Salute To Service 1-20-2018 Hour 2

Salute to Service
Saturday, January 20th

Salute To Service


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Welcome back we survived it we may even made it. Welcome to our number two salute to service what is in spite of the government check in spite of the government shut down we survive we all made it's our number today. And it's segment number wants to you know what that means it is time for your weekly dose of Gene Autry and just a little bit it got far. Have you ever had a job for you really excited you're nervous as she your first day at a new job and you really wanna make a great impression you really wanna do good and then. Things just don't go your way you just kind of fumble your way through it and oh god every time I wake up up. This. Via anonymous instinct first day on the job I think I've probably ever had was what 11 day in the army that's a that's an eye opening experience he acts and then first Damian here day on the show years ago in me like oh my and that life is gonna go read and it means we got to start talking I was gonna stressful that I don't know why that was a little nerve gas stressful. An Indiana police officer had a pretty big first day. On the job last week. Is going to be one he's gonna remember. Hope for the rest of his life oh Bart Indiana police officer. Richard Myers. Was dining at. And we can say is that I yet chick fillet restaurant. He was there with his training officer and you know stop then you know. I did that Maliki he didn't he he's out what's the I don't know whether he was having a sandwich or there or the nuggets it doesn't doesn't go into that they did any rate officer Richard Meier was there. And the lady Melanie Haas was there with a small child a toddler. Who started choking on a piece apple could fiscal they've got healthier snack type things that kids can get that's a great thing. Bit the LSU joke and leisure choking on it and this little girl was choking me and Mike a lot of panjshir first kind of impulses here let me just. Breach in the and get that out. Right it was far enough back that. Actually the mother reaching and push the thief chunk of apple further. Into this little arrows thrown in mother started panic and stuff like that. And you know. Looking around first for some help and officer Meyer was there day one was able to go over ran over some what was going on. Got the child and started doing the appropriate kind of the blows you know it took it to the back there right and nom little girl was able. Dislodge cough up the the offending bit of apple and she's okay. And he knew man had Martinez's save save the day their first day on the job stopping for a bite to eat. And comes to the comes to the rescue. This mother and mainly this little girl and he'll get a little at a boys and yeah it's for him and so you know just. Have a good first if everybody's first day you could do something that guerrilla what ally. It would dear Eddie truly truly in good I mean good for him on his first day and I actually doing doing cop work. Good stuff. Aid on on a Saturn Outlook unfortunately. A stabbing at Camp Pendleton left one marine dead Tuesday in another in custody seven was reported shortly before 8 AM the school of industry west facility. At the northern San Diego carrying military station. You see in US NC captain Josh Pena said. The names and ranks of the victim and suspect in details about how they were not immediately available they've since been released. And I don't have any real further details on the incidents suffice to say one. One marine stabbed another marina killed him now and it's. I belong to a group on FaceBook that his parents of kids that are going to boot camp my. And it is pretty interesting especially for my perspective having not only been boot camp having a kid that went there. Sometimes you're able to guide these parents long because serve them. You know distraught because your baby yeah even when they have the other war it unfortunately this deceased marine his parents were in this group. So it's you had that that was kind of rough but you know it just goes to show you that the the military is a microcosm of society at large yeah and oftentimes crimes that you see committed. In the real world are committed in the attack and happened there yeah. Salute the just talk about discus this is great we like talking about our local first responders we always like sharing information about yes the great men and women of the South Carolina National Guard and just this week if you were over around the Pickens. Kenny Erie you may have seen some helicopters flying around some Blackhawks in the code is. Flying overhead is nothing to worry about was only a drill just some training. Was part of what the F state emergency responders in the South Carolina guard called their SC. Hart H a RT South Carolina helicopter. A quiet team they were out doing some training and it was the crews. That were involved in it and in Canada this one to keep their skill level their skill set honed. But then also it talks about. In the article. Pickens County emergency management director pierce while Mac makes a great point here he says you know and with a bit of the first