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Salute to Service
Saturday, June 16th
Salute To Service

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Oh welcome welcome welcome our number two of salute to service this find Saturday. Father's Day eve. And it is segment number one our number two say you know that means it is time for your weekly dose of gene Audrey. And just a little bit ago and far. I first up on the rapid fire this week. A passing of note another of the greatest generation passed away this week. Code talker Navajo code talker Samuel Tom Holliday won the last surviving Navajo code talkers died and you talk. This past Monday surrounded by family members and nine and 94 years old. Join the Marine Corps when he was nineteen McCain part of the operations and multiple locations across the Pacific. Was wounded. That came back from the war survive the war worked as a tribal police officer a ranger who started his own equipment company. Mary had a family a children. And good grief this guy's legacy other than Emmy why he did in right serving in the American is survived by six children now. 35. Grandchildren. Thirty great grandchildren. And two great great grandchildren that memory that is my heart yes she did it. But anyway. These guys are in right now this article there there guess and we've got less than ten of these Navajo code talkers lists that's just their best estimate. So what truly a a passing of notes that a fair winds and following seas to. Code talkers Samuel Tom Holliday. For a from the army fast tracking in emerging program to engineer a longer range artillery can enable our range. Enemy ground forces by hitting targets that more than twice the distance of mixed existing artillery. The service is now prototyping extended range cannon artillery weapon with a larger caliber tube. In new grooves to hang weights for gravity adjustments for the weapon. Which is going to be modified in triple 782. Existing 155 artillery rounds viral precision for mobile and self propelled howitzer platforms have a maximum range of about thirty clicks. The new ER CA weapon is designed to hit ranges hit it ranges greater than seventy kilometers now you're you're probably asking yourself. They do a candidate that aside from the lawyer to death and you know change in a glancing grooves in you know better barrel pressure and everything. Norway's memo and hand them. Oh company has unveiled a potentially revolutionary concept for an air breathing ran jet powered shoot a missile that any standard 155 howitzer and fired targets. More than sixty miles away. The US army and the Marine Corps party express entry soul what their donors are Gannett beef up Ian triple seven to be there and put Iraq and jet powered. Artillery shell hit. It shoot it so he walks a seven because kilometers away well and they. That's horrifying only awesome yeah. You know in something like that. If you do 155 then you can do five inch you can do I mean you can you can take some of these these naval guns. Now and go back to bombardment like the field do sixteen inch canyons yeah I mean that's. See stuff like that makes more sense than some of this this rail gun stuff this that is really cool technologically speaking you're at the rounds for it at you know yeah 600007000. Dollars. Her round yeah that's a lot as a little state brother that's a little Steve the arranged and perhaps relatively real fresh. Oh boy. Today last week of course we were aware he fracas is probably sought in the news a Fort Bragg soldier who is killed over on the African continent in Somalia. But the Pentagon had not released the identity pending notification of the fame million stuff which are standard procedure. But the we did lose an American soldier staff sergeant Alexander Debby Conrad 26 years old of Chandler Arizona. Was identified by US army special ops command late. Last weekend. He was a human intelligence noncommissioned officer assigned to the first battalion third special forces group operating over the air in Africa so. Again eight continues to be aviary. Dynamic and dangerous place over there on the on the African continent. And you know. When people talk about you know keep our troops in your prayers. Is is a reason like this we've we've got you know you everybody wants to think about well Iraq Afghanistan is simple we we got people all over the place. In an article we've got coming up on our FaceBook page about. Non combat losses. That that as scheduled to post here later is. Yeah I mean the men and women who are serving they they deserve your your thoughts and prayers causes is dangerous work and work. And no pun intended amen. That rumor and lastly we talked about the the sheriff's office it was gonna texture meth for Freedman yes yes and Hawaii and make sure didn't have the cica. None county Florida. Florida man allegedly took legal drugs to the sheriff's officer office after a bad reaction because he believed the person sold in the drug skate in the wrong ones anyone a depressed charges. The Putnam county sheriff's office poke fun at the situation of FaceBook post writing public