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Good morning folks are this is Craig Elliott Steve Lewis of the prosperity grouper and thanks for joining us this Sunday morning at the prosperity group. Studios here and we are discussing today the name of the show they show is reviewing 2017. Planning for 2018. I believe that's very important that you plan ahead for 2008 T don't just assume. That she you. You know keep going keep expecting what's gonna stay the same to stay the same it's never very good never does and never does. Well Steve vote last week we talked about her ability taxes we talked about the tax plan we can even. Touch a little little bit I think I ended the second with the fact that. I think for people that are thinking that they don't have to worry about the estate tax that could be a bad mistake because of the fact that. The rules can change and the problem is that if you do you wanna plant first state it's a good idea to do it whether there's attacks. Issue or not because we couldn't leave money tax free your family. If you do while you're younger. The cost is much lower could you imagine Steve. If everybody says OK we ought to worry about the estate tax now twelve million and well it's it's all gone. We don't have to worry about it and all the sudden you administration comes in. Decides to bring it back so down to bring it back to your five million dollars. All of those people that didn't plan that took advantage of all of these big games that they've made this year. Could find themselves and of us. Absolutely that's why it's important to plan you know we talk on about planning. And you never know what's gonna happen I mean I don't know that. You know two or three years ago the then people thought that the taxes are gonna be reduced like they are or that the estate tax exemption would be increased like it was. Com but we've seen it we've seen it go way up and we've seen it come way down and the point is. Just like in the market you wanna try to time and be lucky or do you want a plan and it can be Smart about it and so no matter what happens you taking care of all of the up. And you know if you're retiring. I believe that planting makes the most sense of fortunately you realize there's a study that was out that says. Most people most people spend more time is planning your vacations in the regular retirement yeah that's that. It is but that that's that's the society that were in it. He L it was fun has had a conversation would want my kids and it folks. If you just cute and this is the stress free retirement hour with two Greg Kelly and Steve Lewis of the prosperity group that we are going over. Changes that have occurred. In 2017. Reviewing 2017. Planning for 2018. But my daughter had a conversation with me we just we are talking about different things. Is we're talking about buying clothes despite my oldest daughter to well as an actress so she advised name brand stuff right. And aim it my daughter and he says to me what that you know. Debris and stuff is better. And I said you know that would be true voice of the honey we didn't bind name brand. For the first 1012 years we are Mary you were nice clothes but we go we can look forward and we advice cheap stuff that would tear up that NATO says. But you know we weren't buying some of the name brands until you know. Until all league until my fourth child was born you know the name brand that I got when I was a kid what's at Sears the fact that the right before he went to see JC penny has JC Penney's and and bought clothes that was that. But that did the kids today. Maybe they want. Armani they want the Calvin Klein they want to get stuff now that's right. And they couldn't get it together that that's that's a problem and occasionally though Steve we run into it. Young for young people. Who have that foresight and and and I want to appeal to. To some folks right now we have a program. If you never tended to the show despite being used you've we've got a program where you can use that bank. To add to your investment account that's right a bank. This past year investment account and this is available for twenty year old it's available for a thirty year old. It it's available for all ages so if you have younger folks that are doing pretty well. It's is a tax free strategy. Where a very cruel actually have money. To your account so these justices were reviewing 2017. We did a show on that I believe it was in July. We have Tom McDermott it there. He's he's with the prosperity. A software folks and prosperity capital which is an affiliate of ours and all he does the managed money platform. But he also goes to insurance business and he knows how to protect people's money. And he introduced at a program that we've been using it to prosperity group were a bank. They'll listen to me folks if if you need to pull over Ottawa cause a problem all the roads but if you there's enough of those already up for that. But if you have for retirement accounts you we can actually show your program that will add money to your account they will add money to your account. Very important in concept I mean it's more complicated in this thing concept it's sort of like matching where. You know with your 401K