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Salute to Service
Saturday, October 21st

Salute to Service


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I up first this week on rapid fire I saw this story and it just kind of blew me away this guy volunteer firefighter. Turns a 101 after over forty years of service. This guy in this is up and Frederick County Maryland in this gentleman's name is Glynn Brubaker. Four years of service in that area as a volunteer firefighter and he's a 101. Now the interesting thing about this this forty years of service. Started later in life he didn't start do in this still he was like about sixty years old pol gap and put his forty here's CN. At that point and this is really an amazing story. Glib Brubaker start working with the herb on a volunteer her Urbana I guess dependent on what part of the country from Burbank and the Clinton Nirvana thing Lerner brought part of part of the volunteer fire department over forty years ago. And still has his energetic spared quoting mr. Brubaker. It's something like we say it's something inside of you you've got to go you've got a ghost and mr. Brubaker. You don't get tired tired I've never used that word mile high. This. I would love. To meet this this kind of I don't know that I have the energy in me I mean this guy is apparently got more Spock and speaker Nancy sadly at a hundred more and then not do it fifty beautiful but because. Either way I'm just like I had a just as easily get home and hit the recliner man and it like getting out of bed is painful. Some days after some days you have but again you know happy birthday to this guy god bless him a 101 years old started developer can fight as a volunteer firefighter. Forty years ago so I there's still there's hope for me and I need I'm may not hit my peak for another nine years. I'm start certainly happy birthday sir and I Ang godless. He heads Tuesday in in storage a stupid people this one this one popped right out that mean this is out of Florida surprise to spur ice. They are you looking to build a career in law enforcement is probably not a good idea to use your dad's on March sheriff's car. To mess with your ex and her new beau but that's exactly what Palm Beach sheriff's cadet Christopher columns. The son of Apollo Beach sheriff's lieutenant did investigators say according to an arrest report. In the small hours of Saturday there we go. Combs A pulled over his former purple friend. And her new boyfriend. With a red and blue lights flashing to. Used patrol cars last bigger order his her boyfriend out of the Ford Bronco under the ground apparently without discussing his voice three. Emerged to empty his pockets. Someone then stole Robert wallet pocket knife. When asked for comment Tuesday about the incident Palm Beach sheriff's office spokeswoman. Wrote an email the sun has been fired effective right now. I mean. Sacramento form for her that don't touch our how I mean I get that you're mad you're yeah girlfriend mailed. She's got a new boyfriend. So. Where are what state of minor UN and the first thing that pops in your head to go borrowed dad's patrol car down the pole with them over. Rob the guy is nobody ever figure this out. This this is probably for the citizens of that county that area is probably the best thing that could have happened because with the temperament and in judgment. Common sense level that's on display there. The last thing this cat needs is a gun in a match well hey you know being that it's Palm Beach, Florida this is probably the least odd thing. A quick we're late day everything's Florida man. Boy. This story at a military times and it was shared several stories about the it's a Marine Corps first recently they had a a female officer graduate the infantry officer course indeed female officer graduated the amphibious assault vehicle course. And there is a young female marine enlisted marine that is getting a second try to become a special operations ranger Marine Corps raiders. As they call marsh sot Marines anyway she had made her first attempt. And again. Not knocking her like a lot of the her her male counterparts these are test schools they have high wash out rate will or everybody she'd you know it didn't make it the first time you get three shots that. Her second attempt is coming up. Lists September the marine corporal completed the first face. But did not score high enough to advance further sync command spokesman major nick. Men wire that's a great name Mara Fred a Marine Corps officer male pilot she's the second female marine to attend the training since all the MOS is military occupational specialties. Were open to women their allowed of the three attempts to complete the assessment and the selection phase mark soccer training site. She gets another shot at it and again where they're. You don't care about this kind of stuff for the year like they don't belong here they should never be there or eight year one as well I guess I accept it now because it's reality or you're like us in your more open to it. Yeah for the potential benefits of it anyway it's it's the reality and if nothing else can't you at least appreciate. That there are young women out there. That are pushing the envelope that are pushing the limits of clear physical and mental endurance in in working to accomplish things. Rather than being out there protesting something on a college campus or in and I are working working part time at. Coffee house whatever and Livan and their parents basement. There these meaner out they're trying to do something there they're putting forth the effort whether you know they make it