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Saturday, October 21st

Salute to Service


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Absolute disservice lives and local senator chuck Porter won 63 WORD. Let it be with you hope you're have a great day we are tallies. Kind of highlight of the week coming in here with UN. Talking about stuff that were passionate about were interested in what's going on in the world so. John John point you'd be having a great dad used to having it happen and fish you've. We're just hope here we're just hope you're among the living intended to show that aura that's what matters and yet contract renewals coming up in a couple of months. That's a network of going to be capital capitalist about this this whole thing is important make money absolutely it is for everybody so. Stinks going on this week in the news it's who we've never run short of stories that. We found in Steen talked about in and bringing to the show. This week I think one of them we're gonna kick off the show with that is. Is Donald Trump going to be able to do absolutely any thing. That somebody. Won't find controversial did I get the feeling at this point he could literally single handedly solve the Middle East peace issue. And somebody was still refineries and complain and probably one of the first people mind to complain about it could be this representative. Federer Frederica Wilson. Democrat out of Florida mrs. cowboy hat mrs. cowboy hat where she's got she's got style I'll she got used to have much that yes. Have a cowboy hat goes to Florida. I'm kind of maybe if it was more about Panama hat or some dynamite it. And you know we've had the in and we mentioned it on on a previous show when it when it happened and as we normally do when we've lost. Servicemen and women in the line of duty police officers in the line of duty firefighters in the line and it in things like that it. We we talk about it of course we've lost four US army special forces soldiers. That were on a mission over in Niger in Africa working with. Some local forces there cut that's kind of their job as what they do they teach they train they work as for small suppliers to help. They. Rather than the US haven't sent thousands of soldiers and Marines there. You see in special forces guys who know how to teach those skills to the locals train here train the trainer in its. They're very good at it there adds I think probably the best in the world that it. But it's it's a theory dangerous job in these guys had they've been over there. Patrolling for quite some time I've got a knee and another article that will will get too little later about how long may have been there. And had not. Been attacked. There's a Williams newly knew they were there. I didn't mean heading into this stuff every day act it out and I was not really aware of it. But did anyway we we we sadly we lose for these brave Americans in in an attack in an amber actually analyst and president Donald Trump. Calls and offers condolences and we know that guy's got a good heart about with the military first responders and law enforcement's yet we know that. We also know that sometimes the man stumbles a little with some of his words he's he's a Smart they're intelligent guy but he's he's not. What you gonna call eloquent he's finally where exactly. And so this stuff just hit Stephanie and about you know what this what he said this wife this this poor wife who just lost her husband and he's got a few a few children and she's left a win. And really it's. It's got a lot to do about contacts with him probably the best statements. About it in these types of calls. Was chief of staff hourly still refer to his general Caylee 'cause to me that's that's more honorable means more to me yet they keep our taxes you've got was a general sense you know there's the almighty himself was a corporal yeah. Yeah it did. Yeah I agree with UC's yours agent absolutely that you what we wanna play this comment snag a good. Gordon in in play that for true quipped you know my answer. It's stuns me that a member of congress who listened in on the conversation. Absolutely stuns me. And I thought. At least that was sacred. Nor as a kid growing up. Lot of things to stick with our country. Women statement. Looked upon with great off that source about the case that wars we see from recent cases life particularly your life at stake for that's gone. Religion. That seems to be gone as well. Gold star families I think that left. In the convention over the summer. I just thought. The selfless devotion that brings a man or woman to die in the battlefield I just thought that that might be sacred. When I listen to this woman what she was saying. What she was doing on TV. The only thing I could do. To collect my thoughts as to go. And walk among the finest men and women mr. You can always find their knowledge and that there would put their for an hour and a half. Walked among the stones some of whom I put it because they were doing what I told them do when that were killed. That's powerful. Any if you watch the entire video and an error listened to the entire audio however you can catch that of the general Kelly's comments and talk about how when he. When his friend Joseph Don Shepperd general