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Monday, February 12th

On today's show we talk Testimonials-5 Essentials.


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Welcome everyone you are listening to the maximize living radio show we are change in the way people view images are health I'm your host doctor Joshua dared DC and you still see that in Gaza this weekend what we wanted to do was we wanna kick off the show with some testimony goes. The last couple weeks we've been doing different things have promoting events in talking about topics and we've neglected to give out lots of testimonies like I always do. And now the feedback we get from our patients' illnesses hey you should also share some more testimonies. And what we've learned about where we're doing this to pass what we've been known as 678 years now what am I can almost ten years maybe 67 years on the radio. On the station at least in. And what we've learned is that that this episodes or the shows that we that we talked a lots of testimonials we have the most engagement from our listeners right. You have people calling people asking questions we have people sending us emails. I'll ask him how can I do that what did this person do to get those results I have the same situation is so we've learned is. When you share some modest testimony on the radio it actually it relates with somebody rang once for that person relays to league gives them hope. Because unfortunately in today's. Environments. Were all you see is just negative ads about the disease and sickness and medications. In prescription drugs in the only thing to do now. It's a manager diseases like what what good is there either there's just no hope. You're diagnosed with a high blood pressure high cholesterol. Type two diabetes. Or know her brother different chronic conditions. And that daughter says hey you you take this pill for the rest your life. And you sort of do it any sort of forget about it and is it an everyday becomes part of your regular routine. And then one day you knew one day you wake up. And now you're looking at a bucket of pills like us face like your dad was right wrong and I mean I remember your that's starting off on. Blood pressure medication years ago right. Sorrow of a blood pressure medication and the blood pressure medication turned into now high cholesterol medication. And any needed other medications. And when when Stacy is dad what when he passed away how many many cases it's taken several titles over thirty medications this man was taking when he passed way in and how wasn't. And sixty carry so her dad passed away at the young age of 63. Right which I mean for in for this audience that listened sore radio show that's probably the average pace for you guys have. And 63 years old us say she's dad passed away looking at a bucket appeals thirty plus medications a day. And has started off with taking a blood pressure medication right. Is so. That that's just not a good sign there and that's what that's where we're heading unfortunately. Pray any sent gasoline in taking his medication even a year passed my writing in your dealings the things you're not necessary living life. And even near your new pew poll since it's going your heart is beating you're taking breast that you're not living life when you're happy to take. Sammy different medications. And making me feel worse not really very little problem always is pending an eight over that problem we take a lot of medications. And that's what we do here at Max has literally actually go back and pick out the cost. And the things you've got to have maintained campaign made a brand has to take medications. There is so if you're someone likes faces father my father in law in your head down narrowed it down their road you're looking at a bucket appeals right now as we speaking or your. Your slate to these medications they every single morning. And you would like to learn more and figure out how to get off some of these medications may be even all of wonder who who knows everybody's uniquely different. But if you would like to figure out again healthy. Hopefully get off some of these medications and not end up like six is father or my father in law or. Are in a flight 95% of America that dies broke alone looking at a bucket of pills and nursing homes. You know I had a health coach years ago. He said doctor the biggest thing you need it trading get across your patience. Is you're going keep them out of the nursing home. And so Indies needed Jimmy to sever years later how profound that was is because people's biggest fear when they retire. And they get to be 6789. Years old is ending up all alone and nursing home. If you're there all alone and are still looking at a bucket of pills that makes even worse. And so fewer of those people when your biggest fears as you don't want to end up in a nursing home or you see your parents or grandparents do that. And you wanna change something different. Give us a call right now so we can teach you the five essentials. Indeed your body healthy healing. It me or me or don't want sometime next week so we can get you moving in the opposite direction or you're going now in reverse disease not just treat disease. Pray in this airplane mind and embraced 864. Three T six T nine is here and I says this is a plan in mind if he calling any day second to get the voice up please think in eyman palm now America. And we're gonna be a comeback continues to Candace had got a plane and that this is different in that city maybe need to listening tanks our office is located here. Angry oval track happily different right there where. But of anti bonds and Gillick your friend