Salute to Service
Saturday, November 18th

Jon and Chuck talk Wardog documentary and bodycams.


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I got a yen and hit that you tell Darren tuck up I know I got a little chuck Porter disease gone on out here RID left where on now. Welcome to our number two easily disservice John Turner Rancho border glad to be with the 1063 Deb via ORD is the station and now I always like try to remember to give a shout out to those who are listen via the tune in that. The WORD. App in those listening through Alexa which is really cool 'cause we we know we got up. Lot of F them. So people out there and listen in the upstate area South Carolina but then it's really cool mound and we get a text or phone caller. FaceBook message from somebody out in the yet. In the great beyond well beyond the FEM range and that is pretty cool we definitely appreciate debt. Segment number one our number two that means it's time for Gene Autry and just a little bit down far. You know what the great thing about social media is this. Everybody gets a voice and the bad thing about social media everybody can everybody in place and this story come into us out of RAF Mendenhall England. Where they he had recently had a it's ceremony there. You know with a Veteran's Day remembrance day is they college in the UK and most European countries. And there was and airmen that Liz photographed and attacked all over social media saying I'll look here this is despicable guy I was eating beating death threats he he's taken a knee he's taken an eight. Well these gas had been standing in dress uniform. The airman first class who is again they're withholding the name because again writing didn't death threats for felt. That anyway upper dissipating in this amount Memorial Day. Or remembrance day ceremonies over the air. He was in full dress uniform which never comfortable. Like a business if the idea in the shoes. Soc. But anyway he stood saluted during the US and British national anthems will is there are they use the other part of the the the ceremonies in in remarks everything else that they got down to. They were gonna play too readily I guess is that you brought some flags down and folded into in the gap was feeling things again he. Does slip your post donation you step back at a formation and you take Andy. And Drexler and Ian if somebody's gonna change your socks he you know so that you don't you know. Just stand there and follow hi Hank your face in the ass on her arm backwards and wacky an immigrant. But anyway somebody stand and I am because this. Young airman is a a person of color. It's like they they posted on some social media over there a very eerie uber patriotic Brit. FaceBook page. And Nam. You know the sky asterisk in slammed his starts going viral getting hundreds of shares and v.s and comments does he and it's like you know. Sometimes is is they would is crazy with this as some people do with the stolen valor stuff yeah it's an acid in that can't sometime. Taken a knee is just an eat you're you're you're kneeling said that she'd you don't take your kids don't know why you're here to send the flight line. You know and an end up needing dental work and and some knows reconstructive surgery yourself and so you know it is is. Big is the military community and really in they conservative. Social media can be is about calling people snowflakes via. What a bunch of hopefully I mean come on guys some of the stuff I mean everything everything is is not a sliced her something meant to a fanned or or some form of protesters sometimes sometimes taking a knee is just taking and he. Well if you're let me tell you something if you're if you're an adult. If you're a grown man or grown woman in your offended. By something. Then you need to reevaluate what you got a 1 ma am I mean. You can either construct an argument against it you can ignore it or you can get your feelings hurt. The first two. Don't involve being offended you construct an argument count or whatever it is the person or persons or ideas being showed on your for you're faced with. You can choose to ignore because it's you know not worth your time your energy. Or you can choose to give your feelings are about it start blasting people all over social media for no reason whatsoever yet stupid questions do again this is just one of those things man I mean nice thing about social media is it's an easy way to. Keep in touch and maybe raise awareness captain and then a downside of it is something like this guy legit taken an eight. And because of other things going on 88. It just gets blown out proportion gasket and threaten down whoever whoever took that picture posted that originally they should put in a room with that airman. And and and let them talk that out yet certain that. Today here in here's is speaking street in little more lighthearted story here. An alleged drunk driver running from police and his Tony seventeen McLaren seventh when he yes on Sunday reportedly reached because of a 155 miles per hour they weren't on border for a yeah. And the public highway in Georgia. And