Moore Retirement Income Show
Monday, September 17th

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Hi this is dare more and thanks for joining them more retirement in country this week. One of the first things we learned in our life is our ABC's. Which are they going to be and finish receipt. In English language the order of ABC's. Never changes. Unfortunately. Many people approaching or in retirement apply the same sequence to their investments. I started with play. Now they're at point B so obviously storage point C. Let's explain this in numbers instead. I put a 100000 dollars and Smart retirement account now it has a value of 200000. So you'll obviously grew to 400000 in the future. This is all speculation of course. What if you were able to guarantee your ABC's. Calling now for your complimentary customized retirement kit a guide to show you how to protect your money from fees and market downturns. Calling out or any time it 6445114. Headaches that's 864451. 14 and he. Let's give back to the example. Your retirement account started at point K now it's appointee. So obviously. You'll continue to point C. So if you drew a line from page to be your retirement account would continue to see. We'll see this train of thought over and over again as we look at the history of investments. Many people believe that the stock market will always continue and ever progressing movement. Let's look at history point day in 1995. Was the beginning of the tech bubble. Come to point B in the year 2000. We're tech reached the peak. Yet so many people blah at point B in expected the stops to continue. To point C. Another example. Point OK the start of the housing market bowl in 2002. Point being the top of the housing bubble in 2006. Yet people were continuing to purchase homes just before the market crash. Expecting house prices to continue to rise to point C for many years to come. Book precious next. National debt precious metals the stock market again who knows. All you can note is just because you were cal may be at point B doesn't mean you'll continue to point C. In fact it can be lower. Than what it was 1020. Years ago. If you're not careful. Would you rather have a plan based upon guarantees not assumptions. How about a guaranteed bonus undermine. Or how belts the highest you block in value for the purposes your receiving income for us of your life in your spouse's life. How to guarantee that your principal and interest will never decrease due to market losses. If you like to learn more call for your complimentary. Personalized retirement killed at 864. 45114. Day that's 86445114. And he. When it comes to drawing conclusions about retirement accounts. Could have stocks continue to rise after the dotcom bubble yes. Could it have housing prices continued to rise after 2006. Yes that's possible. The problem is many investors take what is possible. And start to believe what has probable. Turns into worst yet there's certain facts. News media contribute to what could be. Will be certain. If you watched the financial news on TV. And see win the market goes up one day. You feel the energy from the hose under Sharia. They get so excited when them. Arctic goes a hundred points. It makes cents. What does one day have to do with anything. House one day of stock market gains here and T that you're money when their run now. Everyone is excited for something that doesn't mean anything. One day a sub market gains is like a sugar us from Drake and energy injury. They'll have energy for a little while but sooner or later there comes a crash. Would you rather callous uncaring tees vs assumptions. Would you rather have your retirement. Capture the highest daily market blocking and was no cap for the purposes you perceiving and controversy your life and your spouse's life. That you can never outlive. What about providing money to take care viewed in the events you need help with activities or do living. Calling now for your complimentary customize retiring yet. A guide to show you how to protect your money from fees and market downturns. Calling now or any time that Pete 64451. Point four and it. My plane is based upon guarantees not assumptions. Have you ever thought about why most people put their money in the stock market. Obviously you're born with this idea. It must have come from someplace. The reason I ask is that I work repressed over tactic counts. This is probably something you've never heard of belts and now we'll tell you why here a moment. Let me ask you. What hit a few who participated on cap market gains but never participate. In any market losses. What if you can have a guaranteed bonus on your deposit. Blocking gains from the market and never have your account drop. Over the last couple of years. I felt my clients move millions and millions of dollars into principal protected accounts. I specialize in working with those approaching or in retirement specifically working way of 41 K rollers higher race in other accounts that need to be protected from market losses or taxation. Can I help protect your money there's only one way to find out. Calling now offer customized retirement. A guide to show you how to protect your money from fees and market downturns. Calling out Ernie time at 864451148. Now let's get back to the question of why is your money in the market. Was this your idea. Chances are some time high school or college. Some of your teachers are profess her introduced the idea of investing. After school he probably got a job. And during your first tail work for the human resources staff introduce you to the concept to the 41 K. Matching employers contributions. And advantages of using pretax money for your paycheck. To fund your retirement. After investing in the market. You have a reason to pay attention to what was going on in the financial world. When you get to this point in your life you may remember