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Salute to Service
Saturday, June 16th
Salute To Service

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Hey do out there. Nice nice and warm. Out there this week she summer is here summer's ear definitely pressure. Johnny jet salute to service show one a 63 WOR. EDS states talk station glad to have you lists on this. Father's Day ease ease this year out there you've still got time don't forget it is in fact Father's Day tomorrow so. They beat you chuckle from. But because you're struggling defined some than for Charlie your courier urged that you're wondering what in the world. I might be on the receiving the book and not one earned a more and if they'll just let me stay at home I don't know what's happening is. These fuel we likes like I've I've gotten a question from. The lovely talented and extremely patient mrs. turner this week about. The what would you like for polished I want to ask don't really ever know how to answer that yet well I mean I mean am I was always I mean I'm taking Emma the things I want to usually. You can cost prohibitive that's that's true you know I Harley road keying. Yeah right right stuff like that idea I guess things like step a little things. It yeah amnesty supporters in and take me take me a dinner this evening and financed. And ask you this general illness and I am I hesitant to Honolulu Hawaii low key kind of stuff there say anyway if you're out there home on the you know. On the hunt for guess and stuff like that. You know. He had dad's an account like me into you know ammo ammo as always kids homosexual com. Odd guy and as a baseball can't yellow they're yeah yeah that's our that's always did anything like that but then a lot of that kind of stuff like. Is does is disarmed his own man and mad mad that island mother got a great dad and it. Man is he or she tough call for causes like yeah we gotta talk a if if his that he wants he's he's guys Souza is what how do you get alleys and trying to look on angles of what something that. He probably what that he just some that that I can afford that he just wouldn't. And I know about it farm but you know. It's hard man it it is I think Christmas I struggled late with buys stuff from my wife yet don't. Cash app cache I'd be given her own money and thorough and I. Here are the parish and in her money out on command Decker sandwich maker sandwich lately Barbara put her feet personal than it. I getting started on the show this week and we got good kick off talking about the the North Korea. Situation to some of the Singapore summit. President Donald Trump and Kim Jung on KJ you meeting there in Singapore got a little pole go and on our FaceBook page FaceBook dot com slash W a RD salute to service. Just ask the basic question. The trump Kim summit was this worthwhile and a good first step toward longer term peace. Yes or no right now we've I'd just put that earlier today. Only fifteen votes so far but it's a 100% right now yes it was worth the effort. But the most mostly over the next few days what what happens with that met. We've been talking about the North Korea situation a long long time when we started noticing little things. Dare I say we led the way I I feel comfortable in saying that because when we started noticing little things that the Japanese defense force was doing me and politicians were doing in Japan. And it changed their constitution. To respond. Proactively. TV the North Korea for another as we've been talking about it for a long time and then you know a year a little more than a year ago we're talking Matta from the standpoint of I was gonna happen in this is gonna happen. These are this is the best data that I can get from. He has sources that are not classified that you discover. Find the right thing tank. Think tank web site to go to defines that like 38 north and this no. Was one of the best declassify I'd open to the public nuclear simulator. Yes stuff on the on the web the new peak cities and populations and stuff and go until all these snares of of how bad this could be. To where now we've we've had this meeting between Kim Jong-un and president trump in Singapore. And they sign a little agreement little four points and it and it's just been. Insane. Watching some people can. That it's. We're gonna kind of kick it off with that first just get that out a way how. That. The brains trust on the vis the other day would show I don't watch and the only way out news that this came up was. Because it was written about on this the daily caller. But about how the that the view gals were talking. About how they were uncomfortable or is insulting her or how dare they. At the platform there where the two leaders met and shook hands that you had the US flag in the North Korean flag. And talking about. How that I'm just bothered by that and end their regime in the human rights abuses in bottom line on and on at that that though our flag in their flag where they are to get us a bit. What else are you gonna do what's the alternative they are view gals on how are you gonna get two leaders. You know together to discuss