they make it if they don't they don't but at least they're they're out there yet and I like how. There they're keeping that he's keeping it cool by its board and we're not releasing names and placing you know tough I'll allow these Marines. To focus on the task at hand yep and I I appreciate that another story out of Florida matter of fact that most of the stories that are and. I'm not found out of Florida I don't know what's going on in Florida apparently there's something in the water and airman who disappeared from an air force base North Dakota forty years ago. Is in custody of US air force after it was discovered last week living in Florida. Jeffrey Michael 64 was arrested Thursday on charges of desertion after he failed to report for duty. At a North Dakota might not air force base July slightly explode and their head and it's winner mad and that helps his cause July 6 1977. Buy now man. Michael originally from east Liverpool Ohio found living in the living a double life in Sanford Florida under the name Jeffrey Lance according to a police report. The man reportedly used a fake name to obtain a business license in 1998. Record showed Jeff Francis certified general contractor license for construction business Atlantic development corporation. A photo of Michael's post Leinart FaceBook group veteran doe website dedicated to bringing attention to the many missing veteran active duty cases an unidentified person cases. Where there's a possible possible military connection post was deleted after Michaels was discovered so. 1977. Any made it to 2017. Yet. Wow for probably the last thing he expected to happen he not make me giggle every UG key thing here I'm free as a bird well and you know. This guy's gonna have to he's gonna expand throw him so he's gonna have to go to Santa mine. I bet they do and that they send him back to my and I and I bet they put in any uniform. Yeah and cut his hair yet and he's gonna go last stand alone for a man now in her hand yeah I mean get it out yet I mean. I had last and I saw cam and I can't blame the guy walking away from the president. Is different for yet might not North Dakota you get a little sympathy vote fair bit yet that deserting not so much now. If you're a parent out there are struggling to pay for your kids college education. Here's something that's gonna make your blood pressure go local that you're talking about the yet. The comic that debt repulse an answering phones second lieutenant repel mayor West Point graduate and we're still wait to see what happens when this guy probably not going to be good for him. But the American taxpayers that you and me ladies and gentlemen spent nearly a quarter of a million de dollars. Paying for this radical Marxist Spencer rep own. DOS to receive a world class education. And officer training at the US military academy daily collar is a really get website they've been following up on this. And they got in touch with some people there at the US military academy. AKA West Point of that is he couldn't keep up. The scholarship value quoting here the scholarship value of a US military academy education. 446051. Home openers but I'm just rounded up. As of April 27 team and that's straight from West Point public affairs in this number varies from thirty year but this is the most up to date information that aching go up and are down a little bit. Opinion on programs that the cadet makes she's raised some on the idea go overseas and on some training assignments we had some showed up for Riley Kansas when I was out there. Get assigned an infantry and artillery units and stuff like that that. Like every other cadets there at West Point Barbara pounded not pay a dime to attend the academy is taxpayer funded education is fully funded. By the federal government with no problems well. Aggravating part is. That's that can't be taken away from them. Yeah yeah they can do whatever they wanna do it and they can put him in jail they can get in the destroy honorable discharge what ever happened to that guy yet. They can't take away that education in national engineering degree yeah west point's an engineering all the academies or engineering schools. This guy's gonna walk out of there has walked out of there with an engineering degree. Now whether he gets hired by somebody who knows where he's not gonna give picked up by some fortune found yeah I mean probably. Junction firm but they give like like the other schmuck berg golf whenever he gets out. This kid. Is going to be a hero of the left PRD is still have a book deal and he'll have a reality show or some crap like that. Or somebody's gonna be you know give them some walk around money and he'll wind up probably living more comfortably than I do working two jobs. And you know that's deep in his educations just 11 part of yeah of his. College education gap. Was that guy military he would he would arrange your chosen listed he was not only did he go to ranger school that he was scroll he would get in the first back. So yeah I mean this student. Costa sneak our skills and he got educated and and all that at at our experience the good guy Marxist commie scum bag super good guy we got time for 1 morning we got time for one more. We pick a good one here. Possession at one point you know this one is one I couldn't believe I did not know this was a thing but some navy vets confirmed when I shared it on the FaceBook page FaceBook dot com slash W a RD salute to service. You still get bread and water punishment in the US navy that's that's a thing. And I did I just didn't those up posted about there age and it might well it anyway at some navy vets. Comment