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Wednesday, August 29th

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My name is dear more on her attire playing professional it helps clients and their families chief financial success with the ability retire with dignity. I car so itself these are primary serve in South Carolina. I especially is working pre retirees are retirees on Walt management in complaining and asset preservation. Thanks for tune into more charming picture this week we will continue to discuss several topics of concern. For many approaching retirement. Also people that are already in her charm. First topic. This is a fresh rationed for many Americans. When. They turn semi and a half years of age. The time that the RS and jumps for joy to potentially collect more in taxes. By forced distributions. Almost doesn't seem fair does it of course I'm talking about required minimum distributions. Required minimum distributions. Are a must for everyone if they a moon a qualified. Retirement account. Such as you know 41 K for three B 457. Traditional IRA eccentric. Any money that you have not pay taxes. And reach the magic age of seventy and a half. I've heard people before making comments. I'm not gonna take any distributions. Because I don't need the money so I'm certainly not gonna take the money. Well scoring the RS. If you do not take the required minimum distribution. From your qualified retirement accounts. The higher RS imposes a 50%. Penalty. On the amount that should have been taken. I've seen. And hurt them good people. That have to pay this iris penalty simply because. They did it need the money nor did they wants to take the distribution. They also were not aware of the consequences. Of not taking the minimum. But I'm not here is scary you. I'm here to help you plan. For what the future holds to protect you and your family. From the possibility. Of eroding. Here call fiber charming it's. I've got a question for. Do you or your broker no way year. The market's going to be when you're forced. To start taking. Required minimum distributions. From your verbal accounts. Now you can make assumptions. And say it's going to be here it's going to be there. But should you cal assumptions. Especially with your retirement. Is the market going to be an all time high will it be an all time. The church is nobody knows what the future holds. Well we do know is that we are forced to take it with a we want to or not. And if we don't. There is a severe penalty. Many people try to avoid. Taking required minimum distributions. From verbal accounts. When the market is going down simply because. It could be a formula for eroding your hard earned retirement money. How can you perfectly timed the market with taking your required minimum distributions. The simple answer. No one K nobody can simply time the market. Many people I meet with. Do not want to tape they're required minimum distributions. Because of taxes. And the possibility. Of eroding there. Retirement accounts to leave to their belts and their family. Withdrawals. Market volatility and fees. Can play a massive impact over 5101520. Years. In retirement. So my clients want to leave. Their money. And retirement accounts to their spouse because they're sure rhyming spells. Has very little or maybe nothing in retirement. Think about it once belts works for forty years while other spells. Works part time or maybe it was a homemaker. Taking care of the kids and making sure the home ran efficiently. This means once belts. Would have much less or nothing. In their retirement account the the other spells that work for forty years. When we share the story of bill and Susan. Well bill or for forty years while Susan works some part time jobs here and there. Susan never needed to work because bill had a great job to support them. Bill and Susan are about three torsion. Balances and are not willing to risk their hard earned retirement money anymore. Due to all the uncertainty. In our world today. The risk is not worth the reward they set. They are very worried about market volatility and build retirement account. And want to protect Susan while also playing for required minimum distributions. And the possibility of any concern. That Susan. Could need extended care in the future. Because Susan's mother is currently in an assisted living facility. Bill chooses to allocate a million of his retirement savings to hiring protection plan. Now if you don't have a million dollars you can move the dust more points the right or left the example still hold the site. So even if bills account or zero interest but AJ three. Bill would've had to take a required minimum distribution of approximately 472000. Dollars or over the period of time. The bill passed away at 83. Susan would receive a guaranteed death benefit of nearly 981000. Dollars. So Susan needed money for extending care services. She would have a 100% available. If she doesn't need the money. It would go to their two children. So I ask you. What if there's a way to satisfy the required minimum distribution. Government requirement. And having guaranteed that's not affected by market volatility. Or high fees. What the surviving spouse. Would be able to perceive the principal portion. Of her qualified retirement account. All still taking required minimum distributions. Of your lifetime. I'm here to tell you there's a federal way. And I can help you with that. Call me at 86445114. Eight date that's 86445114. Headaches. If your approach your retirement or already retired and like to protect yourself and your family. Call me now at 8644511488. To receive her complementary. Customized retirement. That can show you how to deal. With the burden of having to satisfy required minimum distributions. And still be able to protect yourself. And your family why should you call me you know ball it's a good question. I can help you navigates. The complexities. Of having it take to required minimum distributions. That her current broker or financial professional that your currently work who have. Doesn't normally talk about. Because his plan could be a plan that you're not prepared for in your future. Like I said. I'm her retirement playing professional helps clients and their families achieve financial success with the ability to retire with dignity. The ability retirement date. Haven't shadow Adele which you know absolutely 110%. She knows that your prepared. For the next 102030. Years of retirement. Don't count home what does or assumptions. I don't care antes. That she knows that you can count so call me now at 864451. 