The "Three Big Egos" Podcast
Thursday, November 16th

Bob and Tara talk Al Franken and Thanksgiving.


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OK so kicking off this week's edition of the contest that still has their name because the people on the text line and falling down on duty in haven't come up anything from. You folks have a responsibility. That you are negligent and weird depending on you what you expect us. To do everything. You've got to come up with a name for the podcast we're just using. You know like that terrible triumvirate. No name podcast. Was terra. And I yours truly Donny Mac and. Vince hill was going into an us senate squirrels scamper across the country and blood and we haven't seen him since but he nation he may show up for the end this week is MIA. Speaking of absolving yourself for responsibility. So he's right there with you guys who are sharing the podcasts and yes absolutely. -- speaking of resolving yourself of responsibility to Don how long is it going to be doing we're we're doing this I ended Thursday about 1215. And so we just learned to we've just seen the Al Franken. And I just grab shot wow. Wow okay if this was Roy Moore at this point his house will be burning to the ground up the National Guard would be outside to extract him and Mitch McConnell. Would be having an and yours on the floor. And it would be Oliver. And at it would be so I'm Al Franken do you think anyone Bob and his predictions by gigabyte unit we can do is to high single Democrat Republican ask him to resign do you think now. Now I Harken back to. When now. Though the whole business. Happened a broad that it several several times ago. Several instances ago. And no Dan rather commenting on the activities of one said the word senator Edward M Kennedy. Democrat Massachusetts. And here as a failure to live up to the moral standards they. High moral standards of the US senate speaking of which talk about setting the bar low. They're shaking they're Roy Moore doesn't live up to the moral and ethical standards of the United States senate. Actually burning a low hurtled I have to clearly get wet it's really got a bump. And and so what's Dan rather saying that well. And I was a long time ago any said the same thing about Bill Clinton well. I was a long time ago. Woman should learn to swim anyway you know suits are at all. Jenna Broderick I guess you know. Should have been wearing a chastity belt when she was anywhere near the same zip code and Arkansas. Was slick Willy is busy exposing himself and biting her weapon now and re paying her cheeks give me a break. Now Al Franken OK suit is the picture. And hinted that we all prominent center grope us on aggregate fun. But that was that was apparently only beginning he also there was Anderson sold aspect to this too we apparently due out. I ultimately yeah and his tongue down her throat is he had very grows so I mean this kind of know that we've been entertained with all week with. With Roy Moore and and so I'd skinny very curious to see if anyone asks him to answer resigning. Senator Lindsey Graham for instance this is this just blows my mind and I justifying Roy Moore I'm just looking at the moral to Qatar turpitude of everybody involved here. Brining you Lindsay grammar. On his own dime goes. And flies appeared to testify and to Jersey yeah New Jersey in a Bob Menendez trial Bryant who's accused of corruption. And and some other corruption and involves minor girls prostitution death underage breast is right back and he does appearance on time too as you can witness who could. He knows not called for Menendez a Democrat three. I mean. How is mainly. Month period you call for Roy mortar resigned. When your testifying. On behalf of a guy a good underage prostitutes and what hack but again if you're looking for a character witness better. The little Lindsay airing. And yeah I islands kind of like you know testified to the character of Jack the Ripper had gimme a break. Does she know Bob and no penalties his response was a splinter group should Bob resigned to us now by that standard C here's. Here's where. You really begin to wonder about the business with Harvey Weinstein that started this whole snowball. Tumbling downhill because now it's what to the late great general Schwarzkopf used to call a target rich environment. Look at look at how times have changed. Look at what happened when Bill Clinton was accused. And you know Paula Jones and Juanita Broderick and you can listen names as well as I can there's eighteen or two album they came forward. And what is Hillary do Hillary who now says when a woman makes an accusation like this she must be believed all. Well that wasn't our attitude when they accusations were against her honey. I then she and curious George Stephanopoulos. Set up a war room. That set about. Destroying the character or the reputation the names. Of any of these women who had the audacity to come forward and tell the truth about what Bill Clinton had done so talk about a sea change in attitude. And and with this Weinstein thing and then now Kevin Spacey and Ben Affleck and and the list goes on and on. Now all. All you need to do in the environment of Salem witch hunt that's been established is make an accusation on their four extra. I aim and did you read this quite a scene out of the predatory nature park and shocking. Of people in power in general in united states of American we've only seen these. And you know these 360s we have on here where where chair you know corporations will try to identify the site the past is they arise through the ranks. And you we take him here. And and yet you think cookie probably some home make him to make it to the top I mean they're all of that way we don't live this way in America. And this is industry after