the newly released dash cam video shows the officer was on his tailed the whole time. In her VC champion Paul. So it's another thing that I should I go for the empower the McLaren save yourself the money yes I'll save a 150000 dollars and get the impaled at least second Pollack has stated stopped top speed of 249 miles an hour what is the quick with the what would be the shabby version of the interceptor packed street or two horsepower V6 the ouster nearly pushed a cart to a slim in her attempt to keep up the McLaren. The high speed chase started when the British super car blew SE officer mark Karr. In the right lane of Georgia State route 400 around 3 AM on Sunday morning at which point the officer accelerated pace to seventh when he asked. And a 105 miles an hour. Using the finely crafted twin Turbo four alleviate the driver and an accelerated a 155 SPD ouster confirmed. Honor incorporated radar unit is she attempted to follow. She reportedly mated to a buck 43 before backing off permit for the most portion as you maintain visual contact with the suspect dropped the rest of the chase. Now from his supervisor's standpoint. So where there's a patrol sergeant. During this whole chase who has crawled underneath the bridge. Turned his radio Bob he's like I'm not here in this I know nothing about it. But hey you know he had an experienced officer good road conditions like traffic's 3 o'clock in the morning. Via and they call it yeah over now they caught him because he let them but yeah. What they call a bit in the end you know good on her yeah I watch a tape good radio traffic yet very calm. She she's a great job this whole thing all the way through was protesting now if if some of the race team. Are out there wondering you know what they might days since Danica Patrick is. You know retiring tiring so Mike that you know. Could be in a career opportunity there is a fairly she knows that a draft fast and keep it on the Redman imagine what she'd do with a 700 horsepower stock car. Be dangerous and telling dangerous are right here is a documentary I've and you know a lot of documentaries and 1 I am looking forward to catchings called. Ward dog a soldier's best friend it's coming out on HBO in HBO documentaries team. Don't always agree year not a big fan of some of the topics they choose but they generally do a pretty good job of producing. Documentaries. A war war dog a soldier's best friend is a story that chronicles the bonds between special ops troops and the canines they train and handled down range and these are. But multi purpose. Canines matters that are not just bomb sniffer general service that is general service and I mean they jump on the airplanes of these guys they do all types and in a tethered you know repelling out of here helicopters I don't away I'm jumping out of an airplane strapped strategy and Al and hopefully the dogs got the papers she. But this is going to be ged and it just some of the story that's in the article about one of the dogs at their covering up and it was going to be one is gonna choke me up when I when I watch because it's about a app. An army special forces operator that had dog named pepper. Two went into did take out a bad guy they were trying to flush out and just he says how. The dog when man and then they the ensuing firefight in everything announced that the dog went missing in action and still listed missing in action. And the only Cain on listed in MIA from the current conflicts but that says some about how the dog kind of look back at him before. She went and and his game that soulful look mad dog and he sometimes like I love you I'm doing this for you quoting this soldier. And then went hand in. The firefight ensued they get the bag Abbott then the dog pepper. A Marine One isn't an action that I'm gonna ruin this for you what may be the dog's real name is boo bird dog. Structure with the other side. I got okay scratch that I thought process protest HBO. Not a artist should be and my daddy I mean it looks like it's really good from the trailer posted the article in the link to the trailer on our FaceBook page FaceBook dot com slash Libya award these loser we do not deserve dogs. No I into it is a race and is is is Izzy. As it is not a race as a species yet we do not deserve dogs dogs dogs are good for us. So this this story comes to us from military dot com in a U policy lately. The big. Thing with judged more down and in Alabama Yahoo! is his senate bid and Sean Hannity and everybody SARS bust up you're cured machines and putting it on TV you're on YouTube and everything. Salt Lake City coffee company's been lauded by conservatives after coffee machine maker curing drew anger from the right when it pulled a set from Sean Hannity Fox News program. Over his coverage of Alabama US senate candidate accused of sexual misconduct. It's petty fans posted videos themselves smashing the cure is Donald Trump junior tweeted out in alternative on Monday. Black rifle coffee company which brand itself is gun loving politically conservative business. The Salt Lake City Tribune. Reported black rifle CEO and army