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Monday, September 10th

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Welcome everyone was usually a Max living radio show your changing the way people buy you measure helps I'm hosting parties and Josh we'll share financial success at Coke and a brilliant Harvard guys today. Let's discuss a bit rather risky. In the markets it was a blast holes and not discuss the media. Liberals and everybody had a great policy messages and different. What I'm here on and off the market opened up people's policies so everybody has struck hard at us anymore and I listen to that part of Los brokers took place or quitting college to close out a quote full and NFL on site history is so vital because it doesn't belong here that in two different investment accounted. Another word for us to push fifty yards and in this weekend's cross so I do usually is supposed to supplement our youth in this post on the Mac and drops. No they want to I rarely talks about the only ones on this can actually and I live members of violence you know he's on on the market continues to speak. We're a better study is actually what did we could protest where they're in marketing list with a silent count is essentially it's entitled this at the scene and I'm not it's has pleased John is horrendous policies. Says medical here has offices are leading television agreement it states our cattle Gingrich's patient moment was basically. What all of possession guys are reliving our returns straight from their website cited religious thing retirement number not really a killer our country. It's from markets told the pastor who managed causes some markets could die actor Janet is it won't answer her husband WikiLeaks today ball finally there was this thing more medical listening mosque will be sites easier for people you'll be smiling you know we're not easier to save money is Eric Karros and extra things that come with a new war is all I margin losses. And yeah. How well do you remember eating right I stay away from their readers medical mistakes could all of herbal products they actually getting market losses kill people crank my notoriety particularly when you look at I don't want lord look at or dictionaries it means. I'm content and time your cause hot many homeless customized as the official term is for really old paradigm term medical mistake that's not a titular head of course I was. We are actually out there killing people won't hurt as well can come out on their strategy that is how clearly exit and -- growth of sub percent got compound where you please assists and getting so adios for we share immediate minus I think you cautions wrong Muslim leaders he's going to answer as usual John Conyers did a study on this isn't easy allied ships are what I you. And this coming out donate picture cards from and he's a space to tantalizingly. What death rate data over or you listen you're hearing it voucher funds Hoskins decisions actually so it's half cat when he's out or did they zone and 50000. Watered them guessing her year. Many retirees just out this invest all your due to medical career earnings from financial United States actually Barack this is not globally Missouri counties states of America it's only get it broke us talk I ask you. So he's doing little thousand people look like should you put it this way. When you your life savings on debt clock calculating earmarked for and gamble your time and don't wanna get a thousand people. Carlisle I 365. Raikkonen or five nowadays and here for it so divide or should we help you might guess that comes out how 684. I can't I'm an exercise prior decade showed a lot of people to facial retirement age eighty fact. Every single light today in the united so this is Honduran political garrison and 7%. Constantly noting the time those highest daily market Lockett did you want to hear your heating appear on with a big jumble Jens on your belt and I'll play they. Hole and challenge that our teams are 400 or fly normally don't have once or workplace your right. And so. I perfect story for them to airplanes that's zone and you or retire so that's the lessons -- guessing 85 so we talked about so it's two analysts airplane is there rations every single birthday told you not to worry about our airlines because to -- when he crashed every single day in our country I had this all all 300 or so program to tell you. Now we're seeing is silent when the stock per day up. Would be resigning him from the airline industry correct frank I -- you think that would be a major news story not only the April's estimate that he does and it shows out there and saying you could say to some definitely just slaughtered some researcher at the units there I didn't see with people flying all the tiny germs anyway have to take 600 people partying days or six at a price laws for they were dying if you're a airline advisory. Need to start looking B capacities and Odom chaos right English York territory on a full senate on his radar rugby and everything covered congress I mean I guess hearing is left and right here gingerly on the iPod or your rights amendment and you guys are called apex or airplane to find out yet they're finding that manageable if not more will die every so a day in the market laughter Jennings caught his training medical desk and -- at all. All right I don't know the wrong prescription is prescribed medically you react to it we have patients that if I wish they don't Medicare and want right clear marker to talk to treasury with the new action what and heroin. You know. And treat the case management early early case decision and yes it is happening at your status now on the no idea cars as Daniel America behind heart disease which is number one we live and answers number two. And now to our time is not used to be always some guarantees that I was guessing that's the case how come products and I was screaming