down Burton came to him to tell him of his son a lieutenant in the Marine Corps being killed in Iraq. And what he told him about. What you have to remember agree blocks your son and all these these this terrible thing but he was doing. What he wanted to do. He was with me and that he chose to be with you with his buddies when his friends. And it seems that what president trump said. Was. Very similar. In in meaning in in in context deep. But if you take. It parcel out yet the portion of the they pulled out the and he knew what he signed up for yeah. Man that sounds harsh yes that sounds harsh but if you put it all together. If you have the front and the back a man of that statement yes you know he was he knew what he signed up for any win anyway. Yes and in he died doing what he wanted to be doing with the men he wanted to be doing it within a place that he wanted to being. How was that bad yet palace at insensitive. It's not the. It's almost. Offering praise that if somebody accidentally stumbles into something then and loses their life. They this come with a those. You all watch this can animal right hold my fear hole might be at best that's one thing though when some as yet I know what I'm doing I know running into this burning building is dangerous. But I'm called to this kind of work and I'm gonna go win there and rescue people I know what I'm doing I know that by putting on a badge and gun and patrolling the streets. It may cost me the life and limb but I'm gonna do this anyway I know what I'm doing. By swearing in oath before officers and almighty god to serve my country though it may cost me in my life. I know what I'm doing nobody that puts on any type of uniform and surged. Hopes that it comes to that nobody is on a suicide mission. Maybe happening here and made us so naive but. I mean yes you do it knowing much here you're your doing and that's dashed to meet what makes it. This is sad these when when we lose Americans. I don't like that. With that people. Make the choice. To serve they know what they're doing and they know that the possible cost and they choose to do it anyway because. What they love and care for. Is behind him in and they are willing to face outward. To the dangerous things the walls of the world in the evil of the world. In confront that on our behalf yet this is it. Really in I don't want the listeners to get this. Confused like this is chuck and John defending Donald Trump. Because it's not that. More so. It's me it our condemnation. I guess if the the media. In a complicit media in this case and the congress person who. First. No reason other than spy 8 AM Parse this out of the statement that that the president made to a grieving widow yet. In maiden in the something that this in his hand surely made this worse. The grieving process in the shock and everything that this poor woman and her family in the children are going through. Has made it worse by politicizing this crap they eat and you know the in the politicizing port eighty in shame on the the president fur. Make in the statements that he made about oh my you know no other presidents called. Grieving when it did come that hang in there that asks you can't say that stuff you've you've got a year you're better than that do better than that try harder than that. But for John Kelly come out and in back man out yet. In in a way like this that speaks volumes for what the president's intent wise what he actually said and if anybody and I've already read it. And on on various places and social media old John Kelly's freight loses just know he's not now. He's not afraid of losing his job neither can walk out of there today in go to some consulting gig that would pay him a whole lot more money with a lot less BS and stress. Did that make a go home sit on this front porch with the it would do nothing to fingers just got you glass and not do anything yet. And in be far better off the news today via him Mattis the same way saying why these men are interested in keeping their job and air quotes because they're they're doing this because they're called to do it they're called to serve their country. They're not serving the president of the United States are serving the United States yes I agree I agree and I'm glad you. Out death about this is not so much just laid a a defensive of president trump which it's not. You know and he didn't have to call these people out and all the presidents don't always call. You know there's they normally as John Kelly says if you watch the entire video or listen to the entire audio. You know there's generally the letters and things like that that not every. Commander in chief calls well you mr. trump course has made a a big deal about supporting. The military and supporting police officers first responders and things like that he called he is wise yes he's called cops fame is exactly. So it's no surprise that then. You know with me it's like we haven't even gone twelve months yet with with him in office. In and is just 11. Thing after another met again. You look look who's looking stirring stuff up look at you know wasn't wasn't at the Democrats that were always about what you've got to look at what somebody intended will Hillary did intend to do any thing wrong. Will Bill Clinton