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Wednesday, October 18th

On todays show we discuss tax repentance.


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Good morning folks this is Craig L Lee of the prosperity group and I'm here with Steve Lewis and today. Folks on the stress free retirement hour we are talking about tax repentance strategies is right. Tax repentance strategies and you probably already asking yourself what is he talking about what is tax repentance. First of all it's not one of these tax evaders and all that stuff that I nose out there that we don't have to pay taxes that's not the intention at all. What is repentance okayed a spiritual sense repentance is changing your mind. That means you're going one direction and you change to another direction. And and what happens with two repentance from a spiritual standpoint is that. You're kind of on the wrong course in what happens you get an epiphany either you. You get saved you you mean Jesus god gets a hold the view and you go from the course that's the wrong way and you goats start going the right way. So when we're talking about tax repentance on talking about strategies. That you and I have been to hold are the best possible strep tax strategies. And what we've discovered over time is that they're maybe not as good as we were hole I mean. Steve do you think maybe. Just to government. Can always tells the truth right I mean we've seen that right. It. Yeah that that's right they are never wrong they always tell the truth in. With that mentality. We would have never had the constitutional convention and all of that and 1776. And what's more not only do they are always tell the truth that they're always looking out for our best interest that's what's the most important thing there are always looking out for us yep that's right that's right and well folks if you believe that the mug wanna just turn off the show right now but if you wanna find out what we're talking about. Give us a call at 8649890176. It's 864. 9890176. And we are going to show you worker explained she knew what what you can do it if you give us a call. We'll set at the time to go over this now. Cool is at risk that he thinks that risk with tax repentance Steve and others who is on the wrong course. From attacks in which point right now what group. You know while I mean the people that are about to retire rich and you know there and they're in great shape right because when they retire. They're going to be a lower tax bracket so all of these tax deferral things that they put together. You know they're gonna pay taxes on course with having a lower tax records will be in a VOK right right right they'll be lower tax bracket. That. Did you go to the you're right it is the it is the people that are retiring you know they're very at risk that the younger folks. That are just following the status quo you know just just funder for one K no pension. They're at risk. Older folks. You know people that are 75 and over. That really don't want to take their required minimum distribution from their higher ray. It really just want to let that money accumulate to pass on to their kids who they are at risk so we're talking about three to four segments of the population. That. Basically don't have the correct its tax strategy so. You know in in thinking about a way to try to communicate this you know tax repentance makes sense I'll all. You'll have to tune into another show and I'll explain what the acronym is about ready to do that yet. But if you are listening to the show and you have a 41 K Europe about to retire. And you're just inadvertently get a roll it over into the stock market. Then you need to give us a call and our phone ledger actually opened during the show if you were out of the area call 1804400434. Because several calls from the Henderson delirious I guess. The signal is clear so folks give us a call will be glad to meet with few it and go over some of these strategies. And one of the issues Steve that you know another segment of the population. Our folks that are getting their Social Security. Taxed up to 85%. What they make so you were you were saying you know the reality is that as people who retired a painter going to be it'll lower tax bracket. And in many cases that is not the case if they have no attack strategy. At all yet obviously are saying that you know sort of tongue in cheek and sarcastic cheer the you know wouldn't. We talk about that all the time that they you know people are creating this of I was trying to think of the word that we usually used but you're you're creating this sort of bomb that's gonna explode when you get a text snowballed to a castle volley and and so you know you're paying on the harvest instead of the feed which is something else that we talked about all the time. You know we need would you rather pay a small amount attacks now or pay a lot of taxes later and obviously as you said the government. It's in their best interest to have their own annuity which is. Higher tax situation later so that they can generate more revenue and blow your. The question you have to ask yourself is do you wanna pay tax on the seed or the harvest so pure listening to this you have a diary you have before we can you have a an investment traditional