Salute To Service 1-20-2018 Hour 1

Salute to Service
Saturday, January 20th

Salute To Service


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Our eight. Welcome welcome salute to service in spite of the government shut down we're here. The sun rose. Everything the home be all right yeah. They want NIC you know the government shuts down the sun still came up this morning the refrigerator was still working keeping stuff cold coffee maker work the inner webs was still work in sun still Shannon and the radio still but net neutrality plug along and what about net neutrality. It's true hero and I swear to god man they. These people in DC in by these people I mean congress. And now the whole crying the blues both. Both bicameral. I think is bicameral yeah there were you know there are all stupid. You know it be nice if people ages did it do the job. That they need to do rather than you know like Bobby Max is a unit can be key theater and this year is really just all gamesmanship is that you were talking here for the show and rest his fault no it's his law and how inherits the buzz word now and everybody's light will they're holding this hostage no you're holding this hostage we're holding this. You know look I think if if these these little temporary shutdowns mean approve anything it's one. If we're able to technically and again I got a air quotes here shutdown mean the government and yet. You're still out there doing your thing today gambled do your thing tomorrow and go to work Monday. And you'll be able to go get grocery shall be able to pay your bills you will be able work make a little bunny you know if you're working in private enterprise or for yourself. You know that that life goes on in his only because he's being nonessential. Stuff and then that out begs the question of if it's nonessential. Why do we have it why don't we had. Why don't we well and into the buzzword thing and when runner up ran about to see in the week but you know they're holding this hostage yet. Well it's like when the idiots say well I'm gonna fight for. Yeah not via like ten people in congress in Everett literally fought for any them. And I and I'd say eight of those had been in the military in the other to relate you know. Joseph Biden who I have no doubt the balled fist fights in bars which you may just because gee you're assuming he's obviously to some is behavior he's he's taken a few leaks today. I NA. Yeah I may not agree with Biden's politics and he's a creepy canning act. But it. I would I would think that Joseph would probably be okay to drink beer probably he probably be testing converse and gap. Speaking of so the government shut down and hole what's that mean for our military. What's doing something he lets it Maine tell us. John term means a lot of things but. The end of the day the world's not gonna come to an end that there are some things and at this on how long this goes on I mean I gotta I gotta sneaking suspicion this is going to be. Cleared up very early in the week is not gonna go on thirteen 141516 days like I did back and thirteen. Hey what does that mean for military pay wont pay be affected yes the appeared military personnel won't be paid until the shutdown ends. Now. That's a worsening your senior members. You're off your core seniors staff NGOs and stuff that may not be such a big deal. But it's four. The 134. Living on and you know living in base housing or maybe they got an apartment out of town in the got a kid and and menu got to go to the grocery store. In Newington paid them I don't buy groceries yet. Mortgage company doesn't care that the government shut down. The the cable company doesn't care to people you're in your furniture from us right it'll literally a bet that car that you drove in a major they have 38% interest. I was so funny are not funny I ironic you know is how you politicians on both sides always stop by you know were for the little guy or for the little guy and here. With this this. The big sticking point seems to be this illegal aliens are talk an amnesty you know this type stuff and you've got people from both parties. That are putting. People who broke the law and that's why they are illegally. Here is 'cause they didn't follow procedure they're putting those people ahead of the needs of everybody everybody in especially in regards to our military. The you know like you said that those lower enlisted. Types and I'd even say you know maybe eve. You've got some junior option some lieutenants out there united. Struggle a little it didn't know where there's no way process and somebody give them a compass and if it bit the bit nowhere near as much as you said you know you've got. Young men and women serving. In the military and you know he wants the this is this canister efforts in his because. People that are that are. Grown adult human beings with a educations and this is supposedly a certain amount of skills and Dennis. Savvy when it comes to the ways of the world get elected and they go to Washington DC and they. It's not that they can't do their job is just apparently they've decided not to do. They're job because this isn't a surprise. It's not like somebody suddenly last you know Monday said. Well wait a second I just found a post it note on the back in my refrigerator. That was covered up with a you know. Draw or ring my kid did. We've we've got to have a budget putting it not that you know this every freaking year you've got to do this. Here's a thought am. 