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Welcome to our no name podcast when he was Vince Coakley along with. Yours truly bombing Mac and terrorists or nations it. Lots of interest in things going on in the news and and I've got to see one of the things that really have connection for me and I don't get your thoughts on this end you guys know we've. Had clear discussions about this time make. He person who deals issue by issue width. In regards to our friend. President Donald Trump let me interpret that Torre in other word expenses they never trump all get out of here. Seat this guy's trying to cause trouble for usually isn't he so easy so here's what's going not you guys explain this to me yeah. The white house on this spicy issue puts out a statement basically saying that we need to reauthorize fai said basically resisting an effort by. Just to demolish. To try to bring about some Fourth Amendment protections in that thing went down in flames. And its interest in the statement was put out in support of the the I'm phys are reauthorization without the Justin a mosh amendment then. Donald Trump puts out a tweet complaining about five cents saying it helped to authorize people. To spy on him now here's my question for YouTube home which Donald Trump. This is the real Donald Trump. Ash that's good question I mean you know opinions. And positions are forward then and change. With the dynamic in Washington but I have to admit. I am I am not thrilled to see the renewal. Of spying. On everybody everybody in America especially when we saw how low was weaponized. Buying. Fusion GPS and Hillary and the DNC and all the rest to spy on a political opponent during a presidential campaign. And six is being. Allen debated seven and two is actually part of much bigger scandal yes as I'm really related to the dossier because. They were using that for email searches. Mom and phone calls are still Donald Trump before they ever got a Pfizer warrants and and Mike Rogers and the NSA found out about it conducted. Age. A review review and it's and I'm then Wednesday June trump tower. And the next day after he went from charity and Trier and her country and your transition team moved to New Jersey yeah and Daniel are being spread. And yes by the way admiral when did that. So without. Informing his boss is in the DN on the Director of National Intelligence. I James clapper that he was going to go to trump tower and tell. President elect trump pay a look. You couldn't terrible what did you say your listening to every day but that's fine with size section 7020. And it dossier you know the fig gussy it defies approval to spy it was actually prefer for a totally different thing. There's actually a bigger spike seeing here the 702 spying that Mike Rogers the NSA. A put an end to. Is a bigger scandal in my opinion in this dossier stuff because they did away before the dossier and they did it without tries to court approval they were just very casual about it. That's what the that was what they were mainly using just my round traps I was dossier studies just. I hate is job by congress to distract people. From the Mike Rogers findings. So why it would to a navy introduced bashing bashing tries on one hand and on the other yet ask which spy program are we talking about Wii is in size court approval. Exactly. On August is a lot of running senate says it it added I don't know. I hate the idea that that any of this is going on to begin with but look. You know I live in the real world lists as you guys do. And and I can remember back in non. 1970. While working in Washington. I had a good friend. I was working in and radio at the time I was working at WEA Yemen Arlington. And my newsman. Who know you worked with me at night. I had a daytime job and his daytime job was as tough for me wardrobe for the NSA. And he told me then. Then they had you know a gigantic. Sony our wallets fact tape recorders that were set up and made tapped. Every phone in the Washington metropolitan area suburban Maryland suburban Virginia. Washington DC and there was an algorithm set up because it was early computer programs. And a win a buzz word was heard any conversation the tapes would roll so this is. This is nothing new it's just in the technology. Has now advanced to the 21 century and and it's it's even worse in any thing that was in 1970. And it's been used as a tool of terror for a long time against the political class mean pick representative Al Green Democrat supporter of Israel. Unlike most Democrats on you know me Francis line IQ really talk about Israel on the phone because I know they spy on me not gonna say anything on the phone I don't want to be here and said that publicly. And this way for the charm dossier stuff I mean this is Obama was still in office we know that this happened you know we do we Dennis Kucinich who. Oppose Obama on invading Libya you know he's economy as he got that what Rangers. And you know that happens you know broken clock and get right. Don't why isn't elites is funny conversation. To The Washington Times to punish him. You know you look at Lindsay Graham and Dianne Feinstein they spied on by the CIA now and it and then did nothing and and they're they are used to being into. If there's a fine line here because do we need to do this kind of thing for national security of course we do. Wouldn't we need to know what our enemies are thinking yeah we're way past the the time of who wasn't the F former. British prime minister in the early part of the twentieth century. Who went talking about intelligence works at welcome gentlemen do not read each other's mail of course they do I thought there rob do. Because the other guys are doing and as well also remember being in Washington and now the mid eighty east. And Israel wanted to build a new embassy in Washington. And they had bought a piece of land and then there were objections that were raised by the intelligence community. That this in this particular piece of property. Then the Israelis had purchased for the construction of their new embassy was unacceptable to them because it was on one of the highest points. EN Washington a little while games but there's no way spying on everybody else's legislation including of course a Langley. And the NSA and all the rest but NLD objections fell on deaf ears and the Israelis built the embassy and unfortunately other our friends most of the time. So they shareware that's a lot of what they get an idea or daddy are we the only ones that do are far from. You know. One of the questions that comes to mind here in particular is as I hear so much conversation about deep state this deep state that not yet when push comes to shove. This is what I'm convinced of nobody's gonna do anything about it. That's what sounds like to meet of people just wanna complain. And whine and moan about the deep stage