notice. If you believe you were sold bad drugs we're offering a free service to test them for you Douglas Kelly forty and I was arrested and charged with possession of methamphetamine. After police tested his drugs and they did come back positive as Matt and that names. You know. At what point. Do you have such a drug problem that you turn that stupid yeah maybe this guy was a stupid begin with I don't know it. He fell for it yeah hook line and this. I guess you know whatever it takes day in and he gets some of that stuff off the streets with. I'm real curious I haven't seen any follow up article may have to track down like a FaceBook page for that. Police department sheriff's department up in Ohio that was. So you brought their yes the demand and the other doping and get tested for the Zeke and Nevada I haven't seen anything that anybody had fallen for that. So I AES so I had probably did and I stayed in anyway. Well there's an app for just about everything out there over the got an android. Apple IOS tied devise some my dad their apps today DG from point a to point BSS recommend movies to restaurants to. You know added tracking down that people to come and work on your house or your car well now the army. If this has developed an app well it's talked about before you know that the military overall air runs on the caffeine and hate. And now the army has. Come up with a look at island then they're gonna dial in of how much of one of these two things do you actually need to function correctly as as a soldier and they're not look at a monitor that hey they're just gonna. Keep you informed about how much campaign. That that you need it misses this is interest things in the army has done a steady year. To how much coffee does a soldier need to maximize alertness. The army's got an app for that figure is somewhere between about sixteen ounces in two gallons can independent committee on the today individual to agenda tonight apple exactly exactly. They're saying you had too much she get the jitters not enough he fallback to sleep so I mean what's there you know that the deal with that so the army says I campaign's effectiveness depends upon several factors. You know person sensitivity to it you know how opposite sides way you know that type of staff time a day. So it any rate they've. Think they've got an algorithm can figure that out if people again of a little bit of basic info about yourself. And to help you figure out why your ideal caffeine intake is and we found quoting them we found that by using our algorithm. Which determines when and how much caffeine a subject. I should consent can improve alertness by up to 64%. While consuming the same total amount. Bravo arms that's that's interesting and I guess along with putting ram jet engines on artillery shells this is this is earth speaking shattering technology. That the army medical research and materiel command is. They'll have a trifecta man me out here without them out the nicotine caffeine and hate me. Now not an app for that how we figured the amount of hate you need. That that that may vary individually individually of course some people are more naturally predisposed to suck though right likely command sergeant major is sleigh is 90% hey yeah and 5% Kathleen and 5% naked teen yeah. Where is your your boot pfc. You know that now the results may vary and yes I guess that's it yeah. Out of Boston US Marie from Massachusetts who died during World War II battle of Tarawa in November of 1943 is coming home. The remains of PSE John W MacDonald of summer Miller scheduled to be buried with full military honors June 22 at the Massachusetts veterans cemetery in born. McDonald was nineteen when he was killed on the first day of fighting on. The TO island in the Tarlow a tall in the sense central Pacific. He received a field burial and all the post war effort from may to recover the remains of US servicemen McDonald's among those military a military review board in 1949 declared unrecoverable. That changed when he fifteen when a nongovernmental organization. Discovered the burial site of 34 Marines on the island to his remains were identified in August between sixteen. By the defense POW MIA accounting did you so good for the McDonald's family yes to get their loved one back and he. Gonna be buried. You don't terra firma yet here in in is CNN means a lot I mean that's why that that the gesture by the north Koreans about repatriating. Our follow on from North Korea that that's important key it may not BTU but it it. Their families out there right now there's estimated 7500. Missing and buried somewhere in North Korea you think about the number of people the families now loved ones that would like some kind of closure. Yes that's significant absolutely and yet god bless those people that do that work identified that. And we've got a couple minutes for the same Iraq's grabbed seven. Thank you very much I certainly enjoy. You guys' issue or you. Yes there on all of this idea of mandatory military service like to talk about that for a few minutes her. I I can take your texture. Was suggesting 24 months of mandatory