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I hear reservation is here along with an instant her greed and move them Bobby Mack I kid's high high us. Broadcasting non live from Monday podcast we never say to call the three big egos well we're we're alive but it's it's alive to digital. Tape yet something like that so anyway. And I'm about the week. That is and so big it is and what is it now welcome to the three big egos podcast where we take you. Behind the scenes we raise the curtain on what we really think. About what's going on. So I'm thinking that you said I've been on the some I sent to Bob about time and I have been predicting that that they would have to find a way to shut down trumps avenues of communication to the public. And break Barksdale. And in a fight EG should just tell because I I I concede is that FaceBook is go to now rate news sites. And that basically you know in their search results you share bring prior goal. Com you know we'll see it is interesting that just this week due due to just this week brake hard. It's now in the top ten most visited web sites in all of the United States of America bright part isn't yet a simple yes. They had lingered in the top 100 for a long time I've been tracking is on my show and I'm talking about. More visits and Bank of America Mormaset Wal-Mart dot com that's how big. Content they just cracked the top ten and in any during election that cracked the top 100 well see see what else show they had done Steve Bannon. Well yes she showed up back so. It began anyway he's not heavy he's my brother anyway stokes and they they were right so here's here's what does. Regional office or this is this are you sure you have. Hey here is here's why they sent nude speed. Bringing people closer together. That's that's a title at any interest of diversity right. They will be re prioritizing. The Conte and that you see in your new speed two items that quote. Spark conversations. And meaningful interactions between people. Plus grandmother still on our jobs that's what we do. This means they will be prioritizing. Post from family and friends. In users who knew speeds over content that comes from bed look businesses and publishers additional way. And I'm I don't wanna get too deep into the weeds on Facebook's release packaging and imagine what it spreads. But. What I read the other day is FaceBook is going to be essential way. Setting up a a censorship. Squad man and I you mentioned they'd discussed this. Sometime ago pull the plug on I guess they're now back now and art and done what they're going to be doing isn't that what they're going to be doing is. Raging the credibility. Of these various new sites. That are sourced. And and post. On FaceBook. So what do you think's gonna get the job bringing the Washington Post. New York Times. Done Huffington and Huffington Post. Any George Soros funded organization or. Bright Bart or the daily caller or Washington times forget that you won't see either Stephanie. No he won't and you know they're near seeing similar version. And so of this happening Google and that's it's wearing me just a couple of weeks ago. Twitter decided that their validation system would now mean they would in researcher was a person. As they decide they don't like your views even if you don't express them on Twitter that you would lose your balance sheets they would slam do you slam dunk human search results. And in in all of this instead you can tell this charm got his message I mean fox was openly hostile to him from ice the presidential election in writing in general and the only reason Anthony Wesley as they brought in tremendous ratings you one way and but most it was still mega market really watch it. And and so I mean he's so he get his message out to far she got out online and today you know in the entry shares on social media and so they've got to find a way to shut that down. And that's what they're doing there's. There's a lot of frightening stuff going on number one. Then and now I know since I know we view our AM big believer in not in personal liberties and freedoms and not having a Big Brother. 1984. Stuff going on and yet done and and Washington and they just renewed. They have. The business where the NSA end and all the other guys can now spy on you with a flies a stuff. And and now we know we're learning what FaceBook and Twitter and Google are doing. Twitter guy the other day said you know yeah you if they establish a new account on Twitter we know. ER when you command. Nice that's really comforting yeah they're not too by the way on the fights are subject and I'm not sure how much you guys talked about this. I thought it was striking and we had Thomas Massie on the program ranked to discuss this it was striking to me. That the amendment that was proposed by Justin a much to basically rain again. Price right. Was received and voted on in favor of Democrats more Democrats voted in favor of this amendment then Republicans did you know that. No I'm I didn't not in just absolutely blew my mind and then there's threats we're supporting this end and to me that's an issue where you know the party banner. Shouldn't matter