veteran and he's not only an army veteran. Evan papers said he values family the US constitution in the Second Amendment more sugar than ninety employee company to provide jobs for veterans. And first responders she said the company narrows. About a million pounds of coffee year and he's about to ink a deal with the private equity firm that would help create franchises. So us. In. Absent because about a million pounds the that's about how much I drink and the idea. I I I know people who know Evan yeah. I've heard nothing but good things about him I had the coffee it's it's good coffee yeah depending on how you like it. And they offer a variety of different stuff so I thought it was cool it in the the world a veteran entrepreneur worship now that this company is is going to be bigger than they are now. I'm just those downright place the right time it. You know is good decision scans and people succeed yeah I did not smash my current machine does is like a party body they have already got my money I'm gonna smash it for real man 'cause I've I've by some other brand coffee Iran through its. But that was a little set itself that 200 if you did if you did smash your 200 plus dollar Couric machine and you are a veteran here's some you might wanna be aware of a new bed veteran benefit they've been beta testing this but it went a I I guess kind of nationwide are. Completely and a go a full longer alive on November 11 veterans day nova yet and oh yeah absolutely the eight fees on mind. The the PX online a fees army air force exchange service. They have now done a thing where if you're a veteran you can go to a thing or is site that verified dot org and and you put in your information and everything in and it's like OK they confirm you are a veteran and what this will do is. Give you access to shop the eighth he's the PX. On why that's cool you can't might drive to a basing go and unite getting my privileges anywhere us. But you can shop online and what a great time a year I mean you've you've got the big keys out they're coral Amazon Wal-Mart and and by Allison and I have not. Done that that Arafat the man and I'm going to. So look there's a couple things I might like to again and I'd like to cannon to at least and it those eighties prices well compare you know I don't know is it cheaper than where I can find it out there and other sources. Or not but anyway even if it's close in price or even slightly more expensive. You might feel good about still mine from the eight fees on mine because a lot of what they do. 78 fees. Their profit 70% of their earnings get dumped into the in them or via morale welfare and recreation steps I was like. You know you can either make Jeff base those the richest man in this solar system or. In a shop they fees on money may be. Have been at the end of the our program for our military I like it. When we come back we're gonna talk about nicks and not a group of men named nick and not saint neck. But knicks will which is still one that for Minnesota serves when a 63 WORD check in John be right back. Welcome back salute service a lot of local 1063 WORD. John Turner chuck Carter glad to be with you this fine Saturday deep. Free Thanksgiving show. Started gloomy out there man that is and next week he had a sister to giggle and even I'm trying to plug next to be heat with. A month ago today thanks a lot buddy anyway be safe if you're in the red for Thanksgiving holidays and Black Friday. I'll be here for the tendon in slot filling in for Vince Coakley who will be take in the black Friday post colony. Madness off I'm I concede this is going to be fist fight and people for deals on TV's and Tonka trucks and carriers who didn't care mayors and so I think he's he's he sounds very agro. Theory now I think you you know level headed very calm and stuff I tell you I was out if you admit that he's he's he's a beast man. The F concede he's going to be up there in Charlotte area mean girls down though and down on people for Black Friday cares very gym shorts in the Sox pulled out there. A anyway that lived with his evidences absence on the end here and as you say you don't trudge on to guess and finally come and answer I didn't find solo or you may be for a little bit that they should write what will be here on Black Friday and then Saturday we're going to be of their eyes see and see. And no indoor range over there in Spartanburg area looking forward to that so yeah because you're gonna end. Let she they're gonna let us shoot some stuff on the house marked as always give it will see. So this story in this this all candidate this is gonna turn into a snowball our here with this story caught my attention as I'm sure did everybody else. Tim Scott. Signed onto a bill with none other than Diane finds. I ate in of course the headline was Tim Scott Dianne Feinstein and gun control or something along those lines and unlike. All right hey this can't be the whole story this is tees are beginning to click and click play and in India did did their houses sucker for a back nine I swallowed it hook line and sinker. As it turns out it it's not. What