'cause the military August always gets thrown into this every time anything happens in Washington DC these these politicians start drag in the military around you know they they make us these big. Poster children for everything that's going on. Why not take the military budget flush it out from the rest of the federal government budget and make it a standalone. Standalone item yet. Here's the military budget this is how much military's gonna get this year and let's vote less vote on. Take it take it as a separate and that's a great idea. That way we don't we don't you know I didn't care how much because because the military budget is constitutional. Yes that is constitutional when so much of this other crap that they go in there. It's it's not you you can't look at a lot of stuff that our mayor and say. There is a constitutional reason that federal dollars are being used for. You know grants to some university. Studied the reproductive habits of cockroaches so. All right along those lines then why not separate. Each portion of the budget in other words. Are right so the military DOD gets accidentally here's your budget we're gonna vote on it. VHS it's next your your budget we're gonna vote on it. A department of the treasury Department of Commerce all these cabinet level positions whenever they're over. That you were gonna vote on your budget it is going to be standalone deal and a that's it we're not gonna vote a one mass budget because that's free C Ellis other garbage yet and so if they wanna vote if they want doc could be a thing let's go to DH yes. In word to use DHS money because that's that's where that's gonna come from yet you know or entitlements in let's vote on an entitlement funding bill. Indeed that rather than want it all together see is just another way to anyway joked. Inferred who is in. Meehan and interviewed about a week or so ago and it was Eckstein in the article he was talking I kind of for seeing this coming. About the dangers again of continuing to demand certain levels of performance from our military. And you containing two. Have to plan around these continuing resolution consistent cars and everybody else rather than. Passing a budget in knowing you've got X amount of dollars of what work with and centered offense Mattis has also meant. Talked about the challenges of securing the nation defending the nation there. What what what we need money to do that yeah we needed to be done without all the brought us here that goes along with a right absolutely. So art retired pay not affected comes from a different pool money. PCS and TD wire PCS permanent change station TD why we used CAD. To treaty all right they did do it temporarily temporarily the size it is a military business trip it essentially we call it a Ph.D. stands for. I temporary it temporarily assigned duty but we always say traveling around drunk. Military moves to operate duty traveler generally canceled a separate service members traveling to activities and operations term to be essential. Health care this one got. Bandied about. Yesterday quite a bit military treatment facilities will continue to provide inpatient care of those acute emergency outpatient medical and dental facility private sector care under strikers not affected. Thomas series only overseas commissary and those in remote US locations were no other reasonable sources of food available for military personnel would remain open. Is that there is shut down the kind of series forced to close a follow an orderly procedure to allow stores captured his stocks of perishable so and so for. Exchanges they won't close because they don't rely on taxpayer dollars DOD schools under 66 DOD schools over say overseas as stateside will remain open. Death gratuities. Essentially it's weird you know service member dies down and there's pay out. These 100000 on payments may not be made immediately to the designated survivors search remember who dies an active duty. So that would be back pain I'm assuming child care. Mixed bag each installation term with a child development centers continue to operate. NWR. Activities that are funded entirely by not appropriated five stop by taxpayer dollars wouldn't be affected by the shut down. Bowling center a golf course funded by customers likely would remain open for example. DOD civilians who are required Kara sport activities deemed essential would be furloughed. So in 2013. Just for referred comparison 400000. DOD civilians including spouses veterans and retirees were furloughed. Military academy students can continue to attain class only if the instructors military ears contractor paid with. Prior year's fines so that. In a nutshell is kinda how. The government shut down temporary night depending on how long it goes would affect directly. The military. I for one don't think this is gonna last too long I think they got pretty close to a deal the other day Intel. Chuckie boy walked into the the Oval Office with a list but mentally I'm more current and some note. I met you can't. I mean right so there's some confusion Prez said give me a bill signed I don't care what it is I'll take the heat and shut you blogs and talk