on it. But apparently aboard the USS Shiloh when it was commanded for 26 months by captain. Adam him a cock. This guy used. Bread and water punishment could again the brig for 2440 or whatever and ultimate bread water and for minor infractions the 81 guy got cartel in Alaska but about where his mother lived. There is you're late you're late get back from liberty or some might better. Late for a few minutes late for this in the attic allergies and Brad mortar punishment I had no idea that was a thing well I bet they don't do it again. Probably not but I mean there was actual other details a bit. Timed to the navy yet responded on our FaceBook page as in other stuff that the army had CD was details. Might have been worse than actual bread and water I don't know in the name because you've got actual toilets and things that flush on ships and in the army you have liked the scene from the movie platoon where your polling barrels and burning burning. That index. That's not pleasant man let me let me get just went out real quick man this is out of Germany getting stuck in traffic jam on the German autobahn might cost more than just time and heartache and her new German law you stupid. What they've done is criminalized rubber necking. So there was a fine in Germany of twenty euros from rubber necking going pastor crash or not getting out the way of an emergency vehicle. That's fine has increased to 320. Euros a new penalty in a loss of driving privileges for a month. After Iraq. In some part of Germany were eighteen people died because rescue vehicles couldn't get. To the scene fast not because people were blocking a road we need that law here and when we come back we'll talk about something completely different. But just as intrinsically a disservice 1063 W or. Welcome back John Turner checked Porter salute disservice live and local 1063 WORD. The F states talks stationing glad to be with you appear have a great day I'm still chuck and you're still chuck I'm still Jon and the man on the board still grace award on all right today and not the color great nothing else actually is actually great that's right it's not. And I get an email because Halloween is common people might think we have some type of apparition kind of over on the other side of this thing to exit on true I'm a spate and we don't have any king and he says there's that. I hate this time a year so rough man you pay how we know she's star burst jelly beans are the crack cocaine in my candy purple and I can't. And all infringing any this candy corn and I like in any court people people bust on candy corns all the time like now if you get this stuff did did bring in candy the rocks rocks the Raja and you're not happy you need to you know stood like any horns. Stop style and Stalin did not Stalinist. So you like candy corn Q and you adjust down to go hang out yeah be buddies. All right I haven't found the show it up again McCain to be safe out there howling and stuff like that and yet don't trigger any but he is pretty stoop don't go was just stop Holland. All right North Korea is a topic we've been covering for a long time numbering in a different stuff and it's golf. To keep people informed because not a lot of people have. Discussed this and is regularly and in the different topics and angles that that we brought up and we've been pretty good about it I'm not afraid to pat myself on the back. Pat you on the path for that matter over our coverage of North Korea I it's important and it's not now not trying to do any fear mongering that you need to know it's and it's due in May be I can't make you care. About this stuff but hopefully we can get you to think. All right the one thing 'cause we were sitting in the little side studio was about three weeks ago and they leveling in towns and in robards stopped in the building Jan one of her friends with her and poker hand and say to us. You're talking about the Korean staying in the and she's like I have like you guys have been covering that and you know she says what do you think how will we know when something may be a bad happened. And I said well and and having been stationed there and having had nine lovely and talented wife mrs. turner there with many. I simply if you see something players suddenly. We're evacuating spouses and dependents and nonessential personnel. Civilian workers. That's probably a pretty good clue to woo we may be about to do something below the hole. This week along with the other scheduled military drill holes that are going to be going on over there. The US. Evacuation drills going on in South Korea heighten fears. A military action this story in the New York Times by. Chose saying Hulu and I'm guessing he's probably curry and the Korean. Desk and I they are for the NYT that's that's reasonable but day anyway coming out of Seoul South Korea the united states military said on Monday it would practiced evacuating non combatant Americans out of South Korea in the event of war and other emergencies. As the two allies begin a joint naval exercise amid. Heightened tensions of course. It conducted similar evacuation exercise is for decades and are in past and that's absolutely the truth we have. Practice runs on stuff like this when my wife was over in and they do want to different degrees like maybe get your spouse to report with like out. You know the small DD bag kind of thing in our identification a pitcher company headquarters. And maybe that's Ollie did this to see how fast they can Muster the the espouses in the dependence. Sometimes they might actually gets a forest to you like if you're at a place like where I was that wasn't