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Monday, July 16th
3 reasons people get sick.

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Welcome Larry one year listened to the Max living radio show we are change in the way people view and manage their health I'm your host doctor Joshua dared DC. And your co host bulls he gassed. Suggests today's topic how we are going to be jumping into the three reasons people get sick. Also the top three reasons that now we have learned over the past ten or so years of doing this. The top three reasons people get sick in what the excuses are and what we hear the most so will we talk about those little bit later on the show but before do that. Wanna give a cool testimony our received last week in. I love is always update you guys with a reason enough. It gives you some hope so you realize maybe somebody out there's going to the exact same thing you're going to write rising at so and so I guess it's when you hear from somebody else signed something with someone else's goal there's some are you in these here the outcome. Gives you some hope it gives you some motivation and you think one or be like that person and so. So this is for mrs. samples this is a 55 year old young lady. Basically in on this story you read this for you word for word that was your down to says. It's always a mess I had high blood pressure. Type two diabetes sciatica nerve pain in my left leg. I neck pain low back pain. Left shoulder was frozen I had a shorter right leg and that's something that mean her joked about a lot I had a heels for her in us having trouble walking. I could I had trouble working I was overweight in at a shaped Bryant. Is so here's this young lady whose own listen a thrill and authorities are shown a couple of different high blood pressure medication she's on Matt Foreman. Cause he's type two diabetic. Better Matt Foreman maxed out at 2000 milligrams a day should take a 1000 or 2000 evening. She had excruciating site nerve pain run down her right leg in she sits for a living behind a desk can guess how that made her feel. Not too good to write (%expletive) neck pain now all the time in looking down a computer made it worse. Low back pain her left shorter was frozen not yet a hard time news or mouse all the time. She's one of the typical people we see all the time and our clinics here. Actually more dangerous having thick and cat that is being physical act. Exactly does this sit down job makes makes things worse right is so she she she gets her wits and with the aches in pains she gets her family doctor enough person to do that perfect through physical therapy right. It's a she does six weeks of physical therapy see in this physical therapist through three times a week. And she says you know he helps out a little bit with the aches and pains in my neck in my back but. She still has a sciatica nerve pain she still has a high blood pressure on the diabetes which she did expect for the physical their Reno within awaits you as more for the aches campaign's image in that. And she just like anywhere since she's frustrated. And she actually heard us on the Radio One day talking about our community dinner which we have coming up you know in the next week or so what should talk about later but. She here's here's about a community dinner associates as she calls and she's well the first thing collars you get the idea she get attends one of our community dinners. She attends a community dinner she likes we have to say she figures and hang out tried everything else why not try this. And thus she starts care clinic. And in a few shorts months later she still like a rock stars and then this is heard this is this is the after party heard before part this is the arch from Maria word for word quote. It this is is that the question is describe it changes in your health since. Has come to see doctor Deron. But isn't sure she goes oh praise god it's a 95. 2100% change for the better I'm off all my medications. No more sciatica pain no low back pain. But everything is better she since has used my everything is better most days I feel so good it's almost scary I haven't felt this good in a long time. Even mental clarity is better thank you doctor Dara. When she does anyone who was in pain of any kind should have Max living here I am a firm believer in makes you will it makes. You well. In being spear in mind. A lot better when the pain is gone life is good when your spine is in line there's no pinched nerves and she says. And it's hard to function. It's a great thing everyone should do it and so and so that you hear the before in the three must let you hear the after it is simply because she picked up the following gave us a call now so this is the thing. Mississippi polls come into one of our community dinners. And so if you journalists been listened to us for a long time you know what that is about every couple months we do we call community dinner and basically what happens here is we take the first ten collars. After the first thing caller we end up putting people on the waiting list. And so just because you don't get through leaguer name and number if if you don't get through which are waiting lists and as somebody backs out hopefully not the last minute. Then you'll be put you'll be next in line you can attend this dinner. The base of the way this dinner works is this we rent a room that is city range steakhouse on Haywood road that's that's a really nice restaurants security fat and basically starts at 6:30 PM in when's the next Wednesday seeded he has this coming Monday July 20 there Monday July 23 at 630 sharp as when he starts. It's a bit of gas is a thing you know you know. Just respect the time thing I could that this is 630. So that was 645 is not cool like that is interrupts their bodies have actually if you show too late they don't we don't we've we've gotten to where we don't let people into