investment do you wanna pay tax on the cedar or the harvest while the answer is you wanna pay tax on deceit. Not the hardest because the harvest should be much greater than the seed in the problem with fire rays we were told OK we we put money into an irony. We put money into a Roth. They'd Iran poses is that the is a pretty good strategy to the Roth has limitations you have an income limitations and ate a maximum limit limitations he don't have. You can only put a portion of your money if you Paul falling into a raw. It is fact our tax strategies that we use is like a raw on steroids it doesn't have to restrictions. It doesn't have the did that this seasoning it you almost all Roth have to season five years before you can actually start. Drawing the interest earned on the tax free basis you can't take culture principle but that kind of defeats the purpose of the raw. So that with our strategy it's a rough on steroids now if somebody has a 41 K. They have been firing. Let's say you're getting ready to roll over the 41 K the market is up so you figure on get a jump into the market right now first of all. If you are jumping into the market right now I believe you could be making one of the greatest mistakes. That she government to jump into the market directly why. Because the market is at all time high all time highs. In its Steve is unbelievable to see how a human nature is. So many people purchase jumping head first to not even checking to see how deep the landing area is are just jumping in head first. Because they see everybody making money in the market makes they figure all I need to get my piece of the pie. And again if you listen to the show previously. You realize that. You know we we believe that there is most likely going to be a correction by next year I mean all of the people that are much smarter than us are are saying this heat on we've had. Basically ten years of a bull run has been a total bull run it's really been the last two years that it really. Replenish but it kinda went up up for a couple years that leveled out for a couple years. This started climbing again leveled up and it down is hit all time highs but. She Steve people don't realize they're not necessarily prospering from this market because now with these robo strategies. What happens. You don't based on on on proof on age risk tolerance and everything. What happens people are saying well pretty conservative person they're even making the games of this market. So our our conservative strategies. Are very different in what you think you need to understand folks we are now. We are fight do you shares we've been opry is what this year is pretty much threw out. But the the reality folks we are doing what's absolutely the best possible thing for our clients and showing you tax strategies. You don't unlike many advisors that show you one product one company. We look at alternate solutions alternative solutions we might use a company quite a bit. But we look at other companies depending on her goals for example Steve we had a gentleman that needed. Income. Up on the greater level for the first ten years so we went with a company that we don't use is often as we do it was a perfect fit. But some advisors to stick everybody in the same company. It doesn't exits it does not make sense now we're almost out of time this session this one remind you folks are phones are opened. Right now you know so alike showed he can be your or our operators will take your call. Leave your information you can also go to our website WWW. My money is safe dot com. Now folks we're gonna start elaborating have some tax repentance strategies but the idea. If you just tuned into the show we are showing you how to repent from poor tax strategies in one of the most common. Port tax strategies. Is just dumping all the money into the 41 K inadvertently. And it just creating a pool of money that's completely. And totally tax they'll listen folks were also a time the segment make sure you tune in and listen to tax repent the strategy. From the stir up prosperity this is great billion Steve Lewis. Welcome back folks this is Greg Kelly and Steve Lewis of the prosperity group and today we are talking about. Tax repentance strategies this right at the prosperity group we have pre tax plan for real Social Security plan for. We're gonna show you ways that you need to protect yourself from taxes now we were talking on the last segment about. How people are just jumping into the market right now. Steve thought I would say the general consensus. Of all the things we've read about. Is affected people are saying now's the time to get a little bit skittish. On the market don't just show him. Full border into it right. I see stories. Almost every single day of some big hedge fund manager not the same people you know bankers. I heads of banks and heads of investment firms hedge fund managers all that. Al most every single day there's some big story that comes out that says. You know sought to us on those says that it's time to get up. You know there was there was an article or I'm kind of thing that came out I guess yesterday and the day before I gonna how the market is up 4000. Points. Since trump has taken over 4000 points. That's remarkable in that short period of time which is