watching the nightly business report and financial news on PBS. Today most people watch CNBC. Bloomberg. Fox Business there's. Basically what I'm trying to tell you is that everyone from your professor. Tiered job. To the news and financial TE shares. Have always told you to work hard invest your money in the market in your retirement will be secure. Here's what they probably won't tell you my retirement money is doing far. I've been participating in the market for the last twenty years. I've been able to lock in all the marking gains without participated in the market losses. He also probably won't hear that my retirement income account has doubled over the last ten years. Ink can provide me. In income I can narrow cliff. Why won't they tell you that it. Why is it that every person that you talked with today looks like a deer in headlights. A facing a transfer trucks. It is simple there education jobs television and brokers. Have been feeding them propaganda based upon speculation. Not security. Do you think it's time to stop listening to the others that have failed you and your retirement. If your retirement money is in stocks bonds mutual funds or any other verbal accounts. You could be paying someone else to lose your money. My complimentary retirement kid we'll show you ought to eliminate fees entailed the risking your tar. Call me now at 86445114. It. Stay tuned for more retirement income welcome back to the show I mirrors. There are more. Over the years I tell my clients would millions and millions of dollars. Just what. Not one of them has ever lost a penny due to a market downturn. I'll say that again. I sing along my clients has ever lost a penny due to a market downfall. Can your stockbroker. Mutual fund manager or financial planners say that. They can you both Democrats. Chances are you're wishing that you had someone. That wouldn't have lost your money. You're probably thinking and right now. Why am I paying someone all those fees. And why's my financial advisor getting paid even though my count your stuff. Here's a promise that can help you sleep well it. If you call to get your complimentary customize retiring Ted. I can't offer you solutions. Or you can participate in untapped market gains but never market losses. I also can include an option. To never outlive your retirement. Calling now 86445114. Date. I do not let your retirement be a victim of random time. I specialize in principal protected accounts that are safe. From risk and money you can't afford to lose. It is also money that you cannot afford to lose due to risk a market timing. Not only can I guarantee you that you will not be subject to market risk. Of market declines but I can also give you an income accounts that you hangar spells can never outlive. I'm may also be able to help you live longer by eliminating the stress of losing 50% of your retirement money. Being gone in a single year. Don't you have better things to do than watch the markets and live within society in your retirement. Why are you anxious it's because your retirement. Has been based upon miss. In article put out by force magazine titled let's buries the myth of averages. In historical the biggest myth. Is that stuff market returns about 10%. Average per year. Article says that this was bait into so many retirement accounts that it's almost fact. Guess what from 1998 to toy seventeen. The S&P 500 pay seven point 2% annual return was no taxes and fees. Once you take out taxes and fees. You almost be at a bank accounts insured by the FTSE. Why would somebody risk losing their retirement money or such dismal network terms. If you keep cover all her some of your retirement savings into an account. That would never lose money in the markets but would still give you untapped market upside with the market wouldn't that enter sheer. What if you can get a guaranteed bonus on your initial deposits. And then income accounts that would be guaranteed for you your spouse can never outlive your money. Give me a call. In just maybe. This could be the best thing you've ever done to secure your retirement future. My cop Larry customize your term a kid. We'll show you how to eliminate fees and take out the risk in your retirement. Calling now that he's 644511488. The worst thing that what happened is that you received my information and decide you're noninterest. That does not bother me in the least. What I'm here is to provide you information. That your broker or financial professionals. Won't tell you that. This is your retirement money not mine or anyone else's. This is completely up to you. The people I meet with today. Are not just concerned about losing their money but also a living their money. If you're one of those people that is concerned about living your retirement. Make sure you let me now. If you like retirement savings that isn't waste away by fees. And become worth a guaranteed bonus. That will never show any losses no matter how far the marker false. They give me a call at 8644511488. The market goes up in the market goes down it always have always will. If you were in or near retirement do you really have time for the market to go through all these cycles. Think about him having your money invested in the market is like walking up a flight of stairs. But instead of moving. One step at a time every third step you have to go back two steps are more. During the story of the guy that was sentenced to an eternity of rolling the rock of they'll. Poised to have it roll back every time he got close in the top sound familiar. But my advanced planning and saving for retirement is like riding an escalator. Nice steady growth without the risk of error falling down. So stop strolling up the stairs and jumped on you worry free zero arrests escalator. For your retirement so pick up the phone call me now 8644511488. As your retirement a sense of peace. Horry source