about. I want dock up and I want fourteen bags under read those in a role to role race and I want gas for a year in Netflix. Now Manny can't get off man that's said that's not now you can't have that it's. In is frustrating and you know Limbaugh others in now in in talk shows. Beaten the drum on this topic the last couple of days. You know it's just we know this is coming. That and every time every time and just wait and it's why. And it's and it is absolutely. Ridiculous. AA you know I. You know may be enough people show that they got. Now what's the term damaging it got woke people that woke up with this last Election Day and with we've we've seen things that are going on and and citizens are not happy about certain stuff and it's. You know he hero this goes town to take our country back in Ireland and I get that that frustration I've been in that in that vote. With frustration with many many people. And I think you know what we've got to remember are the times like this when aside what we've what we've done is we've with our vote have entrusted these. Men and women to go up there. And him manage the business. Of running this republic and frankly they're not doing. Well they're they're they're they're they're failing and so what you need to remember is the what you're thinking what are your feelings that day. Remember that when November. Rolls around. On these election years don't. Conveniently forget because that's what the politicians are counting on is you have an short term memory so keep all this amount. Make yourself a note it's type it in in a worker document that you saved. Go back and review at some point before the election gets closer. But just keep in mind that. You know. Your ear out the week we couldn't run our households you couldn't run anything in the private sector. Behaving this way now you have to have a life that you couldn't do it and yet we allow. People love of both major parties and people that are and appointed positions in the government continue to do this. Time after time after time and let him anyway and Betsy you appoint you first made it by about a wall fight I'll fight for you off fight for the little guy analyst at. Is right now as far as the wheel house salute service show against the people that are being her right now. Our. The youngest. Of of American citizens who go in and serve this country that are right now as you said they. The topic we're getting ready to talk about. The consequences consequences of this unintended or not be navy story this week you wanna state and salute to service 1063 WORD chuck and John. And by the way don't ever trusting god has never been punched in the face and be skeptical of a guy who's never been drunk we'll be right back. Got Max salute to service 1063 WORD. John Turner chuck Porter glad to be with you. Hands warmed up out there and I stated a little rough you earlier in the week McKay it's. And today I was which is a morning need to go to the odds of what we're gonna have a desk. I have a dusting that sits I got drive to work my rear wheel drive car. And man now I've got to say is I don't know what he's. BMW and a dynamic traction control really does all of the buttons there on the national pushed it that. I'm glad it's they could pick yellow light come on yeah a little light comes on right estimated at Soledad usually you see nick comes on the main and a lot of us as you know on the way home after a conference call in about a quarter to do and I'm Mike. A Subaru would be repealed it's gotten a rigorously review instead that glad to. Made it to the weekend this weekend a big story other than the weather here in the southeast a huge story broke. Regarding the US navy this week. We talked about these. Tragic collisions that that took place this past year in June June 17 and August when he first. With. US naval destroyers hitting medium tankers in. Cargo carrying ships we had seventeen sailors lose their lives millions of dollars. In damage not to mention in an up with. And on our faces yes I to say. Him. In the conversations that we had we had some naval you know people call in an anti what is about this stuff is that how does this happen when you've got radar sonar. You guys human eyeballs. You know on watch and everything as an into our ships. Our naval vessels are not lit up like a carnival cruise out there if for obvious reasons. But still when you take something that's. The size of of of a destroyer in the crew now the technology that's in that. Thing are you and running and then and then something as big as he these these tankers and cargo ships that and I know you can't stop on it takes a while it turns out. Today I like how you see I don't see how many actually delegates is secret yeah and so we talked about that many times we. Is shared stories that talked about how. Sailors the work schedules in the rotations back out to see duties of like dead these. The crews were just really being pushed to their limits and again harping back did. The previous segment and budgets and he's continue resolutions that sequestration. Cuts and all that stuff that took place. And how it all. Just slowly heads up yet. And you know training suffered certification suffered equipment maintenance maintenance suffers. Candies collisions occur. And seventeen American sailors who lose their