Micah necessarily a large. Camp right our facilities and often be off the beaten path that you'd you'd get there was and maybe they put them on a blessing get them to. One of the larger. Cities demarcation points like either either Seoul or take you were to sign somewhere like that at. Again practice can now they've had exercises where they have. Put selected numbers. Of of different Stanley depending groups on. Mission served as C 130s and yet slime over did to Japan and airbase her. Marine Corps base naval base or something over there and land and can't keep them overnight and bring them back into kind of a big adventure kind of thing that. Organized chaos so yeah it is really dark what he eats it is it would everything but it. That's the kind of too little tidbits to war. To have your eye on if you warning to kind of be in the note to seek whoa what are the things that will happen before. If we work to do it for strike a course at the north strikes first. We stared aghast that started this in 1950 June of 1950 it was his 65 is and they are the ones yet they're rolling across the order they started the entire thing. So but if it's something that we are gonna do with our allies. South Korea Japan we may see Australia even in the UK possibly again because this was Ollie UN effort over there can never wrapped up it was just a as crossfire on hold yet were on hold. So keep your eye on that kind of thing the other story. That com hi this week about North Korea and again our guys have said even general Mattis asset death mask. Has send out were more on full court press would diplomatic efforts because. Yeah this would be violence on a scale we haven't seen in seventy plus years in Madison knows. Caylee nose done burden as a military historians officers know people that have actually bothered to read history book no. This would be extremely violent how awesome life I'll listen for this kicks off so determined diplomacy but coming out of North Korea. They're so I can't get this article of CN and so it might be true. That. Pace North Korean official reaffirmed pwn Pyongyang's commitment to developing long range ICBM is capable of reaching all the way to the East Coast of the mainland US on Monday telling CNN. That the rogue nation is currently not interested in diplomacy until it achieves that goal. So these sources are there and they know they were bargaining chip they want a bigger bargaining chip you bet they do in this all goes towards what we've talked about before ambassador John Bolton has talked about before how wish we were big enough to get him on our show. Would love that and we can access that we LA is asking yet not but. How. Were putting ourselves in a position to be nuclear blackmail. With this you know that yes these guys are saying that's and that's all they've ever tried to do they've in they've never lived up to any agreement no no it. That's it once they get the money once they get the humanitarian assistance. They go right back to Dillon. They've they've had no reason because there's been no consequence to anything anyway yeah and since 1950 when I mean really what's the worst thing that we've done to them since the the in this. Cease fire went into effect in 1953 is when we rolled in there into the DMZ area in and we finish cut now that tree that our guys went in to train it. Yes because it was blocking an observation post. And and they came out there and they killed a couple of our guys in the and we rolled back out there as an okay instead of trimming the tree we're just gonna cut the darn thing down. And we did that's. If there's if there's been a worst consequence. That we've done to Demps since since operation Paul Bunyan I don't know. Yeah I'm gonna give you a little rules. As an aside here I was talking to a friend of mine did say via reservists and measures yeah. Has a pretty. I wouldn't say an average job it has a aid and MOS are great yeah navy that that is not uncommon. Recently re enlisted and day by recently I mean within the last week herself and they were talking about. You know get some cold weather qualifications Foreman is like I've got that and they say great so we don't have to do the cold weather stuff for you and he's like. Why would why would I need cold weather now and does the guy that was right in the reimbursement program you know the deal there it was like well you know. There's probably going to be cold. Yeah. Well. We're. Where we currently deployed where it's cold snap nowhere yeah. And now. A edited know how cold it gets over the years do little Google on the frozen chosen exactly some great documentaries on that and our date from personal experience. He gets cold over there man Welsh. Winter is Cole you you just based on what he told me and then this story that you just did about the the spouses and in the evacuation drills and stuff like that. I'd I don't know that it's imminent yeah. But it's I think we're probably. Getting more ready than what people would have you because the stakes. Are so high yet with what we know they've got now we played the audio from congressman Duncan Hunter eight a group former active duty Marine Corps officer and heard what he said. About from the briefings and everything I go to the document Asia racist. How walk out of those believing they can hit us. Now right now today and that was Duncan Hunter from yeah a couple of weeks ago. We too we read the commentary in the quotes from the the the woman who is the general now a commander of nor comment hurt I met can be very concerned. And I'm very concerned with what they're doing and they're intent. And they hit first in 1950. In the