14. Day. That's 864451. 1488. Welcome back. Thanks for tuning into the more retirement income show. I'm your host or more. We're continuing the conversation of concerns for pre retirees. In retirees. Over the next 4030 years. Gonna ask you questions. That a bit no financial advisor has ever ask you. Do you want your retirement plan for a living. Or retirement plans for dying. Without knowing what I'm talking about a bit many view was like a retirement plan for a living. The church's bell and I had to demolish yours have a plan for die. Even though they wanna plan for a living. Before I dive deeper into this gimme a call to receive her complementary personalized retirement. They can protect you from fees and market downturns. Call me at 86445114. It. No what do I mean fire retirement plan for living. Where retirement plan for dying. Many of you have herbal products. In other words products that can lose money due to market risk. The conventional wisdom has been moved to build a big buckets. Of money for retirement. There's nothing wrong with that idea. The problem is this what people have been taught to do. With the bucket of law. Traditional financial planners have put her clients only plan. So by the time they retire they will be able to control 4%. Off the bucket of money. To supplement Social Security. In other sources of retirement income. The theory is as long as you don't withdraw well more than 4% off the bucket. The money should. Last the rest of your life. Sounds fair enough. I'll explaining yet. Only take 4% a year and hopefully your patrols will offset by growth investments. And the money will last for as long as you. Unfortunately. This rule of thumb is based completely off assumptions. If you were financial advisor is planning your retirement. Based upon a 4%. Theory. They are cement a rate of growth inflation. And fees. That may not represent reality. For example. What if you're drawn out 4% a year and you experience a 40% drop in your verbal retirement account. What do fees go up. Verbal investments have risk. In the is something planning that is used in these products. Would you rather have a plan based on guarantees. Not assumptions. How about a guaranteed income account growth of 7%. The highest daily lock in. Income account value for the purposes are receiving income person in your life in your spouse's life. How about guarantees. That her principal in our terms will not drop due to market losses. If you like to learn more. Call me at 864451148. Aid to receive her complementary customized retirement. That's 864451148. Let's continue on the 4% theory. For or drops. Conventional wisdom has been based upon theory not facts. It wasn't long ago that conventional wisdom said you can count on about 810%. In or turn in the stock market. Is that believable today. Absolutely not looking at the last twenty years. There's a long list of assumptions that financial planners use that is being tested. As we speak. With regards to 4% role. In October 2011 article by CBS money watch. So the 4%. Would draw all rates may be too high for two days retirees. Another article quoted journal of financial study by mr. weight fell PH d.s CFA. In this study it's the 4% role cannot be counted off. The study was based upon historical results in the stock market. Eight include back testing with different stock bond allocations. The results were shocking to many financial planners. It showed a safe withdrawal rate it's sometimes. 2%. This would mean if you had a million dollars. You can only take out 20000 dollars a year. In order for the average person to not outlive their money. What is worse the study did include fees that investors. Pay. While having investments in herbal products. Once you factor in fees which can be is I've seen him as high as 3% a year. It's clear why they 4% or draw all right maybe too much when drawing off of herbal products. I hate dole out a bunch of numbers because. If you become confusing. And boring. That's not what I'm trying to do. Sometimes it's a must because there are brokers out there saying your money will last the rest your life. They supply. A 4% would drawl. From a verbal account. I'm here to help you celts on guarantees. Not assumptions. Would you rather have your retirement based upon a 7% guarantee or the highest you auction value for the purposes of you and your spells. Receiving income for the rest of your lives. Calling now and I can show you a better way. My planning is based upon guarantees and not assumptions. Call to receive her complementary personalized retirement. 864451. 148. Date that's 86445. Line. 14. Day. Why should you give me a call. A lot of people ask themselves. All because I'm here to show you that there is a better way to secure and protect your retirement savings. Due to market volatility. And high fees. I can helped put together a plan for you that is not loaded with fees. And can be potentially put you in a position. Of financial. Turmoil. Up next will continue theory of the 4% rule and should you depend on theory. Would you rather have a guarantee. Or would you rather have something. With your retirement based completely on assumptions. And what else. So stay tuned to the more retirement income show. You can call me now 864451148. That's 864451. 