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Monday, April 16th

How to stay forever young.


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Welcome everyone your listens a doctrinaire as Max living hell sider I'm gross doctor Joshua there in DC canyon co principals and a welcome back misses there are so guys you know she was you've been out of town last week or two at the beach with the kids for. Break in so I was winging it on the Macs that are radio show Jon to speak for whole entire hour of trying to come up with some say. Because you were not happy living at living over here is that Adobe may gives smokers with so much marking McCain. She was more or curtail our ergonomic my Hamas beach so history it's. And so and I'm glad it up my lovely wife is back in the studio with me this week. This weekend. Kind of glad her in the gives men don't save Connecticut Tom must see arrests so now Ramona she's she's back this up for me to get that right right when they haven't managed to again all navigation he gently I think at this set I guess. If it's a commitment made as long as we have forty plus years to what point going on twenty years or whatever it is but I've been together since tenth grades in high school crying out loud. You if you've been married all the time like this you you know how this works or she can take a vacation with the kids and that I pay for right that the stay here in source he patients and then bill if I try to take a vacation the whole family has succumbed thought I cannot get a vacation mama so anxiously family I think it's a family affair enlisted. A spring break beach trip worth Teddy as a stay home I think for her to think that but I don't he I don't. That this part of it just can't quote it was my dessert that was her deserves it hit so hard. Because the guys this week out we're gonna jump in short topic. Of the name of the show is going to be the title of the topic if you will offer this week's Macs that are rated show is forever young. Living with prolonged activity get a say they're right launch activities uttered a word is sounding gets I'll put it in there. Also forever young this the thing is guys. I mean it's it's no big secret we're getting older as a country I mean there's a whole new generation coming up thank god but actually sometimes this'll scared and so I see help and some of these millennial some of these younger kids are. And I'm not knocking on my ass of myself. But up salacious it's it's crazy the generation is coming up now but nothing not the generation well before our time I mean where where in our forties or so the agents object our generation even include the generation before ours is completely different than what's going on now. So when it comes to. Forever young this is I guess this this shows. I guess you'd say he's geared towards the baby boomers if we won't call that we can comment. Buys so when it comes to being a baby boomer or. Trying to stay forever young the biggest fear that I see in and I hear our run into wanna talk to people that are getting older in life it's they they wanna stay independence. The biggest fear that people have getting older is it is they have they're whenever nursing home. And I've gone to nursing homes and speak. And the biggest fear of people in the nursing home and is having to go into the the the the other southerners and home where there there's they're not as functional if you take care of them so the independent living side is is is happy. But the assisted living side is not as happy and so the biggest fear people always stay first number one staying out of nursing home. And then when you get nursing home the biggest fear is getting its day is bill is have to go over to the assisted living side right. So we wanna do is it's not only keeps you young heart like we all capable we're doing is by flipping a switch and remind doubly and we were ferrying arbor we wanna keep your. Keep your you mentally and physically young at heart as well so you feel that sort of did this whole week show on how to stay forever young all right. It's a basically our mission in Max living. As we want to empower longer help your lives to chiropractic care in. And the implementation we call the five essentials bailing you apply these five essential as will go through you know will sort of weave them in throughout this week show. When you apply these five key things. You live longer you have who is it better writes how the more energy don't have as much aches or pains. You don't end up with a nursing home I 95% of America does. And you don't take as many medications. And the statistics showed that is when you take care yourself you take less and yet it lets medications and so our goal is to chew off those medications reversed those diseases. Diseases not just treat them but actually are reversed those diseases so if if you're news of the five essentials and you all learn more about the five essentials are what we do it Max living or you're just ready to. Give us a call and schedule time to meet with Stacy or myself or myself. And go through this with you is it how CO we can reverse disease vs treat disease and gives you living longer and healthier give us a call right now. Frank inept planning to land the number is 8643262909. Anxious supplement line only if you have questions. We appreciate it on a website that's and the horror the green pulled dot com and he he likely GC can actually make a comment there on our website as well. That's an Al Green Paula dot com and phone number again 864. 