responders. There went through this training. Being you know winched up being you know air quotes here rescued themselves. Helps them understand this from the side. The the patient or the the person that they are rendering aid to. Yeah he's not necessarily used to being winched up with hurricane force winds prop wash baby Annan. And so it gives them a little bit of good different perspective as well as help keep their their skills. Finely tuned and as we know when we had the the the major thousand year flooding here in the state of South Carolina a lot of a year aquatic type rescue staff was done. And and frankly for you know us you know being here do on the show just could not have been more proud. Of the the men and women that serve South Carolina in the National Guard day in all positions within those. Those pilots and in cruise and rescue teams that the footage was amazing. Of what they were able to do in again just. Completely destroys this. That this this typical idea from back in the 5067. Ease of your your National Guard especially in southern states. Yeah the way our warrior mentality kind of thing and now these these men and women are trained professionals and they do a great job in just wanted to bring that up and a glad they got the training and hopefully they'll never have to. Use it use it in real world situations but it's you know if you saw some of that out there over a Pickens camp this week and that's what was going on. And better to have it not needed then needed not twenty camera. Spin needing things half a veteran to veteran needed a second surgery. Veterans affairs secretary David joking around with state publicly apologized for a botched surgery. Performed four years ago that's right four years ago that left a scalpel. Inside of an army veteran. Childress said he would using incident is a teaching moment to create a safer environment for veterans it VA hospitals is an event that should never happen really. And I'm deeply sorry that any veteran should have to undergo this so egg. Clifford turner 61 year old Connecticut resident after a ticket they're 2013 surgery. It the West Haven DA. Went back he went back suffering from dizziness and abdominal pain. In an X rays showed the scalpel inside his body he underwent a second surgery to remove it. Now this this is not an uncommon event it's sad to say. And it happens I wanna say 15100 times a year roughly in in private sect Adam Madison. The VA I think last over the last few years only had it happened twelve times which is pretty good hmm. But considering the number of surgeries that the VA does her nose at leaving something in yes leading scalpel so it's something something general something I don't know whether via cellphone ownership as a unifier a bigger you know a just a sponsor maybe a client when they. The ace countless I checked those things are pretty sharp so I. That the deal was having some abdominal I can't imagine how he's not dead and neither you think just yet normal moving getting sitting down standing water and started back on its way certain bodily functions where you. You're abdominal muscles aren't selling live I mean. And and I hope that they compensate this man how am I want for frivolous lawsuits journey thing and what you'll left the scalpel and the man yeah. So it wouldn't be unreasonable to kicking down a feud colors. To compensating for pain and suffering now it's crazy. I you know I'm a history knives. You hand we've talked many times about you know different anniversaries and in advance and and why not. We are still. Not at the 100 anniversary of the ending of World War I we will be this this is November November 11. This year will be the 100 anniversary and and that entity that crazy. That's crazy and you think about how impact full that war has been RS and things that the sides reshape the Greenland today yes exactly. Well so this story this week that the US men they federal government. Literally the gov Mitt. Has released a war war one. Commemorative silver dollar. You know I am thinking this might be the one time because its its a its regular solid near silver dollar so. For a one dollar coin is gonna cost you fifty bucks a fifty bucks for a of one dollar coin. But it's really pretty cool it's got a I don't really. On the front and he is the bar bar things that are. Typical images of that war of that Sarah. And they also have a limited number of more war one specific metals. That can be gotten as well. And you can find the link to that we we posted the story on our FaceBook page FaceBook dot com slash video Ortiz salute service or you can just go to. US mint dot guy and look for the World War I points. And I think it's pretty cool I'm. I don't know I haven't ordered one yet but I AM before it's all said none I'm probably semi and that's I had you know just you know. Visual Franklin Mint going on this. Trip at but the sober is skyrocketing. Gas via. This story this is one of those had stretchers. Hey you know as you probably know from the news over the last week we had a couple of law enforcement often field. Well one of which was in Pennsylvania. And you know those guys taken in the emergency room to be treated and in course everybody after the the scenes