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Saturday, August 12th

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When welcomed the house plans glad you can be with us this morning and how's everybody doing doing great team. Dear by guard him there perfect. Perfect thanks and a teacher Keith eligible scrambling to Africa becomes like talking too much shop before steady and that's Thermo nuclear war before. Yes I. I go lower longest border without deteriorate. I. I would really approve of the way and begin to have them here in the area about Bloomington in the end that's that's probably at people it's golf three and a half he got three and a half. Hello and and of course is exactly you know that the interesting thing about it is we did. If you looked at traditional. Spreads. Between. The ten year treasury and mortgage rates you know we bumped up against that several times to weigh here. It didn't. The math didn't stay the same writer as a number than investors will not take less than the ash try and if I remember correctly. You you probably know more than me could you quote more rate but. Which you get to that. Three and a half on a thirty year Phoenix. Asked about is that low is bill gas there's a floor they even if rates were negative guy they would just say they're just not worth our contract. Probably got says yeah you're right about that the arena number and let down like three and a quarter for couple weeks later yeah that's somebody that I mean it lazy and you might add pale but it points to get that at one point you know as as obviously in half threes down -- I do know we did a couple of fifteens that two and a half I get to a seventh because in this whole lot. Sixty days in new construction SE people don't believe that yeah. Yeah leaving you know fifteen your faith and victory and a IE let's pay about a half point to get their act that's amazing to me yes and I experienced it is this unit rates are really good. Com you know we we we they keep me Diddy to get everybody on the knees and come out ready to go ahead and iron. We had several calls had a at a radio listener call this to radio listeners call this week one was. I get a little cash out to some of improvements and you get him wanted to it's. She's in a 31 do another thirty and in and we actually Sager a little money and got her some cash. And cutter radeon and I don't let you know candidates and would you like you would you like a pound cash and save some money yeah strikes Andrea she says I think I'll do it and I app and then they I had another one we did little by about the amount of them at that separately he was excited it was it was yes that's its investor when we got to get back of that commodity that's still want to recently units that the home run people need. You know listen in and this is the calls. Yeah we talked about the numbers we're gonna talk more bottom you know later but. Little bit of a perfect storm is just perfect storm here you get that permanent PMI on every FHA alliances 2013. Yeah we checked at night to check again today in July a year to have a guy I was before year's already last. I SO and then you've also got a lot of people first time home buyers jumped in the game here in the last three or four years have. Mostly PM on at their paying. And so you've got all and now you've got values that it doughnut backtracked you know how much in four years isn't in place for years I'd say 20%. I have lovely you know we can refinance and get ready European for a race are still good now sometimes you can improve your rate. You know I worry about paying him does a decent waste of money to me well hey sue him. What do you do when when you about the in my year you're paying an insurance premium. For the lender that you are not gonna default and try okay that's what you're doing I mean your buying insurance. Against default for the winter and an FHA's case for the government. And just think about that a hundred dollars you know a lot of people are unplug and these days yeah he had DirecTV alene Akins. Taguchi one more receiver with an hour and a half happy. But it it is very true that the cup because of that little bit a perfect storm and I would say. You know maybe not within a year you know that that's probably not enough time but if you don't your house more than the eighteen months. The end you have a FHA or US TA loan. You should take a pay UN CAA may be a little bit of a challenge because it could be rural. You might not get that price and pretty bright but but FHA if you had it if certainly if you've had for years as a. Intelligentsia and Terrence 200000 dollar and I'm getting and I have got a client that that is building. Up a big box. And a production home in how they achieve that they could they they secured PM they did. A mortgage into the closing calls but I ABBA achieved. That if they called Kenney bank they can that can refile out of it the day after close and indeed and have a better mortgage problem. Probably sent them. I Wii product is keenly yeah a lot of people familiar with the Montebello. Here in tea on you know we had appraisal coming in I mean it was it was over purchase price which is pretty did Eunice and key. Who for purchase price is somebody got to deal might get some nice getting a deal to kind of match how. Let's go telling the right answer nobody listening necessarily that I don't worry about all this important and it's your first British show if you got a question or comment a phone lines will be open 866. Or four to 7553. Text line is open as well it's 71307. Issued us a text. Will get back to you you're listen houseplants. JD Chris from Johnny Maine mortgage keys carpet the buyer's broker will be back after this. Welcome back you listen to house plans JD in Chris and Kenny Mayne mortgage Keith Clark with the buyer's broker. We are taking your texts and phone calls today if you've got a question about buying selling anything to do liberal state. Give us a ring at 86644. To 7553. This 866442. 