they had they not what you would think be based on headline Tim Scott is backing new legislation that seeks to bolster the background checks for farm purchases. A rare bipartisan move toward stricter enforcement of gun laws in the wake of recent mash Younis now notice the wording there. Stricter enforcement of gun laws they're not creating new gone out there battered merely saying. In force them what's on the book in this comes on the heels of something Jergen talk about what is its. The bills dubbed the fix knicks act. And if you ever bought a gun and you know when he fought the 4473 form they pick up the phone call the nationalistic criminal background check system. And they say yes or no yeah or. And in January convicted felon dishonorably discharged. You know reporter for you know mental health of what any thing that they got EU flag in in the system as being on the no buy list. The measure would penalize federal agencies that failed to fully report relevant records and push states to improve their reporting well not only states the federal agencies as well. And higher average somewhere else that there's also it's also going to be incentivized. Positively in other words preference given for grant money and stuff like the states are agencies that. Didn't do what they're supposed to do yeah why why you would need to incentivized following the rules I have no idea amid. Well I gay issues eve got too because one of the stories you know I found that is related to this is. In the sun and I had under the Obama administration. More than 100000. Convicted felons other than prohibited persons tried to. By guns each year during president Barack Obama's administration bio lying on their application they form my biggest check mine knicks yet. So you think well boy that must demand that you know 100000 people a year were being you know finder prosecuted or something for this no you would be wrong each year out of a 100000 people. That committed a crime. Maybe thirty. Forty. Yeah 3040. Not know thousand know 30000 out of a hundred no thirty or forty people. Each year out of the 100000 each year so basically. I we said so many times as people something tragic occurs. And. You say they're automobile Alvarado below we need a new law we need and you know what we need to do we've got some pretty good laws mayor. If they would just get in forced and if they would be. When people break those loss if they would be prosecuted by the agencies that are charged. To do such now I'm I'm sitting here why you were saying that model model cop brains turn and Dan I wonder. If the lack of prosecution wasn't necessarily malicious. But it makes me wanna ask how hard is that to prosecute. In other words. Say a 100000 people fill out. The the 4473 and they sign it and end. Let's say they're not. And is the G is worth the squeeze is the Jews were to squeeze but it is how do you make that case. End eight. An ominous sound like I'm making an excuse for somebody but I'm not I'm just giving you about devil's advocate yeah just possible scenario that somebody comes and that say got convicted of wire fraud. Okay in and it's. Some white collar crazy yeah. Law that they broke in they were convicted in the south felony and they're they're you know one unlawful possession of a farm. But they didn't know via. Did you know oh I got convict I didn't rob anybody idea yeah I didn't have guns and don't gather idea I committed wire fraud but it's a felony so they go in their life. Well you know I've never been convicted of the felony her you know. Added no I didn't so how hard is it to to actually prosecute that case. From a prosecutorial standpoint. Is this something that the ATF. And the states attorneys and the the district attorney USDA's you're gonna jump on and go all now we got to start hammering on these things. Because maybe is just simply not worth the money you now. And that well could be in part of it the argument for reform. Because of this particular story could be. Part of the catalyst behind the the improving in cleaning up. The the knicks system on this well at that and what you're about talk about yeah because the we obviously know now that this the scum bag that slaughtered those people in that church down in Sutherland Texas yeah. The air force somebody in the air force dropped the ball yet he is showing off his day he should not have been able to purchase a weapon this week also coming up the air force is not alone in that the army army's top guy general mark Miley. Army chief of staff said get the air force is not alone there are gaps and quoting him there are gaps and failures on our part to report into the FBI. We have a significant amount of omissions it clearly tells us we need to tighten up and he wasn't specific about the that. You know the numbers but he did give a percent said it's probably in the ten to 20% range. That added that he would offer more you know specific numbers when available. So apparently they're feeling some pressure on this as well and this well you know I didn't feel it and echinacea good because. Against somebody's. Failing to do their job