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Monday, November 20th

On today's show we discuss Creating Pension Like Income With IRA-401K.


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Good morning folks this is Greg Kelly and Steve Lewis of the prosperity group advisors LLC and we are here with you today in the stress free retirement our. And today's show is titled creating pension like income which you're hiring 41 K. And it's very very important because this is where a lot of people. Can get really messed up right wind are starting to go into their retirement so. First saw this one remind our listeners. That. Again we are airing on Sundays at 11 AM. And you can catch us. At WWW. My money is safe dot com which is our website. Our phone lines are actually opened during the show and you can contact 8649890176. Or listen folks if you hear. Anything dead dead you know you you you wanna give us a haul our phone lines are open we have an operator. And we'll follow up with you next in the following week and now will give you don't call if you wanna go to our website go to WWW my money is safe dot com. And were going to be doing some podcasts through our website and different things have stay tuned on that and we are also on FaceBook life Steve how are you doing. I am doing well you don't forget the FaceBook live thing we record this on Wednesdays and so you can actually go on any time during the week and watch. Archive shows and you can see actually today you'll be able to see how much taller I am in great. We have had a chair or so I'm actually a lot taller but anyway under a while and yeah singer he's taking steroids yeah I guess it's about time not fifty years old and finally hit a flat that's exciting. I've been around awhile to get to be back I am I missed not being in the studio with you last week that you didn't you're Myrtle Beach. I mean you that's that actually read the arc and we went to the arc and Kentucky in you really enjoyed it I mean it was amazing you really want to get to meet Ken Ham the this year creator in the the evolution you know the Christian apologists. That you really really cool but I'm. Yeah it was a great experience the Creation Museum an awesome so yeah highly recommend wow that's great so you actually got to meet him. I guess it was it was cool fuels your accent to you all the accents from Kim hands yeah. AM and it was his Australian Aaron I believe he is ultra and he does have a thick accent and yeah kind of I kind of stalked on a little bit and just I just wanted to don't think you can see it's pretty calling god gives you vision and and you follow that vision so anyway why did he pick Kentucky's there was listen. I really don't know I mean I guess I really don't know and actually the Creation Museum in the darker about an hour away from each other so it's a little bit of attracting a while ago from one to the other but they're both just incredible. A lot of great faction and you leave there just with with stuff that you never here in in school. Well I'll take what I'd love to get some ceased soon your photos. Well I'll tell you what folks we are gonna focus today on creating potential I can come with your hiring 41 K. And yeah obviously you're watching the news and and today is we're recording to show the Dow's between 3557. Which at least a record denounced sixes 6767. The S and he's a 2590. PBS and yet the 27 before. So the point is we are record highs right now. With the stock market and you know that's great right now put to good here's the point. You need to guarantee your money at least at the very beginning to make sure that it's there running into a lot of folks Steve that you know they've got money. They they eat it they they have a good hire a good 41 K. And of course deriding this Wall Street casino and and that everybody is right now because it's doing so well. Were giving a voice of caution. That they need to have their foundation money which is typically their hiring 41 K. And we're gonna focus on today's how they can actually create a pension like income out of their IRA or 41 K. And I have a a theory is that when this market corrects not if when it corrects. Which I anticipate most likely will be next year I have a talk when an advisor that film was gonna happen by November us I don't think so but when we were in November. But will will wait and see but I do think it's gonna be next year it wouldn't surprise me if the Dow hits 30000. The good news for our clients Steve is they win whether goes up or whether goes down. That's right and you know we we've certainly been. At a tipping point for a long time and so. You know tipping point we've been teetering back and forth and really all it's gonna take is Tina Kim Jung rumor or some crazy terrorist act or. You know 11 little thing it's gonna push it over the edge. And you know one of the things that we talk about all the time isn't making sure that you understand that when you head into retirement. That is the last time that you want to lose 40% of your account you can't afford it if you've been planning on. Having AEA said income going into retirement the last thing you wanna do is lose 40% and then have to reorganize or restructure everything that you've been planning that whole time. Absolutely and and that's the that's the