enlisted military service yeah let's expand the notion of service. To use something more like CPC. Sure I didn't really yeah we've talked about that several times on the show you know if you don't want to do military service find. Do you know lose the peace corps you know did CCC year whatever the quilt that would be so yeah absolutely. And I think you know when we could shorten that maybe eighteen month. Lead to military all volunteer. You still after all fine. To be accepted. To enlist in continue to Marine Corps and navy the army the air force whatever. Into. You know you exempt this service academies so you're you're the Naval Academy or West Point now you're exempt from service. But other than that every eighteen year old. Sometime between. There eighteenth and nineteenth birthday signed up. Go off and does eighteen months where the service whether building bridges or national parks state clerks. Oh you weren't working with kids we you know working with the elderly there's there is all kind of opportunities for community service let me ask you this. Are you OK with the notion of the government telling you. Tag you have to serve it physically. I am OK. As long as as three single. Eighteen year old does it mean wind in. Moved everybody else tree engender OK fine you get to go volunteer for a year and now all. All of them. That was music is song is is equally applied across the board everybody your Danica apparently. Whether you're the the son or daughter of a US senator. Or. Whether you're you know other. Most single longs. Oldest son yeah doesn't matter whoever you are everybody gets to Cirque. I I think that's fair thanks so much for the call. But the we've got this whole you know amount rise in the individual morality and on at. Be hard to push out that they will be a tremendous benefit to this country not I think it would be a tremendous benefit of the people that would actually do it I can the thing you gonna discover things about yourself that you didn't know before. When we come back another Florida man's story they just cannon salute service 163 W or. Red white and blue all day every day you bench yet that's how I am chant I had. Thanks chief. I jotted Shaq goofing around here salute service one a 63 video are devious State's top station. And this next story may when don't show Pratt new share in this ambush that we use this or maybe I got this and that and this was just important as this. Bringing a knife to a gun fight is always a bad idea we should have Florida man music Florida man music we need something Mike. I don't know do you have do and banjo is over the world will rely on them I'm. We felt like this and this little Florida man's story. Because this it will sometimes Tommy in Phillip have these weird out door stories and they're always from Florida. Well I mean I don't know I don't watered down there. But anyway an armed robbery at a Florida shopping sinner forced a US army veteran to deploy his personal side armed self defense. This is a perfect perfect 36 year old Christopher Hill reportedly stolen cash register from Jacksonville more Black Friday according to the parking lot along the north side shopping center in an attempt to get away. After the first legally entered didn't start he approached the third infantry division veteran Michael Reardon who's sitting in struck. Boy and I still told a veteran to get out of the truck and begin slashing him on his arms and legs righted Riordan's wife walked away. After I started blocking his coach with a knife I called her because she was walking away colder back. During is a tip to hailed his Balch rare retreat decide arm for between the Seton pointed to the hill. Cool immediately began having second thoughts about his actions get back in the fact they was like don't shoot me Riordan said I was like what you get here. Repelled by Riordan's quick thinking until then ran to a Starbucks drive through in search of another victim. Finding a woman in her car built colored heated it'll leave the scene because someone was chasing him. Exceeding her vehicle the unidentified woman retreat decide her former trunk and waited ill once. And supported by an armed citizen in in no mood to be shot hill ran into the bathroom on the nearby salon and got himself in. Hiding for only the a few minutes before police arrived and forced him to come out night in pocket. You got a burning metal bullet. Ladies and gentlemen. It is now listen any other. The arguments that are. A mock about you know the Second Amendment yeah now yeah your right concealed carrier open carrier Cary care your area. I'm noxious carrier sling your crusher back for whatever I wanted you know. But this is this proof positive blessed to reduce our. He's tried he did in his behalf he really saying he can the best decision that cat may all morning wasn't running into the Beatty so line mocking himself in the matter what. I mean you're in Florida do you. Yeah it would be like doing something like that here I mean everybody's gotten cook and saying you know man he knew that the third person who weren't too little had one of those ram jet