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Monday, November 20th

On today's show we discuss the new blood pressure.


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Welcome everyone your lessons of the maximize Lou your radio show we are change in the way people view and manage your health I'm your host doctor Josh were paired DC. And yet that's the case he can't. Two guys this week on the Mack's mother and radio issue we're going to talk about the new and improved. Blood pressure. Regulations that just hit the just hit the media think it was Monday. What was Monday's day does this past Monday that any risk of these or Nelson Monday that this gives me. Monday November 13 these come out and I was astonished actual and I heard these. Actually in my office manager saw own own home and some news website she was on and she print off again to his or disagree search. It journal front their on He was talking about the new blood pressure regulations and I'm thinking what's going on is this getting better or worse and so. As I got to read that article are realized oh my gosh it is so blatantly. Apparent was actually going on here if you disk if you follow this stuff what's I do so. So this weekend I'm actually gonna put on my tin foil hat for you conspiracy theorists out there. And and as I say follow all the money right just Trace Trace the numbers in the stats in the money what's going on in you'll see why people do what they do. And wide the media or wise idea of the pharmaceutical companies. That in my personal opinion. And I'm allowed to give my opinion. Just as you are and you're not to debate this but in my personal opinion this is all in money racket. And in underscore what sort of excuse me through this timeline. Excuse me sum them up through this weekend. Our latest for you guys is so. This is the article that my office manager prayer off forming an updated she poured off CNN but I went to Fox News and it was their twos have. I'm not a big fan has seen him personally but I looked at Fox News in had the same Markel sort of figured it wasn't fake news. Analyst so accordance do this this Susan's beauty. She's doing their wrote this article and that it was actually published on Monday November 13. I says tens of millions more Americans now have high blood pressure almost half of all Americans. 46%. Are now considered to be in the high blood pressure category based on new guidelines just released Monday. He says high blood pressure should be treated at 130 over eighty. Rather than the 140 over ninety according to the new parameters set forth by the American Heart Association the American College of Cardiology. And the nine other health professional organizations. Cracks and physicians. And the public are going to be a little bit shocked or taken aback by the diagnosis of stage one hypertension. So so just just follow this timeline here and so if you go back. And I actually report on this or talked about this I think was it last month Stacy went. The back into mourning thirteen when they updated the regulations. They said the new numbers forget this the new numbers if your age a sixty year old order. And not pull this off of health dot Harvard dot edu so the harbor website you know their big medical school so. I pulled this off their school. Their school web site or their their health website rather. And it says what the new toy thirteen high blood pressure guidelines are aces among adults sixty and older. With high blood pressure that aimed target should be under 150 over ninety. So if you're sixty years old or older you should be 150 over ninety. And I thought oh that's pretty good because I mean that's the inverse is the old fashioned once when he O'Grady. Which everybody was on medication now they're sort of being more lax because they realize that the medication sometimes sometimes do more harm than good there's lots of side effects. And Nassau people don't like to have low pressure medication so. To for sixty years or older has said that the normal was 150 over nine B it is safe for people under sixty between thirty to sixty. Than the norm or should be 140 over ninety. And then people under thirty years old to oversee it just goes out from there so 15 year were ninety if you're sixty year old Mary if you're under sixty so between F 1560 range 140 over ninety. I thought well that's duel that means a lot of people can come off these blood pressure medications that are so bad. And so. That was a trend for awhile even though you didn't see a lot of that happening there were still people are you within coming off these medications because they don't know why they don't like the side effects of these medications. And so then just back in June it came out and it was actually reportedly found that one it was excerpt titled where is that article. He was actually reported whatsoever from hang on. I guess that it so actually came out back in June and I pulled this off of mr. pull this off Osaka cite these sources. It was by the Gannett news which I think degree when news is a Mulligan and everything else been Eliza says. It talks about how quarter dosing is the new trend. And so instead of being 160 or nine year 150 over eighty or ninety another saying that you should only take eight this was back in June. That patient should take a quarter dose of either met or their blood pressure medications and they'll get the same effect as a full dose would. Thus eliminating all the side effects have taken blood pressure medication which we hear about all the Tom ED tired dizziness lethargic you get the idea. And so before going down to a quarter dose of medication I thought oh man this is even better so we go from one to Borneo over eighty up to 160 or ninety and then back down now to this court does so