problem if somebody goes into this in the market does take a correctional what we're saying. And this and you know they go in and market loses 3040%. Their whole timeline has just been blown out of the water. It's been blown the water and and we talked about this before on the show that what ends up happening is we've been looking at the graphs they've been basically doubling. Every stop. Every cycle so typically the market goes through an eight year cycle where corrects now we are now inning. In in the ninety year. Of all of a bull run that started in 2016. Shortly after the election it was really flat between 2014. And fifteen. But he was it it it it was up between 2009 to 2012. And in thirteen and then if flatten out from fourteen to sixteen most of sixteen and inserted going up. So it's it's councilman usual things my theories used to QE money that's in there it was all the cash that was on the sideline. After 2008. So I think that what's happening is if you look at these graphs to keep doubling and doubling which means when the correction occurs. I think it's going to be big. Yeah and then we're surely knows history read out of the future in question are on the way in this morning I was listening to the terrorists on that and I thought this is really applicable to what we're gonna talk about this morning. You know she was talking about how last year. There were these studies that came out this said a little bit alcohol is really good for you that it helps you and you have your cholesterol and all this the kind of stuff. And then she ran another study this that just came out I guess yesterday that said that. And you still toll stay away from alcohol that it's horrible for you and it'll kill you. And so you know the point behind that is that even in science we don't know. We we think we know we really don't know which is part of what we learned at the Arkin and the Creation Museum it's amazing but anyway it's been also talking about things I learned but not my point is. We do know history and we do know the history repeat this so we don't know win. But we do know that it is going to happen and so you know again moving into retirement the last time you want to lose 40% of your account is is the day before you retire. Well and you know the other thing Steve what most people are doing is typically they're taking their hiring in 41 K and I will say this. Our listeners that are listening tour show they're paying attention saw the stuff that we're saying. Because you know they they ask about it but one of the the problems is if somebody does what. Most people do they let their IRA grow up until a seven and a half and if they don't need the income they just wait till then and they start taking it out. All the problems are creating attacks snowball in most cases so we can show you how to. You some tax planning on how to properly use your IRA or how to switch it around I mean. We talked to some people yesterday it this far is you know they can take that money. Create a tax free money. Tax free money from their IRA that's right now. You do pay taxes going out so I'm not talking about tax evasion here just to be clear. Did you about the 101510 or 150 yeah and we're talking about. Attacks. At the taxable indiscriminate well not even avoidance but it's an important. Your reduce the reduction of taxes because you're still paying taxes on the 41 K as or irate you emptied out into the tax recount. But then at some point in the future when you triggered the income it's totally tax for. You know less took almost a rules change and and usually they grandfather of the people with those rules so again folks we're talking about strategies were you can take your hiring. You're 41 king you can create an income. No listen to this not just for you but for your spouse the same money even though the ire raising your name. The celts can have a joint. Income option it's going to allow that income to perpetuate. For as long as one of you was still alive. Doesn't matter who dies first if you triggered an income and in many cases that income can increase. More than income can be greater while you're younger that's right you have more income when you're younger or increasing income depending on what you wanna do. So listen folks were almost out of time this segment I wanna remind her listeners call us at 864989. 01768649890176. You can email me at Reagan my money is safe dot com or Steve at my money's safe dot com. And we will be talking some more about how to create a pension like income. All right folks welcome back this is great millions Steve Lewis of the prosperity group in. We are talking today about how to create a pension like income for. Which your IRA or 41 K and eight again now I wanna point something out so. Have somebody came over earlier this weekend. Actually last week and they have. And I and they have a 401K. But as I explained to me probably wouldn't be able to do anything until they were. 59 and a half. And so that was the case they they cannot do anything with him with therefore we can until the 59 and half. But these people are savers and they did something with you know with their income and so we are. Basically creating a tax free plan for them try to tax free plan which gives them a tax free death benefit. Which gives them and rate of return that they can make. Averages last 25 years or anywhere from six to 8%. 