didn't intend you know. Yes so maybe it's it's his public persona and the policies he supports not the fact that he's. That went around with interns in the Oval Office that matters age it's what he's mostly is in tennis policy policy intentions is what manner. But then of course. President trump I don't know the guy but I'm surely no decent human being calls the grieving widow of a fallen American warrior. To upset him. And some cool so how about you know what what's this and gals name again this blow Frederica Wilson you know where's that. Where's the compassion that we hear. So much about that that exists on the left what what about giving the president the benefit of the doubt here not gonna happen. Well it's not I don't know Andrea this this whole thing that the whole Niger thing in and of itself has been debacle because ever since these these. Special forces guys were killed. There's been streams from all over the place about war how come you're not investigating this alchemy not sending subpoenas out and what about you know. You complain about being guys he mature not complaining about isn't some so called conservative commentators SG cup. Yep as you know chimed in on that I've got and I've I've got a story on that we make my match you know that writer I think that. When we come back from the break. After this first break maybe we dive into that because it it keeps and in time with what we've just discussed. But it also gives us a little more insight into Gaza. The mindset of Washington DC. As it is right the media swamp at that exactly dictate what list let's talk about that when we come back to listen salute service one of 630. WO or. And. Welcome excellent service live and local 1063 WORD. John Turner checked for a we are glad to be with you I'm chuck inched there's just so. BR I'm on like last week and our video he's the same page on them hey John anybody record that was great again and again I just want to plug that. The American Legion museum where we did their remote broadcast last Saturday you fourteen to four major Rudolph Anderson chapter yet the military history museum those guys I've I've been telling people about that all week. Just how impressive I knew it would be good yet in the gas would do a nice job. When my got there and wait for you know Iraq and now walking and start looking at the exits and how I was I was blown away yup. And so at any rate they are in the gallery east gallery senator Tom wade Hampton. Right before you get to the this Texas steakhouse down there Steve passed Wal-Mart or to know which direction you're come coming from the city going towards Greer it's going to be on the right hand side yet we get to the chaos ruled out yet. That the free admission. And that there is staff the volunteers volunteer hours so you know it might wanna you know just. Cash and he had a phone number for that thing should happen that. In a slacker he's got Google Google it there's this thing called the Internet that Danny which is really cool. Okay we're talking about the president's call in this congresswoman from Florida and are there really politicizing the death of one of the special forces soldiers yes over in Niger unnecessarily so and yet I agree. And then. After all that's in the news on scrolling through some stories that are out there and there is a commentator. That I've. Watched her read it read some of her bits and opinion pieces and stuff like that and and I like very intelligent woman very very. And I've I've appreciated some offer work in the past so this kind of caught me now. Off guard a little bit to be honest about it SD cup that says Sierra. Echo cup. People should be asking questions about Niger like they did being Ghazi and she goes on this thing about. You know Republicans. You know we're asking all kind of questions about what happened what were we doing there and what was going on and who knew and who authorized to bubble on this stuff. Ending Ghazi wool Republicans why are you doing that now. With the special forces soldiers being ambushed and killed in Niger and even from Fox News there. Capitol Hill reporter. Asked Senator John McCain. He's strolling to the capitol building if the administration has been forthcoming about the attack in the armed services committee chairman replied. Quote of course not and it may require a subpoena what I. Only Senator McCain sits on the armed forces committee. Heat what I would think would happen inside as to why we've guy operators in Niger yeah for wine. And sue to come or didn't he doesn't know better than I doubt worry what are you sleeping on the job and you know what maybe it's now the need this. Apparently this whole operation and gotten into Niger was set up. During the previous administration yeah so we whatever you're you can take that where you wanna take it. But. There's a vast difference between an American embassy on foreign soil. Being attacked. And a CIA and X. Being attacked for doing what I. Iran and our guns maybe maybe maybe that's beyond may be they had you know maybe they had a pirate radio stations set up and they are playing rock and roll music and I saw no way maybe it was a maybe it was a movie. It was a YouTube video they got the whole thing started we don't know. But what we do know is