more and more people ask that trend more more before actually coming off their blood pressure medication which is a good thing for me but who's that not a good thing for. And pharmaceutical and the people behind this is so when you see the transit people coming off the medication. That you that means they're making less and less money if you do you wanna follow the money and so what are the boarded the panels get together do they come out just this past Monday and say no everybody is wrong. Now we want everybody that's above 120 over eighty to actually be on blood pressure more case medication so we went from. A suit the number was. We went from 72 million people on being on blood pressure medication to now a 103 million people being on blood pressure medication so that's an additional thirty some million people there now. Overnight have a say blood pressure medication because of the new guidelines so the thirty maim people that got all these medications or since two point thirteen guess what. They just now argun put back on their city is set and you can say is conspiracy to say it's not even say it's actually true health care we're trying to be grim blah blah blah blah blah whatever your belief is but bottom line is when you see these trends going down. Guess who's losing it's not that you losing out is the people making these medications are so they get an expert panel with an expert. Research and they released a bunch of studies that say no now we actually want to. Classify everybody that was pre hypertension meaning pre high blood pressure were now what class you as having high blood pressure and if you're you're here blood pressure is 120 your rating which is used to be the old normalcy now you're now considered but tight towards a phase one hypertension and you're no reprieve. Hypertension you have high blood pressure and you have to take medication so innocently overnight 33 million more people are now required to take blood pressure medication and guess what things what happened then policy and it's going to be bad for the economy and not bad for the economy because they thought they were spending of the pharmaceutical measurement and lots of money but it's going be bad for the individuals welk is now yet be put back on these medications. And you have more and more host of other side effects so bottom line guys is. If you follow this you follow the statue DC to research you see what happens as soon as the trends are going down and lets people take medications. Something comes out his the media that is bad for you in more and more people now get back on these medications. In our rob back Torre were heart disease being the number one killer in America. Not good. And I said he had. Currently have high blood pressure he had a Meredith Aaron let Clinton has had blood pressure you want more information lovely day here Mac's massive and we encourage you to get on outlets cited an amount between people that com. This end alpha maximize Livingston and Al. Greenville dot com. I connect the PC actually have an optic T make a clinic. And Ireland side as well or if you rate to make upon it now get this condi 643262909. Our office is okay only different dragon behind me niece Japanese steak cast here right across the red. I the first dissidents actually 45 dollars just across the board. I even if he has insurance or don't have insurance is to send a flat fee 45 dollars and we deeply kiss Payne and I selling insurance companies. Apparently did that ask plenty 45 dollars just make it affordable for everyone who comes in our dealers says he made to make employment. They had supplements available for this coming week. A 64318169. New Zealand and again 864326290. N. And bottom line guys is we want you get off those medications and we wanna in maximizing. We're normal which on more pills were actually show you that it is so healthy you can get office medications so. If you're one of those. New 103 point three million people that are now. Responsible gravesite high blood pressure medications because you thought your normal 120 your radio now you relies now they're guidelines are saying that once when your radio actually means high blood pressure. And you need to be our medications. Then we wanna see so we can show you exactly engage you healthy nest you actually can get off those medications have let us be. A health care system that actually shows you who how to get off medications vs puts you on more and more medications hanging and we actually do that do we caller five essentials. It's simple when you break it down instead of getting its at its treating the symptom like most Americans do with medications. We simply wanted to treat what's causing the problem so we want reversed the high blood pressure. And yes exercise. Nutrition all messed up is very important. But I know a lot of people there's a lot of people come to a states is to lose weight they see Stacy as a nutritious lose weight in the I have high blood pressure. And there's three for a patent plus pounds or obese and they don't have high blood pressure so and then you have that people that actually come in with high with high blood pressure. And X a realist I have so much to do with how you look on the outsider how you feel as they're the due to how you're how your body fox is only inside. And that is the key ingredient the key thing that we do a maximize living. As we actually look at the system which is the nervous system that controls a regulate your blood pressure. For your heart to beat for your lungs to breathe for your blood pressure to get regulator for fire or to work for you to digest speak for anything to happen in your body. That you don't think about is all controlled by the master system that god gave you called your nervous system. So