cleared. All of this everybody goes to last and a check out this guy. Well they come out to leave only to find that several of the US marshals cars had received parking tickets. Some some somebody. You know some city employee. Saw a bunch of cars illegally parked instead. And pot makes revenue he went through some tickets on these guards not thinking not taking the time to look. And say what tagged as answer and doesn't let you are now they just brought and a dying man yeah. And in India in this picture you can clearly see. A piece of paper shouldn't on the dashboard like a lacquered with the US marshalls store on. I mean you don't have to be big tree you can just print those out yourself and welcome I'm not I don't know that's not keeps him in the trunk for when I got down. For a spot I mean you never well downtown that reasoning on. But it you don't have to be Dick Tracey or James Bond a look at this and you are right this horrible wants to US Marshal. They just brought in a US Marshal run. It's probably safe to say this these guys are here with him and I'm eight. You what their illegally parked it and I'll give them that they probably should get a ticket yet but I'm gonna go ahead and Panama Hus this time and say. You know a fellas snakes I'm trying to depart via some people man I don't know I don't know somebody was just some low you know. Angry parking attendant right around a segue wearing a park just angry because of people. I mean that's that's fair I don't know if I'd be angry about Orion assembly in the cold mean one thing. You ever ridden one of those things I have not and I haven't either man I'd love to line these video I don't know how to throw out my tennis. A sense of balance of course that's what the machine is closed today for is I guess beef on CNN they are down now for a pick it. Whose last second John and when we come back recruiting. Why don't people wanna surf or why can't they why can't pay. Even even better salute to service one a 63 Debbie already check in general decoupling text messages to stand. Me too. I just can't figure out where it's coming from corn I think that the ball is is not the basic idea DRI amateur and events I don't know. All right I excellent service won a 63 Debbie Doherty John and check glad to be with GOP have a good day when a catch up on some. Texts real quick comment since retirement planning text except on should be easy risen yet again when here's Jerry progress on any EMS to the first responder bill the state legislate late of level in regards to income tax currently EMS professionals that are being left off of this bill when military police and firefighters. I don't know the answer that I saw that the proposal had been brought up I think yet army master he actually brought it up. Where they would defer property tax for. Military law enforcement and firefighters I didn't know that your message had been extended beyond that. On the so I can't answer that question directly but I'll certainly global audience yeah you know you learn how much of that whenever really. I adding progressed as on a volume and keep in mind they bring stuff up like this because it is well election election nears and I mean if you can believe it. Did the the state legislatures cannot take their hands and your pockets just because your copper just figure in the military crazy man. But hey it's a it's a nice thought Tom. It was another one here. The auto trumpeting about pardon for soldiers in leavenworth for violating Obama's stupid rules of engagement. Probably I haven't seen thing out official only thing I know there there are some that. They've got grassroots efforts and you know some petition on competition stuff going to have things re investigated one Lou there's a young lieutenant yeah that the marine nothing this that was alarming thing. Very may may have been Marines it well. Yeah is that the one bit differently uses personal emailed slow down and and I don't know well there's that one that one was a marine and then it's an army lieutenant where it was something about some rules of engagement stuff where they fired. Some people there are treatment yes it was and clients on the summer yeah yeah. At that. Only call once I usually visited yep probably revisited. AM pardons. I have and you know in again you know every. You know online groups in military the news sources and stuff and I have not seen that mentioned anywhere. And or and I as a money working on and in may be. Why don't more people serve. Why don't more people serve. Well. I don't know London that work for seventeen years I think would be that might have something to do it meant two loss to answer that question is they've. Is a blue ribbon panel has been launched next we always yeah next week the US will launch a two week. And again death publicly funded ten year effort. To find ways to increase military and civic service among its citizenry especially your years. Again that you know you get people that. Simoni and they're gonna finally I don't think it would it would take two years I don't know you couldn't. Ransom like this in about six most common and rapid you know than an hour down that. But an effort will be spearheaded by an eleven member commission