high price that grocer thinks you're going to be here you call an incline one of these first in spots. Please show this external time right. If not that they're Pargo what you and so what happened just being fully transparent about this is he showed this by no later than 630. They give you menu in this big room and you order up the menu the waitress comes round which come drought takes all the information. You take short whatever the case is once or buys ordered I come in I speak for fifteen or so minutes while they're preparing ever MySpace there's typically about twenty or thirty people this route that we can fit in there. By the majority of our patients are new patients. That story care recently with us and in the parlor room is use the radio listeners right. And so what we do as a comment is speak for about fifteen or so minutes while they're preparing your food. And when that is happening to simply going through. What we do how we get the results we get it sometimes you hear a story testimony from somebody sometimes you're escort what you thought don't have the time. And then go before the becomes our blessed that they're not go home to view of Michael I think that's right going to be mistakes in the kids. And you guys to stay as long would you all in the meals on a street pay for everything. And the way this works is we're we are not there to sell you any thing where I want horror press you know buying anything or put you on the spot that we don't do that right. We simply are showing up share the information on what we do and then I'm leaving. And we will have a couple staff members as sort of hang out. Answer any questions after I leave if they finally answer for you. And if the and you and you decide hey I wanna meet this this doctor Derek gob in the zone for all time on the radio then you can let them know they don't they're not pressure and anything you can let them know hey how the schedule I would like to schedule a consultation doctored or this week if you wanna do that you let the staff know face potentially and a schedule autonomy with me later that week. Andy we meet face of facing go to your problems that's how works were not there sales G cellular innate thing or not it's not a sales tactic we're not pershing unit I think were his being black Q why does what we do if you're innocent let us now we're on we're you know force you to do anything right but he just gets us in front of a lot of people. It it's good for our newer patients did to get. You're grounded in re grounded two to what their son and a four and it's good for our listeners that have been listening to us for years to learn more about note no one know more about what we do they can show opening in learned there as and a workshop setting and get a free meal rank him as a doctor actual pacing again. Exactly right I was a week this is not that we've been doing for years that we realize that this is the best this is missing because it's not. It's not like a marketing type thing we're selling you anything we're not pressure or anything we're not getting your face issues. Sit down have a good although talking to the doctor Estes and questions right and that's that's what we do so if you would like to attend that event with a states is going given no route for the first ten collars. Thank you has just for the tip first time callers. And even if he get the place that place is they can name phone membranes had dinner and repudiate combat team or if we had picture a waiting list were TV ecology know that as we'll take. This is the number 864326290. And nine. Kate began 864326290. And nine. Two guys are calling it in just since it's a minus the phone Tom you wanna schedule. It's for the for the dinner in the view the details and problems probably send you text and email you'll that he tells about that but is one idea. Monday July oh I think their third his analysts at 630 GMT Citibank steakhouse on hatred on an order it's great policy that you have to college to take it yes nuptial silent I can be on time right it's those so that being said let's let's jump right into this week's topic so this week out we are going to be discussing the three reasons people get sick so what are Stacey I have learned. Over the years. Is there's always three big things are three big hurdles that prevent people from getting care in any doctor's office or not solicit and articles book and prevent them from getting healthy right. And the state pretty much it keeps their running in the wrong direction vs at least crawling in the right direction. So these these three reasons that we've learned over the years. I'm number one. Lack of commitment it's all right we'll talk more in detail about what that means after the break but lack of commitment so when it comes to your health the majority of people that we've learned are they don't have that they don't want it can be committed to their health right and I that think is too expensive. They don't have time to think they have the go to the gym and nobody likes to go to the gym that think they got to eat healthy all the time and nobody likes to eat cardboard right. Or greens all the time they like look they like you have pizza and pass through Kansas convenience so. There's just a lack of commitment. When it comes an open net as one of the big reasons why people and a sick they don't. Just like if you didn't commit your marriage will have a your marriage or that over time Palin they would follow par there wouldn't be oil dri so it's just like your help you don't commit to your health. If falls apart you get sick you know in my clinic or another doctor's office taken a lot of pills. Which uses to the next big east do you try. People don't think they have a problem and we hear this all the time on my gosh it just days is Steele you be surprised. People call and they scheduled poor economy and meet with us. And they say upon type two diabetics