when you get stressed guess what happens your blood pressure goes up because it has to punch. Punch should be pump more blood to your system to the muscles because your stress is it's common sense. And so when he goes up do you think it's a bad thing it's your busy taking medications to bring a bag down. It's that's why some Sony when you go to the doctor's office needs to debtor to have your blood via your blood pressure checked that our officers stray. Testing gets what is. It's always wanna be high in the doctor's office this while white coat syndrome brain. Right in the and you go home a check it is 101520 points lower it wasn't a doctor's office why is that. Is because when he stressed the body physically or emotionally the body's natural response is to pump more blood throughout the system it's just. A reflex or an act natural stress mechanism. And we think it's a bad thing is so we try to lower the blood pressure. Same thing if you are overweight or you're not healthy in your blood pressure tie. It has to be high because. You don't get enough blood pumping through your system that you're not active enough there for. If he was too low you followed were and I could you give a blood auctions of the muscles and so. Blood pressure going up is not necessarily a bad thing sometimes is exactly what the body needs to do. If I scare you or throw you out of trouble lion and you run really really fasting is scared you want your blood pressure to go up. So you can have the energy to Toronto is that simple. If you're nice calm relaxed. It's gonna come down and so we don't need to look able high blood pressure is always being a bad thing. Yes we hear about it when we called it comes a heart disease though most of our realise is a number one killer heart disease is not because of Pete what high blood pressure. It's because the smokers we'll hear about that anymore. But the number one cause of heart disease is not high blood pressure is actually smoking. It's what you don't hear about that you just hear about the blood pressure possess up that we can actually monitoring give you go for we can't give you pills you're smoker and that's what you can take each antics I guess I love it but Ellicott medical's debt the noise so. You assess so bottom line if you have high blood pressure in you do not like the way it makes you feel you would like to. Slowly builds a safely wean yourself off that medication do something safe. It's you don't have the side effects of having high blood pressure our opinion gives a call right now. Crane and embrace a six foyer three T 169. NC earn nine this is our claimant mind if he just want more information or if you have questions. We appreciate it on outlets cite as an Aaron green Phillip that cons. And now formats nice things here and now queen bond that com. Bart give us a concept that clinic this week a 643262909. So guys are all take a quick commercial break you're a Cinemax Muslim regularly we will be right back welcome back everyone you're listens to the maximize the radio show what we are change in the way people view and manage your health I'm your host doctor Joshua dared DC. I have 'cause Stacy dad doesn't reduced area we are actually talking about what's hitting the on the news in the media and however all the channels in the web sites this past week come out this past Monday. That the American Heart Association is now. Change their guidelines once again. So if you used to be 120 over eighty. Meaning you were your blood pressure was under control and you didn't need medications they're actually eliminating. The pre hypertension category altogether. Meaning if you were pre hypertension meaning pre high blood pressure you're an axe actually now considered having high blood pressure so there they just. Emilio overnight put 33 more million more people. Available to the medicine pool to take more medications. There's net pretty tear it right there's no priesthood anymore they just eliminate decree thing altogether. These days if you're pre hypertension they say oh just marked reduce an actress does lose some weight you'll be okay. And now they're saying no the if it's 120 over eighty or anything above that you are now considered hypertensive and you need to take medication for that which it's duke it in my opinion and I this I did say that. And we just think about his people that may not even have public pressure and they just come in and they just get nervous because they're getting never pressured cat in the movie cat ever and brilliant man and medications. Exactly and that's the scary thing in you know we see that all the time in the problem with having high blood pressure. Is this what we call a symptom less disease meaning you don't really have any symptoms we have high blood pressure and less is really really high. But what happens is in the reason popular like taking the medications is because you feel fine you go to doctor missy got high blood pressure which on medication. But the problem is now lets you take the medication those medications have side effects and so now you have from not having any symptoms to having all these symptoms and side effects of the medication you're taken. And men that means erect tile dysfunction in you guys a day in men and women it means so very tired lie hidden is. It actually pure relies a blood pressure medication actually can cause your ankles swell. But guess what the latest which of blue pill for that prey causes kidney problems and host of all these other things. And before you know it you have all the symptoms and you go back to the doctor and you tell a doctor about all the symptoms you have. And lots on the set a change in the medication. Or taking you back off that medication or reducing that doses of medication biggest give you