Frankie I mean he's Japanese they can connect. And they drove by going numb Butler in just crossing over what they're hurting them up parts of laws and don't be scared it would differ but you can actually avoid. Explain exactly say that limit money in a 643 T six T 909. If you just want more information. We are racing courage or listeners to get on our web site and Al Green people that com. An analyst for Max my fretting queen boat that concept and now agreeable. That economy actually have enough abdicate you make it a plumbing bear on our web site is well. Did if you gives them a dot com website and you click on the about us at the top of the screen. And then when you click on the about us if you just click on patients accessories you can watch a video of some compiled a success stories of some my may be related to the same stuff you're going fishing go to our website ML remote dot com. Click on about us. And acidic clicking on give me the doctors are meter team whatever the case is you can just click on. A patient success stories and you can watch a quick five minute video on other people just like you have gone through the same so if that have put their testimony out there for people are here listened to so. Wartime again says that number is what. It takes four or 32629. Since he ran. I guess a little bit later on the show will be going through those five essentials for a for a new listeners below before you do that our share some testimony is as I told you we wouldn't be getting so. One of the the latest ones who we have in mr. he covets are clinical last week in her daughter was visiting from San Antonio believed. Sort dollar is whether so is her and her husband and her daughter. It's a thing by Judy is. She started cared me months and months ago and now her husband didn't really you know how husbands are they didn't. Relies C I'd I waiter or didn't think he was you know for them more it was a elbow feels that he thought it was a waste of money or he just wasn't changed with the case was we either way. He never would come to our clinic in it would just be Judy. Would you he started getting better she is opposing right in if you know three or four months just a who's like sixty town I think was. Five months she lost like sixty pounds. She you know lower takes insulin should know or takes met Foreman therefore she's no longer type two diabetic. She stopped a Staten medication and she no longer takes walks a kid so she's off these four powerful medication she no longer has high blood pressure type two diabetes. The pain tearing things she's down like sixty pounds. And she shows her husband's just say well apparently they did it does work he's actually saw the results themselves. Hey so it he yeah he she brought him in office last week can guess what he did. He started. Here in our office the ZX CC he saw the results right Pratt and go but back to her daughter sort daughter was here visiting her off from from Texas had seen her like three or four years since a Saudi from San Antonio Texas. She comes in and she's won an order Mamas didn't do right she's down sixty pounds she's reverse Jesus chronic diseases she's lost all this way. She feels great full of energy looks younger you get the idea is just comes in and and you can just look at Judy's face because her name's upon weight loss board. And it's up our medication free board and she should show proud to show her daughter or daughter are so proud of her. Because she saw our name upon those boards. It could just walk her through what she'd been doing and and her daughter got so excited that they're actually looking for Max Muslim health center in San Antonio for her daughter when she goes back. It's a that was moving to the daughter she is proud of her mother LC could Mazur now Judy felt she got to show all that often and show her daughter that I should actually be doing good jets you know after four years so this is all shocked her was she when she come to visit. Frank inside times TU and sometimes it's hard pressed to make a commitment to wanna do it changed. And sometimes it's it's not stated then they sit back and spot and then just I can't inspiration there are at their kids. His spontaneous if he wanted to be that inspiration just like TD less threat to her daughter. Helena at Rensselaer president. I spend say just a horrible family affair which is desperately wanna miss her we see here at our clinic scheme east. If you want to get this content makeup claiming an amber is a six or. 326290. And nine can AC score three T 62909. But the sad reality is for the majority of America. That we don't go down around a really take a different route. And now so just to share some statistics for you guys really quick run through some numbers. Every forty seconds someone actually dies of heart disease. So every forty seconds somebody dies of heart disease. And what's what irks me to no end simply because heart disease is a preventable disease. And it is a reversible disease yes I said that on the radio you can reverse. Heart disease are you just gotta do the right things so when you get diagnosed and heart disease or your taking medications instead and you've had a heart surgeon all these things. If she is a never ending battle cause you're not ever getting better you're just managing the condition. And you're going to eventually die from heart disease is the number one killer in our country it kills more people than. Cancer I mean up everything else out there right. The heart disease the number one killer in our country right now are more than anything else. And it's a reversible disease. I mean you like sound joy into heart disease why can't she likes you