3262909. So I have this quote from the national academies press this says despite them. Despite the most health care spending Americans are in worse health. Die earlier in suffer from more diseases than any other wealthy nations pride. And so look at it like this like I always say were. 95%. Of America dies broke alone looking at a bucket appeals in a nursing home. So when it comes or overall health when it comes to the richest industrialized country in the world we are dead last when it comes of these nine major benchmarks when it comes to health. So I want to read so this is good it's hobbies are that the nine things we are dead last in mean we're the worst in the world cry but when it comes to riches and socialist nation so. In a fit mortality. Meaning guys more people die in the morgue in fits. Children babies hear more and more babies die in the United States and any other. And just trust Kutcher on the world. It's a mean that's a big problem yes. More homicides so these artists they seize more homicides and any other culture on the road when it comes Toobin just trust nations but we have the highest teenage pregnancy rates. We have that the lowest prevalence of low school we have when it comes HIV. Our country does lesser prevent HIV than any other riches the written and a plus countries. We have more people on disability than any other country in the world. We have hired. Drug ODs when it comes to prescription medications. We have the highest rates of obesity and diabetes in the world. We have the highest rate of heart disease in the world. Actually heart disease is the number one killer in the world and is the number one killer in. The United States are we at a higher rates in the announced his anywhere else. Yeah you guys take so much blood pressure medication or heart disease medication or Plavix and cholesterol you do all this stuff to prevent heart disease. And you still we still have a number were still the number one when it comes heart disease in the world doesn't make any sense. And that word were number one sort or dead last when it comes to. Chronic lung diseases so we have more chronic lung diseases and our currency more cases of crying along diseases anywhere else in the world here in the United States alone. And yet we spent all this money time energy on medications prescriptions doctors specialists all the stuff we do day Indiana we're taught to do and yet we're dead last when it comes of these top nine indicators of health so. Obviously what we're doing is not working right it's so if something you don't is not working than you look at countries that. Are doing things that are working so what I wanted to do now is due to a list of few different countries around the world. That have similar genetics to us you can't just say it's because we have bad genes the United States that these people have the same genetic code as we do. But they have a different type of lifestyle. So wants our first talk about Greece. Try it. Did you guys know betting Greece. The average of person that lives in Greece lists ten years lower than an American desk. They get ten more years at a life that Americans did rise beyond that and they just I think. And digging and walk right thank you are honest they're right they have to 40% less cancer rate then there's their cancer is 20% less than ours. They have 50% less heart disease the United States does. And they had zeroed dementia in and Greece so why is that and they say yes or no dementia vigorous LS heart disease which is our number one killer here in the states into rivers analyst Doug cases of cancer so what do they do that we're not I guarantee you they're not taking on the medications that would take you right. So this is what the average of Burson increase does when it comes and Gaza theme this is going to be seniors in because it is forever young so this is the baby boomer so I'm talking about classes of baby boomers want to talk about these countries here. You know. So in the baby boomers and and in Greece they wake up naturally in the morning whenever they decide they want to get up right there's no alarm clocks agrees when it comes to seniors they don't believe in law have an alarm clock is a senior in Greece or as just their culture. They wake up they work out there your kindergarten until late afternoon in late very late breakfast that only eat breakfast I mean they either very late launch rather okay and after launch threats they consist of socializing with their neighbors and their family members. And guess what they do not do in Greece according to research for seniors and they don't exercise. So so they're sleeping and they're working outside the gardens there's there eating a late lunch during the day they're social -- us they were there to their neighbors and friends and they're not exercising. And and they're they're living all longer than we are bright so clearly what we're doing is not working I think about it right. I liked a lot less stress there is lustrous and they blew off a diet of vessels from her garden they grow organically right. They made lots of callable drink lots of goat's milk and they drink also lines as said the key to its accord to Greece to keep it healthy life is sleeping in late lunch. Beating vessels all of bull goat's milk you want it driving it that sounds like Google threatened to attack and integrate your target Gregory's father arrived today so if you immigration to Italy. Guys got to know this late Italy has the most sincere in males and an anywhere else in the world meaning the most people that most men over a hundred years old are from Italy and write some more men lived to be over forty years old and Italy than anywhere else in Italy is known for its pluses and is winding its cards and all this stuff that we say is that for artists and I think credit outcome that Italians are getting it right. Anyway your and I love it later so there's more people in Italy there over a hundred years old when it comes the males and any other place the world. They're culture guys. Puts family first they celebrate their elders