industry after in she's not politics it's Hollywood it's the media and baby hey this way so predatory determined to meet. I mean I may be yemenis and I'm shocked I think there were few complaints like. All of them I mean it at three or going but the company and beards could be easier to make a list of whoever isn't predator the out. You know I mean it's just right left right left right left. And end and dishes how. It's nice it it just it really has me more and more honestly in in what we've heard last. A couple of months pails in comparison to most of these the end necessarily a yawn yeah in terms of question of degree act and I justifying this thing and now and and and look. None of this is to say. That some of these accusations. And not necessarily the ones against Roy Moore to be specific but these these women who come forward I can understand. The embarrassment and humiliation. Feeling shamed. I'll look at this woman with it where they Al Franken charge that happened in 2006. And and and she's coming forward now. Is she coming forward because she's a trump supporter or a Roy Moore supporter I don't think so. So yeah well I think there're there are. People who are leveling these accusations. That have a real case but in that in this instance specifically of Roy Moore. How do you prove a negative you've got some money like Peter King the rye no. New York Republicans saying and must Roy Moore cannot prove his innocence. Then he must step aside in the race. I scares me but I kind of thought in America. At least in a court of law but certainly not the court of media apparently you were innocent until proven guilty but. Dell that. I don't why isn't Gloria Allred have to produce a you know I mean a forensic signature very yank it. Need is somebody today they challenge her do that she's now we gonna have a senate hearing first Y where I sit here having this. He's now a member of the senate was not meant to do the senate in Weston. Ed just the fact that you know and Limbaugh had this right the other nation disaffected Gloria -- name it's it's a virgin to this should tell you something right off the bat did you hear me we did when this first broke about her more people on tax line harassed and not talking about your covering this up terra said. A funny dress that should not. I don't wait a few days is he of lower already is involved good looking right now. Boy it's it's brutal when you're just right all the time as an applicant psychics and day out is so predictable I said last week so here's what the GOP is Kennedy they'll find somebody. Some straw man candidate that they can prop up. As a write in candidate about Luther strange rely on Harry why let him present thirty million on him even suggested Jeff Sessions I shouldn't let idea as a jet well at least it would get him away for any parent general. Get some money in their that had to some kind of punishment what. The doesn't via the thing that blows my mind about the whole situation has though the level of hypocrisy. That goes on here it's absolutely ridiculous that when I met when our effort and below bar that sent Fitzmorris ethics and morality in the senate. And it's not just where you mention its ever in particular again in Columbia Paul Campbell. One of the most powerful senators. In Columbia. He's he's a bloody big body of Hugh leatherman he's also the chairman of the Charleston airport authority which pays him 250000. Dollars a year. He likes to take a drink and then get behind the wheel right and he did it again recently. He was pulled over by as chp trooper. He switched seats had his wife get behind the wheel as if he was driving and then lied to the trooper about who was driving a car all and then. Wiley sitting in the trooper's vehicle. With a dash cam video going says. All Motrin Jalal I'm not do you why shouldn't be handcuffed. That that arrogance of these guys should chairman of the senate ethics committee my point precisely the gulf. Arnold believe miles that chairman of the ethics command while I'm doing mimicked Baxter but this guy probably sounds that way too. And now that the good old boy accent going. I'll I don't believe it though those lines route we need changes law and just the goes and apply diminish the family. Yeah snoring and make a connection with Jack come on you guys. They are just low level of corruption and now the level of hypocrisy is absolutely. Astound. Well you what I I am trying to be a glass half full kind of person I'm about. And on and be an advantage to electing Roy Moore to the senate because. When I love it went up is once this one this once the CIA illegally spied on him like they keep M I that's an essay it's not line. The passing information along to Langley but it originates and for me what went public swimmer when the CIA spy on Lindsay and Feinstein and they were really pissed now. They're needed don't stop but they were really pays now you're accusing guessing there's a lot of humidity NSA spice Youkilis went to CIA and NSA illegally spies on them like midnight on him like he did you know Lindsay and finds the NSA is listening to this podcast right now and it not only got the it's been yeah zoo maybe that way Roy Moore can't be blackmailed. You can go to every once it's weird you know everything you did down so that you don't sag right I mean you could run. On that at this point and now you know McConnell and missed some of the others say well yeah I he wins the election. All turtle neck. There if or turtle face some Kent can't remember which one McConnell as he does look like a turtle stunning the saint Turkey now but yeah yeah that true enough more appropriate for the season yeah McConnell says well if he wins the election. He should not be seeded. In the well when next. Al frank mr. McConnell I hear Mitch McConnell. Mitch