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When welcome health plans glad you view it this morning. Chris and JD in the house Keith Clark here from the buyer's broker here ready. Showed up. 000. Chill out keep. As sexy a PGA tour. ENS for the as what they tell the caddies when they think I'm not I am not when they ultimately. That's exactly right. It's I caddie should be seen not heard of he had but to a gimmick pretty good money I didn't win if if you're gonna create an idea I golf we don't go normal for a late inning but I hit it he he does yeah. Exact comment I feel like I'm I should be sent home Friday. Feel there's a lot of us I'll read the article this week there's a to start making some traction until now fourteen instead of eight I did see that it. Yeah let's go where fourteen rooms but see I'm Marty were comport Bob put it. I think I'm all about the anywhere. But let Gloria groceries for a fact of ha ha. A there's always took an idea that's I didn't see that on the news a lot this week yes trades I think worked for states like yeah there's some might follow up. Richard O'Neill. Athletic. Here is anywhere in the World Cup where media in my World Cup's. And six weeks and again the US they get that six weeks somebody somebody tweeted on. And the things that you know if Islam is freest and Lindsey really this morning. Scott. For yeah yeah yeah you got in this. The the gains this semi finals were dislike. Crazy amazing yeah I mean like the best soccer I've ever seen in my life I mean. You know I was sob I was pulling for England and of course they just they just lost right at the very end but it was. Truly does lose two games that the the semifinal who were just amazing. Yeah I pledged let Janet Ellis a little bit of the final day. But I mean is a little more than what she lies to you lose total of zero yeah not enough for me listen Italian. You gotta try it just one I'm actually going to Charlotte tomorrow analysts Liverpool play the rarely hear did it did any of them Neill for the National Anthem no than most in London thing I'd say good point in the ass right I think they are passionate. Or they I was listening about college its global sport that about him. And so then what do you sometimes once in awhile but I don't have any interest unless you amounts because ice has got to. Acute and key and yeah picky attainment makes a big difference than you and I tell you what is funny we have a couple of guys that work for us that. Grew up over there are big soccer fans and I was talking to whom. And you know win when Liverpool played for the the championship league final. I was he he kind of reminded me of a Carolina fan cause he was like yeah can pull for them. I'm like you're from England yeah and I like you're telling me you'd rather the other Gaza with yeah. Yeah. Are you kidding me don't they don't any. Riot and I'll acquiesce and then rod after they win on the side after they lose like West Virginia has Tyson's very catches everything you know they have a listen they have agreed to the column hooligans did they do now. But. It is funny to sit down and talk once so one day I was down there and and you Liverpool's planet they infested today Vanessa and I appreciate you wearing red today he said. I never did and having these. But how will tell you this talking about being passionate true story we remain Chester which in mean tissue united Manchester City. And it was cold and rainy but we were there in the two I don't has little soldiers with a jacket over secrecy about one into the collar. We're walking in this bar and Manchester in the the bouncer pet can did you keep wearing that in here rail and lasted can't Wear way. And he said that Liverpool enters. And I was like we can only see in the picture of it he said last guy wore one of those amendments it wind up in the far. He said you can't Wear that here and he made us go we were right across street from the hotel. He made a scale of change for you let us inside that is no Jarrett while passing data. It sings perfect. They're passionate. They are coming that are around our strict about passion as we are about Ruth yes we give us real estate in on that first segment what did Summers plan we did for the shares today when he was a car to have some collars and dollars ten dollars is techsters. People who wanna know something about real estate ask us the question. Got a phone give a scholar 8664147553. We'd love to hear from him. Or course she can text assists seven wind 307 we do have the June numbers so we went to talk about that a little bit we'd much rather eat your question. Call or take your comments and 86644278553. And again the tax on 71387. Christian JD from county main mortgage. Keith Clark from the buyer's broker will be right back after this. Ash right illicit in the house plans JD and Chris from Toni Mae mortgage Keith Clark here. With the buyer's broker key hidden to the beach today said he's got to be he's already he's starting on vacation he has haven't left yet but I'm don't. I you're right I era. While hoping as a I have ever begins haven't we we'll have him here so he got a question or comment we are taking your calls today 866442. 