7553. In the takes on his open as well at seven point three or seventh. And that's that takes on their popular feature we would love to. I hear from you if you got a question about buying selling lot of buying and selling going on key thing. So you think the market numbers right yes yes all the numbers are record numbers we had to win a huddle yesterday downtown with the insurance and investments in trust and banking and everybody in to our usual Friday morning Connell. And you know Kennedy did you get down they need to Bastille it was sound like a broken record a little bit because. You know seems like every single year and a year after year after year we're sitting in the record and down in think sometimes are still surprised Ian looks a gay. Yeah yeah I would agree with that that's that's kind of the feel I guess it really is is still going home but. Once again the perception is that rates have risen right now try and and while while it is true on the short end of the curve the rates have gone up a little bit. On the long end of the curve they continue to be very very dude. And via the pressure on the affordability index right now as in price not. And right yes that track united and so on is affecting the market we're seeing a slowing the rate of increase is slowing via. Yeah that's exactly right. We had a and it takes an insulting through. Can't confirm and her appointment affirming their point and that's exactly right actually it's it's these are real estate agent ever Spartanburg. This is the show is called in feet yes some curve balls at the time he's gonna run into in. Anyway we're gonna take a look at a refinance I think on I'm Monday morning eleven feet elicits the show religiously and baggy. Because this way can he said I gotta be a lot this week out there that we aren't out yet. Yes it will be probably last so anyway it was it was case. A busy time of the year with vacations and yeah. Absolutely but you know the the pressure on that end the the curb rock I started to read several things. About people being concerned about the market which I thought this kind of interest thing out sing nothing about it. Improvement and end this week are really did start to see in I'm talking about nationally not locally. Some are I think one of the titles are my only yields back away from FHA loan. Hello and. You know and it was talking about how they they really don't like the the permanent in my eyes and how they'd rather save a little would put a little more down and and I've did drop another one and a half percent on the go Comanche if you are only get Fannie Mae and 797. But solve that and then I saw on. A lot of conversation about the the higher end of the market you know one of the comments that it's kind of funny was. An article that he sent me in his said. Can you believe this house in Brooklyn so for fifteen million which is 40% less than and so forth. At the top of the market right now at fifty million still alive yes. And then the comments on the little blog comments was fifty million of Brooklyn are you didn't make it's. You know it let's let's not get confused because. Is key says often all real estate is local to attract and and it also the PMs and what's drab and that local market. You know in in the lucky for us it appears to be folks retiring in relocating is Willis jobs. And and when you have growth in the real estate market based on jobs and activity in the real estate market it's certainly a lot better than speculation. Yeah ideas it is an ism is more healthy. It is he had never been the Brooklyn but I can't imagine there's any thing their mama spent fifteen million on you know that is nice. He has stopped on the way to Manhattan that's where Brittany had a backpack and a foot of native is just kind of interesting that that was the common well we can't we've had have an ongoing conversation for a couple weeks and we will continue to have that conversation about. The upper end of the market. Right in statistical analysis that we usually get from the border for is usually above 300. But above 600 is really where the top into the market ism and then it you know because of that the RC a little bit of inventory accumulating there when there wasn't there. Three or four years again yes and and it will be interesting to see because nationally are read article this week that talked about. At the top into the market prices. Are at new all time it's. So in the very top into the market now this is of a macro picture later country. That prices in the in the large homes. Have reached new all time secure so in our market that would be in the suburbs. A 175. Dollars a square for two you know hundred navy may be a little more in just couple few neighborhoods. Whereas before the downturn. He was in that 150 to 160 range was church in the top of the mark. I remember in 2000 and Keith Clark said hey I think he should just hold what you guys I think yesterday. You know sit down a lot in the oh yeah Hollywood guy how this morning that about him and eject but they were Jeff and yeah when designing and I'm happy it's crazy to hold with two guys. Senate and they get a look at it all the guys that did the yes I did not only did OK that probably better than they would've expected yeah that's exactly right so if you got a question are coming give answering 866. 