Salute to Service
Saturday, November 18th

Jon and Chuck talk about a Korean defector and debunk the report that Army recruits with mental health conditions can enlist.


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Afternoon and how you doing today you have and a great day after day not too bad weather for this time of year. Yes sun cracking through John Turner and show reporter I'm I am. Am I so bound man like outpost on the FaceBook page this week are really thought this was going to be a year year to win people magazine's sexiest man alive but. States sadly Al Blake Shelton got a not clearly the grassroots effort I had go and it's. I must social media campaign really I didn't didn't pan out I'm sorry I mean what's a guy got a bit. If this point I've been I mean they they passed me over forty secure genre I don't are a there's always things you know you're still young man you're still young there's time and also eliminates course say a headline that. Not particularly. Military. In nature other than a lot of soldiers Marines airmen sailors. Owes these. A lot of guys especially the enlisted. When your first start now you have on the army he's come a GI party I don't know which he made column marine oil bears scars some you know where it's like. Everybody turns out you scrub toilets and the showers and we dusting and we call a field day and you did that usually. Crank up some good music. Usually occur usually change is as as as loud as you can get away with it anyway to pin in on the NC NN the news has a duty was. And a lot of times that music was just some good hard drive and potent rock and roll. That included a CDC and the course Malcolm young. One of the founding members co-founder of that was his brother Angus died 64 men and young man that dementia stuff. Complications from that that I you just think about how many times. How many memories. You know I know that I half. Oh yeah things and in my army days where man yet you had you know AC DC was kind of the soundtrack of your life it really and in. There have been since what the in mid seventies down. So yeah that that's an unfortunate. Unfortunate loss in a unique thing in the number of times and yet. Even when I was placing. AC/DC comes on and it's like. And what indeed that's the mentality that music for stuff like this man and I just kind of that. Crappy thing about and giving to the point where at life and it will mis vehemently a few years ahead of EU is where year. People that she grew up with you know. Like yeah you're you're watching some people that are his lives come to an Anthony's you've only state program again these cats are this man under this this writer that. Person hello Heidi they're always going to be there and then. You start to discovering that again they're not that anyway course he was never in the military that. Course. You know there. That there are meaningful to the there's very meaningful it is well the band itself just because of yeah a lot of lot of great memories. Tied to some of that music's speaking of getting older tomorrow's my my beautiful wife birthday on and pacing and wish her on happy early birthday tomorrow she's turned 29 again. For the don't say I'm not I don't think there's somebody out there will be due on the matter. Especially I heard of and you know what you say as she centimeters mourned she's like I you know I just Aqua celebrate birthdays I'm like honey in our age. I mean were stored we're getting into the zone or we're lucky to be Evan another round. So it was so celebrate away. Yeah the lovely and talented and ever patient mrs. turner has one come in at two and she's like you know I'm just gonna stop counting days and is gonna stay you know X number. Fair enough fair enough fair enough. Couple this kind of rock and roll and birthdays a couple of a couple of navy pilots made the nephews and this this is gonna go down in history it is is one of the greatest things ever accomplish by military pilot. It may it may well because they infamy or. I'm afraid I don't the event. This this this is. A lot of people guide but heard over this and I guess rightfully so from AA command standpoint yes is not good press but. Two. Well an aircraft from I think it's Wimbley. Where's it. Yeah Quigley Woodley island naval air station. It's essentially is a popped up FA eighteen. That they use for. Tripoli suppression Michael wild we will yes yes so they can. These guys these students treasure in this airplane. And I am I'm picturing in my head back and forth on the ICS and in in the pilot says to the to the backseat here. Not draw a picture. And again back seats as I unity that he's like well we're gonna get some condensation we're a little country on coherent. My draw a picture when he under a picture. Well it's going to be a penis. Oh. They didn't. Have over a populated area in Washington State kept they drew a giant when via in the air. And it stayed not don't think they counted on staying as long as it did. I think that I think that it. They thought it was gonna dissipate become a more rapid and it didn't tie the papers so the picture stars did yeah social media. A lot long story short these guys and in the ground did pinning it to keep you shouldn't there's. What investigation you gonna do they and they drew it then yeah you know now the navy had been think and whoever the PR ushers for the navy should be flogged. Is he should it come out said look that was just an acrobatic maneuver is an unfortunate incidents yeah that look like that we're trying to draw the Arby's had. Or is it practicing you know. Grounding