7553. And of course text line is open as well. At 71307. We do. Have our first call again oh Robertson greens like Iraq or are you. You're more hey what's happening and they kick and I'll check out. Yeah how about you did earlier caller I don't go back yeah yeah that's. You know I live there roller tournaments although. Greeneville. And regulated so a lot of these little hole played built handmade signs copper another. They used to be everybody else's. You know everybody else does not help and how we go about my daily and they're very nice it's. Right. Well the Mallard lies out there Melissa say. Invest well how were so ill. Cash only need yearly thing and you've got a good discount war and so good you were gonna be held slippers and investors. They're my year old qualifier. I mean you know again you don't care that's. Mistrial Eric you are if you want to sell. That we can who's been a few minutes talking about. If you're going to turn yourself rescue revival awaiting my plans yelling at major player of the year even in the as I they don't qualify they go through the corner. You know wherever else your bathroom method only donated. Oh or whatever. Look at no doubt about that does some doubt I would talk to do the other day at the Clark Kimberly had ever gotten in the dark the but it schedule you're as you're gonna have a light always been filed against personal together in. That's exactly right great great comment Bellagio share your Elizabeth now as we are absolutely love ya I can't respirator as a great questions. You know router makes an excellent. Point com if you are going to buy in flee he's not talking about buying keep you start in my mind flip if you're going to buy and fully up. And then as he said there's a couple things one why you do in the renovations. There's obviously no cash flows there's a lot of cash flow going out now right how many end. But the end we have had situations. Where investors. Go to sell that property and there are some restrictions about how long you have to own it if you're doing and as they take turns. I just had one for friend of mine his son was buying a house over Spartanburg him on the people in Spartanburg who purchase a hand. They do a lot of bye and slipped as a student in commanded man our house deuce renovations that sort of thing. And some great way to make money it is it is it was a Gutierrez and they do it it pretty well. What we we didn't realize it that the title at Flint you know that they had just purchased a property like the right three weeks prior to the contrary being rained. So arraigned on FHA road which was perfect for this to we were bargains which is where a lot of those first time home buyers use the you know. And and of course the appraiser goes out and and first of all makes noted recent title flip you know that sort of thing and then not only that had a list of three or four things that need to be. Repaired. Beyoncé and to meet if they chased standard well. Yes as we find out about all that now all of a sudden we go from a thirty day contract in. Finalists out and we only have eighteen days left and we got to basically pulled chain on the bus. Yep it's just put the silenced our our over you know basically yeah. And so for FHA JD I think it's insides are yet to rules the first rule is inside ninety day yes and that's. Nokia yet no Delhi not do FHA at all. The second room Asif fury inside of a 180 days so your from not anyone to a 180. Did you have to do to appraisals. Ending you have to figure out which one is the best representation of value he and the borrower cannot be charged. That break desecrated and the other thing is you can't even write a contract until the ninth first day. I ally in erratic time trying go or not all closed for sixty speaking of bad days or whatever it is. You have to wait until the ninth first date even right contract so. If you're good if you're buying in this particular house I think it was may be around the 141 PT range journal to my dad perfect for a paycheck perfect FHA Indian what the weird part was of the borrower qualified for the yes. But AM always flip to the conventional his debt to income was a little too do you all fascinating hour and we get three weeks he worked in your next hour. Comes to my mind when you guys are talking or. That ended in the government agency and agency world. They're looking about the borrower and property that I try praying to convey you know world. They're more concerned about the value of the collateral yes. And they just look at it differently certainly so when you're looking at them the property when you begin to scrutinize the property. From a governmental agency point of the the guidelines are deep and wide in the day in they have some unique blend dry. Or are just you know one of the ones it's changed and pass a recent last couple years. Is that let's say that you have an old barn on the property or no she AM on the property that's pain it. If it has chipping paint it's gonna have to be straight and pain it. And you have to then that people are gonna laugh. But you're gonna have to take a vacuuming and after backing this Tia yes Austin our own ground because if you leave those chips they're the appraisers gonna come back and say. And you're chris' talk him out we're torn metal and yeah. 92 guesses because typically those holder properties built before 1978. Right have led based bank yet and so that becomes part of the process. Not only that I am. Well maintain his cross makes us round going next yeah you know they're gonna they're gonna take that they're also going union Nagy eager steps can only be a certain height you can't you know. If you have a day or something like out the back you have steps coming down may be required to put a hand round holes yes the analogy and now they're required to pull inspections to make sure that they've for the Iraq. It was referring to people getting into the business investing business. Call at a learning curve because you until you run -- do I guess you won't really won't believe that you won't hear you anymore you've been heavily on how come I can't sell right now this is an asset to our idea why why well and I