have high blood pressure or were out meeting people in different places and events and it they're they're listing all their problems they have they don't think OK well this person has lots of problems they want. Possibly get healthy and invasive than they follow that all their problems and concerns though with. But by doctor has on me on this medication is my case this McKay is in its all under control so not a word about it. Points out they don't think they don't realize they have a problem because. They have high blood pressure whether taken elicit a pro or blood pressure medication in their blood pressures under control so they think they'll have a problem. Or their type two diabetic. In our take admit former insulin but there anyone see the blood sugar is under control because they're taking a medication right or they have high cholesterol. But they're taken you know a Staten medication their cholesterol looks muted when they do the blood work because they're taking medication. So they don't realize is. You do have a problem just because your your your diseases under control with medication. The disease is still there. And diseases to hawking problems I don't care how much Mitt former and you take for type two diabetes if you're if your blood you're gonna control you're still going developed. But diabetic neuropathy Jorge you're still would have beaten the kidney damage and you know you're still only your side you sugita Lynn cut off when you you know order because of of an infection because of the type two diabetes even though it's under control of frenzies right picture taken medication so. People think they don't have a problem which is the one of the biggest mistakes won't actually do me in on a lot of passes medications to help prevent you from having and that's how exactly right Issa and then the third thing is the wrong information okay we've been led these lies it will spend a lot of a time after the break talk about this on the third one is. Is their they're and all this wrong information out there. People think health. Is just simply the way they look on the outside of the way they feel right you think he'd eat you feel great he must be healthy but yet you drop that are attack. You feel great but yet you're diagnosed with a with cancer for crop for you know for heaven's sake or or whatever the case is right or you look on the outside look good debate to see which are dying on the inside right in your heart's about to explode so there's all these different things. That we think is what health actually is when it's not so after the break we're talk about that as well so the three reasons or talk about. This week on the accelerator showbiz. Your lack of commitment to your health you don't think you have a problem. And a third one is the wrong information out there so we're gonna go through all three of these myths after the break indeed bunk every single one of those. Think you need opportunity to actually learn what healthy is. And fix whatever situation you're is you're you're actually you're in because we want you end up like mrs. samples did get off all her medications in and be happy healthy not sickened stuck is to take the medications but I. We're gonna take a quick commercial break your listens to the Max the radio show that we come back say she's actually gonna give your tip of the week states is to the weak point coming after the break so once again. He does is a Mac slip a radio show we are changed the way people view him men's health welcome back everyone you're listens to the Max limit your radio show we are changed in the way people view in man mr. help time your host doctor Joshua Darren DC. I can't cope pistols he can't and this week as we are talking about the three reasons people get sick. So before we jump to those three reasons what's our lack of commitment. They don't think they have a problem or they're given the wrong information and sick and dying. I is so those are three reasons people get sick before we get into that Stacy it is time for Stacy tip of health tip of the week so what we're gonna talk about this week on. Police just talking about and we're fixing to talk about being sick and sending things that causes this to be taken. That I went to kind of break it down free and mean the sisters vs immune suppressing. I had bugs and bacteria viruses dry eye in against 60 it's an important have a good immune system is what you're saying yes to all of us know. What builds your news just look at what Terry you resistant to brag. Sailor runs to talk about Anthony's crashed and Emmys oppressors. I never went thing insects and sugar is the devil high and pay cuts that are even our chiefs and I think Gator aid and thinks everything that I think franks and still really really high in sugar. They need to talk about Gator occasion if imam has a history of Gatorade. It was invented or created right to give athletes a boost because those pilot's license things like that so Risley Gatorade was a good thing. But over time name Gator is become actually a bad thing right because Gatorade has a lot of what it should and a lot of sugar. In perfect score high. Form served in all those artificial dyes there that. I know guys is there actually Gatorade while it does have a lot of electric lights in it for you which is good. Is full somewhat sugar in bad hyper is more serpent dice is actually one that. Works for you now that is good for you right back and so that's why we we like to navigator it's about perfect at. I met annie's suppressor is just mental stress just stress in general actually help. And deplete you mean systematic plan as well yeah because stress or is like court is all things like frank. And just query nutrition and Jane on this eating and I process needs. That's gonna cause and ears and he's listening to kind of be depleted so when you put in junkie means you did you get up at six seconds Thursday