The "Three Big Egos" Podcast
Thursday, December 14th



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Hi this character races and along win. The little mommy Mac. And Vince Coakley on the podcast that still has no names kind of like being on a horse in desert. It on this yet an amber does not our fault it's mostly because he's lectures from the text line you haven't come up with the yeah admittedly with a suit is suitable. You know named for us that the ocean is a desert but that's why for underground that is true nature yet Covert. Some final bit about what never mind now let's. Action Chad by the way we are we have some excellent suggestions did you say hell yeah events of course they artist Simon sent us ms. Zia. Malice multitasking. As they say suggestions. From you folks out there in podcast land as to what we should call. They know name podcast okay. I popped a few in here myself mirror some of my favorites. This is one night came up on it with them. Just on my own one engine which will explain it. The three big league notes. Like a three amigos and I only gets beat whoever green Ellis thank you know. I like this went to this and came in from the listener. Brace for impact. On the talented I'd bet there's no event. Three Alter egos. Two out of three ain't bad. Does she know which order they were referring 10%. So little left and did a salute Torre there for you or me as I'm not sure which. Terra and the doing songs. Dumbo goofy and stupid ego. Move to right center a not so right. Brady stubborn facts. That quarter hour of power. The last word. The three talk egos. The deplorable it's. The terrible trio. Classified cattle call that's not that I think classified cattle call Covert combo as in conversation. Terror events and mom's private how well podcast. Underground engagement. Like confidential. And terror events and bombs off the record podcast Hillary go. Yes and me you pick out which one you like you let us know and will will winnowed the field and why did you put that on me. Larger than ideal working it has an aluminum. Can help I'm an anti harassment you are going to directly linked to. Pat attention none HR department holy count stuff is never ending now they got. Now they got Travis smiley Julia right. Yep they get a dig up Walter Cronkite next me. She needs. It's it's truly incredible steely. Kind of raises the question here and and I'm sure you're getting the same thing. How old do you ultimately resolve these kinds of questions because this candy you're not talking about you people are about well. You know person's innocent until proven guilty we're not talking about a court of law this not a crime where John not a court of public opinion exactly. So what what means can be developed to to resolve these questions and issues when they come up. Yeah what is duet where or would be I'd I don't know that you can because in the case of Roy more. You're talking three or four decades ago this is long past any statutes that done might have come into play here but this is this is becoming. You know like the Salem witch trials all it takes is an accusation. And now you've got a career killed off now in the case of somebody like you know Al Franken Sheen. Where you'd there's visual photographic evidence of this guy smiling Micah. High school sophomore Aziz groping some poor woman who's sleeping. You know then then you've got something to go on but the rest of this stuff we're treading on really dangerous ground here. Especially passage dishonest media on a lot of these accusations against or more. On could have been really dreaded. And and probably should never seen light day and yet they left out critical information like one of the accusers. On yeah had her children taken drummer right by her mother who was represented. Byron I want oh and by the way and course psychologists found her basically beat via have a violent personality and your she'd committed multiple instances of fraud -- and was drug abuser but bush is an incredible person what does he tells never made it penalize you had to wait we should still input from that they had NIC NIC dogs are actually DOS majora yet she's great she's terrific yet. But it's you know so mean don't have honest actors in the media either. You know it's amazing to me as well the Democrats are gonna try and what I guess stake out the moral high ground on this because there. Dispensing with Franken win and if he ever resigns by the way nice of the governor of Minnesota to show him. How towards the door by going head and neck looming as a replacement before he's given us a resignation date. But that the and the thing is. If it's just so over the top now. It it's just it is out of control and here's the new Rasmussen poll question of the headline on this. Most call for Trump's resignation of sex allegations are true. Well they can be made to be true more sure yeah right where meaning you watch the end of the network evening newscast know these tax come out and out all the collusion and corruption at the FBI. And I and there's really. Bombshell stuff in here that we you know 11 of the guys saying you know well yeah we need to do everything we animation electron gun and I like it essentially that's what he's saying. And now the network evening newscast don't even bother to read attacks aren't they do they read the the non offensive want to make him look less guilty it's just it's so corrupt. Terribly same enemy just couple minutes ago events before we began the contest. But this makes Watergate. Look like nothing and and it does Watergate pails in comparison the breadth and depth of what we're seeing here. Is it is breast. Take it yeah and arm as rush brilliantly put it this week and it's amazing that trend has survived this level of scrutiny when it literally the average member of congress even you know. Mr. Mueller himself Ali's people could could probably not withstand this level of scrutiny so the party that gave us Ted Kennedy. And gave us a slick Willy Bill Clinton and Monica Lewinsky. There are now staking out the moral high ground on this says as a blogger said the other day how many women drowned and Roy Moore scar. Who. Make shots are especially good one guys I wanna shot so based. And what it and the DN ER a levels no labels. I don't matter so much on message getting both sides it's getting more of the progressive Democrats they defenders of women. Than it is Republicans. But don't mean everybody's everybody's going down and serve victims littering the roadway lap. And right. Yes and here's another question how are we gonna have an election if if these dunes and they really arguing is quiet the FBI now. On if these games are still in place how are we gonna have an election without them tampering if so go after the president they'll they'll certainly be happy to assist the belittle. You know hanky pinky little illegal spying in a contested senate race that'll have that'll decide to control cited. I mean or are they permanent fixture in our politics now well you know he's ahead in the polls but let's see what the FBI has to say when they leaked the illegal document you know. Whatever that they illegally procured a Wiener an eight bit but this is how races are our record this is how politics works in Russia you know right this is why they're all of their. Leaders including couldn't and you go back a hundred years they've all come out of the Intel. Service now it's now the FBI slash Stasi. You know eighty. So the east German secret going I I. Ariel way we got our criminal all Indianapolis the crime I don't attitude