great. But again you got all of these unknowns that we talked about over and over and over again it it just makes it too risky now led the analogy used early some of them are jumping in the Palau is talk about. You know book before I jump in the pool a middle again and she a if there's water and B how the visit before the Israeli you know because otherwise it's gonna significant tester freaked. Well let's see that's what's going on and and you can held this in and secure and here's a situation folks this is not gimmicks this is not a gimmick. We're gonna look at that at a strategic plan now now. So whether the plans that are out there I've seen you know they date they talked about trying to to eliminate taxes. And some of the plans that I've seen what they're doing is they're doing strategies. That if the market. Goes down to at least these tax strategies instead of working for five years. They're gonna take 1012 years if ever recover from the tax hit that they take. So what we're talking about he's using a strategy that's five to seven years. Depending on which are trying to achieve that's going to create a tax free revenue pool now I was talking to some clients of mine. They've got about 300000. Dollars into an irony. And we eat we. 60000 to the other. But here's the thing Steve their fifties. She's she's 56. He's fifty GB fifteen I gonna have this year he's about 300000 his higher. They Sewell Greg you know money money money four point he's really done well it's gone up. And we had talked about strategies before they actually listened to kind of logic that we used and they've done very very well following that logic because he couldn't move his four he can't move his four we can actually retires she was able to move hearse. And it's so here's the thing about it I said here's here's the one problem to chill out. The majority of all of your savings is taxable. So what ever you. Take from it you were gonna pay taxes. And and you don't know where the tax is going to go the future other than most people anticipates going up and I would agree with that. So I said the problem and Elway here's the other thing she was over funding her for one care about 10%. So. Either she said it eater you had mentioned it to be great do you think of doing the right thing I said probably not if you are disciplined enough to have 10% more so why not. What are we in it corporate or tax free strategy. It's so we're setting up of structuring tax free plan for them to. Don't some of their money early from their IRAs into this tax free planned. It they're going to be able to fund it and we're gonna have to figure out the most effective way of funding it. If she's player retiring for years. So we have to we have to consider that as well but the benefit to hers if she follows this tax strategy and whether we do it and seven years or ten years. It's going to make sense because you be able to put that money into an account that when they go to take the money out it's totally tax free and more liquid. Did what they have currently. You know what I like about what you said is is that and and I hope people are hearing this is that. Every single person has a different situation they have different goals they have different objectives. And the great thing about what we view is that when they come to us. We can sit down and actually look at what it is they have what it is they're looking to get. And what's the best way to get there so you know. May be it probably is a bit and that may be for them it is better to pay on the harvest and not the cedar may be if you know there's different strategies is different ways to take it out you know what I'm saying I mean there's. It there's not a one size fits all as you said earlier in the great thing is that we have the opportunity the availability the skills and the know how and the software and all the other stuff. To be able to to put a plan together for the in this customized that's gonna meet their goals and objectives. Well here's the other thing Steve we've got strategies right now they can give it provides some of the highest income. In the country they need income early seat the people we talked about this or previous shows the people that are at risk. Four or four market losses are people that need in calmer early in their retirement those are the ones that can get really nailed because of the market takes a 30% correction. And 3080 income within the first year that they retire. Those of the people that are in bad shape because now not only are they taking it cover the celtics' loss principles such compound that the problem. It's so that's why the safe money strategies. Can provide an 888 direction and a course for them to have. In common that they can now live and if they need to put money in the market. That they can strategically keep some money in the market and in what have you that but this mentality of the blind leads the blinded everybody just follows what their buddies doing. And Eddie start lamenting it's all I wish I was making all this money. It it's not that way it's not that simple you know especially when you see some of the people that we've seen who have even captured the growth of this market because of their. Conservative outlook. You know there's two things and then these. And