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53. Old welcome to house plans glad you do us today. It's been a long a couple of weeks of vacation so we finally got everybody in the house of think arming these you know we I'm glad to be here. Yep dog days of summer for AS guests for certain got. Overcast and not cloudy out there today. I mean it's ever true only 98 your religious gained well might be just well I journey into history record write a check that weathered an easy Rezko matter. Borrower Zorn got by Soledad. You dressed we have baseball every day. And then the question is Wendy do you need get off a winner your days are they outsmarted. Okay. Rest on Sunday via an early church. They get our guest is somebody nice today isn't this how. Of armory on eighty story for us here JD here are now holed his four category percent chance and I disaster and arrange to send. They got to figure out how to make this go and there's Bender storms. Absolutely what we do have the numbers guys get the numbers again from mob. From my gene was so we don't talk about that a little bit of course we're always here to answer your questions calls and comments 86641470. 553. Where you can hit a cellphone with text on seven of wind three and seven at 713. Or so more have a quick test went up about last week. When you simply don't get yeah. Now well. Why we do it again they we had a text question about the house come over and lowering my card in hand the locals don't information and some pain renovation information we talked a little bit about eternal investment. Ed Jim and we talked about we kind of mapped out his renovation GAAP keeping your contractor grade not over improve not. And yeah I have a conversation. I don't know we get a reply yeah I called you Trace retreated a little bit her running bit lawyers you know cause well you know excited about looming yeah yeah well that's. Big Indonesian no the inflation numbers came out this week and of course they were tweaked a little bit higher. A little bit higher than expected and so. You know it looks like the fans may. Raise rates even more often what we solved just simply because. You know the inflation is eaten up a little bit. That a long time since we've had. Inflation is high as it is now only being granted it's just slightly over two it's not like crazy. But but it will cause the fated to be cautious and they may. Beside the community increased rates a little more often what we expect. It certainly speaking of inflation historically. Inflation has been good for real state homers Friday if so typically do very well hit an inflationary period Kim we've talked about the and we talked about it a little bit before the show. Pricing Chris the pricing just icing going out to share up enough. Almost. Really hard to wrap your arms around here. Out in the marketplace just in one can Dassault not Mary was telling me about a friend of hers. Got wind of the new listing in you know we send it to seventy range and of course from Mary Mary's Mary was very proud of herself she said. That they were to scrap in the real estate to her and she's heard me talk about it yeah been updated in. Color Pallet was correct in. A good she said you better go pull the trigger happy us right things right and sure enough there were multiple offers they ended up with a full price offer. They made a full price offer security contract they were first and sometimes it's your first. You'll have a little bit of advantage here full price if you go left him being in first commemorate the idea thanks finished. For more serious and of course one of the articles I read this week was from refinances. And an eighteen year low. I'm boys the lowest number since 2000 views known to since 2000. Is 2000 and things like that these guys and yeah. It's some you know they're still. I I would say that 80% of the people that are refinancing are doing cash out. I'm told a forum a myriad of different reasons and a bunch of different reasons certain. Com yeah motivation may not be break it may be personal finance is vs Superman a can be mean there's actually I can name a thousand different reasons I think we're doing a I'm not as many rain turns just because you image people already have a different matter and keep it does not matter how much they love JB. Then not take their three and a half in terms of data to afford a half after they just won't do it at. They are not then just won't go and and I think people have a hard time pulling the trigger right now. Com. Is a little harder to pull the trigger on foreign three quarters is the only guy in Afghanistan's women sing that. And then somebody or Bob I'm PMI data that's a dozen as a popular ones I had a call had you know I saw article about that this week to me that. The new. Head of the FHA was like and we're not really need to get rid of that permanent PMI quite yet. We know what he said was we know we need to do something. We're not sure what we don't do but when I don't know I. TI PAB Keith car we don't hold tight we out we got permanent PM how we don't keep it only right that. Things are distancing write to me what I can comment Indiana 40% LTV steel I'd pay him I feel like that's not here and that's why you had. I'm what if you have 50% don't matter right golf balls up and eleven years old man says they are real talk about it would come back from the break right at us. Welcome back you're send a house plans JD Chris from Calais Maine mortgage Keith Clark. With a buyer's broker we are taking your take some phone calls today he wants to again on the show just you restoring an 866. For four to 7553. SA 6644. To 7553. And the tech climbed as open as well as 71307. If you prefer to. Did shoot us a text with your question or