that there is a big difference between. Special forces operators in a foreign country. And the US embassy in a foreign country. And what they're contractors what their missions are yet. You're not supposed to know with these captured on in Niger. Now that's the whole point yet nobody's even supposed to know there there again that's the whole point. But why you send them. Even though there's op sick operational security on the east thinks these missions where these geek Wear these men ghetto where the G minutes ago. All of these things are. Put together plans vetted and approved yet through so calm and probably through these armed forces committee east. In congress. But then again we're we're SE cup and others are getting on this is like do we need to sit down really and may be. Give us Sesame Street block of instruction that we got back to Lima army set. Him and and hold an apple in one hand and an orange and the other candidate a little music thank. One of these kids is not like the other one of these kids is not quite the same I mean these are. Not. They're not the comparable situations. The only thing comparable about these situations is. Bing Ghazi and Niger are both on the continent of Africa. And we lost Americans on the continent of Africa. Now one set of individuals were. And nonmilitary government employees private military contractor types at a diplomatic outpost. And they CIA outpost. These special forces units that are there to which these four soldiers belonged to were part of they were there on a so calm approved invaded mission again. Training local forces teaching people is not all of these it made if it may be news to some people. That. Countries like the United States Britain. France and even Russia had some of the most. Training facilities and training programs. For military military and paramilitary. On the planet. I wish so after that countries like Niger Djibouti and others on the and our horror Darfur now these are just. Don't quite have the level of expertise that we have and so to stabilize. These African countries where you've got vocal or rom and al-Qaeda and all this other stuff that. Guess these hash tag campaigns hash tags so horrible so sad. Well how do you prevent that from spreading. You send in guys like the special forces yet to take the local good guys to. Know how to march no had a fire a weapon that you teach them better skills she teach them how to be smarter. How to be better how to be more accurate how to gather Intel had a look and spot things. That look a little fishy ink could go bad you train and you multiply the force by taking these. Soldiers from Niger and other countries and training and that's what these guys were doing and that is completely different. Banned the supposedly. Diplomatic outpost thing possible gun running possible whatever stuff. Yeah it might have been happening. Ending Ghazi Libya. It is it's so different that it's not even how you can mention the two in the same breath and and how you can be somebody is is. I hit. Educators not to right word but somebody this in the nexus some of these. You know Washington DC reporter types are people that that have been reporting from the Pentagon or people literally forty out the for they know there. Exactly this you know fox reporter what's hiker Jennifer. Summer Kaymer what her name it that little had a short haired lady she's not very good very sharp. An SE cup as well these people know. John McCain news these guys where they air via don't be stupid don't think worst stupid senator. And you know you get in places like this and again you know these gas had been going around it was about a dozen US army soldiers. Along with thirty Nigerians and they're out they're meeting with village elders all the same stuff. That they've been doing in Afghanistan and Iraq and in other countries and that they did in Vietnam. And water everywhere or are they and right now that we don't know exactly but they they they had been patrolling. In this area for down the seat here for over. Krypton and weren't highlighted but they have been trolling in this area for quite some time now several weeks at least. Where they hadn't been attacked they had run into any type of hostile action. And so. That's why you know with people a while went their drones in the air force that overhead immediately is not television yet again via. Very very very true but then they did get you know some air cover fairly quickly. They say I've got here like are like thirty minutes yet within thirty minutes and they had been patrolling this area. To the Nevada. The that they got under there they got under fire escape in ambush site in the eulogies and evasive maneuvers. And and within about thirty minutes there was air cover over these guys who were some drones and French. Daschle a mirage. Aircraft overhead beautiful airplane yes a nice glass soft sell plenty of them a critical bench we did. And calm you know it's so this this whole thing that this was some kind of you know cluster. Going on over there and these guys are stumbling around where they had no business it's it's bull. It is all well like we said last week when we are talking about the big situation. Yeah yeah yeah nature abhors a vacuum. And information. Is the same