out right. And you just gotta know how livestock Euro and that's we do with a five essentials. Is what you should teach you guys how to reverse things like heart disease in months right. Are you looking at 215. Name prescription no voids were prescribed last year right. And it goes on the say on this not this chart here says. For every six prescriptions. The script this and this for every six point seven prescriptions there is a 32%. Increase. In H how being removed from a two parent home because of neglect. How was that loud mean. So every time if for every six point seven prescriptions you take there is a 32% increase in a child being removed from a two parent home because of neglect. Crisis and only sick medal in six physically with a sick mentally to them these these drugs are destroying families. It says it last year for being kids were prescribed ADHD medications. Last year 61 drug direction recalled. So the FDA recall 61 different medications last year do you think that's a good thing right but unfortunately they've. They approved 4000 born of fifteen more drugs right. And so doesn't everybody recalled 61 because the cause of death right. In the but they approved 4000 or fifteen more drugs and so or it's it's it's a never ending battle right if in listen this on this issue totally together listless this when he says. You are 64. Times more likely to be killed by your and indeed them by a gun. Tackle that when we're Stiefel I think. Hit 64 times more likely to be killed by you're indeed in by someone with a gun. Is that if there were up they're talking about gun violence in and trying to outlaw Gibbons what we Allah some of these medications or kill people right. I mean that was just a shocker or a solid 64 towns more likely be killed by your Indy then by gun at a loss saying Indies are killed he would only girl I was saying that it is a great people they save lives and help the city come a month saying that. I'm just talk about mr. 64 more times to die because of treatment by an Indy meaning. The diagnosis was wrong or they gave the wrong medication or you had a severe reaction to a disease or the disease wasn't Kirk dropping out properly treated unintentionally. And so these are all mistakes or vice intensely killing people so don't misquote me. But that was just a shocker to me so it and it goes on and on and on it says. Two point one million kids or any depressants. Two point one million on any depressants that's that's that's at least can act as yeah. And 47000. Kids under the age of five take gain a presence in America. So today under the age of five theirs in the last year there was 47000. Kids taken aim to press under the age of five. Yeah I mean that's just someone needs to be shot for that right investors ridiculous right. It's a guys as you can see our country's going in the wrong direction we need to go in the right direction so we do that to Max Muslim in the five essentials price tickets call 86432629. Receiver and welcome everyone you're listens to the maximize the radio show we are changed the way people view it measure health I'm your host doctor Joshua dared DC having a pet hence he can. Together for just joining us now we will be going to the UR five essentials program in exactly what we do. Here's momentarily. Are we start off the program would give us an testimonies and given the unfortunate that the state of our country right now when it comes were health. But before we we get into these five essentials and share a couple more testimony as before we we get to the next break. Stacy. We're going to give away one pared just one. For the first caller our give one pair of tickets away to or dinner with the doc program right and we typically does try to fill this this real it's about thirty people. And not as of now we have 28 and so we have one more pair of tickets to give out. So we're gonna give those states is doing given a right here to second and before we do this they should tell them what the dinner with a donkey isn't what what is involved that before they actually you given Iran a call into in this state. Spray Iowa basically at Stanford she for you then again since commit to you may stay cast here on Haywood road in Queens full. Our next when it's going to be this coming Monday February 12. Pissed at 630. If you went in regulators that cause and they sit claim it to do Selig can can take its. I you show it again at 630 Sam saving human access living island packet yeah. Had he seated and you order you to union against him a big room with what we're about 48 other people yes and then as you are waiting on your feet and be prepared after the actually comes and any mistakes that Maliki Metaxas for demands any of these union guests began to lean dinner even look at this and cleaned it. Yeah added there's no pressure and others say you anything is basically you're getting in front of us and we're sharing our message army history with you. So in the future if you decide you need our services are Eunice harmonies are services guess what. On the got Abacha Gator went on a nice restaurants are you remember me so that's how that works I allows us to educate the community. Get this affirm our listeners and now there'll be sums up our new patients actually we yeah we do this every month for a new patients as well to get them more engaged in more involved. So New York this is something for patients as well as our listeners so. So soon give this summer are really quick is for the first color will get a pair of two tickets so that to pick. A dinner for two rather offer searing steakhouse which is this Monday missiles this Monday coming. February 12 I believe is Monday Tuesday correct and 6:30 PMS Cindy arranged if you cannot attend. Please don't call us we hate to give the tickets to somebody in the they don't show up that we could get some of that really want them yes is the seriousness of the first collar Sosa is he going get that number out. And that brings a 643181690. Iron Man. Again 64326290. And. Hi there is heating gators aren't. I have never have so so moving on so just to finish these stats so that we talked about the beginning of all how better our situation was when our our health care here. I says 60% of Americans are living with at least one chronic disease. 