stakes are so high now we're not talking about you know 1950s era you know tanks in and sub machine isn't like that that these these gas. You know could hurt so what if they can't do the East Coast are ready do we do we want do we want them to have the capability to hit Minneapolis. Saint Louis Houston Dallas Portland. Seattle LA live LA night. Let me let me let me be devil's advocate here for best second. We we just well work currently involved in in the shooting war. That. Although on declared shooting worn on the Alaska's when you're getting shot at you're shooting back you know yeah it's kind of war. Based on the best intelligence that the intelligence community had to offer that there were weapons of mass destruction being. Held in word and we were in imminent danger yes weapons of mass destruction being used we get over there and there are no weapons of mass destruction and air quotes so that real issues with that would ask this guy there asked July but. Do we pull it or is the is the intelligence community in a position at this point. Especially with all the stuff that's going on in in Washington DC right now with all the investigations and every yeah half. Is is the intelligence community in a place to be handing out information and saying hey this is good information that solid. I can see in that that puts the president. His advisors. Secretary defense secretary of stay gas like general Kelley in and are in our commanders in uniform. In it in a difficult spot here and I like I can see that and that's why this decision is so who so tough. And because again. People will die lots of people will die oh yeah this is not gonna be the did that. Killed in action totals from Iraq and Afghanistan or even Iraq and Afghanistan combined under the settled a good lesson for an hour more serious than that. But. I'm John Bolton says this sounds very cold but I Hayes is kind of the reality of it do we want. The dead north Koreans ended South Koreans or did Californians are dead missourians dead Texans did Oregon means that Virginians. Did Albanians. Did you know. That would say Alabama Albanians Alabama writes for Sam my purse you know I mean do we want Denham aid dead Americans. Well yeah I mean rather deal with that when it sadly it will beat Ian. Women children elderly people are our allies and I hate that I truly didn't. But these guys are no joke in this other story I've got here again to prove that point. Moore has been learned about. The North Korean hackers when they tried just a year ago just a mere twelve months ago. To steal. One billion dollars from the New York Federal Reserve. You wanna know what stopped them way why was just super cool firewall. No I was anchorman no Lou what was it John and they misspelled a word. That that hackers that were actually getting in there and you entering codes and passcodes in command keystrokes and stuff like that to suck out 88 billion dollars. It was a misspelled. Word which if when you read statements that are released from the air in the English is. Kind of choppy yes. Translate that over into somebody that typing on a keyboard packing and trying to steal this money that's. That's what kept them from doing I wonder in this echoing this is the article it's fed out and and again from I got this one from New York Times as well you can maybe you can answer this with your professional background but how did they misspelled word for to prevent. Prevent that did that did that engage some kind of I have if you if you multiple tries multiple strikes on certain things and I the in the IT world you breaching security firewalls and an impasse were codes and and things like that coating. It's not or she is you've got to beat you he'd have to be very specific with what she typed to get the output the reaction to. Of the coach your putting and so yes it's a very precise. It's a precise science. Makes sense to. Well it's time for breaking into you when we come back to story I think is going to be a special interest you John because although we both served during desert storm you actually went to their daughters Malia. So lot of local good good little story about that come of such service one a 63 Debbie Doherty took welcome back salute to service a lot of local 163 WORD. John Turner chuck Porter glad to be with you and ledger with us India and you've got this next door is one youth. Bird dog and I am brought to the table today in it it it was kinda I appreciate it. It was important to me this story because this this is our generation yet. And that in and by that I mean the desert storm generation desert shield desert storm and although I had the city can't Hamilton and watch a stupid thing on CNN. You you actually get to go over there in India do the do your job yet niche you know and they thought they trained and paid me today he had 1% in Europe our military career is made up of actually doing what you're supposed to be down. Out of Washington DC retired four star army general Ronald Griffith made an impassioned case Thursday for the new national desert storm. In desert shield war memorial to be placed near the National Mall adjacent to the Vietnam Veterans Memorial now that part is what caught me. Yeah because this is something they didn't act it it never occurred to me. Intel I read this. Griffin to serve 37 years active duty ended his career as the army's vice chief of staff. Completed two combat torturing the Vietnam War and later commanded the first armored division during desert storm and desert shield. He's quoted as saying the leadership served in desert storm were all low ranking to mid grade officers during the Vietnam