medication for the side effects of the pill you have. The so what do you to foothill GF put on your ankles so let's give you for a pill. Oh now you're busy so you give you this other thing to bring your your book your gearing the business Obi got edu assuming the blue pill right now it's a you have all these side effects from the medications in now you take more medications for the side effects. Right that there's been amazed because people can enact clinic. I Derrick will commemorate these goals of being hammered again up for these medications until we do not pay any night on many patients. They actually help or at least in the Protestant took her family have our clinic helping people get off the medications really just had some and I and another patient steady she's alpha three medications cholesterol blood pressure Keane can McCain. Yeah and so yes he comes and she's got high blood pressure Xia heart disease they got to our feminine which is a blood thinner. And second clip from medication the three things you take when you have heart disease. Well guess what the code makers a major slowdown so much fell like a zombie every time she cutter suffer or. Or did something she bruises she bled really really bad because of the blood thinner which is the Kim and and other blood pressure meter dizzy. Big gig killed everything including her sex drive lucky dozen men as well as you say in cholesterol medication so make sure feel tired all the time because it eight. That works by inhibiting an enzyme that makes cholesterol therefore you no longer make it co Q ten as well and you have no energy from the food would you weakens the muscles so for therefore you can't function properly. She's taken all these medications and she's sick and tired of being sick and tired she comes in within three months ninety days we better off all three of those medications and now she's a new woman she feels great as a positive side effect she's lost weight and she doesn't say no more blood pressure medication or came in or cholesterol medication is like a new woman. Yes and elect has they get case these medications and we think her staff conference ever so there's a laid out so few ready and get sick and tired if as taking these medications give us a concept on a planet a 64. Three T 169. If he then nine again a 64 aren't free T 1690. Or not. The guys wrote so one more quick commercial break you know will be brought back citizens of the maximum as a radio show we are changed the way people view and manage their health. Welcome back everyone you're listens to the maximize living radio show we are change in the way people view in men's health. I'm your host doctor Joshua dared DC and a cup since they began so guys this week you're just tuning in we actually talking about high blood pressure in the new guidelines Dexia hit the Airways or hit the the public just this past Monday November 13 so look. Very new and you used you'll see it making its rounds on the Yahoo! and the newspaper on on the web sites and on the evening news I'm sure because. The biggest. That the biggest benefit for people being on more and more medications is the pharmaceutical companies are seeing guess two is the sponsor of all the minutia news. Pharmaceutical academic year is can you actually think of a commercial in between the newscast that is not about medicine hey it's that they're all. So you'll never hear them that the news report. Bad things are you never hear the news report things to make people take less medications because that's their brand but you don't buy and it speeches so. But back to this. So the new guidelines simply your saying that. That there is no more pre hypertension. So if you had blood pressure under 120 over eighty or 120 a rating. Which is used to be what we would consider normal even though Lou back at Tony thirteen it come out that the normal was one. 160 or I won't systems are if you're sixty years or older it was 150 over ninety if you're under sixty was one. 140 over ninety was normal. Which. These people think he used to meet once when he were AD and that wasn't considered pre hypertension. But now they've completely eliminated the pre hypertension stage. Therefore if your blood pressure's 120 over eighty you were considered high blood pressure according to the new standards. And therefore you need to be put on medication for that which to me is very very sad and so when we are talking about a disease. That's at the time semi five million Americans had. And now with the new a new regulations coming out almost under and 104 million people are now considered high blood pressure so almost thirty some a million more medication. Excuse me thirty something more million people overnight become. Hypertensive have high blood pressure so Airbus owner rushed to the doctor's office and guess whether or do. Prescribe you more more many cases when you thought you were okay. Paint is so which is not good so that was the bad part about the oracle the good part is this they actually did recognize that. When people good food to. The the doctor's office to get their blood pressure checked they're realizing that that does this. The nervousness of being in the the doctor's office actually causes your blood pressure to go up we call that white coat syndrome right you can check your blood pressure on the dollars office. And say it's 170 over a hundred or early cases and you go home and it's normal. Is because of the nervousness of having high blood pressure sitting in the doctor's office because you're scared of the doctor's office. And so what the new guidelines action are recommending its suggestion is this on as well read this it says. The new guidelines that eliminate the category of pre hypertension. Which was used for systolic readings of