4427. He's got 53 that takes line is open as well at seven point 307. And yeah take you know Eddie obviously liked just partially we have a lot of a lot more in the resigning as category this week a lot of people's. Inquiring at least about. Maybe take its equity out of my investment and I don't in this kind of in. Sting out newspaper last month was the highest number of purchase. As a percentage of total business that we've ever had. And it was 82%. Of the worry is that we close. 82% control and we closed for purchase business ascent and we and we still had a a above average mines so it was a very strong for us. And of course we had an amazing. Jeanne. And gene was about 7475%. Purchased business and so. You know it is and that's in the first two maybe two or three years again right yeah I certainly you know if you look at that if you go back in the huge thing to do this to go back and today that JD and I started. In the mortgage business go all the way back to 2001 and I would be willing to bet that. Seventy to 75%. Of all the business we've done over those years has been reached up this right because you know. This is gonna sound insane to some of the people listening but when JD and I started in this business rates were eight. And we felt that was a great deal yes. I NG 78 sub eight and and we were refinancing folks. That had double BT and eleven yeah I mean we we were doing nine and of course the world was a different place in need you didn't have a lot of them. Internet marketing and things that you had today we were we were doing good ol' fashioned snail mail direct mail. Campaign kids straight males and work pressure I felt very were we were mailing to people that had double digits yeah. And saying hey if you parity double digits give us shall. And refinancing people in a and is just kind of interesting how the rates have moved. Since we moved into the business. I'm never forget we had a iams it was called mortgage expo at the time I got here remember exactly when that was an Internet league cup that was a first in an elite company that the Internet started the year really kind of taken off and and down there are people getting les and I remember you when we get it. Tend leads a day is ready rates for dropping so fast acting and we we get about ten or twelve lead today in a man he called up and only literally a member us all talk and has like fish in a barrel. Yeah I Susie animal fur and Iraqi Donny did this southern boy get back at CN you know. And just remember hell yes and you know when. You guys are talking about interest rates and the difference between eight and four. That from a real estate perspective what that means is the median price or average per average price is being good place to discuss average price the average price of a home. Would be double today. As is what it was at Wimbledon I try powerful yeah dry here and and you sing to production builders push. The new home construction up to 400000. Dollars and why because. Interest rates are so low you can buy significantly more house for your money yeah yeah abs. Lately Willis you know I think that's that's an excellent conversation I haven't and I also think about this when when the downturn. Happened in the fair did what they did to rates. You know with that was in the fall of 2000 and then. We had the same conversation about will. How temporary is this. And and so here we are eight years later. And it it's become the new no warm so from a psychological perspective. What happens when they do get to see it in there's going to be a whole generation. It thinks that's insane because we. Being in the industry we thought well this'll last you know this. The you've got to give doll this 4% 5% money I guess we'll tell you he's got to get out this 5% money you can get because it's never going to be lower than this and and here we are. Eight years later and it's it's less than it was thing and and says it's going to be interesting to see what people do when when race when it is sixty are bailed out of this double outrageous. Fast fact I. Aircraft. If last darkness. And play contact Alex we're very thankful to get that off my balance yeah yeah. Absolutely will listen if you got a question about buying selling anything to do with the real estate we'd love to hear from this point 86644278553. Or you can hit us on the text line. Seven wine net 307 that seven point. Three seven any question that you get about real state would love to hear about it we do have the numbers keep the numbers are out and I was a little surprised. That. Particularly in the in the Charleston market now the Charleston market. Is still growing and there's a lot going on down there but I was surprised in the month if you compare here June and July. There are 300 less sales. In in July than there was in jeans and that that kind of shocked me but it was still above last year. So it in the month the gene. There were 19192. Sales in the month of July they were 16183. Now still he would you know they're up 6% in total. But I I really was surprised by that variance in the number. Well that there will be a seasonal. Yeah I beat him because that that doesn't make sense here I'm looking back now that number. An and you're right this is 1990 but my guess is. Is the man is a timing issue has a little blow and we don't mind Clinton because there shouldn't be that much to spared a month over month. Now there are seasonal changes as we. As we are going into from July into August you'll see those numbers start to plummet. As we go into the fall months after Labor Day I can't say this. I remember I remember the image you know I'm a calendar for enemy but I remember we had. Like forty closings on the 29 and third yes and here is you laughed but worth film like a tease day I think says nobody was close