that will travel the country and 20182019. To quote. Ignite a national conversation around service and develop recommendations that will encourage and inspire all Americans particularly young people to serve. You know I I don't think. If in concept that this this is a bad thing agree I don't think it take two years have travel all over the place obviously you know staying in nice places and on types of expenditures and everything that that. Figure that out a couple of focus group a group meetings and a few places in some. Almonte Skype sessions in a teleconference you could probably he would do the same amount information gathering that. I do think it's an interesting concept is that we're looking man is from the military standpoint we've we've been at war for. Long time now I mean there are kids that were born. On September 11 2000 line. That. Are now reaching the point where they could go into the military and we bin. And I am on a war footing. There are there entire lie there are literally second generation. Soldiers and Marines and so forth in our Afghanistan yet. And think about how I I've seen the pictures just like there where it's it's you know it's the mother or father that's been have been serving in the kid was you know. 34 years old plan in hand everything. Kicked off in 2001. And and now you know son or daughter is they're with their parents and it's. I not think that's got something something to do that little bit and then why don't more people wanna serve I think a lot of it's got to do with just fatigue. I think some of it has to do where. You know people look at that ridiculous situations like this government quotes air quotes shut down. And how the military is. Of course respected by the vast vast majority the American people but then. You know they can get hung out to dry and stuck with these types of situations that are of course managed and created many times my nieces civilian politicians that. Another. Side of this is. Why don't more people wanna serve and even of those who can't serve in this is a study where right here in South Carolina the citadel. Helped out with this particular study. Is okay yeah on the one hand you've got where I want to figure out why people why more people don't serve you know military or in some type of civic capacity. But in of those to do serve ami who who would really make the cut in this study was done and the citadel took part in it. And one of the things that. An aspect of this study that came out as not very flattering for our region meaning in the south not just the Carolinas Carolinas and Georgia a bit further than the south in general is that. Fat army recruits in the south our national security risks reading the title of the article layer and say the army the military. Overall draws a Disco proportionate number of recruits from the south. A region known for higher room rates of obesity and physical activity will this cause it's hot it's well too but again neighborhood that it. You know they're talking about the study is one of the results. You know they they came down came out live list. You know this this is a threat to our readiness and national security has bit one right now it's about 23%. Of those who are within the age range to serve. 123% age eligible. Are qualified to join the military. Back World War II generation the greatest generation that that number was 50%. So you gotta think there's been a lot of changes that in. In diet. In the amount of physical exercise that that people get because again in the twenties and thirties. That those that worthy World War II generation life was generally more active just because one you didn't go ahead of me and I had to be too. Survive to survive. And then most your your your your diversion injure your entertainment were you know sports or fish is some type of physical activity you were doing. Vs now most of cars and diversions and many of art forms of entertainment you can be perfectly yes sedentary. You know why I think this is a day really from 30000 foot view this is this is a societal shift lights you mentioned. We Ari largely inactive society. Because we don't have to be active yet on only sees people up protest in the daily other kids exercise RS on their own for a walk. But it. You know that the south. Historically. In yard our diet is not great are we we are. Obviously. A heavier. Region I think Californians some places up the night in the northeast her arm. Healthier. Their food. It's well and you're right yeah you're right there food's not you know tasty tasty is not so not ladies cook but it. And people are gonna get mad at me for saying in this but we we live in the sedentary society. And people don't take the time to do any exercise because they don't have to because there's no need for it. And that goes not only for people you know look and get in the military but just. In general yeah now you've got you've got to march going on they people are protests and stuff than a hundred years ago they wouldn't had time protest because you know they had the hunter food grown and. Not yet been too busy making a living are providing doing something you do when something and that. The other aspect it will it would let me re argument that there's