868%. Return and there's no risk with the account. You know will go into that more of it you know is looking in an article insist Social Security just turned eighty in the benefit has never been more important. It's a sole source of income for one in four recipients. And with the diminishment of traditional pensions it promises to be the only source of guaranteed lifetime income. For many now near retirement. Now that's interest in that it says that Steve you know the difference with. What we do for clients. And it's and it's kind of sad that it's it's the only source of income for one in four recipients. I mean Sunnis and and a pension savings nothing okay. The majority of our clients to probably listen to this show you're stuck quite the same situation but the Social Security decision is very important as well. There are some people. That maybe need to wait to trigger Social Security no actually triggering come from their hiring. That's 65. As opposed to the traditional aspect of the wheel to switch we're sitting in half we start taking money out because what they're dealing Steve is that higher array. Becomes an annuity for the government. Because what happens is the greater than did that the older they are the more are in deer required minimum distribution they have to take. So in many cases they may want it to splinter Social Security Rolla. And to start taking money from their irony. But here's another factor Steve when they take money the other talks a lifetime income for Social Security. But it ends of their life. There's a lower income right and there's a very small death benefit. And maybe that blew the spouse. If if the husband dies and he has a greater amount. Then the wife gets his benefit and loses hers but she still taking a reduction of income it's probably 120%. But do you know that with our pension like income accounts. And in many cases that income account still pays us a death benefit for the kids that's pretty awesome it is it is so they're getting their cake you needed to. If they want an increasing income that's great. I mean folks were were talking about some tools to protect you now. One of the things you should call us for again calling us at 9890176. Or emailing us yeah Greg my money is safe dot com. Is you want to gift. A Social Security naturalization report do you need to look at exactly how you need to structures Social Security so. If you're listening to this in your thinking about retirement here wanting to get it. An opinion on a 41 K. Or hire ray do you wanna get a ain't pension like income. Plan for months they give us a call will meet with human in structure one for you and secondly give us a call and will be able to set up a Social Security. Max musician report to see the best way to do it. You know you're you're talking about we talk a pension like income all the time and actually one of the reason we talked about that is a lot of people don't even have pensions anymore but. It's better based on what you're just saying it's better than attention because in most cases went in a pension when somebody dies it's like Social Security. The pension typically goes away I mean there's a ways that you can arrange were continues but the typically goes away and the the programs that we have. They don't as you said that they income continues. With a spouse if they choose to do that's it's even better than that attention really in an. No it it is it is because you're right the pension usually goes away. He I'm I'm reading a thing for money on the interests by Don Catholic and this was in September of 2015. And it's a Social Security benefits are more complicated than most. Pre retirees understand and confusion results in millions of people failing to maximize this bedrock source of retirement income. Your research shows. Social Security payments go to 88% of Americans age 65 and older. Independently keeps 33%. This population out of poverty. So that's about 40%. Recipients of Social Security are kept out of poverty because of the Social Security payments I don't know if you've been following this Steve. There's buzz again about running out of Social Security early you know they're talking about this again Gloria. Then and as the deficit continues to increase. You know I believe if we have tax reform which can help everybody along the way. But the way the road has been paved. With his presence administration mean the amount of difficulty he's getting. To implement some of his plans. Who knows what's gonna happen and wind and I can have a profound impact on the market so all the work record highs we need to be wary of this. Well what we know is that our debt is we're almost 120 trillion now felt or they added a 21 it's and and we can't pay it back there's no way of payback the money that we have. And you know if the interest rates. Continue it if they start ratcheting up. We're gonna get to a point where we cant even service that debt that we have much less pay down the the principal. And then now we're back in the same situation where where you know we're we're gonna have to rob somebody do you take care of that that money right I mean they're they're gonna have to cut. Somewhere Q to make those payments. Well you're absolutely correct in