in on the Monday Leo well it's easy or that when everything has packed. In the past few days and you eat you talk about forty closings just for. If for mortgage company like us yet there's probably a lot of it that was going on and I have a little bit to do with that you're just when Gallagher yeah timing a little bit yeah different but. Now. No no area of concern because and in the Charleston market it was still. One of one point 1% above prior year any few lucky year today track you got 101900. Cells and and it's up 6%. And says a good numbers does that's a good number yeah now tell you that the number that did. I guess I shouldn't BC prize could set. I shouldn't be surprised because of the lack of inventory but wow median price not average price but median price. And that Charleston coastal market is 250000. Which is up four point six year over year. 250 S fifty. Well and fact if you look at it nationally. It broke 200000. For the first time ever so the median price this details on this came out in an article I read last week. The east median price broke the 200000000. Dollar mark for the first time ever. Wow. And Keith you are they talking about that from my a housing shortage perspective. Because you know over the last six to nine months I've seen lots of conversation nationally. About lack of inventory is saying problem that that we haven't yet there is helping you know the market is. It did feel stable. And comfortable and hail thing right but there are some anomalies they were not normal. Prior to the damn turn theirs is a different matrix of things going on in a real state market. That are unintended consequences of government intervention in the downturn. Absolutely. Well listen we're gonna head into our bottom of the hour break in the news we do. Appreciate our listeners out there and if you can give us a shout if you got a question about buying. Selling anything to do with the real estate we'd love to hear from you 866. 44 to 7553. Or you can hit us on the tax line at 71 and 307 that seven. 13 is seven your list and houseplants christened JD. From county bank mortgage Keith Clark from the buyer's broker. We'll be right back after this. Boy welcome back you're lowest in the house plans glad you can be Willis today. Mom really appreciate all the listeners updated you've got a question about buying selling. Anything to do with the real estate give us shall 86644. To 7553. Or you can hit us on the tax climate seven not one end. 307 that 713 or seven we do have our first caller of the day were going over to common dream of the morning time. Good morning sir how are you doing we're great what do we do is we OK I have four but dilemma. I have I have a few properties in Greenville, South Carolina that I am wishing to eventually settled but it does that present time I'm going to buy a piece of investment property parental. OK okay no problem is able to loan the whole amount they don't won't too low no. I'm Heather all the amount of money except brought 30000 dollars OK so where do I go from there. OK senator what's that purchase price. Without. OK and you wanna put Danny owned. The majority of that only finance thirty you're finding you're having a hard time finding somebody. They'll make a loan that small yet yup great great question and I do see that happening. From TomTom your best bet is going to be a small. Local community bank in or credit union. That they can make a loan that small and and won't have a problem. We're the size of it without personal I don't know what that they they would be a real estate loan in most cases it would be a real estate loan unless you have. Some other collateral. A CD or something like that that you like peas. And it would most likely be a teen and her fifteen year. Media to a thirty year amateurs nation British probably only gonna have a fixed rate on it for five years. Seven years something like that. And but that's where you're going to get that loan because in most cases going into the secondary market. The the mortgage companies won't not make a loan that small because they've done quite frankly the way the government has has designed that you keep making money on the that story happened oh it's deterring and mortar companies are here. Okay Ottawa portrait yet they will listen I will tell you know county bank not only do we have a mortgage company we do have the bank side as well. So if you want to give us a shout or shoot us an email you can cheat an email to ask. JD at county bank mortgage dot com and and more have one of our bankers call you and in Kennelly you know kind of product we have that available. And at least you can see was out there one other recommendation is. Some people are getting a home equity loan on their their present their their current residence yes and then using that to buy it. It gives you a little bit more flexibility so a couple of things to think about the will be happy to help you. And there are some tax advantages. To that as well and at that we're really not to sit down and Tom talked to somebody a match here. Long term goals and objectives at best she's Tyson bit she severe cash because may or may not be the right approach to put your money in the deal. Just right that was my other room. Question what about the tax cut that's that don't let this thing. We have a limiting interest on the loans going to be deductible on both cases where there was an investment property. And or a primary residence by the highs in Vichy severe cash may not be. In sad yeah investment. Propp now will tell you this if you decide that day you only wanna put 25% and you're going to be getting. You know who the best rate that's available and then he could do thirty year financing