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It is the natural progression. In the well explain in. This device literally rebel army data collection and Smart on our form. Dot Indian invasion that we put in the crichton's work football today. And will be the largest part of where people who read this or football to a future. Being that we started collecting at impact data from the field of play. Back in 2004. So a lot of people realize that this is. A lot of lot of data about what's actually happening on the football field. In relationship at impact exposure. That you know really helped us to create a platform like Ian by training tool. And you'd like platform but also helped inform our equipment to. I'm because there's there's nobody else out there that has that old boss somebody proprietary. Hadn't acted. Natalie and I've just recently did not perfect yesterday do one interview with India coaches will Michael accusing. The technology. It's pretty amazing stuff. Too little bit about. How it works a human does taking it what happens how does that work on it. Yet so you. Agree student athletes helmet is set up you know prior seasons are inherently get started and you know we know okay this summit that element. Any data that comes from the helmet is going to go to your profile on the wet side. We structured baton Oprah earned the actual user in her face but. Now that helmet or set up at the beginning this season. But he had been motion sensors on helmet or movie needs data on the job really or it. What it knows to do you define me and help monitor sort of sparked the actual hardware components. A sensor that you know. Integrated into the helmet it's part of the moment there's a hand held monitor which is what on the communicate whip. And then there's the into attorney cool web site which is really you know former yeah actual product when it comes to data is that west side. To receive at that moment start moving they automatically check and and they relate data. All in real time in also. On Moraga in aggregate scale you know collecting more robust stated in the background. So in real time those helmets is a player experiences a single impact. Or series of moles or impacts that really would be. I spoke the national board for their level in their position group. The culture members will be met monitor on the spot on would be alerted to a I'm so that that went teachers in and really where insights started what does. With insight as a working mechanisms that would help them that a player experienced. Significant impact based prop bet they because. You know objective we coach trainer mark so you Patrick that we couldn't look at an impact Indo. You know from an objective manner what the Linear acceleration in the rotational celebration. I'm for transferring and location are positioned Ohman took an impact on the football field. It's not really possible. Unless you have a tech now like this. To give you information that otherwise you would not. So I know that was kind of rambled there but the way it works is Helmut. Monitor or impact. On the coach you don't happen jerked battery you know these corporate football like they normally would. Take that into monitor with them on the communicate that. And then. The layer under the wording data can be alerting data that you get real time. Tells you who what I'm happy and the players' position and dangers number. But in the background were also collecting impact data on nearly every it happened. In regards to what we call it impact exposure date and that you know which player was that it had him answer springs impact. How our work today and we're on the head where they occur that the data that in addition to be where it goes into the killer's profile on the web so. In addition to you know and a player takes it monitoring that for example how or coaches being able to use this in training their team. In two meters a significant advantages in this tool to telling me coach the athlete perform. Or. In the death necessarily didn't do that hit it right ticket for you know done something better to protect themselves. Now as a tool to change in the game in that respect. Yet and we're seeing now rude or football ball. In a lot of that is. Innovative approach is that coaches athletic trainers did. They want more permission. And they want me and that they can use it in their coaching crop the world record from. On the go up to practice in and go back a little bit more than our view how to coaching work in whoa re implement. You know whipping open the data that they yet. And with a weighted that the structure and the okay what the date I have is something new but it never had before. How are the information. And put it back in the mark coaching to make that player better and it turned better protect that in. An example. What they've. They're they're a lot of growth in these between coaching I think that the most ever programs going to be coaching whether they. Have been clocked in one of those would be at. Right where. In the players at great when they're making contact but it that blocking tackling. Catching Ballmer route. Groenenberg while but we'd get down to it coaches want their guys have had to act. Seeing what they did not drop in. That's from not only player protection they be important but also from vocal performance and your middle linebacker is going to probably be in better hack where. It is not looking at issue is astronomy class are in the running back may cut back on Elmer. He's probably got better you know better make way from the nine guys on the ground are actually he was going on opposed. When when and when when the guard get dot linebacker level and now I'm back from the displaced back art to be in the way. You don't bury it at that at all but one chip. Right we do that involved here it is in and it proper display acts and you know broke. Out that the relations it. Really objectively. Coaches could get that from now right in there watching ought to Korea replicate it in practice but. If you if you go to our practice. You're then probably our app or over our. Rude at that level beat L and summarize. Manner. Would take you five hours and out. One way that we set up the web site that if there is a player. For now there's ample paper metric that we used from our partner database but there's a layer. It has training opportunities. Back to your question are these in the training we set up notification on the web. That require has higher volume. Higher intensity. Is higher load or abnormal location. For their head and pac vs the national board for their position group that coach of the user will be notified and that law. That he aid debt they have immediate feedback on exact yeah what's going on which necessarily being mean at the able see all the nuances while watching. Washington Alicia. Above your head you know 150 feet repressed. So. In an in one more thing and it'll be quick here. The thing is too weak we got this in the beta right and coaches wanted to put. They've got more data more information more. More you know popped warns that seeing him on time for a you just discover an extra hour in their date between