well you can just like Roberts did the buyers got cash buyer had it yesterday well here's a little loan rule and I ran up against this week that is an FHA rule. Enough. Public so let's say your own well and septic. Couple things are there are specific guidelines about how far they have to be from each other. And how far they have to be from the property says if you're a seller you better plan on getting a survey because most your FHA. Buyers don't have the money for that net surveys can ensure the location of the drain field the location of the septic tank and the location of the whale. And here's the little known rule. Via public water is available you got to connect well. EF and and the rule is it basically what it says is if it's affordable and it can be done. And their definition of affordable. Inspires angry. Is if it costs. Less than 3% of the purchase price. Did you have to host. And so I know we have won this week 200000 dollar property got to cash out refi. And when when when the loan was done for years ago public water was not available. Today public water is available 15100 dollars to hookah we'll get swollen. Vessels have to look at yeah and you know that somebody's at a pace anatomy is yeah that's right so that's up 15100 dollar expanse secure flipper. That you need to know about and guess what you can't go around it and it's in the guide it's very specific. Another thing that we had this week it's funny when we always have these things come up. But a shared whale. Yeah RG aliens ultimately are well yes gas as it's on nightmares I. Shares their way out you guys whose property isn't typically people who find my pipeline. And you have to have a G about T have to have an agreement yet damage and well agreement and just like to get a share drab way. And so if this was all on the same loan of course the list for the whale was 45 deepen us that just. By the money and look up to learn how your mom always says sheer he toys you know Afghanistan I think dull moment sheer Wales and yeah islands. Listen up at a property we had a I had a this was crazy we have won one time where they built a small cabin on in the Jason lives. Because you're gonna build there second home. Owned a lot right on the lake. And what they did is they put in a shared septic. And you think well it's the same two people that moment and not so easy. Sure and I send you gotta be careful about things like that and the course to robbers point it'll keep you from getting your money back when you go to sell it. And those rules for FHA are very specific just like they are for US TA and end keys point. Condition of the property safety issues. All safeties and a yen yesterday and what they're doing is trying to protect the borrower yes sales absolute right. So they view it is being mother government. Managing that risk yes. I got a solution all of it in fuel. If you'll think about resale from the beginning of your real state treasurer and and he'll do much better I am talking to decline yesterday. And he was so he was talking about square footage heeded my Walt. So we'll Sebastien these rights and hasn't split bedroom ranch but he didn't really need that monitoring him and that's right well. The resale market will reward you for that bonus for him yeah may not want it in right but you may not ready he's LA yeah. And it'll be our enemy and that's going to be an imported to Anderson and in to start your real estate transaction. Of course asking how long am I going to be in the property. And name when I get ready to sell it how well among gonna do it my heart broke right now we're 68 yeah well well anyway yeah. You know one of the other things we we need to address and Keith know when you have you've worked with folks that were out by an investment properties. If if you gonna keep it you better do a cash flow analysis. And you need to remember not to count the taxes that are listed on line because they could be at a discounted rate. And you know we've talked golf and on the show about 4% vs 6%. And people playing ball at Lucas don't go up a third no it's the opposite of that goes to that are pet cats. Think it's the biggest thing that I have people getting into the investment business do not know. Yeah as the number one rule that they do not know they are at all. Surprised. When you tell them that the taxes are gonna go from 15140. Larry. Yeah actually more camera time yeah I mean it and get their attention. And of course it can have it can have a major impact on the cash player you better be calculation. And then Jenny isn't still if you are gonna get the gaming you're gonna finance at let's say that your. Gonna keep it for a while. I know there's been some changes along the value of best loan to value is 75 or laugh on a purchase is known purchase of an investment. You can go 80% and banking and it's seventy fabric I guess editorial that's gonna give me the best deals rise interest rate Geddes. Eighty in asked hey Chris I'm from start to think there's an eighty found out there's an upper around it isn't safe yet. They get into the PMI and all lab GPS 15% to put into leaking and Annan and an eighty Russia's can be a little bit 75 and better and of course 60% in in and in lower is is he had when you're already at would you take as an investment verses that there might be let's just hours don't guess I haven't haven't looked at that particular program and of course your credit scores and all of the factory and it. You'd probably go from five and three aces and is the high end a jury 85%. Say maybe four and seven eighths or maybe Fabrice and it is 60% says gonna fall into that range said he bass probably be a cordless and rain or