locking your door and you can't let him industries don't call or else just has his and resilient you know. Kind of forgot how are you figure is not a problem of our uncapped participation in game I couldn't work I used down you know doing readings are you'll doesn't matter what it is just again the problem is it's just that now we're going to you John as a participating in he market loss was our life eating this up all of the CDC is ran so hard to guess they don't take you very arduous process honestly is respiratory about a 100000 retarded here and respiratory their failures a desire and now I can manage costs and I would just currently stakes. It's a nice quiet town something's gonna enjoy this some don't talk to you or does something on regular stressed out about mistake my number is 864 out because far away that the cities tracked deaths in our country I can help I'll label medical they are not a label auto pilot accountant worry about the huge fees as listen to this are managed accounts says. Georgia when he does Draper year despite air as a young State's work you. In your return vigor for publicity may third in the term that the British 86 Orleans JR glances the US centers for disease you know interventions. A thirty mile his arms of blues and prisons or we use when you're close on what type of financial year optional mine. Says are John's Hopkins team with such as he sees no way plan. Of collect probably Daniels also notice that the mayor has it in my with my financial bearish so specialized on the death certificate come planning their researchers are averaging catch up data credit here for class planes ST on concert to advocate says its income in our rates for debts to -- your tears your segment arrival here going dollar on parity companies haven't been recognized as is any standardized human count on collecting national statistics listeners are on an anchor planners are allies assessor of surgery and the Johns Hopkins university school call -- as if Condit has already I don't know four of your on the medical -- existing. Is designed. To this is an insane I think is a menace that code is account designed to maximize a sibling for position all services are side by not to let me now internal statistics terror attack currently trading will lose some crude the it's because here's a guy like he's over surgery John Hopkins let me ask you big giant medical school screaming want to pay in income does he misses aren't designed to make you want maximum going to challenger has come as a parent is not designed its sense steps and in history hardest thing is our regular -- -- Google your owners article on how we come up you know they're growing like that. And now it's really wanna learn it on clay plant west talk about it. And it is quite highly of equanimity callers to my present your money disappear over time and I didn't know jets airplanes are crashing and playing because your body with hi we need reforming sun visor June morning going warming it's an airline neutral sites when there is safety issues you're or your comment you know there's no not even with all the word diaries of Carner countries and that's her is because you know this is Ouattara followers not at all. We think about accounts that hikes are a 106000. People die and a half year. From Iran description beeps Ryanair participating about that market decline only 5% Arnold possibly six statesman thought 5% of the rules waffling. Yet we take 75 mice and coming up miserable here too soon so percent were made by this is the answer daily and what we do we lions are you. We perk subsidies and we can help them on your right I. And we would have torn because I was retired guy here is designed to show only thing to take the idea of guys are retiring the system you I can show you how do away or worse or loved one is somebody all of this is this coming sick and tired in the city I come on don't like the way this is slowing down you meet 64 and you don't want to be positive things or you don't like the way. Unit feel on the net medications or like the way the doctor Fareed you and lack there of time you come back into his off his or her office coming out you'll more minute conversation and an ever what you're trying to get into the cause of your disease or just saying take this year ago. In treat these symptoms. If you don't like that doctor you need to find and welcome back I've entered I was not here just a new doctor union defining new system in the conversation health care styles of playing I'm playing now is trying to hold your system I'm already sick care system and of course designed to treat six sing why do you invest your mind is stocks yet on until usually sick care system I don't know why we call health care people would do it health won't write return has nothing to do it health. You'll not get no problem taking medication if complains that you didn't it is just like before we say a Max live indeed an alternative system to change the is that America so much angry as Iverson was very little we're trying to do our patient care study by Dell to show people have 31 emergencies we aren't you or treat these emotional socialist agenda 1995. When that disease not just treat our mutual fund for different investors given a three point six complete opposite answer your largely on different results is an accurate at dinner retire right now if you listen world's brightest a list B list as your. Harmon apparently Hillary Clinton and six visitor center three T sixteen and fortunately you and many people Lionel army's efforts relating what we do there protecting their money based it on outlets after the age of 55 he should've been a priority to happen after Cheney apparently my stance income playing let's show you how is the cost you eight market returns me though say the risk market losses and yeah a 6432. Also shared values and how does this who has a mind about this. Many financial professional