and and your cash flow. May look you know pretty solid so that's that's from a customize mortgage solution that's something you might wanna consider. But. You know that when you're blown up closer to that fifteen number. And you know what you get closer to fifty you'll find many more mortgage companies would be willing to do. Ride OK okay. Yes sir that's what I've heard that the day it was trying the debt to income ratio I haven't done. 5060%. Down. That strike. Okay are actually the low you can shoot daddy now and ask JD at county bank mortgage dot com will be happy to help. All right thank you Keith you know one of the things that what we've been talking a lot about the market only. Upper end of the market but I think couple weeks ago you came in instead gave a number that like a 23% of the homes. Out there and this is a national number are owned by investors and I will say. Just like Tom we have had meaning many folks. Trying to do investment purchases. I hear recently and I think to try on the locking and that is. Low interest rate now you know Chris I was shocked about it number I could have in fact I'm not sure it's just hard for me to believe that right. But having said that one or the other elements of the article was that. It's not institutional investors there are institution there is institute a shooting and a proud in the residential. Investment market but the article focused on the fact that. You would be surprised. At how many people don't other homes in their own neighborhood church and so during the downturn might have been a foreclosure and I don't do their earnings out in the round ever purchased it. And then when you think about the numbers to quantities. Of investment properties in their neighborhood he gives them some control over maintain in those properties keep an hour labor of their neighborhood. So two it's a complicated market. Yeah I mean it did a very very inching I think it too deals that we had worked in this weaker in the last month and one of them. The gentleman owned his house freeing clear and eighteen other. Properties and you would think well gosh this is full time job knows her he had a full time that's remarkable and all of them more free and clear he was looking to buy a couple more. And then not another one that we had was a gentleman that. Not only his own business and was looking foreign investment and he was gonna make purchase of two. Condo properties investment properties up in the Clinton area. Foreign investment reason. And so we have seen a lot of investment activity out there and of course during the downturn it was extremely restricted. As far as loan to value what you can do when you can do it coming property to known and the underwriting was very beer restrictive. And they don't on you know you can buy the investment property was as little as 15% down. You will have mortgage insurance on it but if you're looking to get the best long term fixed rate you're gonna wanna bring 25%. To the table and also in two to your point about them being local. I have seen a lot of that we're hay out owned this house and own my house by house is now. And they may just have that as part of their portfolio of any meaning many cases. You know it was that. Hundred and in 5285000. Dollar neighborhood. And deer in the downturn in the bonus for closure for 85000 try to put it fifteen minutes and only have a hundred. In the deal and now they're at least in the property for 151618100. Dollar try. And they're happy happy that's right and you know a lot of people we remember Chris turned a downturn we're doing an in self directed our eyes yes Reimer how that got popular singer and putting real state incentives. Instead the people they had the wherewithal. Two to take advantage of the downturn dude just did terrifically well yeah talked early in in the first segment about. About our advice and in 20091011. In there about you need to hang only your real state if you teams coming back here yet and anyway it. Now we begin a techsters said if you're fifty plus something that includes me keep us I think in the category. It says you can remember when rates were in the high teens. And the 28. And you know I was not active in the mortgage market the M but I do remember my parents. Talking about that and you know the first mortgage they ever had. Was was in the teeth and they're going back a long way email you back to that a try against really the seventies when things got ridiculous when yes Carter was president outright and then shortly thereafter but most of my act first part of my house or ours making pizzas in the assessment before I think we are trying to change into a real estate an advantage we have to we are more in our case they try and look at tonight. But but in that period there early part of my career from about 91988. To. Too I guess nine fast. Interest rates were in that eight to ten running stay when your team and today to 76. To five in a horse or started to count them at. Absolutely Melissa we are gonna head into our final break of the day we appreciate our listeners out there if you've got a question about buying selling. Anything to do the real state your position out 86644. To 7553. Or you can hit us on the text line seven no one and 30797. One in 307. I you listen into you house plans Chris Roberts from Kearney bank mortgage and house Keith Clark from the buyer's broker we get back from the spinal break. We don't do the numbers we have the numbers for July for the upstate EM four Charleston and we're gonna give you the heads up on what's going on in the market the market this great great to great. We'll be right back after this message. Oh welcome back Chris routers with county bank