Ayers. Have to say is changing it and playing any anything at all let me would you come and say yeah app because snaps. And again in this part of the perception problem with this right now especially is Alba the Harvey Weinstein in the Al Franken and Mariah everything. At this point. Is what you had a couple of inning case you've never been in the military in your listeners Abby. People in the military urgent generally alpha personality types even army personalities are are more powerful than half the alpha as walking around out in the civilian world. And so you get a couple of guy has for hurting this aircraft with that definitely takes alpha type person and it. Their Dylan say a sophomore is is a prank it's a French frat house frat house kind of thing. And debate yet and sad thing is is EU EU. You look at what it took. To deal the maneuvers and leave the Conn yes that's why isn't pretty good thought that this is a great online now and you know it it's funny having both of us having been in the military you know that those things get drawn on everything. I'm here if there's something stationery and somebody's got something to draw with whether it be agrees peninsular sure be at any have to be stationary at all. Yeah. Big huge parade field and it fort Gordon Georgia and if you've ever been down mayor you know the field on Duncan map key two big parade field. And guys that would be getting your company level punishment for stuff obese and out there to mow the grass and stuff like that will one time there was some something done real nice and lovely. Al thereby raising and lowering the deck of the lawn mower strategically as aggressors get mode. But nobody noticed it until the CG. It was fine has been helicoptered in and wanted to ranges or something like that they were. On and that in the headquarters building in the helicopter and and they pass over the parade illness like. What's the what's that record I. Lance and who do the last two and it was the last people put on retail I don't I'm I don't know I think they they they. The guys got in some men big trouble way. Who is who Zia strategy for the day I does I had this record doesn't answer yeah. I don't know why are you covered in grass wasn't it wasn't me. So not easy somebody takes it and I wasn't contrail contrail don't get turned off obviously that was a smoke generator. On eight and against that growl or. It may have a smoke in there on it has some earth for you know to make part of this mission again I don't know I am not from you with those airplanes outside the F eighteen room. But. Even still. Opened they were counting on that stick around these yeah. These maybe it blue angels should make a partnership hope. They're trying to remain a little more family friendly than that that you know again at a part of the we've talked about. That the military mindset that warrior mindset that. Is this is just part of the military environment and any kind of the sarcasm and dark humor and whatnot that goes along with a lot of that yet. That people like OEC this and this ash away. Yeah it all right there but man and that's not some you know it's not some some bad flying Angolan army or wanted to do that. At the end this kind of stuff gets out Ian in the meat to detect and people. They I think you have two experienced. The lifestyle. Now you know I think you have to have been a part of it to to truly. Appreciate appreciated if this evening all right we're gonna meet even though this is kind of obviously a lapse in judgment of them that terrible and in effigy thank you okay these these are officers this is not a couple of you know Lance corporal or a couple of you know eat right specialists out of our you find. In a couple of young college educated highly trained unit commissioned officers and not that officers don't cut up and have fun because I know they did all I know some that there. Again in this particular environment. That we find ourselves and culturally that's like yeah that was. As some really good flying and that was that was a real apps and judgment. It Nino is gonna. And is sad thing is to the effects of this is gonna hurt these team. All he had a real man term career wise it that's a non punitive letter of reprimand is gonna go in their file without a doubt the probably may never make it past commander. And on now it. The C oh I'm trying to figure out a way to get get them both. He did bad paper put on them and the navy chief. I. They forgot then I'll how to how to how do I I don't opponents who officially but it still looks like well that's pretty impressive wasn't it let them for lieutenant. Allow you know. There was this training mission. Being drew Sutton. You jurors something with what can jetBlue. You know of of all the things that. Okay now. Air medal mayor. If you get near medal I don't know. On a serious topics on a serious topics that we've gas a lot of good stuff coming up today and have him get a little bit we do before we get in the break. The big stories this week course that have been out on the news and social news of course we're going to be talking about the North Korean defector that the not commission also will apparently some sources summaries say he was a noncommissioned officer ranking non commission officer died right in the North Korean Army that made a dash for freedom across the border into South Korea got shot up kind of got shot up but for now still alive but in bad shape. Once story that I'm looking forward to getting to is. The USA today breaking news that came out about page. The army's reducing standards now if you're bi polar