comment about buying selling anything to do with real estate get a sub politic climb a 71307. Popular and addition to the show we have a lot of people take stand. Questions and comments of the few people this week jammed with some of their questions. In fact so there was any it was a good week for. Questions and comments on the takes. I'm yeah I'm only you know we were talking. Off the air about what's going known in the real estate market and and it is very interest thing that you know that put shown rates. We've we've seen that push shown. You know price because short inventory. And then nine you know and yet pushing rates and you know we've asked this question for probably the last six to nine months is. Where does the pressure becomes so much that it starts to impact the market turned him the other way. And nine JD power come on an example of you know let's say you did you have that FHA loan right now as permanent mortgage insurance on. And you're you're thinking about getting rid of it let's say you got to rate and a half threes. Only let alone well today. You can get a raid in the far worse and you can get rid of that private mortgage insurance. Replacing it with a conventional loan and then you know you're in good shape because that that EMI is so high. They your payment will most likely get Dionne you know it's gonna go down even though you're right or there's if and so you know win when you're in the situation when you are one point spread like we have right now works. Whenever one and a half for two point spread so let's say you decide to wait. I won't work. You know that the payment or remain the same for the payment will go up which means you would mourn even consider it so. If you are thinking about getting rid of that mortgage insurance and I saw two or three examples of people working on that this week. Now is definitely the time to do it because we do expect rates. Even on the long end of the curve to continue. Net thirty year fixed to continue to go up there the next couple years unless something dramatic happens. Any other in the other cases where we knew real estate values and as we have talked about have gone up so. Yeah when you can refinance instead of being maybe at that 96 and a half percent. To learn the value that you were at when you purchase a home owner FHA loan. You may be in 985 or maybe Eddie yeah Angela and 22 and a half years Seattle well crap like the number. Brandon did how oh yesterday we get together you know every week as a group. For everybody up in the green malaria is the bank we. You know each each show week somebody presents from Brenda was presented yesterday and he said he had a gas. Bet to expect at his house to come back yen at 250 that's what. You know that was his estimate the value McCain meant almost 280 yeah yeah and you know he was shocked. And so obviously that had a big impact on the loan to value it lowered the moon about me well. There ought to locations where you can easily say. 3721%. Improvement in price share in value over the last three years and hear any neighborhoods into locations in the city some. Might be 141214%. Others might be 21% and we've got pockets where you can over the last three years. Gosh you can be 25% yeah. Your right K well listen if you've got a question about buying selling anything to do in the real estate christened JD from county bank mortgage here each year questioner Keith Clark. From the fires broke creek and reaches an 8664147553. That's a toll free call or of course you know simple attacks on. 71307. That seven the wind 307. Love to hear from me this morning but it is very true and keys that we also had the other side. The other side is crazy pricing. Own sellers by sellers. Tom I had one this week. Where the average unit was average. Price per square foot which is not the only number but is a good number. In the neighborhood was a 128 dollars a square foot and they listed the property at 158. A square foot which obviously creates quite a bit of the channel or work praised and and if and when you went back into the mix to say OK show me can't show me initially this now will say this. They had done very similar things to what you had done when you sold your house right they had put back counts in prima and condition I mean the model shake. Knew everything ready to roll. But the thought process that they went through was somewhat different from yours because they didn't have the experience in the market. They're like none I've we've put a thousand dollars an opinion and gas law price so where's that thousand dollars can't we replaced. The air conditioner unit and of course her Frazier came back until it sounds like 01 didn't work at. How amazing and says you know you have to think about those types of things and while. We're really talking about his return on investment when you improve that property and I lately and so Chris was referred to my personal experience and when had. Renovate in my home to prepare for sale. I knew that I might only get. 40%. Of the return on investment but to. A date on the march it was important to me and it goes out into homes at the time and I sold at first day first person. Yeah I think you know all my money back in price but if you calculate based on the market percentage of asking price to sales price share the opportunity cost in some cases for if you're looking for another home then it may be more important TC really have to decide what your goals and objectives are right. So if you're if you're gonna do if you're looking for return on investment. Is certainly don't want a pro level for granted in the past frank Ryan Ryan Moore being more suitable to do a letter one granite. Now all these things affect based on the market when you're