I mean it's a little more complicated than that that's the idea. And the thing that people need to know about this this concept it's it's been around. Our long long time it's actually been done for years and years and years then the thing is that it's only become available to. Bill less than uber rich in the recent years you know it's really been the only available to view. The super super rich that are in use this strategy will here's the thing Steve if you if you have a younger person. That has that is let's see we have an athlete in an athlete has. You know signing bonus if there's any athletes that are listening to this this is a program that's perfect for you because it will creating tax free stream of income for you. It fifteen years together 25 year old that could never played down in the NFL let's say he was gonna play football got a big signing contract. With with basically no risk he can have a tremendous income available to 1516 years if you never even played you know let's think about. I don't know who came up with a phrase that I remember back in the day I read a lot of Robert Allen books I don't know if you're remember him he was a big realistic guy yeah and and he you know his big thing was oh PM. The use other people's money now and so you know he was big on going out by houses and not using zero down there was this thing done no money down. So this is the same confident obviously got some skin in the game it's a little bit different but the ideas that you're using other people's money to leverage your retirement account. And it's done completely safe if we I mean we can that we have done also on that we can do several shows on a but the idea is. That the bank can wins you win everybody writes I mean it's it's a went all the way around. Well here you're right it's too good reviewing 2017. That's one of the strategies that we introduced last year we've had some blisters and taken advantage. Of these tax free strategies now again. Tax free. Tax free folks. This is not some bait and switch OK we also talked about a higher raise we've done a lot of work put diaries are we help people would IRAs. We pointed out that there's a danger. In trying to move you're firing into a tax free strategy to quickly. If you do it too quickly we have a correction of the market could really. Hamper your return if you need it comes sooner if Steve that's one of the problems. When we run into retirees. We don't have a one size fits soul plane that just everybody gets into but beholden to the same company the same. Policy in the same program we look at the strategies. Based on people's needs if somebody comes to CS and he needed comedy here too. That's a complete different strategy facility comes to see is that they need to come in ten years that's right. No you're exactly right that's what a lot of what we do is that we can customize. Yeah no absolutely. Yes so I just throw quick we're almost out of time on this segment but I wanted to Q. Throwing and play grow quick we're gonna have them in general workshop coming up as city range and the peddler. Those dates are there is the 23 this is city range Tony third of this month. And that Tuesday is Tuesday and then after gory first which is the third which is the Thursday and then it peddler going to be the 29. Is 243 fourths are literally a few rebound Ernie. And then they had the thirtieth we're going to be talking at those those they are workshops. About that than the new tax laws the tax changes and strategies that you can easily enter retirement. To make sure that your maximizing every opportunity you don't wanna miss thank you deftly wanna be there and be apart in the you have to go I you have to call us. At our office. Fed 86499. No one says this is gonna lie and that Studdard on that or reach attic aggregate nominee is safe dot com go to our website that you need take you have to have a reservation to be there so make sure that you make that call. Yeah will be getting the dates of the seller put up probably today or tomorrow. To make sure that that build and and folks if you would like to attend. Go heading go to the website as Steve mentioned in its folks we're almost out of time this segment but again. There are strategies that we didn't 2017 it may be very good for 2018. To date as we talk about stress for retirement this is great Elliott Steve looks welcome back folks this is Greg Kelly and Steve Lewis and we're talking today about reviewing 2017. And planning for 2018. That was a beautiful song written about my daughter any LE call song for mama. In 2016. In July oh loss by wife of 33 years. And it boil take what folks it's it's. It's been a year and a half now and it's still it's still really hard it's still very freshen. It's been a big big adjustment for my family myself of thankful for 33 wonderful years for kids and did two grandkids and so. Anybody that's gone through that I can definitely. You don't sympathize which are going through it's it's not easy. Situation that. When we talk about 2017. Folks you know there's some strategies that we use there were great even when this market that went up. There are opportunities. In it and we need to point this out but there's opportunity these folks were