The "Three Big Egos" Podcast
Thursday, January 4th

The Terrible Trio (minus Vince) talk Christmas gifts and the Trump/Bannon feud.


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Oh how. Greetings and welcome salutation and aloha as this is the first. The inaugural 2018. Edition. On the no name podcast today not featuring the terrible triumvirate but. The dynamic duo are truly Bobby Mack joined by. Here reservations. And nine great to have you along now hope you had a nice holiday hope Santa brought you everything you wanted. And that you survive the new year Tara Howard your helmet I was actually wonderful have a Cuba now I was very nice. My baby doll Brendan for me this year. The oh it was really unnecessary for us to give presents. To each other but don't fall for that now they are my husband did he turn that you're. And anyway it's we won it and I learned the first time I look like a smoker right so yeah yeah he's present our case I got to present. And then I had one under the tree it's it's a trap us it's a passive and aggressive guilt trip oh it is now. So we decided to to inaugurate that this year and lasted right up until Christmas. When now Brenda suddenly saw a purse. That she'd just alone. On QVC. Such about it. Kurt and for herself yet I guess Jack and and I stumbled across. A set of my golf irons. That I just couldn't resist. So I bottom. For myself. And I was Brenda is Christmas present from me and that was. My Christmas present from her we just bought. It's it's kind of it's it's one and we did it six degrees of separation yes rim giving somebody a gift card. Or cash you know well now let me advise you Bob because you know Valentine's Day is coming up soon in the woman's sense when the woman says. Idol is my woman card for this but you know when the woman says. Only one is Ernie paying. That's why you up yet he's now if you listen to her you had failed write your love for Hirsch overwhelmed any sort of pay concerns she has nothing fake accounts. Stressed remain an agent you need to hear. Like she's really saying yes and no I'm male who is my man cart on this when you know you never listen to. Right Breyer it out well I am listening to I'm trying to interpret and decipher. What Indians. What what is the true message. You're trying to impart when you say you know when he flowers round has anyone any candy for Valentine's Day not an answer. What we're saying is women as we look really we we look really bad reaction asked for that stuff yeah so it's only play to deny that you wanted. You expected anyway and when you think about it and that in that context it's pretty diplomatic surge of money that's. Speaking of diplomacy. The the Donald going back and forth with little rocket man. Who we understand and now may be ready to launch yet another IC BMI heard the news yesterday. That Kim Jung on is a and a gesture a diplomatic reaching out. I said that he would be willing to send North Korean athletes. The winner at the accident so it is very worst idea on the planet and allowing north drug they're not gonna do and I don't think are they. Well I don't know but the athletes are certainly pulling fork is not a Marlins going back well yeah once they are added I'm back out there all like Cuban baseball players people to Israel a great now okay I'm in Miami yeah where's that that guy from the Yankees and I can now sign a deal. Geez it's incredible that. It's intelligent display how about as North Korea did some Cilic a week ago no one of their troops in the protect that don't on both sides were on it was a round one of the troops. Decided to run. Right over to the south they do it sometimes run as I went when you run this out you know this all of your comrades. Will immediately attempt to assassinate. You as you run that that's fact that's kind of break it should question is. On how many bullets can you take before you make you the site. And you wait that and you decide is still worth it to Ryan rather than say in North Korea says it has gotten two weeks ago and they made it I don't school bullets but he made. I don't just to did you hear he had never seen worms like stomach muscles aren't exactly quake of that size and caliber before an Ani us to be the well fed people. Yeah yeah didn't fare well the other day I don't know if you saw this story. There it was on the wire Kim John boy and freed up. I his soldiers. To forage for food and. Now cook block of the military doesn't have any food what makes Kim Jong-un who by the way. Is not exactly. A poster child for die getting himself. That if the soldiers don't have any food how many expect to find any in the villages. At least people are already starving to death it's unbelievable. And by its outer rages are covered there. So I guess you can use it was from a few pounds the question even have to ask yourself as a North Korean border guard is. How fast can you run what is it about fifty yards. Yes