something like well I'm. And based on what's going on in the market right now the Fed says hey now understanding the Fed controls the short end of the curve. Not the lone in the curve so short term interest rates not long term interest rates. But but they're saying that based on the recent inflation numbers that they're probably increased more than what they originally saying it lets you down more common. Which is gonna flatten out the curve and can actually flipped it upside down which is no excuse me. I'm not enough so glad I have I have a prospective client that is gonna sell their roaming and then get out of the primary. Business thing right seller existing own image into a family a family friend's home right and and they're concerned about. Hey recession this theory that's their rationale increases said eat things that they were. Martin take. Recession well I just I just think that. You know we've been in this alone. Period of expansion and you know part of the Fed's job is to keep inflation down last on the number came out I think it was 2.3. In the theater to gives them heart burn. Incentive you know we would expect the inter react accordingly. And it is always possible that they can get too aggressive and put the brakes on the whole fine. And yeah I mean trump was a young child was only news got a battle apparently after yet. I don't slow me down a slow me down he can do anything about it and I Nash and I have a well listen we're gonna head into our body outbreak by the lines are open and we love to talk to you today at 866. For four to 7553. Attacks on will remain open as well as seven went 307. You listen to Chris and JD from county main mortgage Keith caught for the buyer's broker. This house plans radio show and we're going to be back right after this. Welcome back you listen in the house plans christened JD from carrying bank mortgage in the house Keith Clark from the buyers burger here to take your question Carl's comment. Buying selling. Anything to do it realists they give us shell this morning and 866. Four fort city 75 feet 23 or you can reach just old are you breaches in the text lines are. At 71 and three 7713. Or seven so key this week. Fannie Mae came out cut their forecast moving forward. They said he's not only is busy as we thought it was gonna be and of course they're talking about on the national level and then I think I you shouldn't our had done the same time. Yeah one numbers now token efforts you barber on Wednesday that a broker died at the border real person. And we were chatting about it internationally. It's flattened dale thanks so around the country. But in our market of course were a year to date about a half percent although this month we're gonna go over the numbers. This month it was flat was up one and a half percent a thing yeah so nobody knows but what I think we predicted two or 3%. In ended beginning first quarter of most of the second quarter were thinking this is we're gonna have another record. Big record years and a like percent well the you know the conversation is going on out there is paid their the reason they're cut their forecast is because there's nothing about you and you know what I'm not sure rob I'm buying into that rationale. In terms of I think you're just seeing a flattening of the market I don't think it's all human Torre. Driven. In in our market because the market is expanding so it's not. We are growing at a higher rate. Because of the migration to the southeast. In so you can just count on our market continuing to drive prices continuing to arise. In in not even consider getting back into the investment game but Kaiser is I think over the next twenty years. We will be a big CD yeah and so you're gonna continue to see. Domain and mail won the anomalies that happens in the suburban market. He's they believe it or not he continues to expand geographically. Shirt and prices in separate fetal areas. Actually become more competitive. So if you look in Atlanta. If you're within thirty minutes or forty minutes of damned tea you have a drew a much greater domain and that's you know as one and a half mile. Yeah. If you go up 402 the parade feel areas may be an hour's drive to school I earned it. You get a much more moderate pricing yet a lot more house for your money you'll have large huge neighborhoods with great immunities. And but. But the cost years annex for the drive well let's train you can get your prescription trends that that drive is crazy we quickly I have I have family had lived there and they did exactly what you say Keith hey. We won't this size on the sized lot with these features and so they bow out in the enough at one point in time you know she was working downfield. And she was sly is the craziest things so we're pretty good guys from thirty to an hour hour and a half hour and a half an online hour and a half everyday or you can the end SS yeah crazy come out and and it's not an hour and a half at sixty I is an hour and a half between eight and 2010 miles an hour yeah that's enough to drive the bad even. When we were talking about the numbers a little bit so. You know one of the things I did notice Keith he brought it up as inventory says what we're hearing. Around. Around us national scene is inventories probably inventories problem here. Actually. This month if you look year over year were up 17%. And inventory with 4690. Homes for sale. And and four point five months of inventory in the last couple months that's that's increased. And so we're moving more and more toward that six. Mines which will put the market pretty much an equilibrium. Yep an annual continued to see the death I was out with her friend yesterday. Sorry