they take care home right they walk miles and miles a day visiting throughout the neighborhoods. And they're very engaged in their communities so clearly there's something there right that the engagement. Being up putting family first and things like that so it's not just what you putting your body it's how as the deep distress and your mindset if you wish to Atlanta our involvement that people. Yes and and then the next for a while talk about a Japan so this is Okinawa Japan we've we've heard a lot about Okinawa Japan. Basically built the world's oldest women live in your opinions of the world's oldest men living Greece. The world's oldest women living in Japan maybe they need to get together and this candidate and then in a plane that you are Italy and Italy. And then Japan as well that the world's oldest women live right. They live olive rich diet of eating fish three times a week sweet did say it is lots of jury Q&A and a bitter lemmings Callan Gloria if opera now Sarah and guess what. There's no cancer in Okinawa Japan and there's no heart disease and a non Japan so what does that say about their diet. This work and then it's working good right so clearly what we're doing is not working right. It's so we need to mimic what these other countries are doing in not only do we need to mimic what they're doing is we need to stop treating disease like we treaty here in the United States right now you get sick do you go to the doctor what is Sims on big big utilities until they give you pills. And did they put you on that hill for the rest your life there's no nutrition advice there's no exercise advisors know life's televise 90% of the time there is that what the occasional Ramiro. But the majority of the time it's just you have this disease I want which on this medication now want to take this medication for the rest your life so. If you have a doctor like that you need a new doctor right. And so we do and Max living guys is we only don't put new a new medications I'm Margolis he gets you off those medications safely in overtime as you get healthy. As so we won't do is developing health care plan for you to get you healthy and keep you healthy right so if you're healthy keep you there if you're not healthy you take medications we wanna show you had to get off those medications and get to the root cause of your disease. Not just treat those symptoms so if you are why solid the rest of the the world does other than we have here in the United States when it comes to health. Give us a call right now. Right this is felt fine line that number is 8643262909. You have questions in just trying to Samari search she can get on Alex scientists and borrow the queen evil dot com. He had Apogee Mecca and remained there on our website as well okay. If first deployment there office this is 52 dollars and we gave could just immense buying insurance companies as well to him including Medicare including many Campbell one question he asked me. Says never again 86432629. Received an. Two guys were wrong to take a quick commercial break your business of the Max living radio show it will be right back welcome back everyone you're listens a doctrinaire as Max living radio show and as as we we talked about earlier Gaza we heard discussing forever young this this week on the maxim radio show we wanna show you guys had to get healthy. Live beyond I mean ski and live a long time and feel young right we want that vitality that they use this week we don't we want that. That's secret fountain view but the problem is there by as looking for appeal for the fountain of youth and that's never gonna happen right I can see that kind of an appeal that's not gonna build as the more pills do you take the sick you think about it or does anybody out there think they're healthy does that take lots of medications alone know the more medications. The faster a year away hit that below the daisies stays in your life right we want to keep you above the daisies not below the daisies more PO state facts you get to be below the day is not about the days. We want to see you wanna cruise ship with us not stuck in a nursing home right so is the curse of governors no you decide. It's so it if you listen to us and you apply these principles. And should do something completely different which are doing now. We're policy on a cruise ship one day and verses have a covers June nursing home so. We've talked about other different societies and countries before the break and what they did to stay healthy and live a long life. And so one of the key themes LP picked up there was their mindset it's okay. Look at happiness as they sort of an action not just a feeling but an action dries up when you look at this is an action and not just a feeling that make a lot more sense to you so the common theme that we see in cultures. That live a long time as they enjoy life they stay active in their community right. They. That they they love life and and they have strong relationships. Right in so it's not sitting alone watching. Fox News or seen him all day long and us on talk radio 24 hours a day not openers on the role that is I'm glad you're listening to your listening to us right. Knew more about it where to educate you but if you're just sitting around all day long and don't have a relationship senior hermit. Eight you just slowly killing yourself basically according to what other culture doing so we want you to be happy and healthy right. It's so wake goes back to that the old saying that. That laughter is the best medicine I think there was a movie on we watch one time was that doctor. That was that clown. There's a crown on TV. Clowns are scary clowns are scared now these these clowns are funny. Doctor not doctor feel good that's. So there Microsoft analyst. At. There is a clown that you see as a real