way. Win there's a lack of information people fill that lack of information or feel that fill that void in with whatever that they can come up with the app. And sometimes that means creating or fabricating things which is where you get conspiracy they're grown. And sometimes it means just outright making stuff up in in and slap it on on on the interwebs there and in college news. Yet here is up only found that it was several pages back as long article printed off but then this is quoting from a defense official. The patrol that was attacked last week had actually done 29 patrols without contact over the past six months. So they had no indication that anything like this was going to occur and I would say that it was actually very very positive about it. But the fact they were able to have close air support overhead about thirty minutes after the first contact. And here's something that's rather instinct for those who did wanna compare bing Ghazi tit. In this situation and Niger to French mirage fighter jet showed up overhead during during the attack post fighting the shoe was still going on. But they did not opened fire on the militants the jets however flew low enough they bust them in they scattered them. You know. From the evidence I've heard from the survivors have been Ghazi. They asked for that if nothing else and didn't get they date just come buzz these guys in scattered around. And they were denied denied by Luke it came down from the top to she had a general general ham. Was gonna go gamers get fired he got really I can't imagine not relieved so that's coming down from somebody. That these guys in Niger. Got the benefit of at least some air support that would that were buzzing these insurgents. And if you wanna make a comparison to the Ghazi how many people might have survived being Ghazi. You know if they had gotten that consideration is it is it we're looking for similarities ending guys a year or they're more differences from being as he. Then there are similar outing I think there's more differences I think again that this. Just like it is sadly with the phone call. To the widows of of these fallen man especially the one where the congressman woman from Ford is making a stink over that. Particular extract of a phrase that she's woody when you put it in context it makes sense we talked about that last segment. But it's people again looking for any thing everything this this is the equivalent of my Lonnie is. She use. Going to go into Texas or are in Florida after the hurricanes that. That's what this is this is the this is the Defense Department story national security story equivalent of that crap. You know I'd love to know how how many people on this patrolling these things will never know ministers because I'm curious. How many how many people were on natural how many of them were Americans. Where they make contact how long were they in contact yet how many casualties total did they take. How many how many K I am on the other side. How much and so were they able to gather off of the decay from the other side I mean all of these things in this is all in a report somewhere I would imagine that yeah he was I mean this is this is what we known the story egg antagonists I was from Fox News about it was about a dozen US army soldiers mostly green berets and I'll remember race but mostly right with thirty Nigerian soldiers. So 42 guys were 42 gatlin guns that were on the same side. And attacked by eight a larger force of about fifty militants say says 1212 Americans 1212 twelve American which were assessed via I wouldn't marry Nigerians and fifty or more militants. I would imagine that. The the other members of the American. Contingent there will probably Rangers Rangers that's that was on Tacoma Tom probably army Rangers yeah. So or somebody is some other group with in this outcome special ops community via education are gonna take tenth ma'am to do that with some assets to now you you're gonna ads you gonna have spec ops guys. It is just it's interesting to me in in in the number of Baghdad's that they were able to step forward you know this thing broke the party got yet not yet. John it's just it's frustrating senate pick him apart the entire towns coming along for years when we come back both Bert doll. The gift that keeps on given salute service 163 Libya welcomed excellent service lot of local on a 63 WORD. John Turner Cho reporting levity with the amstel chuck you're still chuck I'm still Jon and your still EU we hope that you're not collier doctoring pitcher medication to expect. Our other big news this week came out and we can put this on the FaceBook page FaceBook dot com slash WORT salute service follow us there we try to keep the combo going all week long where with interesting things. But I'm. We posted on where about a week together that. It was being kind of leaked out that it was likely. That he was just gonna go ahead and plead guilty yeah activities Charles wasn't looking good look because he'd already said nah I don't on a jury does take that because she knew you weren't gonna get a jury yet a a court martial jury that was gonna found him innocent of anything now. And in this judge has been right down the line yet we with his to have been fair but firm I think in in