at all to age should not it's it's it's a no brain. It's it's just absolutely bizarre to me and and this is again and I've said this before is one of my big disappointments because. We really got mixed signals out of the drug administration on this because they put out a statement the night before you know. Expressing concern that this legislation was going to be neutered by Justin in my shoes amendments and then the morning of trump puts out a tweet saying. Well Faisal allowed them to spy on me. And I'm thinking. In the world I am actually I should that should be an argument against continuing Ed aren't getting the whole. And where was I can't I keep asking the question. Where was the leadership on this where was the leadership. Now as it relates you know I share your concerns about what FaceBook is doing it right with the it would social media Twitter I get all of that. I still come back to this idea again that debts you know these are corporations and we've got to recognize. This nexus between big government and big business. There's no way around it and unless we wanna find an alternative must we want to create an alternative. You know I'm I'm I'm I guess I'm not saying we should give up I'm basically saying. We've just got to recognize if we're gonna use their tools. We're gonna have to play on their Plainfield. Until we come up with a better solution. The cargo is comes up with a better solution yes and they will there will be more free market version of FaceBook you'll do just fine on the problem is that won't happen before this election. We're gonna have that happen with Lyndon within other Twitter alternative before this election I don't have that any any really be able to do some damage on free speech with this I know 1 thing I am not about to give up. The MySpace account that I have a tough oh you're on MySpace is up. Live at Every day and I I don't give does seem messages on there much more than her eyes. If I had to guess and you're right if you're correct in saying that down the president did send mixed messages on. The business where there are 70 ones and all the rest of that. If I had to guess I would say that some pressure was generated. From. From the military side from the Pentagon from the DOD from the NSA. And I'm probably from Langley as well same luck. You know if if we get this this a mosh amendment it's gonna hamstring what we're doing in the war on terror. The thing that really is frightening to me is imminently ML marsh. Amendment had been a gesture does anybody really think these guys are not ignoring the law. I don't care right don't care employers up might catch me if he can't. Let me ask wannabes stories last year to me was the fact you WikiLeaks dot I'm dump of info that these CIA. Had gone ahead and built their own NSA eternal internally and was trying and they didn't bother coming and going to a size court well you know I mean sure three. At this point Chris you really matter there there are. Always has been a certain amount of intramural. Jealousy. Between you know Langley and and anybody else that wants to have stepped into what they consider their turf. Which is intelligence gathering and no there cannot. Do whatever they feel as if I have to do to protect their domain. So we think about this win OK so this in recent CIA did that was consumer chart of going to the NSA now and having to get permission going to the courts in want PSA also to know what we're doing. Which makes you wonder what the heck were they doing. You know I mean he's CNN saint two straight up leader you know I mean her tomorrow and condemned must moral people either clearly we're seeing now. So I mean yet to CIA doing that that's a little place everybody's covered it. We don't like zero edge in places like that are covering it WikiLeaks is documented in Carson even care. So why are we even arguing about the size according to CIA is not in the U defies court. Well let's now let's talk about does something else here in India three big videos podcasts or this week president trump. Tweeting winners in the 2017. Fake news awards. Now the president did go back on majority centers in new at 5 o'clock. And there I was yesterday at 5 o'clock waiting with bated breath. For the fake news or as they've they came later. I thought maybe go on TV and do it may be invite all the people went and now are your trophy here's your participation trophy New York Times. But when they posted them on the edge GOP web site. Which probably crashed with help from. Everybody you really want to read about him and Yemen and our friends out a lot well. I can't because the Washington Post literally eating there OK if somebody's race don't get regular rally and it was great to watch imposed literally reporting it was big flop nobody cared. As the site goes down. And the number one trending thing on Twitter AOL and Google. What is the big news we're good looks they're literally rating fake news about the fake news no war nobody wants you think now is a large us on the website crashed. What. I mean did this you know every agency can be just like I love. That John Paul Krug man now one the first one which is where he'd be