when it comes right down to it nobody wants to disassembled the same. Well I don't know I have I have a great deal of confidence that the senior senator from South Carolina Lindsey Graham will certainly get to the bottom of the LA minus yeah I. Hold my breath let that would be out. Yellow line is is technology exists I mean we're gonna have these people all you know eat in misusing it mean investing that can happen I think I mean the best outcome and I think we're gonna see this. Is armed heads rolled there's all kinds of indictments on coney. On down McCabe struck all of them and at least there at that serves as a warning to people in the future they'll think twice in right now they think there's no penalty they'll never get caught. They bet this will teach them otherwise so there's really stayed at this things take time I don't I don't know somebody's gonna be sacrificed one of the greatest owner who. One of the great things that the founders understood and tried descent into our founding documents was checks and balances. And they wrote those into those documents and so that same concept that same. Philosophy. Has carried forth to this day there are checks and balances set up within these surveillance programs but. If you end up with individuals who were willing to ignore. The law law and and look at what happened here with this stuff. Look at look at the the cub all the that it took to put it together and you needed the president of the United States he needed the DF nine the Director of National Intelligence shouldn't Jim clapper. You need the head of the Central Intelligence Agency yeah he's going on whether it. You got James Toney and the FBI you've got all these guys colluding you wanna find collusion. There's a collusion and when these guys ignore the checks and balances that are in place and acting illegally then you get this kind of crap. Well speaking of crap let's talk about immigration. And then. What are your thoughts on what's going on there the discussions about sit out a year right now it looks like there's a plane and to provide daka. To deal with things like chi migration and and try to get some of this under control. I'm not so sure about the future this border wall thing woody woody hearings so far in and what are your impressions of what's coming out. Let me let me ask you a quick question first. What percentage of America's population right now today what percentage are immigrants. The legal. All immigration yes well obviously all of us we couldn't tell you know I know I I mean it and under under our current immigration law. And none of them would not allowing people to have command Willie Nellie. Since what 1985 or so we are at the point where 20%. Of America's population are immigrants legal and illegal. 20% percent 20%. Is that a frightening number one so do we need to. Gisenyi we need to build the border wall do we need to do away with chain migration do we need to. To fix all these problems. Birthed babies you know people about what couples fly here from China and have their child born. In an LA hospital so give me an American citizen aren't these countries on earth that have that is so stupid had a stupid NN these are the things that need to be fixed now is the question is as you post directly. Vince is is on Donald Trump as president willing to give up Danica in exchange for all these other things that he wants. Is that a good thing. Well I mean I think if he doesn't bring Jack and a table isn't thinking darn I'm not supporting what he's doing Duncan wrong and arms ARAMARK I don't like this it's in breaks when his campaign pledges. But it is given Jack. We don't get anything and I mean we again Tony sixteen. Was the second highest year round for immigration all in US history 120 million. You know NASCAR and continue year after year after year in the chain migration is gonna expand his memorial in a more chains coming so if we do nothing. They win even bigger now not to mention that islamists on its way to becoming the second most yet. Taylor religion in America and in the chains on natter terrifying me with a one nicest terrorist 26 people he Bryan Brown ahead of that front. So dusters reporting think what are tracked him down by an arrow is forgotten they're like how well the ice is village came here knowing cares. So I mean he did you know then the nicest villages as we're speaking probably chaining people in right now for you know I mean so. Do you trade 800000 docket this. For the end of chain migration while but nine point three million people. You know in the last decade nine point three million chain migration nineteen C a week while we can get me that's nine point three million I won't come in the next decade teacher 800000 for that maybe you do then maybe it's a real you know I don't I don't if I if I weren't keen eye can waive my one. No they would I'd wave and then I'll go back to their home she don't mean good what's you deal with the reality that you have. Something is better than nothing that's what this bill is an anonymous. Ran a bit but it's done well and and it's much more about is much more release said this brilliantly this morning is much more than we could. Them to they would sponsored in congress two years ago. Yeah that's probably do you know economy which way to generate aware they weren't so good I'm sorry but I got I got I got exercise Austin. Look your packs an area well and unfortunately yeah we are drawing to a close. With these three big egos as we don't like to refer to are known name bots mainly my desk. Yeah yeah. Let's just so literal and like three big egos which could be a playoff three amiga exactly. Russia is that this is going to be people who don't get and they're going to be on the text like countries you you guys admit you have to because if there's something wrong with you and you know because you called your putt a coddling to know how it was did you see what I'm saying I guess it's self deprecating. You know that and we we like him make fun of are carried cellular where lottery he goes yeah I come up with a when he won entertainment you like three big ego had that connection worked a guy he also you people understand just like they listener Russians say Hayes. In all the things he says now we all know that's talent on loan from gonna do now ride it you know companies he's being sardonic. But I'm if well we've enjoyed being radio and of course I recommend the podcast to your friends. Because if their fans and from myself terror events all three. They probably would enjoy hearing are. Behind the scenes work. At today's events plus even if you hate whenever you get the other two plus or harness now that's a trade off can't just like doctor. In the balance scream out. I'm thinking we will us a year where the next edition a week from today. And in the meantime. They say 109 Tomas. NN take care.