does overheat or clients are conscious of their words of CC has it that money spend. How are really impeded Sheldon as 30000 non college for a year or more just overthrew his cell at a grocery products about it. If at all there's over how to phrase that's our 100000 or should across country. On allocation without all the dollars per year or more on this is vision Medicare bill is safe that is out your targets if you think about it right into the day because not money it's still subject who are quick reception medication as you'd like I value balance and it's always show you how to look at so your lives are doing like we kind of you can help last lights are you don't -- also says it is again get healthy Kharrazi on easy street is that all the money and so we got a Soviet arsenals though can you guarantee a test policies you know we have a market Boris court not -- wrong -- and also should see you know politics or economics Dresser name right Koran on capped an animation mark for going on and locking in three months now ninety day money nations are about it was ever insulin no -- -- that that you feel as though we got to the coupons and how are you these are not used to -- their percentage of terrestrial life form -- still and not -- Al Fallujah are 100% of grandson -- ask how much you like -- and ran rather that you her daughter -- our daughter start with a lot of India and literally hot off the coast. It was in order to pass or five weeks she's doing order and her met for additional and so with last month he will now guarantee dozen members program live Foreman down to like I think seven I can show you how is her dishes contract Emily you're just in the past four weeks in a number are you ready never income and I anyway and that he has test commonality 864. 451 and one that wasn't an act there on for your answer. Coughlin had a bad time started with a couple weeks ago and you know you are at New York Times last week on T about a mile mergers or a stroke and he was asked calling me now styles are gonna citizens and you'll retire and ever stop take your Medicare to include feel hill and you know tell dude and so what are the total life. And he was asked that a high Stallone sewing of the cholesterol correct that I always grandma just needs to have a few I don't know I'm not selling English where he was my father our troops explorer six point five K so also taken out but the good news is asked the public pressure medication and a definition of which sanity and I think it is and that's what they already literally doesn't start he's an assault pressures on average ran in the world when you start in those twenty or maybe Sony high school about average. And yes he's taken everything parents' wishes are with me that I was the more worries about that lets everybody was that blood pressure and you see these costs low pressure every few years started her that he was happy with the result us but sometimes that you depression yeah that's what this guy because again from our sheer loss not just treat the symptoms are doing here if you need a doctor to have your choice of the causes disease basics look forward to crash through nine why is. We're gonna take it to listen for Hillary Clinton's heart and mark radio show goes on discount the way people view and man is a real sense of lying everywhere you listen to the Max is are you sure I music on in the winter and early united main Israel and I'm your host doctor Johns are different he seemed to push you get to retirement. The more disguise I look at our studio need to number three rely only on money which is now I action Jennings the more I realize that medical induced I had very little medical or no time to recover my losses from crack costs 250000. -- and her eyes saying here. I'm not some concerns the return not on my mind and I wish that directly from reporting on Manning but I unfortunate it's not corruption Alba and her army John hot tubs is thousands gather in check and not gone away like reduced to a actually do you more concerned easy of the return to Google alert as many boys as to which resources not on what it will look. So just your own Google search right before you moral and a challenge at first just look at me a call 86 you know removal and or Florida number three killer in the states and you can see Johns Hopkins highly customized retirement which is trending. And I don't particularly United States and you'll see that too what if I towels you do your senior year of 7% not the highest daily walk is an act of Kaiser's bases giving yields of the week income and a profession you can narrow glitzy music or anything but Barack tenure here I come in to aggravate guarantee I don't. At Google Alley sixteenth isn't that and they're currently stuck on your broke loose and other financial shows. Medical mistakes and things like that it's just does play I help unite his people let's remember doing something insane with your retirement menial. And a member of the definition of insanity and this is doing the same site over I know there aren't in this identity model at discount. The troop girls and nothing has changed top ten list Foleo isn't measured risk and if it. Are thirty years old on there as it is today analysts had nineteen fat so what's the difference means. You're engaging manner and lack the tiny period it takes to recover such musical hair for putting your retirement in the journal products I was. Crazy to you because you're doing the same thing over and goes again had it easy for Carl this may not I'm actually we'll talk to my results are not match differently it's your best are so many people have going out there and you'll go down. And sometimes takes pressure now are romantic just a confirmed case any what's different now and is that is changing your word and act kind of pass this and we're nearing retirement on the same towel. When you need to have in Asia Archuleta you managed here's what