if you're cutters even these drugs and Bob Obama is a because they're so hard up for people that they are. They're just taken anybody taken waivers for anybody well you know when time follower they've done again. So not unusual that not the case general Miley and his staff clarified that and cleared it out rather quickly so it was just a real. Is a community like communications snafus man and and a somebody sent an out of memo that was not authorized to senate amendment story mile line did he should get us some laid on the replied all on an email kind of thing. And then I answer that should round us up for our number one and of course rapid aren't all that stuff coming up so. Indian union going in the second hour story about Tim's got Dianne Feinstein pardoning on something park turned part in partnering each partner. Let's go to break let's go to break and so and certainly one of six to read a BO RD check in John North Korea in the news again standby a standby. Well actually the service live and local homeowner's sixth street to idea ORD John Barrett chuck Gordon glad to be here with the glad to be anywhere that's right folks who we definitely are at this angles advantaged over talk on you wanna join us on the air 18034710630. Common sense retirement planning tax line. 71307. And as you just heard via. Promo run they're next week in we're going to be over and Spartanburg yet powerful city C and C Amelie indoor range that informed that were actually gonna. We've been and stand cannon set up some with the sales gap put this together to. Do little you gotten. When we go over the years ago before the show. Will go in and Doolittle FaceBook alive thing I think and they're going to be dependent on their FaceBook page and will be around and it through. Either our salute service FaceBook dot com slash to be parties salute service page or that the BO RD page they won and it has some idea. Personal defense. I'm right there aren't as is as funny as they're you know this a sales as a widget has been willing to. If you re got halo I can't tell us that let us shoot it in they've got a range only catch I'm should arm I'll probably come from Ali Ozzie there yes yes how how odd twist my arm pleased. So really look in looking forward to go and and doing that okay all right North Korea soldier defects as we've we've talked a lot. About North Korea the the nuclear situation the artillery he situation there. More standardized. Weapons systems that can that day and the conventional weapons and and kind of what would that mean in a conflict fair yet. In other little things a lot of the Saber rattling techniques at an angle and arm. This week we have a North Korean soldier. Makes us mad dash to freedom across the DMZ gets shot pretty good bye is former and his team is home his former teammates while he's doing that. And there's a few other little things about this story. That half of them might be indicators are bellwethers are things worth discussing how much. Some of this. That really got me started warning about is. In those of you who were stationed I don't care really what brain injury amity you ever stationed at a base in Korea you know that for the Koreans both north and south they really cherry pick. The guys they go up to the DMZ year year and work there in the joint security area and and basically ebony when I was over there and I was not up in the DMZ area bet it was you were there right after the the armistice which are the yeah right right so eager are nationally or right after MacArthur yeah tired yet. That as that's me yeah darn Truman. That. You know when I was there in the in the in the mid to late eighties late eighties. You know any kind of you know first thing I noticed is a lot of these Korean soldiers that are on the base for I was a site there they're there all. So much smaller than us on average they're they're not house and somebody to media all the guys. That are you know X hyped or over big sizable intimidate him they all. Go up north near the DMZ in in the guys that work in the joint security area. And I came and John. They. You know have to meet height requirements knowledge is part of the psychological warfare again accent and then north today as that is well also they cherry pick these gas and this guy. That defected. Cream of the crop is part of their cream of the crop cherry picked. And one article I read from a foreign news source on taken with a grain of grain of salt. That he was an inch CO noncommissioned officers and their version of the staff sergeant Sargent first class and Gani some write something of that nature. And he had put on the uniform of a lower enlisted. And that's what he was wearing when the South Korean trying to land in trying to blend and not necessarily stand out. So you kind of start thinking that with everything that's been going on in the last eighteen months to two years over there that this. If if I'm gonna take this other source just at their word that this was a a an enlisted guy of some rank. Why did he do this and line now but why now is the big question and then even more so that. This cherry pick guys because they've got their military first philosophy of government of the of that then you know. They are they're not funding. You know community he and not a whole lot of social unity so there's a social programs have their but the military. It's clothed and fed is that rather and the surgeons and South Korea. Talking about the general health of this guy. Being so bad that they're like wheat wheat taking care of the bullet wounds. But this guy is so unhealthy and so