I care about them. In and you out to chestnut oaks all the way out we're Jamie Lyn yeah yeah and they're building us labels putting out blitz like. 200 block neighborhood out there but they're widening Woodruff road and it's gonna look it reminds me Jimmy Carter boulevard in Atlanta cure fifteen years again. But you're gonna continue to see our market expand geographically. All the way out to wanna warn damning to fail me and TM powder Israel's giving it Kristina here that. Yes they're they're starting to be money them powder yellow if you only nor siding TR it is growing this fast is taking ground. Now there's a little bit of a unique dynamic there. Dan in ships and feel so really the market is expanding geographically yeah it's we'll continue to. Yeah well go out now a Middle East ideas seems like even on the east the outside the sat at ten where well where where did. Nobody needs to know about these. About it and it probably GE get you get a three square acre lot. Are you have a lot and it turns to a neighborhood and I get neighborhood had a three acres and late Monday there was glass on a low infield bill going down Pelham road where they get the little gate up in the both your houses in the area and I've not talked Ahmed until I hate how in my Giuliani. Talked to some residents this week about creating. A Pelham road residents dot com organization. Because if you don't get ahead of the developers and knocking some of my friends and colleagues. Are part of that zoning vote they never solid development native lives in Canada. Does it hit Jesse. Week this the in Hilton is they have destroyed. Hilton head yeah. But development it is absolutely. Robby are only a hot greasy seventy minimum bill every square area haven't closed at restaurants part time because they can't do it staffed phone to and to war they have no place to live. This staff has to draft 45 minutes into the deal and it and for the wages they won't do it anymore right in so Smart growth. Needs to really be part of one particularly. Its Greenville leaps forward from a mediums as market moving towards a larger market. Well you know I want to thank you ranked you brought up earlier Keith is. You know it was flat in gene. But still a lot of activity thirteen 171. Homes sold in the Greenville MLS verses thirteen 53. One point 3%. Over last year. And then of course year today. How would I would think we will still have a record year. Eight and a half percent with 6800. Sold in the first half of the year vs 6200 last year. And so steel eight and a half. CNN older Grail and the buzz is still everybody's busy as they can be sure to if you just talked to the to the community to the real state community they'll tell you they're always busy is a committee. Yeah I'll disagree with that you know and I'll tell you this they're they're. If there's still a little bit of a backlog. Of people trying to find the right home sure OK there's a lot of people circling out deer looking for the right time. So piano I agree I agree with you that in their right blames an inventory. Are in problem and I think there is a little bit and match it matter what I mean about daddy is. People there's still a lot of buyers are first time homebuyers especially that are out there and can't find that what I could you the quote and quote perfect home for what they want. You guys out there is an inventory shortage I didn't mean to imply that there's not any maternity and improving but yes it's improving a little. And our king. Buying into the fact that the reason the numbers are flat a little bit is because it him into. I think that pricing has become an issue and particularly. Italy meals don't have the resources. This now Mary in the gang they've gotten into the game where three or four years ago they really were you sitting on the sidelines. So they're out there. But there's there's some headwinds for the million house. You've got to up how pricing. Interest rates are taking up inventory is scarce you they're having to compromise a little bit cured whereas. Six are maybe if you go back two years. That first time home buyer was just being patient defend the rights council right does that. Yours for expression tale of course I had ratio they drop back a little bit this week but in them but to long term they're gone yeah well it and of course let's not forget a lot of people if you do you case the national news wherever it comes for a a lot of folks see day short term rate going up and they think its impact in the long term rates. And in they think that it's the long term rates have moved up in the war you know but right now if you're getting a prom plus any thing. You get a fixed rate lower than that any. Yes Ryan there via absolutely create three opportunities which. Some twenty dollar you going to give the same interest rate up that high got Communist way humans we have to resent you sitting now really all that dream about laziness is your kidneys and get it for you. And guess twelve apple is yet as of twelve point asked we kept it. They'll cost you are welcome to outfit during an gambit in a foreigner anyway I Lucinda found it will be back after this. Boy welcome back elicit the house plans final segment of the show. We. Want your calls at 866442. Sending fat 53. And that takes on as open as well as 713 or seven appreciate Robertson takes over. He was gives you get topic about the cash question of course we went down than FHA rare and Jason ran a little Linton. Yeah up and talk about all those things you need to think about if you don't flip it won its latest this week for you started. I did receive. Three refinance. Phone calls this week. Yeah one was about about the