12% of Americans are living with at least five chronic diseases. In chronic yourself and Asia had a long term. And this is the kicker is says by the year it's corny thirty there will be 15%. 50%. Increase in cancer cases. And a sixty or 60%. Increase in cancer deaths of let me repeat that. If we keep dual we're doing now by the year two point thirty. They'll be 50% increase in cancer cases which is twenty mind 21 million more cases. And they'll be 816%. Increase in cancer deaths. Right and so clearly what we're doing is not working so we need a new system. And that is where the five essential system comes in and that is where what we do maximize that means we put our patience and a completely different health system with a different approach it's not medicine's. It's not the same also to give you the same or adults it's a different take you simply. Max mine Max our supply. Max attrition Max oxygen and muscle and minimize the talks is tool we apply Al fob those things those will go through after the break in detail for you guys. You can't help but see we simply are using. And in getting the body heal from the inside out not the outside in health comes from the inside out not the outside in that is what got traded you. So if you are learn about healing from the inside vs healing from the outside to form of pill stay tuned were longer through that after the break. Plus there Maxwell and I rarely show your listeners are maximize living radio show we are changing the way people view remains are health I'm your host doctor just ordered DC. And intense case began hi guys so as promised are going to run its of these five essentials. What we do our clinics who has a lot of questions right safety rallying what do you do what makes you different. You know wash your legacy you or some other doctor whatever you know whatever running to your mind okay. And I trust me there is a lot of excuses out there for you not to see me how in those are all in between your ears and he's got to get rid of them by its ups you'd do if you wanna get better nearly a better if you not you don't all right there's no gray in this area it's either black and white either you want to you don't have dishonest and can't count I think became a civil Francis is that so these five essential that we. Do with our pace is get them healthy so the first Soros far with his if sensor number one which is maximizing mine tonight. Going back to understanding all healing comes from the inside out not the outside in his soon as you get that. And it's a measure motivated you you have accountability part like myself or Stacey who's our nutritious as well my lovely wife. It's that yeah that accountability party and use your eyes are open and you see what true health is. You're unstoppable he does have to draw the line in the sand and make that decision to do that that is why getting healthy starts in the mind her right it's not appeal. It's not going to see do mock me or somebody else is we yet the fixes the start in the mine first. It's a sense you actually have a good example somebody you've met with last week and when you're attrition classes that had a Max mine breakthrough and I know she's gonna succeed now because her mother is on this is succeeded in. And that's why she was in the clinic as a mother referred her after getting off her medication so tell me about up to me that that's an area sit down you have with the pace today. But this is fat cat and our chat and she actually stayed in and just had to see in back. She's Actuant per day and she just kind of got a little and overwhelmed. And I just asked her what was on nine she cyclone. I had then. Feeling like I was ever a weight since I was even import great you know she's gonna attack us I have her eight pounds overweight. Even she's in her fifties and our little school yes says she spent her whole life she's always done everything and I diet plan is an admin in. And even her husband and eat and that that she's coming here. Keith Harrell is ask this case I ask is it just it's just another game that she is he's he's been dealing. I'm in and he's probably he thinks that she's not having results. And and I disaster and the CD believe he can get folks into CDS. And CD love yourself enough. To be able to gables and she said yes. And thoughtful Doumit. Process correct and and look at this is not necessarily die because a lot of times they say I only because I go oh hey bar or Obama that he had to address. This proposal that customer with Cutler cop maximize living here living and take it actually eating. Billy could they fade can't starve yourself to dance since never anything you were hunger are playing your doing their own plan practice and really got TT diet and and when that parent can normalized frank says she just decided right then she's kind kind time deciding that this isn't and the diet plan that this is actually. And lifestyle change and she is Clinton and skew results and into space he said and get some goals. And we start dating back cannot wait and Kabila shares have her testimony. And later on in