checking engine GAAP. Asset alkaline smoking absurd things that actually helped to suppress your means it's ten and since she can't I have. I sickness and disease this nineteenth time taken all the devices away and then has to come out when I don't. No sure the cigarettes have backed off. Powerless to allow old while motto what else like go to the my life and the Internet YouTube and everything is okay moderation there. And everything's Kia moderates and gave us a line ever every now and then about as an everyday gig somewhat in every town and is is nothing wrong with that hosting your blood right. He just one via via hobo and to be a lineup tonight. Now an alliance the so so what are some state improvements for the immune system that right there you need to be focusing on and this senior means to stand Saturday earring and you know third and that there aren't so they use when you are explicit things you have to worry about getting fat contains some of those things can be just basically. As simple as fifteen and it says science and just literally just being asked Patrick 1015 minutes this year means systematic. As of the vitamin. Feel it right to self. And then my FHA premium wire case and basically on Castro not drink enough wider area and that doesn't. I only got taken at library kind of keeps us from fleshing out this toxins and thanks Allison get played I mean system tase him. Caches that still whatever you playing east this you divide that by dealing half and that's how many ounces of water and you're supposed to consuming everything on dolls. I'm 210 pounds it means and injured 105 ounces of water per day that's correct yes and then things just basically getting tested. Yes does the adjustment was people don't realize is when every time your adjusted in the middle part of your spine my chiropractor has impair or something in actually raises your inner look at levels and interleukin is what the T cells used to fight. A bad things in your immune system so that's like a fuel or fertilizer if you will for your T cells. We would do this called interleukin in its express in and released every time the bones in the middle part of your back pocket or that popping sensation crates and interleukin and which is an immune a welcome back I want it to the rules actually work for English and matters is that regularly we'll be right after health I'm your host doctor Joshua and Aaron do you see him. And you can't Stacy GAAP. Dozens are we sore around time during that last segment earned Stacy is health care tips for the week. And nation that last when she was talking about getting it just a threat if rush through that basically what went which he means by getting adjusted when I mean by interleukin is. There's this this chemical your body produces. When you get a manipulation of the spine or chiropractic adjustment if you will or just about physical their push something like that when you win the bones are cracked in the middle part of back from pressure or pop that you wanna call that I hate to call tablet. The base that's what he would describe it as. So some might push in the middle part of your spine the call of drastic spine and you get that pop that releasing Judah feels really good that that feeling right there. What was happening there is firing what we call interleukin. And interleukin is a chemical that sells the T cells in the different cells in your immune system used as. Up for the lack of proper term fuel or fertilizer right. It's a what excites those in so when he when you get that release of the middle part of back into that air pollutants fired. It goes straight to the T cells in a boost your immune system studies have shown. It actually boost your immune system by threw up to 300%. For like 36 hours. To something as simple as going to a chiropractor. Being in getting the middle part of your your your spine adjusted boost your immune system by almost 300% in some cases in some tests and trials for almost 36 hours and so that's where she's talking about it's it's good to get it just a regular basis for your immune system. And that you that's actually one of the things we do and our clinic one of the five essentials is the chiropractic or and so are patients get those treatments and obesity means system gets people hill to get some off medications. Helps fight off disease including cancer things like that. And if you know anything about cancer when you're in for the chemo or radiation. The injection that you hero before all that is what is called interleukin two. And basing that injection that shot is a synthetic form of the interleukin your body naturally makes. And salute the science is discover that in farm with farm thus give me. Pharmaceutical companies have to scheme relies ads and other make an actual synthetic form of interleukin called interleukin two. That they inject and they give cancer patients brought before keep those rounds of chemo or radiation things like that. Because you abused your immune system when the radiation the Q actually is destroy their music so the sort of try to combat that and guess how much that shock Costas who that you that. McCain and I ten and not do when you get a chance guys Google it it's called interleukin two is interleukin two shot. Don't averaging in the green wary its own drugs are com or drugs RX. It's 14100 dollars is what that that vexing costs to get that shot is fourteen and about bucks. Vs getting paying forty dollars for chiropractic adjustment doing the exact same thing happening supports you are or forty dollars for adjustment what was the better deal. And what happens if these scaling Passat for awhile and ask me I think only. Mean how many justice can you are fortunate dollars a lot of adjustments right its eyes to something simple basic that everybody should know and understand it's not just about getting out of aches and pains when you're going to a chiropractor