things and what just put our flag. And not they're flat I mean he's they had a state he's the head of state for more on that country's so what he in just silly stuff and then. Well let me ask you this general area but then we go to some Olympics add back in the thirties. Jesse Owens I think who participated in those C five samarra 1936. I believe it was right and I knew who. Who now where was the that was in late and the guy who was and that it one point at time magazine man of the year on the cover of time magazine now that's yeah learn Giuliani made off I think I think we're there for that yeah ha ha I mean if they there's not. It's not like we're without precedence yet for this kind of stuff and I think what we saw there's just protocol exactly protocol and Leo cause. What else are you gonna do no flags. The other thing is it is a protocols. The the right word to use gives me great segue into this other thing glowing words are just. Losing their minds over. In his did you see Donald Trump was saluting absolutely does swear to goodness so loading a North Korean general. Only cowboy suit you know. You can see they were just going nuts and it's like whoa whoa hold on a second. This is a screen grab from from a video clip let's watch the whole video Clinton ranked I don't we do that. You watch the whole video clip Kim John knows they are there other gas staff members people that are part of the summit. One of them is this North Korean general. Donald Trump head of state Watson mayor and near approaching this guy going to be polite protocol type stuff. Shake the guy's hand the North Korean general salutes Donald Trump which is. Appropriate. Military protocol and because the general salutes Donald Trump because Donald Trump is a head of state commander in chief. So I hope Donald Trump follows. Proper military etiquette protocol. Re turns the man salute in the and shakes his hand because what are we there were they here to try to build a relationship where they are to try to do something. To stabilize this peninsula. Maybe give it. So let me SS how does that differ in on the throw little fly in the ointment here because I feel like it contrarian I. How does that differ from let's say a President Obama about owing to a prints. A Saudi prance. What to what how how do we differentiate we're gonna give them a subject would bow. Well if we're gonna get it if I were if I were to be invited to Buckingham Palace or whatever let's say for some reason you know. I get invited his or did you not say the same thing could you not say they are Saudi Arabia is aid. Not necessarily a high meaner and allies in air one yes right there hostile country. But I'm you know protocol for them is you know when you need. If you're the subject of thinking you bow before him president of the United States is not a subject than anything. That's I am out there I am not a subject of any sovereign. So when I like today it is ally of mrs. turner is a bit they're gonna get outside that's not right here and arrogantly. But it's like now I eight I would Yahoo! is Queen Elizabeth the so it would be a fascinating person to meet and speak with high chair knocking it out tonight and Amanda yeah I why why why should I about I'm not a British subject I'm an American citizen parent so but anyway but people you know lose in their minds over and over that. And then you had. You know people talk about how well my gosh and he's well he called off the war games that the military exercises c.'s call off you know. Folks if for those of you who've never been in the military. That's the canister. Welcome you know what Jim welcome to the military hurry up and wait I mean that's the kind of yeah okay we're we're not we're not gonna do to leave the you know you've got to understand. There's gotta be gotta be some give and take part of the give on the air part and part of this agreement and move you know I can read from that next year. A disagreement that I have four items in this and nothing wrong with India now a lot of details to be worked out we are a long long layoff sure from popping the cork on champagne bottles and celebrating. But this is a start and it's is assured of a heck of a lot better than the alternative of being at war thing. In item number four in the air the United States in the DP eight DP RK commit to re covering. POW MIA remains. Including the immediate repatriation. Of those are radio identified they're gonna they're gonna work with us to give us back our fallen. Our military heroes that. Fell in battle over player or POWs and held there and and died were we're getting those men back. That's a goodwill gesture. On on their part what's a goodwill gesture on our part. These these these military said the things they found a little provocative okay. What will insure the final is more than a little around may be a lot provocative but is like okay will will just will not want to have the games right now. Mobile mobile will put a hold on that now that's don't think those are equitable do you think those two things are equitable. Or you end. In my mind the our forces that are they're in Korea. Are still