independently of each other that I hope our listeners heard. And the first was you set a minute ago you talked about tax free c'mon you're gonna get into that and I'm not gonna gonna waste a whole lot of time at this moment talking about over tax free income. And then you said he guaranteed income for life we have a way to do both. And so you know there did it happen. He would there's no risk I mean I'm just I'm kind of the speechless because it when you think about. The what the implications of that actually mean so many people are willing to put everything into the market and and take the risk like you said the market takes a hit they gotta to dip in other principal. Now other income is uncertain as opposed to being able to have. Income that is guarantee for the rest of the life and there's possibility that we could set it up where it's actually tax free and guaranteed. All of life and that's certainly that's actually right in the end if you can't all of this can be done. Without risk that's the beauty of this whole thing Steve all the can be done without risk. And again folks we don't follow a one size fits all this is not a one trick pony we're not just putting you in to a accompany. It in the same this is the company that's to cure all for everything. Every situation is different folks you can reach us at 8649890176. Give us a call. It didn't operators are here during the show he can also ago an email us at Greg my money's safe dot com. Where Steve that our money is safe dot com and our website. WWW. Mind money is safe dot com now we're gonna collaborate on some of these strategies that. What are the things you wanna do anyone a caller operators. Ask them how you can. You can use a tax repentant strategy or how you can explore a tax free strategy. And again if you are looking richer Social Security ST we probably need to do a show awed. Social Security in just two revisited. But folks that that decision you make of Social Security you're gonna be crucial as well. So we can incorporated program to show you exactly what your income is going to be in the future that is very very important folks. Brought a time this this our partied at a time the second set today as we talk about tax repentance strategies. Welcome back folks that was a song written my daughter eighty LE call lavender honey. And if folks you know we are talking about tax repent and strategies. And again just to be clear if you're just tuning into this were not talking about tax abatement. We're not what are these people that singer you'll have to pay federal taxes or sink. We are showing you strategies. Because you have to pay taxes hooking if you haven't hiring 41 K. You're going to pay taxes on the money even if we showed you a way to pay less taxes which we can't. You're still gonna have to pay your portion of tax achieved defer. But here's the point folks you don't have to pay for the rest of your life if you use some of these tax free strategies. You don't end that's the key difference so let's look at an example Steve let's say we've got a 59 year old. 59 and a half they they want to move their 41 K and they say to us. We don't really need the money for the next ten years very perfect candidate. I perfect candidate pretax. Repentance strategy because here's the thing what most people will do Steve they'll just let there for one k.'s turn it the other roll it into an irony. That they just let him which usually they let him grow and they say well I'd sit in an effort to start taking money. Well if that if they don't 600000 dollar forward Qaeda grows to one point two million. You know they're they're gonna have to roughly take about 60000. Dollars. Up taxable income. From their million dollar whopper two million dollar IRA if they follow our strategy. They're gonna pay taxes during the first ten years. Or the first seven or first five. And now what they draw the income amount that seven years old guess what they don't have to take an R&D. Ellis they keep some of it'd be counted you know again it's giving it to us situation based. All of of their specific need but you'll have a book gives tax free money that they can also pass on to each other to their children. Tax free and took a long term care benefits it living benefits they get sicker. Or their terminals. Sounds too. Good to Beecher but I mean if you know all the things you list. You're like okay war on one side. I have a retirement plan that's gonna create this tax monster that also creates a tax liability for either me or my you know my by heirs and beneficiaries. Or on the other side. I can have tax free income. I can have all the living benefits that you mentioned for chronic care and nursing home care and all that I can leave a tax free I can have a tax free income. I believe it tax free benefit for my statement beneficiaries. Bomb and that all of by the way there's no risk on one side there's risk on the other side and it's it's a hedge tragic that this. There she hears that they Steve this is what we can do I mean look let's let's look at it we eat on appealed. To sixty year old let's let's look at another group of folks let's say we've got a 52 year old 53 year old that's got money in a 41 K from a previous firm. There rolling it into an IRA. OK or you don't think there are no