it's about building in racing that immune system of the file diseases wells up. Without being so let's jump broadens our topic the three reasons people get six and number one. We said the lack of commitment is so when it comes your health if you're not committed to your health is going to woods did. It's more please don't fall apart I I like to compare this to merit so station now we've been married once when he won twenty years in NH when he when me and 21 years and we've been together 1233. Point three year trial we were. High school sweethearts actually been I guess this tenth grade so he thinks they should not add up and some ups and downs are mayors are reporting when years. I think probably have a right to the pits at a point right now that's right Lazar Hayward normally all right we've had to work on there right so we've been committed to our marriage right. Is this week being committed to our mayors we've been able to raise you three wonderful kids there they're thirteen sixteen and almost 21. Cover first grandchild on the way due in December our oldest daughter. And so to our marriage is great right now we wanna keep it that way it is the reason why it's great is because we spend time and energy making a great work committed Tora marriage. If we are not committed Tora marriage we were out doing other things and other people are not being committed to each other what would happen to our records and part of fall apart is that your health is the exact same way if you're not committed to your health. You may be out there having a great time just like if you're not committed you mayors or grab a great time with somebody else but if you're not committed to your health what's gonna happen over time. You'll lose your health dislike you all Hoosier mayors if you're talking and it's your marriage it's of the biggest hurdle people have when it comes to getting sick. Or preventing them from being sick is it just possibly committed to their health. Is so if you never being committed to your health and you learn more about what that is and you don't want. That help like just like you don't want a bad marriage opinion he was a caller right now so we can get short track what are five essentials program were all five essentials gives you hope the keeps you healthy did you plan of action if you're sick to get healthy Egypt plan of action if your own medications get you all those medications. It gives you plan of action picture of weight how to lose that weight. It keeps you on the right path if your if your in pain you wanna get out of paying pretty much we wanna be committed to your health dislike you you should be Kim and it's your mayor to states are committed to each other. Right and and just to be clear that helped you that you may turn out yulia held. Cabrera is the first thing. Is that what they can planning to connect clinic they have when he actor named time's available at the final line 886 spoiler. Three T 169. ZUN nine. Kathy have questions you just my game army starts about Max resident police tablet scientists and queen bullet that con. He had happened she can't Ireland side is not to make the claim that he made it commit and I can't give us a call 864. 32629. CNN. And that website against ML green will dot com ML since for Max living obviously and we are angry SoHo where we're located going to test. It was South Carolina so some you listeners that are way down in Georgia. Make sure you know we go home for use golf because sometimes we will look at archer our show is can be heard in Georgia and all of the North Carolina adding that we get people from Henderson hill Asheville heart or Georgia I mean it's it's spreads near the hole upstate in two to two different is that someone silently antenna by Elaine insisting on how they think he would love to see you that he is always there on the drive an hour and a deceased Pakistan we are in Greenville, South Carolina by the way I. So the second reason that people get sick is they don't think they have a problem and I touched on this earlier in the first segment. When I mean people think they don't have a problem is. You're the type of person that you know you have something agony in your neck ye have something nagging your back or you know you have high blood pressure. Or you know your sugars out of whack or you know your severely overweight and you figure feeling really isn't really bad and you you're sweating a lot because of all the toxicity. Tired lie you have no energy but you're you have is like some of those that want to do my kids at the Daytona cargo it's one of those new Netflix movies. And basing these you know kids Carla zombie maybe it's in the zombie sticker heads in the sand and night to to get sleep or something like there right. And so it's like when you think you don't have a partner like one of the zombies with your head in the sand right or in for for some you've been around longer. It member of the old saying an ostrich extra head in the sand right side. That's the same thing right just this modern days armies in kids do you get the idea right. It's some of you just have your head stuck in the saying you think you don't have a problem when actually you know you do in the background so you eat you don't think your problems you know doing anything about it. And it keeps getting worse maybe you what we call pre diabetic or pre hypertensive perhaps pre high blood pressure right in your own that borderline need to see your doctor says Wharton school of marchers know more about who gets really bad if that is you you have a problem and you do something about it now. Vs ignoring it. And on the other side is the spectrum is. We see people what Thomas say. They don't have a health problem Alaska with their own any medications and like you lot take how low pressure medication not Hawaii tech how to approach medication if you have a problem. Well that have put pressure