as is the motto goes from. When I was out there ready to fight tonight right if they came down to yap they're rating at the gas in Japan ready ago our our air forces out of and of Guam and Diego Garcia and wherever else in the guys in the silos out there underground ten stories underground in the midwest. Everybody still already got if we had them if we had to be a push a button on it and radius I don't see that asked is right now in the this initials phase of the escalating this from where we were a year ago. Say hey will mobile. What wolf all the games that the exercises right now and it just on hold their own home and can't hold Henman yet we we haven't you know he of dumped everything that that supports that in the logistics and planning everything that makes these things possible. We'll just yet we'll just indescribable what calls this and you're gonna send us the remains of our fallen and we're gonna talk some more and we're gonna work forward over this thing and the one thing that irritated me. A lot with a lot of the Talking Heads. Was this this problem's been going on for over a first for 68 years right for 68 years this has been building up. We weren't gonna sand president Tron thing and KJ used to it to Singapore. And have something all worked out no where now. Everything is is good and going to be dismantled in a matter of weeks by the time summer vacations over we're gonna ask this and singing and dancing holding their hands and unicorn rides around the rice paddies and all I Democrat. Now this took a long time to get us where we are now NSA that's kind of why wanna put that poll out here and to see what. What do you out there to be the average working law abiding. Thinking American things about this was this good was it worth while or was it a waste of time. Let's talk about us more on the other side yet break in the we got a couple of text message games are so. Stay tuned for a little bit more conversation on North Korea's losers when a 63 W or. Back salute to service why leave and local jotted show up 1063 WOR. DS they stock station let's go to that to take a couple least as common sense retirement planning Tex lines 71307. It was a Danish told free talk on 180347106. Very if you wanna go on here with us that. Two to start off the and in this text I can't read boo Jeff and I both and we can we had a child health and death. More often than not a salute is far different from a bow and that's going back to the the president saluting the North Korean general and yea I I don't disagree with that I think you and I saw where you are going that Meehan. Devil's advocate well yeah I mean it's their thing blew and early conversations we wanna keep it. Newark keep an archer I guess you know hey if we're gonna give slack once I didn't let him make sure were fair and equitable. Got to think some what was a bold question mark in a great start going forward hash tag. Mogg yeah. And I don't know if anybody will see this or read it. But somebody did what trump has done with the North Korea is nothing less than great I I think it's a good start and I think that some people are getting out of their skis on this whole. Our oil he and he deserves a Nobel Peace Prize and aid. Simmer down yeah a little bit of Louisiana this plays out yet we've got well all there has to be. A lot of progress and a lot of progress. Com it and that's the thing is is I'm not cuckoo and any it is I think this again compared to where we were. A year maybe more than a year eighteen months ago I mean literally I'm trying to I'm trying to. You know think of yet do and looking at calendars in phases of the moon and knowing what I know about the terrain and weather over there. A you know win when my I wake up one more tendency to headline that that we struck right and war over the air we talked about it. A before and then we shared thoughts from secretary defense others that said yeah this is going to be will win. But this is going to be bloody nasty with the implications of it on our economy if war over they aired in India China Japan other. At Pacific nations and you know the possibility these missiles this this was not gonna be Iraq or Afghanistan where you out here are just going on about your normal life and and in this take place at this is this is good that we're talking but there's a lot. Of stuff that that has to take place so. I agree yeah with ER percent air act I think what we need to see for real though is we're gonna have seek tangible results yet in his knocked it. I don't distrust. Our side them I do however know that the north Koreans for less and years had a habit of yanking our chain yes say in some one thing and doing another right so this is this is gonna have to get real real quick yeah. And the other thing that came up in this is a scary he is valid valid point that that some people have brought up. Do you make a deal with this guy and of course the comments with Trombley you know I had a good rapport we can I yet we hit it often and probable on this guy as you know where I think we can work together and and people just don't want this guy this human rights abuses and