it's a waste yeah. And how many bullets do you think you could take before you get there and is it worth it or or how fast can you run fifty yards out covered in Kevlar from head to tell exactly. It. Meantime speaking of taking shots then we have our pal Steve Bannon. Who according to president from Polonia who when trump fired me not only meant a non Allen lost his job he lost his mind there may be something to that. Well there may be and a lot of people are taking grand seriously ominous look you don't take you guys serious I can wasted about trump. But bush does what he's been doing the last like twelve weeks and is campaigning around the country Ford trump and people who support trump not as if you spent all of your time doing that you know speeches. And and you tell us that he is I treasonous and not a patriot run. On did you need to have your head examined it's one or the other camped out. And and this. Guy who wrote this book. I even the Washington Post book critic. So what this guy is nothing but a bomb thrower anyway so naturally he searches around for. Incendiary quotes and then and who never saw a headline he didn't like that has his name and it. As an eye on him a few incendiary quotes and go about this that you know I Don junior Zach. Candy is Wagoner crackle like an egg on national television and and all the rest it's like the whole thing is about cell and. Books we depose me into. The need isn't how we got proof of brushing can. They know Renee in bands is I'm sure you know he took their Russian ship up to meet trumpet on. Kirk that he met her. Well OK so he says that trump should have. It's is unpatriotic and and treasonous should not all the FB I called the F peppering lawyers real Camilo were gonna tell the FB. Right aggression she showed up. And did not offer us. You're gonna Hillary right. And they appear like OK. Anything else we can hope you don't you call the FBI in tellem. Didn't get any dirt on Hillary from someone who doesn't have dirt on Hillary wanna be important. Especially considering that the FBI was too because they think they possibly could. If I worry purist arrest no dirt right and Donald Trump you know guilty assent. It's truly amazing everything's coming out meant and what the band and thing we're recording the podcasters we do on Thursday. Yesterday all the band and stuff broke. I coincidental way at the same time that they hill. Published a big story about does David unionism California congressman saying you know now we've got real evidence. That the FBI would go out of their way at the highest levels to clear Hillary at any wrongdoing with the email server. And and this stuff is all gonna come out. When the DOJ's. The department of justice's. Inspector general issues his report sometime in the next month or so yeah you talk about collusion with the Russians you bats. Between the FBI you know the FBI. Win over to Italy and met with this Michael Steele character of the former MI five spook our MI six spook. Who has said the guy behind me trump Russian dossier. FBI agents went to Italy to meet with steel. And to pay him to continue his war now what do they pay him where. American hostage I don't know American taxpayer dollars. Are converted and Elway era and now. Like like Obama converted everything into Swiss francs compared the arabians and stick on the pallets and ship over there but that the level of corruption. At the highest levels of the FBI Komi. Around Rosen Stein. That struck character all of these guys. Active way. Proselytizing. For for Hillary and do and everything they could add to cover up her involvement. In and not having classified data output Yang Yang all over the place and now then of course there's Uma on the who thinks that Hillary is gonna be locked up. I think is delusional than any Manning never gonna happen but puma oddity and and Nash Sheryl mills some of these others some earlier low hanging fruit they could be and for real nasty 2018. They could and you know what Bob I think this is just the tip of the iceberg that's why these candidates and interest in asking about it. The department of injustice they're on inspector general who's been doing this investigation freer Rick right now they amassed a one point two million documents. And all we know who those documents so far is about the text that's all that's come out. What else is in right OK and here's the other thing I think it is set my mind. On Newsweek this week about Newsweek great lip left wing organization yes published a story about on this Russian hacker. Who we charged with hacking Linkedin and some of the things and the Russian hacker in his attorney. On say that the FBI came over and visited with him in jail and the Czech Republic. She FBI confirmed they did visit with rape they won't turn anything else you he said he's ended the FBI offered him. An apartment money US citizenship and for the charges against him to be dropped if