you can actually blocking your gains. That you could take it visual locking in your gains for 2017. Down or whatever's. Left of the gains which I think will go through the summer barring. Something that perceived. But tell that you can locking your gains and so that's one of the reasons we've been telling people sell high buy low this is the perfect time. Cute to look at doing a disservice roll over on your four OK we talked about it that. Typically got to be 59 and a half or. You've got it all for one king you wanna just make it safe there are multiple strategies that we can show you to make your money safe so that's important. You know in talking about. Your wife I started thinking about I mean certainly my situation wasn't anywhere near yours but. I thought for awhile that we were gonna leave my wife she had a battle with cancer. Certainly my son that should have lost him he was in horrible accident. And and and bringing those you know just thinking about life. And it is in the I remember somebody saying one time the the only thing that's constant is change brown and so. You know. The whole thing about retirement planning especially is really contingency planning that's that's from the word they kept coming in my mind because. You certainly didn't plan for. Your life to take the turn that it did. We certainly didn't plan on the on the the end turns that there are allies took. And Tina when you move into retirement that's where and your assets have to work for you you're working for your assets before that. But then you want your answers to work for you after and so the way you do that is to play and for the contentious because what they're. There's a health crisis. What if there's a death in and then in the family. What if there's a situation where all of a sudden you've got money that's going out that you didn't anticipate what if there's a crash in the market I mean you've got to look at those what if and that's that's that's got to be a huge part of the foundation of your plan. Well Steve you're actually right and one of the things that we were very fortunate that we have. You know we thought we covered the what is here on of this business and we did up to a certain degree because of the fact we have living benefits thankfully so. In other words she moved my wife didn't have to dying appreciated death benefit we're actually able to accelerate those benefits and use of the pay for health care. I went through a Porsche my retirement here for five years we threw for 500000. Dollars in medical bills. If we had not had those living benefits I don't know how to been able to maintain the business take care of our family. Especially with where I was when I hatter Florida. She needed to be in the warmer weather because of the the reaction to kibo and everything is so it really made a difference but that was an expense I mean we are I was living at two places we had a house in Florida. We ever had a place here Greeneville that which was what made residence here Greenville. Did the CIA never plan on her dog. I really did I thought she's gonna recover and I believe god was gonna healer and he hilt he fielder not the way I wanted that but the point is that's too it was bit. Here's the other side of the call and here's why didn't plan. I made sure she was taken care of something happen to me because I thought. By all the statistics in the rules that it would happen in the first she would have been able to retire if something happened to me. But I didn't protect myself that she is part of my business. And is so. It is it it has been not only an adjustment emotionally in a life event. But. It's it's put a burden on me that I didn't expect to have to deal with at this stage in my life. Because I didn't expect her to go first and I guarantee you there's many minutes so there were voices that are set up just the same way I was set up. The wife is protected that that the guy is done. If you have children. You don't still got children to college. You know that's that's a big impact hitter still I still got a couple of living with three. You know it in the you know so there's been very little breathing room were very little bit of time for me to. To relax or do anything I had to keep going through her sickness. Through heard of her death. And honestly I haven't had time really to sit down and more my wife of Needham of the same for people feel sorry for me that's the truth. I'm just telling you what a real life event to folks and it's so I felt the holidays especially the second years been a tough period of time. Yeah I can imagine you know nobody wants to imagine themselves. Dying or you know being hurt them in a horrible accident and being you know permanently disabled or whatever. He certainly. Don't think viewers your spouse or your children being put in that situation either. But the point is the you know the only thing that's certain is death and taxes right there that's that's the truth that we know. And so you know death is coming at some point in and we have to you plan for those contingencies and that's really the point is you know we've done this long enough they were able to look at. The holes in your plan so to speak and be able to cover them and the most