books and also does all the stuff that we've talked about that the you know International Bar Association report that I got a copy and a couple months back. You know that eleven out of thirteen crimes against humanity beat North Korean regime is guilty of and KJ used it to the top of that yet. But. The other thing we said on here. More than a couple of times is. Donate don't expect if we work some kind of deal out there we're gonna have some kind of Nuremburg like thing where we're gonna get denuclearization. You know overnight suddenly is gonna become a much freer society and capitalism and all that kind of stuff. Ink Kim young guns gonna get on a plane and get The Hague in face trial ales yes I am happy and I gonna happen tonight I happen now if we went to war over there. And after him you know. Few million people are dead in cities destroyed and tens of thousands of American lives have been lost. And you captured him alive would that be a possibility sure yeah sure meant to work this deal out. Now he's not gonna surrendered some UN commission to go stand trial and they are Yang your your your your make and a deal with the devil basically in in the interest of keeping. Keep in the piece so that millions of people don't die in the world economy is not affected your making a deal. With a bad guy yeah to keep to keep the world safer is what it boils down to. They're act I don't disagree with that and I think that. If there are a lot of things that you have to do to get. Where you need to go that sometimes are pleasant yeah. You know eight the number of times and I've interviewed suspects them of crimes yet I know you're done horrible horrible things that. But I got to talk to them like they're human being even though I don't want to Palin and Michiko manually you do need some water via amendment aegis. You just you know shot your wife yet or. What ever way they think of something horrible yet. But you know in order for me to get what I need him or hate homicide that's yet our property crimes basket whatever. There's got to be there's got to be some. I don't out of there's got to you give and take. And Gatwick and also given taken some and some things like on this you know the things that have been done to the in in after we talk about this thing down the the millions of innocent people. In North Korea that deserve our our our compassion and our pity. And our prayers yes. A you know. It's horrible what so many feel have been through that if we can work this thing out in and let this guy lit led. Let god be the judge of Kim Jun nine rather than a a tribunal and a if we can work this out so that a lot of people don't lose their lives and I mean when I say a lot of people I mean American armed forces personnel in there as well and you know AM and to let Disco India escalate this stuff like that yet there's a lot of stuff that's got to happen. Take to get to to get where we need to be good MI personally willing what I'd be willing to negotiate with this really bad guy. To save the lives of all these other people on and to make the region in the world a safer place yeah I would be. You know it just occurred to me man this is something the president took key for. In in talking shortly after the summit took place is you know I'd I'd like to get something the affect of like its troops out of there and you know get them back home and yes you know it's really expensive to keep there so on and so forth. Where is where's the Rand Paul wing of the Republican Party. Why are they nice chatting over yeah BS that's. That's a platform in the Paul family polyps oh yes yeah. Absolutely an animal little surprised that I haven't heard or heard anything I haven't really seen anything either and yeah we've got enough time his camera can't read it from here my man by looks like Marreese at her. Each Carrasco had just a matter primary hey Murray. Hey how're you doing the hard to do actually do on a wet again that. Gonna kinda Chan man on the war game aspect as. I don't think that could export them. I don't think the Pacific Command are gonna get another bad about not going and doing more now having the you're right everybody in the military thank you got. And you know you've gotten that you got that right you got that right. Well always maintain your that are trying to keep these airplanes the man and all the people motor pool trying to keep. Everything right and well you know and Murray if you listen do the show even Sam RA we know the number of times we've talked about the logistics in the surprise supply problems the the guys in the navy be you know worried some things like that so maybe halting the war games is. Is a good break for us. Well I mean at the airports are now has more cannibalized get bitten on the on the field ballpark. They're paying their client happily at that point. Attitude than myself. Week I'm more sorties in a day that night I am. In an inquiry on the peninsula. I mean it's it's crazy it's not like as not having war games are gonna expect our flight or fight capability. Exactly exactly that's classy inference from my time I was there at the motto still is for