between 12139. In diastolic readings between neo over 880 to 89. The recognize is also expand the use of frequency of out of office blood pressure monitoring for greater accuracy. According to a wide using gather rhetorical. Or the research. He is there is a fairly substantial rate of blood pressure of variability. In doctor's office it doctors' offices from one dates the next from one week to the next as well. It's actually not the most robust measurement he said we are sometimes totally shocked when we put a 24 hour blood pressure mar drawn patient. By what the differences are compared to normal activities in normal life compared to what. They can be in the doctor's office it can be drastic. He has seen people who register 166. Over eighty in the doctor's office but 128 over seventy when measured over the course of the day. If that person got treated based on the doctor's office blood pressure like most people don't think about it. Then alone they would be grossly over treated. So what he's saying is. It when you go to the doctor's office and they take your blood pressure. And it's consistently high when you see the doctor that's when they classify these high blood pressure and they put your blood pressure medication. But they hooked these people up to 24 hour monitors and they have where blood pressure monitor for 24 hours. Outside of the doctor's office and their normal setting in a normal environment. The blood pressure significantly lower. Thus telling us that hey when you go to the doctor's office your blood pressure goes up because of the white coat syndrome as we college and therefore people are actually being over treated. For blood pressure. And that the the bad thing is. Is when your over treated for having high blood pressure you experience all the side effects of the blood pressure medication. Natalie you're wrong there's some you out there that are walking ticking time bombs and if you don't take a pill you'll explode right in your blood pressure spur route if you don't take yourself but for those you that experience a lot of these side effects of taking these medications like. Dizziness. ED and men. Light headed in this swelling in your ankles you just don't like the way it makes you feel tired all the time for those few that means your blood pressure is actually going to load my taken this medication meaning your being over treated. And that's why back in June the expert panel come out and said hey. Try taking a quarter dose or your medication vs the full does it still help regulate your blood pressure but you'll have all the side effects. It's a within a counterbalance that because everybody has come off blood pressure medications the new panel come out just this past Monday and said no. If you're one Tonya raid were considered you hypertensive and union to take medications from now on so that started three more army and people into the loop. Of taking these blood pressure medications overnight S and I everybody's going to be taking these medications. And you're gonna have more or side effects but guess what. There's a pill for that so bottom line is guys if you take these medications and you know like the way they make you feel and you want a different opinion you want a different approach and you wanna see how you actually can get off these blood pressure medications safely. And effectively they give us a call right now. Frank app iMac line is 864 or 318169. Is zero and nine he had questions. Please get on our web site that's got the end down the queen bullet that cons. And now is from ice as remain scent and now gleeful dot com. I had at Petit make up claiming that there on our website as well if you made America a planet and our clinic this coming week we had a few comments available. I from my radio listeners who say 64. Three T 169. Easier banks and has Nash ever ink it's kind of daisy. He might get a voice now please just think you name and phone number and look at act TCB key and so that we can set that up on a town that funny and as for that some events and people are there coming in just Allison trash our office is located. Only different brand behind me niece Japanese steak cast hearing crane pulled ranked and what about the red T bones into a different. And the first dissidents 45 challenged consistent flat see there's been sneaky Bayless that you kind in the mail later as a flat T 45 times. I'll read it could just pay and then sell insurance companies that that first visit will be 45 dollars if you make a Mecca planning. Remembered calling say 64326290. Math and. Don't. And so who was supported paying a cobra if you know you'll be stuck fortitude of foreign or bill tracks later right now. And so we don't do that are playing guys if you whatever it is it is we charge a flat fee of forty dollars on their first visit regardless yet insurance or not some you have a fifty dollar co pay hey we're still longer charge you 45 for the for that visits because we once BO front we're not what do you down or if we do something extra. That's the way we operate so. Back to this blood pressure thing. And so a lot of people always call in assay will give me some more research how how are you guys wanna give me all these medications how does all this works so Howard give you guys awesome stuff to go look at yourself. All right. I'm pulling this article off web MD so if you ever by an as little web MD is this the big mega website out there when everything deal would medical stuff so web MD dot com probably is what it is yet WebMD dot com if you simply. Go to that website. And type in chiropractic cuts blood pressure you'll see this are what leverage shared you because a lot you want know how to you bring my blood pressure down without many cases it is a makes sense. So I'm actually share the