a funding fee Willis like mortgage insurance RIE eight charges is the only loaning can be anywhere from 3.3 percent. Down 011 and a half for a half honoree five but they basically take that money imploded in the Katie. To cover yeah losses and losses and things of that nature but if you are disabled. You were able to get that same 100% loan without that three point. Three feet or one our two point 15 feet everyone it may be. And says that certainly makes alone a lot more affordable and you still get a 100% you still get to great rate and in you know she's the way to give back to the veterans and those loans tend to have better better much better rates. Because they're guaranteed by the federal government. Yes exactly right we'll listen we got our first phone call the show here we got to Bob and hard as well hi Bob how are you. Yeah and artillery fantastic thanks for Collins. My question is who do you live in park built South Carolina. Absolutely. Yes we we land and not South Carolina Tennessee Georgia. North Carolina and miscellaneous other states yet but absolutely we we definitely cover the entire state. Of South Carolina it's funny we got a question while we were all fair about do you would you do alone in Myrtle Beach in the answers yes. You can have somebody get in touch with. Yet probably the easiest way you can do three different ways you can college during the week it's 331. Helmut HO MES 331466. Story. That's an area carried a 64 obviously. I you can go to our website at county bank mortgage dot com. Me and you can see our non different one and officers and in what nine at the O website Toni Mae mortgage dot com. Or if you want to just email me directly you can email me ask JDS ASK JD. At county bank mortgage dot com Kelly banking mortgage are all spelled out the way they should be spelling and any of those numbers thirty emails or web site she can get ahold of us and we would love to tortilla. About your particular situation. Did you like email you can tell a little bit of the story and then that way JD can have a Tito when he Kolb and there's a there's a force white to you can go to meaning half profile celebrity event and just how. What do you what do you think about it I'm Bob. Are looking at a bridge and okay yeah perfect yeah. Love to look at what is absolutely would love to talk to you about that multiple different ways they're right we talked about that last week we did briefly entered in yeah so well on the website so at that point oh and how get a little grace we appreciate you listening and then if you reach out to us we'll sue included helping out. I do pre and I got a question for euphoria hang heavy knowing these accounts ZMPG. In March 4. Note no I'm sorry Canada now that's fine held by differences in the from Parcells last thing isn't just want Zune media. Cars and extra help Bob have a great weekend. Thank you. Thank you you know we talk for those listeners that that don't listen every week we've come at a bridge loan got a hit on that just a little bit says. You know bridge alone can be done like you say Keith many many different ways but if you buy before you sale. And you have equity in the property that you gonna sail a bridge won't give you an opportunity. To. Too tight end to that equity. And then of course you can't do the other side you could might could consider might want to do a bridge on the one you're buying. Because you're gonna get so much money out of the one you're selling right that you just don't turn around and payoffs he just need a short term temporary loan. And a home when you're buying and says there's there's plenty of different ways to go about that as well. Yeah we had a question to. The just got posted there the am with VA learned can you get a 100% plus do the renovations. And they and they and they short answer is no you can get 100% of the current value right. On a VA line but may end in India few getting if you're getting cash back in and that you can duties and money for for renovations. But not over and above may be subject to the renovations being villain yes. If you're good if you're gonna wanna do renovations once again that would be some type of temporary loan write that you would wanna do first and then roll out of that blown engines to AA later. And that you can do that what we do restrictions we were talking about earlier. We're talking to Billy Greer about the VA loan it's not about a non VA loans I get a non VA loan. And wanna pay that off with the VA no restrictions whatsoever. But if you have a VA loan and you wanna refinance that that's when that 210 days seven months have to made six payments that's when those rules. Common to to Paula so if you look at it doing a renovation and a JD oftentimes what you strike done a structured them with with the banks are you got to the bank can say hey. This property today as were 200 after the renovations can be worth 300. And so we need to you know 250000. Dollar loan to carry get this thing Rolen and so we will do a one year. Interest only renovation loan that you can take draws a home while you do those improvements in the once that property is done in they can refine into a long term per. Right that's exactly right so yes definitely some opportunities to do that Pearson. Little different situation with the VA you know as far as that news is Wilson. He's got a question or comment we got about and twenty minutes left in the show a 66442. 