lives and we were. Of course Mary incident following this and what's gonna happen now will somebody be held accountable and boy howdy. The answer is big emphatic yes some people are going to be held accountable breaking in the yet. Saw the story first on US NI US name poll. When a US and I news US and united states naval institute news that it. And the the captains the commanders of these two guided missile destroyers the USS FitzGerald and the USS. McCain and these commanders and some other staff officers and one chief petty officer Arab Levy's from the FitzGerald. They're facing some charges and these are you very serious charges. We're looking at criminal charges that include. Charges related to homicide and dereliction of duty hazard in a vessel negligent homicide I mean eight. This is about to get very real and very serious for. The officer is involved in this and then one non. Chief petty officer that that is not named actually in these the only names that have been released because it and you see MJ these. The accused and deserve some level of privacy they have the presumption of innocence and everything else as well the record the names of the the commanders have been released because that's. Well really and they're the commander of the buck stops there is a matter of public record and these these men are commander Bryce Benson's the former commander of the USS FitzGerald and commander Alpharetta GA Sanchez. The USS McCain. That's. I mean we had what was the guy that ran the fleet commander on the Pacific course he got. This is what we would typically expect Mecca and have become accustomed to it because it's all that really seems to ever happen a guy that was the admiral that was out there can remember his name that. Got kind of a slap on the wrist and was forced to retire a little earlier. Than he had planned other guys have been rotated out of their positions I mean really. The harshest punishment. In a military justice story has made the news and and we've discussed it was the gunnery sergeant Marine Corps gunnery sergeant Jeff brown and I can't pair Siler was trying to think simply being convicted of he's seeing in some other things drunk on the -- and you know I'm not good stuff nobody got hammered that he got hammered big time bested two. He's over and nobody in that now think that the one recruit did commit suicide. Okay. But in a bit because this guy's bad behavior this gunnery sergeant bad behavior. He didn't kill anybody. Now no he didn't he he he did yeah he was abusive has some idea but he didn't throw that young man. Three down three flights of stairs into that neck that young person took their own but make make that very clear. But these these naval officers who. Are in charge of these vessels in are responsible for the vessel and the crew like they say that the closest thing you're gonna get to an absolute. Pure monarch on this in this world is the commander of a ship yet. And so as far as the ships goes the she'd be ships go of these these cruise. The buck stops there with that captain. Every time. But. You had. Again millions in damage. Egg on the face him an embarrassment and seventeen sailors lost their lives in so when these charges so are we going to be looking at somebody. Doing some serious serious time in eleven. These guys are going to jail there's there's no there's no two ways about it. Now will they be convicted of of murder or will they be convicted of of you know whoa what are the I am negligent homicide scenes aren't I yeah. They added they they they're charging high because they're expect him to play this down to something that did these guys are going to be one of plea to bit that they're gonna be out of the navy. There are most likely get an gonna get. Other than honorable or dishonorable discharge they're going to be stripped of their pay the be stripped of their retirement. And and most likely they're going to do prison time and I I think it's almost unavoidable at this point to think that they sit in jail. But the question I have. Is that although these these commanders are directly responsible for the vessels. Are they responsible for the culture. Or are they part of a culture that has been bred. Because of an incompetent bureaucracy. In Washington DC in other words are they solely responsible. Four. Of the bill under training under certification. Does crazy. Our urged the the lack of sleep is is. Is that does that register Rackley on their shoulders or is it because like we discussed earlier. There that the funding is in the tank. There's there's no money to go around we've got sequestration we've got it you know 50% of our aircraft in the naval in the naval fleet. RR dot com or they're not combat ready in half of those can't fly period there hangar queens. So. For me the bigger question is if you or are they directly responsible yes but are they solely responsible. Do we need to start looking higher the food chain in identifying. Not only policy and procedure but people. That precipitated that policy and procedure in holding them accountable. For these things via. And in what we're seeing right now in Washington DC these these. Political games over the budget and funding and actually give attending to the business of the republic. All that trickles down and that's why we started with that story first