14. It. Caller text me any time. So stay tuned for more welcome back thanks for tuning into the more retirement income sure. I'm your host they're more hurt Tyrus specialists here. To protect your retirement future. Let's go back to the original question. Do you wanna retiree plan for a living or retirement plan for death. If you plan. To take. Your retirement money would draw a certain percentage from your bucket. And expose it to risk high fees and assumptions and set it guarantees. That you have a plan for death. In order for your money to last the rest of your life. You have that died before running out of money. Do you know when you're gonna darn I hope dot. Well guess what. Drew broker doesn't know when you're gonna die either. How can you decide what amount is too much to take out your retirement bucket. The answer is you can't. You're using a variable account that's filled it was a risk high fees and assumptions. Imagine the moment your belts are money. You save your entire life and some financial planners and years ago that you could draw 4%. Each year. And set you for your life. Seemed like you rate plan at that time. Here you watch your account. Spin down to zero and wondering. What am I gonna do. He now realized the solution was designed. For you die. Before running out of mind. But you live longer than your money. It's a problem with risk base. Retirement planning. I do not want you to experience that moment. I they planned for you living not die. High of her retirement income. Pale that's as high as 10% a year. Why would you be stuck in a water from risk scenario 4%. When you could have up to a guaranteed 10%. That's guaranteed for the rest your life. I'm here to tell you there's a federal. If you like to have an income account that is a waste away by fees. And never will show. Market losses no matter how far the market falls. Hell are you paying your spouse a plan for a living as long as possible. To give me a call at 86445. Line. 1488. That's 86445114. Bit. Many people believe. The stock market will always continued to have an ever progressing movement. Let's look at history for a moment. 1995. Was the beginning of the tech bubble. Go five years later come and a two year 2000. We're tech who reached the page. Gets so many people choose to buy. Tech stocks at that period of time. They didn't have a choice so they had to hold on to the stars. And continue for the next five years. Another example. Start the housing market bubble in 2002. That we reached the peak of that bowl in 2006. Yet people were continuing to purchase houses just before the market crashed. Expecting house prices to rise for many years to come. What crashes next. To national debt precious metals the stock market again. Who knows. All you can though is just because. Your accounts. May be at its all time high. It doesn't mean it will continue. In fact. It could be lower. Than what it is. In fact it should be lower. That what it was ten or forty years ago if you're not careful. Wouldn't you rather have a plan based fund guarantees and not assumptions. How big guaranteed bonus on your money for just signing up. Or how about a 7% guarantee you or the high steel Larkin value for the purpose jurors evening in column. For us in your life and your spouse's life. How about a guarantee that your principal and interest will never decrease due to market losses. If you like to learn more. Call for your couple merry personalized retirement. 8644511488. That's 864451. 14 today. When it comes to drawing conclusions. About retirement accounts. Could have stocks continue to arise after the dotcom bubble. Jessica. Could housing prices continue to rise after 2006. Guesses as possible. The problem is many investors. Take what is possible. And they start to believe what is probable. Turns into what is worse yet a certain facts. News and media contribute to what could be. Hands will be certain. If you watch the financial news on TV. And see the market goes up one day. You can feel the energy from the host on your shrine. They get so excited when the market goes up 400 points. It makes no sense. What does one day have to do with anything. How is one day of stock market gains. Guarantee. That your money or never run out. Everyone is excited for something that doesn't mean anything. One day a stock market gains is like sugar rush for me came to bore. You can have energy for a little while but sooner or later there comes a crash. When you rather callon guarantees vs assumptions. Would you rather have your retirement guarantees 7%. For the purpose are seeing income for the rest of your life and your spouse's life. That you can count on both never outlive. Call me now for your complimentary. Personalized retirement. At 864451148. My planning is based upon guarantees. And not assumptions. Why live with the risk. When you could retire with guarantees. Retirement. Is not the time to gamble away. What you worked your entire life to a Kimmel. I'm here to help you find. A better way. If you like guarantees. You can never outlive your money. A 100%. Principal and interest earned protection. No matter how far the market falls. It allows you had planned for a living as long as possible. They give me a call 86445114. It. As I explained. I want you have a plan for living as long as possible. Not a plan for when you get up to three years. Before year 859. Years old and you see that although I'm about to run out of money. I want to give you the safety. And security and peace of mind of knowing no matter what's. You still have your retirement income available to you. No matter what happens in markets. Overseas. Or domestic. So in general what happens. You have the safety. And security. Of knowing that you have a guaranteed no matter what. We'll markets her up a sense of euphoria sets then that nothing can go wrong. Just like being at city and I expect to storm comes. And there are very few things that can be done to save yourself and time. Maybe it could be fraudulent market activity. I don't think guessing more articles on how to stop marketed parade then recently. Maybe it should be an act of terrorism or political issues. We certainly have more. Of this going on in our world today. Could be another popping of a bubble that is a for saying. Like the 2000. Dot com. Or the housing. Bubble in 2000 name. It always seems like the bubble has already popped. There's thirty too late to react. Up next will continue the topic of should you continue to gamble your hard earned retirement money. In this world economy. If you would like to receive her complementary. Customized retirement. Give me a call 864451. 