research with you so you can do the research yourself. I ended when you see you actually see it works and you can come cius is is that simple so this is how we cut blood pressure and our clinic. We are five essentials office one of the five things we do was we treat the nervous system that we do that through manipulation which is a small treatment to the spine. And so says. A special this somewhere read it word for word here you can pull this off WebMD just do a Google search on WebMD. Click on to me typing chiropractic cuts blood pressure right there an article army in the search Barney you'll see this article. As published march 16. It says a special chiropractic adjustment can significantly lower high blood pressure a placebo controlled study suggest. For so those you up there that think it's not a good study is a placebo controlled study meeting. Nobody knows if they're getting the right thing or not it other than that the researchers say it was control. There or that way there's no mind over matter deal when this thing right you can't just assume is working as you believe in it. It's is this procedure has the effect of not one but two blood pressure medications giving in combination. Study leader George back Chris met medical doctor Andy tells WebMD. And it seems to be adverse event for you mean there's no side effects what Wessels great. We saw no side effects and no problems as back Chris that the medical doctor director of the University of Chicago hypertensive senate so this is the director of the University of Chicago hypertension senator that was involved in the study. This is eight weeks after undergoing the procedure. It's 45 patients with early stage high blood pressure had significantly. Lower blood pressure and it's point five similar patients who underwent a sham adjustment being it was fake. Because patients can't feel the technique is very light they were unable to tell which group they were in. X ray showed that the procedure realigned the atlas vertebrae the donut like Boehner the top of the spine. And it's been treated patients but not in the sham treated patients of the X rays proved that have the movement actually did worker didn't work compared to be relating get it. I just compared to the sham treated its pages mean that the fake adjustment patients. Those who got the real procedures on average of fourteen points greater drop in systolic blood pressure which is a top number. Intend. Mitt Tim Miller for HG's greater drop in diastolic blood pressure which is the bottom number two the top number one down fourteen the bottom number one down eight to ten. None of the patients to blood pressure medicine during the eight week study. When the statistician brought me the data I actually didn't believe it it was way too good to be true backer says. The statisticians said I don't even believe it myself but we check for everything in there was back Chris and colleagues report their findings in advance. On line in the advance online issue of journal human hypertension. The procedure calls for the atlas that the just sort of see one vertebrae call the atlas vertebrae and he goes on to describe what Dallas for ray does especially guys. The senator that regulates your blood pressure is this thing called the Vegas nerve which regulates only blood pressure blood but blood sugar hormones muscle tone on the body arteries and full blood flow all this stuff is regulated by this group of nurse expects you this one called Vegas nerve. It originates. At the base of the brain where the C one bone in the neck that top bones so if you guys are sitting there take your fingers. Feel right below your ears. And so where your skull was in come off there and you'll feel the first bone up there at the very top. If it feel sensitive. Than that tells me or tells you that that Bo is out of place. And if it is out of place is putting pressure on that nerve center that actually causes your blood pressure go up or down. And so it's out of place guess what it causes blood pressure go up or chiropractor as an actress have actually been screaming this for years. And if want this guy sort of sending all his patients to discover how I had high blood pressure. It's sure not the numbers are coming down so this guy actually knew they got it was in charge of the school of higher potential that the university Chicago school hypertension. And so they did this research study and guess what blow blow blow blow blow dispute wherever that was then they hold lo and behold he and the whole cult cult. Boy oh yeah I hope you guys so I'm trying to say. So they did this research study and it was proven to be accurate and so now they've actually started this giant study with thousands and thousands of people over the course of the next five years. Before they'll actually launch it make you more wide no obviously you know it is what it is but we'll take it as it is now. And so people that get adjusted. At that top bone in their neck actually gave shows or blood pressure coming down fourteen points on the top and eight attempt was the bottom. Better than the two leading blood pressure medications combined. And so that is one of the five things we exceed you with our patients in our claim to get their ball pressure to come down we don't ga no mood new pill I'm not a story and tell you lose a month to wait because a lot of overweight people they don't have high blood pressure is simply the nervous system that regulates and controls all those senators is not functioning propping 'cause of the pressure up there. And so if you have any tenderness headaches migraines neck pain any of those issues up there guess what that's a sign there's pressure on that part of the nervous system accordance to the research that's actually cause you have high