of stress. Are you abouts what's going to happen or when it's gonna happen. I'm here to tell you there's a life without financial stressed. If you like your account that is a wasted away by fees you could have a bonus added to your deposit. Just for opening accounts. It would never showed any losses no matter how far the market falls. Also if you're concerned about living your money due to inflation. Or an extended care that. You could share in the highest daily Larkin value in an income account. That you obtain your spouse can never a list. Give us a call at 86445114. Payday. Make sure to ask for your complimentary customized retirement and many people that are close to retirement purse being way too much time worrying what's gonna happen. And when it's going to happen to their retirement money. It's a deciding. What they are going to do with it. The entire concept of retirement is based on a period of time. Where you were supposed to enjoy all the fruits of your hard work. You did over your life. Unfortunately many of you spend your all your mornings in days reading. And watching the financial news and trying to figure out. To keep your dreams from being crushed. In the market taxes and political events. Many of you have your entire life savings parked in money market accounts. CDs. And under the mattress. After all it's safe right yes it's safe. But. It's doing nothing to help your money stay pace was inflation. Or guarantee an income you can out left. Calling now and ask about our income maximize your strategy. That's 8644511488. Get this if you're concerned about how living your money due to inflation are extended care that. You could share in the highest U locking in values in income account that you obtain your spouse can never outlive us. They give us a call 864451. 14 hit it. Are complementary customized retirement kid. We'll guide you through the very. They give us a call at 864451. Welcome back in two more to current values coming for retirement primary servicer they're more. A free customized complimentary retirement cat will guide you through the very important citizens you're going to make. What's our role in this we simply put you in the right decision. Based upon what your goals more. You see there's one thing we note. That many financial professionals don't. We know that your retirement money belongs to you not us. We will provide you with information to secure your retirement future. With safe money solutions guaranteed income growth. Once you have our information. The decision is up to you. You can do something else worked with us or do nothing. Are available now or any day of the week call 864451148. When it comes to doing nothing believe me I understand why you may feel too scared to do anything. The market is doing great right. When is the next collapse. When it comes to doing nothing believe me I understand why you may feel scared. To do any thing. The market is doing great right. When is the next collapse. When the market is crashing. Is going to go down. In sometimes even more. And how do you know. What it's going into recovery. Putting your retirement money on the sidelines seems like a very wise thing to do but is it. I was watching a car auction on TV the other day one classic car after another to auction block. Some were selling for nearly a million dollar. For those that are familiar with classic cars in auction shows that may explain. A driver. Is a vehicle. You can drive on a daily basis. The trailer queen is a car that he don't drive because you're afraid to use it. Is your retirement the trailer queen. Do you have polish and Chinese sitting in the corner. Aside from it being safe is it doing anything for you. Don't let your retirement account. Via decoration. Call us now and let's put it to work. My number is 86445114. ID. Complimentary. Customized retirement kid is designed to show you. How to keep your retirement money safe. Your retirement can grow without market risk. Taker car out of park. In in and put it into drive. Tell it where you want to get. Taking advantage of education requires action. They require you to do something with the information. You have and find out new information they'll help you get to where you wanna go. So many times I provide people with the opportunity to learn something new about how they can protect. And more importantly use their retirement money to provide consistent returns. And income. They can't outlive. But there are still happy just sits. In their parked car. And fortunately Paul Paul parked cars have one thing in common. Eventually they rust away. Inflation and missed opportunity. Can have the same effect. Has a car in park in the corner. There's nothing wrong with the CD and money market accounts. But those accounts are for your emergency money. In fact the first time I mean it was someone is to make sure they have enough money set aside in emergencies. If they don't olds are respectfully say I can't work with them until they do. I believe and have an emergency my heart. Is the most important thing you can do for your retirement or any stage of your financial. The problem is many people treat their retirement money as an emergency money. Sitting on the sidelines and doing nothing. Isn't it time to do something. If you have a broker here she is probably telling you. Is to keep your money active in working for him. Let me be very clear. And don't get confused when they broker is telling you to keep your money active. There more than likely trying to keep your money at risk. That is not what I'm talking about. What I'm telling you is you need to get your money participated untapped market upside. Without any of the downsides. I want she used to put your parked car in drive. But the same time keep your car from crashing. Don't let your retirement. Get into an accident. Or rust away in the garage. Let's work together and could