and let you know her progress so if you want to be like her and he just tired if I'm being the way you are rat me out. We tried every diet plan out there are every batter every dare or whatever it is you done to spend money on. Let's do something different. Bank since the sky 643 T 169. CNN. A 64326290. In on it and just sort of springing off what you just talked about that in lady. Does the backs her behind that is is that her mother was actually a patient on first. And her mother's in her seventies Ekpe upper seventies and her mother in her upper seventies was able to get off. 22. Type juice type two diabetic issues ever get off to medications. Insolent and met for many she's no longer type two diabetic is she's in her seventies right it's a what is your excuse. I mean she's in her seventies outperform on top quarter right she she got disputed results she draw her daughter in years and at her daughter do the program. And she says she's in her seventies this year reverse type two diabetes and high blood pressure. And she's off those two medications or actually three medication being count her blood pressure medication she's in her seventies right. And so it if if you're somebody like like this family. That didn't know any different in Vegas that did this the same all status quo let's take these medications then we have the do something different try. And that the biggest thing wit with her mother is. It was in the Max mine par the bush are persons was more the second essential only gets you know. She she had the mindset to duke she come initiatives that are head down as she did as there's no no no mind issue there like getting hurt her mind right to do this it was. Her missing link was our central number two which is maximizing their supply which is. The biggest one people overlook the thing losing weight is all about nutrition they think it's all about exercise that things about a supplement I think it's about. You know he's starving themselves counting calories go into the genome. Getting healthy I mean they think the thing reversing diseases just reversing type two diabetes you stop beating sugar has nothing to do it right. It has everything do how your body's healing on the inside how is it functioning right. When you eat failure how did your body process that food does that make you sure what or go down does it does your tankers regulate your blood sugar or does it not as your blood pressure go up or down when you get stress or two after regular team how does your body respond to your environments. From physical chemical or emotional stresses how does it respond. When it responds negatively. That forms chronic disease and you get diagnosed you take a pill. If it if it responds like as opposed to the way god designed it mean it regulators not as opposed to when you eat bad food it breaks on the through quickly gets rid of it. If you eat too much sugar makes thought that is that a bring the sugar down right. If you get stressed that brings your blood pressure our purses going up so all these different things when they're working at a hundred assay means your brain is communicating to the rest of the body at a 100%. It does this do despite the nervous system. In the nervous systems those nerves go from your brains every cell muscle organ tissue your body. So for your heart to beat for you want to briefly to digest food to lose weight to anything that happened. Get off medications thing get healthy. The brain has attended send a signal to that part of your body to a nerve or group and nerves and tell what to do properly is if there's any interference there we call this public station. And that gives you a symptom when you go to the doctor get appeal for the symptom and it discovers a symptom up but it never addresses the cars. So with the sensor number two are maximized our supply we can physically see that thought discover that findings show would she want next right where the problems coming from. And then weeks later take a post Doug you're X ray show you where it was it was corrected. And then you see those numbers coming down if you're diabetic or blood pressure cluster aware of your your disease is. Byron whatever. Our test Austro ever and then once you see those numbers coming down we fix what's causing disease you can then we yourself outpost medications correctly and safely. And that's essential number two so. If you've never had a doctor that told you helpless from the inside as the outside. And you never Niger nervous system looked at to see maybe that's the missing link why arched a spent thousands on diets and Ayers are spent thousands on nutrition plans after it's spent thousands and every year on medications. Out of hockey insurance I spent thousands on food spinning my whole check your whole foods up on all this stuff and I can't lose weight or can't reverse this disease than you give us a call right now. Right now and embraced 86432629. This year and I remember our offices so pale look different crammed behind Mimi Japanese steakhouse. And we did participate in message insurance company says Seles and number one question your first visit there at our clinic is 45 dollars out of pocket. Again that number 8643. T 169. CNN nine. Hey inks that guy's a right to authority which is maximizing nutritious decisive this is your baby your right this is our third essential is maximizing quality nutrition and say she's our resident nutritionist as well as my lovely wife and mother of due to my children over the last. We actually we celebrated its point three years together last week did yet. And our remembered Sonoma yeah. That we planned for her flowers to find Valentine then headed this is