Emma. Yeah are you still Canada yeah and to where they take a home equity line question. And our they have a home equity lines and seen their payment go you're sitting in the rate go. Cannot come bound the first mortgage needed to. Can get into a fixed rate situation here so yeah I have so. Lately because you know the the expectation is that they that is going to need continue to raise rates that we'll have a increase rate in your key blah most likely that's gonna happen and so when that happens you need to be prepared forward. And so some people are saying I think I'll lock this puppy and of course racer terrible in mid this past the worst are out here I think half. I isolated and think about it what you know right before I went to liberate JD you were talking about Tom. You know who didn't lower rates and things of that nature and and while we're during their break I've seen more and more people asking about paying points. So might be out of a pretty good opportunity right now just talk about that so you're getting your loan. And united do you pay points do you not pay points. And I think the most important thing is you know your interest rate on your mortgage is not a not a bad you can Wear only assured it doesn't mean when you. And maybe learning not a way to get a Afghan death and so the question is what's the math book light right at the end it's all about the math you know of course. You know. Typically when someone calls me and were talking about different options you know I ease accounting give on the day ABC the you know hey here's. Here's a here's a rate acting gay chief Steve do you wanna pay some points and here's one we know point and here's one with some under credit or whatever. And down you know most of the time people kind of look at via peoples still sort of frown on points a little bit but then. Restart or reset special line where people can will consider paying at some points. To get their rate down to where they wanted to share but again it's a math equation how much he gonna have to spend up front. To be able to save it twenty dollars a month in the context JD Marie and that the key variable is how long they're going to be in the house trying to write idiocy really is our in terms of pay back into it makes it well and not not how long it looming in the house how lonely to me in the long in the home yet yes right hand and just make could be two different answer Fiat and out to you this you know what I must favor saying symbol especially coming face to face for the client. And I'll say OK we don't have disband 400000 dollar deal say there is a half point which is 2000 dollars gonna say Troy dollars a month. Do you wanna go ahead and write a check to me right now for 2000 dollars LC du twenty dollars back for her you know her as long as you're in this one yet and. And that's exactly right whenever you you know sometimes the whole points thing can be confusing. But here's here's what it is prepaid interest yes he's gonna pay me now because you don't wanna pay me later. And so is there a discount there yes as long as you're in the alone. For particular period of time suing JD's example. If you pay me 2000 dollars now to save twenty dollars in my do the math. A year write me a check for two grand announcing huge point dollars back a month for loan journal and amp for from the accounted in me. That prepaid interest is deductible on your return now. There's going to be some changes to LA access okay. Well and of course you know the that is the thing that comes up there as you know they're raising their individual deductions so that they can people are not itemized right forward. And says. To your point it may be deductible which you may not be above item nations says. It may not save you anything just your deduction is going to be twelve over is twelve or twelfth. It's going to be I don't remember but it it's been a yet and the mayor is like 2024. Something like that that's crazy as it channel well listen we got another question on the tax while we appreciate the textures if you've got a question she's detector 71307. And the question is. What's the best way to about raw land property looking at seventeen acres up just outside an area. Financing options should be at least 20% dial and so as a general rule you know. What we do in the secondary market you can't do all raw land. But he you're gonna about raw land I think you know the first thing is you got to make sure. We're gonna hit the financing banana key tools to talk about that a little bit of the financing is gonna depend on the home. What you're doing so accounting banging. We would prefer that to a banker and you know you could college 83314663. Or she didn't email at ask JD Kenny may mortgage dot com and we would who Cuba. Where they banker. And it would then look at the financing. And so we've is it really depends on which gonna do with it if you're gonna buy it and build on the and we were treated like a lot long. Which generally give you twelve months interest only. And then. If you're. If you're looking to do something else within that may change the financing your view of him for longer term financing. Own role and it's out there yet just this little tougher to find of course Sheehan missed a time when you round land are a lot. Com in the plan needs to be in place some when you're going to build on that property is far as a primary residence gays. You know as. The question shirt on so I ask and then I know keys wants to could. Is yeah you know this is akin dominoes so the question is what he annuity and do anything yet. And and a lot of times people don't think about half I got an answer to liquidity right so if you