mortgage in the house Keith Clark. With the buyers wrecker. JD is doing his second profession this morning. Isn't here. Yes he's he's baseball guy Jason thanks so casually or higher that's right he's only he's on the baseball coaching them. Tran they probably don't get rained on today bit he'll handle it right he's at that time of his life drew that's how district twelve or something like that the 1112 somewhere in that range. And baseball as the world is turning there are there any place absolutely no doubt about it Melissa. We do have the numbers the July numbers are Rihanna sought Bollywood take a minute just to talk about a of course if you've got a question. About buying selling. Anything to do the rules state you can always give is a Shalit 86644. To 7553. Or hiss on the text on it 71 in the 30771307. So let's talk about green wolf we talked a little bit earlier in the show about what's going known enough. In Charleston and let's talk a little bit about green below a number of sales during the month of July. At 1216. Which is over 1176. In the prior year that's at 3.4 percent. Very healthy enough. It is that the rate of increase is slowing a little bit yeah so we're we're gonna see a flattening of the rate of increase maybe even by the fourth quarter you see the same as last year yeah we haven't had a year over year decrease in. Long time here for lawyers for at least and just from our perspective standpoint. Jeanne Jeanne. Was a 1% increase over last year now up to 3.4 work but we were seeing five and 6% so it is starting to slow a little bit. Number of sales a 7505. In the Greenville market here today over 7370. Which is a two point 6% increase and I think at the beginning of the year. Both you and JD had predicted. That it would be around 2% growth rate and your number of sales. Armed average excuse me not average that median price. Continues to increase. And right now your look in that a 187000. Over a year ago it won 77 which is a five point 8% increase that's one of the highest numbers we've seen so far this year as far as your year. Well the in the year to date numbers fairly consistent then the month over month his Taft it's not really had a good statistic. A median price for a month over month but since were and eighth month of the year. Year to date 187 ever won 776%. Increase such a good number yeah ice on top the last years about sank 67% increase. Absolutely and then of course inventory. In the upstate unlike the low country inventory in the up state has started to grow. And we're at 47 not 23. Active listings over 4343. Which is is seven point 8% increased four point eight months of inventory vs four point two. Bomb still. Very much a seller's market in particular areas people put their house on the market you know I was having a conversation. With somebody yesterday he actually enough talking about the liberty market wearing and you know I'm not that familiar with liberty but we were having a conversation about. You know in this is the easily east side of liberty so you're talking about Pickens County in the first question asked was what what industry is there. And they said when there's not a whole lot most people work in other places that they like. That type of living they wanna be a little bit out in the country even if they're in a neighborhood. And the particular neighborhood that we were talking about was. Anywhere from 85000. All the way up to that 135000. And that the person must talk to Sonoma street over the last year there's been eight to nine transactions wild and every single one of those houses was on the market less than a week no kidding man and I was like wow so armed. The realtors sold the house of what the real for so the house right across the street. From this person and before she got a sign in the yard she had a contract again and says the conversation was wiser nodding in development going here. And and we are specifically talking about a 25 or thirty acre. Plot of land down there that was on the market she's like we should buy it and put in a neighborhood. Now slightly as it sounds great but ousting the mortgages thank you but. Does the the conversation. Here's couple things got to think about. The first thing is. You know in the developers. Are working up here in the not gonna come down there for less money than they can get paid here I don't pay top dollar. To have it developed and instead of building 250. You don't be built in 150. Says you know and there's there's do the numbers Ortiz and do the numbers work but it was just very interesting to me that many houses to turn. Earned in that period of time on this one street. But street neighborhood and that they had turned back. Quickly M a cursor may not end up price point you know a dozen neighborhoods and then and if you dress circle around. One mile radius from downtown liberty sure you might not find that it does in neighborhoods in that price point. In San. There's just not a lot of inventory and of course we know that price point that anything. Under 200. That price point in in the green blue MLS. It flies off the shelf assuming that it's the catcher he'd then it's in good pressure lane and picnic here I mean those things are mood been like hotcakes and non. You know it's amazing how fast they sale. And you know people are getting offers very very quickly if it's in the right condition of price properly and dub. So even though inventory is we're still on resellers. Tai market the question is how long do you think in this and we didn't even discuss this but how can put you on the spot keep. How long you think it's gonna take for the name toward give back equilibrium yeah my guess is as will continue for. Town hall 32008. Taint