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Seth steps would a 63 WORD. News here in downtown green with a Greenville symphony. I'm here with Julie fish the new executive director of Greenville symphony orchestra Juli thanks so much for take some time talking media day. It's it's a pleasure to meet you and welcome to Greenville. Thank you very much I've been here for this is the beginning of my third weekend spending great experience thus far. It's a gorgeous city friendly people great culture I'm really enjoying being here. How we're happy to have you here eight Julie just just right off the bat tell what makes Greenville and an attractive destination. For you. I actually believe that Greeneville as a vibrant city that is exciting and involving it hasn't experiences and rich artistic culture here. And I also think that the symphony is certainly a cultural drool in the centerpiece of the Greenville arcs landscape. The location of the city in the upstate area where is swamp rabbit trail. The development. A new cultural art scene as far as food and restaurants. And economic development of downtown are certainly all attractive features. As the executive director what is it that you or tasks to. The executive director in in this structure for the Greenville symphony. Is the business manager for the orchestra. Airport to the board Edberg Chipper Jones our music tractor he is the artistic director of the organization and he and our partners. So we will build a sustainable growth model for the organization. In conjunction with the board the board is the governance body for the organization. So and burn in fires are then. The team partners and the staff and the board in the volunteers are for the team members that we all work together. You you've been here you go going to third week now now tees it up quick. View of the orchestra as it stands now when you look at what are some what are some areas of of me that that GC. What I might speak first to. Strong characteristics of the orchestra which in this industry is is a real luxury and I think Greenville has done. A very very excellent job of building its drinks the artistic excellence with the orchestra. The artistic product. It's an incredibly financially stable organization that has a generous endowment. It keeps. Good ion it's budgeting in its finances. It has a strong community of dedicated supporters. I would also say the performance venue is is a great asset to this organization the peace senator with Megan regal and her team. They are all great partners to us and collaborators with us. And the momentum of the organization and I I believe they're definitely. At a pivotal point to embrace the economic development and the vibrancy of Greeneville as a city. And that Greenville symphony definitely has a voice an active voice at that table. As far as as areas to improve I think a global challenge. For orchestras in general is is the model of relevance in a very dynamic and changing. Them. Cultural landscape entertainment landscape there's a great deal of competition for the entertainment dollar as well as the entertainment time. I think also for orchestras in particular. And dispelling the myth that that symphonic. Orchestral music is only for people who understand it and have been schooled in it and trained in it. And I would say that that is is absolutely not the case. Classical music is for everyone I think we strive to meet people where they are to make that point of connection. And be that. That experience that is relevant. Classical music is definitely. A person a personal experience that each person creates for themselves I think. We offer. Different types of entry points for classical music we have different programming that we offer we have pops programming. Rantmaster worked programing this at the chamber music series and the spotlight series that features individual musicians in small groups. Russell and different venues around town the peace senators absolutely gorgeous with its. Large hole and then we also perform in the country theater so I think that there really is something for everyone the pops series is new. It comes to full series this season with three concerts. And that's a great little barrier entry point for people. It's something that I think they relate to more easily. And for an experienced an initial experience. With the symphony that it's a great. Inviting experience what when you say the that pops will. Had described what type of music some wood here and a and a ops ship. For sure. The it can it can vary I know that the symphony has performed with Edwin McCain. He has popular music romantic music keys the Valentine's favorite. So that's a very desirable. Genre if you will of music it's something that's familiar to people typical songs that you hear on the radio that people would listen to on Spotify in their car. And and we have the Halloween pops Halloween pops will have. Meg pleased that you heard in the cartoons. They've heard on movies. And end the big secret is that there actually classical music pieces. But they've been used in a much more familiar ways and people more easily recognize them. And of course there's the holiday at peace there Greenville symphony orchestra holiday at peace those are familiar Christmas tunes. Those are things that people grew up with that they've heard in their homes. And again out in popular spot so I think it's a very user friendly. Type of music and people relate to it very easily. I think for master or treat an interesting discussion. The other day with our. Downtown symphony club and this is a young professionals group. And I was very intrigued by what motivates them to join the symphony club and what attracts them to symphonic music to live orchestral music. And their answer was very surprising. It was actually additional insight it was. Perspective on what was happening at the time either with the composer why was the composition written. There their point of connection the point of relevance and related facility for them. Was through this additional acquisition of knowledge that curiosity. What was happening and how does that make it relate able to meet. I'm iPhone ever fascinating. As fast name. So when you. Asthma or pressure you know most people like you said earlier today they. They look at classical music anything that you packed hour to have an understanding of the instruments being played or or or the composers to really enjoy it which is not the case. On the thought the younger generation. How do you gain there. Attention. The attention for the younger generation and based on feedback direct feedback from them is that social media is a great vehicle it really is day. They like that inside scoop what's going on behind the scenes there. The four of the lolly