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Welcome ladies and gentlemen my name is Vince Coakley and I am joined by how little bunny match. And terrorist your gracious. And we here with our no name podcast. For yet another installment since. Dominating the news. We've gets resignation from mr. Stuart Smalley. No big surprise here at all. Well what did the guy. Had to use. Phony vote count and didn't win the seat from Minnesota for the US senate domain awareness so this is you know lives karma in action. Certainly is. Terra. Yeah. But a Chara is that consuming and aren't sure. Oh no wonder that explains it say about people don't understand why we we record this. At about a 12:15 on Thursday morning wait so disarming I Babineaux for like ten hours assets like this when we say 1215 to Chara other shows like. Fifteen minutes past midnight. Exactly now. Exactly what was the question again face the squirrel ran across the Turkey that I pay I was your best we chasing school. What did you hear yeah we're talking US Stuart Smalley every you I'm sure you guys surprised at all that he's gone he's leaving no I'm not surprised. Com and we just on we we we just are fresh from watch. Known Al Franken speech and I'll read an infant and two media most interesting part of the speech was when he pointed out that. Donald Trump is still a neo processor until he is not in his senate seats how he feels he blogs at pay the difference between him and and shrubs. Lou is that people elected him to the Oval Office after finding out about set allegations. And so you know and he's got some sort of stamp of approval here but it was very clear that they needed to continue to preserve the narrative. Com and they needed Franken out of the way. And I am just convinced I feel that my bones that the narrative is coming around to be aimed at trump again I think that's the purpose and a lot list Turks. I'm curious about this I think we touched on this a little bit the last time around. You think he has a vulnerability here. Ally who knows. I can't pretend we don't know who Donald Trump is a mean you couldn't penalize grocery store for her whole life without seeing a tabloids this is a man who. You know would float affairs he wasn't having in the tabloids and make himself look like you've racked up you know a bigger score sheet just don't have this chilly was this who we elected we're not weak we're cut. It is set these people are shocked that kind of likely what you mean I mean he didn't read the tabloids did you miss something from rides you know so I mean yeah I do something else out there not at all surprised but I also think. That we're seeing the ease with which something could be made up I mean when you look at the backgrounds of these Roy Moore accusers I'm sorry but they're ridiculous he is three did any. Israel does anybody believe these women. Give men. The things that they and a wood to one woman. Heck he took kits Bremer as an attorney representing her mom who called her dope patent claims she committed fraud against the family I'd be madame royal George cook got to believe this woman you know I mean so it can you believe these fees these women I mean you're gonna believe whoever comes to Oregon's triumphant. And we yearbook today Gloria Allred they could DA and he was even a DA yet she still won't handed over friends. And I know I hammer and an entrepreneur has so I mean you know can they do want to chime absolutely they can do it to drowned and still whether or not I don't think is important you. That's that's probably true enough whether he did or not is is kind of beside the point but I think. The environment that exists right now be the the witch hunt. Environments that exists where anybody who comes forward when an accusation. It's pretty much automatically given nine groggy toss there's a word the left likes to use a lot and they are they are assumed. To be truthful and accurate and honest in whatever they're accusing people of isn't dangerous environment and I think. And note as we saw. With what happened with the trump Russian dossier. Which was a whole set up scam on on another. Area. If they if they had any thing legitimate. On from nothing they need a legitimacy even if they had anything I think they won in Houston by now. What do you think is the next step appear in this saga. Well it's anybody's guess. And I mean Saturday and it's like general Schwarzkopf Cendant into. It's a target rich environment anybody that has an ax to grind. Or anybody who thinks they might be able to green mail someone. With an accusation. Is is probably have them and they have the wheels grinding away and say name maybe I should. And I come up with something and accuse Bobby Mack. Pretty port talked it up. Yet you also wonder which you know is is coming nor nor watching as a Kentucky man in my show the major institutions crumble and we're seeing her absolutely. Horrendously curt Knox is corrupt but honestly quite frankly sick in in satanic they are mean. The talking for two days now about this about an hour. Rose in 2008 Bryant where were the NBC executives were there they made jokes so quick so crude I mean I cavaliers the FCC license if I tell you. They made fun of his wife for the way he treats cheats on her day. Laughed about how he has relations with. People who work in NBC your beneath him they knew all about it it was 2008 and I encounter