powered aircraft rounds I how this should. Yeah no matter how are you run any still gonna yeah yeah rents it will as is the sizes not further than seventy clicks away from where you are a bit and grief that that bush. You know that and that made me think about. The situation and a month or so yeah Fortis six weeks ago went down main street down down down G Vegas here where that the guy came up in the lady or she was on. But the bystanders you know came up and you know thwarted this and that guy was eventually cob it. As I'm watching that the whole thing and thank him the number of people that I know. That aren't CWT holders themselves and then just in general in this area the number of people that are that. Cary. And it's like it's a wonder that be didn't get shot well or at a minimum nice to have somebody stand in there with their foot on his. Neck and neck. With a a you know with a pistol pointed at him wait for the cup. To show up. Well he acted the whole time I watched you know the the grainy video of that I had to wait for the glass to break yeah you know thinking man this just he's gonna catch a hole yeah right scored his chest right now Reitman tweaks his sternum in his abdomen. But he did not yeah. Surprising us stunningly but not poor old La Perle Christopher Hill 36 year old Christopher Hill he made off with an entire cash register more from the Wally world. And wound up getting to go insulin in his face the good friends we know there's a guy his life might have been turned around if we it has some kind of mandatory public service after high school. Yeah so this got it hit it could have been life and life changer this this Riordan guy that the first move yet veteran help. These guys can talk about banning assault rifles and banning guns but when it comes in happens to then they're gonna wish they had when he told good news for Jack reporter Scott Johnson while wearing an AR fifteen theme shirt. I'm glad I had my gun on me. Why I bet she wore body that's tired today and I hope it was one year teachers that he had on so I wouldn't have been mask into eagle. Oh man I'm I have to fight now. Now well now man but true. You know anti ship the thing about this too that's that is interest dean is. Clear the one guy headed and the pistol then and in the in the console yet. But this idol OK because you have kind of been there done that I feared the going to be in the car alive you know pop the guests are often mistaken and there were it's accessible but really what gets me is. This guy's reaction Tommy will slow when the lady has to get out of her car in the trunk and get to the trunk. And then I mean there's been many times I'm like you know if you're not gonna have it right here with you what's the point that and it will layers of case in point right there of where you know. Maybe things are minimal sort of what went. You've got time to get to the Truckee your car I'm back. End is a guy out and Oklahoma. Where the guy I was shooting in the armed citizen who went out and got. The a far armed from the truck his car and did that so I you know I guess if you don't wanna Carrey in a year and a situation where you could legally have it. In the tracking your car I've. In a kind of contrary to my personal. Preference I've. That got nothing better absolutely you know I'd prefer I have it right with me but. There yeah yeah I think I think you know I haven't in the center. Or in between your teachers on yet oddly okay from the tech sign guys now McDonnell and say this fool is in effect that is an amendment to lose awesome. Snapple and and Patrick man convinced you that he be in quick on the draw there at the end and it speaks at a we got good people argument because. And Emma hauler whatever cameos that. Go get he was nearly anywhere he knows that he was head to know the door to make a little trip down on way. Says that he hears us talking tells Maggie have been pulls up the Johnny Mann artists by Johnny on the spot well done he SO about story and what Japan. Chairman do laugh at how affluent I've I've I was laughing too hard it's a soda and this is really a great story. American ingenuity. Right here in the ranks these. Air force. Ground crew guys he's equipment text over Nikko to Japan. Were looking at a situation where the the gas mask the the NBC protection for flight crews was very cumbersome. Is Miree expenses. These gas started looking at some off the shelf parts in thinking we could take a gas masks that I would Marty got. Modify it. Maybe use a three deep trainer come up with a little damper thing here to where you could take an actual. Less expensive less cumbersome gas mask. Hook it to the air system on a on an aircraft. And while hot there you go in these gas fooled around with some stuff and they did it. They spent a few bucks out of their own pocket. Probably when rented a treaty trainer thing yeah somewhere to come up with this. But this little bit of little invention a little bit at him. Will engineer a little ingenuity here it could save you know eight million more dollars for the US air force. In a crazy enough I'm one of these American