a marketing your house in the longer your home. He's only the market the more likely the purchaser is gonna cabinet may discount price right and typically. The first to reduction in price depending on what price point you are. Man would have been my first price reduction would have been 101000. You know period if you're it does suck but at what point Keith how wall actually thirty day thirty gig yeah I think they're they're upstairs. The unit pricing strategy differs from agent that agent. He priced man fairly. I was you know it was hard freedom. Every bite my tongue in half a hot. And keep it because I want their money back to ask your forty Graham yeah right here or else. And I won't and all that money back but I knew it couldn't get it you know what would you estimate that forty that you got. I. Actually it may be the last but I didn't property taxes they are not having to play measure I had an Intel would have had him that whole lash tank in mpeg. Well paid cash for the other one but. Hmmm how would've had a mortgage I would head to. Yeah and the -- errors Jared Duval this year as a little kid have to think about what your what we're really talking about and he did he go back to before return on investment we're talking about your goals and objectives in the process what you're trying to accomplish. In the selling and buying if your new home and I blew. Have a listen if you got a question about buying selling anything to do the real estate here needs your questions Karl's comments 866. 4478553. Love to hear from you. Or course you can text to 671307. At seven not one and 307. I take it one of the things we need to talk about is is part of that process Keith when he got to do. Is you need to make sure that JD is involved. So that he can plan for either solidly. Outcome right yeah I think I noticed some some mass. It is planning. And more most importantly comfort. Level it is you know most of the time when people you say you may have a mortgage you're not have a mortgage on your aren't all my own. You're trying to figure out am I can remove part of selling a Wii and trying to. Yes he had to be a double move where yeah we move we sell our current home to into an apartment maybe were doing a construction whatever he has. You know there's always say iams there's always a lot of conversation. In regards here I think you're rounding twice is these cell vs me even mourn chair that's a big issue DNA as well I'm not only had its columns and yes that's exactly right is suffering and cost yet you really have to you literally can't think about that when you are you know playing in India and in doing the news and I don't think so. You know listen oh come back that we got to Colorado line completely guy Richard on the phone hey Richard are you. I am time this Lori LU. Fantastic. And what do we do if I'm not that good about her battle with him and. Now we and we purchased some we we live in North Carolina. We purchased land it and I've Campobello about 35 acres. It was an. It was meant to remember. It very clear cut about three years ago we just now cleaned it all out. In this September we're gonna we're gonna plan about fifteen acres and passion your. Pasture grass. And my question is on the property taxes. I can't and I and I applaud be eligible for the agricultural. Exemption. Mean that's a great course yeah I think that I think that's a really good questioning key to think you probably have the most experience would that end. We've talked about you know it's it's the usual when as well as the size and when that matters to be counted. Well we were we have was supposed to do some research on this because somebody else to ask this the same question. My understanding and it was that you have to. Yield a certain amount of income off the property every so many years two or three years. And that two the year after it. Just a fact thinking honey that is in indeed agricultural. And more most people do I think he's cut the house out of them. So if you own 35 makers and you're gonna build a house on it. Most people cut that house out. And you'll get taxed as your principal residence. And and then. Comply with the candy rules related to the agricultural. Status. To get to reduce tax rate on that what we would would say is excess slammed. And I think that the the criteria involves a yield of income certain amount of income. You can't only can't these web site cannot promise that I will research said this week and next week we'll have a definitive answer. On how they can only classify as. That land is agricultural yeah I have to Dave Wright in order to receive that designation. But 'cause. As well it is such is substantial difference it's literally. Very very little taxes on agricultural land. Well would we won't be able to harvest the the the craft a pastor for us. Right two or three years because it takes so much staff report to the scrabble. That's why they did settle for a two or three year period. Yeah I just did a quick Google and then you have found an article from 2013. Is talking about if you gonna grow. And this is specific about timber is just saying you get that agricultural classification. You know if you're an easier for timbers has asked to be back makers are more work and then it goes on the talk about some other requirements but. We can't do some research on Latin you know you cannot look and see what it what it would take for you be able to get that type of classification. That you and keep it right it absolutely. Is they always just he had to do. A British India Tammy I must tell you that my interaction with the canning a real property services has always been very positive it's it's amazing how helpful they are. So if you call on May Day just go to the gringo