it's attend state cluster that that they are looking and that includes Alabama. Arkansas Florida Georgia and Louisiana Mississippi North Carolina South Carolina Tennessee and Texas. Quote according to the article are significantly. Less fit and more likely to suffer injuries during training. And that's another key aspect it is it is other than you eat there or not. Necessarily physically fit you know and meet qualifications it is to serve in the military so you've got fewer people to draw from and hear for. You know that's a risk to your personnel levels. But there's also calls to that that people that are less healthy and less fit. That you know do you get passed initial screens and get into the boot camp basic training scenarios. That the injury rate the training related injury TRI is increase. By 22%. For males and 28%. For females from these states there's ten states compared to the rest of the country. The the injury rate you know that that cost money because for at corner of the article on the study every recruit who dropped out due to injury cost the government. This seems a bit out of me that ice but the article says. Every recruit who dropped out due to injury cost the government 31000. Dollars rated at the 2005 dollar. Well and 1000 that's just the initial costs and a there are yeah are liars on a hall after a lot more that comes on of that and we got to get or break that. The other amount it is going to be yet. While I take what listless continues our thinking yeah this is today this something that I might. Actual fitness isn't necessarily your things sort of service one a 63 W already check in doubt we'll be right back. I want about excellent service John and chuck 1063 Debbie OR DDS states talk station N and got a a very good text messaging on the common sense retirement when he takes on 71307. We're talking last segment about you know why don't more people serve. And this blue ribbon panel that's been and launched. To take two years to study choirs why more people aren't serving and especially. And not just the military but you know. It is definitely yes I civic service stuff like that americorps idea. Peace corps peace corps anyways so a two year blue ribbon panel has been lost and techsters sends in a question about you know how many our veterans are are there any veterans. On Matt. Blue ribbon panel and looking at the bottom of this article. There are eleven members of this commission. And as far as I can tell reading this I don't seem body that says slash retired. Now marine colonel retired army sergeant major anything at all like back. I do see. You know some people that were. Associated with armed service committees are one was former assistant secretary. To the army of manpower and reserve affairs but as far as anybody. Being a a veteran themselves I don't see it some people had exposure bit. Yeah I I exposed until a special a lot of things myself some. Things I'd like to try to forget I can't let nightmares just won't go certainly doesn't make make him an expert bit we're talking about this study out of the that the citadel hill take party and was published last that last week and we just ran out of time last week and couldn't get two of the felt it was important and course fitness is. A a subject near and dear to it to Europe art. And our means and near and dear to me I mean like me and healthy and that picture is much more fitness oriented gem and attend the type than I am that. These attendance. That I tend state cluster in the south Alabama Arkansas Florida Georgia Louisiana Mississippi North Carolina South Carolina Tennessee and tests Texas according to this study. Significantly less fit and one of the problems that leads to is training related injuries. Is that the mails from this tense state clustered 22% more likely to suffer a TR I females 28%. More likely. And that those every recruit who drops out due to injury according to the study cost the government. 31000 dollars in 2005. Dollars. Here's wary gets even more costly and why this is concede adds this is an issue of national security. Moreover the Veterans Health Administration had to pay out five. Point five. Billion billion with a B five point five billion in 2000 and want to help military personnel. With muscular skeletal injuries showing yet another area where it tear gas costs the system. That's in 2001 just so just one year five point five billion paid out about the VA. That step so you know you wanna come out as cannot well they just national. Southern culture because that diet lifestyle stuff or is this seriously and issue and you start putting these kind of dollar amounts behind it and thinking about the impact to readiness. Four nations military in its. Yeah this is not just bashing southern culture enclosing this is something we need to think about what it. Is legitimate and I think that second number. I don't I think that's almost an apples and oranges kind of comparison because the must you must muscular skeletal. Issues in those those are things that they come with page and they happen and that just happens to older you get. But depending upon the the training environment in which your molasses then you're you're you're gonna get injured in Dramamine