taxpayers. That thanks. If we could save eight million dollars or ten million. That's a that's a good thing why wouldn't she you do that says anyway these guys out there did this modified the M fifty gas masks that will allow it to be connected. To the onboard oxygen system of an aircraft. And you know we've had stories where the Marines fool around with some. VR gaming 3-D modeling software out and Barry came out with a a system to. Actually do a room clearing in a room clearing in Canada a sand board man you know of actionable. Places mission season. And rather than just looking at it on a map and a little same board million things around. Hey here it is on us in a 3-D V virtual reality kind of stuff we've got. Some really. Ingenious as Smart and crafty creative people out there and we don't hear about and oftentimes that. You know again we're some of these. Some of these people will yield on the military he came attending college seeking AM samurai yeah yeah yeah I heard that before they hear we get these guys out there now and a couple of them I just wanna mention my name's here in the article. They had their names where was it. Senior master sergeant David semi. And kudos to you guys man way to make it happen. Time for a break when we come back Donald feature phone call and now we got a couple more stories to cover so us stand I stand by sue serves one of 63 Debbie oh lord be checking giant. John you need me on that wall yes I did check the major on that off and and in that chair right there. Hey welcome back salute service one a 63 Debbie Doherty giant check and we have Donald has called end. I don't know I RE. Or whatever so structure do. Our own personnel around. Our ultimate idiots on the TV about it. Try penguins are North Korea yet did not realize they are paid when he got hit the city. Aren't they just need to let him off Bubba student. From what I've heard about 90% of what shall we did start to debt in its first year. Yeah and knocked out our our grid. They rely and AMP attack would be V. Very bad and a great group that's tried to work today get congress to take action are an angry about high Frontieres a gentleman I know that involved with that little bit. Danny Aiken area. It's it's scary. The the facts in the information that that they have put together in these other think tanks have come out with and yet as I have for talking about you know like a ground burst and you've got you know thousands and thousands of people dead and sick and injured some like them vs and EMP we're. It doesn't really kill anybody immediately but the after effects of that arraigned this horrendous. Made the only people who survived. All week hardcore. Old school farmers that you know there watching and others are still can't steps in and I got to. Ability didn't have water that would both. In Europe. Well people like that people and then in the cockroaches. Congress is he about. Then people that. Are close to Dayton ballpark where else were they can spew water and renewed. A truck if advocate being close to a Wal-Mart distribution center that would be very handy at that moment in time no doubt. Okay didn't Tibetan northstar at Jacksonville thank yet. The United States may be the very best from. Spokesman Bart parent. The dynamic and but I river near real estate agent and certainly for. It and it was probably. Won't what the immediate aid each. But I don't there was suggestion go to Florida times union are written consolidated debt terps ahead in the last shall sentient. The source Guidant. To Jacksonville. If you're dropping on the northside Jacksonville and it Garrett said attackers pulled up beside you have no fear there SA truck above that. I think. Beckman didn't you know and we registry breaks growers and we had Jerry Falwell crouched in her 40s40 forced yeah I don't know. Was it will rare bring back Rick and that was the turn at bat and imagine somebody would sit at forties or even 37 east. Up to forty torched the road underneath their trip. Don't you regularly carried forward. Yeah I'm more than likely. Yes some some things and get away live with some with some vehicles that GCC on around town even you know. Both poured it unfold I I guarantee he'd pick on some lady getting her car walking out of Starbucks and can yell hobby into work. Miata herb BMW or something totally not expect in soccer mom to have a pea shooter honor. She slept and Orton is India's space a you know what you can you can not. That's certainly energy dinner culture the northeast Florida. Now well there you go brother hey thanks so much for the call now we appreciate it my friend thanks for listening. Onward and upward yet the assault this story. On fox Carolina and we have talks so many times about the mental health crisis the the no healthy she's when you see. By cam footage dash cam footage people dealing winners act stories that are going on here locally where you've had officer involved shootings version had one recently won recently yes com. Nationwide we've we've shared the articles about. In larger metro areas the mental health issues where he's got a law enforcement officers