eaten up with parasites and if this is grossed one. Parasite worm parasite that they took this gap was ten and a half inches long. So that that. Health rates that existed when he defected. We're not sure she'll make it I mean he's in a Dicey situations so if this guy was one of the cherry pick in the air is part of the DMZ forced him. And he's in this bad shape. Yet what does that say about. This the race after Taylor Grady the average soldier this just stationed at. Some backwater somewhere in that country and the average person there 'cause this time. Oh gosh this Korean surge and what's the his name but the Papa Leigh and Leslie some Likud jump on I mean the you know you're not gonna go wrong if you say legally could Jung the defectors lead surgeons at. In his twenty year career as a surgeon he says he's never seen anything like this except in a text book. Because simple things with diet hygiene and sanitation. In most countries. Eliminate. This type of problem so they're essentially existing in Third World conditions in in quite. For all intents and purposes should be a first world or at least they say second world yet level bare minimum via. So why is this thing so again you start looking at things as as we get what little. You know we started all this stuff you know. Maybe close to two years ago root cause analysis I'm thinking with little things going on over there. And I kind of wanted to approach this the same way it's like okay if this guy listless say he was like east 67 inch yeah Lillian in CEO of there. Why did he do this now was because he knew Lama unhealthy and I'm gonna die fast stay here so I gotta get across and have a chance at living was or something and military political. Dead heats. Then that was kind of my trainer John is that. And again speculation not mine mine my big thing but it. For a guy especially senior and C units had to risk what he risks and he knew he was gonna get shot yeah without a doubt. It to make that dash. Did did you know that somebody cut orders and it's said hey everybody needs reports. XY. And Z and the shoes no shoes and you can't change your apple scooter going to be here a minute yet so maybe he's maybe there's writing on the wall that he. That he knew. And wasn't willing to be a part. Anybody neck could speculation he could be. Other things about this and the the UN command you've got some of the media outlets and South Korea that are not real happy because the the UN. Military command and they they are who's in charge and the DMZ because it was a UN operation back and the fifties. Is there's this idea. Some video security camera video of deceive men and they haven't released it un edited sees the the media over there and in South Korea just yet. Some people are not happy about that but you gotta figure there's some investigations going on we ask this because some of the things that they suspect with what they took out of this guy as far as you know slugs lift and is that they were rifle rounds probably AK 47 most likely. Well you know we're always some what can we just get the north Koreans to agree to this or that and sign a treaty signing it well. If these were rifle rounds in this gap as body that this surgeons extracted. Well they're not supposed to have for rifles. In the that the JUSA the joint security area that was part of the the armistice and in 53 which again would just get it approved. In north Koreans would sign things are agree to things and just. Not follow through not keep up their end of it like like a nuclear agreement ain't exactly Internet and that technically. Some of these north Koreans. Pursuing there. Former body the defector. May have crossed in the South Korea themselves or some of the the rounds that they fired may have actually. Impacted and South Korea again and mean and how quickly. Things escalate over there I mean you've got the head the operation when was that Mac remotely alone oscillation La Jack or Jack yeah where they went out to. You know kind of trim a Braintree to offer tree and some US army officers were hacked to death. And and we went back and as he kept the thing treat them up instead of pruning and Nat how many it to questions wine. We know that there's defections from North Korea I would say. Not necessarily consistently but it. And more than occasionally and pretty artist of the article I got that was Reuters an AP and then. I'll put together by Fox News when this can multi contributor time our articles. Said about a thousand. About a thousand a year. The fact that there bad most of them did not do it across the DMZ obviously because there's a lot of guys there with guns and about a million landmines planted grounder I would suspect a lot of go north and Regina north and the China. On the well my second question. Hazel Mae fan. Of welcome well let you know what you guys are great coming out here I can't remember what I'm saying I have about the great music she supplied to you what. Let's continues to this is inching in our remember my second question by the time that we've come back thank you re probably liberation verses reunification just and I look dynamite and the Internet and stupid slid servers 163 W a RD chuck and John. Be right back after the break standby a standby if you're Gannett. I welcome back salute to service John tenets according glad to be here with you David talking about few different. Angles on this North Korean defectors the soldier the according though a source siren that he was a yeah. They ate more senior. Enlisted like a noncommissioned officer staff sergeant Sargent first class gunnery