Kenny website column and asks for cut and a real. Properties or businesses support the same way in Spartanburg can now I don't know how nice it be as foreign. And then of course what you do you also have to do is you have to apply for that discount. Just like if it was your primary residence so we have to make application. To to get that reduced. To an end to end I want clarification not just filling out a peep a piece of paper they indict because. So many people do try to take advantage of the tax circumstances. You know they don't always. What you meant when people are trying to reduce your tax liability as the throne we all I want to reduce our tax liability if we wanna do it honestly right we won't have. Trust but verify. Oh yeah. Okay spirit it's okay thank you Richard really appreciate it you know we are rushing to a great question we do need to do a lot of totally together and and really make sure that we know exactly and of course keep it may be different counting by counting. So you know we can do so researching Greenville NCC would ideas but obviously if you have agriculture use of light and you won't take you pay. Skis we take advantage of that because it's gonna save some money long terms yeah absolutely absolutely and then of course Keith I know another way that comes back is if the developer. Comes in and buys that land and then converts it to lots you have this thing called rollback taxes yes go back. And will recoup some of that that taxes for the county. When the properties converted to he says sometimes that would be an experience for the developer in the word the builder to. He is yeah and on the contract it just ask who's gonna pay those rollback taxes if I can glory years of the current status you have to go back and paying. What did new status is going to be. Yemen is not something that you wanna be. It's definitely is a big number about a candy ING right well listen more to head into our bottom of the hour break if you got a question or comment to mr. ring at 86644. To 35 feet deep Barry. Takes on more remain open to is 71307. All welcome back you listen now house plans Christian JD from county bank mortgage and house. Keith Clark from the buyers Brecher here. To take your calls questions and comments about buying selling anything to do the real state 8664147553. And then of course we have to baseline opens 71307. Takes been quiet today. Which can hit us up on the takes on seven and one and then at 307 we do have pat from union on the phone. And now she's our NASCAR who mourn past. I ain't been undertaken my all time. We bought some property up the road kept an acre. Because they were using it for adults but you're gonna make it they put debt so we bought it for 500 dollars can make or yes. At a 1001 cent think tank and it it got city water and electricity that we create a vibrant it was a good bye sounds like it. It took us over a month old. Every week calling eight truck load of garbage off their property I'm Karen and it only as some people thought it was built for dumping. Right and they weren't built. Aren't we had all the police. We put cabin and they're now at twelve by forty cab and and we're working and that we headed up for sale before we put the camp and I met the guys found out we only paid 500. Again I consider this. It's almost 2000 right element. He only wanted to pay for type hundred port right NIO. Will now. I thank you yeah. Went out I know we put the cabin and it make it look more predictable right. Why should we do now. What tell me tell me a little bit about the cabin this is a site built Canon or this was. Something they purchased and then rolled home buyer. OK so it was so it was not. Is is the cabin like bedrooms and Mazur is that like storage. Port anti. Okay see here in the process of renovating well the first thing. I would say is is that the price that you pay for it has absolutely nothing to do. With what you can sell it for because often times when you go back and look in deed records. It's not uncommon to see that a property transferred for five dollars love and affection. Or ten dollars love and affection or you know for 500 dollars and has absolutely nothing to do with the value of the property. But what I would say is that if you purchased a a pre made Canon. And then enrolled in known to the property they you're now converting it into bedrooms and bathrooms and things like that. That is gonna have a huge impact on the value of the property. And then of course the question will be what compare moles or Ralph player. When the appraisals done to compare it and in the other thing I think about is equality in the workmanship right. Keep yes thinkpad there're couple things I would say. We always talk about in fact we talked about it on the show I would really start with. What am I trying to accomplish what my goals and objectives in the beginning. So he won a match back out. Pace strategy of what you won't that they ended this do you want a good neighbor do you want a rental property. He won't. What what are you trying to accomplish which which is which began many indoor you know my first thought was. It would be great for a mobile home renal right half acre but that would be if your -- your long term goal was an income strategy if you're trying to create. Improve your neighborhood back taken this logged putting up small moment. In making your home either more valuable or at least your quality of life better then that's a different strategy in you really should start. That at the beginning not in the middle or the end does that make sense. So according I what are you trying to accomplish do you just want a flip it and make a little money do you warning improve the neighborhood. Do you want eight income producing