in and it within the jag jag clerical system the military. Justice system T. Do those. Report well what's gonna happen on the heels of the style what what's about to happen who's about to get did there there are pockets emptied out. Well. There are some people that think that the air force is about to get sued. Big time. The air force now facing millions of dollars in potential liability for the mass shooting at me at the small church in Texas earlier this month said a former service members legal expert. Quoting I think it's almost inevitable that the air force will be sued said retired lieutenant general Richard Harding Harding former judge advocate general for that service. In continuing to quote and I think there's a case that can be made you bet. And an attorney for a a law firm that's and the Austin, Texas area that has represented people against government agencies and so forth and as well as the military. S.'s yet you've definitely got a case here while you can't sue somebody necessarily over government policy the or. Something that was Amman. Discretionary such as that that that you can't sue the judge the jags wedge right that this scum. Bucket you know that he didn't give him a tougher sentence or to meet can't. Go against him but when there is policy and there is law and then that agency failed to comply with that. You've got a case and these lawyers that are part of this case this article rather say eight could be massive. Pay outs once. This gets rolling in the court system. When we come back we'll finish of this conversation on nick I Nixon we'll get to Tony who's called in salute service 163 W or. I can go for a donut right about now man man get a little hunger Thursday after announcing that a box of hot. And now. OO and while isolating and take them off of the conveyor belt is common now via. Do you can't beat that his lawyer man talking about right now he just vaporize when you high and human rights like cotton candy yeah it is occasionally we've got to get back to work here's an. And in about hot doughnuts Tony has called in on itself you'll Ali Al aria. Well I was doing good until he says some boat Krispy creme de. And now you're distracting. If you are an accomplice ember man thus loading up a seat this time zone was going on man. Column Utah Bubba mixed bag ground ahead though I had around him but there and I want to get mine to Debbie mold. Well well what legal Obama first fiscal years ago. George store they portion of the gulf. They come back commit a player should you've been no. Don't go to get a return they'll tell us that weren't base so well you know wake me this ticket there's no you know. American couple days so I came back in a couple days you'll know you've been turned they'll. Show how I got a telephone and I called authorities. You know. Fargo that there Washington so below. What go home. This could well it still seared that you have you've really been arrested for burglary and then some that was oh so you're saying. Well well what had happened and Anderson bill they had a bad. And Haley just the one main belt. And did everything but invitational so they just typed them. Whatever mainly due out later time and they said where you are ready could easily or retired they need William ball all the well. So anyway the lineup crawling under a bill called to vote. Two DO sergeant. Only low. Who will do it I told him about it they'll playback and humanity called me back and birdied. Any woes. Apology doesn't like anger and somebody apology just were a bunch we will not be a lot he said sorry sir. This looks scum bag we got here one of our. Deputy just I've done the wrong name. And we'll get it straight daddy's sailboat of this look scumbag are pretty much figure you're not one so he's like there's this break that you let me know. And adult daycare and I have saved that phone conversation of almost round. I heard it that then that's good and I assume that they got rectified for you. Oh. A little bit at Durham. But now how many have bad selves city it's that he got us going. 10. Area are you still there buddies you dropped out on us. Yeah okay beyond. Segment and sudden a truck or get a lot Leo. Single we hear it was it was good that I was able to contact them and get a strike there helped yeah. And that they've bent over backwards. To make sure that I had any questions in the future. Two contact him back he said you know even if that about ten years down the road you go to purge notify our army and you have applaud you call me. Wonderful well that's good idea can keep his name and amber and I would thanks so much for the call Tony we appreciate your brother. That it and that happens from time I'm tired and I I've seen people get delayed. More often and refused but I've seen people get delayed. Usually for a few hours or maybe a day total but. Because somebody's got a similar name or you know the same name spelled differently or something like that where the people at knicks wanna look at it. A little deeper via like don't get in the gun GS yeah you know and some of the you know like Tony's cautionary tale and then