sergeant equivalent. For the North Korean Army in this government and across of course got shot in the complications. Due to. And other illnesses is illnesses and parasites. That can his body is riddled with as well as bullets. And the the medical staff in South Korea is saying in the lead surge in me like I haven't seen anything like this in in twenty years of practice I've read about it but I've never seen it. Because basic sanitation hygiene and health things. Eliminate this types were regular food so yeah normal regular food so we were kind of kicking around some ideas about well if this guy. It was one of the you know the cherry picked. Army guys. To be there in the DMZ area in the joint security area. And he's in this matter shape what is resting on what was the rest the army look like quests play these some of these just. Average every day. Citizens there. What order they look. Like I mean health wise. Physically and mentally and that kind of brought up AM. An angle when we were talking about this on show prep. Came up in your mind well yeah I. It is this this. Does this guy is condition and we know and have known for years and years it. The the the health conditions the living conditions yeah. The standard of living in North Korea is is Third World at NASA's with the exception of the ruling class that afternoon the Communist Party leaders your party leaders when tech technocrats yes yeah. But does this now changed the complexion of a potential mission. Into North Korea does it change it from. AA reunification. Situation. Or. Dare I say India escalation. Into a liberation front is it is it. Reunifying the Korean Peninsula under. What ever. Democracy year whatever or is it. This is this is like Josh Schwartz and ya gotta go get these I mean these people are dying as genocide especially. Yeah that that could this be spun might again that kind from the perspective and and what we know and other people in these articles that are. A full time pay heed Intel analyst and think tank people they deal with the military strategic issues again you know stated that one of them quoted in one of the articles that I used it. These guys are cherry pay for that that duty assignments if you've got somebody that's. In this pre move on assignment there that is this unhealthy. You know what what does that say about that about the rest of the the military that's just been amp amp patrol and to. Hong don't Jews village out somewhere in the right nowhere and then the general population. You would have to think that the general population would be in such bad mean this guy was the cream of the top notch yet. The the show piece so to speak this is the face of they're showing the rest of the world yet. There is an example of you know North Korea's best Korea via then. How bad is the general population Indian does does it then rise to the level of a genocide where. We don't we don't know how many how many people are dying in North Korea every year. Through starvation or you know preventable illnesses. It we've. A and I I don't mean to sound like I'm making the case to to go to war with these people but. We've we stuck our noses in a lot of situations around the world over the last. Fifty years. For just such. You know under the terms humanitarian crisis yeah and it will you look at Bosnia Somalia Somalia I mean away eight. Think you know pick the most senior where most anywhere that we've missed him call yeah African continent so what's different about this. Nuclear way nuclear weapons is what has Gary say that's that's the one big thing that is that is different about this so you've you've got. Again and that's why I have called this the dark course issue that can really. Define. This current presidential administration and find many things about our. Our life in our society. More than. Some of these things that I like going on in Nigeria and Somalia. And he even. It Iraq Syria with the ice is staffed because the that the threat is so much more significant due to the nuclear weapons. And do you to what the conventional military weapons that. North Korea has could do to the population of Seoul and other cities and villages that are just south of the DMZ things like that. So there's. There is that threat. But then you also have. This he humanitarian crisis. So let's say we paint this. Let's let's say that you are tiresome you know joint chiefs shirt or whatever worsen over DOD's somewhere were no advising the president on some and we paint this. As a humanitarian issue. Then what does that mean for China what does that mean for Russia China especially I mean they're not you know doing the world's best human rights example yeah ever. But if if this is presented to China as a humanitarian issue look at all of these people literally starving to death by the hundreds of thousands. Something has to be done via. Or is it even our business. Who would and I think thing you have to look at there is. What how much would China care. About that how how do you make the Chinese care about the humanitarian because I again they're Communist government. They are they're trading on the world stay in the trading on the world stage they are a much more rational play button arm on the world stage certainly than the cameras team in North Korea. But how. How if if you were somebody that had to go to in Beijing in. Gigi in pain and sit down with him how do you make him care about that the humanitarian aspect of this and I'm certainly a lot of Americans McKee if you could send a you know Sally straw others with a camera crew in walking around here because five