longer a bit firm the biggest mistake they can make is to take the money for before going can't roll it to the new 41 K that's a mistake that. That it's very common that people make so if this picture criteria you're considering doing this give us a call. At 8649890176. Separate those who view it Henderson bill Asheville area that several calls. I like you can color toll free number 18044004341804400434. And will go ahead and and and set up a time to get together with Q and go over these type of plants. Here's the other segment Steve let's say they're 55. And they're able to move their 401K. First thing you do is they move it to a safe harbor with us. And we can discuss the tax free strategy form as well but they need to take advantage of this tax free strategy it's very very important. That they do that okay now what about another segment. Let's say the forty got their money. And a four and at an irony and now they're 757. Years old they're taking out their required minimum distribution. But they don't want to and so what that personal do as a stake in the bank. The stick it CDs though lighter CDs making a whopping point 75 or who are hurt or one and a half percent so maybe they're making one and a half percent. Other CD's that are lottery their R&D center put 20000 to a CD the other 25000 whatever that is. That's a big mistake. You know why. They're creating attacks noble but putting that money at the CD's. They are now paying higher taxes because they're paying taxes on it CD. Down key measure with the rates for 5% people are doing this at 5% that's even a bigger mistake as the rate was higher. We can shown how to use the same strategy and put it into a tax free account. That they can either have fixed access to it if they want you or they can lead to their kids I mean it's really. A no lose situation that they followed these strategies. Yeah and even. You know. Talk a from a liquidity standpoint you know if they just if day they have an account this is I think this is sort of what you're talking about but if they have just money that just sitting around. Then they want to be able to put to use so we have a way that we can put it to very effective use. We gonna get bonuses on the money they can leave a tax free income to their truck their estate they can also you know they have two great liquidity with that account as well correct shall. Absolutely in fact I've met with a client the other day and just. By removing an account that he had there was holder in fact this was in the duty. That's out of surrender in fact if he moved the duty now. Because of the market value adjustment do you have any surrender values higher that is accumulation. And putting them into our listeners that means that. Let's say he's got 200000 dollars of accumulation value. And to surrender penalty. Is 205000. That means he's got no penalties get positive. 5000 dollars so that's a perfect time and right now with the way the rates are in the market is done. They can take advantage of these market value adjustments so. In his case with his wife. By moving to accounts of preset and think. I can really help them because of their income value until I realized wouldn't give higher income tendered nebulous central valley so this case. The folks had about 200000 dollars an accumulation value. 205000. Surrenders. Dirt Inco values 350000. Dollars. But it's a user loser values not real money. So his incumbent about was gonna be about. Oh goodness. Maybe 25000. Dollars. I can put it into a new account. And give them about 30000. Dollars of real money into the account. And they don't need the income so within two or three years their income is getting even be better. So what I thought I heard you say. I'm saying sarcastically obviously know what I thought I heard you say was that for some people they have these types of accounts. They actually there are numbers that they will see it's on their statement. That aren't necessary the really real it's that's exactly right it's a use it or lose it income value and so looks great on paper but it doesn't exist looks great on paper well existent this weight and it exists is the fact it is they live long enough to get the benefit of that Inco valley. But if they don't live long enough guess what when they die. That income values no longer. And what's left overs whatever is left in the account so you've got a ton of people. They have these accounts it got to 40% bonus to leaky water 2% of the real account value. If they genuinely need to be rescued out of these accounts. While also for those people they do you have those types accounts would be great for them to give us a call. And let us look at it and we can tell you there are companies where that number is is not nebulous and where that actually does exist but that the companies are very few and far between. Typically that number is is a pie in the sky user rulers in time number well and here's the other side of the coin if they really do need the income. We can put it in a better position income wise did they have currently with the company in many cases help them so they get. Folks give us a call. 800. 