life forever clown that was a with a doctor you always war than those in and always his hospital this children's hostile. Some more healthy kids and kids get better and his hostile than any other hostile around the country because this guy was always Laffey making kids laugh and analyst Damon movie about a Robin Williams played for crying you know after you would think Kennedy has and always. So there's a study they come out back and twice sixteen. That they did a study owns 40000 people would heart disease right. And they they took people to 40000 people have heart disease it was it in the cross sectional study of cardiovascular disease. And they found that people they had a positive lifestyle. That'll last a lot. Had a 37%. Increase. In getting over their heart and heart attacks or heart disease tries so people that laughed and had had. More joy in life had a 37%. Increase in getting over there their heart attack and stroke wherever was and so. Clearly meeting a laughter is the best medicine so as you get older you wanna be happier it has the power line right a lot of people. I guess to stare at typical older person is old and grumpier I mean that's you news look at older people as old and grumpy and that's not the case there's there's lots of Cuba they're happy and healthy but unfortunate there is some old grumpy old men out there right in and look look at your health guys. Unless the so ladies you know unfortunately is the ladies are always a lot happier than the men in the men always our lot earlier than what the women do right because man we're old and grumpy and women are just happy and healthy ally is so. Just knew we need to take some advice from these women sometimes it says they just learn things the man they larger group that's not a sentence so that the key one of the keys to living along. Happy life is being happy in a court as a resource laugh a lot. Reese are Stephens Jose Hilton heart disease have you ever had a heart attack or stroke or have high cholesterol or or heart disease or in the you know congestive heart failure. Try to laugh some more enjoy life in new research shows is going to be analyzed. Nice question Fannie Mae east if you don't know how to laugh freedom must how to laugh like Tiffany maybe there you go figure out what their Robin Williams movie is all talk about lost down. But liberals like a quick commercial regulars is the Max limit radio show will be your right back welcome back everyone you're listens and doctored airs Mac slit your radio show. I mean host doctor Joshua near DC. And a cup test case he can't see guys as a continuing our topic I remember here that clown that common view was when we talk to break the it was Patch Adams. Robin Williams paid pat played Patch Adams which is apparently a real life doctor that had a hostile somewhere that saw lots of kids. And he used one of his medicines of one of his techniques to gay kids better. Was to laughter is always always he always may be his last in the movies called Patch Adams of he had the same Patch Adams. Look it up Washington's it was a good class milieu and go Robin Williams right this coming if they only last maybe a bit panic at crown and is actually funny exactly because now clowns are like scarier right don't talk about it or. That's that it slip away as. So so moving on so though we talked about having a positive mindset last last time but when it comes a living along and healthy so the next thing we want to talk about is is getting involved in your community growing Al out right. Our research has shown that listen listen these stats guys so individuals who volunteer have lower mortality rates more charity mean death. So individuals who volunteer have lower mortality rates than most who do not according to the journal applied geriatrics. States to have higher volunteer rates and are more likely to have greater laundry tip that he in less incidence of heart disease according to the Corporation for National and Community Service. The journal neurology says hi daily activity is associated with they reduced risk of alzheimer's disease so that's something that you know seniors have more about his moves in the minds sometimes alzheimer's disease. Well accord to the journal neurology high daily activity is associated. What would. Activating your brain and volunteer and his associated would lower alzheimer's rates and so we definitely want to give involved. And some of the biggest I mean the easiest things to gas is just get involved is church right Grammy churches are always a number of volunteers and it's always us the most Thomas is safe environment. And there's always the need. And so get involved is church right I mean volunteer church. As think about it when you go to your church and you look around those little ways that directly from the church they're all volunteers that are like ninety years old they're still going faster volunteering they're putting others before themselves and it's a positive thing and they're they're all have a long healthy life in the lowers won't keep blessing them because their blessing others right. As a sort of get involved. The next thing or talk about really quick when it comes to living a long life is nutrition. Right. And the reason why nutrition is important as you get older guys it's not for your figure because sometimes grab you sort of go against your figure as you get older. But it's you wanna be healthy and have proper nutrition so you can sustain a long healthy life. Because medicine may not keep you alive in in a village you may bet a stay at a nursing home to your hundred years old but you're not living in the quality of life you're doped up and you're sticking your you have all kinds of diseases right. And so nutrition as you get older comes at a place. Not to keep you looking good right but