effective and efficient manner and that is the truth is that you pointed out the last three so we haven't mentioned this week it. You know classic so we have people last year that earned 23%. I mean the market did basically that so and they did that with no risk. And there where is our north garden hoisted with no risk that you're no risk and locking in their gains I mean. That's powerful. You know Steve I can't stress that enough. It is one of the things were were to talk a lot more about this is a Social Security planning folks if you want to see the right strategy. On wind take your Social Security need to give us a call. 8649890176. It's 864 night going to oh what 76. Our phone lines we have operator is bidding to fill 24 hours a day so there are available during the show although still alive show we career record to show. They call it requested this information go to our website arguably updated website which is WWW. My money is safe dot com. That's WWW. My money is safe dot com. And then we could definitely update you give you some information that's. Very crucial in order reminder listeners about the seven are strokes we've got a seven are at two this city range. Which is on Tuesday the 23. End Thursday February 1 they're both at 6 PM which you must RSVP. He busts are as VP eighty get a chance to meet us. End. We we may have a surprise for your one of those seven Arthel I'll let you know but the fact is love for you do need to sit and covet listen to some of the strategies that we have first hand will be discussing attacks but it will be discussing the Social Security. Planning so it's important folks it Reid really has to make sure that you attend these workshops okay. He again we also do the work workshop at the peddler. And the peddlers could be Wednesday the 24 at 6 PM. And choose day the thirtieth their third the thirtieth at the peddler at 6 PM so again he boss RSVP. Now folks were almost out of time this segment so. Make sure that you tune into the show we're here every Sunday morning 11 AM this is the prosperity group advisors LLC. This is great Kelly and Steve Lewis broadcasting from the prosperity groups studios that welcome back folks this is great Elliott Steve Lewis of the prosperity group that now was the beautiful song written by bill Gaither call I believe. And that was my son when he was believed to and a half fewer sold it. Marie. Recorded that song in there river Steve he walked into the studio put the headphones around. He goes pride month data ready record to an official that's exactly what he did. And then when he did the cake it was so good that the producers said to arguably that your child and at least two and a half years old as a but he did it. You don't did try to you know make mistake as you know we all make mistakes what he says it's half that put the four false and the other was cool and it's a report. When I was a kid with my didn't I wasn't one take wonder so you words who none on oh record Judy. I mean he did a lot of a country type songs and so the there was a song called value mommy daddy there was. I don't remember even knew who recorded it that is accused song in. You know the dad is talking about you know you make me mad when you're right on the wall and you know you you do you play with the dog and thrown around and in all this stuff you make me mad and then I go Mino but you mommy daddy and say that's a cute little song and well. I figured me did you see your key brickyard. And now Ireland should not look out. You've seen you don't feel you see a cheaper now than an hour with much older than I am I might have the hair via in game the hours after being college and I came out youth Billy Ray take care that's right. Well folks who you were talking today about reviewing 2017. Planning for 2018. He got I'm thinking as we're dealing in the show Steve that you almost start to self dealing social security summit again. I did a lot in 201415. We didn't do any last year. Or the year before effect we get very few seven are so. We were reminding our listeners and folks are phone lines are open if you're out of the year you can call 1800. 4400434. 1804400434. Our FaceBook listeners if you were watching to see Europe of the year you need to call me. Called that 800 number again 180440434. Locally in the Greenville area we did in the Greenville area since 1994. So that's 23 years I've been the Greenville area. Have offices in Florida saint Pete Sarasota. You know people want me to open up an office again down there I don't know that's gonna happen because. Here he can be so many places at once I don't wanna be traveling as much as I did before. But the the fact is I think Social Security needs to be mentions for the people are making right decisions. Especially in light of this he attacks planned the dispute tax rule that's been. Approved. And looks like it's going to be fairly favorable for the majority of people where Africa. Number was I think it was ninety something percent the people are gonna at least has some kind of a benefit out of it that's pretty strong yeah yeah that is strong. You know the thing that centrist think Steve. You look at these tax plans that they ever before we go up or down depending on who