that the men and women that are there uniform and I guarantee. You the rock forces that are over there. It has and it. Hey that Mata ready to fight tonight EU you bet your sweet Micky that they eat a halt whatever war games exercise whatever word term you wanna use for all that what are. Those guys and gals that are there in uniform on the southern part of that peninsula right now today they were ready to fight tonight if they've got a. My common sense would dictate that anyone that arguing about this has never been an and that situation. Yeah yeah I mean yeah Bobby yeah a lot of peanut and it and they don't. I'm sorry I am correct you know ability to understand the concept of a nuclear. Response you cleared generally going to be your. Ditch effort man. Yeah there's that we've got to get through all of the other conventional. War fighting ability to be only go to yeah that on a fine line you are talking about. North Korean ruler selected. Out and went. Yeah I mean it could be more of of second or first option with them and we've talked about the the is she's very RR. I the US missile defense system may and that the failure rate vs success rate and it's like okay we is math is hard for me and shut but we did a little math. And and came up like okay we'll if they fire off everything they've got the north Koreans if they fired off everything they've got. Al it all at one time using this success rate of testing that's declassified that we were able to appear pick up and read like anybody else and do a little math. There was still gonna be accurate was I came it was it. Potential leave 1515. North Korean no warheads that would hit US locations potentially. And theoretically theoretically theoretically yes yes theoretically so. Yet anything that slows us down to potentially reverses it freezes it whatever. How how is that not better than where we were a year year and a half ago with the rhetoric and Saber rattling how is this not. We're also going into that on the assumption that their capability has actually advanced to the point where they can't put something out. Yeah yeah I am well and from what we've read in and found out and then the gas like Duncan con. Say all indications. Are they can do it now they may not hit New York City but they can probably hit. L nation you know LA in Kansas see you know places like that. But then. Hawaii was of course within range for this on the Guam and green yet sold and our our allies in Japan. So buried in depending on prevailing wind you could be the entire. Western half of the country yeah you could downwind distance going to come back Eric. And absolutely those are already having some problems when they've detected some of the or radioactive. And Dustan fallout from. The collapse testing site yet. Very thanks so much protocol very good column there we got to get a break that I guess they listeners yes we did. When we come back we'll finish this up there we're gonna talk about the army. Would confer few good men to do and should serves 1063 Debbie Doherty taking time be right back. Obtained spirited effort that smells like thank you very much Cobain and voice. Salute service Johnny jet on a 63 WORD. We are wrapping up this talk about the North Korea the trumped him summit in Singapore and and again generally speaking you know we. We think this is a good thing is positive start to good start a lot of details to work out a lot of things to be confirmed and verified its going to be a team effort. Be optimistic. Trust but verify yet. 'cause it's it's taken 6870 years to get where we are now so we do have an opportunity. To make make things better and to. I guess ease ease our security concerns a little bit and and truly sincerely. I hope. For the the men and women the children the oppressed people that had been living under the thumb the Kim regime. For all these decades. I hope those people get some relief because again I can't stay clearly enough file the regime itself has. Then our enemy we're still you know as far as trusting an idea keep that at arm's length but there are people layer. That do deserve our pity and our compassion and so I I truly. Hope that. Things will progress in a positive way and their lives what will be improved this but if if we get all this worked out. This is going to be so amazingly he each. Then hey Jack it'll be a big deal yet big big deal say anyway moving along. From stars and stripes and in those of you that have retired or just gotten out. Interesting opportunity here for you the army is looking for refuted retirees three join the service. The training doctrine command announced Thursday it is seeking 150. Highly qualified retirees. Would experience as recruiters or instructors to return to active duty for two years to fill gaps left by the ebb and flow recent troop levels. During the lean years but because the army reduces troop levels but now finds itself in an upswing between eighteen budget calls for an increase 7500 active duty soldiers with 4000 more for next year. Because of this fluctuation there are existing shortages that interest and retirees can help mitigate. The army is specifically