and so you know the logic of Washington is taxed more. That's always seems to be the solution whether it's taxing whoever it is I mean here's a reality with. Would all the sergeant. People that are rich kid and typically afford lawyers we can afford CPAs they can or they can offer. They can afford to get professionals that can figure out the loopholes. With any of the system if they need to they can move out of the country and go to some tax havens so it's a fallacy that you think you can. And redistribute wealth. The way it's occurred in my opinion okay you need a balance of things you can't be so top heavy that it's unfair I agree with that. But you know the that you jolt. Build prosperity by taxing you Ronald Reagan basically made that station each statement he said that you know when you tax. It's an impressive consistency can't tax yourself into wealth. And end and it's a fallacy so that this logic of paralyzing people. You don't wind are doing well its in my opinion it's stupid so for our listeners for the vantage point that's important for them. They have to make the right decision. And folks you need to get your Social Security Maxima as they should report. And you need to request. Your pension like income scenario from us so just give us a call. 86498901768649890176. Your website which is WWW my money is safe dot com. Lot of stuff that you can request you can punch and information. It's far is you know what your financial picture is and we will follow up and get with you about these things so it's very very important what we're talking about. You know is Steve Social Security. There are people making the wrong decisions I had a client come in he had forgotten about the report. In so he started taking social security and showed that it was a mistake he was able to stop you just got this first payment. So you know fortunately were were looking at these things. If this is not just a one stop shop where we put you with one company you get one product and everybody's into the same thing because everybody's situation is different. So try us out get a second opinion give us a call. 864989017. Success is great millions Steve Lewis of the prosperity are welcome back folks this is Greg Kelly of the prosperity Gergen Steve Lewis. And we're talking today about creating potential like income which you're hiring 41 K so the music that you've heard the first segment it was a song it was called song for mama. And that's a song that my daughter any L Lee wrote about. Her mom my late wife Marie. And it was with her her battle with cancer. And then the second son issue here you heard was my money my late wife marine which sang a song called. Can you reach my friend and great great song and miss her voice and in. Miss her so. Folks I know many of you have been affected by this dreaded disease called cancer and so you know by. We pray for anybody that's been struggling with this in the you know pray that things can go well for. All right folks we are talking to data about creating pension like income which you're hiring 41 K. You know we talked the last segment how many people are so dependent on Social Security the 33%. Of retires would be. In the poverty level if it wasn't for Social Security so although there's talk about Social Security running out of money. You know there's a problem there. And and there's another factor folks for one I can see the new federal chairman and you Fed Chairman. That. President trump has brought an end and president trump said this during. The campaign he's in favor of low interest rates which makes sense because of the fact he was a real estate person. So it it provides you know good things as far as real estate goes it also keeps our debt from escalating which is another factor. So this kind of a shudder at the kind of process the stock market through the old adage. Interest rates are those stocks are broken accounts well yeah and Ito and it engaged actors to stunned discrepancy on there because sometimes people say they bring interest rates down. To keep the market from crashing others you know you hear that I hear what you're saying yes and obviously with the low interest rates right now I don't see any option key magically with the hyperinflation. That you know and CDs went to 13%. Are dead widgets. You know we would we would careen off the top so. Right now the two strategies gonna be what what to Alan Greenspan did in yellen did which is to keep interest rates low. The problem in my opinion is at some point all of this debt is going to come to roost so. That's kind of where an unknown territory. In this is the first time a capitalist economy. That we've seen this much infusion of government capital we've never seen him in in our country. And in so. You know we need to reset but what's gonna happen. Yeah I mean how how they did that in Rome was. They started shaven the coins offer because they have this there was precious metal in the corn so they'd shave declines to get some of the precious metal to make more points you know they're they're basically. Creating money where there was that while they didn't have the opportunity. To digitize and that they still collapsed while we're digitize thing which is. Still well done and I've been following this bitcoin. Aria get a new Holland yeah hit a new high in my