is unavoidable especially if you're. You're airborne or fear herb you know it. In any combat arms and I mean even not in dreamy artillery you know I have to shells made in the guns around here here Ng. Yeah exactly so I may well hearing one thing with me and I wasn't combat on that being around in you don't mind being around flight line. And and equipment that Iran that a little higher noise level and stuff like that they AM hearing is no it was Marriott documented some hearing loss of mine exit ETS physical and stuff so. I mean all this stuff is important and right now specifically with the army via. Army recruiting command has set aside on recruiting 80000. New soldiers and 2018 after years of draw downs and our number one we were talking about sequestration and these cuts and everything else. Well now under president trump and sector defense minister trying to build some things back up. Especially as secretary mabus and and jammed offered head of the joint chiefs say they understand because they've they've lived. The impact that these these cuts in personnel cuts and budget have had our military and bit. Officials recruiting officials are saying that that kind of recruitment goal has never been achieved in the past with out changing various pentagon standards on education current fitness drug use. Among other indicators would normally keep large swathes of population population count of the male population population to. And a little Freudian slip there I've got to pork roast in a crock pot at the house has. Por que. Source my time is done enough as I can I can have a little corporates denies I'm wondering if we shouldn't. Huey and had a recruiters and yeah I saw when he puts him Liz it's our prayers there. Army recruiters and and Procter and about it and see what they end it. Again not certain opted to glorify the marine corps' process in and in the way that they deal with recruiting and recruit training but. Especially when Bailey was going to. Cool lead fully program. It was you know it twice week every week yeah minimum. You were you were running you were doing PT you mean you were preparing to go to boot camp so even if you were a little. Yeah you pushing the edge of the envelope there they were making sure that you were ready to go to the island when you got on the. We had the an article that where the army is doing little bit more of that yet and a little screen in based upon what field you're choosing you have to be able to perform you know lift so much jump so far exactly. So the so they are doing that but again when you get back to this this one fact. From the study that 28%. Of age eligible people in the US right now are qualified. Which is down from 50% in world war two and now we're talking that's in the semi five. Looks at me five years ago but. I mean that's pretty significant but then again the cultural shift lifestyle shift technology what people do to entertain themselves now like now he's got you know kids in middle school high school play an ex boxer. Some type of video gamer Gillis on the whereas my grandfather's. Generation had a we wanna kill some time and hang out and do something well you're playing in baseball you're playing basketball earlier Arjuna was efficient and well he even from end. Mean I was you know from sun up to the time the street lights came down. We were outside doing something that my mother would make this get out yes yes summer I had nodding sitting there watching Felix thick batter. Money's Brasco and. Think you were what two little rascals an earlier era but if you. Cut oh I want we come back. LAPD in electric cars and couple law enforcement this is week and we got to call we'll see if we can't catch up on some search 163 video or. I. Welcome back excellent disservice final segment John and show up on a six straight to video RD respond is is inching league heated attacks on kind of crosses over sometimes and somebody had what was apparently a serious question about what it to about they're saying it was say go pop single palm did as some of the frost and in the snow and stuff and Chris. I no doubt that we don't know we don't we just don't know and so with maybe they were you know still somehow. Would bleed over to that as a wee weed him. Bless your heart to see how it the so I didn't miss you guys but I would never ask you guys from lawn. I appreciate as I don't wanna help you hear me and I would know it you know like Orkut in my own they are much less anybody else's and I gave that stuff up when I got old enough to get a real are really opt. So hey you quickly an exercise in kind of what did you think was gonna happen. And LAPD. Partnered with BMW and ran a ten million dollar exercise in stupidity where they least a hundred electric vehicles for use by the LAPD makes perfect and then. Sunday news outlet out there it side to do. K something some and whatever whatever station it is they did he does it exposes like oh my god we're gonna track catch these people. Nate they caught. The commander of their finance division user one of these electric cars to go get a billion a men that are here. I outplayed the break when almost said. This is well. It's built in and they cut somebody's somebody's an electric car to you know would go to their kids' school have a meaning yours contractually that. And these corridors and analyze and they have the highest ones like 2600 miles won on Scotland. 