you'd get a read. You look at the lot at 20172017. With all the flak. With if it one thing I've got to say about our president is he's on weight for. He stuck with his strategies. And I guess history his feeling is it probably why why fix it suburbs right fix it here still twittering and doing all this stuff and and I noticed. But I mentioned this to my daughter because. My daughter's on the field OK and I said that's because you're young you're floats by all the media official tells me something illegal Whitney which year that pro. And then we won't get into the fake media at all that stuff put. The good the reality is is. He has been unwavering. With what he's done and I think that's probably has to do a lot of the success as a business person. I mean do the markets hit all time high as he's getting very little credit for any of them are right I mean like not yet. And I saw Obama. Yeah what they know what's saying that that they're not certainly you know that dirt. I heard about it McEnroe absolutely absolutely really yeah half hearted tons of times on on such on the talk shows. You know they'll be like you know how to explain this to you know twenty plus percent increase in the market while you know it was the stuff that Obama put in place that made it happen I think Jimmy Kimmel is probably study economics right yet mourns the seacoast don't go yeah. That's it for the fifth at the flow covenant OK so salute the the fact that. Is his folks you know. 2017. Has been a great year take advantage of these gains the biggest mistake I think people can make right now Steve. Is to get greedy. They get to the point where they think this is going to be you know this bubbles ever gonna burst the bubble will burst. You know and and that's a great point I was. Read an article. The other day talking about bitcoin and for those you don't know it's too complicated to explain in the seventh basically it's it's a digital currency that doesn't even exist and so bent bent. If you invested in bitcoin early on. It's kid the bubble is so huge now I think they should if you put 5000 and you be worth I think it was twenty million dollar. Or something ridiculous it was a hundred dollars UB were forty billion LO OK when you that is about it if you went a hundred bucks in 2010. They just hung in there you can restore forty million dollars that's. That's incredible but they have the point is an editor at symphony of the day I think I was saying you know it's a bubble and you don't wanna get in now and has the worst time to get and because when it pops it's gonna totally BO go away well that's the same situation burned with this market now is the worst time. To jump ball in into the market because. The risk is just too hot. You know going back twitch is about the court and off I agree with that assessment of his but I'll tell you what I do you think is something that lies ahead to future. If you're not get ahead of crypto currencies hit record like Tony theory of it and others. That are coming out and in effect on getting some knowledge on all of this because I don't want this opportunity pass me by. And you know for clients to have some knowledge he'll feel something we need to be aware of so I've I've got a couple of different ventures state. Our rob looking at this right now. But here's my prediction Steve I believe that what we're gonna eventually exceed. Is we're gonna probably see the Federal Reserve created their own crypto currency. And that'll be the excuse to do away with the dollar. I think well isn't that and the Bible. I mean that's exactly what will Bible and then you won't be able to buy or trade unless you have the bark and I don't know if that's the mark. Well it sure lends itself that if there's one for cursing here's occurs what's stopping you right now because I had a conversation was so what about the other day. Is the fact it. You have two thirds of the world that doesn't even have a standard of living remotely close to ours. So fatal old computers they might have a cellphone though that if they have a cellphone that'll be enough. But I don't think it's gonna be realistic for them to get rid of cash unless they make a huge huge. Concerted effort to the next 23 years I think it's five years away equipment those things have happened like crazy. But I mean if you read crypto currencies ever read the Bible putted it seems to talk about crypto currency. In the sense that there is no money there is a mark quarter of them marquis is. You know whether it's a credit card term as the Bible says you know it's a mark on you for that are on your arm. And this seems to be where everybody's going. Well you know there's a ship bill that. Indeed they've already polluted yeah you can put it ship had put a scare on your hand him. There is euphoria I had themselves they do it anymore anyway and on your forehead well I'm sure some people put on their forehead hit it over the property you know valley can sit there and they can make credit card transactions you really go to restaurant. Moved to scare you they're doing it watches you'll be able to do it with the little chip. You don't if you see Arnold Schwarzenegger movies in east d.'s chips aren't that deep that's right if real dancing