time. Because all that type stuff on we've talked about it here on on several occasions of how those types of games. In the end you listing standards slide you let. Unqualified people served in positions of responsibility you cut funding you'd you'd cut maintenance you cut training. You put people out to. You know these is sequestration cuts the pink slips so to speak have been given the officers and enlisted. While there in the middle of a deployment. You lift that type of thing take place over a number of years in the and you get these two situations they kind of bring everything to ahead. We're seventeen American sailors lost their lives. In situations that were and I don't know much of anything about the mighty trees. The only boat I have ever pilot it is my kayak. Go on down there and a river down a little bass fishing that. But that. To keep two ships from run and into one another. EU let the UA come to a head like this where Americans died and millions in damage and again ultimately these two officers as captain the ships do have a certain amount of responsibility and culpability Mitt that's brilliant for your bring in at this. Did they create their culture are they truly responsible for the culture in the circumstances that Atlanta exhausted. Equipment exhausted sailors everything we're. This happened I don't. I don't know the answer to that but I think it it bears fleshing out yeah I think it it. It would be worth looking into GAAP. Anyway when we come back we'll finish this discussion and a couple firefighters stories just to satisfy people of salute to service one a 63 Debbie Doherty check in John stand on standby. Won a Mac John and chuck salute to service one a 63 WOR DDF states talks facing glad to be GOP you're having a good day and thought out I'm hoping the snow gets melted off my. Frank yard the ended today man our front yard gets so much. Shade. That normally. If it takes days for it to clear and it just makes every thanks argue ticker. It but just pour gasoline Democrats stick a match like I was gonna recommend this guy takes it in about a single par OK yes somebody may have an idea for acne you never know. I got edited and then. Yeah. Here we go guys the ouster have commanders possibility or accountable for everything happens on board their ships and actions of their sworn officers and list an hour they are not Solarz possible. He follows up with those cultures have manner possibly but I don't believe their solar responsible. However you know what rolls downhill. It directs it does roll downhill. But something had to create the the environment. For these things to happen in in something created an environment where these these commanders these officers. Found. The conditions that they were operating in to be acceptable. Yeah if I'm a defense attorney for one of these any of these officers are the ones chief petty officer what I'm gonna start looking at first on is. For they're area as a responsibility or where your logs wears anything you recorded downton about. How you were operating the best she could under the conditions of with the equipment the crew right now everything you were provided. Again to to paint that picture of hey I was in a very crappy situation and I was gone absolutely does the best back if I had you know to where they can. Try to create some sympathy with the with the jury. Because she knows that that in the jury of their peers. If this does get a a court martial trial. Are going to be people who've been in the military Furl. I'll let her move. Familiar with. That cuts in this us sequestration issues and other staff well they it and I tell you what John this is gonna. Ultimately when I say were you know investigate or non Chilean risque but look up the food chain. Our civilian overlord zone so to speak because our military is set up in such a way that we have secretary Arne secretary of the navy and so on. There are civilians because our military is overseen by civilians which is how we wanted to yet. But it's. That they therein I think also lies the problem. Is you've got you know. General so and so or admiral so once so going to you know vice secretary undersecretary of chief of staff to the third person. Insane. Hey you know the USS. Bumblebee flats doesn't have any money to continue flight operations and they're understaffed by 20%. Well okay we don't have an. More earth and I can exempt great illustration of that is there recently the two star general it was a first third star needs talking about financial and budgetary needs to a congressional staffer and Calder swing hard in my. They are trying to make his point refers to well sweetheart we need the money some a statement something like baton. Just as casual and and who hadn't said something similar or exactly like that in their life you saved me out time and exactly thanks we are micro aggression that you know loses a star ovaries again there's. There's. There's got it in the only way that. The people in Washington DC. Can possibly be held Campbell and that's when you're out there listening. It energized and vote in support candidates who could get elected and do better and if they don't do better then you throw them out any trust somebody else well. You know that's the great thing about what we can somebody brought up the other day in term limits