War. And we drew some lessons I would love to be able to have that monument somewhere that I can walk from where we left our buddies and Vietnam. To the morial that says here is where we ended up. This is where we left it. It allies that that to me kind of struck a chord because I had at two sergeants major I had a master guns. All three with purple hearts yet from the Vietnam War and those were our senior in CEOs and our yo majors and in lieutenant colonel staff. That. Bear bear. Formative years since via the Vietnam. So I can see nor general Norman Schwarzkopf. And was a lower Colin Powell ranking officer Colin Powell they were all. It captains majors yet. In that in that Vietnam aero the in the during the Vietnam War and deployed over there and learn things and and frankly that was one thing they gave a lot of us. Is this soldiers that I spoke with in that I was working with them there. Gave us confidence that we learned we were gonna do this right. Yeah that what we did what we weren't gonna we weren't gonna. Encounter some of the same pitfalls that. The political type stuff Brett. Really hampered the mission focus in Vietnam Samie times because. Our our military Erie in house I'll stand by this love my Vietnam. And older Brothers and sisters Vietnam veterans. Then. What failed in Vietnam was politicians yell what it will start the ability and the resolve the courage and heroism. Of the men and women in uniform it was the politician true story. And so many just like you many of my. Or ranking NCA as 7080 NASA like dad in my platoon leader. That was enlisted in Vietnam and was a what this cresting yet she fourth officer force right. Vietnam veteran. You know it was my platoon leader over in desert storm and the Vietnam veteran. In CEOs and I was a the young private and pfc N and you know 11 of the you know coupled aghast over Vietnam veterans were ones that really it taught me some things. Analyzing and saying you hear you know Caribbean more of a poke person other than grunt when I was in. We still didn't feel training stuff there was a guy that was a a grunt he was arranger in Vietnam. And when I was a PSE of that field and we had at a QRF quick reaction force and stuff like that gasket that look for prisoners is that. He's like okay who wants to play GI Joseph and much of treasuries who really wants to play GI Joseph and I can't raise in my. Is that okay kimono has some Tom Allen teaching gas and things. And he leaned back on that ranger school education and experience right and taught us stuff and so we need Q are after an opposing force stuff and it four Riley. Dagger over Korea do a thing in and that down at the under field in Savannah for the last couple years. And the skills he taught me and when I was in India. I remembered in here we are bunch aviation Powe guys right and we go out to a field training exercise and we have set parameters never own. Q or F Stefano are remembered. But that sergeant Tommy went in. When. When you're out in the field and there are at hunter. The Sydney fifth ranger detained after the and they're the ones they get to have fun with you and keep you awake all night long she well. My applicants perimeter was the only one that didn't get breached. The cause the guy who taught meet. How to do that kind of stuff was an army ranger Vietnam veteran. And that taught me he was my Big Brother in arms at their Fort Riley Kansas Emmy in it I guess of the 75 printing has really launched they really could have I'm sure. But we'd set it up enough that at it was easier meet. To get. On other part. Perimeter a less interesting bit. Anecdotal story back in 9293 and flooded the air station cantonal to India and our squadron was done deploy world deployed we're in Yuma Arizona. So we flew back some of the birds because everybody else was in a big stack the end of the runway including all the support equipment we have no tugs are anything out of airplanes around with. So MW are rile welfare and recreation broadest and cheap and will it's cheap and it had a hit China so we can use our toe war. So this guy drives in the hangar and gets out walks away. And here's a bunch of Lance corporal in corporal stand around stare at this thing is we got air. Moved here nobody got his start rated. We're looking for all kinds is a little sticker Craig in the top window comes down he's a master guns and nieces what are you doing. The top we can't get this thing started he gets and puts his foot down and stock urged it. If they call us all idiots and laughed yeah so anyway great that. That would mean a lot to me personally. If if that does get senate because I I get the point and it's absolutely dead on under the tree and it would be an honor to me. That mom memorial is adjacent to there's maybe a little love GA story when we come back salute service one a 63 W a RD checking. Welcome back. Final segment this weekend's edition of salute service John Turner chuck Porter won a 63 WORD. So glad you spend your afternoon with this we do appreciate it and not. Again so many topics that we cover have just been from areas that just they just keep on providing good conversation literally this is yet sadly another. That the VA once again another another stellar mark for for them. This is this is frustrating because we've talked it. Talked about the being talked about to being talked about VA and how many times is have been promised to be fixed India and over and over again we keep seeing in this garbage in Vietnam veteran died. When a nurse's aide at the VA hospital Massachusetts didn't check up on him and instead played video games on her computer. Vietnam veteran or