racial jokes. Bomb and says did that they had they were selling an air and say you're seeing what's inside these organizations it's tremendously crap to conceal the culture is as corrupt as it is this is not normal we don't behave like there's no America. And now I now I act does is begin as she could get would just happen quickly second is remarkable with Corey Feldman. And here's been yelling for years. About the had a file ring in Hollywood he nobody cares nobody cared and in the sheriff's department out there and he testified the Michael Jackson thing they interviewed him. They denied the existence of a tape in which he unveiled they did the identities of this pedophile ring Ali sense some sort of spin and masked men and and ended sheriff's department claimed it didn't exist didn't happen he said he Donna. What they want to sounded a box. And other admitting okay yeah he did a mask kind of firing like twenty years ago well you know I need to show he wasn't lined his whole time they've been covering it up. I get the authorities out liberal and there. Covering for pet files. We met 38 open investigations by the LAPD and sex abuse in Hollywood when our offense had a Philip her you know fits when it whatever it is but the Emmys Lilly overwhelming. I was I don't even think we've scratched the surface. Out of house six. The institutions that some might govern and set the tone for our culture really our in this country I. I love her account and I'm I'm old enough of that that I have they've been somewhat larger frame of reference but I think. Don't trust in government and its institutions. Has been undermined all the way back that in 1963. And to the assassination of JFK where the Warren commission came up with this. Fanciful. Fairy tale that Lee Harvey Oswald a guy who couldn't yet. A ball in the but with a bass fiddle Indians seven seconds managed to get off three shots. One of which was ahead shot. For a must several hundred yards away and and better as a solo assassin. And took out candidate and I thank them but ever since then people have had a bail level of increasing distrust in the American government but. What's stunning to me is what Kara just mentioned. The fact that done now these various agencies of government are being weaponized. Against. Of people who oppose a conservative agenda yet bomb. And I don't know where this is an end but we're really seeing it's it's almost to me is if god is listed listing the sick the scales from from our eyes that you can see orders society is today we have one last chance. About whether we want to user night. Or it just could be that that hash tags caught onto and all these people are coming up I don't but it's on it's it's it's one of the darnedest things I've ever seen in my lifetime and it's every institution. Ice not just politics it's Hollywood it's mediate all the pillars of our society that well do we think just doesn't go on a major corporations. At this level no I mean would she. She's young men were even I've mentioned that you guys Y show its US that would time Christie went on its Ehrlich minus Arlene out way voted on now you like deer hunt. Now I mean and we don't where he doesn't live like this we're not like these people. That's why there's such a did you break between us and them in terms of you know everything. They don't live and our world would eliminate errors and you can see people atop the FBI I think in Lhasa that way I would get a look at me look at how it is just NBC. You know when I if if you do that rose the justice so why is our small bit of correction. Any big deal. I wanna make. You're not something else that they're just occurred today that's contemporaneous. Jim Jordan a congressman from Ohio I'm just absolutely took it to other new FBI director mr. ray. Pointing out. All of all of the other things that I had and then absolutely wrong and twisted about this trump Russia investigation. Let me let me just go back for a minute and as I'm. My representative Jordan did and kind of give me the back story on this what we believe actually happened. And that is that the Hillary campaign and the DNC which are one and the same. Paid this a law firm in Seattle to hire fusion GPS. Eighth of Washington opposition research firm. To dig up dirt on Donald Trump. Fusion then hired Michael Steele he was a former MI six spook for the brits. Steel paid sources in Russia and create this phony dossier went all kinds of salacious national enquirer type allegations. The dossier. Was in a week to friendly news media and most read. Owned by NBC by the way. The FB IA this struck character of their star investigator. Then used a phony do what dossier. Two and go to the fires that court. Using this dossier as evidenced and starting the entire intelligence investigation. Leading to the appointment of Robert Mueller special counsel so the whole thing. If if what I'm just a way that is accurate or not believe it has. The whole thing is now them and a false flag operation set up by the Democrats to try and throw Donald Trump out of office and I also suspect while I'm. Making accusations. Then John Brennan who has a DCI underlying way. And and others in the world and intelligence. Had a hand in this is in this off as well. But if if it's true that struck by the guy that's now men transferred to the HR division the FBI. If we use this phony document as evidence to begin