Payne Nat and behind your neck name picture after a near retirement it's time to stop the insane actually England and options I just sitting there and you're. Mickelson Zach Carter is an client 86 or healing for farmland. As one more week isn't it a lot about a pin back at her customize a retirement age and start how to handle. Help you and we'll get with more good deals Sasser jumper made whole next segment were actually ask well migraines line is comebacks measure of you that complain more of those thirty that you miss you as a bonus on a closet thinking it's engineer those things are saying come without any reason they substantially more golf channel's live. Is so you have infomercials and bristling with their cause and every could hurt him so it is only drink on him restoration not too much information out there can be he's probably proud and you know tension. It can be when jurors are you finally Leiter planner do you didn't trigger business of him receiving your money but basically they using computers ought to morally you know questions like does this have to could have better than it is to your but it's a cold water if it's a water bottle with a call -- university and colleagues at Mercedes we come back and accumulate there if you win your question roll call it back commonality class or work four or five gallon forces out or in your neck and when that happens it's exciting things she and I -- welcome back extra pressure off the nerve to air war that really your nose in more time also. Viewed as the Jesus does your neck has Tom turbulent you've ever heard of the financial Beatles Russian what's the brain in if there's too much find your frustration holes tops my literary essay on such a little at a curve in there then only other times it actually you. Allows that pressure to fight back while the other days track hazard or broker its orderly and moderate headaches from simply could have I want to remind us of that something has been can clean out her eggs are next year's tour also saying a cart path on the 13% of of world financial that I was happy and it was a migraine this on pay to make sure you stay team looks crazier things can go through. And out of the I don't ever seen illustration from a broker that suffer on the what happens in did you hear of over three million client were excellent wind and you had them for senator Reynolds dogs now in on something different that you have an honest answer have headaches states news that we better get rid of those in tax breaks at some news today show in the same situation and he will be right so easy walk Ramirez is on an actual British leader he's changing the way -- you result health I'm hosting just judged there Ayers issue a few moderate losses analysts gracious. This segment or laboratory issue we are fresh young receiver who hired an issue. The marriage and got heading I was all right or heading off I was in my email us by attending let me ask dad and keep the paint and who hasn't that you think you know more than a mile final corner to and you've found belts like this thing worse lost some or according to migrate over to our cons of this is that I guess would you want to work it's like I got this off migraine now dot com. Now that I brought that up flashed my program that probably wondering the same course is the snakes when it comes ahead by Trevor laws of Islam and it's mine in the US history was a 100% million people suffer illness and disease. Some are honoring studies are being lost eight due to mark article arsenal adults popular singer my have a lot go to work for you there were three may have migrated some owners that you're back are actually crossed into emotional tilt them for a very we're all my customized retirement less than living tissue and are all about let's. That call eight exist or build fighting I was one for me because it's completely torn complimentary he formation I know many of Marley his arteries causing them to I never heard it would prints so they're tightening products and some funny and so on TV I get my fun just like getting a check or K or so remaining nine million. This has eight minutes will be easier way to try to do Beecher but for that part I hear you say there's any concern are we feel like when it's I assure you reason reason your pastor known as usual outwards and number two when your product re not because they mergers and it's because of is. As they don't pay we agents that bothers hi Bobby knows you you're after a year from these you know there dev I think it paid. Fraud multi zillion dollars a week come on the avarice the most Collins age and are your Melanie did you file suffer from Imus headaches these products also to hear what occurred in my older agents. Which is a lot of doors up headache when we market gains and now mergers and I don't present in his office horse can't function normally products are way too boring I'm more than 70% have TV personalities and financial now 70% and that of my during our salaries Obama's lead in the audience. That they truly know and you mark my suffer or witness that senator methods that have taken his people to restore money in the market wise that. I know my approach is different. Stressed or I'm not trying to impress you with winning the supposedly here to show my ridiculous and way right that no one else is going to show it and you can your life here is he he's on the speaking that on your mind they're gonna tell you. I understand that verse and he taking out your information 1% say in my own customized their retirement readiness review. Almost half on migraine suffers is desires and her mr. Sean you are nimble part of efforts that are so it's. This Jordan retiring my idol and a Miley when else am with you it wasn't obvious but there going I tell happening McDyess no our clients have won millions of dollars into 31% expected you know at least. I want a mile or is it hasn't lost goes there migraine