that here they receive some training but again their law enforcement officers can. And something happens and then people will they were they were mentally ill they are they've got problems or Cincinnati and into him what he'd do and though the good men and women in law enforcement. Are. You know there's only so much they can do there's only so much train is only so many resources at what you do is somebody that you can't just. Cease in my looks like well there have been a bad the and then they have a red pandas I think there mentally a little off Oregon or arrest them what you can't. Necessarily do that now. So I was entrusted as since we've had all his conversations. That I saw this story and in the local news. Agree though police department set to open new mental health facility at the end of the summer well. GPD's not necessarily opening it but it is a health mental health facility is being opened some local groups are. Obscene to this. But it's going to be very helpful to the law enforcement officers here in a Greenville Greenville canny deputies in this area. We have a police say they get plenty of calls a week about someone in a mental health crisis several close calls occur after a normal business hours in the middle of the night. But if a person in crisis hasn't committed a crime and doesn't need medical attention. Where do officers take these people. And Greenville put a police captain Stacy Owens is interviewed in this article say a lot of times our officers there they're trained wanna help people may ask. You know can we help you what can we do for a bit if you've got. Somebody that's understated distress but they have been broken the law. You're very limited as I thought we can do a lot of times in the in the article captains oh and says what you know we. I'd take him to the ER so at least. They might get some kind of medical attention but then you're just contributing to overcrowded ER source somebody's. And their right here on the line it's a little bit of agree. Area so it's a temporary fix to Dan yeah they're not gonna follow up and get the help that they need very true so. You know it's it's I've been in this situation and I can't count the number I am where I'm sure you've got somebody that. May be obviously maybe not so obviously is having some kind of you know mental health crisis. And like you said they haven't broken the law. The family hasn't bothered to the to do anything to get them involuntarily committed they're not gonna voluntarily commit themselves yet. So and that's still the rub the involuntary part of this even with this and it's a building near GHS memorial. It's called Greeneville shared solutions are MB a 24 hour locations seven days a week that people can be taken 224 in valuation. And it will be bit Avaya a shelter aspect in this where right now they're starting off they'll have a beds for men into for women. That's not a sexist thing it's just that. Statistically. Men are men are more likely to be in this particular situation. But there's some organizations. Involved in making this happen here along with the Greenville police department. Such as Greeneville mental health. Favor Phoenix senator. Naming your nominee is just in a M I am not exactly sure what that stands for. And many of others and if of course a great organization here in the area miracle hill. Will be running and taking care of the the shelter portion of this so hopefully. This will be gig a good resource for our law enforcement officers and an openly that he is somebody that's having a bit of a crisis moment and needs needs some help. But again this is still going to be one of those things you can't involuntarily. Commit somebody so is still going to be. I don't like get on how do you get a mayor has a long force an officer and and probably some mom. The communications training crisis training additional stuff they've made the helpful and it may be in the works and just not noted in this article. That when the officers are encountering somebody that's in in this particular situation that. Here's how you can direct economy here's how you can increase the likelihood that your gonna get a yes please take me to. This facility so that's that's a good thing here in the area one I I don't think it's a horrible idea and I think it's a good idea I'm just. You've been there and done this a you know the struggle is gone down I had quite enough I didn't yet fair enough. Salute to service 1063 W or. Welcome back final segment of salute to service this. Others DE EU Johnny I'm just glad to be when you have you have a great day route takes command and this is today. You Jermaine Norah last. Last topic that you were talking about the turnout animal health facility is gonna open up why can we not involuntarily commit someone I think that's part of the reason we have so many shootings today because we have people shouldn't be in public on drugs that they shouldn't be on in public. And that is very true yeah. On the you can involuntarily commit people but it it it it takes an act of court in less things have changed recently and I'm not aware of it. A family member