440043480440434. For those of you who are a little bit outside the range. It'll locally were 8649890176. We are located. Just south of purchase of southeast of parkway commons. Our our parkway the parkway sort parkway commons. In where twenty parkway comments folks we've been there for the last ten years look at years. At that location a bit in the Greenville area for over 25 years in and between Steve and I we've got close to fifty years boy that's close to fifty years ago that I know fifty years collectively of experience in the financial industry and and and also those folks Steve is specializing with the property casualty. And a liability insurance and can help you save a lot of taxes to businesses so. Business owners. Do you have a set plan okay you think your set plan as the best way to go because you get to deduct a little bit off your taxes. A set plan may not be the right fit for you at all a tax free plant could be much better you have much or liquidity. You have more access to it so it's important to understand some of these strategies. We go ahead I was. Guess it would be cool if we had a way for business owners in particular but individuals to where they could put in as much money as they wanted to you for retirement and not have to worry about their employees in other words and I don't mean that in have been a selfish but I mean you know. Do we need several planned you typically have to if you haven't defined benefit or defined contribution you have to make sure that you're taking ended in the consideration. Your employees well to win to be cool we had away where you could just put in as much you wanted us and I have to work our way we do have that. You always had time to talk about it on the show who we don't we do what we don't. Or segment we will talk a little bit about it but the fact is folks. If your business owner you need to look at these tax retention strategies. See here's the problem with business owner Steve would we appeal to business owners. A few of them call but you know why they don't call. They're all working you know not taking care of their business if the problem is business owners need to take you need to listen to be a business owner. You've got to take time to pay yourself. You've got to take time to pay yourself there's a book that's out there can't recall who's written by this whole the richest man in battle. And it basically teaches about the principle of tightening the principle of putting 10%. Giving it to god and 10% in giving it yourself. And if you follow that principle. You will prosper. A friend of like it was a billion or he was a miniature of mine. He said great you live off 70% of what you mean he goes if you have a 70% of what you make you said you gifted. He's safe tenure investment he said you will be prosperous beyond your means. Ed he died very very prosperous and he followed that practice what you preach not only did he have a lot of money for himself and his family he did a lot of benevolent. Philanthropic things to a different. You know charities and things of that nature folks were out of time this segment. We have one more segment learn about tax repentant strategies from the prosperity group. All right folks you it's funny sometimes you should chip on FaceBook you can see some of the stuff we talked on the air we are saying since we're talking about tax repentance. We can go play amazing grace right now the and in our studio producer said while highway to hell for all you know AC DC and actually I think highway that tells more fitting you know why because there's much people. Going to hell and with taxes and hand basket there aren't our strategies. No no just kidding folks don't don't don't write me any bad hate mail right now. You always listening to a friend of mine for some regulatory SharePoint issue lists and present trumps UN speech it was just absolutely wonderful as you know all of this. It was bold it then I heard somebody else set. How that he's crazy he wants to murder all of the North Korea and I'm like oh lord this is just getting crazy well okay we're not gonna talk about politics right now. We're gonna talk about tax repentance and we just got one more segment go ST. Just real quick before he could you mentioned FaceBook com for those listeners out there you can go on FaceBook and look at the prosperity group. And like this because there's a lot of great information on there we also do. The archives 'cause they're stored there or you can actually literally watch us live this. You know you have on a committed to do on Wednesday morning but it's a great way to go back and see the shows and read here that things are at the try to talk about that's right in the end. Folks these are useful strategies now. They begin if you just tuned in we're talking about tax repentance how to change. You or direction and probably bad tax strategy to a good tax strategy we were talking about people that are getting your Social Security tax. One of the big problems is if people don't use let's say again the sixteen year old that's thinking a little of the money grow to a seven year and a half. Do you know how much you cost him his Social Security other 500000. Dollar IRA with 30000 dollar Social Security. And a pension Solis say they're making 70000. Dollars a year OK 85% of their Social Security. It's taxed or paying Iran 9000 dollars a year in taxes. And it's gonna get worse usually if there count grows. But