400 miles under something. But they're you they're useless via an electric car for the purposes of law enforcement in lectured doing it for like ticket. Ticket writing like you parking Michael Armitage I am meter maid cast and they're unusable. Yeah they've got a range of may be a hundred miles on a good day downhill the sun's bright note to mount to the left. But it is far as any light uniformed patrol type worker investigative type work there they are of no value. Somebody that if you're out somewhere and you've been easier your driving around on the elector for tow patrol cars and somebody called you and and you know pops up on your GPS or whatever you know OK yeah I'm about five minutes away here ten miles away Ian from that we get the colonists like. A lot got about enough battery juice left to go about the other two miles they can't respond in this is silly but the people of Los Angeles city of Los Angeles spent. Ten million dollars in taxpayer money. Heard the the LAPD. To go green and now that's what the experiment was all about is going green well there are some things. There. You know are not ready for primetime yet mean in electric vehicles. In another people out there that's where by Tesla and swear by you know they're they're Prius that I mean not fully yeah drivers but. Eight it's not. A practical use of the technology. And NTELOS developed further it's not going to be a practical use of the technology so. Essentially you can blame the hierarchical bureaucracy so to speak. Indeed the city government the only PD and heard of Los Angeles and the the command element of the ailing PD itself for wasting ten million dollars ten million dollars they could box how many. Patrol cars like the actual patrol cars. How many salary stunning new recruits could they have brought it how many new guns could they have purchased how many new rifles they purchase what kind of ammunition what about your training by jail what. Yet training in is what I was hearing you say that and you know may be. X some experience on news less than lethal surest any Saturday they would be concerned about that if they wanted to spend money on going green and maybe. If they had them in our solar panels on the rootless and a few solar panels look at some fairly deep ball holds. Four you're lying or something like that meant. The interesting thing is how these. The journalists investigating this seemed to be a bit average at they're not using it. Rather than. Somebody you know using it for going to get a manager. In what I am that now when they do on that on their lunch hour. That was going on ahead and naming ambient a whole other. Issue I would be concerned about not that they were. Driving the electric vehicle for that because literally like he said other than just some. You are lower down and yeah adrenaline going and picking up lunch for the boys in the homicide team. What else do you want to do with an electrical even for recruiting or not you might roll true recruiting session as some college or something heard you know military event were people again not in my electric car. No I got some we can put this. I don't really can't. Eleven this watney hit yeah with all the cool whiz bang stuff saying that there's yeah I mean this this was a waste they should have known it was a waste. But once again bureaucracy leads the way in this is the outcome is an early and you know who or style over substance. Exactly we're going green nobody can look at this we're saving the planet here LAPD but these you know remember when the navy was used in jet fuel it was made out out yet not like him fifty dollars a gallon gas and the regular. Fossil fuel gap was little birdies yeah yeah it now. Stupid. This just makes it isn't now where you can save money and benefit you know environmentally shirt do that meant. He got to exercise common sense and sadly that's not what we see a lot in common. I think you understand that it would detracting colleges they don't think about that in California. Going green is like popular in California and all these colleges in California that I'd be like. You know what good on them well they may be but those those those people aren't going to people are going to be the people that are going to. Well that's just what I was thinking is the kind of they kind of know now corny 12223. Year old this season electric car and it's exciting like I wanna deal. That's not the kind of now young person has gone on to run into a a you know it's situation. Although and its outlook that's that's CBS's new sitcom right there. Goal. Okay yeah we will what are we order copyright right here and now we have a copyright that idea. Honeywell CEO Leo we got a caller we're sorry we couldn't UT today we just slapper not a time our apologies tries again next week. Will be back no the Saturday coming down another shown the canned thanks for joining us with foreign seeing you next Saturday same bat time same bat channel and as always if you can't be safe. The dangerous we'll see you next week folks thanks for listen.