estimation is it'll hit 101000. You know I'm still trying to wrap my brain around it become. You know I'm on I'm talking to some folks about the crypto currency mind guest. Is that the Federal Reserve is gonna try to put a hold on some of the script took currency because it's gonna give people a way to go outside of the system. Now the majority of our retirees are not into this they're probably not spending a lot of time looking at some of these things right here. Bill that you were looking at the whole picture so with what we have in hand and again folks call and request your Social Security. Max was a sure report and what that means is give us a call 8649890176. By the way if you're out of the area it's 1804400434. And we will actually look. At some strategies that you can use to create potential like income. With your account and look at your Social Security so we looking at the whole holistic picture if you will. You know what what we ran into more often than not when we ran into it again this week is you people that have done a really good job. Creating a retirement account or maybe several retirement accounts. They've got enough money that they can live comfortably the rest of their lives. And yet. They've got 67%. Of their money or more in the market. And it is interesting is because this couple that we met with him really done a great job. And yet. They were they had some there was there there was no in between there was either some that they had any cash account. And there was some or most of it was actually incredibly aggressive and and and pure stocks not even. B I finds there on your stocks. And so. Hey but when we started when we talk to them and begin explaining that I think you're really resonated with them they understood. Yeah we we need Q we need to stop playing in the casino now it's time to the time to drop back and and be conservative. And any even I wanted to take one of the thing and I met we met with another client we did every year. And this particular client was incredibly conservative with the account that we put hurry and really really conservative and she still made almost 7% last. Let them yourself once you are on the low side of the very conservative so and well it sure looks in that 7% that's the beauty she doesn't it doesn't go down absolute 0100%. Risk there is no risk. In this account for her at all it's locked and here here's what people need to realize Steve let's say. Work correct let's say there's a correction and occur sometime next year. And let's say the correction. Goes the market takes a 60%. Dive over the course of four years. Which is not unrealistic it's not unrealistic anymore I remember what's going to seminar in 2002. And actually yeah 2002 and I talked about how the market take take a 50% and the man in the seminar. Erupted means that there's no way the market's gonna take a 50% yet. And later that year dropped 33%. You over the course of two years. And I I just use that to give an example I can't tell you and you exactly is gonna crush them much but the point is it did and so what's happening. As these margins Disney's new records hit. That means that the downside becomes bigger than spin increases that's what I was referring to when I said these these graphs show a doubling of the same ground. For the last 25 years. I mean less 32 years it just doubles goes back down doubles goes back down if it keeps going well fortunately over time. But if you're 65 or seven years old when the market takes the hit analysts say we have. Bear run for 56 years I can really affect your retirement absolutely so you know there's the question we pose a lot on this show. You put a 100000 dollars in the stock market in the stock market tanks and even just. 40% let's just do 40% because that's historically kind of where it's been so 40% correction. So you got 60000 dollars now the market starts going back up where it's gonna take you 81015. Or more years to get back to zero. Much less and moving ahead two run go with the accounts that we have the market tanks 40% your 100000 guess what it's still a 100000. And so when the markets are through and I guess what your accounts are smooth and up. It's it's it's almost like creating your own little personal hedge fund that's exact their you know because you were hedging your show what we're seeing folks is we're not encouraging her to put money in the market. We're encouraging you to. Have some safe money as part of your foundation you need to have a foundation. A house is not built on a firm foundation when a storm Posey gets washed away. She you've got to have a deep rooted they were talking about the hurricanes about some of the homes that were built properly. In Florida and especially in Japan where they're you know they had typhoons and stuff. And those houses that are built on that firm foundation which stand those storms. And they don't have the damage that some of these quick stick built house is that he built quickly with without a good. We've seen this happen with the hurricanes. You look at some of the Caribbean countries were that the the construction is not as good and they get wiped out. So people need to do it for a financial basis to need to have a foundation that's what we're talking about. I wanna start to regressing into the tax report but did you