a pretty did that it would utterly decimate the markets of trump was elected I mean just are never recover it'll never recover from trump. Meantime this just the end Dow hits new record right exactly yeah credit crunch and 9188. Out Pulitzer for commentary. He's been consistently and persistently wrong I'm literally everything if you wanna know how to invest just read what he says do the opposite. ABC demotion Brian Ross after bungle to report on trump on rush you know were Brian Ross is now. He's he's like he's at the ABC news equivalent of overseeing the radar stations and all Alaska. He's not even in the ABC news. Headquarters anymore they moved in with some warehouse somewhere on the westside of Manhattan Scott likes Iberia out there isn't exactly like center. Under his door opens automatically link. They get to take he's put more than pay his. And his his new office I think it doesn't have his name on a but it does refer to man. You catch my drift CNN possibly shoot it. CNN falsely report of the candidate Donald Trump and assigned and access to hacked documents from WikiLeaks up. CNN none dispenses with three reporters report. And that story all they had to do was Google Lindsay he's not want to see that WikiLeaks had released them a few days before well Tamara Google all the guy in Hawaii had to do was win the prompt came up and said are you sure you wanna send this is a real active alert. Hit a button that says no. But. That we can have that in me. Let me too much fun to watch and be able scramble around the streets of I don't know I can imagine by the people and L and one of the Hollywood nit wits. What's her name. The actresses Jamie. What's her name. Well anyway in LA Curtis yet generally blame trump. Because he's ratcheted up the level of and I concern. Now between now and North Korea. And and Washington that's and it was the environment. That Cox. It got as they shift change at port Isabel and I don't know what I'm out of here oh ML did this phony award before I get well. Yeah how serious it was too. I was so serious that all porn traffic from Hawaii servers. It went down to almost zero will temporarily yanish that's how seriously people took his demeanor was no porn traffic. And and it did right up again we don't we're important but yet ready to get but none yet to actually get nursing lately how that never happens I'll let you know like. As word for a moment I'm not sheriff tag not a threat but actually that's that's that's that's. The other thing on lap belt what's the advice they gave people if you're in your target out go inside a building. Has anybody ever sing and he as Abe bomber H bomb test videos this year they do a building. This I EI EI is just like you know one. I'm old enough and housing get an elementary choice but if there's a nuclear tactic is a threat was since you know during Cold War was substantially greater. We get out hide under your desk. I do now hiding in my desk at my hand my head between my knees is a squeeze was putting him. I thought. About his everywhere to accomplish a lot yeah yes I. Now thanks for nothing. Good news. Incredible one more on note for are our friends at NFL headquarters in New York. The ratings are in from the divisional playoff games last weekend. Down 23. Million. Viewers ul and this again dumb. Movie box office. The lowest it's been in 24. Years. Hello all wake up and smell the coffee National Football League it couldn't be those flag protest. It couldn't be done Hollywood. Is making a bunch of movies and nobody wants to seal wrap alma got. So you know. Hey you know. Maybe they continue down this path let's listen I'm Whipple continue to get they just self destruct. Yes the fighting in trump hair and it everybody who butts heads with trump salt trucks backed by his hand by there's. Inevitably well and end all trump does is in a sit there and tosses out red meat to the media. You know until he gets an opportunity kicked Jim Costa county a lot out. I'm going do you do you see you come a fistfight between Jim Acosta in somebody. Before the end of the term and maybe and maybe yeah president trump I hope I hope the video's rolling. All right Jill I you know will break down. Has a cost is gonna try and encourage it now I make sure your role and on this former congressman who literally like throttle that reporter. Don't let you know and do you Heathrow the reporter and IBM beat him up pretty handily in their rooms and Charlie's done now anyone nick yeah he won like two days later he might. Yeah yeah I was money it would then again sorry but the Vulcan death grip on it I. And crushing the obvious I think a couple years ago some and I don't know that beating up and constantly heard any we would hurt trumped. Significantly well it is done by all too quickly again but it does dishes are going to have to conclude this week's edition of the three big egos. Podcast with yours truly balmy night. And he terrorists or nations and Vince Coakley and whoever's listening from the innocent. I'm always CIA good to have you along possibly Perez grabbed a bit different. We know we'll see you next time check this out and it you know where we'll see either.