McConnell of by Al Franken did. Is it's public call for Franken to resign Al Franken stole a seat in ways not his never has and well yeah I mean I mean so they had tons of illegal vote. Good to get him a look the guy's a third rate. Former Saturday Night Live writer and part time comic. And and the people of a Minnesota thing that they should be represented by this guy. It's it's it's a pretty sad state of affairs but you know consider. Now where Franken has come from a commercial that shows same show business environment may may be on the grab your movies. And I hope. I mean any clarity here now well I mean nobody said he was Moro. Yeah true enough a but he said he was more so he truly you know just. Well. So much that we'll see how this thing plays out Thanksgiving. Is that coming up right around the corner what are your plans and at the terror hot. Four. Prevention initiative you've got you've got the whole family thing you got. Back kids running around. Are you going to be gone berserk again rampant 2 in the morning and doing a radio show and and going home and trying to ten with the kids and and do do you do you hope do the holding cooking thing where and when asked what this Thanksgiving like a new world outlook. I I do cooking sat too driving so that family comes to me. Not cool yet so this year is gonna be a bang appeared pump because my brother has announced he's an atheist. Not yet an and that and an ad that he converted to liberalism two years ago I swear to god he was an addict and I. There yet soaked. Yet to show my dad still sort that can I got my present Sarah who's a member of the Green Party in practically card carrying Communist she's happy and she's bringing her boyfriend's. With her. Do a liberal he's awake and write what he would have thought he was a liberal but then. I got to work I'm an ice converted to add being a libertarian and so we sides with me she gets man Christ. So is going to be really interesting. You know Thanksgiving is like last year when my dad took his stock may be any politics. At all we're Erica talk about anything controversy shuttle uncle and my my Brothers and something about it surged and it turned into a smackdown of course this yes okay so I'm sure is my plan Bob we think that the and I came last year I had only one bottle. Of fermented wine that I cook with the spice is believed this year I'm going to. You know I'm going to in the crap I lack at ours but our. An imminent I'm just gonna Medicaid and there as they come through the door we and it can't you get one of those turkeys now that has extra tryptophan and it. Hillary I did not give up 20 yeah. Now just how or or maybe you know slip on some of the little medication. Now. That in in the drum sticks and a clueless as capturing taste like plastic and pay no attention that. Just a we will little men in her for a guilty doesn't off you know by halftime of the first football game. 'cause I'm Sara hoots to begin and Green Party member rake she is wanna see animals can she bring her does she bring her own foolish yes Nash has told I can't stand this Melamine now she is Nina for so long right eye as she has been arguing through my father that she should come and cook a Saffo begin course and elected. It's South Carolina. Right you eat meat here you know knowing and and have to turn he kill it before you eat this past you know I'm saint so you can't come here with that V eating junk right and think that you're gonna is servants us. For Thanksgiving to even go on back for the fish eat it anyway back for ever sat I don't know what arena and beaten. Well here's sounds a bit more complicated than our steps because littlest Megan. Our ten year old West Highland White Terrier. My baby doll Brenda and myself are going to the beach okay. So I'm gonna play golf and then Thanksgiving Day Greg Norman has a big restaurant down that. And myrtle yeah north Merle actually. It's a bugbear for landing. And I and it's a great restaurant it's pricey but it's it's really good so we're going their for the Thanksgiving dinner. Problem solved sounds great and of course you know Brenda. Who at one time. Was a yellow dog Democrat because our whole family was yellow dog Democrat during a Carolina. Now can't stand cite other Democrat. Because of what Democrats in the count me you know you look oppression. I'm I'm digression here but. Go back and just for your own edification at some point would have a few free minutes listen to John F Kennedy's inaugural speech. January 1961. Of the freezing cold weather in Washington DC. Ask not what you can do for your country has which are connect country can do for you. Other way around. Ask not what your country can do for you ask what you can do for your country and that's been turned on its a year. Ask what your country as you can shared that to make certain it was his people and turning and you're a member of some of various. Put upon group. You know thanks in America is a terrible racist place. That that was good to the Democrat party in the early 1960s. You know what Kennedy did rule went into recession he cut tax list. Mention that. A Democrat my home proposing now at this point well in any event down we hope that you have a happy and safe Thanksgiving. And I will not be with you next week of course because. LDS and send them to beat the menu and hopefully. What's his name again that in mind what's his name. You know I think I was supposedly witnessed how the guidance of one yet that's tough after the squirrel you know about fifteen minutes past haven't seen him since itself. Of the other great Thanksgiving and and and with the apologies to is it is. Your sister or who isn't since the Yankees. That's my brother your brother you know with the colleges you about their gamblers everybody happy and thanks to.