property what are you trying to accomplish with the project. What a what we were married you won't require it was McIntyre not a bet but that doesn't work so that when it raided the radar but he knows because even I got here. We were gone for one week you come back in the. They embody our. Our Internet. Yeah and so now that you've changed strategies what's the new strategy. We wanted to sell it. We're gonna let them get rid of excellence and yelled at. Yeah and say aren't converted from a lot of people were using an in Gabon until play somebody can use. As a primary residence or maybe as a a cabin in the woods to get away from things. What are they wanna do yeah well OK so and that the thing if you're in the process of trying to improve the property right now. Mike spears is the end that you need to complete that process. And get that work done before you try to sell it. The you know because in the middle is the wrong place to be either leave then as he doesn't don't do any working trying to sell and as he is. You know before you started to convert it or if you started to convert it to you bedrooms and by as. Finish it. Because a lot of towns people are buyers particularly have a hard time seeing in the vision. Until the visions complete and Keith and you talk about that a lot walking into a house and being able to envision living mayor. Is something that a that a buyer needs to have to really make them feel comfortable about buying the proper. I would talk to a professional path because here here's sport comes to my manager talking about it what what is the marquee gonna end. More from me. So you have who oftentimes we talk about sellers have to meet the marquee where it is right so if you're if the market is. I'd. A 5000 square foot house in you need to be looking at 5000 is the market is 250 square feet then you need to go to the market what. We'll Karzai resort and has the same thing about bedrooms and bath yes it says the market is used to three bedroom two bath you can't build a two bedroom one bath. Or a six bedroom six bath we can't that you won't. Defense Cecil absolutely and then of course pat if somebody's gonna get along moment. Then they got the deal when JD and the appraiser and that's win back there are supporting them and get. Will be the most important right JD yes right because you can't compare ovals that you and I give you an example we have one the other day I looked at it well actually I looked Eddie yesterday. And what it was was a 3400 square foot building. Looked like a barn but very nice and the bottom floor was all open workspace. Upstairs with two bedrooms one bath and and it was on about 25 makers and I have one on the lawn officers email it to means it do you think this'll go into the secondary market my answer was met. But cause you're not going to be a refining income parables they have a kitchen upstairs. They had the bedrooms upstairs window with a workshop underneath and I said now doesn't mean you can't buy this as a lot. And then build moment that would work. But you know I'm Maria we're about this property get thirty year financing on it he's not going to be able to find good parables. And I had that same example come I may eat five or six times in the last year. Where you have a new building. Will open workshop space on the bottom and a place to live above it and it just won't work so that's kind of. And pat and we're KC LU need to make sure they pay you improve the property. That the purchasers gonna be able to get financing on the property right does it in in the beginning it was a a 500 dollar piece of property to flip for a thousand walk away would 500 hopefully somebody else will do what you are doing and now you may notice of change and I was gonna make the investment in the next said the purchase or their properties gonna need X number of dollars. 20050000. A 100000 whatever your investment in their needs to be access to financing otherwise watch. They have to pay cash for it and how many people had that price point. Are paying cash so does her. And go back to the point where did you really need to sit down with a professional who can map all that out for you. And didn't tell you what your race car. As you go down this road and interesting. And what the likelihood or probability of you being able to recoup your time. And we'd be happy to do that when you are you gonna do issued an email to ask. JD. And county bank mortgage dot com and jedi can give you some information about how it can be financed. And then of course he can Tokyo the key thing Keith can help you figure out how you gonna go about Seles. I didn't go through all realistic either but she didn't do any input to get back. Well bush unison name Allah give us a college 331 home that's 3314663. So be happy to help PL thanks for the golf path. It's all right we're gonna head into our last break of the day you listen my houseplants christened JD. From county bank mortgage in the house Keith Clark from the buyer's broker. If you got a question or call our comment give us a ring 8664. Port city 75 feet 23. And of course the text line is open at seven to wind. 307 will be right back after this. Immaculate and health plans G Chris Kelly may mortgage key card with the buyer's broker we are taking your texts and phone calls a 66442. 