realistic in dealing with this. And then the the literally balloon they floated out there did come to fruition he showed up in court this week in and pled guilty on on all charges say he's looking man. For desertion. Up to five years. The misbehavior before the enemy. You could get life for that I'm willing to bet he don't get. Life now Dell are not current don't give in five years for the desertion runners. His. Misbehavior. Before the enemy you know running concurrent with the idea. The first charge and he'll be out probably five years. Quinn. They're not coming Bradley Chelsea didn't serve the entire sentence that that she M guy that. Minute illusory you don't think he I don't think he does the whole thing man are relieved now I'd they're not yet I don't think they're gonna do is give this camp life now and not say and that that. Ten years fifteen years you don't see that I I am. On this when I in the glass half empty kind of again and again I don't see him catch and any any series time over it. And you know he's gonna get a dishonorable yes he's gonna forfeit all of the things to go with getting and paying benefits area yet. Loses right to vote loses right you know all the things that come with that. Can never be able to own property but will that hurt him like it would most people because he'll go out there just like Bradley Chelsea go write a book and write a book MBA hero of the left. In the anti foot twits and all that stuff. And and he'll he'll live more comfortably and I am willing to bet money on this that he'll end up. Gain support from leftists in progressives and these other whack job groups well Canada living probably more comfortably then they knew and ID. I think to say it these charges aside man I wanna know the I wanna know the what was the thought process behind this thing why did he do what he did. And in looking at his parents in her the Rose Garden oh yeah we have the president yeah his mommy and daddy. And they were obviously very sympathetic and oh my god my son's forgotten how to speak English in in all of daddy speaking in Arabic yeah rose garner patched your query. But yeah hey hey it's not that I'm looking for any thing you know. Conspiratorial her. Anything like that I just wanna know what the psychology was the thing there had to be a reason he did that. But I don't see how you let this that this dude out in five years if you if we if we go about Canada that the Porter. Philosophy may be on this than they serve concurrent because that's what the crazy thing is as there are some people that take. Will the time he served being captured with the Taliban should count yeah as time serve it to rehash even if he would be left in which to this yet I'm and he chose to play his weapon down when he was on guard duty. And walk away and leave his buddies and protected that was his choice. And man died men were wounded in injured and living today with life long injuries. Families saddled with. Troubles and difficulties because their husband their dad their son cannot function. As a healthy normal human being or their dad or their debt. And I would I would be willing to bet a small amount of money because that's all I have via. When we you know when you hear the sentencing it it's going to be here's what I'm predicting it's going to be he'll kill cash before I'd on the desertions are up at five years. And I say it's under ten. For the news editor for the enemy that I say that they run those concurrently. So Phil do you know when he used to with a five years she may have two or three years left on the other charge yet and then he's done. There. I don't know what the the other consideration. About this are there's some guys out there that are pretty ticked the 'cause they're buddies. Are either dead. Or seriously injured and now. Crippled because of what he did not. Then if there's not be announce. Payback I you know MythTV. If I'm not saying I just frustrating for that. I'm not advocating lower but I tell you what man you know you gotta you gotta thank. Yes safest place for him may be in prison for a friend to friend with no morals or know somebody favors yes exactly and that could be the case and in you know maybe but probably 98 it's just. It's a messenger to situation. Well I haven't on this I just again am I'm a glass half and yet again this thing on just nine. I'm not confident. Now even it's even though the military judicial system. It says the scene today it doesn't. As Stiller an enemy again in that we're. You look at where we are as a culture again and and with the comic cadet in the snowflakes and other. Things that have happened reality Bradley Chelsea and all this stuff he absolutely taken those are reality with this. A year probably you're probably right if I'm if I'm wrong I'll admit it gladly and ocean eat out by Graham. Beers Dan the are you you don't not to drink. Hurt Thea. The one thing I'm I'm open for that is it that we just. I'd I'd like to see fifteen years. At least that I'm not I'm not gonna hold my breath now well we'll find out soon enough soon enough yet. For the month is out act in stand by for the stand by for the news I guess. Yeah maybe now we don't we're segment we wouldn't want or send me your rap on the clock of the forward and I'm not a Smart