you war. Retirement into action providing uncapped market upside without any of the downside. Also if you're concerned about living your money due to inflation or Nixon who cares if you could share in the highest daily lock in value. In an income account that you and your spouse can never Ella. We can also put your retirement into gear today. By adding a sign on bonus just for open an account. Call 864451148. I've been able to provide hundreds of people with educational information. Over the years. And thanks to our information. They have their retirement and drive and know exactly where they're going. This reminds me have you ever seen the movie the guardian with Kevin cost her fashion culture. If you haven't seen it Kevin costs are hashing Fisher or US Coast Guard rescue swimmers. Their job is to save people in the bering sea of Alaska. I saw the other day for about fourth or fifth time. The move through really struck me in a scene where passion creatures caricature. Was on a mission to save a group of fisherman from a sinking ship in a category three storm. Could turn cautious character we're successful in saving all the crew members but costs are tragically ends up losing his life in the end. I'm not an actor or rescue swimmer. But I. Not a single one of my clients has ever lost a pain due to stock market losses. I bet some you wish your retirement was at risk of sinking at all for that reason alone now would be a good time to call. How about. If you're concerned about about living your money due to inflationary extending care event. You can share in the highest daily lock in value and income account that you are spells can never live. Give us a call at 86445114. Headaches. Make sure to ask for your complimentary customized retirement care. Call 86445114. It. How about they guarantee that your principal. We'll never decrease due to market losses. If you want more information call to request your complimentary customize your term it. There's no stock market syncing. With my retirement planning. So you'll never lose money or go below water with a sinking ship. I know something you are afraid of drowning in so you're not. Regardless what I can guarantee you is that everyone is afraid of drowning. If they are in the sinking ship without a life jacket. I believe the same is true for retirement and risk. Some people are freighter risk and some are not but everyone is afraid when the market pressures. I've seen clients. With the same look on their face and fear of drowning as I did the fisherman in the movie. Sometimes they look at me with a look at their eyes of please save me. I save my clients from a lot of things. Sometimes I saved them from having all their money exposed to market risk. Sometimes I saved them from high fees that are heating up all their returns. Other times I save them from having no plan or a bad plan that a broker put together with no consideration. For income for life. And protection of the principal. I can save all my clients when they are drowning but I really wish I could save them before they start sinking. You can call me now. Or any day during the week Dirk quite sure complimentary customized retirement. Call 86445114. Natick. Calling now and on to show you a better way towards their talent that is wasted away. By fees can never have any market losses no matter how far the market falls. They provide you planned for living. As long as possible. What are you going to do to prepare for your retirement future. I believe. We can imagine the feeling of sinking we all know challenges. A saving for retirement. Bali is time to sit down. Proper feet up and relax. For everything you've worked for and the sacrifices you've made have brought you to this point. But fortunately watcher retire they're all sorts or risk that we have no control over. When running on spruce sees in clear skies the right can be great. The longer you spin it C the greater chance of high winds lightning and rain approaching. Increasing the chance of storms have potential sinking. Give me a call 86445114. It will be right back welcome back to more retirement income show. I'm here to steer more. When markets are. They sense of euphoria sets and nothing can go wrong. Just like being at sea. And wind unexpected storm comes. There are very few things that can be done in time to save yourself. Maybe should be fraudulent activity. I don't think I've seen more articles on how the stock market is rage and recently. Maybe can be an act of terrorism political issues. Or some. Natural disasters. We certainly have more of this going on in our world today. Maybe could be an act of terrorism. Political issues or natural disaster. We certainly have more this going on in the world today. Could it be another popping bubble that is on for seem like the dot com in the early two thousands. Are the housing in 2008. It always seems like the bubble has party pot. But it's too late to react where I'm getting at this is you don't have to live your retirement this way. What is the point it's a feeling good about your retirement. It is built on a house of cards. Why not protect your effort to build your retirement with guarantee results they're not subject to market risk. There's a better way to enjoy your retirement without being. The risk of financial markets any chance that you could sink. I believe you should take a very hard look at the risk you might be taking with your retirement. If you were asked her within five years your retirement. It's time to stop the insanity and look at options that are appropriate for your financial goals. Call 8644511488. That's 86445114. At it. I can help you separate all the crazy advice. You might be sharing with good sound guaranteed information. Also if you're concerned about how living your money due to inflation or Nixon to care of them. You could share in the highest is locked in value in income