more than a lot more than anything to keep you feeling good that your body can support a long healthy lifestyle. And so when it comes to nutrition listens this might concentration. The US spends more on fake processed food than any other category student in the world right we spend excuse me that we spend we spend a 185. Billion dollars last year on fast food. 80% of the through the United States is genetically modified or GM can you believe that that's why had been a make or sits right. And a bit in this is all accords the Bureau of Labor Statistics right. And so I want you look at that your diet not as they little a fad or not don't look at food is a diet but look at as a lifestyle of wellness in better relationship strikes out what you have a good relation widger feared I want you to enjoy eating. Does the food that we talk about don't make it it sure that was a chore. You only gonna do it until you're you're you give up on it because it's too hard you wanna go back to your ways for convenience so we wanna make this a lifestyle not just a quick die as a diet it's always fail right. It's what it comes to nutrition Stacey being our resident nutritionist. All right so let's talk about that two different. Nutrition protocols or plans that we we teach our pace we have what we call the core plan and then the advance plans that go out there who. Both of those if you would really quickly just to give our listeners an idea what we teach our went right to quit the differences between both up and sit. This just this small glimpse of that event and the court planned this spirit that CDC would be the more healthy fats and eliminate all damaged its. I and then when he can spread team. If consuming animal protein Ali Saleh from a gain make and actually raised the source is slightly knowing it. There and I makes no hormones Palestinian meats and potentially if he can find grass then that's different any better when he kind Steve I care. Here you beef products to spontaneous. And wanna clear plainly always recommend now carbohydrates just eat my vegetables. And your carbohydrate should be coming prime mainly ER for your vegetables. And then still eliminate some of the refined grains and sugars in the C a car she's still actually still kind of turn your vegetables. Not miss. This area this congressional black cars and it's a good car so he was able to fight only bred among biscuits are parties on Saturday morning how Malone getting energy somebody any cards while you can get it from the vessel Z they're better atop a cars. Right right and he actually get I'm more at longer energy source just by easing dead carbohydrates from the vegetables while she feels. Yeah men and men on what's that you got the seeker for those you don't like vegetables. It is spicy green beings. My wife makes these during means that I have about four nights a week she takes green beans fresh green veins and I don't want I want you complained that taste or or right. But she takes fresh green beans in she stir Fries them in a hand with coconut at all and she cooks and his late start to get burn up in Chris the right. So ladies if your cookie in your house only Graeme danger men if you if you wanna try these green beans check this out. So put your green beans in your in your your front panel here or try something up like your front food. And put Kokomo on their vs a regular. And an eventual Coca at all. And by the time you're down with a bit like a Bob brown and crispy flavor in you can just he'd like Cain he listened cease our home but some Himalayan thinks a home. And I say you need you you'll go back to anything else that Saudi new agreement. To stay says they're crane and. For is that they're crunching hits for us all right they're good for is that's a good thing but it was body meaning eruption one of them that too sensitive he can make it screenings tonight includes. Good good. Gregor. I fixing it that they plan that's Grammy or second on eating plan and it sounds a little bit and more. In this is just a temporary died not long term just to get a quick fix or something like the weight loss reverse and disease could do. They lowered a blood sugar information yet. So early this when I'm in your fat category despite eat more healthy good fats and eliminate our Danish fat check it made about them. The vegetables the canola or Willis and start east in gone are. Cook an honor and Kyle along and proteins and he scored a moderate intake a price kaine says it's not going to be our highest intake. And that she's going to be kind of and is still the highest yes Indian vikings come in my back in the middle. If he's kind of cut near the end that your diet plan and it and that's a high gear fat should actually be half of that high. And then just a quarter and that includes Debbie pres teen and then even a smaller quarter would be the carbohydrates eat carbohydrates and they plan. He actually eliminate all your grains and this are your fridge. And I'll shattered city even include honey in coconut shooter. We eliminate will run the screen common in Milan and they explained. This thing gallant crew didn't really allowing these planes like graced the Apple's consent saving move. The cynic in next in the days like blue days black base in France the east which is great contestant wearing next season and an offer for basis qualities of for that kind of really get like and that kind of carbohydrates and consider the plan and the whole idea Scott Mac all shiver he thinks it turns to sugar big deal. It's also Gaza concentration we always get a lot of questions about supplements a multi vitamins. I would tell you are this right now. I like him out of line tell you stay away from anything to that would be wrong to do but this for this way the did there's certain ones on the market. The centrum