this whole investigation. Then we have government agencies again being weaponized by the opposition party to destroy their political opponents and that. Is what is real banana republic stuff. It's pretty sobering stuff for sure that you're one of the questions about this is how. How you how do you navigate this in the future how if this is exactly what is been going on how is this undermined how is this disassembled. As a good question. That it's one thing to drain the swamp us the president trump has said that when you have. Institutionalized. Progressives. As bureaucrats. Within the administration. And who are actively working to try and set back the agenda of the new president. What do you. You can't fire everybody. Yeah I mean I mean short of taking that technology back from now. Yup I don't know how you put it back in in the box I did then congress perhaps passing lies that. Save you know I mean like it there are real chain of command that you know what you guys can't all be. A 27000 you cant all be reading people's phone calls you know you can pick 12 or three or something like that. We went. The CIA did this today I. I even at nearly as scared as the F of the FBI is I am of the CIA and drilling I mean you know did the big WikiLeaks leak this year up caused big story near the CIA had gone. And built. It sewn NSA bra is anyone asking NSA for permission or is they want in a signal they're doing it under the size court. To me we get we weren't what are worthy of deadwood to press corps is what is CIA Dewey who went zero has got up stuff. Under own NSA their own technology they're not bothering with size up. As they're not bothering with warrants and risk does any. Well that's the other thing about this is just the CIA isn't leaking all we don't know how all this wireless surveillance. Is is up for congressional renewal this year and who's to say that that even if it's not renewed. Nothing else keep going exactly right and you did this take away from the FBI they don't seem to care the F the CIA has a music is like a wild west are almost like. It heroes like an agency with no country with Iran's foreign policy I mean Indiana they're in Syria they were define Obama and doing what they wanna I wanna. Ask you just really have a couple minutes left yeah this is is closely related to subject came up this week I don't know if you guys on this story about the possibility a privates. A private spy agency may be set up to help president Donald Trump you I assume you guys saw this story what are your thoughts about the possibility. A something like this getting set up. Wouldn't be the first time back in on the sixties after that the abortive. Invasion of Cuba. They actually we have the Bay of Pigs and actually was initiated under Dwight Eisenhower and who was executed after JFK came into office. Allen Dulles was a DCI then use a director central intelligence anxious at the top guy at Langley. And Kennedy was so mad you may remember he famously said he would done break this CIA they opened to a thousand pieces. And totally disassembled it. When Allen Dulles was fired he moved to Georgetown and took a bunch of his buddies went in and they set up a hit a shadow. CIA over there are so it wouldn't surprise me in the least if if I'm Donald Trump does not learn that lesson and on this. Am thing himself. What do you think about these. I guess the ethics and the legality of this how how comfortable or you are you with this idea. I wouldn't I would answer your your question senator in this fashion I think that's that's that's that's that's. As as as a my mentor. In now the intelligence business said to me a long time ago. Underneath the ship of state runs a river regardless. Not. Well no but seriously I mean this is how things are run in Russia and Germany if you look at Russia if you look at. The leadership of Russia going back almost a hundred years they've almost all come directly or indirectly from the intelligence community. So she couldn't. Yeah I'm put it national army colonel and I think she is they don't think he's not the first inning that's how powerful is until services begins I'm wondering. You know he's gonna have leaks every election now. And they're gonna start picking nudged given Serbia who represents us in congressional races senate races why not let me guys or limit the. We just interject one thing to I'm trying to minder who recently left the agency. Was a case officer for 78 years including on a number of years in the sandbox. Said to me and and dishes and in reference to how. Agency changed over the years since S personnel. Turnover and and other individuals commander positions of power and these agencies. He said during the day in the last best for several years. There were many Prius is in the parking lot and why might that had Hillary stickers on. So what does surprise you know. Absolutely shocking would you leave our time has already expired while for today's podcast and and Gerris sinister arch. Wish I could you won't know tectonic she had known I don't find that very appealing. Didn't see that he did couldn't resist and resist. We thank you again for joining us for our special no name podcasts my name is Vince Coakley by name is Bobby Mack. And I'll tell you my name and need to know basis who. And then you're not on the need to know right if she told you she might have to Julia. We'll see you next time.