7553. Of course it takes on his or Venezuela seven when Korea or seven and we don't talk about this much and am on. Appreciate Bob from harsh form ask in the ask. If you do want it catches during the week it is easy to call us at 331. Home that's 3314663. Or you can always email and ask JD county may mortgage dot com. We'll talk about our web site. Well actually Chris and you've been putting a lot of hard work in our web site. Will be upgrading in India will be a lot more Marco user friendly and just. I guess alleged better. Borrower experiences where we're headed yeah I'm looking forward to get it up. And run and because this just is so much better than what we have now but today you're right we are in the process of that. And Keith Jenny and I earlier talk about down payments on no. When you have an original conversation we do your client you always hit on that right. Yes very important to note the numbers prying go through the numbers. Know what you can expect. Know what the your closing calls are going to be at least some good faith estimate of closing calls what's your payments going to be. In what your taxes and insurance going to be yet there should be there should be no. Surprise and slowly and on that and as you know camera in my briefcase on the front of the cargo of I guess you're finally helps with that these when when my clients are darken the JD. If he he'll write a pre approval letter and and and everybody in our market knows that if JD writes he can perform as you that's very important because you may be in a multiple Alter your. Situation im with Kenny banks reputation any experience we're gonna get it. Yeah I heard a story recently anywhere. Paris and Asia was telling me that they they forgot present and an offer. And the pre approval letter was from the big box yes and they just said that yeah they said net off not no not done in I have no idea who this long off serious I had no idea. Two keys point will they performed. I don't know what they know I don't know what questions they ask you gotta go local I'm not gonna make you go to county bank I prefer you get a county bank. But I want a local pre approval. Where I can talk to somebody from somebody on their hands at home and if you're in a multiple offer situation. In doesn't matter wry yet and it makes a big difference. Yet guys need this for sheer. Well listen I guess we're gonna head into our final break here we're gonna and have one more segment up fifteen minutes long would love to hear from some of our our listeners out there. A 66 point four to 7553. That is a phone number that takes on his home as well as 713 or seven we've had a did text question good phone call today so safe we can. Maybe double those up here in the last segment of the show. You'll listen in the house plans JD and Chris from county main mortgage. Here on the show today Keith Clark with the buyer's broker Hanoi all your real estate questions. Wind we get back we'll take go go straight to the front lines and of course we'll love to talk to someone you others out there serve. Reported talking T on the other side of the break. Welcome back fewest in the house plans get about thirteen minutes left in the sort of Shia it shows the helium. I'm glad you could be released today if you got a question about buying selling anything to do the real state 866. 447. 553. Or you can always hit us up on the text minus 71307. That 713. Is seventh. We do have another caller Robert must come about local pre approvals from over the Robert. The more or are Harry Reid. Good morning hey what's happened in a long time they speak. When you sling it till they made the other comment just a moment ago you can't tell you have gunned down the bank but I have a local bring approval pre approval you alienate them by you can look at. Yeah I absolutely. I'll tell you where the confusion is. The confusion with the big box lenders is the black public high go look. Is as I actually am I'm not I mean he's six rolls of toilet paper. Or seven dollars I mean there's something that can't. That people have to count out there and Brian what they don't know us. In this is that he absolutely. Documentary. The newspaper also owners of the super lenders. Out of today to someone who actually does org there lies amid this totally okay. You're just willing apparently just did if you're rejected your ludicrous got a businesses twelve. I calls. It I don't doubt admitted to a well as well they have a weight from her yeah yeah that's because she does not as easy as you and the other with the idea of calorie. I mean you can actually a waste a place that they're not essential to go out and help a fact. Well it's going according to the