if they follow our strategy when they're seventy and a half. We might be able to show them how to reduce the tax from 9000 dollars a year to maybe 5000 dollars a year or eliminate. It entirely. If they don't need the income between sixty and it's seven years old so again folks. Do you need to contact us regarding these strategies because not very many people are talking about it right now. You've got to understand these strategies that we've had work. It tax mistakes can be costly I know this personally because I made a few but the reality folks. Is the keys to follow tax repentance change your direction change your mind. Go to the right direction it could save you hundreds thousands hundreds of thousands of dollars in their lifetime. You mentioned it earlier but I wanna mention it again because it's the title of the show repentance. Isn't just about you know realizing that you're sorry that you don't have the wrong and then and then admitting it it's literally turning your face that if in the Greek. I but I believe that it literally means that turn around and go the other duress right as you are talking about today everybody you run in one direction Iran and into the market. They're on an end to all the risk they're there you out there in the for a long case stay in the for a long care of the IRA. Why not look at it going a different direction and making it makes sense for you and and as we said already before baby you know we can customize that to meet your needs in your goals in your objective. So so you're actually right she that's that that is the absolute correct analogy correct. What it means I mean repentance it is like he's he's not just be sorry that it's changing the path changing the direction turning your back. All of that negative attitude negative pattern negative lifestyle as saying hey I am going a different direction. If they can do it from a tax standpoint folks if you wanna learn about tax repentance. Give us a call 8649901768649890176. Now I suggest you give us a call. And again before you make any decisions talk to us it'll look at this right now. Because if you don't have a tax repent the strategy. It could cost your family millions and millions of dollars if for those of you were hired at worst now. Those of you with the hired at worst. You're the perfect fit for this she really are because if you've got a higher net worth that you got a million dollars two million dollars or more. We can show you some strategies that will just absolutely amaze you weaken even. If you're young enough we can show you a way to have a bank listen to me. Have a bake add this close to 75%. More to your retirement account for your family. Now here we go again. How is that possible figured that it can it is folks you go to mortgages folks. What's a mortgage it's you buy a house because you don't have enough money to pay off the house alone solve so you get a house and they use a each day you get a mortgage and ease the house is the security. So we can show you way to do the same thing with the properly structured policy. Except we have the bank can place to add this money to your account. And that's the benefit of a 41 K. Is the company's giving you what's really in a sense free money it's not really freebie you have to pay for later but in our situation. You're getting tax free money by the way it's structured so EU debate gets their money back. They win either way that you win your family wins as a result of this so again we've got these strategies that are in place here. I give us a call at 8649890176. You can email us Greg get my money is safe dot com you can go to our website. WWW. My money is safe dot com. And Steve and myself and our team a fallacious Stewart. And by the way folks wanna let you know we are going to be talking about Medicare we're gonna probably be doing a show on Medicare the prosperity group is involved that Medicare will talk about that as well. That's coming up shortly is as you two did. You know Steve. These strategies work if the people take the time to actually sit down with us and go over these strategies. It's not going to be just a one size fits all okay you just by the duty it looked the other way were looking at ways to enhance your taxable. Life into a better way for your failure to enhance your family's money. The phrase that I use all the time and now I want people to listen to this two were about to close out this this segment in the show slowdown. To speed up if you could just slow and effort just a little bit. Then you can speed up and actually. You know grow your retirement and grow your plans so much more significantly. Then you would if you just can't go on the same direction you're. All year your. Right and and that's you know that really as applicable people duty to slow down to speed up. And not just jump head first into that swimming pool of the stock market. You know the Wall Street casino is is. Is sitting there were their hands us county baby come to me maybe you know put your money with me and who usually wins of the casino. Well how's the house waited so folks don't put your retirement don't gamble your retirement. Learn about tax repentance folks were out of time we enjoy being with you tune in next week as we talk about the stress free retirement power.