seeking former recruiters and enlist and instructors in the grades of staff sergeant Sargent first class according to the release. Some commissioned officers are also available of Manila eligible. To service assistant professors of military science with an ROTC programs and small group leaders instructing within basic after leader courses. In captain's career courses commissioned officers and worn off for her also suffer struck a pilot positions. Interest should retirees must have served honorably and met all highway were in physical standards required by the army. Long story short. The army lost a lot a lot of people not recently yep and now not only can they not. Fill their quota in recruits. And I have enough people are crude portrait yeah. Well I mean. S just you know that we've talked about the the air force struggling. With with key areas and initially it was basically you know start off where we were talk them the what the articles were more about the pilot and flight crew yeah a job like he keeps that. May have really offered some serious book retention bonus Gloria you're crazy money. You know and keep qualified pilots. But then we've also talked about has probably in the last year we had an article come up they were to you know. So I hate we we need ground crew we need we need guys that know how to. Work on the air right after you know when it's in for maintenance we need you know people they know how to deal with the ordinance at all as. Says they were really you know kind of hurt me as well as well and who does not maybe not so much ordinance but again if you're. You know a mechanic air frame gallon or gallon avionics of like that and again you you know. Do a tour in the air force right there are other schools and graduates do that for six years eight years. Yeah I can guarantee you there's going to be some people out here on the civilian side that will will hire you I mean Arafat I mean I had. With the Apache program. Frog got out of the army had Venus and I think in you know to Lockheed. Martin about that and and I you know heard back from a man and did have the an offer that the to go but it was. They want me Denham Fort Hood. Yeah that was already in Savannah in an apartment with a wife and I and a little baby at that point and we had the 860 force there and hunter feel now is like an effective and I don't wanna go. You know between Texas right people came and they are now I mean at Texas let me sabathia have traveled enough ram in Texas in recent years right at Texas are that the time I just you know. But there are. You know a lot of demands for that the civilian world they've they've been heard non may announce. I'm not surprised to see that kind of. Speaking of spread on over into the army deed do you think that this is. Kind of an effort by the army of the DOD is a hold a kind of shorten up some of the contract work it. Victory is involved in aviation maintenance or I mean recruiting obviously him being and you know formed out two contractors Maria. Why did lot of squatters now or use and contractors for like phase maintenance yet and stuff like that so maybe maybe they're looking to mitigate some of that yet. By doing this bring back program and it essentially year and. Because it's a cost saving things yeah gauging guarantee anybody out Peter knows may need. Into the net civilian contractor that's out there area doing whatever is is making a little bit more running for a little bit yeah of the end for more expensive than the guy or gal Wear any uniform yeah. So yeah I'm not I'm not surprised by that at all I think. And when you look at it and they're talking about more recent retiree easier talk and you know people that are still. They're still young. You know. Physically they are here early 30 AMA says yes amaze you know retired at Tony to Tony five years when in an eighteen to twenty years of ASEAN talked in semis it's. Anywhere from potentially 3839 years old. Mid forties and so yeah there's is still winning on an apple any I'll have to get in there and do those things yeah you know. Understandable. You know for them from the tech signed this is gonna take respect to a conversation we had last week but germane to what we're talking about now. I'm hardcore every high school graduate has spent two years military just like Israelis. Have their people do it and then brats can go to college. Aren't so. What he's saying I think is everybody should have spent two years the military. Now goes back in that would certainly. So you really are some of that idea yeah but then then we go back to the whole conscription. Are adamant and in do you want a military of full of people that are forced to be there. Is opposed to people that want to be there. Culturally. Culturally as much as I might agree with you texture personally I just think culturally that ship has sailed. Yeah and I don't I mean for me I don't want me in a fight going was Sunday did. If forced to be there. Yeah that's yet to invest that's Esther that again. Personally tigers. When we come back John's got a pretty cool firefighters to a documentary review salute service one a 63 