wanna her. Skinny as a kind of biblical analogy you know. Back in the days and in Egypt when Joseph Telfair to put. The store we took away because there was a famine coming right. And if they did that and they are very prudent and had they not done that. There would have been you know tons of people that would have starved and died that the 'cause there of them planning they were able to weather the storm and that's what we talk about is whether he's having a plan. To weather the storm the storm is coming maybe tomorrow maybe a year may be five years but the storm is coming. And that you need to be in a position where you can whether it ends and the that what we offer definitely a pitcher that has a. You know as Steve I I think it's a great point there is definitely a segue. A segue to to what you were talking about the the reality is is. I do believe that there may be a storm telling at some point could be financial. It could be in housing market began an and it's not we're not trying to put a doom and gloom it's not trying to cause fear. It's it is we'd go through cycles in history we go through cycles financially. You know there's a book written by a rabbi Jonathan Kong called wish me to. And harbinger where it it outlines these these the set we even did a show on it so if you you wanna go to our website WWW my money's safe dot com. You can go back and look at the show that we did about that. It was interesting that you know the there was a corrections a mini correction that happened. On that you need to gain that was two years ago and in 2015. And people start getting a little bit concerned but that the reality is. History has a strange way of repeating itself. And the people that are prepared. And it doesn't mean huge ego. I remember when like you can hit people sold their business they moved out into the woods and if so what were suggesting we're just saying take a percentage of your money. And that the starting point in my opinion should be your IRA or 41 K. Because that's money that is in a sense your sacred money that you don't want to go south because you can't get a tax write off. But what I wanna talk about next segment Steve is. How we can using creative potential like income on a tax free basis by starting to shift the money. So people that are 55 to 59 years old in her position. To move their 401K do in his service roll over or maybe either they're switching jobs. Instead of rolling up 41 K to the new company's 41 K they should go ahead and put into a safe money strategy because now they've got more options. Than they currently do see that's one of the big mistakes is they just take that money roll it into the new 41 K and they still have a tremendous amount of risk. Now folks were out of time this segment that tune into the next segment as we talked about their pension like income that's tax free so. This is great yelling turn Steve loose. Welcome back folks this is great millions Steve Lewis for the prosperity group and there was a song called we've got the music that my wife and I. Recorded it was our title. The song for our our contemporary Christian album. Album cassette tape has said boy I'm dating myself Lisa wasn't an eight track that would really dated you don't like this trip that it has those are my Brothers had the extraction can't. Both there were we're talking cassettes at the tape and in. We have CDs in effect on getting some more made up so if anybody would like any of those amino. In and also from my daughters who we're gonna put some of that stuff on the web sites and the Steve I want to talk about another segment of pension like income that did people don't realize is available to them. A lot of people that are savers like the couple we met with the other day. You know if people have more money at the end of the month end of the year. In less. And they've got a surplus of money. You know a lot of people reinvest in the market Lotta people stake in the bank a lot of people put it under the mattress. I mean a lot of different things. But we can show you waited too in the sense be like her own bank. Create an account where you have a tax free death benefit where you have a bunch of living benefits to protect you from a nursing home to protect you from terminal illness critical illness. And this account if you put this money in there. An aid in you can put it over five years seven years ten years. You create a revenue seen stream that is completely tax free. With the rules of the iris. I hope everybody heard that then and they're not nearly crashing out this other tax free. Meaning free of taxes there are no taxes there's no tax liability no tax obligation. With this program as a long as they follow through with the program through and explain the details on that because you know they don't follow through the program. And we make sure that they understand that because the program is is is great but here's the other side of the coin. We also know listen to this folks again our phone number is 9890176. We're located twenty parkway commons way we are a local company we've been here. And lasts I think your last 25 years our office we've been there at the same place for the last ten years. Where the parkway commons that's agree mailing address were just off of base Ville road off of the parkway. Of battle blocks