good really good to get that. And even though didn't swelling will never believe they're younger they're doing and why you're available your personal available here there's a slow global. Yeah that's normal little little I got I got 1 this morning local approval. I got one that this week just like that Robertson guy Collins couldn't get to somebody on the phone and says who must have no will transfer on to me I take Al commerce. And he civil what do you do there after we got any stock can also on the op. On the operations manager and he says I can't believe you answered the phone and I'll say I'll always answer the phone unless some only other aren't. As so it was a great conversation NASA had not only that here's my number. If you ever need anything just call me I'll help Pia. But I appreciate your normal hour ninety Burma. Well a lot of people don't realize I was about two months ago this stuff and stuck my head little doors that hey do you guys you came as your toughest opening they have to go on. Yeah yeah forty elderly or whatever. It is but you haven't already got you've got the good work. I thank you Robert who appreciate it all right listen we have another Colorado governor Robert in Spartanburg you let's talk a little bit about multiple offers the morning Robert. Wanna yet movies and while outwardly fantastic. Come talk to us a little bit about multiple offers. One that situation is that I canceled. Declines that from. Cheaply and offer on how well there's two more coming up. They howitzers are really is heightened sense and it's already we are already over asking price. Now according to the conscience not gonna release is not worth that match what it. Win the east inexpensive. And the present come down below. Or Oprah probably have about. Yeah its yes so so from I'm from the Key West which you take that first so let's say that you know you're in a multiple offer situation in you're gonna have to offer more than. Damn purchase price. But you're not sure the cops are there what's the advice to the client before they make the offer. Wailed away and if you can't my first question always to my client is can we replace the house actually start that conversation with. I would pass so we gotta get this house passed a get cannot replace this house will Lehman Torre let me replaces house if it won't. What am I willing to pay above. Asking price okay since the week you don't think the appraisals gonna come in and they ended it is determined by how the contract is written. So if the contract is written contingent upon an appraisal which is highly recommended a try greater than or equal to sales price. Then it would be subject to negotiation now technically what happens he is the seller has the unilateral right. To reduce the sales price to the price brought right I think that language in the contract allows them. To do that comb their own I recently had something similar happened in wages. We used to contract language. And let them in San atone and they accepted the sale. Appraised price yes so substantially difference. So on the loan side of things Robert what happens is. When when we get into that situation you really have two things and I'll talk about one. Allege JD talk about the other so let's say the appraisal comes in and say you say you've got a contract after it to fifty. Appraisal comes in at 238. There's can be too thing is going home most of the what often happens is the seller and their agents want to appeal. That that appraisal which is where I get involved and the first thing I say to them is provide me comps that support a different number. And will take a look at him but on the other side of the thing JD you'd be dealing with the with the borrower. And wait you'd be talking about is what keeps talking about is the cell argun a lower or are you don't pony up the. Add cash yes exactly right as you can do right and sometimes it depends on the situation you know they put half they owner hurt you know is just a house and 81% LTV ride doesn't matter not a big during the frightening thing he had just depends on the situation that is definitely a conversation. We'd be in all the real estate side you wanna UBU wanna take a look at the data. You wanna find out how long for example for clients going to be in a home only three years with sees a short term corporate assignment. I certainly wouldn't want him to over hi we would do is pass NAFTA going to be in the if you if you're going to be in the house ten years. You're gonna catch the market's gonna catch right to them to the price you pay for the house and it might do it in the short term well there's a lot of factors in terms of. And what you said earlier keep this cannot find a house like Alex replace this house. Now what we have had Robert is we've had both of those situations we've had he beaten. Borrower Sadie jedi will it did some fame member AJ Jesus and I don't care etc. I won't this house in this neighborhood on this story and I'm gonna pony the history a thousand dollars and I'm just not know worry about it. And then