pops concert that's being held at the library. Tomorrow we are unloading. Chairs and stands for the Peace Center which is wary performer master works I think for the younger generation. That vehicle of social media of connection that's their way that they connect that they understand. What's happening. And it builds up to the experience attending symphony orchestra concert whether it's popular series or whether it's the master work series is experiential it's about. What happens from the time you walked in the door when you park. When you meet for drinks. It's it's a social engagement vehicle for them and it's before or during an act. After and I think all of it goes together that opportunity for the younger generation have a post concert discussion. I think is something that. They find very attractive. Again that curiosity. That acquisition of knowledge and how does that knowledge to relate to them. Is very he's very intriguing. And for you will what is it about symphonic music that really do is draw huge industry. Sure that's an easy question I was trained as a French foreign performance. Player. I played different torrent starting in fourth grade because my cousin played the French armed. And it really it was my passion in my name my great joy to perform music. And in my A might intersection with management like that I and opened in managing orchestras. Really came when I was in the air force band. When I was up a performer in the air force band I think it's a French horn. And we also had I'm job duty that was affiliated with the band squadron. I worked in PR over to supply. And worked in finance. And then I landed in operations and operations was the magic. Positions we did touring we did logistics. We did all the things associated with with the running convenient and that really. Transitioned me into the desired to and join orchestra management field started as personnel manager I continue to play. And then they moved up through different positions. And worked with different orchestras and I really. Enjoyed it it's it's the intersection for Miette music as is my passion. And management as my desire to. To contribute to an organization into an industry. When you. When you look it different compositions and you putting a program began and performance the other. How do you feel when an orchestrated Nona so the green both of you should but it sure across the country takes and you have that pops. Performances Stephanie take some. Pop music that you might hear on the radio and income birthday into classical. You know composition how do you feel about that like you know Metallica did their thing a few years ago with the San Francisco's at the orchestra and and I personally love that element when you can now. You know that you know the two types of music together three partially had to feel about that is that something you'll see. This if you were sure here do little more of maybe taking some of those more popular song me and rock on maybe if you know from different owners and putting them on stage here. Well congratulations to you for homework well done thank you and I I do think that that's a new avenue for orchestras to explore. Most recently I was in Columbus, Ohio with the Columbus symphony they had a very vibrant summer series. At that Columbus commons and that was one of their signatures. The symphony orchestra in Columbus performed with Nelly. And issues they performed with common. I think that that's definitely something that again is a great entry point for. Broadening the reach of the symphony orchestra for expanding the awareness of what a symphony can do. It's a great versatile vehicle. We played them masterpieces. We paid played classical repertoire. And were personal and adaptable and flexible. To accompany Ben Folds unfolds is a great artist he really has embraced. Symphony orchestra model. And is respectful of the artistry of orchestral musicians and vice Versa. They respect him and I think it's that type of combination of truly great artist no matter what genre it is. Bringing those forces together that talent together that energy that passion. That it's where the magic is created. Metallica. Michael Tilson Thomas and in the San Francisco Symphony they were they were pioneers in that field and and Michael Tilson Thomas is. Absolutely brilliant musician and conductor. And visionary he people compare him to Leonard Bernstein Leonard Bernstein. Was also a composer. And he created the format for the young people's concerts of that type. For a orchestras as they move forward. And continue to strive to be relevant it is definitely that outside the box thinking it's. It's what's next always with that artistic component as the highest priority. That whatever it is you do it at the highest level and that to me is what draws people to what your offering. How do you feel about the ode beaten the introduction of electric. Classical instruments. Being introduced as you say you know I think there's there's a chalice of plays electric cello along with two months of sometimes. And you have you know in and I think it for me it kind of broadens kind of what can be done this county geeks thing you can do it from that instrument that for you as Sony's in the industry 24/7. How do you feel that. I think again it's it's great artists coming together wins their different formats with their different. Gifts and incorporating them you can look back from a historical perspective. The evolution of the trombone at the trumpet of the French horn you can go all the way back to the evolution of the keyboard. And I think that translates well for today's world electronic music is a vehicle. It's it's about the music is about the craft it's about the artistry. So who. Amplifying a violin. Creating new sounds percussion progression is a great example people. People create music through percussive instruments that one wouldn't necessarily think is logical. And I think expanding. Again expanding that awareness expanding that level of artistry and combining it wins a symphony orchestra. To. To bolster an embody that. That artistic experience again from an experiential perspective. The more diversity depth. Brett you have in the product the programming that your offering. I think is is beneficial to the relevance of an orchestra and what they can do and who they are good partners and collaborators weigh. For anybody listening that wants to find out more about the green Wilson in York extra and making the schedule and how to get tickets things of that nature were to make. Absolutely visit us on FaceBook minister Graham www. Greenville symphony dot org all right Julie thank you so much. And that we appeared in for me racing actually thanks for the time Sefton for the Alba opportunity to share message this man.