silver head and DNC and some of these things out there guys that the building the most popular ones on the market are actually the worst phones for you try to eat when you pick up a follow multi vitamins and you'll see all the gets up this says it has that you need is is a senior for us if it's. A C essential and so or something like that. But when you flip it over you look at the other ingredients. There's like a whole entire label of nothing but so if you cannot pronounce so basically what happens is. Here's your vitamin your multi vitamin how's all this good stuff in that she need but it has so much bad filler stuff and that you don't need an action causes more harm being good so. Things like this sentence overs and and even some of the Aegean Sea ones out there you should actually stay away from because they have a bunch of junk in them yes they have the goods such you need to have a lot of junk in them as well. And so do we do it definitely recommend amends multi your women's multi if you don't have a good source for your vitamins or men's or women's multi vitamin you can always go to our website ML agree what dot com. Click on resources and you can go to our products page and you can see the different vitamins or supplements that we recommend there for seniors and what not but it's definitely stay away from my symptoms silver stuff like that because they're the most popular ones but they're also the ones there that they'll. Who works for you right they actually cause osteoporosis because of various city is so giving it a multi vitamin that's. Causing austere approach is so is still an elderly ladies not a good thing in my case is just via train and when I don't or they can you killer shot for that extra emphasis that the so the next thing we want progress fitness guys I stay active we want you wanna say this you can maintain your and a tennis bottom line that's it right you wanna stay active so you can maintain your independence. Cultures that actually live a lot longer than us to move a lot more than us the thing that the common theme we saw in the people from Italy Greece gets what they walk miles and miles a day through their neighborhoods visiting his socializing and it worked out there gardens all day long stated exercise because they worked in their their busy walking and doing things. Like that I guess the difference between essence we actually get in the car don't socialize good hidden track we are not anywhere around the right. They all okay you're right. There's actually is a study to come ons 117. That they showed that. Though that the the more sedentary lifestyle mean them the less you moved in life the higher your your your chances of mortality which is death so than this point seventy last year it should prove that the more you sit around the the bastard is towards death right now we don't want that happened. And then mark tested in in my process Stacy to eat they they brought you are at it and he said just makes you more sanity don't feel like Ernie and exactly yes. So if any of the stuff does make it says she and you never heard anything like this and you wanna learn more about Max living or you wanna. Bottom Max living doctrine your air we actually are the ones here in green globe right here on order for road. Down by Butler road where we're Butler tees into waterfront actually work. Where batteries plus and nothing firehouse subs on their way to the Bank of America so you can finest there aren't a week or tolerating a show on the weekend so. If you're ready to make up for me and give us a call our number is less I see. It's it's four earned three T 169. Is he earned nine in our web site if you had my question is why do in my research this and now green full dot com. Your first visit in our office this fifty to die so we gave participate in this insurance companies including Medicare. So if you wanna set up that person playmate coming up this week give us a call 8643262909. Did disallow or do now guys sharing testimony with you that we we got impatient Linda. I says one year ago I was taking medication for high cholesterol acid reflux thyroid plus horror replacement therapy or HRT. And a host of others to control my allergies. I would get I would get anywhere from three to four sinus infections every year sometimes more. And now a contract bronchitis so badly that it would lead to pneumonia and now be out of work for weeks. I also suffered with depression but our refused to go one more medication all I can do by 5 o'clock 5 PM with sit on my sofa. My AG was in the tank. Dated I didn't do anything. I joined my sister at a celebration dinner which is one of our dinner where the docs. Because I joined my sister had a celebration dinner with others who had. In the past experience issues similar to mind. They were sharing their stories of recovery through five essentials for healthy and well being the testimonies blew me away but I was skeptical. I had been struggling for over twenty years with my health challenges but I committed to it lifestyle change with Max living. I got connected with a chiropractor started taking better care must find embody changing my nutrition is starting it better path with those five essentials. I love the work out because most exercise is otherwise boring to me. I got started with high intensity workouts at home burst running and even took my arrangements to work making a point to do ten minute intervals up and down the stairs at work I had. My energy went through the roof it was amazing the best and yet felt in years before I knew it I can keep up my four year old grandson and spend more time with my husband outdoors. I've not experienced any mood of depression symptoms my hormones are stable. How lost over twenty pounds I'm no longer taking any medications for cholesterol acid reflux and thyroid. And I also discontinue my HRT are my hormone replacement therapy without any issues. With good nutrition values are almost nonexistent. When my doctor noticed me and my diminishing need for his medications she adults to me he asked me. What I was doing I told her about Max living in the five essentials his comment to me was keep doing what you're doing I love my wife my life now. Feeling good every single day Linda's ziglar. So does if you thought what Linda experience in that testimony resonates would you and you would like a testament like that was yourself. Give us a call right now so we can point you in the right direction is Linda did. Pray and that number is 864. 