148. That's 864451. One for Andy. So stay tuned to the more retirement income show. Welcome back. Thanks for two into more retirement income show. I'm your posts are more. Should you gamble your hard earned retirement. If you were within five to eight years of retirement. Or your or already retired. Sometimes gamblers believe that since there is a possibility. To win. They believe they will win. If a gambler didn't believe his odds. Were better than everyone else's. She would never play. Betting on the stock market when you or end the critical years before your retirement. Is a gamblers. Fallacy. You know your fellow retirees. Are losing money did you continue to believe somehow. You'll be different and you'll be the ones winning. I'm not trying to insult anyone or offend anyone. But investing your retirement in herbal products is gambling. Oh sure all true wealthy. You should ask yourself. Can I afford to come off a looser. How can we truly know the risk we take each in investments. If you're tired arrest. I'm here to tell you. You don't have to be on this restraint. You always have the option to shift the risk. Shift the wrist of who. Why I work with multi billion dollar companies. That will take the risk offshore shoulders. And guarantee that you'll never lose any money. Due to market risk or volatility. Also you can have a guaranteed return. Of 7%. Or the highest to lock in values and an income accounts that loan guarantee you injure spells. Can never outlive your money. Does that sound okay. They call now to 86445114. Payday it. And I can help you set up a customized retirement yet. That's 8644511. For a date. How much of your money is currently in the market. Or is not earning as much as you'd like. Are you happy with the risk you're taking. Do you truly know with the amount of risk you're taking. The reality is the market goes up and the market goes down. Ask yourself can I really afford to have my life savings at risk. With they risk that is impossible. To measure. Let me ask you more caution. There's your broker know when the next market downturn will make your retirement half of what it is today. Do they really have a crystal ball. They gives them a heads up on terrorist attacks corruption. Natural disasters. Or when the market crashes again for any other reason. If they're honest they'll tell you now. If you're on us you'll minute you don't now. Honestly. I don't have any idea when these events will happen next. So if you don't know your broker does so in I don't know how is your retirement money safe in the market. Nothing is certain. In the same is true with your retirement. 1 morning you wake up in football on the financial news and you'll find out that. Everything people were telling you about risking your hard earned money. Didn't know a thing. There's a better way. My programs are guaranteed to only grow and will never suffer anymore to delve. Calling now that 864451148. That's 8644511488. Now when you suffer a loss in the market. You have three problems. The loss is just one problem the second problem is the time it takes to make back the loss. The third problem is it's almost impossible to regain your losses. Let me explain. If you have a market exposed to count of 100000 dollars. The market drops by 30%. Your value has now dropped to 70000 dollars. Imagine the next year the market goes up by the same 30%. Are you back to original 100000 dollars. Most people say yes we'll know. How come. After dropping 30% of your account. You're at 70000 dollars. The 30% gain in next year is 30% on 70000 dollars. So 30% of suddenly thousand dollars equals two point 1000 dollars. So 21 plus seventy only equals 91. It would take a 43%. Gain to get you back to where you started. This is why people rarely recover losses. One question I asked many molesters is. When does negative thirty plus 43 equals zero. The answer as many loose 30% in the market you'll take a gain of 43% the next year just to breakeven. Here's another question one does negative thirty equals zero answer when your my client. My clients have no potential for market losses. So I never have to worry about regaining losses. Also the potential receive a sign on bonus when you start your account. And the ability to have a guaranteed income account for you and your spouse to guarantee that you'll never outlive your money. If he knew this is confusing I'd be happy to help explain it to you. Call me now that 8644511488. That's 86445114. It. Here's two very important points that you might wanna write down. Avoiding losses is more important than achieving our large gains number two. Making steady consists or terms is more important than hitting home runs pulsating yet avoiding losses. Is more important than achieving large gains. Number two making steady consistent returns is more important than hitting home runs. Warren Buffett says two rules every investor should live via. Number one never lose money number two never forget rule number one. Some people can afford to lose money continue. It's easy for your broker to lose your money because after all it's not his money. Those who wait. For their account to gain back their losses before moving in the safety and security are playing a losing game. Trying to time the markets is impossible for even the smartest investor. There are too many unpredictable factors and no one ever stands on a podium in decides to make an announcement. The market just set the all time high the market is heading in through a cycle downward movement. When the market hits the top. It starts to plunged. By that time it's already too late. You don't see a hearse pulling U haul trailer for the same reason. When it's over it's over it's true life. It's also true in the markets. Are you ready to escape the risk of the market and move into safe ground. Call me and I can help put together a complimentary. Customized. Retirement Ted. That can help you and your spells. Move forward into retirement. Or continue retirement. With confidence. Until next time at the same time. This is the more retirement income show under or more. A retirement specialists and South Carolina they can help you retirement today. Call me at 86445114. It. That's 86445114. It. If you miss any of these six show podcast will be coming soon at 1063. WORD. Dot com. See you next week.