7553. Is a phone number in 713 or seven is the text line. Appreciate our techsters phone calls and listeners today hit some big questions sent. I've got another call here we get done bill and Simpson LA bella how are you. I'm fine thank you look for taking my car. I Germany at this Chad thing out I was working with Campbell I'm not quite sure what it go from there relative to our new mortgage outlook on when it. Oh yeah okay male yeah we have a thank you for colony and we were actually gonna talk a little bit about him towards the end of the show. On the it is a sad day it Tony banks more than yesterday it was rough it was it was we lost one of our other officers. I certainly get a bomb heart issue in and passed away yesterday your area and as late Thursday and we talk. About retirement Kim candor again we were planned on taking the last part of the show. To really talk about key nominee his. You know his why swim some and he was part of this county bank family. You know I started doing numb the match yesterday and thinking about it now. You know Kim's helped over a thousand people by our refi you know during the markets as soon as part of that. First comment a family to begin we have been in the county bank Morgan Stanley after that. And though we work with Kim for seventeen. Years here a long time so. First volley like safer our listeners and in everybody you know our thoughts and prayers go out Jimenez family and we appreciate it if you reduce the signing. And you know it was a shock to us yesterday that he moved down and I'll take him. Was by far the hardest working man in the mortgage business I ever met yes and I said now one thing I can say about Kim Lindsay was a hard worker for sure and so tasty your question bill. What we're doing right now is we're going through. The folks that you know work in process with him. And we're letting his customers and his agents know what happened many of them obviously already nobody fuel she JD an email at ask. JD. At county bank mortgage dot com. Or if you just collar JD Monday at 331 home. For worst 663. Will be happy to. You know get in the middle of what's going moaning and make sure that you get taken care out but we certainly appreciate to Colin. Yeah OK I'll do that and I just wanna say Kim is a great guy and only known him for about six months bright the film more renewable. It was just aren't comparison and. Oh yes okay absolutely look thank you so much bill I appreciate that. Thank you for your golf. Okay thank you yet JD an hour saving this for the last segment because I told everybody if we talk about at first I might get emotional pledged that. I'm trying to keep a light heart about it but say you know Kim put assigned. In his office probably about six months again this is a bomb not here meant to be eighteen so now he's into big beach in the sky and you know we we just pray for his family and his children. And you know they know a tough season yesterday and then how much we appreciated key element. How much we support the Iman and what's going on and it was very very sudden. And of course JD I think he he played golf about a week ago. There's all time best score a couple weeks trailing off course ship and is trying to you're Kim Kim as a guy who. Chris is exactly right you know I think I can Kendrick EI think a hard worker I mean he would you know he would work hard when easy work we're back. He ought to examined by mayor Jim Kim as it is a you know when you work with some money for seventeen years. Beauty is the end in King County may mortgage we are kind of like a family. Yeah it might be a dysfunctional family some time. I'm sometimes cry it's a you know all families are like dad comma we should we have a lot of fun with Dion and and down and yet here's a guy who you beat cancer two or three years ago yeah up and down near Grilli was some you know change in his lifestyle lie and then in the mean you were canal and yet now they was also kind of enjoy in the Friesen as laborers well fair debate July and you know he's playing golf and do little other things and and he will be sorely missed for sure we yeah. You know just like all the gas it Kelly Mac PAU rom you get to know people. Well you get to know their family in in down you know he he's just a house actually talking to one month other baseball coaches but yen yesterday when they practice less lying to us and they were also you know again our office today in. And he knew keel from Enron based volume Curtis. Well we all come along and taking to the hospital told the nurse said I'll take care of him on notice. Alone it's so. You know I. He did such a great job and worked so hard for his customers. At table you know one of the things the best credit guy ever met my life from the standpoint of understanding. How credit worked what made it to. What can move the golf. And he was actually our leader in that area and again in the breach and and would actually teach JD in the other LO is oh no no Yale and bang and you don't wanna do that you wanna do this. But he operated on that first hand last out he was always the last man their work and then he worked very very hard. For us and for his family and you know aged everybody that that you talk to that worked we need. Could certainly appreciate the amount of effort he put an end to. Their personal deal when he treated everybody that way he you know he's solid is a ruby HQ he worked hard to Salisbury beach key men. And tend to JD's point you will be sorely may just. While scientists say if he's in gas. Know a lot of people don't know this story mean Chris when we started first palmetto mortgage back in 2000 January 2001 yeah we were we were get everything together there was actually third partner who is gonna come with Zenyatta to stay is dumb it's a blown apart and now you're there. And downs Kim came in I guess just problem we've been over about three or four months he actually interview with Wells Fargo. For position with them down right male Alan you referred him I killed us is just a game I probably do it doesn't say I wanna get out of these gas. Kim came in and he was like spitting image of our third partner and I think he looked