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News report with Esther Wagner of Palmetto Pride

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You're insurance rates might insurance rates are higher because of it over 25000 traffic accidents. That are reported each year to date later. Littering is a serious issue across the US and South Carolina is no exception as they're Wagner the events coordinator with pop metal pride talk with me about the beatification effort to the upstate and how they need the help of volunteers. At any time we're trying to do blitzes what we do is we contact groups have in the area like we contacted chambers the schools the churches and we asked him to do. It even if they can't do when adopt a highway do one time pick up that's what we do a lot of work contacting people trying to get to pick one pick ups. We have an education program. We're going to school to talk and people we have the awareness programs we ask people ice they see someone littering calling 8777 leaders simply have a trash hackers hack you can download it. On your Smartphone or you could go on our website and you can report an illegal dump site or hot spot that needs to be addressed and we send that the appropriate. People being a clean up volunteer isn't always easy sometimes you are mistaken for someone being pine. Nation we've had people who have driven by our volunteers and thrown out trash and said that will teach you. Because they believe that there community doing community service work but it really doesn't make sense anyway that you would commit a crime of glittering. To make a point to someone you think has committed a crime. So be sure to say thank you when you see those helping to make the upstate a cleaner place to live for more info on how you can get evolve to logon to Paul meadow pride dot org you can check out my interview with Esther in its entirety on 1063 WORD. Dot com I'd set stokes 10630 WORD. News.