I got to challenge you to ago Donald Trump is the African presidency out. What the heck is he gonna do about it or we we just gonna whine about this for another three years that's a that's a fair question. You know and what is Jeff Sessions says his AG now he's already recused himself allowed the Russia. Trump corrupt collusion investigation is dead this is now. Eight impeach trump investigation that's all their due and man it is Obama yes he let me ask your question my weight you ask me another question Mark Ingram went let me take you as an issue okay an and you can asking a question. Bob I was talking about this. Always try doing about as I don't think we know the answer is not yet right because you know we got this inspector general's. Investigation it's turning a real stuff there's one point two million documents that they have from investigate the FBI Hillary all of the stuff we don't know what's in a we don't know what side the inspector general is on guardian on the side of amber at the Cali truth in getting the bottom of the ocean in New York. Are they dared to kill off you know I was struck a couple others to protect the top layer of the FBI tonight. And this has been going on this IG's investigation since January does so. On is entirely possible the entire time trump has been running circles around. The FBI and they even know it with sessions help or perhaps sessions is on it is that we don't know whose side the IG is on in Surat an honest after so on if the IG is honest then trump has been doing is the smartest wail on I don't know I have no idea I had an asteroid I can't issue question of the definitive. And as a postscript to that who's to say I'm Donald. And cult. Some of these guys is a bill. Donald Trump hair you know I just like an over the a negative assuming office Christmas party a few years ago looking good but eight. You know this is that is the message been delivered you know back off I don't know. And they had New York Post reporting that the NSA has all Hillary's emails that person right and Medicaid ever. It yet and it got all your Somalia irate well if that's true that's Michael Goodman story rain. If that's true centers and is on account who is Mike Rogers I remember right runners went the White House earlier on an Obama got really mad. I think this is like Ludacris by moving. Look out look out we won't know agents look how phony the four when charges are yes they already knew what full and had done had said in his conversation. Which crisply act a Russian ambassador because they had the transcript from. The eavesdropping that they've done on the guy so this neighboring fully and then try and not and catching saying something different than what they have in the conversation and bingo. You're charged with lying to the FBI. What a scaled. That can impose question number two yes. So where's the legislation to get rid of all of this all that's never gonna happen Paul Ryan he kidney yet but they are written for the FB I don't care I try. Is why does he have for the American people. And explained that these intelligence services are out of control and it's time to rein these in I think the American people. Would be with him I think is we need to make an argument so here's a new lease on an A Twitter from him actually using Ornstein state. In the last week or two I think he's building a case sounds like brick by brick Terrell IG it sounds like crazy conspiracy theory stuff. Not when this stuff comes out with these text and stuff. But not things people can understand well Dhaka they're not going to listen though regular people were not going to listen to that stuff. You've got to make you've got to put this in regular lane you'd know me well don't talk about the the deep state stuff which you need to do is talk about. What what's the average person in Missouri or in Michigan. With the average person what is happening to your personal data may get personal about other people. Don't make it about Donald try not good point because the old saying is I do damage though every night nothing matters until it matters narrow yes that's what I've. C and I think he could do that that's what frustrates me about these guys it's not that I'm necessarily disagreeing with you yeah. But what I'm saying is. I don't hear the argument being articulated in a way that the average person. Is going to care make Democrats care make moderates care make everybody care and before you did about Donald Trump. If it's about him. I think a lot of people are saying I'm so sick of this I don't even wanna hear about it or talk about it webpart I agree with yet whether you out I think that that played into the ruins moral theme night and I people in Alabama just won a battle going to be a little fatigued yeah it's fatigue and I think at some point. All of this backfires. If you you know keep beating this horse about Oki deep state did you know people in within a certain group. They're going to listen to this and say yes you know this is what's going on behind scenes. But the average person's not tuned in until the elections come around and those of people whenever they see that are here that. Their eyes are rolling they're like okay what else can we talk what entertainment news is going to beyond. You know my favorite program tonight in an ID that's sad I think that's where people are. Gathered there as AS substantial percentage of via American population. That right now are sitting back saying look okay fine. You know I just get in my six back on the watch some ball game and go away and my you know I stream my Netflix shares you know when Abbott you know let me ask but okay and a couple things on as the first in terms got to get those tax cut through before you can. Go to war to detainees first state he's got that yes yes he's definitely shown he's preparing for war in Alaska coming weeks is it's. His tweets were times with the stuff coming out with the IG's office. I see we've seen that so far but we've also seen. On you know didn't do the fact that he can't you just have done. On until a tax cuts passed so I don't know I I'm I would give him you know January February 2. The lay this out I mean it took IG a whole year to get this stuff to begin with and they got over a million documents to go and trust and trying to tell us from the beginning with what little he had which in the beginning was just while they wiretapped me. You know what I mean like so he he's he's had to build the case to unfortunately. Well and and there's another thing that day is down the road as well we haven't touched on yet and that's North Korea. And believe me that's on his plate. I was on his plate it's crazy out there. All right so I don't know what we're about done our way alarms and knowing how the last fifteen minutes in Podcastalley. It it's certainly as a let us know what you think about our suggestions that I mentioned at the beginning of the podcast. For the a name for they know name podcasts and who knows we may no longer the orphans. But then again as AM famously said orphans make the best agents. Like yes. I don't like it. Thanks tonight to be and where this this week. This will be posted on Thursday. Sometime after five this afternoon on our website of course and we do this each and every week. I will not be here next week are you guys are now McNamee period in her case so we're we're well we're taking a week off I guess. And nine and then have me back so we'll just watch for watch for the new posting on the website and I hope we have a Merry Christmas happy Chanukah and. NN. He meant.