teaching coaching being with their and we had to dig through. So that's where we and that sort notified then so they can pick and I deeper when they Cuban need to you were or when it did on it but. Otherwise they wouldn't be notified of that and I talked about the training opportunity person the national more but the other dimension of those. Is not dispersant than national or more talking about one way or Burson is a little history. So it if you ask what what makes that Smart. Or differentiate bet it's. That the helmet or are the top is learning that guy's behavior. In what is typical attitude is that it's really trained or staff changes. It's gonna let this coach and a so normally guy at. It good placement or don't have a lot of high impact that spikes today practice. In note I'm so tomorrow. What we do or what wonder when that the other features is we built that school. For coaches to actually build practice. Go out of Iraq today in street coach. And is scheduled to open back shorts right. Ever a we go to or would they didn't potentially make that schedule on and by turning cool platform. In the mortgage and upload your head impact data it courtly. That data you know who how our where. Back to what activity on on the on the schedule. Or is it says is there are an application for it to be used in game. Our coaches getting any kind of advantages to how well you know. Someone a key players doing at any given time can they pull that up immediately and go OK he's taken once that he hit we got to get to not replace in this kind of giving. So young teens 81 up there. Other people account to use that technology. Yeah I changed you know as far as your statement there. Anybody in technology it's the ones who work related doctors and should to be inundated in there for coaching. It so we do something that's been that you integration and it and their crop. It was something that might look at that it. Really. My eyes well well or game you you're gonna coached a lot techniques that your urgent problem more schematic is. You know you want to make sure you get your sign line right. On its relief that we. In Beijing today and it's finding that balance of you how much contact are we cleaning into our practice. In the after the fact that we objectively evaluate that seat okay we were shooting at a much higher intensity and we anticipated yesterday. What are we need to do have to manipulator. Are scheduled for day to make sure we're ready to go on game. And so so there are you during the game be hurting option but it talked about for about. Probably. Where you see the majority of your work. On new irons. As. It did it on what you work so. You know they were acquired during game more practice that he'd gotten word aboard the first question what would he do what. Don't go to the game go and see what what position did he go and so then what with the situation activity. Where that Carter. In their coaching implementation that we couldn't quite apt at you know trying to dig deeper now. Total opposite that you can then put your finger right at the right that forming. They are pro. Yeah and that that cute now Hitler sure 00. Right. If you bowl football players you bald we want information to kids get an idol count watched. It and they go home to watch with the care they watch on their own what coach. Or information but not just for corporations say it's actionable information. When they ask you this Hampshire since 2014 you've probably gotten millions of bits of data from impacts across you know. Various platforms. What is your company doing to improve the overall. Quality and safety of the product you'd felt that necessarily art yes the Smart hell that's where thing are you utilizing. Data to get and other products as well. Absolutely. Absolutely met that reference to start our session after he informed design. Our equipment technology you know that's a very chief termed informed design. Because we we do you have any period the end and in theory could researching ago prior to go back there it's right. But what we have bill now. Is over I million on fuel level position specific impacts of it as we're designing our own. You know the next element to specific to players are specific to a certain position group. It is not based on actual data from Tokyo not just the webcast. Actual on QB you know what happens in the game balls being away. We try to do it again he quote insight. Into. What happened on the tube which forms widget on our equipment. Are you one final quick question here what I pictured here mostly marketing these pellets and devices towards teams. Are you starting to get any interest in the consumer level meeting our parents starting to go oh OK well. For example like talk to a coach yesterday who said he got a couple players to. There appears to me and not necessarily let them play but they think that because that the helmets and the insights in the information currency given about forest. That they feel a little bit saved her are you seeing parents during a bias toward deploying and is where the new trend going on this and hearing. Yeah and it's. Answered that question it's not that it errands. I mean it or say some of sometimes the parent are actually and burst Napoli. We we apparent that Coleman because they see you know if you can see your coverage and content that you quit now. And wonder after mark Boyer and other kids. On this about what seemed apparent to become more involved because of the conversation that are out there. In a note of where now we can you best possible equipment Tina. I'm so we do we get called new weekly from here in the warriors team that you want an outing at a player. In London in approached the school means war approaches. Other ball party they're looking now the best of the student athletes. In that community. Process. For into Batman which is about welcomes for. Urban institute quick side and not really the interview cut off to a crisp high school coach yesterday whoo kid saying you're praising yields cigarette down near you fit the entire helmet just the process this news he couldn't. Have been more pleased with the helmet the technology and how you're you know you can literally almost mold. And held it for a student I just think it's pretty credible. Yeah and the bottom of the future or would go home look like it's it's really hold another more conversation but it. You know get seem dated and forms design as we continue our proprietary. Processes by its provisions. It would sound like that lucrative market bow. You know they did think optimize it and alma required not a traditional airliners but custom treaties gan. The individually and all the components as we advance. The data that we have from platform like in right now the individual player level will inform the design and from that perspective but from me. Production design corner or back individual player's knee. Which it. And we talk about Asian. Wii is. A pro body that actually. It can change the way people do things are crew. On you from the date of the troops is yet. It changed how big college in chains and they're getting from forms and pointing in from the player actions.