headaches market and forty Robertson of people have befallen the choice these take control brings her retirement future that's there in the country life to me and stuff on the dies solicitor let's talk about migrants. Business times an historical as a moderate harm to recount loses its Liz yesterday headaches and joke with some people mean and as you question a mark real time so they're kind of persons and it is your financial you have. Tension and I asked my client cluster headaches in the U although I like grant's eyes. Now some say headache troubles among what I punished agree stressed other's salaries they once were only yours and whatever the case is and so on and on our little spine works fine just give restaurant I would have a tinge of the phones because when I call are always in I was there was distressed markets are headache if you will. I don't have clients he had an excellent always successful life exists in the back of the neck. Uggla who was thoughts like luster is is another question that's the fine is it in any business and you're funny position professional to Donahue money. Yeah position is discretion are usually it's so he's you have money headache on to coincide road ahead of the wanna do you set back your head or by your I always find it very that is just begun here and you don't want a variety of professions we know lack luster due to a nine it was crunch time that's cluster headaches are they on my lie. Environment ask ourselves from the few of the chemicals in the end of girls and my financial professional can portion of the things that could trigger lacklustre erection and mending for direct guarantees for my money only cause never looked his way to market losses foods or things that would be theater this. Bush and we know planes then MS I'm sure Sunday you know call would be totally and I know you're makes Chinese critical protected by T imprisoned her tell how does not participate like mark your losses has not bussing thing it's it only has to pay its mark against hat on hat and call me L 864 tees were up five runs and you go wonderful work. Dating agency that might complementary team retirement says yes that some fans don't show you had to keep your money protected even and he never participate DiMarco lost stress links from somebody else's every time you know you Asian functionality of excited that you would have you had two layers of and a lot of times out you know different I think now we've been talking about it this -- selling their products that kind of how you can earn its market like the turn on that I can mark your rash this cluster Hank Hill yeah and they didn't cheese eating European charge by your broker many facts and how you start feeling piece of lines and knowing you. It's our money is the same migraines. That things you know that wouldn't be nicely and just wants an airline around them he's had snow coming on this is something is that you was too tired of dying or actually I've seen did have a patient's tummy worth just it has Caldor differently allies of the lines. Market cursing off terrorist attacks low and just trying to audience certainly is that her world haven't put the mouse that was Obama's problem because as the -- always been when I don't -- has on this week on the Macs and fortunately as the world has been his if you are additionally we see this and all the time and our clinic so in some of your summer I think we wake -- -- in the morning news we never migraines every single -- -- restore relationships their effecting work fortunately you may unexpectedly and it financially or you're currently on this and takes none of them are here as long as sort of that's the problem to have these headaches per portal into wanna do is prescribe you what's login marking on medication Erica and NASA are picked up to its own data loss and I typed in migraine I want you ashamed about that you know -- this -- the two married -- -- my sleep medications and yes they do -- people with or any others and I analyze comment on how that now Wall Street and talk about image Rex. And you were talking about now rocks and never has our tech image or or naproxen. Chances are you have severe to our market in the organization and are you have run capped opportunity for real attraction sometimes they get more crash Jason earlier money that is enough for always connections as well but what it attracts a what you look even as a result owners immature accident out of the side effect today tracks are just type in the coal and look at any time of the heat's side effects laden and the trick for us. It dizziness censured him to go like K com nausea vomiting customized neck pain retirement what does that sound like you. It's just like him I am sure just like so. The ourselves that more than Amara soldiers driving use it as an exercise early migrate their sacrifice is a drug privilege at all taken -- term money causes the exact same countries are impossible to think of child prince so you're taking their medication you're still getting headache ideals and why. Let me get your story you're taking office easily causing the migraines or it's not or this soldier I had a mindset that our selfish don't take my word for you guys did lights were on her nausea vomiting and only chose to fight not for symptoms of severe migraines who was trained and highly skilled at all types of fighting the medication is just doesn't really doesn't do you still persisted right to only you know and I -- the satellites and medication with the ultimately his enemies aren't that participate in the normal life aspects of approximately go to drug Jacques Martin though in this whole lot of free let me this is died about headaches. And it. And all the stories is that good in what the magazine cannot win battles bigger medication. You bring in god it was gunfire this order is dizziness is still undefeated in the inaudible for the finally easy years behave in this