of course what we see the day after day story after story coming out of Washington DC. I understand why people would have seen some of the headline and even gotten in yeah it may be apparent effort to in some of these stories were. You know our senator Tim Scott and ultimate giant fast answer because. There there cons to it seems that they're constantly doing something that's not to our benefit right you know as you know. Working law abiding American citizens and everything and everything and it comes out of that city. Some town bestows a monkey wrench in in our locker every time an anchor or cost you money year or so much as I guess I'm saying I mean. If history's taught us anything is to be very cautious when they're doing somethings on the one hand I don't blame. People for Tennessee and some of these headlines. And even if they get radio are like oh my goodness now what's going on and right now senator you know one of our senators are doing is that. But if you look at that and and I think. It something that we that we now. Beast beat smarty. Kind of keep track of and read the stories and see what they do on the 'cause they are real good and pilot we need to add attach a little Ryder to this we need to insert a little language here at it and we need to do so because if what they're. If their sole purpose is to look at NC and that's I'm always trying to. Give them the benefit of the doubt and they don't ever deserve it right but if what they're trying to do is clean up the next system and we know. I mean like the VA is responsible for 989890. Near 98% that's not so much when mark yeah percent of the referrals to next to not buy. We know that the air force and the army are admitting probably if it's in the air force and the army in the department and navy's guided them well and say you know that that's that's out there. So is it time to say hey weaned we need to look at this week we need to make sure our systems are integrating them were communicating. That this caskets added to the checklist when somebody goes to the UC MJ processed. And and they are convicted of something horror get a dishonorable discharge that this does get reported we absolutely do need to make sure that now here's an idea. Since the VA is so good in making sure that people get put on successful. In this because I had to my idea of shutting down the VA health care system entirely. With the exception the administrative yeah ocean. Shut down. All of the VA stuff take those. Take those employees and move them over to ATF and FBI VA in the VA people that are doing all the knicks referral yeah processing and then flip them over. Over an FBI yeah and an ATF and let them handle. That administrative piece of making sure that the proper people get put in the next. Because they're already doing a good job of that now many people they know they got the process that they do and and I would say large population of the people who they're putting in knicks from the BA don't do is probably don't deserve it well we've covered this criteria where it's like if you diskette for you need a week judiciary some way to help be with you can instead that Opel you're incompetent so it is international especially criteria then then. I can't add Gerson. Look like you get the right side shoot past. So you know if that's the criteria that I probably shouldn't be able to the but eight is seriously though let's let's take those people from the BA get rid of that monstrosity in its or maybe that may be is that people of the Dylan at the VA need to host like a luncheon marks her and heard the F the other little pocket yes yeah I mean honestly man that's that you were killed two birds that once dying now yeah I I do think that some of the alarm that that people have expressed anger that. You know why why do people get alarmed. Because of what's been done to us all yeah citizens that out a day so I'm I'm glad you brought that story mechanic were able to connect all these because again. You know for you know that is public safety and things like that we we do need. A way that works a system that works in and if this is going to be the current law they and we need to make sure that our military departments and these other agencies are all following. And that again when it comes down to the story. That that I shared earlier about the the Obama's administration and the lack of prosecuting these people. Again is it something where enforce enforce that law start prosecuting or is the Jews not worth the squeeze on that I don't really know I don't think there should that be revisited and it's like okay if you we find you you're gonna get like a magistrate course in my day and there's going to be a thousand dollar fine or something where a year this dictionary in mind I'm pleased that she would never give people won't show up for court and and making and they can't take yet Draghi in anymore apparently. Her parents are no matter earlier in the week it's if it's now one thing is that we are one segment left there yeah on turner. Body camps. More artillery vs nicest time we need the body cameras as we called this