32629. BC ran nine. You get on a web site makeup planning is well and Al Green Paula dot com or get this call 864 iron three to 169. BC ran nine. And got there's nothing fancy and special about what we do is just a different approach instead of getting. Yours and finding out your symptoms and treat yourself thumbs were simply wanna get to the cause of your disease so this aches or pains were going to feel better if it's. Type two diabetes were reversed a diabetes at his high blood pressure or reversed I would love pressure. If it's high cholesterol we're going to we're gonna bring your cholesterol bouncing you know those medications. If it's ED men we're gonna get you up those hills you know take all the time and indeed he's gonna go away your right. If this thyroid issues or hormone issues like it was a Linda we're gonna show you had to get off the replacement therapy is the hormone therapies. Engage your life back in because were simply going gets to the cause of your disease or the cause of your symptoms realm is not treat the symptoms. And when you've worked with the body not I guess the body and you do what we do a Max living you can't help but to get better issues it's a no brainer and then you live a happy life. Of of long life and legitimacy in independence that you don't end of the nursing home like a lot of people do like 95% of America does pray and we get hey don't wanna go back he went into exactly is so what would you on day one as we look at that nervous system right because there are always saying this the nervous system controls every so muscle or a teacher in your body. For your heart to be fair along to bring defeated digest food for anything to have been regulate your blood sugar or your blood pressure. The body has that make it communication from the brain to that part of the body if there's any interference there from trauma sought to toxins. You have a subway station or or misalignment if you will I'd your nervous system and by correcting that and then apply and the rest of these essentials. You can't help but to get better site were or fighting in addressing the cause not just treat the symptoms of you never been. Lejeune have minimize ever look at your nervous system and you're tired of treating your symptoms don't wanna get to the cause. Give us a car right now a 643262909. But we're gonna take a quick commercial regulars as the Max living radio show it will be your right back. Welcome back it wonders as to the Max living radio show where we are change the way people view him as to help the funny story during the break in my in my bridges and the won't its launch it little kids didn't like to Vicky. It's long lines at the longevity not long did it that he could affect. If found anything I can answer yes I picked up that he faces but nobody else did not sure doesn't look around there they're gonna call an incorrect that so if you if you're saying what he tells me that ultimately correct my grammar. Tom welcome your call this week something New Mexico you think that's that's. What do you no longer activity could. To analyze right. We will always a little long life have a death arrive until it comes to Max that we want to live long healthy life right. That's why we call this thing forever young this week. It's about Gaza applying these essentials in your world have a long healthy life as a vote from prayer is that one day I'll get to meet you face to face. And I can point you in the right direction engaging healthy indeed the life she deserved as you do not deserve. To be suffering and in pain all the time you do not deserve to be stuck on medications. God made you perfect I used to live is about as perfect as possible. Anyway tiger doped up in your body your mind take you medication you're not more about fulfill your purpose whatever that is so. 864326290. Anonymous did you healthy so we can help fulfill your purpose wherever that is hazing give you the last few deserving than did you need that your cravings he can enjoy life not end up like money covers and of America in a nursing home Franken thanks so much more. Don't send out there is so much more right now you think callers thought his wake up counter pills and take your medications if you watched watched the CDC which comes knowing how or that these days doing against the man write a child taken down right and everybody's so and come to some politics we just forget about our health sometimes right and so is okay to be in politics I like to follow politics myself but we take care Russ Sosa may we can be around and be the cheneys at the country needs right and so former Tom basics for 3262909. Until next week guys remember. Your listens to the Max living radio show we are change in the way people view and manage your health. Never give up on yourself never give up on others but really quickly volunteer. Served laugh. Play do all these things we talked about it in the forever young segment of a maximum Kurdish edited and get moving get out there or do something different gives a call a 643262909. Until next week guys remember being yourself as everyone else has taken god bless you.