like Jimmy tall liking me I'd like him yeah I mean Chris Mack-Cali these yellow light you know. And we call it doubled his reference is just is no check him out in and very similar background Harris had been in consumer from a yeah yeah yeah so we cannot. How the same column had that same vocabulary that we had had they had the same experience yeah have you been on the dark side he had been on audit Ali and you cannot. Are there so I'm but it was really it was very interesting to yet to take college reverses and end end end everybody describe Kim the exact same way. And I'll say this there are a lot of references that you called him you have firm Ian prenatal employ half. And you'll get EA you get caught passes church and have not returned our eyes. The table that describe him describe him to eighteen you exactly who he was in in what he was an and they see. The same thing we just said the hardest working man you'll ever made it don't work hard for you can't please go work hard for the customers don't work hard for the company. And he's gone he's don't give it a 100% and not you know to JD point. Kim will be sorely may just. If you just and in the end we're talking about Ken Kendrick that we lost this week. Unexpectedly. And very very sad Tom over county bank mortgage. And you know certainly. We women ask our listeners his customers. And the entire county bank family for their thoughts and prayers as it relates to Kim and his team is they get through this really really tough Tom because it was so unexpected. Well and I expect he there's a lot of people on the date set immediately noticed as well as here I am not going to be a love don't they drug going down there I'll never Virginia Bob and our office where they're told my golf you know coming SL Bob talks Monday night campaign ends up until about golf and can't say yeah I'm going to Major Garrett got on the plane hit me 11 o'clock in the morning and it's such is such a course or whatever Mao was they want you don't play with us the united. Thank you guys I don't know they'll despair react to somebody Bob did just aren't I would ever make four where else. Is that canning yeah. And it mapped out wind bill called me and yes a few minutes to get. I was sitting here thinking about camp yeah just just thinking about sounds to me these things it's stand out. Word that I'll tell you something that never heard him complain a requiring no you never know you know all of us have tough customers chair I mean they're people I've wide range of people that we work with some Armey easier work with and others but he war hall or go on here every. Recent I think he recently did a transaction he. And both say he was on the buy Sayyaf. And and it wasn't an easy deal but he was he was underground and away make him early things it and particularly in really you guys as well he's wind Kenney bank is involved. I don't really worry about it OK I have my funniest thing is such a critical part of every real estate transaction but when it's in the building it canning bank. I just don't worry about I know the whole thing yeah all of them are working hard to get it done and Kim. Worked harder than anybody they're pasteurized and very single transaction and again the thing that impressed me most I just didn't hear more aren't that everywhere. And nag. But tell you tell you about that you know we had a cancer. You know winning and I was talking to him about it and he said let me let me just explain to decent lies steals she cards. And the only guy. One choice should play the card should bail me and says. I think when you look at that attitude they had about those kind of things he had the right attitude a positive attitude he took that same. Positive attitude when he was working with a client. It didn't Keon was kind of the epitome of not a matter of the F that a matter a poignant yet and he went. It would be nothing for me to be talking to him about a deal that was that was somewhat challenging. And you know that's going over the hurdles and he said look I've been working with dispersant for a year and a -- who this person for nine months I'm a working with this person. For six months or the working with this person for two years he was always committed. Tend to term to that focus. Of not a matter of media but a matter of when and what do we need to do what does a client need to do to get to the finish line. And I can tell you that that when I go back and look and I did this a little bit yesterday at some of the survey responses that he got. It always went back to that hard work and the fact that he cared about making it happen that he took a personal and investment. In beginning the thing the close. Yeah ultimately what we're doing PE even though obviously it it's our job in many ways. People in the real estate industry are helping improve the lives of their customer has salute ice or whether you're you're getting along owner you're buying a house whatever it is special ultimately here improve and that person's quality of life and I sometimes it can be challenging sometimes is not that challenging. Right but tell he did a great job and not his office was right next to man so opposite. Yeah we will all miss him greatly pleased but his family enough friends and clients in years in your prayers. We will miss him greatly. Yeah I'll have a great week and now thank you for listening house plans will be magnet sweet talk a little real estate we do have some numbers if you need to get in touch with us. During the week you can reach us at ask JD egg county bank mortgage dot com. Are you can always hit us up on the phone at 331 home last 33 wind. Or six takes very good guys have a great weekend and they we will be back next week's your health plans.