cents a day yet for fashion today you can yes you can you decent I would really it would be pitiful and that's why I've said here. A multiple occasions on the on the show that. While we do need to deal with the military threats somehow some way in an end sooner or later we are going to we're going to be forced today's. And people will die. You've got a lot of men women and children who are. Who are innocent reactor there there has her own motel for their own other than they were just stuck where they were stuck again in 1950 yup. And there there and yet. They are they going to be part of the price paid in in whatever conflict comes whether it's larger scale smaller scale or anything and in between. So it and I think that's part of what we've known that we've heard about the starvation in the droughts and prison camps and everything else there but this brings it brings it home when you've got actionable. Proof here this guy that's. In the cherry picked much. He's in this bad a shape. You you know he's not the only one. And and it helps strap on the humanitarian point maybe it's may be some maybe it's a prison with data through. I don't know when we come back into the USA today is absolutely. I won more segment we give back will be USA today actions that serves on a 63 Debbie Doherty check in John will be right back. Yeah I'm UAL. What are appropriate intro for the story. That were about to ask absolutely spot on could not be any better. Good job lines though are I just you know needed needs us now on you'll hit a home run and everybody. My beloved US army USA today story comes out I'm like oh man you've got to be kidding me how and this is not gonna end well. USA today headline army this ban on waivers for recruits with history of some mental health issues. And airline. That's not what I wanna read it talked about well historically they just tell those people they rig workers yet exactly descend Nam I'll see your guys. Quoting from the story the army will now allow recruits for the history of some mental health conditions to seek waivers to join the service here's why this happening now a USA today. People with histories of self mutilation bipolar disorder depression drug and our colonies can now seek waivers to join the army and they talk about it move on towards talked about the decision. To open army recruiting to those with mental health conditions comes as a service faces challenges. Recruiting in maintaining people do to pour aptitude test on it really kind of go on that. We're scraper in the bottom of the barrel well I mean what is the percentage of people that are automatically disqualified from service right now based on. Wait. Based on tattoo used based on and but are not location. Test scores yes I mean everybody's disqualified eighties or Claudia it's. It's the screening is is is. Again as tough or some early so you get that from USA today and course up as MI con man in the world into its session Dayton and in other people at same reaction like. What the world kind of situation that we have we gotten into now yet in an uneven like Russia for this desperate may. While we keep and so you know selective service around about using it yet for it or hurt in this man's name we've got to you know be thing about you know start in the draft lottery up again. But then. Oh what was it about 2436. Hours later apparently enough people in the and the Pentagon in the army offices there. Light load mound now known USA today this is not correct and surprise following up on it making sure we get these updates out there. The army no lower standards for recruits with history of mental illness the army is pushing back against this recent article by USA today and the army's. Top dog general Miley. Came out to clarify this that what they have done quoting. Him. Recent reports that the army has changed medical entrance standards for those with mental issues are inaccurate the army has made no such policy change and follows the session standards prescribed by the Department of Defense. Basically. You've been following you know we talk about this rules of engagement change with president trumpet sectarian defense Max out there like OK year in Afghanistan you're in in Iraq in your. Squadron commander for some fighter bombers and you need to drop a and it's second after okay it in the president to make the decision. They're based on the ultimately you have exactly. So what the army has done. Is rather than having. Dropping the standards everything else they still there have to be waivers and things get due process that previously. These were not being handled by the US army recruiting command which runs all the recruiting stations and handles all that initial training and indoctrination step to get you off to a the basic training. These requests for waivers were having to get Lou to army headquarters and be processed there. What the decision was that general Miley and his staff came down and punishment and says look. The people who were closer to this situation handling in dealing with these things with recruits were pushing the decision making process. On the waivers to use so they're not reducing the standards they're not changing any policy. Just merely said hey. We don't have to make that decision here at the highest levels were pushing that down to recruiting command that's what act I think that's pretty brilliant. And it's hey keep keep it opal keeping keep it at an appropriate level on local step by afternoon ladies and gentlemen we'll be right back 1063 Debbie Doherty check in Jain. Blue gene ushering gunfire coming up.