retired police detective bill nutter was being cared for Tibet for VA medical center after having recently lost the second leg due to diabetes. He suffered from moderate meal which could cause cardiac arrest at any given moment. Not your daughter Bridget one on a family vacation in July 2016 with following day she received a phone call from her mother saying that her father died. Doctor to VA medical center told the family that a staff member did not check on him hourly like they were supposed to. The nurse's aide responsible for checking on notre Petraeus show wait wait bleak way able. Admitted that she was playing video games as opposed to watching over the veteran after initially saying she checked on and so we lied she lied when it. Check dot up on him once or twice and our hospital camera showed she never left her computer to check on him. Another Newser report nurse who reportedly made slit throat gesture the following morning announcing that her death was terminated. The inspector general who has watched criminal investigation into systemic failings at the medical center some of these failings led to another's death. After the Boston Globe contacted VA secretary David tokens office the VA suspended wave pool with a page. Yeah she was transferred to the cafeteria. You know this stuff and of course in the new pictures for her. You know that accompany this story there's a microphone and and a group of politicians. Staining around it we're not understand this week this world would they are outraged that I. You know frankly I'm tired of the outrage and on our outlook some action if they were truly and honestly outraged they would fixes that. These people would be fired they would be chart if this stuff went on in private facilities in the private sector. Man you'd you'd be prosecuted for this kind of stuff you'd be taken to court and put out to pasture it's unconscionable. That. It's these. These people are allowed it is suspended. Our you know what I did you wanna be suspended. Intel and investigations yet to find just like it'll law enforcement agency when you get when you get suspended yet. For. Investigation of criminal activity it's without pay yeah don't get to get money you tax Payer money you feel some pain yes. And you know what if you if you're clear great find come back to work via. But did but lady admitted yeah. She didn't do our job well they could they could they can't fire the people that sit at their desk all day watching porn on their computers for the VA at least for this lady Elise she's moral enough I've maybe she would look and a naughty pictures. She was playing video games but. And again the people who could fix this problem. Standing there. Acting outraged over this if you're really outraged then fix it. Something but they're not just get rid of the soul his lip service men and it's been lit services gonna continue to be lip service until they're allowed. To start firing these people. I say more than farm prosecute them well it the bear I mean little because this lady I mean of course our she could she could just cop out and say well I'm just following the lead of management because we've had VA facilities. Where you can tie. Fatalities. And to that Miller managed yes of supervisors and outright criminal acts you can't get rid of their cheek you can't get rid of them to the point that these people have their own. In a merit protection system sequentially in the journal court's judicial system with end the bureaucracy. Did determine your guilt or innocence and whether they get to stay on as a paid employer not yet where's that protection for anybody else this man yet. I mean honestly you work for the taxpayers the fact that you get some kind of union protection it taxpayer expense and that's and garbage man. That's absolutely adore us this is pathetic and you know that were Republican and Democrat. Elected officials that are both command on this I'm sick here and I'd be expressing outrage bro I'm sick of see a need you know. We get. Exercised over this as long as there's a microphone and a TV camera around what we won't. Is to have this fix we as veterans the people the men and women that swore an oath. Wrote a blank check of our lives we. Deserve better than this. You know for me man you've got people that are screaming about sustaining systemic problems in the United States of America and expecting the government to fix it. There is a systemic problem with in the government of the United States of America and they can't even think to themselves yeah. And for those who are out there thinking well what we need to do and what was her face the room Julia Louis-Dreyfus jacket and anger about her cancer gets better and she does okay. But about you know maybe one day we'll have universal healthcare now as well here's you let your players out here right here a single Payer health care system. Within this country run managed in everything by the federal government and look how great it is yeah brilliant wonderful wonderful let's say this this this is who I want taking care of me exactly in well it's pathetic. There we go I guess were I guess we're done. I guess it's about that time it is about that time so. I guess we'll wrap it up always enjoyed it again just wanna remind people real quickly about the veteran job in resource fair that is coming up on October 26 check our FaceBook page for details that's FaceBook dot com slash W a RD salute to service. Join us again next week when we're showing the cans so we'll see aside next Saturday same bat time same bat channel and as always if you can't be safe. Be dangerous we'll see you next week.