has to a petition probate court yeah. In order to get that involuntary commitment near it it's a process managed not a is not it's not an easy thing is not easy any really it it should be issue. I'll be snap of the finger kind of easy because there would be all type of wrongful malicious. Right you know all imaginary horses and stuff like that idea I mean that would do to fan I mean yes what if as some of that ugly enough as it is without. Yeah this yeah yeah there're there are states California for instance says 5150 rule where you know police officer if they determined to their experience and training that somebody's having a crisis they and they can take into a mental health facility at or emergency room that person out of control or yes I know what I was not just a Van Halen album. It is not just and you have come to Allen and about 5150 when Van Halen to figure out what is age and now on the avalanche via the ethical Moroccan royal trivia fear for those who have. To an end a classic problem a one point want to it would like to see something like that here in South Carolina I think it would make things a lot easier. So we didn't have to arrest people that didn't necessarily need to need. Arresting them is the last resort because we've got to get them. Somewhere yet yeah right but in beam Indy nice to have an alternative right exactly alternative via that. And thanks for the text actress is give me and we are getting good calls today Manson and Tex command has been a good day. Got a fascinating got another documentary this is documentary day today we talked about damn rails fire in our number one this is another document area I stumbled across the other night and at my wife actually enjoy this the a lovely talented and extremely patient mrs. turner. Sat and watched this with me. It's all Netflix it's called bombshell. That heady LaMarr story and what it is not is a typical documentary about a a a a beautiful woman Hollywood starlet and and marriages and to mourn all the personal drama and everything else is is really focused on. Her children that are you know grow older now in their seventies maybe eight years. And covering this story trying to public. Isn't glamorous beautiful young actress. That was Jewish and escaped out of Austria and Germany got here in the US and all this. Some interest in history there but it's it's focused on some work she did. In a patent that she filed and was awarded a patent for some secret military technology. When she was keeping up with the news and everything else about the U boats and you know sinking the freighters and the impact that was having him. And how it was hard for you know to counter that even when that charges but if he had eight. Torpedo you were firing at and an enemy ship and how it was cow it was almost like fire and forget about it because it just it was gonna go however it was gonna go you couldn't correct the path that it says she started talking with thinking about it. And then talking with a another friend of hers that the guy was a musician. And started saying what if there was a way kind of like you can program ended frequency hopping so in frequencies couldn't be jam seek a radio control list. But popped the frequencies. And how you might do that and so this this guy was a jazz pianist as you mean. Kind of like. The like like a player piano kind of thing like you know where you can have instructions and at this frequency for a second this one for a second hand back over and jump an island is yeah that's. And it was like well yes and I patented this thing. Sit into an inventions council and they awarded a patent and then hooked them up with AM. A science you know lab coat kind of guy and university out in California. And I guess this is completely doable workable and how they do all this stuff and but then it just cat sat and you know she was kind of told well we did and we didn't get a year Disco and you wanna help the war effort maybe go sell bonds this already crossed right inch in fact she did that the value of the war bonds that she sold in current. US dollars was like over 300 million and more bond she sold she not even an American citizen. She went out so those war bonds but the crazy thing. Is this technology. They did use it started using it before the patent expired but nobody really kind of wanted to admit to it and then of course after the patent expired. Yeah there is in this technology for all types of stuff still to day OY five Bluetooth wireless technology PS is still in use today. And the crazy things at the anchor she died basically without any money live and offer. Sag payments and social security and stuff like that. In the market value of that patent to debate is like thirty billion bucks. Amazing fascinating interesting story bombshell that heady LaMarr story out on Netflix really willing worth watching. Well there you have it folks another Saturday coming got another show in the can't thanks so much for joining us will see you next Saturday same bat time same bat channel and as always if you can't be safe. Be dangerous thing to listen folks we'll see you next week.