are baton change your man liquidity your money's data may not be able to get it out as quickly. Inspecting and testing. Yeah I environmental. Serve I park past you wanted to rip people think when they battling and they don't think about is disc into me I'll yeah. Well we got an answer to our question what are you gonna do really just bind deal so in that particular situation 20% down as a general rule. Get a one year in geology. Are you going to do it when you're gonna be okay that'll determine how loan Muni debt financing the war yes but in most cases what we see is people say I have when do and I'm gonna build in the next year. And see getting the interest only loan that property hold that until you're ready to roll in to the construction. Loan and then we get to the construction side. You have to make up your mind you wanna do construction only. Or do you wanna do it construction apparent how you want a row. You know I can't on the real state side you can do typically due diligence would be. Own a piece of Rawle landing you would wanna go in target survey at don't just yes it did which is I have characterized seventeen acres or eighteen acres. Make sure there are no encroachments financing credit surveys on. Mutual rights of way you know a lot of times you'll see it. A drive way over the age of the proper cure and because the because of flu are on a farmer bail. They ended it really matters them that was easiest way to cut that he driveway in a buzz he's dead now will be a deal. But later only becomes an issue. Well I would tell you this to one of the things that you wanna look at what you're gonna buy and Ian if you appeal on seventeen acres. Is okay what are you are are you gonna cut it to teach you know. Because you know after guiding cultural force its well let's talk about appraise it and you know Foreman appraisal perspective. You're going to wont to. You know obviously in the land may be as much as possible but by the same respect is going to be more difficult to find parables. On seventeen acres than in his bat so a lot of towns will see people cut out a flag pole lie. A five acres and then the rest of the property is not going to be mortgage eastern weaned when you get rid need to do. Do your construction in or permanent financing said the measure things that you're gonna wanna consider T. And then like you said Keith what about encroachments were about finished uneasiness histories to serve seventeen anchor right I mean I would I can really. If you and number but I'm gets interesting fact 2000 linguist and a yeah in and and how much is involved yeah well and depending upon when's the last comments are tracks are you out there looking for the rot that was in the stream that was two steps to the left. Are you looking for a pianist and yes or actually the caller her text or has already thought about all these sheer it's not there in a panic right now yeah. But I will say we can certainly help with a lot financing just give JD a college 331 home that's 3314663. And Keith construction has been really busy because of the the little immature and it seems. Because that go somewhere else somebody up I am a little more here amounts in the home. Buyer's broker saying number 420 I think if I can't talk yet Anderson this facial land and I mean not that way yes probably right get a bye announces probably right now Gianna trying. We you know back to the numbers Keith you're talking a little earlier about median price median price and Jeanne in the Greenville market was two three. Which is up by ten point 2% year over year that's pretty healthy increase. It is in near you it looks like. There there's gonna continue to be price pressure both in the damn camera in the suburban markets multiple offers are still. Very common particularly the entry level and really up to the median price. Yeah absolutely and then of course you know we we always covered the Charleston numbers interesting thing down in Charleston. Is in Charleston he had 19127. Transactions over 2003 so actually dang only three point 8%. And they continue to struggle and inventory. With the only 5300 houses for sale which inventory continues to drop there down eleven and a half percent. In 2000 transaction six months and equilibrium would. We yield about 121000. Hey you acquiesce there about three months in the Yang inventories on danced. I say that now they have an inventory per hour yes yes that's an inventory problem problem yeah that's correct. So anyway I know somebody that today you know it probably is thinking be open in three directions. Australia I'm. Our once I Arizona I'm excited when you are especially coming years James Allen. Out the following an all at the all that sorry you know the is probably right and Harry mountaineer and he has exactly you know west as she's got to keep on going. You know yourself. Well I think we talk a lot today about what's going on in the market with the national news is what Cheney said what an arson. But let's not forget all real estate is local right he's it is an easy area is different than the east side east that is different from down tying home. And goals and objectives you can't talk about them enough both on the long side right. 312. You make your money on the house you Melanie and I I think I. Now that I myself as I say yeah that's right that's right well listen if you need some help looking for pre some property got questions that you didn't get on the air today. You can always preaches that ask JD at county bank mortgage dot com. Or you can give a serene it 331 home that's 331. 4663. You guys have a great week in to get anything enjoyed a speech to her mask tied we'll see you next week.