elections it's an internationally headache with like right equipment and other medications that we the without a bank is headaches right let me ask you why are we like sheep in the little retirement suffering what everybody saw this course has medications that are her financial professional -- may have serious enough and he's out of here she is yours not only Cuba because you are lying statements this airman or retirement etc. just you know husband you know risky investments are channels that should be on use digital youngest was there the quality of life is full it's. Often the energy and try people I know you're ordering thriller. At our resources they cannot make the migrants were asked wanna hear who's nice and their money child medications and everything she heard also job contract reprises her sagehens exist trust she comment she started getting even as time safer neck you know coming in law is changed to add value and it would there was extra Internet. And guess what will hurt your retirement no dodge ball over knoller her -- witness choices we don't have economy considering and principal protected the cat does to the salon a certain time or those blood vessels and will continue the conversation as we come back is a little more harsh and they're anxious to welcome back Sarah let's have primaries she got serious or temple I think she had migraines we'll continue easing commerce and something as simple shoulder a little girl and her retirement and died putting pressure on an earlier or equipment choices out there is also putting pressure. On the principle tech are Louisiana was sort of boring you need them the ability to blocking and given her tell it like you're doing its -- and now I have percent critics of the monsoon we started adjusting earned any income for Magellan who were nagging and they weren't the old hat guaranteed as you can twist Liu in the balance of the she's whenever. That can actually be day you have the right. You'll retire so we were adjusting her call me out this execs I were an Internet for fun and her temperature back when they were submitted yourself to do. Gaza than we might get complimentary my customized retirement and went away how would you know right now is you know I should put on a bicycle with the movie and her husband and her parents. And geared I don't wanna set their vision compound is and has a couple weeks reference to the highest in a migraine headache free flights to surmise its own supporters he'll in my raises her twenty talented she's now are a little headache free we did and it is even sure you have or eliminate that as we usually got power to cause an instant on your retirement migraines. Was so these triggers on my clients she'd SB one time got hit maker of the citizens amending his and they started to keep from getting headaches dry humor she's insincere I'm sorry excuse for not taking care I'll jump on all windows Willis our market crash has no current and her neck. I joking there right by its air there are some first pressure causing headaches eye color joke my clients because I don't really insists. And millions of dollars. The headache I've always clients will be the ends of the car them wherever they had just traded class a little money or manage a shot right because it's so if you're somebody out there like Sarah. That is I have never understand why children are hoping products medications you've done prosecute him lose money and everything called the securities. And you don't like the way the what is security Mountain View or you die assuredly lose Henning market crashes in you know what those you're like the way it's affecting your life you're secure that widger let me assure another situation your church. You're waiting client wants hammer give us a call it right very reluctant to talk with headaches vs just treat the symptoms it was the same. I'm usual reason why our Paula on the same boy party to have someone that is to take your money and time. I. He had an talking gimmick an apartment there countless I want only is exactly are your aims to protect information streets of purchase and on Xena and John had a considerable amount you know amazingly in functional in the lost almost half our eyes so it doesn't mean you're if there's regained about half is just lost it simply means we have to get to what's really finish him moving his retirement includes an inner sphere protect Sarah can't see with the lack the market dropped almost excels at any point this gets her -- body can do. It Keating hi one question you have all the pressure of info on how does it feel totally want to stress that we're asking is well yeah when their mayor meant it's Jersey its point in Washington market we have three to Nader's right is that it was pretty educators and says oh it's great maybe. So stress comes from a source lives in the -- -- and living in this stressed it orchestra using human Armani look some -- probably the populist side so when you yes it adds that a caller on my -- Sarah in reverse and I'm here say that we teach our regime should you resist an upper body regenerates but they like to -- Internet call for complimentary about customized retires this headaches in this migrate -- change your financial arsenal that some dark tunnel like going to a number 86 political infighting and guess what when you -- migraine -- constituents only 64 or go down would have were firing line Greg -- I think he's an advocate Jack you finally get -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- against -- -- -- -- -- -- it's -- -- -- -- -- to -- -- well -- feel -- -- restrict -- -- -- always -- an -- -- Sharon -- -- -- ingress -- -- in the -- -- -- -- for multi billion -- -- -- -- -- Couple no risk marker shoulders and guarantee and does that you will never see who Helena ahead it's right here Rosalie little helpers are aren't after also you don't have a guaranteed return of 7% well trust me when you're