account that you and your spouse can never outlive. Give us a call at 8644511488. All my clients have one thing in common if they follow my instructions. None of them are worried. About how living their money. I've had many clients tell me how amazed they are of the peace of mind that they have. They were shocked with how much stress they were living with. Knowing their retirement could crash at any moment. In not knowing when it would happen. Sometimes you don't know how much stress you're living with until the stress is removed from your life. Worst yet some you don't realize you should be stressed out about your retirement. When the bottom drops out you experience stress of what seems impossible to handle because. Living in a fantasy world the stock market gains. Don't risk sinking when it comes to your retirement. Don't let smooth sees catch you off guard and potentially lead you sinking. Give me a call and I will give you hate life jacket you can count on if you like turn money. Here or more money. Call me to your question or complementary customized retirement kit at 8644511488. I can show you how to play a game. That you were guaranteed the win was no market risk. Participation market growth a 100% protection under principal. Danger locked in gains. It's time to put your retirement in a life jacket without the risk of sinking was stock market losses. As a retirement guy from my clients sometimes I have to ask tough questions and get people to take a reality check to their finances. I'm not the type of person and it just tells people what they wanna hear when it comes to the important things in life. Your retirement is one of the topics I consider extremely important. Ran out of money in your retirement is a serious issue. When your brother playing based upon guarantees purses assumptions. Public guarantee that your income accounts. We'll have the high still locked in value for the purpose your savings income for the rest your life. How about guarantee that your principal and interest will never decreased due stock market losses. Guarantees or what you can count all we know all know what assumptions or four. When your brother cal guarantees vs assumptions I'm here to tell you there's a better way. To have an income account there's a ways away by fees. Accomplice sign on bonus that you can never leaders due to any market losses. If you're someone that is trying to protect your retirement savings keeping track on this ball market is not false. It can be difficult to enjoy your life because you can't be sure where your money's going to be when you need it the most. I'm passionate about shown you how to use the very best retirement strategies for your piece of mind in exceptional growth. My job is not to make you rich. If you're hats or within five years your retirement striking it rich should be the furthest thing in your mind. I'm talking about gain entertained building your retirement in a dependable predictable method. That can provide you retirement money you can never out live with my advanced planning strategies. Sometimes this doesn't register with my clients until they receive their statements. Clients see that they are not taking losses when the market's going down. I get calls from my clients in their surprise that their money is at market risk. It is growing. As their friends are still on the market on edge of financial hardship. My clients are afraid of watching financial news on TV you're seeing headlines on newsstands. When they wake up in the morning they'll have to run to the TV to see what's happening in the stock market. They understand that my charities give them safety of principal. And when they get their statements they see gains despite a very volatile year. Clients call me and ask the market is going down I'm a Los I think right. I'm able to answer with confidence you're absolutely right Uga lost anything. This is Len delightful terms on. They can clearly see their gains are locked in and they no longer have to worry about market declines. I think you'd agree that this could help increase average for Foley your terms without market risk. People ask me all the time if this is so good to be true why isn't everyone doing it. Actually one million Americans. Have. Well over a trillion dollars and save money accounts. Safe retirement accounts were 50% the third quarter 2008. To have continued record growth since then. But someone realizes the details of these counts. And how they work they have a hard time not getting excited. It's just that most people are aware of them are typical broker does not want you in these products because they can't make fees on them. Burgers make fees even if you're losing money in with these accounts they can't line their pockets with your money. So there's no incentive for them to offer these accounts. When they sell you watered down versions of these accounts they put their fees and on them make it harder for you to win. Most brokers. Will tell you that these accounts are no good for you but what they're really saying is that these products are no good for them. The truth is there's no one retirement account that is appropriate for everyone the first significant number of people near or in retirement. These products can keep your money safe for market losses all participating in uncapped marking gains. You make money when the market is up with no cap. And you lose nothing when the market is down. Depending on what product you choose you can potentially start receiving income within thirty days. Your tax advantages in your money does not get eroded by fees every penny you put in these accounts has guaranteed. That you'll never lose. Value due to market losses. Give me a call and I can help explain this for your retirement future call 86445114. At eight. Until next time at the same time this is Derek Moore thanks for tuning into more harmony corruption.