we've also had a situation where here. The combination where the agent on the other side is that what well yeah I'll miss these cops the appraiser dia and our present those we will appeal. And and we won't get it worked out or we won't get closer. Yes that's right and of course JD you've had other happened with a seller says okay twist my arm idea of you guys are scared appraised value and it will move on them in any kind of depends on what kind of loan you're due until you right in there like on a cat. On a government loan it seems like you're more likely to have about the the purchase price level word because. That those folks sometimes don't have the assets to put into the deal yes that's right in getting him to change that it's easy appraisal listed. That's a whole body of knowledge or six yen means you start talking that appeal and appraisals all last a whole lot less time in order drinks a day CAA's gonna take me 45 Japan's own way the listing agents back appears. You know if I call the listing agent listing agent I say won't tell me how you develop the pricing strategy on this property I say well I've. Could it on the market for with a seller wanted. And I say well what cops do you have to support it and they say nine. I know I'm wasting my time but just before I do to determine value so I kind of know where I'm hidden from. But I have had situations. Where here where there was some room because. The you know the appraiser may have missed something or right or you know I didn't make a town adjustment that would be importance of sometimes. We're successful when do an appeals which it's all based on data. And end in if that if the borrowers gonna pony up it's all based on cash yes right did do they have the cash to bring to the table because the lenders loan to value was going to be based on the lower. Of the selling price or the appraisal and that's all we can do. I missed it up and I take it if they dimensional on it with a 20% now yes and no OC boss that the yeah so how far are you golf. About it 8000 yet. OK so here's here's a solution of that if you can't appeal it make it work. They won't lower the price you just do an 85% won't belittle him around there and roll along that's healed. And a tape from real estate said Robert from from my perspective always. Making an all for the Riddell for. In anticipating. A cut appraisal. So that there are no surprises for Mac Kline yes or your client as of Friday as though it weighed on my notepad overpayments certain circumstances. But you don't want it to be a surprise to all be wanna say look this is my opinion of value this property there's a good chance it won't price. I don't know how long it'll take estate his sick if it's gonna take. I recently over paid 8000 dollars in four there were fourteen all sorts. You can fourteen allfirst rye or. Fourteen golfers man was K all cash. It was 1885. Home. I think that'll asking price was 174. And we paid 188. Fat. Right all cash colors in fourteen Danks yes I'm in we secured the contract now the appraisal came in just a just a tad less than that. But the key to it was I might have to search a full year of my rally other opportunity and guess what. Prices are gonna be six or 7% higher right I'm going to be in the same situation. I'm gonna be in the same situation where and competing in a still might pay. So there you're talking about an increased to my client at twenty Dorian Bryant Mariah says smartest player gonna go up right person answer I gotta pay another ten about flat to secure the contract. So it makes sense to overpass picture during absolutely you really have to every circumstance is different and a good buyer's agent knows have been having yet. And Robert if you wanted to talk to JD about how he would structure that. You know just got to make it work out with the MID shooter many email and asked JD. And county bank mortgage dot com and he can give you an example how we would solve that problem. You will all right thanks sorry we can't we do have one more test questioned gently. Yeah I don't get time to refinance interest rates seem high and afford a quarter currently that's a great great right now but it doesn't answer all the questions because. Mas my second question would be what type of Roland are you in nailed him do you have private mortgage insurance. What are your goals and jet is what kind of term or you line. Are you need money did he need cash is just a rate term refinance at. Anybody that is thinking about refinancing the easiest thing to do issue me an email and ask you JD county bank mortgage dot com. The fourth quarter is a good rate. But it -- there's a few more questions out well and if may have an FHA and FHA along with them around and it's on their you're ever did break the your pain and would be higher in the yes right center. Anyway did she mean email last JD Carrie Mae mortgage dot com be glad to look at your situation. Confirming have a good deal or tea hey here's how I would structure to better your situation they solicit the house plans will be back next week.