in the highest quality of locking anywhere that you are telling Jess what that we here in the united you're shutout innings when you know I felt like NC. He sees as the song goes with this week thing happened call me at 864 there were a lot of them want to see if lock is an excellent way to guess what happened when he insecure themselves the how much is your money is currently in the arm back he didn't finish portals that melt earnings or do you just like quick fix it he was very happy with the risk you were talking with a recommendation trimmed those you can't risk aren't happy moments. At least the reality is to make sure it is up as my critics is down. And so in these past yourself Kostis can I begin really afford to have them license to -- then how do you see him with a wrist is impossible to measure me once a month or something but let me ask you that our boys got to stay deal as it usually broker no Arnie and now the next door when it actually felt when making my own retirement pass somebody what it is today headaches you're sick and tired be executed our crystal ball and heads up on terrorist. Sign up for expression national disaster high balls and are we the next car market crashes it was a colony any other reason. 3262. And they are honest and they will tell you had a legendary hair out pure honesty and London if you don't know that where. On isolated T bonds and two I don't have any idea of where these events happen next to balance the deep so Palin did you Dorado is trying to broker doesn't hitting and I don't. Sick I was powerless to harmony safe six is Umar and zero and nine. Nothing has sort of line if you're one and the same is true mystery we're tired out there that one more result Waco I'm heading to our financial news new trial tried everything people were felonies they saw how risky your order and my last resort littlest thing. He puts that there's a better way I've seen these are programs guarantees on zero people where they never saw it and they've been on the market certain errors in their nexus only politics for this fight is linked account for for for face and in head pain neck pain now when you suffer a loss and then mark on certain errors -- three problem anymore and I lost side of things went well in the second world and I had to pay on the governance riot act sliced. And it is her tolerance has gets a little body possible or regain your long hours of off its quarterly yourself around in to to do we say is Jewish vote and me in so amazing talents of our oil and also. The market approach 30% you know being her value was last drop or they tried at all thing that put on Majlis next year and it scared I think there's no excuse in the book are you backed off major regional governor just how far away are now scared wanna or how could have been dropping 31 that he's narrative that settling or whatever these skewers percent gain as external space so process is how you back it's a seventy Belsky target percentage of Trout everything else when you 1000 my doors close. So I'd plus seventy years old and I don't wanna wait that long it would actually take additionally we are rising like Steve before and you've backed where you start takes that's what it takes his life. My numbers I see you rarely recover losses in my hands on you and help you one question I asked exit buys herself but where does -- -- there -- dozens of them actually -- change in the way people view him as your health answers we lose lose the Max was a great -- -- we -- change in the way 3% -- Jimenez did you heroes doctor John there's another bush seemed -- negative thirty PNC so Gaza interim agreement under mark I was was most I climbed to the middle potential for moral or else as we talk about it as well so first ever talk about where -- about recent days as of the number three cause the dead also could you just -- -- six -- -- those -- and that he begins with somebody accounts -- laying on the -- always to have any that your. How he's he's only had 86 it was his season I behave if you wanted to MS in my burgers in your neck or your brain that exist were already by your will contribute one that there were three calls that hit the Clinton I think. Health he's my average I'm sure what is what he's the only certainly he says heroic to right that. But it always got what you are tired or makes the show migraines are a number in molecular. Which is medical the sell her bottom line is in the outback is colander or frivolous like for legislation won't wake up on Ellis when he's 34 people earlier announced today can you act isn't used to make you feel safe about your patents. Can UN today in the journal news that you still subject back and it. Gets way way back in coming by Norah we'll show you had to drain the blood America to look at your money leeches on his lifetime date drain the blood back in the air show you how it's guaranteed under that are that ultimately were silent or four that would drain glass guaranteed it that we don't delve more. Are realizing that it also show you how to do it this Sunday in the wake of Enron helped market the system we have now lost the -- -- -- never go all the way cut dead or we have a growing quickly if we don't build your income account cost certainty fortunately that's how slower here tomorrow as well as the fire season is all that's always looks more real terms under traditional help or care can be held Shari Lewis has it changed the way you manage your health but do you like to learn more that calls her car no because -- charming you know allowing that I can help you change your financial life or 362909. If you never know until the next our leaders at the same target -- -- us is terrorism disease not a farm consumption so a 643262909. If you're not around here we have offices all the country we can find somebody for you but he does is in the maxim radio show remember until next week the yourself with everyone else -- taken.