one we did we we did Nostradamus won in two years losers 163 Debbie Doherty chicken John BRB. All right final segment at today's edition a salute service we've been honored and glad to have you list and add this topic is one we've talked about many times because it's like. Everybody comes out we want body cams we want body can't let you get the body cams and when weeks. Started talking about this by you know what about camera doesn't lie yet. The camera just captures what it. Captures and all the laws of unintended consequence half and we we said more than one timed it these cameras are gonna start seeing things that. People didn't want to see I didn't do that I didn't do that well but it's but it shows he did he ever say this is yet you clearly did it clearly clearly that year. So out of Newsweek a ball places. Police cameras can threaten civil rights of black and brown people new reports say it's. Now how they extract. So it doesn't so if your Caucasian her Asian when you don't have civil eyes as an and Donnie and I counsel John I'm sorry. The number you just wish apartment stuffing their roster full body cameras increases each year for the cameras can pose a threat to civil rights of the department failed to set rules. They govern when officers review footage from their cameras according to a new report. The vast majority of the nation's biggest police departments allow officers to watch footage from the body camera whenever they want including before when they right there consider reports or make statements. Pack. I'm restricted footage rude review places civil rights at risk and undermines the goals of transparency and accountability. Said they need Gupta former head of the department of justice's civil rights division. And current head of leadership conference in the report's introduction. Because it officer's memory of an event may be altered watching the buck camera footage doing so will likely Alter what officers right in their report. Dude stop. Eighties when when when you fill out an incident report. It it it is not only a piece of paper what you're typing or writing it it then becomes. It becomes a public record and it becomes court document. It's. Available through four yeah yeah it has to be accurate yet it has to be. So if you were a cop in your sitting down to write a report on an incident whatever the incident may be whether it's. Call for servicer of pursuit or a critical incident like you're shooting you want that report to be is. Is factual is you can make him you know. There's no pride it would be stupid not to look at your body can. You go okay here's what happened because when you go to court. Then your spot on. This is what half day every everything's in sequence that it matches there is. There's there's no other rare there's no change. In the armor to be exploited by a defense attorney well and that's what this all about this I. I got nothing to do with nothing what they're talking about it's got to do with this got everything in the world about forcing a cop. True right from memory in them and then surprising them with body cam on a detail he said where she said. So as the defense attorney I can say your honor home. Ladies and gentlemen of the jury. The police officer says one thing. In the report says one thing but here's the video shows us so based on these inconsistencies. Right you must find my client not guilty they were clearly on their way to choir practice. After they had been rendering first aid two you know homeless pets yeah and feeding people man at the end the shelter yet. So into it can be something as simple is you know you read your report you say do the setting been reached into his right front pocket and pulled out something. Blah blah blah blah blah. When in fact it was his left hand it yes you know. Easy to get yet stuff anybody that's ever been and basic training in the camp knows that people get right and left mixed up all the time career how many people can't moderates constantly attacked constantly your military laugh yeah yeah so it all this is playing. Hit two key defense attorneys. And potter's professional postured. In business via these body can't just like dash cams when they came out. Have reduced the number of votes you know upheld complaints. And frivolous complaints. By some crazy percent in you know 90% of of of statistics remain upon spots I don't know what I just thought I thought but it it best that's all this is yet is just stupidity but you know we we just talked about its Ian so many times when you you put these things and I think they're great idea that dash cams in the and the body camps I think they are great. Tools in jail accountability in and the public being able to receive what is going on such. But again and we we called it that hate when this does get the people who game coddled intimate well it's not fair you had a camera yeah no doubt that glazed dealt another Saturday coming got another shown we can't ask for join in this we'll see you next Saturday same bat time same bat channel and as always if you can't be safe. Be dangerous thanks to listen folks season.