again term limits term limits term instruments we got him we have term limits built in the system is called a ballot box called voting Booth if if the eight. People complain about Lindsey Graham own time and I agree the guys shady all day long but he keeps getting reelected. That means people are voting for him so. You know may be trying not voting for the date. Or voting for it you know what if you if there's not an acceptable candidate for you. Enron and a. East said that many many times if you have been brought. But that other common sense retirement planning attacks on 71307. Yet nobody wants to Texas her OK I find something along those and dialogues I have is going to be in single gonna continue to watch this there are some you know some procedures that still have to take place the reading here again from that US. Naval institute article quote the announcement of an article 32 hearing and referral to court martial is not intended to and does not reflect determination of guilt or innocence. And that's right and that's a good thing of the EC MJ is again year year innocent until proven guilty there there is. You know evidence is going to be put forth arguments will be may leaders discovery all that type of stuff very. Played grand jury is similar to the grand jury in and and and Petit jury trials in the civilian system. So is going to be interest into. See how this plays out long term but I think he may be right that there. What will be termed the prosecution on this side issued in kind of kind of high would initially with the you know homicide negligent homicide and dereliction of duty charges. In some of this may never go to trial because it be like OK well war plead to the app this or that and we can avoid now all the other. But. He you know this. This was this sadly something like this was bound to happen in my opinion because she can't just continue to run. On teams where the equipment ran on teams or this or that the human beings that serve in the military national teams and sadly. You know this past year in June and August 17 American sailors paid for well and that's just as I'm as anxious and I want this and that man yeah look at an. Merv aircraft had gone down a number of training exercises and evolution of prosperity for their lives whether it be army navy air force Marine Corps. The number of aircraft we have lost both in the navy in the air force to the toe whatever. You know whether B pilot error we lost money lost more military. In accidents in 2017 and we had killed in non combat in Iraq and Afghanistan. We love we lost more American men and women. Accidents are wrong in the ships that the the aircraft. And stuff like that. I knew. I knew I was Guinness pull somebody up I'm I'm getting all caps text messages are now. Eyes because of open elections the dims vote for Lindsay so what you're telling me users more Democrats in South Carolina than there is. Republicans nodded Republicans are too lazy to go out and vote. Is that is that a silly thing I can extrapolate from that. Is that. Did you know I'm not Republicans too lazy to go on votes all doomed you're gonna come over and vote for Lindsey Graham. Come and again it's of people in Colombia could access a game it's all cyclical. It really and he got to get a get a get the right people forced forced the changes. Anyway we get is tops for a break. You only get back. Lightly got to. Feel good fight and do great firefighter stories that'll make you feel good and neither one of them involve firefighter getting shot at. I got a really show like OK I'm gonna have to give firefighters are always in my the idea mir's gonna bust dummy for salute to service one a 63 W or. Red white and blue you betcha we are John undertook chorus salute to service one a 63 WOR EDS states talk station. Glad to be with the and Mae and I did attend Baston army for you at the break Carson. Marine and retired cop and I've got a couple firefighters to ports that are LA and Ortiz and he's got to bust some guys they're good guys this is great I tell you if you have not seen the video we posted this on our FaceBook page FaceBook dot com slash W Marty salute to service. Down and. In Georgia DeKalb County firefighter there was a big blaze. Early January January 3 and an apartment building indicator. And this would this woman she is a captain captain Jackie pair crawled the cab firefighter down there. Some people on an upper floor. Family live on the air children stuff that they had eight small toddler. Things are looking bad flames smoke the whole thing. They threat the parent the father was again at that. Pointed desperation panic moment and throws this child. Down to this firefighter who was not expecting. This but looked up and solid and this call from her is is she's such as this thing myself. Lord help me. Don't let me miss don't let me draw any in an amazing catch. She catches the child and then turned an inning obviously starts running away from the structure to give the the the child over to them. Paramedics EMS they were there on scene. But amazing video and go to the FaceBook page and check that out another great story we talk a lot of times about you know be in the good and doing things that. You know touch lives inspire others and sometimes you just never know. You know doing your thing yeah you gotta