but it's under control with some taken blood pressure medications that they don't think they have a problem. But the problem is the blood pressure issue still there because if they saw taking the medication what happens when its core cousin is still goes up. Ended the biggest what we see all the time when it comes to things like type two diabetes as they say why don't try anything different or news or risking anything because I have my 81 C under control. It used to be ten or eleven and Alice like you know six or five or six because I'm on this met Foreman stuff or I'm taking insulin so mind my blitzer is now under a hundred point oh my doctor once it's under a hundred. When he used to be 200 without the medication so they think they're they're type two diabetes is under control and they don't have a problem because they're taking medication for it but in reality the disease is still there. And I don't care what press center okay how much medication you take. We saw taken medication disease goes is still there and it gets even worse if he's he keeps taking the medication the disease still gets worse. The man this is not gonna keep you from having neuropathy your feet from having diabetes to all right. The mrs. slightly cheaper kidneys from shutting down the man this is not what you do from developing alzheimer's disease because there's too much sugar in your blood continued in your brain the blood brain barrier because that met Matt Foreman cannot cross the blood brain barrier it gets in your blood in lower your blood sugar but it doesn't lower the sugar in your brain and everybody knows to assure the brain causes inflammation which causes alzheimer's right in so that's why we have a type three diabetes now which is actually alzheimer's disease and and that's and anything coming up and so the point being you think you don't have a problem what you actually do just because of medications are covering up you still have a probably need something about it. So if you're that person. And you've been you've sort of you know. Believe that the lie if you go that everything's under control when you're doctors' union high five pitcher numbers look good on your last gig last exam of blood work and it's all because you're taking those medications. Understand your still sticking your still dying the medications will save your life right so don't think no change of life is actually reversing the disease and that is what we teach him Max living how to reverse those diseases. And get off those medications so that is you. And and you own it you're sick and tired of being sick and tired and you would love to get off those medications and get healthy vs sick. They give us car right now. Right and this is the appointment line 8643262909. If you have a question answered this when I. Analysts hi guys and our green bullet that Connie had a nap she'd make a plan may. There on our list that is well why give us a call 8643. T six T nine easy then not to. So now it's a third reason people get sick it's the wrong information. Right you think you have the source you think your doctor is god you think your year the person you follow has all the right answers you think whatever they say on the viewer doctor Oz this truth right. And basically it's not it's all it's all marketing its all lies right soulless look like this. So I asked the question what is health so this is the wrong information we've been we've been fed which we think that we look good Amir. We're healthy. Right we look good that Tennessee we must be healthy well worth and we must be healthy we feel good inside we must be healthy. What more an athlete while we must be healthy. We don't take a lot of medications or must be healthy or take medications and Mike check ups come back Greg is among the Mets I must be healthy right. That is all I think it like this. We all those some by that is ate right exercised an athlete their whole life don't done everything right right. You know didn't take you didn't didn't take any medications right they did everything right perfect picture of health did they drop their heart attack or they have a heart attack or they they wake up Monday in their in their diagnose what some type of terminal cancer right. Or oral with a have a stroke or something just happens even though they did everything right. And you know the other side of the spectrum someone has come army. On the yes he is on the other side of the spectrum. We all listen my they did everything wrong. They smoked a fifth based in this they drank a fifth of whiskey for the go to bed every night they smoke two tie cigarette today they smoke though they eat nothing but bash fried foods they did double cheeseburger or bacon every single night from a from five guys you know they had the best burgers around right. And eat all this bad dude know his bad things that are like 99 years old and urban sickened Dana life. If so how is that that that person can do everything wrong with it than you do everything right or your loved reserve the right they still get sick and die. It has nothing to do with how you look or how you feel. It really doesn't have too much to do with what you eat yes spirit nutrition is important we go through that you know what our patients. But it has to do it on your body's healing right this health guys you hear miss his volatile health. Comes from the inside out not the outside in so when you're eating bad foods that you're doing bad things as long was your healthy on the inside. Your filters or your organs like your labor your kidneys your Blatter all these different things are for your lungs are filtering this junk out your system and that's what allowed you to keep going. But as soon as you have a weakened immune system or some type of physical trauma or something like that you fall below that health level then you get sick die how are checked a server to cancer. So a health hazard and you