blood pressure so we simply fall the study take the pressure off that nerve root which you can see in an X rays their black and why he can't argue that we can see that don't want to trade Fuchs and see the before and after so it's not to psychological you don't think it's work and it actually is. And then your blood pressure comes down and we can over time wean you off those medications safely. Banks if you want more information they scan ballots had it and are green well that comp. And he actually had happened came Mecca planet there on our web site that if you re calling it a 643. T sixteen and is he then nine. We have a permissive for this coming week only four or just Arab radio listeners a six foyer 3262909. And I guess that's what makes our did office so differences as were not so much. Busier treating your sense on mommy any disease it does happen be high blood pressure can be type two diabetes thyroid disease kidney issues bladder issues ED whatever the disease is. If you're taking medication for it. You're simply treating the symptom all we wanna do is actually find out what's causing it as of last month on day one in or Clinton before we do anything with you give you any recommendations. We first look at that nervous systems see how the brain is communicating to that part of your body if there's interference there. We can tell you that. And that we can take a picture and you can actually see a black and white only next re right there in a computer screen so there's no doubt if it's more work or not before you even try it. You can actually see what's going on thus you know you know if there's more work for you not if it's not what's causing and then you can click to see that. And so that's why what we'd like to say is you know a lot of times are treatments are far fail proof. The hardest part is just getting you to show up you show up if I can show you the problem and orchestrate interference. If our remove their fair it's is guaranteed to work more than likely as long as you show open do your part pray so that has always do a Max puzzling guys. Is give your results give you an alternative health care not the same hole you know they were taking more and more medication is gonna make you better it's not think about it. The more medications you take the sicker you wore the more side effects you have and the more unhealthy you have do you become. The root word of healthy he'll HE KL not PI LL so we gotta get you off those pills and get your body healing at 100% the way god designed it. Price slid to separate plane for this coming week 864 or 326290. And nine if you just have questions please get on our web site that's going to be and Al Green bullet that come. He had cappuccino maker plummet down a website is located. So Gaza hurdles it quick commercial breaker isn't in my X -- there radio lowered changed the way people view Jimenez are healthy will be right back welcome everybody misses the maximize the radio show we are change in the way people view him manage health I'm your host doctor Joshua dared DC and the a couple of states began to guys though this week he'll we're talking about the blood pressure. This is something almost a hundred million people now have. Accord that as of Monday because they just put a bunch of more people into the study will bunch more people into this category of having high blood pressure. Because they eliminated the pre hypertension. And now their force your pre hypertension your now consider hypertensive meaning you need medications. And I'll look for them to do this with diabetes to Stacy Dallas really saying you know everybody is pre diabetic I bet you within the next year they're gonna limit the pre diabetic. Category make everybody type two diabetic if you were freed. Thank you fantastic OK it's just in case and guess what that does it puts more and more people on the man's medications. I let it. And does so you can look at it like that if you want but. So Bob on his guys. We don't want to be on these medications we don't want you to be one of those 11100 people that die every single day in our country from taking prescription medications. Other number one killer is heart disease and so a lot of people a word about blood pressure. But what they don't say is that the number one killer heart disease is not high blood pressure is actually smoking. So more people would die from high from not with heart disease because of smoking in that life cells vs high blood pressure. And so will we wanna do is show you had to get healthy we can get off some of these medications so you don't have the the strange in a ravaged a side effects that blood pressure medications cause but we can't do that unless you're ready to make a change. We can do that get your office medications until we see what's going on in we give you plan of action. I like to look at life is black and white no gray in the U wanna give better you don't. If you wanna get better give us a call a 643262909. If you don't want a big get better you just wanna keep listening that's okay or if you just wanna keep listening keep complaining that's OK too that's America I can give my opinion you can pushers. But for those you that are ready to do something in sick and tired of being sick and tired. Give us a call 86432629. 09 so we can each on the path that happiness and healthy and healing. Is Sherri had to wean yourself off those medications. A grown as the holidays vs waiting to January when it's too late in your doctor butcher or more and more medications because you didn't take care so the holidays and now you're really in a pickle trying to get off these medications so. Until next week guys remember I notice is the Max mas and a radio show are remembered being hears me yourself because everyone else has taken.