muttered yeah yeah what's gonna buy affect anyway there is a recent graduate. From a firefighter program at Indian river state college up in New York her name is and is a cruise she's 21. She was inspired by Stephen McNally who as I firefighter with New York our apartment in New York. And he saved her. And most members serve of her family back in 2002 when their apartment building column are her father died in that that mr. McNally. Long time for our fire. Went back and forth into the building multiple times bringing people out save several lives and actually received a metal. For his his service that. And ends up that in this Cruz and Tony one went decided she wanted to make a difference and became a firefighter herself and recently when they had a graduation ceremony they were given Mike. The fire department kind of the military equivalent of a challenge corner and and mr. McNally was there at the ceremony. Met her and she gave him her graduation calling. And it was just real interesting scene the the comments from both of them how mr. McNally though long time firefighter. Of course being very pleased with. What she's doing with her life now. And her comments. About the events even though I lost someone in that far I wanted to give back I wanted to get someone else a second chance I wanted to get someone else. The second chance that Steve gave me instead of fear. I grew from it and I was just amazing powerful testimony. To what people can do you having an impact on the life. Of another so. And you know you don't even have to be any uniform you don't have to be. Copper firefighter. Or even in the military. To just be a decent human being out in in knows it. Even though you may never see the end result come. That that person that you did a good turn for gonna turn out to do you know. He is a recent heat thing yeah butterfly effect anyway we've got time yelling to him Tony has called them. Tony welcome to the show us. How are. I'm doing great Gilman personal one of those blanks to most are from older brother sister and the intrigue them soon what they do note and that sort. Thanks certainly. In the military. I understood him. That is there and you're told to do you know what the people of all its glory look at yourself in harm's way that art. I'm sure this site that you're allowed to disregard the order now as you stated. Yeah and George the military aspect troubled lot so bloody. And that happened just do you have. What you're also going on on the achieved steady all the syrup today so although. Do chain due to wherever that those people also. Had the ability to. Order order they know what Michael to do that but may have. Well there's it is you're only required to Obey lawful orders things that are you know constitutional within the bounds of the the rules of war and things like that where is this situation that's something that. Seems to have been more created by the environment of budget constraints. Personnel cutbacks and so. Yeah it's it's cultural verses mean necessarily AA. In order type situation did this it this isn't. You know and ship's commander saying hey turn right knowing that turning right gonna Branyan to a sand bars this is just over time. And drip drip drip of. Horrible culture and terrible working conditions that resulted in. The situations as they wore. Then don't we don't they vote. Is there any repercussions. That in two there are being in charge of it being. They. Now know that secretary respect whatever whoever is in charge of the military old so the billions that point. Any thing we've done that yet but I. Not that probably not probably night and with this type of you know that the UC NJ action enemy these types of criminal charges there certainly would be neat that the only thing would be like. The say he lost this list say that there could be a lawsuit perhaps again my family member against the government which would be a little tricky and in this case. But then ultimately it's it's it's the voters. That neck and hold the civilian side of this responsible and and again that's. Like with the budget and so many other things you just gotta you gotta remember this keep a diary of this kind garbage says that when it comes around town to vote. You're not relying on everything you've remembered over the past few years and and that's why it's important you listen to shows like this in the others during the week as. You know that's what a lot of time spent on is trying to help people remember. Who had the mollen who dropped the ball. Doesn't artwork ever but now with the so called government shut down. But it's not a so called army shut down it is actually government shut down. Well. People are getting very good yeah they're especially getting anybody else nobody laughs but yeah really does suggest. If it goes all the two weeks or whatever with a military does not get their pay chips. You need to raise more fail. Yeah well I need to cut Bangkok are. I think you're I imagine. But I doubt that we appreciate at a safe Damon as good call yes good golf because they always good college Tony we got a couple more text messages we get to after the break and little Gene Autry and gunfire yeah always makes things good so observes one a 63 W a RD check in John. Semi for the news because well it's the news and you should know what's going on.