he would. Testified. That he had two DNC server and Podesta. Forge round at the request a prudent. And he turned them down and then his attorney this Newsweek my NASA praised his eyes as is usually right right. And then his attorney info war and I never was and yet in this they went to Czech Republic and talk to and they just won't tell us what about. And into the attorney went not stand telling everybody would listen to publish and young in the check paper wherever I that the FBI had made to suffer and this was in October. Of 2016. On the the F decking the army did this now. What when he she leveled at the FBI went to to cover up right. The becomes. What are they covering up it must be really make it's got to be better than what we even know yeah. And and what we know so far as senate is really distressed and and I wonder that was ten raises another issue and the FBI agents going to Italy to pay off steel to continue. His work on the phony. Russian trump dossier. This business are going in the Czech Republic. It scares me but I was under the impression of the FBI is supposed to investigate domestic crime. In the United States what do they do and go under the Czech Republic and Italy to begin with. Good question. Why why why did you at any. And the other thing still out there till from that are whistle blower was the federal prosecutor who wets the federal courts with the information. On that there was a massive spying operation right on. And net today you know all that's done is set what fifteen hard drives or less a locked in a federal faults were they spying on Republican donors Supreme Court members. I mean it was everybody under the sun and you got a guy and FBI headquarters taking no hard drives and smashing them when I am hurt. Us usually isn't that like. Odd structure and of just just I just don't let you usually screaming about trump all the time. There's obstruction of justice and then we learned yesterday. The composition of the grand jury. Let indicted man before it was like a black lives matter rally I just think culmination of a BLM rally. And and and I don't know well what a Bernie Sanders wrap. Because they had a bunch of mowing meals in there you know and all want to communism now as. I'm from Sweden over the holidays that's one thing if you wanted to Christmas is communism now. I am and I don't know why she would tweet that I mean not if you want communism now -- is due to go to Cuba. And I hope I don't calling cabinet rather support is so you know but again. It's another set up it's it's another. Arrangement. Where they are using. The dome weaponized. Various government agencies to attack their political enemies and this is Jim look this is this is not America. How are they got to be getting increasingly desperate at this point. Bob the next scares me a little bit what are they capable of if they're desperate and don't know for sure that trump is gonna win this thing yeah it looks like it's tips in his favorable Winona. An even mind. On the topic the other began debate in congress which is Paul Ryan into policy for Democrats for Republicans they are being a presidencies they have a high security Clare state and prove everything. This all happened on Paul Ryan's Y yes and we're believe he knew nothing about it. Well I mean it Devin yeah it's is in the gang AM so all the people into the key people you know in charge here but getting to the truth. They compromise no way to true because this is on what did they know about the DOS what do they know about the spying on trump what do they know about the size why would they know about any of this surely they knew about it. And if they were told that Debbie scrimmage from the rafters. So I mean you Apolo rhino I mean but some pretty good reasons to not get to the bottom of this and on the all right okay and it. On the bright side as we head into 2018. Yet I have every confidence. The senior senator from South Carolina will get to the bottom of this Lindsey Graham. Will get to the bottom says he's gonna ask for as as soon as he can get Mitt Romney who clicked into the senate for mute talk. And and and and he'll be able to be his new BFF. Since John McCain apparently is on his way out. We are we are just about believe and and on almost out of time for out this week's edition of Vince had AM some although some kind of a previous engagement. That prevented him from my joining us in the podcasts this week but fear or not the out the terrific triumvirate. Will return next week when any predictions Bob I know when someone will finally come up with a name for this podcast. Gas is getting to be a senate this race we know we've brainstorm did try to have to be use yeah I may pay there Galilee the onus of responsibility you have a suggestion for the name. Where they no name podcast. I'm just text it to 713. Or seven we will take an end. Narrates an area thanks so much your being here seeing you next time.