man user won a six or did you or me checking job. Welcome back excellent service final segment Howard juncture now she now has now isn't that Palestine as a monopoly and I it's not for exactly. The other big stories in the in the news this week as well. The Second Amendment staff of course we've been talking about Second Amendment issues ever since we started on the salute service show yeah. Hand the spokes person for the NRA but she does her own radio staff some TV staff on fox and some other places. Big party in our AE. Organization and has a lot of speaking engagements and things for them. Beautiful woman Dana lash AA is was that micro aggressive sure sounds is that a little Harvey Weinstein and maybe not this day and say yeah. Bring it into the show somewhere and bit Dana lash. It really Greg you've. Not Mike. Personally matter matter I saw I sorry not showing Zoller at shot show in instant their stale idea and assess a lot closer than I've ever been she somebody I would like to meet seemed very very sharp very confident intelligent. The meet nice demeanor sometime for ever. I was somewhere where she was speaking. But recently she. Released a series tweets and some updates. Better personal level of these people use multimedia stuff count. The followers that data Monday today goings on and yet go here to eat with a husband and the kids are some like that but her post were. Here we are in the house yet dragon trash bags at the street would jump or don't know way Obama baucus were having to move. Or having a move in where I live why are they having to move. Because the compassionate understanding. Nonviolent. Want to get rid of guns and pro gun control crowd all these people. Who think gun owners are so evil she was getting multiple threats. That she was going to be attacked and raped raped to death I think was one of them and they can't or that she was going to be killed murdered and by the people who are supposed to be compassionate peaceful and understanding that won't gun control or won't. The Second Amendment repealed to reduce gun violence. In crime. Here they are with this lady. Threatening her likeness to the point that she has stepped packed up her family. And move now maybe it's just meet. In the way I look at pinks and look at life but. If any thing out player bolsters. What I believe what you believe what Dana lash believes and promotes and supports. The right. On our arms to defend yourself and for the reason the founders put it in the constitution in the first place to defend against tyranny. And if anything makes the strong argument for that what these pro gun control any gun people are doing. To miss slash. Makes makes our argument more battle. It it does in you know if these people there that day that anti gun people that are promoting violence to to their ends yet are no different then the ante for people they're no different in their probably won the same probably honest but it. What I think these people do is they they see it today they make it OK to use violence. Against people that they label and it's an enemy of players and players of their opponents years yet if if this person bolt doesn't. Believer follow my ideology. Yeah then I can label them as a gun nut or I can label them as a Nazi or I can label them as a white nationalist or twice yes. All you have to do is called and that. End and that makes it okay yes she used. India that's. That's not taught a course that's what we've heard from the anti for crowd my hand is well that yet all were were OK because we're using violence to to achieve and in the end justifies the means to exact thing Machiavelli and stuff yes. That it that this is okay it's it's okay and it's if you disagree with my world view. Then SOK for me to beat you up pretty happy you heard it yet so I don't agree with us stake guns should be outlawed or gun control and registration and all this session take place if you don't believe that. Believe that if you disagree with us on that. And you are. Active. In in the culture. To defend your belief that's not the same as our belief. Then it's cool for us to threaten to to to break. Are haven't moved but again I think if what these people have swerved in to. Where that they intended to not have done nothing more than just bolster. My billion sticks they're they're making our case for us. You know it to quote Joseph Rogan who's you know I mean the guys who were Smart yeah. He said in an pare phrase here we have in this nation. A mental health issue masquerading as a gun problem yet an act I think that's probably one of the more profound statements that generation is is that we do. These people have mental health issues. And somehow becomes a gun problem yeah. You are right. One less thing here before we hit the top of the hour break for the news just want to let everybody know there is a veteran job and resource fair coming up 45 employers. And 23 service providers are scheduled to be there this is. Called the operation palmetto employment veteran's career in resource fair on October 26 hearing Greeneville be four to 7 PM. And then 4:6 PM it will be open to veterans and their families and opened the public six to 7 PM it's going to be at SE works McAllister square their own pleasant burg wrote hearing.