the week before found does a noise. It's a Stacy if you would just briefly get an attrition don't we know we can't we don't have enough time we only got seven missed less of an out of town to go through the whole nutrition protocols of program but. Basically they just departed just running is what cutting out something and adding a lot of something else right. Pray and latest cash advance and sugar is the devil I even natural sugars and only try to cut out here and an hour nutrition programs and we really at the fat must have good fat spin. And guys what they love to hear that part of program and like Tom and I got to cut our mushers must wait for that we tell them you can 7580%. Fat and they love it I didn't crash because you're placing basically replace in the sugar in your diet with more fact. And then your body burns your fat reserves vs storing them with there's nothing left to burn could you have no sugar left. And that's how you waiver to quickly correct thanks cracked and did so in a nutshell sugar is the devil. Don't. I like did you say stay away from everything that's white out there except for me right ahead six everything's Weis turns into sugar your bread is the stark is the courses she knows suites all that stuff all that white bread white passes sailing from all the white stuff except for me that's what transit of people if you follow that roll you was pretty quickly. It's a that's a sensor number three was an attrition program. I was get this into a sentient armor for. What's his maximizing oxygen lean muscle. Guys in what I think of that I wanna I think of Corey you if you were at our then a few weeks ago that we did it. Redemption church we that we had a bigger did a big help the event there was Saturday morning. One of the guys up on stage of scoring he was he was up there. Doug doing the job that them why did the the example were both death and disease and and simple as moving back and forth from 0% 200%. He is one of the guys up there it and the reason why I Korea they're actually yes he did volunteer but. I chose him because Corey is now off to blood pressure medications that he is this is Corey. This guy it was a no reason military that he's not you know he's he's probably in his thirties or forties works departments forties. It's a bit overweight his whole life been on medication is alive because he discussed or famine has always been overweight. And he come in start our program. Few months ago and is now off his he's no longer has high blood pressure basically is off the two blood pressure medication he was taken and he discussed so excited he's tell my whole world about us he's off his medications. He doesn't do we get us to see is VA doctor they're like why aren't you taking their medications and he's like has not only binoculars coolest chick in it check his blood pressure its load off we're doesn't need them. And that I like what is keep doing what you want. It's a discount super excited about that so I'll let him up on stage when he volunteered and he he actually helped to sell under our bed so. If your some might like Corey. In the and the reason that's how it into the central number four horses are new maximizing oxygen lean muscles because this guy let's exercise now he hit it exercising. Any gay guy headaches and get this jealous nominees have been now is off the blood pressure medication. He's doing things he loves exercises and that's what we had enough there's so if you're someone like quarry near taking blood pressure medications in. You'll get off those medications because you hate the way they make you feel cause blood pressure medication is what makes you tired authority the cause impotence in men long term. The make you sleepy they affect your hormones they disorder shut everything down. Yes they slow your blood pressure down to your numbers look good for your doctor but they slow the rest your body down as well which you don't want to try you need all that energy so. If you're semi like Corey your own blood pressure medication and you're sick and tired of being sickened darted you like to get off those medications give us a call right now. Great men embraced a 64326290. At night I get 86 square. 326290. At night. Good deal so that at least one more essential Stacy and that would be not maximizing anything but minimizing toxicity. This is a huge one we are very toxic in our environment. Softening in the daylight so you found 85% of cancer is due to from toxicity in our environments. And with those numbers going up in 2030 will be feet 2% increasing cancer rates in 60% increasing cancer deaths. I think we need to address the toxicity issues that I guess to have homes action MS Tonga. You know that your home is a hundred times more toxic than the outside air. I mean are groping in Atlanta as a kid and they always used to tell us I mean for war when I was under six years old rather arsenal and a an arm every day even a 67 years old sit saying that the TV says stay inside because bill warns levels it's at level orange red outsider or the smaller river was. But now days. The inside aired your house is a hundred times more toxic than the outside air. And there's all this talk about. Pollution and global warming and toxic air and all this stuff but really the realistic. But the thing is you're inside home is more talk to the outside later right at a hundred sounds more talks in the outside air accord to the FDA I mean the yet FDA so so why would we not address that. And so we do in that's more fit the central is minimized and toxins. And so there's a lot of toxicity things out there are a lot of detox is. We encourage patients actually to do a sell your clients