cat and Allen's bucket modeled. Seen that for now folks you can reach us it 98901769890176. You were talking about some of the things that occurred in 2017. We had so we have bitcoin we had a big corn that increased. I want to say 40500%. It was just huge it'd EU you have the market increased 20/20 5%. And so that the question is what do you do how do you plan for retirement. I believe that you have to use sound basic retirement plans that. One of the big problems that I see Steve is that many of the retires a couple of cius. They don't have a foundation to only foundation is the forward K that was really a forward was a force savings. And now the third they've got good growth they're paying less and less attention to it. They need to to call us again 990176. Need to call us to discuss these ideas with us because. If you want to take advantage of this prosperity that we have for last year and a half. Then there are some Smart decisions that you need to make her some good steps in service roll over is a great strategy. And one of the things that they can do it this is important Steve is is to set up the right even comp plan. They need to set up the rising conflict. Ed Dixon it's not the same for every one OK that's one thing I think it differentiates us. From other advisors is were not gonna put you at the same product. For everybody because everybody's needs are different. People coming Lucius had a different age and so you might have a plan that you need income at a certain. The time. You don't Steve that even come forecasters so we were to be using a lot more of income forecaster takes into account exactly. How much money you need. How much bullying your goals are being I believe that that's a great great tool. That is we're one of the only advisory groups that I know of that offers this type of income forecaster. Yeah it takes all of your assets social security and everything. And says here's your projected income at this stage and at this stage that this agent here's the here's the Oak Ridge or here's the under is or whatever here's here's your where your liking Marie gaining so really puts at all and into a really nice picture. You don't know it is so we can help them put that together the other thing that's that could what's the is it that the is that dude what's the what that shows exactly the answer fees are yes do you. We've got to programs folks that if you want to see exactly how much he's you're paying. Hell you are a threat to that should Steve. Do you know that many of the programs that we have of the prosperity group has zero fees and that's off zero fees so think about it folks if you got an account. If you've got to zero feet. Vs somebody who's got a 2% fee for the last ten years. It'll last ten years that person's signature counts 20%. Our stuff has. Video the accounts we use have zero fees and they've they've made very very good rates of return. Folks were all almost out of time this segment chewed it is we have one more segment we talked about reviewing 2017. Planning for eighteen. Welcome back folks this is great millions Steve Lewis and folks we have been reviewing 2017. Planning for 2018. Now. I just want to remind your listeners that we have a seven are coming up so you must RSVP. We've got one at city range on the 23. Of January. At 6 PM. And in one on February 1 at 6 PM. And it we have another seven are at the peddler restaurant the peddlers Wednesday January 24 at 6 PM and they'd choose day. January 30 so we're getting into our seven our schedule we're going to be doing a lot more and expect Social Security sailors were going to be. Increasing got quite a bit so we're getting ready to do all of that. So you make sure you give us a call and dining behind 0176. If you like to attend. And you can actually need to sit you can you can kind of kick ass kicked the tires literally sort streak but they can kick you out on kick and then at well what it might hurt them or they kidneys and culture club look what's the what's the cost to go to the workshop zero cost. Zero cost well it could cost of their time yes they double Leo listen for a little bit the tee the nice meal of the process and and while they wanna go why would they want Adobe's I believe that. We we don't do a sales that are we we showed conserved some we we actually show material I think that's very useful. The beneficial. In fact we invited over our clients to have two or seven hours just to. Make sure that they're keeping abreast of of what's he'll vote yes and they're gonna walk away with some really solid information that they can use whether. Whether they can see yes or not they're gonna have us some great information ya absolutely so. It it you were trying to that we we try to stay current we try to make everything pertinent to what's going on. The changes that are going on guilt. Planning ahead for 2018 hour on our listeners are full lines are open you can call 8649890176. You can email me at Greg get my money is safe dot com. And the effect I have email. This is for John that sent that email basically says well the markets. Bed get mr. Ali you know you've been talking safely strategies to fight move marveling at a safe money strategies. I would that mean they