had your body's functioning in healing not simply how you're what you feel and look like you which are putting in it it's. Yes putting this up in is a good thing in putting that's Athens a bad thing but as they're there to hide your body's functioning healing civil we do and they won't our patience when it comes of this this wrong issue becomes the wrong information about help. Is we look at what controls all the help that your body and that as your brain and nervous system. Nor for your heart to be free long to reach for your digest through regular two blood sugar the tankers. W whatever you thyroid function your Blatter whatever the function and I justice and a function we have to see how it's being controlled. And it does that we look at that by looking at the brain and the spinal cord in the nervous system itself we'll take pictures of that so we can see how that looks. If we see any interference in their guess what that means it means there's interference calls to that part of your body that organ. So that orbit is not focusing at a 100% that means you're going to have a disease or you're developing disease. And assumes that something is bad enough that puts you on a medication. And then you take that medication but yet nobody recognized. Or point out that hey threes or write or type two diabetic is not because your facts it's not because you Ichiro Tom is simply because your pay anchors is not working at a 100% and that organs job is to break down the food you eat it regulate your blood sugar. And so simply by making ends on some things like that is so if there's interference there second BYU type two diabetic not because your to fish in Mitt Foreman. Got make you perfect heat it makes you deficient in its ornament for Diddy no right so why are you taking that. Let's just address what's causing the disease the high blood pressure the publisher of the high cholesterol whatever and get rid of that and then get your body functioning healing from the inside out and we do that that is what's true healthy is and that is the right information when it comes up not the bad information. And that is what we do on day wanna Max living. Right so if you they can make a planet or cleaning the phone numbers 864. 318169. TCU and I was to have morning and afternoon times and they are full. Where he can get on our website and Harold queen pull that constancy a lamp that he could make a clinic Aron outlets had his volunteer. Your first upon me there at our clinic is 52 guys out of pocket and we deepest Palin messed. I'll insurance company including Medicare including Medicare to get this call 86432629. Easier and. It's a Gaza in a nutshell lack of commitment. You don't think you have a problem or you're being dealt there for a list you're listens to the wrong information that is why people get sick and out as WiMax living word route this change the way people view administer health sort of there quick commercial break welcome back everyone you're listens to the Max living radio show we are change in the way people view and manage health I'm your host doctor Joshua Darren DC tea cup Stacy. So does this week we were talking about the three biggest reasons people get sick while they have a weakened immune system while they develop disease. Like type two diabetes. High blood pressure high cholesterol. If I were issues I BS digest of issues a number different things are you a while they stay in pain. And those were reasons for this they have their lack of commitment to their health. And we we mentioned how are you have a lack of commitment commitment to your health is just like and having a lack of commitment to your mayor Jim marriages not the last you're not committed to it just like you help the shuttle astronaut committed to it. A the second thing was they don't think they ever problem. Either they have their head in the sand like the zombies and we talked about from the movies or like the doctors at blister had the same anti. You think you know our problem because say. You just don't wanna recognize have a problem or be you think is your borderline your OK because you don't have that yet or C. Are you taken a lot of medications you think it's under control and when it actually is not. I'll be your store dying on the inside from that disease. And in the third thing as a wrong information we were you know it's is that the Arab daytime talk show news doctor cause I guess the view of all these different different things we hear balance in see on TV during the day or we hear on the evening news. And it's all related to you know how you look at how you feeling and what she should taker not taken has nothing to do with hill they just called this a big marketing thing. Just to sell some supplements. To get you into their clinic are there to whatever their thing is to keep you get you to drink their cool later right. In basic health does nothing to do any of that stuff all health has to do with this how your body's healing from the inside out the way god designed it. Above down inside out a BIL above down inside out that is what god designed you to function like. When it comes your health it all comes from the inside not the outside. It's an inside down inside not an Al sided mentality look around are we sick or we or sick we're sick it's simple because of what we're doing is not working so it's an inside out mentality we want you take not an outside in mentality right. It's what all that being said that's a three reasons people get sick. And so until next week remember guys you were created in his image your report you have a purpose. And if you're sick and suffering a miserable time you cannot do feel that purposes. And and you if you do you're not happy in life solicit you healthy and healing the way we should be with Max living so what's the next week remember you artisans of the Max living radio show. Remember you are as everyone else is taken.