correct Stacey is not a colon cleanse not a kidney cleanse not a doll that our plans I mean not us some fact claims that makes you feel good for a week or two than it comes right back. We encourage you guys do a whole entire. A body cleanse them every so you have in their severance who treated cells in your body. It when you do they sell your clans you lose eight pounds and one month to simply doing sell your clans because it gets all the toxins in the junk out of your selves. And you want to do that guys because if you're not. If you don't have clean sells you can't absorb clean food. Think about that look at it like a bucket of water. If your cell as a bucket of water yet seventy trillion cells in your body. And they're all buckets of water if those buckets are full muddy water. And you took a glass of clean water or health food and you poured into that bucket of muddy water the water the way it can steady still dirty money. Right seed is wasting your time warning clean water into blood of muddy bucket. Because into the water so dirty it's that you have to clean those cells out so when you eat healthy foods. In you you're eating organic and you're taking great. You know goods vitamins or supplements that are good quality not the jockey see out there on the lawn of the shelves of Wal-Mart Sam's Club Costco NG NC which is a lot of filler on a junk. We're taking equality sup Mitt. Or drinking goodwill and drink him when he water drip or eating healthy organic foods. And non GM foods you want those cells to be cleaned so you can absorb those nutrients if not their so called full toxins. You can't absorb me I mean he's just like you wake up in UP Ellis a fatter you go to recent opponents all gone and he displays all your time and money and energy trying to eat healthy. Drink lots of water he would do all these things when the cells are this clog up ways. So we encourage our bases to a sell your clintons in if you don't have a good so Clint you can always go to our website and Al Green blue dot com. That's ML Greenwood dot com and click on our our store. And you can go there and look at our products into the daily detox is the one always wreck recommend when it comes to that thirty day sell your clans and he'd come IA officer pick it up or irrigation straight to you but. Is very important when you're eating healthy to start with a detox or sell your clans so you can absorb those good nutrients corrects I think he lost and so in a nutshell guys. Those are five essentials maximizing mine maximizing nutrition and Steve maximizing their supply. Maximizing nutrition maximizing oxygen lean muscle in minimizing toxicity. It's when you get a health coaching you go through all those with us and we hold you accountable when you get those benchmarks Hugo succeeding you're going reverse disease you got the medications in a nutshell right so. We're gonna take a quick commercial break your listens to the Max laws that are radio show you we'll be right back welcome back everyone you're listens to the maximize living radio show we are change in the way people view him as your health. I'm your host doctor Joshua dared DC and it kept hence the T get to guys this week we went to the five essentials in which she does mean is it do to get healthy. If you wanna learn more about those five essentials you can finest. And ML green will dot com or you can color is the opposite me is one no longer give us a call at 3262909. Unscheduled appointment. For consultation see how we can keep you healthy. A bottom line is this guy's always start with maximize living and we started this brain this idea it was. It was sweet we set it up and we we try to manage it as a ministry. Our ministry your goal in life is to give people hope there's a lot of six suffering a broken people out there there's a lot of people that are addicted to pain pills a lot of people there ditches her medication is there's a lot of people that are lost. Six suffering in wake up every single day miserable right or they're just a zombie from all the pills at the take every single day. And so we start off this and are more of our missions was was to give hope to the sick and suffering you know there's so actually when you come and our clinic on the back wall I have in big pain in letters. Hope lives here right. And because we want to be a place of opening her judgment. Not this is something that everybody's doing in the same or results in which are any results so we want people to get different results and do a different planet different action plan. To get them healthy. Frank says if you rate and make an appointment to connect clinic a 643 T sixteen Hank and CNN national. And Gaza bottom line as I told you the beginning of the segment. 95%. Of America does probe Cologne and nursing home first is on a cruise ship with a us. And we want you on a cruise ship whether celebrating not stuck in nursing home and that is the stat not if Iverson is in the nursing home. And nobody ever wakes up and say we're retired have a good time and end up in the nursing now knows they are wake up. Seller it's. And so our number one goes Mike my health coach told me years ago I think I answered this review again the same is my job as it keeps you other nursing home right. The more you engage in the five essentials and Max was living along are you stand and nursing home and that's bottom line is if you wanna say other nursing don't give me a call. Hang your radio there's no don't waste your time because I'm not bullets she go to coming up right is so you guys you know this is the maximizing your radio show. Our remember being yourself this everyone else is taken until next week god bless you.