this much money in well Janice. I agree with few but it depends Eurasian depends your situation orchard goals were. Vote one of the things we never tell people to do is to move the money without talking to a street we're showing you strategies to make sense. But guess what Jim is now might be the time for you consider safely stretch. I love the sound on ours do the things guys but another thing hindsight it's one into money. Then a five and number bitcoin is gonna do it it was done out of the more than a hundred bucks in it and and made. Forty million bucks coming you can always look back and say well if I did them this. But you don't know I mean did you didn't know the day before 2008 when the market crashed. I was gonna crash nobody thought that nobody was moving up at the time right so nobody expected that it you just don't know. You would do you winners and literacy trend that took place and I ugly religious and we've seen a slight. Hint of this plan. Where the interest rates went up a little bit bonkers when that's something that occurred in 2007. That have to happen either history to have happened many years. And we had it happened briefly for a couple of days last year. I think those are the upper peninsula is I I do think that the correction is Lily. The good news is I hope over the same as the whole time because our clients with either way that's the beauty of this thing Steve. Our clients went whether right or wrong. Now remind them how are your client did last year when you are talking about less well last week we had a client who did the tax free strategy. One overstretched this year 23%. Her entire count average 18%. We had what Clinton is 43%. Tax from strategy 43%. But here's the difference Steven law he's their gays so I would like asked Jan as I was giving her you know outstanding outlet for a Janice did you did you burned 43% last year did you burn 23% last year well when I don't pick a generous but here are either forget. Here here's the reality Steve. She did locking her games that's right so she unveiled a spot last year. And if she's glad that she did but she did marketer gain our clients locked in their games see that's that's different folks. See this is the thing you know they asked John. Just a little bit more and that's human nature we have that greed factor. Where people see you know they they jilted at the time and you know what we've done Bolivia's analogy we went through before. The loving analogies as living follow each other into the into the water you know watch the video on that point watched a video initiative makes you know we were accurate yeah I watched the lemmings fall into the water folks it's. It is it is triple A goes back to this thing a burden hands worth two in the bush you know we need if you if you if I'm happy that Q birds that are in the bush you think alike and I can double. What I have actually put the one down you go get the Q and they both playoff they've got nothing of the stroke very true that's my favorite cities is because. You want to lock in their gains it's like when you go to Las Vegas to here. If you Las Vegas and you bet you don't quit while you're head usually the house is going to win it in the you don't. This is a think folks you can either depend on the Wall Street casino you can depend on the casino for your livelihood. He can depend on the Wall Street casino for your retirement. Or you can use sound money strategies where you gain control of your accounts. To got something Steve they gain control there celts. I actually Tony what tunnel Greg you know I want to keep a little local but the way I can access what about this that you can access your money. Anyway you want to just because the companies that Minnesota are the companies it. Topeka Kansas does mean you can access your money you have to easily is excesses if you go to the bank. I should but the difference is you control what happens sort of money because you don't have to worry about the money controlling you that's important. Yeah and and I know I say this all the time it to me the biggest thing moving into retirement. Is is that safety and security the last thing you want. The day before you retire the market to take a 4050% correction. And then why what's what are what are your alternatives at that point. You don't have time to let that account comeback on tour was before so you've either got to get another job or you've got to cut down the expenses that you're planning on spending. Throughout your retirement so that's the worst time in the world to to be playing in the casino nothing wrong with having some of it in their Richie got to have some of that safety that we talk about all the time. So loosely absolutely and and and folks that this is a good way to end this show today but that the reality is you don't want to depend on the casino for your. Retirement. It talking about the Wall Street casino. Take advantage of these gains. Talk to us about the 41 K roll over and join us in one of our seminars. He would talk to us about the his service roll over and we'll show you didn't come strategy that you cannot outlive for both you and your spouse. God bless you have a great date of the pleasures is Greg Kelly and Steve Lewis.