a southeast of the parkway. Near the national building. And the point is folks we can show you how to create a savings plan. Where you are going to earn and he says tax free Steve but compound interest tax for. That's pretty awesome compound interest are calling them the ninth wonder of the world I think. Einstein said compound interest TH wonder I called us the ninth wonder of the world because it creates revenue stream where you are in essence being your own bank. And if you want we can even find a bank that will add. Three times as much as you do when you get to make money off of their money we've talked about a preview shows yet on the sensor going to be church. That's like a mortgage Steve it's like a mortgage the policy becomes the collateral if you will just like your house is the collateral so. It's not and one of the reasons the and this is one of the questions people ask just one of the reason that the bank. Will do this is because of how predictable and consistent. These accounts are these tax free accounts and so they are available for you folks if if you got. Money that's sitting in cash because you've just been a little bit concerned about the marketer you really I concern in 2008 even sitting in cash. Do you know Steve to our cash accounts the ones that we recommend is our CD alternatives. He would have been averaging the last five years 7%. 7%. And so we've got a lot of people that can move those accounts. And utilize it for an income stream have bet. Benefits that are tax free if they dying. Some nursing home protection. So we've got a lot of these accounts so we can show you a strategy. And and here's the thing Steve's day can be a legacy account. So we can show people how to take in effect I'm a working this for Koppel. Where these folks are just not spending money. So I explain to a two year you've got a new he's got a lot of communities that got probably about. 35% in the market 65%. In safe money accounts. And I said to me of the safe money county Munis are great I should be you're not spending money which means that tells me your wanting to leave money. For the kids so I'm gonna do is second to die policy for them. Which is going to allow them if they want to believe a million dollars to the kids tax for a while. A million dollars to the free to kids tax free and are not sacrificing her not dipping into their income they're just using some of these accounts that are really. Not serving the purpose of what they want and know what's total about this. So Lee he's so again folks if you're listening to what we're saying if you haven't annuities if you've got oh a lot of the new duties because you're trying to protect your money. Then which is great. Good income strategy good safe money strategy but if you really just wind this money to go to the kids that's not the most efficient way to do it. Come and see us and we'll show you how to efficiently pass that money your kids. In some cases Steve we can create an income stream for themselves where they have now. A tax free bucket of money as opposed to having all their money and hire raised and we see a lot of people like this to have a ton of money in IRAs. And 41 case and guess what's gonna have to wonder serving in half they've got to tax snowball because no one's talked to them how to protect them. So look at tax bomb and attack snowball because gonna blow open their face here's what I hope that people have heard in this in this show today. Is you know first off you need to plan you've got to have some kind of a strategy. And it doesn't matter who you are doesn't matter you know what situation here and you need to have a plan moving answer retire that's number one the second thing is when you commons and stay with us. We're definitely not a one size fits all we we that we are able to customize were able to go and and and individualized. Each person based on your situation so maybe that bank financing thing that they Greg talked about which is an incredible plan. Is not right for you maybe you've got more limited resources they're still ways to go and and be creative. And tax savvy with what it is that you're doing and being Smart and safe. And and doing an in a way that it's gonna plan and and help you into the future so you know. Planned customize be tax savvy that. That's sort of my three words you know the Steve you're you're actually right because that's what's what's happening to say that people spend more time planning your vacations and their retirement. And that's really true that. Well and what happens is is people fall into plans you know they have a 41 K that's a force savings if you will. And that's it they're not doing any additional planning so it's important that they make. The right decisions folks she wanna tune into the next show I believe it's gonna air of the week captors do Thanksgiving. But what we're gonna do is or talk about retirement issues and and Stephen largest in the kind of just talk but whatever subject it comes. On our mind burlesque each other questions and we're just gonna make it kind of a free for all and just talking a different stories we're clients if it happened. Listen we're out of time this week join us for the stress free retirement our god bless you have a great day this is great millions Steve Lewis take care to back up.