Debbie Doherty checking Zhao we're back. Be welcome back salute to service one a 63 WORG. You don't debate that. Did did back in 1969. I was just one step ahead of the crept forward. And I want their forces before there and stood at two in the army. And I think a lot of fellows probably do the same thing that is for different reasons are. The court as basic training I noticed everybody who really want to be there let myself. Had a mind change. And a couple of those bailed out the door on Monday that there is no way I would go home that way and go about how we got to the basic tech school. Our whole attitude had changed about. Brilliantly here. And I'm not sure of the guys who really didn't want to be there ever made it to the flat liner to the pot hole. Basic content to exclude the whale watching those people out so. I'm in this. Ayala had a really expressive but I'm not sure that. Argument against conscription it is all a strong he's so well I don't wanna be in a foxhole with somebody who doesn't want to be there I'm nervous I can make about pork. Well age and you probably right as it has done a good point but my my contention is they not only with the you know my my personal opinion is that I don't wanna be. You know somewhere with somebody that doesn't wanna be there but it generally speaking the idea of conscription. Bothers me. In less is just an absolutely dire circumstance you know it's like those that in the last ditch effort is hey man here's. Here's a gun in ten rounds and let's see who had come like from the movie enemies that the gay yeah Hitler and the best jogger and yeah that that's just my own personal opinion. I got a copy that and we showed resilience tonight votes they. Hey thank you Dennehy was well there is appreciated her. Oh yeah can you won't get good calls today real quick wanna recommend a documentary T if you've got Amazon. You can find it if you fees probably some available apple TV and some of the other streaming server is busy as interesting yesterday was my off Friday. And that's just me our work is her relax and with the with the pound dog on the couch and now. Solve this title dam or else fired DA MR ELL apostrophe S as in chief. John damn morale Boston fire chief back in the post civil war US civil war years. Really interesting historically. And especially I think if you if your firefighter first responder type you might find this interest in this guy fire chief John camera now. After the big Chicago fire. And looking at photographs of that and he actually who win they're two kind of surveyed the damage. He started noticing things about the streets about construction about the with the the way that that the streets were laid out in the buildings and everything. And he started playing this on his mind. In Boston and where he was the fire chief and how this would work in its and Cheney goes a little bit Maggie his history when there were. The the volunteer fire brigades that were sometimes fighting each other as they were fighting fires on at error rowdiness and everything but how he. He saw then he had this mind and and when he was a volunteer firefighter in his younger years he was a yeah a builder by trade. So he knew something about construction and architecture and things like that and then how he just started looking at what happened in Chicago. While happen in other cities and he started. You know every year filing a a report with the city council of Boston saying. We need bigger pipes to carry more water to these areas we need wider streets we need it we need changes in construction all the stuff just one after the year after year to year. In the end and 1871. Boston catches fire. Starts down along the warfare in more industrial business area. It is this spreads and spreads and spreads and he starts putting into play some of these thoughts he had head and after he had surveyed the Chicago fire. And the biggest or how he did this this guy basically. His leadership saved Boston from burning to the ground. But then how some of the city leaders after it was all over looking at things and gonna hang him out to dry. And then he comes into this these hearings with you know multiple yearly cost Eisenhower's documentation of it this year I asked for this the following year I asked for this and so basically. This committee when it's all said and done they put in all of the recommendations that he had had asked for. In the end they did criticize him but a slap on the wrist saying. You were leading from the front too much what you know so slap on the wrist do you because you were. You should have been more like a general at the back looking interacting Stephanie was a hands on guy. And I like what would have happened to the rest of us if you had died in this. So it is very interesting need history about an American city about firefighting and and how what this man did. Has affected us all today. Super cool that really cool drag damn rails fire. Came on 2006 as some did good graphics and animations and stuff to go with it. I've for the new salute service one a 63 W already checked in John a little Gene Autry gunfire coming trying to.