right pane and still be in a seller's price target yet but equilibrium being six months of inventory will probably. You'll see some normalization in 20192020. Delegates and then of course when you talk about that. It would be interesting to look at inventory. As it relates to segments of the market. You know you have all these properties coming on line downtown now I think a lot of those properties are going to be renal units. But it it just seems to me that we're gonna wake when when the majority of these are done and we're gonna have a XS house sham MI MR but I am I wrong. Yea you're wrong and thought back up after I. Now do you really heating oil here's what will happen so you've got let's say five or 600 apartments criminal lion over the last six months. That that will relieve some of the pressure. On the purchase market the the downtown Condo purchase market. So you will see prices began to level off some not not. Not for man not drop the level all that's right an Indian it will normalize a little bit in terms of appreciation going forward because people continue to migrate downtown. Right and if you go down to gang you'd be surprised they're they're at least a half a dozen cranes yeah straight up in the. You know down at the main burnished down in the be and as I was driving in yesterday. To go to downtown counted them. And that's exactly right and I was shocked at how meaning they were and they were all movement. Had Thatcher and the terror they were also don't have rises yet trying to power houses of 78 story building I was very surprised there was that mean. And so it's it's it's our I don't think down ten down Tamil continue to do what it's doing bud. He won't he won't be indefinitely you know that the Greenville news. And fact that next week covering up a little presentation day. We got it to broker a day this week from from the during a maze had some very interesting demographic information. That there was Kilmer to what you would think connect and map perception of they they continued demand can migration of people into the market. Is that mania of the MR baby boomers right there we've had historically had a great corporate market. Now we're gaining additional by a baby boomers coming into the market. There are existing baby boomers are not living now crying their aging in place. But this information shed that statistically. Meany of the people coming to the city today are young professionals. It's surprise to me a little bit that'll BM mail to. Of that they the quantity. Of young professionals that are coming here for jobs. Absolutely in the last number that we had was. The Eid days on market today's market continues to. To reduce in right now it's 55. Keep I don't remember Tom that it's been you know that historically has got to be historic lows so. That is measured from the time you listed until the timing closes her art track and and wow that's amazing now a one of the numbers that JD. Talked about it huddled that I found interest staying. And is. Of the houses that are on the market right now I think he said some of those had been set on the market for a hundred days. And so do you know when you look at you know he he said and he was using the June numbers he said hey you look at the cement Torre the average number. Days on market because you know it is saying manage down into location and condition and price not everything is selling. You can't get crazy numbers I mean there's still some. Rational does decision's been made in the market. Yeah and in I would put them. That safety fab when you say days on the market. You look at them that the median or average price and net that 180 to 225. Ranges where that number is. If you go up in price Korea's. The days on the marquis gets longer so if your shell and about 600. Statistically that number might be as much as nine or ten months. Short and a course it if your house is not in the right condition. It will we've talked about it meaning me towns on the show if you're not the end in presentations. Cher ready condition then then there are other options in some cases. And then of course if you're not in exactly the right location sometimes you know and and I know there's. Frustrated listeners out there they're right look at my house have been on the market 200 days. Well the question why attract you know every property's unique hit it may you know it may be where your ideas he could be what it is. I was telling somebody yesterday we were talking about selling on the sell side in that discussion was. I spent a lot of money getting my house ready for sale mature than most people would say why in the world where you do and all right. Well my location was in his bid it was further out than I would from a from a demand point of your. A new era how far how far from the Nissan. And thirteen miles from the office I think it's twelve and a half miles Jim on the office. And so we are as you you can compensate and Collins stated paying me an example of opportunity yet. But I wanted to make the people they need to property and here's a question did it work it work cut out hot. Absolutely separate thing condition and and of course she priced at perspective I did I mean you know you didn't trying to. In China over price limited due to price it also marked that you wanted to sell it that term we'll listen if you got a question about buying selling anything to do in the real estate. Are you want us to look at a refinance for you that could save you some money. You can always reaches outside the show's ads ask JD and county bank mortgage dot com you shoot an email over. Or you can give us a shout at 331 home that's 331 and 4663. You guys have a great weekend we'll see you next week.